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Friday, October 21, 2016

If you aren’t sufficiently gullible to believe that the world will end on December 21, 2012 — the due date of that “Mayan calendar” hoax popularized by charlatans — then neither should you believe that the world will end 10 days later on December 31. Not even if America runs right up to the edge of the “fiscal cliff” and drops over.

Every day now, some authoritative-sounding voice warns of the dire impact everyone will suffer if and when the year concludes without a new fiscal agreement between the president and Congress that will prevent automatic tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect on January 1, 2013. The expiration of the Bush tax cuts (which were largely responsible for creating the current problem) plus the automatic reduction of defense and other discretionary spending will supposedly drive the US — maybe the world — into deep recession or worse. The credibility of the United States government will be permanently ruined.

This growing hysteria is part of a broader propaganda effort to stoke fear of deficits, in the hope that voters can be stampeded into accepting cuts in popular social programs like Medicare and Social Security (or at least throw the poor and elderly overboard with cuts to Medicaid). Repeatedly we have been told that America is stumbling rapidly toward the same fate as Greece or Spain or Italy, unless they immediately accept the same austerity budgets that have done so much damage to those countries.

The truth about both the so-called cliff and the deficit itself is very different than the scare campaign suggests, however. Yes, it would be better if Congress and the president came to a reasonable agreement on taxes and spending before the automatic changes go into effect on January 1. Yes, the eventual consequences could be severe. And yes, we eventually need to change the projected path of federal spending to insure a sustainable future. But no, a giant economic asteroid will not obliterate us if the president and Congress fail to make a deal within the next five weeks.

The immediate economic impact of an increase in tax rates and a cut in spending is likely to be “modest,” according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, whose analyst Chad Stone refers to a fiscal “slope” rather than a “cliff”:

If current law initially takes effect — causing various income and payroll tax cuts to expire on January 1, emergency unemployment insurance (UI) to expire while joblessness remains very high, and across-the-board spending cuts to kick in on top of the discretionary cuts that the 2011 Budget Control Act caps mandate — the economy will indeed start down a slope that could ultimately lead to a recession in 2013.  But that’s a far cry from the economy falling off a cliff and plunging immediately into recession.

In fact, the slope would likely be relatively modest at first (and then much steeper if 2013 unfolds without a fiscal resolution). This means that if there is no agreement by January 1, policymakers will still have some (although limited) time to take steps to avoid the serious adverse economic consequences that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) outlines in its recent analysis of what will happen if the expiring tax cuts and new spending cuts take effect on a permanent basis. That is, they will have some time to work out the needed compromises and craft a budget and economic package that can support the recovery over the next few years while putting in place a balanced package of spending and revenue measures that will stabilize deficits and debt (relative to the size of the economy) over the coming decade.

Americans should likewise resist panic, says the CBPP, if the president and Congress don’t instantly reduce the deficit by $4 trillion — a somewhat arbitrary number that may simply be too high to achieve in the short term. Given the reductions already achieved by President Obama, a sustainable budget that doesn’t increase the deficit faster than the economy grows could be attained by $2 trillion in additional cuts over the next decade. That would create space to assure fiscal balance when the economy is growing again and when health care costs that will drive future deficits may be easier to control. And a more gradual tighening makes far more sense when the economy is still underperforming on employment.

So the president, Democrats in Congress, and their supporters should  reject  bad compromises that would decimate important programs or allow the rich to continue avoiding their fair burden. If there is no deal because Republicans refused to raise taxes on the wealthy, they will rightly suffer the blame — and there will be time for public anger to push them toward reason.

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  • Neither the Mayan calendar nor the man-made fiscal abyss that has dominated the news the last couple of weeks will lead to the end of the human species. What we are seeing on both sides of our political spectrum at the moment is a lot of posturing by politicians to appear tough and appeal to their respective constituencies.
    I expect the tax rate of our highest earners to revert back to Clinton era levels, Obamacare will not be repealed, but spending reductions, some of them very unpopular among Democrats, will also take place.
    Regardless of where we are on the budget and debt issue, it should be obvious to everyone that indefinite deficit spending, borrowing and the subsequent accumulation of debt is unsustainable. We must restore fiscal integrity to encourage investment, which is the key for a robust economy and job creation.
    I expect a lot of unhappy people when the final package is agreed upon and signed, but in the end, I believe both sides will put country ahead of political ambitions and party priorities and a solution leading to sustained economic growth and stability will be put in place.

    • William Deutschlander

      I wish I could share your confidence in the last paragraph !

      • turtlewoman1039

        I agree with you about the last paragraph. I think that it has been clear from the start of Obama’s first term that the republicans’ only priority is pandering to a base that equates patriotism with flag pins – and ends there.

        • The dumbcraps priority is to take from the doers and give to the leaches so they can stay in power. When the liberal politicians get what they want they turn on the people that fell for their lies and crap on them just like they will do to the rest of us.

