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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It’s time to blame both sides — the Republicans and the Tea Party.

The 112th Congress elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010 is set to close the least productive session since the U.S. House Clerk started keeping records, according to the Huffington Post.

As of Friday, the president had signed 219 bills passed by this Congress into law. There’s almost no chance they can avoid blowing by the current recordholder –the 104th (1995-1996) — to officially become the least productive Congress ever. The “Contract With America” Congress passed only 333 bills in the third and fourth year of President Clinton’s first term after also coming into office after a Republican wave election.

The lack of productivity isn’t surprising, given that Republicans campaigned on stopping the president’s agenda. In the summer of 2011, for the first time in American history, the House of Representatives refused to increase the debt limit, as had been done under President Reagan and both Bushes dozens of times. The result was a protracted crisis that ended with President Obama signing the sequestration that helped create the “fiscal cliff” and a unprecedented downgrade of America’s credit.

Instead of governing, the House concentrated on symbolic votes. They voted to repeal Obamacare more than 30 times, knowing that the Senate would never consider a bill that destroyed the president’s signature achievement. They also passed bills that replaced the sequestration with cuts they preferred and extended the Bush tax cuts for all Americans, including the richest 2 percent, knowing they would never become law.

By a margin of more than a million votes, Americans chose Democrats to represent them in the House in November. But the GOP only lost a handful of seats, thanks to dark money and redistricting, and will retain a comfortable majority in the next Congress.

The New York Times‘ Nate Silver credits the GOP’s intransigence to gerrymandering. “Most members of the House now come from hyperpartisan districts where they face essentially no threat of losing their seat to the other party,” he wrote. “Instead, primary challenges, especially for Republicans, may be the more serious risk.”

In 2010 and 2012 GOP primaries, several mainstream Republicans — including Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC), who told constituents at a town hall to “stop watching Glenn Beck” — were defeated by Tea Partiers who vowed to never, ever compromise with the president.

If your only fear in life is that a crazier Republican is going to replace you, voting like Michele Bachmann makes more sense than governing like Dwight Eisenhower.

Photo creidt: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

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  • bpai99

    This will surprise no one. The GOP has truly gone off the deep end, views itself and the world in ways that bear little to no connection to reality, and no longer has Bill Buckleys to call out its extremists. It is no longer fit to govern.

  • charleo1

    I guess when the Democrats elected a Black man as President of the United States, the Republicans
    thought, well, there goes the Southern Strategy. What the hell do we do now? Say! One may have
    remembered. How about Nixon’s madman theory? It’ll be great! Those crazy Republicans! We
    can’t control them! We could get Beck over at Fox,(He is literally a nut,) to throw a Tea Party!
    The protesters could all wear 18th century get ups, and quote that Jefferson riff, on the blood of
    Patriots feeding the tree of Liberty! Or something!…..

  • CarolO

    This should make those Tea Party lovers who elected these guys happy. I wonder how good the economy would be right now if we actually had a Congress that did something for their country, rather than their favorite lobbyists.

    • It would be a heck of a lot better than it is. It took 8 years of “Sleepin,drinkin,Georgie Boy, to get us in the gutter. Then along came the Tea Partiers to make it worse. It’s getting better, let’s give it time.

    • I wonder that same thing, yet people are so brain washed and continue to vote these guys into office. I thank God ever day Mitt Romney and worst yet Paul Ryan lost.

    • Here,here———bet it would have been MUCH better.

  • You know i’m as liberal as anyone I know, but I don’t think we need more laws. We need to make congress part time so they can quit dreaming up ways to oppress us. Also, with the lot we have now, do you really WANT them passing more legislation? The less these guys do, the better.

    • charleo1

      I know what you’re saying. Less is more. Do no harm. However, there is the Country’s
      business that has been made their responsibility in the Constitution. There are times
      a Congress must act, and it is in these circumstances they have failed miserably.
      There are monetary policies they need to decide, and carry out. To pay debts created by the running of government, need a bill passed to do so. Immigration is another huge question they must address. Ways to cut the costs of healthcare are vital to our long term
      financial health. Many challenges, and decisions are placed in the hands of Congress.
      And Congress is the only branch of government given the power to deal with them.

  • nobsartist

    What congress? It looks like just another collection of clueless jackass’s to me.

    • I really wish they were clueless, but my sense is that they’re intentionally devious. They realize that their stalling tactics have been allowing their rich donors (including corporations) to keep ripping off the country by not paying their fair share of the costs to run the country. And if the American people had been foolish enough to have elected lying Mitt, that thievery would have gotten far worse – because you can be sure this corrupt group in the House would have rubber stamped, as they did during the Bush years, every scheme Romney came up with to make stealing from the taxpayers even easier: drastic reductions in the max tax rates, starting wars and on and on.

      • nobsartist

        You dont think that Obama agreed to the “fiscal cliff” BS because he got a big tax break for another 2 years do you?

        I do.

        They are all devious. Thats why we need less gun laws not more.

        Although a Dem, I do not think there is much difference between the two parties. I believe that our best interests are the last thing they consider and it is time to change the entire system.

        I believe like many Americans that we are in the last years of this type of governance.

        And the end aint gonna be pretty.

  • This is the worst Congress since 1856, largely because the Southern states are, if anything, more belligerent and backward than they were in 1856.

    • stcroixcarp

      The South does not corner the market on jackass voters. Wisconsin voted Scott Walker in as governor TWO times. They voted Sean Duffy into congress two times, and they threw out Russ Feingold for Ron Johnson in the senate. Minnesota voters returned Michelle Bachmann to Congress. So just who is backward?

  • montanabill

    Looniest article and comments since the last LOLGOP post.

    • old_blu

      Because it’s true?

      • montanabill

        Well, the left has to blame something other than the President’s insistence on ‘tax the rich’. The House has already passed a bill, months ago, sitting on Harry Reid’s desk that extends tax cuts for all and has minimal spending cuts. But the President has to make good on his little boy demagoguery about the rich, so we play ‘fiscal cliff’. In the absence of a real revenue/spending cut plan, I’d like to see taxes revert to Clinton levels. Let’s get everyone paying their fair share for this President’s spending. If we did that, then SS and Medicare couldn’t possibly go broke, could they? If increased taxes on the rich couldn’t possibly hurt the economy, how could taxes on anyone hurt the economy?

        • WhutHeSaid

          You are correct: Taxes on the upper 2% of incomes will not hurt the economy one little bit, but boy will it make the deadbeats squeal!

          • montanabill

            Somehow the 2% ‘deadbeats’ manage to currently pay 40% of the taxes. Hard to follow your logic. Could be they only object to paying more simply all it goes for is your free lunch.

          • WhutHeSaid

            It’s not hard at all. Since the late 70’s, income for the top 1% has risen about 300% while the middle and working classes have seen stagnant or even declining income. The tax burden for these people has NOT risen 300%.

            I too will pay more taxes next year, but the difference between me and you is that I won’t squeal incessantly — it needs to be done. I understand that the good of the country as a whole is critical to my success. You, on the other hand, only care about yourself. This is why you become apoplectic with jealous rage when somebody like Warren Buffett points out the obvious — the wealthiest are getting too much of a break compared to the middle class.

            I don’t expect you to change. You, along with the rest of your state, have and continue to suck up more public benefits than you contribute in taxes, all the while whining about those ‘liberals’ who pay bills that YOU should be paying. It’s just a matter of character; I don’t expect you to understand.

          • montanabill

            As always, you try to prove something with statistics that seem to indicate something but mean nothing. The real questions to be answered are, why did income rise for the 1%? Did they rise for every single member of the 1% and no one else? How static was the 1%? Are you advocating that they should be taxed so that their incomes cannot rise? What would happen if that was put into place? Were there some reasons that the middle and working classes generally didn’t see their incomes rise as well? Was it because incomes rose on the top 1% that everyone else didn’t see a rise or because government policy has stopped economic growth? Are you saying that as incomes rose for the top 1%, they didn’t pay more taxes?

            We have a fundamental disagreement for the need to raise taxes. I see no reason to provide government with simply more money to mismanage. If taxes were part of a comprehensive plan to reduce the debt, that is one story. As it is, substantial increases in taxes are already in place for next year, only to pay for more foolish spending.
            You know full well that the proposed tax increases on the rich, is simply a show and will accomplish absolutely nothing of substance and will result in more harm than good. But the masses will be happy, until it is time for another diversion.

            When you finally find out just how much the taxes Warren Buffett advocates will actually affect him, don’t be surprised.

          • WhutHeSaid

            And you, for your part, continue to tell self-serving lies.

            You don’t necessarily care about foolish spending — you just want to make sure that it’s not YOUR money. You’ve already admitted that you enjoyed Reagan’s excesses for SDI, which was one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer money of all time.

            Statistics DO matter, unless of course they don’t point in your favor, yes? One thing is perfectly clear: tax breaks for the wealthy, loopholes and abuse of the system have resulted in the wealthy becoming ever wealthier while the rest become poorer. This is just fine for those who have already ‘made it’ and don’t care about anyone else, or for that matter, the country as a whole. This trend cannot continue forever without the entire country becoming a plutocracy — which I’m sure is what you are hoping.

            But a plutocracy wouldn’t help you much either, I’m afraid, because the TRULY wealthy would just change the rules to take away your humble little pile of pennies and cast you in with the rest of the serfs. I believe that even you realize this, which is perhaps the reason that the mere mention of Warren Buffett’s name infuriates you. To him you are insignificant — just another peon — save for the fact that he doesn’t think like you.

            Don’t bother preaching to anyone about ‘wasted taxes’ — we’ve seen that story over and over, and it’s always the very people complaining the loudest who are the most complicit. Since the Bush’s and Cheney’s of the world seem rather careless about wasting public funds, the best cure would be to make sure that they have more skin in the game. Perhaps some day even you will have enough skin in the game to realize that we spend FAR, FAR, FAR more on defense than is needed for actual defense of this country. We can only hope that is the case, and see your self-serving fairy tales for what they really are.

          • montanabill

            You can rant about SDI all you want, but simply the fact that the resulting technology is helping to protect Israel and has Putin scared that we will put it where we can negate his missiles is pretty good proof that it was money well spent.

            Since you have never had to confront the problem, you know nothing about ‘tax breaks’, ‘loopholes’ or ‘abuse of the system’. Those are mythical beasts brought out to scare the children. The American system allows everyone, including you, to pursue their dreams. If that includes wealth, it is part of the deal. Tax code should be designed for one purpose only: provide revenue to the government. It has been perverted to favor friends or punish enemies. Whether the wealthy get wealthier has little to do with tax code and more to do with the fact that they just keep doing what got them wealthy to begin with. Nobody really cares whether you make it or I make it. That is an individual responsibility, not a government responsibility.

            Again you mention Buffett. There is only one reason I get annoyed with Buffett. It is because he is selling a box of goods he’s not buying.

            Are you now an expert on what this country needs to protect itself from all known and unknown threats? Sure we probably spend too much on defense, but it employs people and scares the hell out of would be villains. Or would you rather have a military with equal capabilities with the Chinese, except of course, for their immensely larger army.

          • WhutHeSaid

            I know more about SDI than you ever will, and I can tell you that nothing was achieved that couldn’t have been achieved with MUCH less. Most of the money was completely wasted. “Star Wars” was one giant series of jokes within Defense itself. Secondly, it’s not our job to tax Americans in order to defend Israel or any other country. Being an ally is one thing, helping is yet another — but using anti-ballistic missile defense systems as justification for spending more than the 20 largest countries combined is beyond ludicrous — they just don’t cost that much.