          • turtlewoman1039

            Bain Capital – a fine upstanding republican supporter – closed the PROFITABLE Sensata in IL, giving 170 US employees a pink slip after they’d trained their Chinese replacements, and then they watched as the plant was stripped for shipment. That is MY definition of crapping on Americans.

            I’m college educated, work 2 jobs, and understand that the deck has been stacked against the majority of people in this country.

            THIRTY (30!) YEARS OF “TRICKLE DOWN” HASN’T. Despite the impact of the recession on the middle class and others who are struggling, corporations have seen some of the most profitable years ever. They are not investing in this country, they are not hiring. They are taking their millions in tax breaks and profits and hiding it off shore.

            TWO unfunded wars of choice, started by your republicans. The ‘debt’ in this country is NOT from social programs designed to keep people fed and off the streets until they can find a ‘living’ wage job, it is from all the $$$$$ spent on Afghanistan & Iraq. No bid contracts to Halliburton (cheney’s alma mater), Blackwater, et al. – How about we get back the overcharges, outright theft, the cost of poor quality / dangerous goods / services they provided to our armed forces? Maybe we can get back the lives of the soldiers electrocuted in the Halliburton built showers?

            Your republicans in congress enjoy some of the best health coverage and other benefits in this country, including a generous pension for nothing near the amount of work that the average person has to put in to earn a living. Yet they fight every effort to see that the rest of this country – INCLUDING THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THEM – have access to anything even remotely resembling their health care or retirement. THAT is crapping on the American people.

          • STORMENHARD

            RIGHT ON GIRL!!!!!!

          • nobsartist

            funny how all of the leaches vote republiCON.

            I bet you are one yourself. You sound pretty stupid so you qualify.

          • Excuse me, but all of the leaches voted demoncraptic to continue getting their free obammy phones, food stamps and checks. Do you guys project much?

          • Get your head out and take a deep breath. The red states have the most leaches. That is a fact, if you would take the time to check, you would know that.

          • SueTX

            1) free phones started under Reagan, continued under Bush.
            2) food stamps are bare subsistence – eating healthy on food stamps is nearly impossible
            3) checks? If you mean TANF cash program, it’s so hedged around with regulations and requirements, it’s almost impossible to qualify for the ~$90/month.

            I’ve worked 2 and 3 jobs all my life, never asked for a handout from anyone. I tithe at church and try to give to those more needy than myself. I don’t project at all – I KNOW what it is to be poor. I used to be a registered Republican – I’ll never vote for a republican candidate again after this election session. ANY candidate who could work within the inhumane and senseless platform that the GOP stands on now will never get my vote.

          • nobsartist

            Thanks for the input moron. I mean republiCON.

          • johninPCFL

            Which explains, of course, why the biggest LEACH states vote GOP? Stuff your lies. You are just another Koch brothers troll.

      • Yes, it may be wishful thinking on my part, but I would not be surprised if the obstructionism that was an integral part of a strategy designed to make sure President Obama was not re-elected, is no longer a priority. Republicans are more likely to focus on policies that appeal to their constituents to ensure they hold on to the House two years from now. Obstructionism like the one we saw the last three years may prove fatal to them, especially if it involves policies that do not contribute to economic growth and job creation.

        • sigrid28

          I thought this myself, until recently when McCain and Graham went off the deep end and Boehner said the ACA should still be on the table. I may be a candidate for access to mental health parity myself if Republicans keep on acting out such self-destructive motives. Their all or nothing approach is like Hamas in Gaza hiding long-range weapons next to family housing, then blaming Israel for killing civilians when it takes out these weapons, aimed not at Israeli weapons and installations but at Israeli civilians. And consider this: the Wall Street and corporate branches of the GOP seem to be taking out the election results on stock portfolios (of ALL retirees) by sending the Dow plunging and on employees earning little over minimum wage, by firing them in anticipation of higher taxes on CEOs and corporations. It is a dark vision, but I think we and our president are at greater risk if we refuse to recognize it than we are if we recognize it for what it is–a naked threat to the country and the economy–and act accordingly.

          I hope the president is not so insulated that he fails to get a good appreciation of the implacable rage mounted against him, in particular, and Democrats and the policies they promote, in general. The only workable approach may be to drive Republicans who are impossible off the cliff and where they will self destruct, along with some of the rest of us. Many of us are already down at the bottom of the cliff, experiencing what these greedy Republicans fear most, poverty. As Dante’s traveler says to his guide, Virgil, as they tread lower and lower into the Inferno: “I had not thought death had undone so many.”