            My guess is that one of your pursuits is to cheat the American taxpayer by providing ridiculously expensive items to the US military — perhaps $700.00 toilet seats and the like. Certainly you cannot come up with any credible reason why the US would need to spend almost HALF of the total for about 150 countries that maintain standing armies. The US spends about 500% of what China does, and already possesses enough nuclear capability to wipe out most of civilization. What’s the point?

            It’s just another bullshit story — much like your claims about Warren Buffett. He infuriates you because he makes you look like a shoe-shine boy in comparison, yet isn’t so completely possessed by his own greed that he feels the need to lie about it. Even you must have your moments of embarrassment when you realize how you dance around the truth like an organ-grinder’s monkey because you haven’t the guts to just go ahead and say what you’re about. Grow some balls and admit it.

          • montanabill

            You are one bitter man.

          • THS_Warrior

            If you will locate and use a modern dictionary you will learn that the word
            “deadbeats” logically refers to all humans who are basically lazy, do not want to work and thus do nothing productive to earn a living. This term very accurately describes hundreds of millions of mostly elderly Americans who have inherited great wealth from their hard-working grandparents and parents and have also reached early retirement age (i.e., between 55 and 62 depending upon where they worked) and have recently decided to sit down, do nothing and be “deadbeats.”

            IMO, elderly Americans who are content living of the fat produced by their hard-working parents and grandparents in earlier lifetimes are the most selfish humans ever to populate this troubled planet.

          • montanabill

            I’m quite sure there are people living solely off an inheritance. However, there are not hundreds of millions of them. Most inheritances are dissipated with 2 or 3 generations. These are not the people in the 2% who pay 40% of the taxes. We are talking about income taxes and it is on money that is earned. Money earned by 2% of the income earners which amounts to about 25% on all earned income for which they pay 40% of the income taxes. These are not people you could ever refer to as ‘deadbeats’.

          • THS_Warrior

            You know very well that I am NOT talking about that very tiny group (2% or about 85,000 people) of Americans who own and operate their own small businesses and annually take out multi-million dollar CEO salaries while paying their hard-working employees an average wage of less than $36,ooo.

            I am talking about the enormous group of private and public workers between the ages of 55 and 62 who intentionally retired EARLY so they could be deadbeats and do nothing except collect pensions, Social Security benefits, interest and dividends and then complain about having to pay income taxes, capital gains and minimum alternative taxes on their pensions and investment income. THESE ARE MY PEERS, SO WHY NOT BELIEVE ME?

            Many of my peers have also inherited millions of tax free dollars from grandparents and parents, and since have been buying second (and third) vacation homes, huge new yachts and fishing boats, leasing and buying brand new cars every two years and taking two or more expensive cruise vacations every year.

            The deadbeats are done. And unless something happens to get their attention, they will not ever be going back to work regardless of how much America may need them to do so. These are the deadbeats I am taliking about. Are you one of them?

          • montanabill

            I am sorry. I misunderstood your last post. My original comment was relating to someone who had called the top 2% deadbeats for not wanting to ‘pay their fair share’, so I read your post in that context.

            Now I think I’m on the same page with you.

            I’m not that familiar with people who have inherited millions. Most of the millionaires I know are people who are first generation business builders. I only know a couple who inherited sizeable trust funds. In both cases, it turned out to be a curse for them. I am familiar with lot of people who wanted to appear to be wealthy and so bought the huge homes, second home, expensive cars, et al on credit. Four years ago, they learned they were not wealthy.

            Even though I am well into my 70’s, I still work. I own several business that I built over the years. My employees are paid well above average because I hire the very best people I can find. They have full medical/dental insurance and a 401k plan to which I contribute an amount equal to 15% of their earnings. My children learned from the bottom how these businesses operate and have taken over the day-day operations. But only because they proved they could do the job. My companies are S-corp and LLC’s, which means profits are taxed at my individual rate, 33+% and all were built and grown with retained earning. I grew up in an extremely poor family, started working at age 10, worked my way through school, overcame polio and am now in the top 0.1% earners and pay millions in taxes. I cringe every time I see someone who thinks they don’t have to opportunity to do what I have done or who complains they can’t make it because the system is stacked against them. They are right about one thing though. They won’t make it.

          • THS_Warrior

            You and I have much in common: neither of us are part of the “baby boomer” generation (Americans who were born between 1946 and 1965), which IMO is perhaps the most spoiled group of Americans yet to appear on this planet. As partial proof I humbly offer the fact that you and I are stiil working hard well into our retirement years while the baby boomers are sitting on their retired duffs.

            I live in Florida and have been advising many of these selfish Americans for the past 30 years. I feel I have experiential knowledge of what is happening to America as a result of the selfish anti-tax behavior of this strange new demographic group. millions of whom have mover to Florida to retire on the cheap.

            The first year crop of baby boomers (those born in 1946-47) started to retire in 2001-02 (at age 55); many more retired in 2008-09 (at age 62) and the rest of the first year crop retired in 2011-12 when they reached age 65.

            The second year crop (those born in 1947-48 started retiring in 2002-03 and continued retiring through 2012; the third year crop (those born in 1948-49)started retiring in 2003-04 and will continue retiring through 2013; and so forth.

            Each year since 2001-02 has seen an enormous (and growing larger each year) group of retiring Americans, most of whom hate paying taxes and do not want to work anymore. They all want to play and let others do the work.

            IMO, this significant demographic change explains why there has been (and still is and will be for some time) such a huge growing demand for those all-you-can-eat restaurants, gropu vacations, travel trailers, second homes, Carribean crusies and many other things not being demanded by most working Americans, who are still feeding families and educating children.