    • What is more important is the debt : GDP ratio. Japan and the UK were higher than us in that regard. The Debt is not the absolute bugaboo to focus on. Getting money in middle class hands and creating demand ASAP is what should be focused on…after this stupid standoff is settled. If the Republicans are not made to blink and blink hard several times…either before or after this phony ‘cliff’ metaphor is reached…things will not get better any time soon. If Paul Krugman’s advice is ignored again in order to ‘compromise’ with the GOP crooks across the aisle…again…Obama will rapidly lose his currently obvious momentum and power. They lost…BIG time…Now it’s time for the losers to pay up. End this depression now…with demand side economics…not that supply-side/trickle down B.S.

      • blake. obooboy and the libcraps are the problem. they want to give everybody every thing free. Soon it will all fall to pieces and liberals will be the cause of it.

        • We heard quite enough of that crap from you dumbass republicons before the election.Obviously the majority of American voters disagree with you. Take your fear mongering elsewhere.You’ll gain no traction here!

        • The only “freebie” that is still being considered is the use of Emergency Room care, which Republicans believe is preferable to the ACA “mandate” that forces every Americans to get healthcare insurance and share responsibility with the rest of us. If you are aware of other freebies, aside from allowing the wealthy to benefit from loopholes, ridiculous tax breaks, and overseas tax shelters, please let us know. Maybe we should all consider a Rafalca for therapeutic purposes…and use it as a tax deduction…

        • nobsartist

          stupid people that vote for the Greedy Old Pricks are the problem.

          most are leaches like you.

        • You are typical of the numbskulls who fail to think things through. When a Rich pseudo-American evades taxes and hides assets in offshore accounts, America suffers. When poor people are allowed (barely) to subsist on entitlements, almost every single penny spent goes right back into driving the American national economic cycle.

        • Richard

          Is that your sophiscated idea of criticism? Call President Obama “obooboy” and liberals as “libcraps” along with the give everyone something “free”. That’s the bs Romney tried to use to explain his defeat because he couldn’t believe that he wasn’t destined to become thee president. All you people in the right wing alternate reality know and parrot is what they hear on Fox.

      • SaneJane

        Now is the time to stop giving in to GOP bullying. I agree with you 100%.

      • Right On Brother! As the expression from the 1960s goes. I think it is important to draw a distinction between “spending” and “investing.” There is still time for both sides to “just do the right thing.” To hell with Grover Norquist and the backers who have hm dangling on strings like a puppet. Getting money into the hands of the middle class and the poor will create the demand that stimulates employment. People with money spend. Spending means vendors must restock their shelves more often to keep pace with growing demand. Manufacturers, therefore, get more work-orders and must hire more workers to meet timetables. In the process, the economy gets a much needed lift. Consequently, the tax roles expand, producing more revenue. Its common sense. A wealthy person does not spend more simply because he/she gets a tax break. Their spending is already at a point of diminishing returns simply maintaining their lifestyle. So if they are not investing here in the USA, their tax breaks do us no good… on the contrary, they damage the economy. As for the debt, we still issue 10-year Treasuries @ 2%. Nowhere can you borrow long-term for just 2%. Money borrowed at that rate should be invested with the goal of earning a return on investment. Look what Lula da Silva accomplished in Brazil… and he only had a 3rd-grade education!!! Most 3rd-World countries must pay double-digit interest rates to attract investors. The USA is no where near that, and we are a long way from being Greece!!! What we need is more people working. The phony scare tactics only work on the gullible, the easily mis-lead, and they solve nothing.

    • That all sounds great Dominick and I agree that much of what you mention is exactly what needs to happen,especially getting cash back in the hands of the middle class through job creation.Hard to say what the likelihood is of all that happening until the gop is ready to divest itself of its hardline radicalism. Many Obama supporters were disappointed with the presidents lack of forcefullness and tenacity when tying to reach a fiscal resolution with republicans. I think he underestimated the obstinateness and obstructionist stance of the ultra-conservatives.Of course a great deal of it was blatant racism but the guilty will never admit it and its difficult at this time to predict what the signers of the Norquist Mandate will do.Are they ready to be reasonable or will they be vindictive after their recent licking?

      • I find the ability of a former lobbyist, like Norquist, to ignore the Oath of Office our elected officials take and, instead, abide by his dictum very disturbing. That is exactly what allowed people like Hitler and Mussolini to rise to power and it must be stopped. Undermining our constitutional rights, freedoms and the safeguards we have put in place to prevent fraud and abuses of power should be challenged in Court and called what it is: treason.

    • Don

      Obamacare [ACA] may be a very bad act. It may put to government in care of everything. I really should be in care of the individual States. We are safe in NJ so far with our Republican governor. We have Blue Cross-Blue Shied and Medicare and our Monthly SSCeck to ourbanks.


        What do the uninsured in NJ do? How many in NJ don’t have health ins?

    • 1bythebrooks2

      I certainly hope and pray that you are right about both parties putting country ahead of political ambitions and party. Just have a hard time being patient to see it happen!