          • montanabill

            Even when I was young and poor, I could never envision a time when I would be sitting back waiting for a check from government. I made it a point to be sure I never would be in that position. Even during the times that I was unemployed, I never applied for unemployment compensation because it my job to get a job, regardless of what it was or paid.

            The reality of the consequences of our massive debt, the absolute failure of our educational system and the mindset that people are ‘owed’ something will surely not turn out well for the future.

          • THS_Warrior

            Like I said: You are one of the last of a dying breed poster montanabill.

            There are too many spoiled baby boomers ten years younger than you who have quit working, are looking for high interest on their CDs, demand low taxes and buy the cheap stuff from China. That is NOT you.

    • Reddiaperbaby

      Well, you’re the expert on loony…get help!

  • Jerpell

    I think this liberal article has it all wrong…We now have the absolute worst president in all of American history….This article deems this the worst congress because they won’t bend over for Obama….I for one want total gridlock, I do not want Obama to get anything done or destroy this country any further that he already has…Yea…Four more years of total gridlock then we can cast Obama aside!

    • stcroixcarp

      What about George W. Bush? He and his neocon buddies put us in two unfunded wars and ruined the economy. We are still struggling to pull out of the Bush caused economic disaster. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” image on the decks of the aircraft carrier says it all.

    • Reddiaperbaby

      You are truly an ignoramus…to say that Pres. Obama is worse than that POS from Texas that dug the hole we’re still trying to get out of. Go for some remedial education and be sure to get some meds, while working on the garbage between your ears.

    • Let’s see Jerpell if I can figure out how Obama has destroyed the counry. Is it because he’s cut deficit spending faster than any president in office since WWII? or because he’s cut spending for 3 years in a row for the 1st time since Truman in the 1940s? Or is it because his policies have gotten consumer confidence to its highest level in 4 years last month? Or because there have been 34 straight months of job growth? Or is it because the average number of jobs created per month over the past year are more jobs than president Disaster’s policies could greatg in any 5 months? Or is it because he followed through on the auto bailout which not only saved 1.5 million jobs and kept the country from the GOP’s 2nd created world-wide depression while also bringing into the Treasury over 110 billion from auto industry related returns over the past 3 years that would have been lost? Or is it because GM last year produced once again more cars than any other auto maker on the planet? Or is it because Obama has kept pressure on al Qaeda, decimating its leadership and actually catching bin laden while Bush couldn’t have cared less about catching anyone? Or is it because the stock market is up 100% since Bush trashed it and millions of investors like me have thousands and millions more in their investment accounts? Or is it because the Obama administration has sought out and deported more illegal immigrants during his 1st term than any president since Eisenhower? Or is it because his administration has put more presure on those trying to defraud the government via defense industry contracting or overcharing through Medicare than the 5 previous presidents combined? Or just what is it he’s done to destroy the country?? Personally I don’t think you have a clue other than being a Rush Limbaugh, Faux News, Glenn Beck or other right wing wako sheeple who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about!!!!!!!!!!!! (And by the way, I could go on and on with positive accomplishments for the Obama administration which would clearly show that it has done more than even FDR to help America. Whereas you can’t come up with even ONE POSITIVE THING THAT A REPUBLICAN HAS DONE TO HELP THIS COUNTRY OVER THE PAST 80 YEARS!!!! ( Anything done during the Eisenhower administration doesn’t count because Ike was an independent running as a Republican.)

    • And by the way, just another little bit of info for you: Do you realize that since WWII, EVERY GOP President (except for Ike) has driven up America’s deficits while EVERY DEM President has been forced to cut deficit spending AND HAS!!!!

  • The Tea Party destroyed the Republican Party, and they are now determined to take down the entire country to advance their agenda. The most fascinating part of their discourse and policies is that their actions are the exact opposite to their purported goals. They claim to be committed to fiscal responsibility, but refuse to consider the need for additional revenues to cover outlays. They clamor for spending reductions, but never say how to achieve that goal, and even worse, promise to restore the MEDICARE and DoD savings made in recent years.
    Their original agenda, which was centered on fiscal responsibility has evolved into a crusade to destroy our social programs, the EPA, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Education. In summary, they are determined everything that contributed to the high standard of living we have enjoyed in recent decades and replace with…who knows what. The only consistencies in Tea Party rhetoric are its inconsistency and absence of specificity. They are a small minority, but they are a dangerous minority and if they continue to be allowed to dictate policy and impose their will on the majority the damage they are likely to inflict on the rest of us may very well mark the end of our privileged position in the world.

    • Ed

      It is not too great a stretch to compare the Tea Party with the “National Socialists”(NAZI’S) of the 1920’s.They are hoping if things get bad enough the american people will flock to their ideas.

      • Was thinking the same thing Ed. —–is that way they are pushing us off this cliff????? To make things worse?

    • Yes and a dumb AZZ like you came a long and voted for a terrorist for The White house you can kiss my Grits you ignorant fool .

      • Say Bob, are you still living in the trailer? Did you renew your membership to the KKK?

      • Wow,do you have your head screwed on right???????

      • interestingly you have NOTHING OFF SUBSTANCE TO ADD. And you show your lack of knowledge by your statements

      • bet your a full fledge member of the n.r.a. too like to kill children do you

      • bpai99

        The article cited also should have mentioned that the only response right-wingnuts have today to differing opinions is to spew juvenile insults and personal attacks, because they either lack the intelligence or facts to do anything beyond that.

      • WhutHeSaid

        As long as there are drooling, ignorant, redneck bigots like you, I for one will enjoy seeing you slapped back into the dirt where you belong. Get used to it.

    • Lets see…..didn’t Hitler and the nazi party start out as a minority party?????

      • Yes they did, and a few years later an entire nation rallied behind it and carried out some of the greatest massacres in the history of humanity. That is why the Tea Party must be stopped. Opposing views should always be welcomed, radicalism must always be rejected regardless of whether it comes from the right or the left.