    • SaneJane

      There can be no sustained economic growth without deficit spending. This is how money is created. I know from your posts that you are an intelligent, educated person but this is one area where I completely disagree with you. I wish you would delve further into money creation, etc. There is a lot of excellent educational information out there but as long as people go along with the fictional deficit and debt crisis we are in serious danger.

    • What an optimistic viewpoint! Perhaps if Bill Clinton were president, and not just head cheerleader, everything you say would be true. I expect that Mr. Obama will forget Bill Clinton’s name by the night of January 20th 2013. The president has shown no indication he knows the meaning of the word compromise. Why you expect his second term to be any different from his first, especially when the Democrats think they have a mandate, is beyond me. It’s hard to fault optimism, though, and I hope your prediction is correct.

  • Jim Lou

    Considering what is happening in the Euro Zone, the Fiscal Cliff will be interesting.

    • People will be well advised to consider the effects of the austerity demands imposed by Angela Merkel as a condition to extend credit and loans to countries severely impacted by the global economic downturn. Instead of helping, those austerity programs contributed to the collapse of national economies, increased unemployment, and social chaos.

  • msrita

    Some people will die and most of us who Voted for Obama will live a long happy life. LOL!

  • nobsartist

    The “fiscal cliff” is just another fake crisis created by republiCONs so they can think they are important.

    I think Dems need to create a color coded system to rank the importance of these manufactured crisis’s, sort of like the AWOL coke heads color coded “threat level”.

    pink = manufactured
    red = fake
    purple = ridiculous
    yellow = typical
    fuschia = stupid
    blue = good for America

    I would assign the “fiscal cliff” crisis the following:

    I hope that Dems do the right thing , work on a new jobs plan that strives for 100% employment and re-structures the employment safety net and meanwhile, ignore all attempts to negotiate an end to this crisis.

    Once we go over the “cliff”, thru budget reconciliation, enact a new tax rate of 91% for all income over 1 million, earned or capital gains, 10% for all income UNDER $80,000 and medicare and social security on ALL income and single payer health care thru medicare or the 2 already created federally run health care plans.

    I would assign BLUE to the budget reconciliation deal.

    • William Deutschlander

      Ahmen !

  • We must let our elected officials know how important the social programs are to our economy. An, not forget that the health care cost is the main driver of their increased cost. If the Bush Era tax cuts were let to expire for everyone, and the Social Security tax raised back to .o62 this would help ease the debt. Then there would be time for proper discussion about the federal deficit. A fair and balanced tax code must be created, and a true discussion made about what those taxes should provide. To try to do this in a quick lame duck session of congress, is not rational. We need and deserve to receive more from our elected officials.

  • montanabill

    Suits me. Better a little nasty tasting medicine now than amputations later.

    • johninPCFL

      Good point of view.

  • stsintl

    I don’t mind paying the same taxes as I was paying before the GWB/Republican tax cuts for the rich became the law. Wish President Obama had stood his ground in 2010 when these temporary taxes were to die their own death.

  • Lovefacts

    Just let the tax cuts stop for everyone. I’m sick of all this doom and gloom. The nation won’t fall and people will still have money to spend. As for going off the fiscal cliff, after January 1st Congress can then lower taxes for the low and middle income brackets, assuming the Republicans will agree. If they don’t, it’s on them.

    Also, I wonder if with additional income from the Clinton era tax rates if the budget will be easier to balance and make sequester unnecessary.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Let it go and get this country back to where it needs to be. No one with any sense thinks that we don’t need real compromise. Reset the Tax Code back to 2000. Let sequestration happen. Both are a move in the correct direction. Then let’s reach a real compromise:

    The Grand Compromise:
    Spending adjusted to Clinton’s last year in Office – Fiscal 2000, adjusted for inflation and population growth: $2,492.7 Billion
    (Both Democrats and Republicans will hate this) it will drive the “Political Class” to jump off the cliff.

    Tax Code Reset to that of 2000: Revenues: $2,468.6 Billion

    The winner is the Middle Class.


    Obama the job wrecker in perpetual motion will prevail. He continues to believe the fiscal cliff is a Kodak moment at a national park. He also believes bipartisan is when both parties agree to consensual sex. He thinks generating revenue is putting a pay toilet in air force one. And peace is the last wedge of a pie.

    He thinks a budget is an unmovable object. Solendra is a 9 billion $ manufacture that produces soft drinks. And the Euro is a new Greek car.

    In conclusion, preparing to write my final quarter 2012 government tax check to pay for something I didn’t build. Don’t ya just love Socialism?

    • daniel bostdorf

      Your comment has nothing to do with Mr. Conason’s article. So waht is your intent? To try and distract us from meaningful dialogue? Are you related to ‘obozomustgo?”… You guys tried that the last election, and lost miserably. Why don’t you got back to FoxNews and Karl Rove and post at their sites ok?

      Here is the point from Conason:
      “So the president, Democrats in Congress, and their supporters should reject bad compromises that would decimate important programs or allow the rich to continue avoiding their fair burden. If there is no deal because Republicans refused to raise taxes on the wealthy, they will rightly suffer the blame – and there will be time for public anger to push them toward reason.”

      Maybe you should first read the 13 volume set of “The History of Civilization” by Will and Ariel Durant.

      That way you will have sense of history about how the rich have always dominated the poor, and their proagandists shout “socialism” whenever convenient….like you.

      • CYNICALZ

        bostdorf:: Can not believe it is you again. Your comment means no comment. Apparent you did not get past page 10 in the 13 volume set. Your a gift to Socialism. Keep holding hands with Harry Reid and sit in the empty chair of Obama nobama.

    • turtlewoman1039

      Frankly, I’d LOVE to see the socialism that Sweden enjoys – I’d love to see that standard of living available to everyone here. No, the government DOES NOT own the businesses in Sweden.

      The only thing that we have approaching ‘socialism’ is this country is the ‘socialized risk, privatized profit’ that so many of the biggest corporations enjoy: tax breaks for oil/gas/coal, free passes for the fracking polluters (I live in PA – I have first hand knowledge of what I speak), tax breaks to send US manufacturing jobs to other countries, off shored profits. Immediately prior to the election, a PROFITABLE company in IL , Sensata, closed up, putting 170 Americans out of work. They’d trained their Chinese replacements, then watched as the factory was stripped for shipment. And who was in charge of this? Why, Bain Capital, because a decent profit with American labor isn’t good enough when you can make a killing by using slave wage labor elsewhere.

      Stop getting your ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ from fox ‘news’.

      • CYNICALZ

        turtlewoman:: Sweden’s love of North Sea oil provides income for their socialism. You know, “oil”, the the source of your detest. Why does not your boy go after Bain Capital, shut down tax breaks, unions that kill corporations like Sensata and Hostess? You have a number of complaints and no substance for resolve.

        You have nothing but Chris Mathews and Rachael Maddow, stupidity in abundance.

        • johninPCFL

          Yes, Sarah Palin’s Alaskan Government provides the same kind of deal for Alaskans. So she’s a socialist, too? Great news.

          Shutting down tax breaks won’t get through the “any deal for the rich is good” House. But even morons like you know that.

          Unions killed Sensata? Odd, I thought it was a good business decision to lower employee costs from $12 per hour to $0.50 per hour. Maybe that’s a pay increase for you. Stamping license plates for the state just doesn’t pay very well, I guess. Maybe you should try donating blood.

          • CYNICALZ

            Palin separated Alaska’s success from the Obama’s federal green machine. Keep it up, the off shore business is well and alive-must be, that is where it finds a welcome mat, “open for business.”
            Keep dumpster diving junior!!

          • johninPCFL

            I see stupidity is your strong suit. Palin imposed an energy tax on Alaskan oil wells paid back to Alaskans (only) to buy votes. Those taxes are paid by the oilcos. Socialism, anyone?

            The oilcos that would be drilling in ANWR (400 yards away) would avoid the tax, which is why “drill baby drill” is so popular with them. Palin no longer cares about Alaska, which is why she joined the chant.

          • CYNICALZ

            pcfl::Another important point you forgot. They have no state income tax. Must have been your idiot Obama moment?

          • johninPCFL

            Neither do several other states. That must have been your idiot Grover decade.

            They do have sales taxes, as do many other states. They also balance their budget by taking federal money – that is they get far more back than they put in. California taxes make the Alaska budget possible.

            So I guess they’re both socialists and takers, right? Your lifetime of stupidity and worthlessness has caught up with you. Take your trolling nonsense back to the GOP.

          • CYNICALZ

            You have a continued accumulation of worthless irrelevant and error ridden information. Take a hint. Why do you waste my time? Bigger hint, don’t waste my time!

          • johninPCFL

            Really? States like Florida don’t have an income tax, so where are you not wrong yet again? Alaska has provincial sales taxes, so where are you not wrong yet again?

            As I said before, stupidity is your strong suit.

            Since you’re not using your “spare time” you must be a paid troll, right? If the Koch brothers are still paying internet trolls like you, you just made some coin. I guess the other choice is that you are on company time, stealing from your employer. Is that it? Embarrassed to be revealed as a taker, too?

        • turtlewoman1039

          I don’t have a ‘boy’ – I don’t own slaves. This country has an elected president.

          You’re the one crying ‘socialism’ – I pointed out that Sweden has an enviable standard of living. Let’s get the back taxes from oil before we move on to green energy and see how far that gets us.

          Really – Obama, on his own, with no support from a congress on record as sworn to thwart every piece of legislation proposed, is going to ‘go after’ Bain & ‘shut down’ tax breaks? The republicans scream ‘socialism!!!’ at every turn, and Obama is supposed to unilaterally turn this economy around? He’s already been accused of ‘abusing’ presidential powers by the intellectually challenged congress.