        • empiremed

          The Tea Party is made up of good people, good law abiding people who
          left their rally’s clean unlike the occupy people. The just want powere to stay with the people and not “King Obama.”

          By the way, the Nazi’s were socialists like Obama, noe capitalist like the
          Tea Party

          • WhutHeSaid

            Liar. The Tea Party is full of selfish, lying bigots. The very name is a lie. Taxes are the lowest in 60 years.

            America despises the Tea Party, and for good reason. Every last nut-case (like Allen West) needs to be run out of office and forever denied access to power. We don’t need another KKK.

            Just because you are ignorant doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy your tripe. The Nazi’s were right-wing, lying racist nut-baskets — just like the Tea Bigots.

          • Please get a library card and for crying out loud use it! National Socialism is a form of right-wing racist FACISM. Socialism as you are trying to describe it is very, very far away from NAZISM. Get it! If not get to the library and education yourself before making any more stupid comments. If you are not careful you will give the Tea Party a bad name.

          • THS_Warrior

            Perhaps these ignorant sheeple should first have to demonstrate that they know their left hand from their right hand so they will be able to visualize how very far apart these two opposing political systems really are.

            Intelligent Americans know that governments operating under Facism (Germany, Italy and Japan) and governments operating under Communisim (USSR, China North Korea, Cuba and many others) are natural enemies and always will be.

          • Calling Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and their acolytes socialists has got to be one of the most ignorant remarks ever made by anyone. They were as far to the right as the Tea Party. Don’t forget that their first purge was not against the Jews, but against anyone suspected of being a communist.
            Similarly, calling President Obama, and man whose ACA mandate requires people to get healthcare coverage from for-profit insurance companies, and who has given 14 tax breaks to help small business prosper, a socialist is absurd. Don’t confuse legislation/regulations designed to prevents more ENRONs, AIGs, Bernie Madoffs and the like from happening again with being a socialist. Most businessmen are honest entrepreneurs, but there are as many swindlers in business as there are in every other segment of our society and it is up to our government – and us – to make sure they don’t get away with their misdeeds.

          • THS_Warrior

            Hooray!! Poster Dominick Vila has called out and illuminated a fundemenmtal fact that underlies many of this nation’s most grievious problems: the extremly low level of intelligence and lack of formal education infecting the neo-conservatives who are allowed to vote notwithstanding being unqualified.

            FYI: Former Florida governor and former United States Senator Bob Graham has established an nation-wide organization that concentrates on putting civics back in our elementary schools so America can start educating all these ignorant voters about the great differences existing between the many forms of government that still exist, including Facism, socialism, Communism, collectivism, statism and many variations of these diffentent forms of human government.

            The goal is to require all wanna be America voters to know what they are doing each time they are allowed to cast ballots for politicians and other liars who intentioanlly confuse these very important fundemental issus.

        • empiremed

          The Nazi’s were socialists that wanted the government to be all powereful,
          like Obama does. The Tea Party are capitalists who want freedom from
          the government.

          • National Socialism and socialism, as the word is used in American politics today, are entirely differentg animals. I suggest you do a bit of research before making such an asinine comparison. Most Tea Party folks have no more idea about capitalism than they do socialism. Remember ‘keep your government hands off my Medicare?’ That is all you have to know about the modern No-Nothing Party.

          • SusieQ666

            Thank you Lynda! You saved me from once again “having” to explain that “socialism” and “fascism” (the Naxis were the latter) are not synonymous! (Just like the “Tea Party” 0f today has NOTHING to do with the original “Tea Party” in Boston, absolutely nothing at all! Too bad people like “empiremed” enjoy “commenting” on things about which they have no knowledge!

    • You are so right, T believe this their mission.

  • I fail to get it how the rest of the world understand us. In 2010 GOP campaign on creating jobs. They convinced people and they won. Some are still driving the House with their agendas regardless of what they campaigned for. No one, I repeat no one has come forward to ask those who were elected to create jobs, why they didn’t fulfill their promises. To make even the matter worse, their so-called leader Boehner (the one who enjoys his drink), he also dares to ask where are they jobs? Is this not testing how people think?

    • empiremed

      We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. The House can not
      create jobs with the presient and Senate stonewalling them. We need to cut
      taxes for everyone as often as possible.

      • We have a revenue problem and a spending problem created by George W. Bush. Had he not sent us into two unnecessary wars that cost the US hundreds of billions of dollars Per Year, our current economic condition would not be nearly as bad as it is. Padding that not only with drastic cuts to income but also giving money away as a “stimulus” not once, but twice, and it becomes obvious that the whole Republican plan was to force the next President to raise taxes and make the whole Democratic Party look bad.

        Well, that plan backfired as now the AVERAGE American has recognized that if we don’t move forward now, it is the sole responsibility of the Republican Party for our next recession.

        • I just want to remind everyone…….our service members have to be fed,paid,clothed and housed,no matter where they are. Sure the war took more of them but do think we made a differance,like it or not we are world police,can’t stick our heads in the sand,our oceans can’t protect us.

      • Sorry but you’re wrong! Obama has implemented as many spending cuts the past 3 years as the economy can absorb without going into the same tank as the Europeans created by implimenting their austerity which has thrown the economies of virtually every European country into another deep recession with worse to come in 2013. Obama has cut spending faster over the past 4 years of any president since WWII. The problem is tax revenues are at the lowest levels 60 years and I haven’t heard anything about it being cheaper to run a country today than 60 years ago. Because of the economic disaster Bush allowed to occur with 14 million losing their jobs and hundreds of companies going belly up, tax revenues are down more than a trillion a year. What the country needs is more tax monies from those who can afford it and the GOP to stop doing everything it has the past 3 years to prevent job growth – like sitting on two of Obama’s jobs bills even knowing that millions of their own constituents are suffering on unemployment (The biggest takers of welfare today are Republicans, especially those in six southern red states that suck the most welfare from Washington for the taxes they pay. And for the more than 70% of food stamp users who are Republicans.