          The bush tax cuts have helped drive us to this point – but republicans keep shrilling that you just cannot tax the ‘creators’, who, by the way, have created virtually nothing over the past several years but larger deposits in their off shore havens.

          You want ‘substance for resolve’? The bush tax cuts end. A transaction tax on wall street so the pit bosses who gambled away billions while getting bailed and receiving bonuses contribute a bit to restoring some of the wealth of this country. No more tax breaks to off shore American jobs. No more tax breaks to oil/gas/coal, and tell them they have to fight their own wars from now on. Investment in the US: infrastructure, education (real public education, not just another give away to corporations and evangelicals) and clean, green, renewable energy manufacturing that stays in this country. I’ve got suggestions that are NOT more of the same crappy lie of ‘trickle down’. Get the congressional republicans to support real investment in this country and its citizens and see what how much can be accomplished to improve life for everyone.

          • CYNICALZ

            You and your boy have not produced one piece of additional revenue and zero for spending. You are all mouth pieces for Socialism asking the government to own another part of your freedom. Deal me out!!

          • turtlewoman1039

            I’m a taxpayer from the 2 jobs that I work, and pay a higher tax rate than robme and the majority of the wealthy. Warren Buffet, lauded by the monied for his astute investments, has hammered away at the utter folly of a system like ours.

            Deal you out? Sure – how about you leave for someplace like Somalia, where capitalism is whatever you can get away with, and there isn’t guv’mint or regulations to get in your way?

          • CYNICALZ

            Turtlewoman::Why Somalia when the lifestyle can be achieved in the United States? Obama has loafed it out for four years and nothing has changed.

          • turtlewoman1039

            Somalia? Because so many of us would like to see you gone to a republican utopia of no regulation.

            And again – republicans pledged to make Obama a one term president, and while they’ve failed miserably at that, they have obstructed everything that he has proposed. It isn’t ‘loafing’ when all efforts to make progress are met with obstruction for its own sake. ACA is robme’s Massachusetts plan, but the republicans still scream and stamp their feet.

          • CYNICALZ

            turtle:: Your not real quick either. You see, I don’t care what you want or define a preference of where I live. And again-opposed to your backwards account, it was Obama that said if he did not get it turned around it would be a one term proposition. Obviously there are differences between the house in passing bills. You call it obstruction. For two years he had a majority vote and all we got Affordable Health. What a priority that feeds Socialism. I have my healthcare and do not want yours.

          • turtlewoman1039

            Actually it was McConnell who is on record saying that the republican goal was to make Obama a one term president. Since I’ve actually seen that video, I’m inclined to believe my eyes & ears.

            Of course you don’t care what I want. That was my opinion, my fond desire to see you leave.

            ACA is STILL your robme’s MA health plan, and no, I actually don’t need it either. But millions of other Americans who’ve been at the mercy of the republican idea of ‘competitive capitalism’ healthcare really do. But robme apparently thought ‘socialism’ was a great idea for MA when he was governor.
            As far as a ‘majority’, for a number of technical reasons, including missing members (illness, then a death, and months to confirm the election of another member), he really didn’t have a majority. The stimulus funding, a package whittled down by the republicans, did have a positive effect on the economy. Including the economies of the states where the republicans CLAIMED to be ‘against’ it, while boasting to their constituents that THEY brought stimulus $$ home to their districts to SAVE / CREATE jobs.

          • CYNICALZ

            You just don’t get it! The election is over and all you can offer is yesterday’s hash and excuses for a failed first term.

            Never do you mention corruption like the cover up of Brian Terry’s death and Benghazi Embassy where four Americans were killed. Real compassion. Like it never happened? Smells like another Presidential pardon is on the horizon. Obama is a complete package of Chicago Politics and Washington sleeze submerged in 16+ trillion dollars in debt. You got what you voted for and let the hand outs roll.

          • turtlewoman1039

            What I said was a reasonable and logical explanation, based on facts.

            TWO unfunded wars of choice started by republicans + bush tax cuts + wall street roulette = most of those trillions of $$$. What part of Benghazi is Obama personally responsible for? The republican vote against increased funding for security? Petraeus just testified that Rice’s statements were the exactly what the CIA wanted made. That’s the limit of YOUR compassion? Benghazi? How about the troops that have been deployed for multiple tours? Suddenly you’re full of compassion, but what was your comment earlier, you were going to continue to outsource and build your prosperity? The welcome mat is in other countries? The countries that have no labor standards and let you pay dirt for wages, because that’s more profitable than paying YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS a decent wage?

          • CYNICALZ

            You must relish distorted views of events such that it is undeserving of a response. Conclusively defines the Democratic Party, built on a pillar of excuses. ignorance and social values.
            Skewed information thriving with the man indoctrinated by Rev. Wright, and I want my country back!!!

          • RUKIDENME

            Name one place in the U.S. that is like Somalia? U really R ignorant.

          • CYNICALZ

            Obviously you can not read. Pay attention!! Check out my response you dunce.

          • RUKIDENME

            U said Somalia’s lifestyle can be achieved in the United States. I asked where? Waiting for your response. Check out your response to turtlewoman.

          • Sand_Cat

            You obviously haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about because like most repugnants, you have a cranial-rectal inversion, apparently with headphones play Faux News up there with your head.

            You haven’t said a single thing besides idiot talking-points, insulting someone who gave you the (undesrved) respect of a reasoned answer.

          • CYNICALZ

            Sand cat:: What is your point of reference? All I need is another information wizard that generate useless impertinent words.

          • STORMENHARD

            RIGHT ON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • johninPCFL

      Yet another of the zero-for-20,000 election prophets has found his voice through yet another handle. Still batting zero, though. No truth here, just more Dick Morris/Rush Limbaugh bullshit.

      • CYNICALZ

        pfcl:: Enjoy your BS Pres while I outsource my way to prosperity.

        • johninPCFL

          Oh great, another cyber-puke spouts off his worthless garbage.

          • CYNICALZ

            pcfl:: You just can not leave my success alone. Just a heads up, your favorite cartoon, your source of “wisdom”, is showing.

          • johninPCFL

            You have no success, which is why you are on this blog posting your worthless bile instead of earning a living.

          • CYNICALZ

            pcfl:: Your guessing and always coming up with short straws. Give up this charade and just admit you have absolutely nothing and low testosterone.

          • johninPCFL

            So says the internet troll.

            “You’re”: go back to third grade for a grammar brush-up, idiot.

            It’s a good thing you took your stupid pills this morning. Wouldn’t want to smarten up during the day, would you?

          • CYNICALZ

            pcfl:: Internet troll? On this site for amusement. You don’t think I would waste spare time to see anything intelligent. Admittedly, your number one stupid!!

          • johninPCFL

            Ah, so you’re paid to be here spouting your nonsense. this not being your “spare time”.

            But admitting that you are the number one stupid does confuse things.

            I know that repeating fifth grade again looks intimidating to you right now, but remember, the third time’s the charm! Good luck!

          • CYNICALZ

            Give it up. Re; NEXT RESPONSE.

          • johninPCFL

            Awww…somebody calling you out on your worthless bullshit spoil your trolling?

            Try billoreilly’sassDOTcom, they’ll probably like your there.

          • CYNICALZ


    • jstsyn

      Enjoy your misery. I know I will.

      • CYNICALZ

        jstsyn:: keep collecting your 47% paycheck!!

        • 113121

          Tell me the years that more than 47% paid income tax. Give me a list with a percentage next to each year.

          • CYNICALZ

            Look in the mirror and start counting.

          • 113121

            lol. You know the answer to my question then but it spoils your rant to admit that more people now pay that tax than since the beginning of that tax for nearly every single year of it’s existence .Go ask the Heritage Foundation about it.
            Oh, I pay income tax. Every year since the age of 19.

          • CYNICALZ

            113121:: If you do not get a “cream puff response” it is a rant? That tax, that tax, is that a stuttering syndrome or are you emphasizing a sublime need for a medal in paying “that tax.” It is identified as responsibility. Millions pay it.

            So much for individual uniqueness.

          • 113121

            Well, answering a simple factual question with Randian poetry is *different*. You lose.

          • CYNICALZ

            That is how you answer useless brain dead questions.

          • 113121

            Aww, quit your crying.

          • CYNICALZ


        • CYNICALZ

          jstsyn;; Can not afford a pay a pay cut.

      • 113121

        They complain and whine when they win and they are inconsolable when they lose. I hope they hire a good nanny for them real soon.

  • Most of the time I think the republicans are so bitter they would love to help contribute to their self-fulfilling prophesy of America’s ruin.

    They have lost the spirit of governing America with the most people in mind. They are blinded by big dollars from narrow-minded lobbyists.

    We really need to tie the legislator’s salaries and longevity to results of compromise for the health of all Americans!

  • Maybe the earth should end Dec 21. All the BS would stop and there would pe peace on earth. Every body hold your breath.

  • ‘All we have to fear is fear itself.’ Somebody once said that

  • nobsartist

    The GDP ratio after WW2 was far higher than it is now with this manufactured crisis that doesnt exist. I think people should demand to know why policies that Eisenhower used as a republiCON no longer are suitable for America and also have the republiCONs like the owl man and boner explain why they are committing treason to benefit America instead of creating jobs.

  • I don’t know. It could be just me. But is anyone else seeing that John Boener looks like the Cowardly Lion in the original Wizard of Oz? I don’t know. It could just be me.