        • Well said!

        • empiremed

          Sorry, but you’re the one that’s wrong. Taxes rates are the lowest in 60 years, but revenue to the
          treasury was the highest during the Bush years than any time in U.S. history because of his tax cuts.

          Go back and listen to John F Kennedy’s 1962 speech on taxes where he said the way to raise revenue
          to the treasury is to lower tax rates creating a robust economy. He then lowered the top tax rate by

          I’m still waiting to hear specifically what Obama has cut; which is nothing unless you count cuts
          promised years out which he’ll never do.

          Like I said, we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Yes, yes — we surely have a robust economy thanks to the Bush tax cuts. Did you forget to take your meds today?

      • Would you mind telling us which programs or agencies you would cut to achieve spending reductions large enough to balance the budget without raising taxes?
        The Federal government was running a surplus when George W. Bush was inaugurated. Deficit spending resumed immediately after the 2001 and 2003 tax breaks. Most importantly, the alleged goal of those tax breaks – job creation – never materialized. In fact, job creation during the Bush II administration was a dismal one million.
        The House has blocked every job creation bill put forth by the administration, from the infrastructure investment plan to the Veterans Jobs Plan. Can’t believe there are still people that blame the President for “stonewalling” his own proposals!
        If you are aware of a single jobs blocked by the Senate and the President after it passed the House please let us know. We are all ears.

    • Boehner is out, scary but true Paul Ryan the Tea Party lover boy who could not even carry his own state will be the next speaker of the house.

    • mah101

      Frida, the simple answer is that the rest of the world doesn’t understand us. Heck, I don’t understand this anymore. How can a realistic and viable political party consider people like Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Sarah Palin to be leaders? How can this party tout Paul Ryan as an intellectual and budget expert? How can they get anyone to vote for them?

      Objectively, it is a fascinating case. But in reality it is just crazy.

    • In 2010, the Tea Party campaigned on one platform: Stopping Obama. Their whole argument was to turn Obama into a one-term president.

      They failed.

    • Thats just it,the rest of the world is looking at the GOP and our government and saying what are they doing?????

  • We need to round up ALL Tea Partiers and just ship them to a remote island! They are causing some deep $%^# trouble! It’s as though they actually WANT the U.S. to go under! I don’t usually resort to violence, but I think that we need to go door to door, put a “tea bag” stamp on all of their foreheads, let them walk around for a day or so, so that all of their neighbors and friends – and the country can see who they are, then round them all up and “eliminate” them with AK-47 rifles!!!! I know, I’d pay money to watch that at theatres. Let’s see, first Sarah, then Michelle, Robertson, Glenn, Rush, O’Reilly, the whole lot of them….!!

    • Hey Margaret Morague, how many Republican/Tea Bags can you fit into the bottom of the ocean?. . . ALL OF THEM!

    • GrannyKits

      Now, now children! We must not sink to the level of those we disagree with, no matter how frustrating they are!

  • old_blu

    I think that the house should be tried for treason they have not done anything they were sworn in to do they should have to pay back the wages and perks they have recieved, if I worked like they have I would be out of a job.

    Thanks for nothing tea party jackasses.

  • William Deutschlander

    If we wish to live in a Democracy, where majority rules, we must then collectivly bargain, negotiate, and represent the majority veiw.

    The Republican Cartel, which includes the Tea Party minority, no longer is inteligent enough to govern.

    The Republican Cartel must be replaced by a representative group who understands that to govern it is essential to compromise and collectively bargain. Democracy will not survive under the Republican Cartels ignorance regarding governance.

    • Ed

      William, what the american people do not understand is that the republican party does not want a democracy. They want a republic; that is a government where “the better class” rules and voting is restricted to white males who have wealth.That was the intent of the founders and they want to return. Read “The Miracle At Philadelphia”. “The Federalist Papers” and the sources they reference.

  • I have and am an independent voter all my life. I am 77 yrs. old and ashamed for the first time in my life to say I am an American and that I have no respect for my government. I believe our government today, consists totally of men and women who have one agenda to fulfill and that is their own personal will and increase their bank accounts to do as they want with no consideration for their less unfortunate constituants. We put them there to vote in our behalf and that is a forgotten promise because it will not benefit them, only benefit the less unfortunate who need to work and earn the benefits supplied by their employers. I have NEVER been allowed to vacation when my job needed my services to fulfill the companys obligation. HOW IS OUR GOVERNMENT NOT THE SAME? This is not entirely the fault of Obama, I do not think he demands strong enough to keep the little elected ingrates to do their jobs as they are expected to do by the voters. The fault is squarely on the backs of the freeloaders in our government who vowed they were not going to allow this President to accomplish anything he starts. Not ALL REPUBLICANS fall into this group,but the majority that go along with the radical Tea Partiers need to sit back and rethink their own conscience and ask themselves: If I were not receiving inflated, outrageous wages, perks, (vacations, pensions, health care, on & on) for now and lifetime, How would I really feel? WOULD I VOTE AS I DO? Remember: Who put you in Washington because we believed your lies? I am a white woman, born in the USA , during a time when out government was corrupt, had been corrected, and is now
    on it’s way down again. TAKE A LONG LOOK AT HISTORY to see how this happens. I am No longer an independent, I AM A DEMOCRAT.

    • Doris, let’s rephrase that: “I am No longer an independent, I AM AN AMERICAN.” you’ve been through the eye of the needle.

    • old_blu

      Doris welcome to the dark side we have true Americans and Patriots over here.

      • True patriots don’t hate the leadership of the country and work to improve the lives of their fellow citizens. Have you witnessed a Tea Potty member doing anythng like that? ‘Keep your government hands off my Medicare’ is the battle cry of the ignorant marching off the cliff into true stupidity.

        • old_blu

          Lynda you’re preaching to the choir, we absolutely agree.

  • not worst in 60 years — WORST ever. These clowns are determined to not play government as long as there is a “nigger’ in the sandbox.

    • Fortunately or unfortunately, the president is not really Black.

      • Ed

        He is not really a Democrat either, any more than Clinton.

        • WhutHeSaid

          He sure whupped your asses like a Democrat, now didn’t he?

      • WhutHeSaid

        Bullshit. If he believes he’s black, then he’s black. If he believes he’s Christian, then he’s Christian. Few people even know the races of all of their ancestors, and it doesn’t matter one bit — it’s what they themselves believe.

      • Royce, really? Wow.

  • turtlewoman1039

    The republican party – and the tp’s – are a freak show.

  • peggyrj

    We have the best government that “money” can buy. Doesn’t say much for no spending limits on campaigns and the politicians. We have put the criminals in the congress.

  • The Democrats should go ahead and present their plans to Congress and stop waiting for the Republican/Tea Bags to work out their confusion and obstructionism. It’s apparent the the Republicans/Tea Bags are stuck in their groove of making President Obama fail no matter what. The Democrats should present their fiscal plans and let the Republican/Tea Bags reject it and let the American people see who the real threat is to our economic future. Even from their obstructionism, blocking, treasonous actions, and childish wrangling, its apparent that Republican/Tea Bag trolls and many Americans can’t see past their primary agenda, to make President Obama fail at the expense of America.

    • Ed

      Much as I like your post, I am afraid that OB will cave.

      • neeceoooo

        We have to think positive

  • AlfredSonny

    Congress is composed of two parties: Republicans and Americans.

    • docb

      Well said, alfred! So apparent that it is disgusting! Cowardly, immature , bagger , newbies that came to destroy rather than govern! The fact that the President has managed to turn the republican economic meltdown around is nothing short of miraculous with the freeloading repub baggers fighting him and the PEOPLE all the way!

      The most DO NOTHING CONGRESS ON RECORD! 361 filibusters and a anti-womens rights bill a month from the repubs in the past 2 years! Not counting– no proposals that benefit anyone but the 2 % WEALTHY..that most are members of!

      Nefarious liars and obstructionist traitor repubs!

  • Sixty years is not bad with what they have to work with the Worst President and Senate ever in the history of this once great Country until NUN NUTS HAS DESTROID IT .

  • mah101

    We have an historical imbalance in our ratio of revenue to spending, yes. However, to say we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem, is akin to loosing your job and then telling your family to stop eating. The long term solution isn’t to stop eating, it is to find a new job.

    The same applies here. Our economy dramatically contracted in 2008, driving our revenues down in relation to required spending. To resolve this problem we can 1) do everything possible to stimulate demand, 2) return our revenue generation to it’s permanent level (remember the tax cuts were “temporary”), 3) fix structural problems in our tax code that improve revenue and resolve inequities.

  • I wish you would make it clearer in the headline that the problem isn’t “Congress.” It’s “Republicans in Congress.” As House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi has little real influence on passing legislation. In the Senate, Harry Reid has done a magnificent job getting done what HAS gotten done, but cannot always get around the obstructionism and treason of Mitch McConnell and his terrorist caucus.

  • mah101

    Sorry folks, when I reply to a specific comment, it is posting up top as a separate comment.

  • It is time to deport all members of Congress to a third world country with no benefits.

    Legacy: My great grandfather served in The Congress Of The United States, and he was
    totally useless.

    He was was rated #1 in the Class Of Useless Members…Class of 2012!

  • bcarreiro

    they dont have enough, they need more take a look at where the funds come from………….the middle class americans who have done more than any rich infamous asshole in thi damn nation. get to whats real your job the people voted and decided for an obama agenda!!

  • Correction: http://www.Bilderberg Plan.Com

  • Anyone who in the past thought the Tea Party was something good for America now knows the truth. The Tea Party is nothing more than a modern-day Ku Klux Klan that came into power on the promise of obstructing the efforts of the nation’s first President of Color, pledging allegiance to Grover Norquist and a racist ideology that has maintenance of white privilege as its only goal. Look at the the damage the fool, George Bush did to the country. Two wars, 12 years of war, just to catch one man… Usama Bin Laden??? And after borrowing and spending trillions of dollars on which we are still paying interest and will have to repay principal some day. Yet, they pretend this didn’t happen. President Obama was able to track-down Bin Laden in only two years… the way it should have been done in the first place… a group of commandos… not by launching two wars!!! These actions demonstrate what lying hypocrits the republicans and their tea party masters really are. They are traitors!!! Traitors who deserve to be hunted down and executed in the manner that their foreign puppets round-up and execute their adversaries. Now… in a final attempt to show contempt for President Obama these traitors are willing to take down the whole country! There is nothing left to debate… They lost the election by a landslide, i.e., 332 to 206… That is a LandSlide Victory. So instead of getting with the program to restore America from the Depression caused by their policies… they want to throw a temper tantrum. How is that promoting Democracy??? Perhaps the time has come to step outside democratic norms and deal with them the way they should be dealt with…

  • elw

    What a joke the Republican Party has become. What a mess they are making, as they use any method they can to hold the Country back. It is amazing and says much about the President’s ability that he has been able to turn the economy around at all. At 219 bills they have not even earned their salaries, takers that they are.

  • Surely to God there must be a way that 350 million citizens have some type of solution or recourse to control these uncaring, self-centered puffed-up buffoons that call themselves leaders of our political system!!!! They set their own pay scale which they receive for life, they receive FREE premium health care (again, for life), and care only about their own party agenda!!! The citizens of this country are only an after-thought, we get any benefits (few and far between) that are left over. I’m refering to both parties, but particularly at the Republicans and Tea parties who seem only to care about protecting the ultra-wealthy! Is there not some law that holds them responsible to the American citizen for their actions, or have they covered their tracks on that one, too!!!!!