    • Sand_Cat

      You give him too much credit.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    Dominick has a lot more confidence about the GOP forgetting that they’re fascist and greedy a$$holes and making a fair deal with the President and Democrats. I’m constantly accused of being a “pessimist”, when, in actuality, I’m a pragmatist…when you remember the 8 cornerstones of the Republican Party, at least one of the eight, usually more, explain fully their actions/idiocy: bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, fascism, greed, corruption, incompetence and arrogance.
    It’s going to take “going over the fiscal whatever it is” for the GOP to start to play ball. Their adherence to the traitorous Norquist pledge doesn’t allow them to make a deal until after the New Year. Why did these GOP morons sign the pledge in the first place? “Starve the Beast”.
    Around 1970, someone came up with the bright idea that, if you reduce federal taxes until they didn’t exist anymore, they could “Starve the Beast” and essentially overthrow the government. There’s a reason that Darth Vader himself (Norquist) said that he wants to reduce the federal government to a size so small that he can “drown it in a bathtub”. This and the fact that Norquist and his band of traitorous morons wants a fascist corporate plutarchy signal that they want to overthrow the government, which is why Liberals and Progressives want Norquist and the pledge signers arrested for treason.
    Part of the FCP is killing government one piece at a time and privatizing it as they go along. That explains the GOP’s disgusting attempt at killing the United States Postal Service with that terrible 2006 law that requires it to pay ahead 75 years worth of retirement benefits in a decade, a process that is at its halfway point right now. But, they knew that there’d be no way that the USPS could sustain themselves for that amount of time, which would do two things: first, the postal service would fold, allowing private package/mail services to take over (privatization) and, two, there’d be all that money socked away burning a hole in the government’s pockets. I’ll give you one guess where that money would go, if it were up to the GOP…ssmdh 🙁
    When Facebook posts and pictures said that the Republican Party is our most dangerous threat, they were not kidding…they are. The only reason the party survived these latest elections is that suburban and rural GOP moderates lied to us about voting for Democrats because they were sick of the GOP’s bullsh!t. If they had done what they promised, the GOP would be dead, forcing the Conservative Wrong-Wing Nut Jobs and the Tea Party Militia to start their own parties. GOP moderates would have either tried to pick up the pieces or become members of the Progressive Party. Instead, we have this GOP Civil War that has just started and is going to get uglier than the actual War in the 1860’s.

  • Don

    It may be a Myan hoax, but December 21st is the alignment of all the planets, so what does that mean, huge waves, sroems, destroying the ozone layer? what?

  • Well it should be pretty appearent that Grover Norquist is running the show with the GOP.Now ,question is how did this happen, and why is there no one alarmed ? There is the reason , we have gridlock in congress . Is there no one but me who thinks it’s strange ,grover is telling the Republicans what to do ?

  • So we will go back to the tax rates of the Clinton era! There were plenty jobs and a good economy!

  • The Bush Tax Cuts have to end and the GOP must come to face the reality that the government must have revenue. There is simply no sensible reason to believe, as so many conservatives seem to do, that America can be a strong and vital presence in the world by pinching pennies. The real scandal is that so many who have an excess of resources are so set on having the “Freedom” to squander those resources while resisting and evading the taxes that allow the system that they profit from to exist.

  • ridemybroom

    Blake Faulkner …you are to share and share alike…so get over it you old fart !

  • Why do these “journalists” keep hyping these billionairre” tax-breaks, which the super-rich have NEVER taken advantage of?

    Letting these UN-USED tax-breaks expire will change NOTHING in America.

    Just as an UN-USED automobile cannot be blamed for carbon build up, in the atmosphere.

    This is NO “Fiscal Cliff”, not anymore than there was a real “War of the Worlds”.

    • ralphkr

      Just what are these billionaire UN-USED tax-breaks that you claim the wealthy have NEVER taken??? I can think of two (Capital Gains and dividends) that are about to expire that I know are definitely used by both the wealthy and those of us of modest means. Shucks, I even save a few thousand with the dividend break and I never made more than $25K base pay which worked out to $35K with OT and premium time (Sundays, night shift, and Holidays) as a wage-slave but I scrimped and saved (was un-American and did not buy a new car every year) and made some decent investments that are paying dividends. I haven’t been getting much in the way of capital gains the last 20 years since I do very little trading since retiring (no guts for gambling when I have no wages to recoup market losses)

  • i say lets take the cuts for the next ten years… but some people are so ignorant that they rather complain about it rather than just deal with it…. i only make 7.25 a hr so really anything the do wont affect me because i’m already in that boat.

  • We need to ‘change the projected path of federal spending’? What the matter, Joe, is ‘spending cut’ not in your vocabulary? So the Keynesians are doubling down on a discredited economic theory that hasn’t worked in…forever. I can’t wait. If I’m wrong, fine I’ll admit it. But if the Left is wrong you’ll surely pay for it at the ballot box.