  • dalnb

    From all apparent views the Tea Party selected less than ideal candidates for their bid to position themselves to take control of Congress. Their plan seems to have been to recruit these marginally qualified men and women, put huge amounts of money into their campaigns to get them elected then force them to push Tea Party ideals and stand in the way of any other efforts to get America back on track. The Tea Party has put their own ideals above the best interests and needs of America. America will continue to suffer as long as the Tea Party continues to have any influence in Congress or the Senate!

    It is imperative we identify Tea Party politicians (from both parties) and do everything possible to get them out of office – not in the next election but now. We can not afford to waste money and time letting these dedicated Tea Party followers to continue ruining our nation and standing in the way of a National Recovery!

  • bstockinger

    Thanks to the fools at the Tea Party and the Republican Party, all of us, including them, will pay higher taxes and many will lose their jobs again. What an unmitigated mess. When are the Democrats going to learn that they have to gain control of state legislatures to fix the mess we are in?

    • lana ward

      It’s the dems policies that have ruined the country, Godless idiots. Anything good and decent, they’re against

      • WhutHeSaid

        Oh my, here you are out serving your master again (Satan). Whenever you squeal like a stuck pig, we will know that we are on a righteous path. You, in contrast, are on a one-way ride to the lake of fire. Say ‘hi’ to Osama for us.

        • lana ward

          Why are people on this site so obsessed with satan? I guess I need to start holding the cross while I’m typing.

          • Replying to lana ward –

            Are you sure it won’t burn your hand?

          • lana ward

            Do all the dems have burnt hands? They’re the Godless party

          • WhutHeSaid

            People here aren’t obsessed with Satan at all — you are. You come out here to lie and vent your bigoted hate, and that’s Satan’s work. I expect that holding a cross will likely burn your hand, but feel free to try it. Whenever I hear a lying bigot (like you) talk about ‘Godless’ people, I can picture Satan beaming proudly.

          • lana ward

            You need help. The site “Bible questions answered” will help you.

          • neeceoooo

            And if you are a “Christian” person then you should not be saying the hateful things that you do about our President whether he is black or not.

      • “Good and decent,” like what? Protecting the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class? GOP = Godless morons who lost the election!

        • THS_Warrior

          Many lower and middle class conservatives have been advocating for and fiercely protecting the upper class and the ultra-wealthy capitalists for at least two centuries because the super-rich convinced these little guys way back when that in America, anyone who tries hard enough can become super-rich too. Oh yeh, right.

          For every Horitio Alger story that you can show me I can show you at least a million sucker stories staring clowns who still think that hard work alone can get them fabulously rich in America. Wrong.

        • lana ward

          The MSM and the dems should all be hung for filling Americans’ heads with bullshit. It’s the Republicans that help the poor and the middle class. The dems want to keep everyone poor and having to depend on gov. for everything. And the dems are the Godless party. They have taken God out of EVERYTHING and insult Christians all the time!!

          • THS_Warrior

            According to right wing conservative poster lana ward:

            “It’s the Republicans that help the poor and the middle class.”

            Oh yeh, right. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

          • lana ward

            How is the middle class doing under Omuslim? There almost isn’t one anymore and that’s nothing to laugh about-jerk

  • howa4x

    The tealiban is not there to govern or fix problems they are there to destroy government. Gimme my gun and the rest of it can disappear is their motto. They have been convinced by the Koch bros who funded them to vote completely against the middle class in favor of the rich. This is why they want to do away with enviornmental regulations so the brothers K can explore for resources with a complete disregard of ground water quality. These 2 tycoons want freedom to pollute and found a group gullible enough to vote against the intrests of their own children. The tealiban is only there to protect their 2nd amendment rights and take them away from women. They know little about fiscal policy and don’t care to know since it interferes with their ideology. It is no accident that tealiban governors are wildly unpopular. Their slash and burn polices hurt citizens directly. Not wanting to take the medicaid expansion borders on criminal. The GOP moderates are in hiding and are the real wimps in congress. I don’t think people who voted for them thought they would be afraid to represent them. The greedy 1% and the republicans opened the door for these fools and in the end they will destroy the republican party.

  • And if we cut taxes for everyone including the top 2%. How are we to pay for the army and the sens. and congressmen and women paychecks. You got to have money coming in so it can go out. What would you suggest cut the social programs they have been to the tune of 1 trillion dollars. Save the rich please.


  • The national memo couldn’t tell the truth if it would keep them from going to hades. The lies are perpetuated on this rag site and it gets repulsive.

    • old_blu

      Of course if it don’t agree with you Fake News and Rush Limpdick then it must be a lie. Right?

      *rolls eyes*

  • this is what happens when you put the GOP and the Tea party back in power you had a chance to remove all of them from the last election and that didn’t happen , now let’s hope they don’t screw the american public again

  • jnsgraphic

    ‘Greedy Corporate American’ and their lobbyists are responsible for financing these politicians and dictating policies. The GOP House & Senate support the pro-corporate agenda over the public interest. As long as these B!t¢he$ can be bought, its all about Money, Power & Greed.

  • He won’t, Ed. He need his party behind him. More than that, he needs us.

  • bchrista

    Bob Ridge said it all in his statement when hesaid kiss my grits like lana ward, empiremed, Richard Holmes, and a few of their other buddies keeping showing what assholes they areand are kidding themselves Dixie is dead and will not rise again, they can hide under whatever they want to call themselves they are still racist and scumbag assholes and Obama will make them all eat their words because the majority has spoken and the good always win and they’ll have to crawl back in the holes they came from, but ten what do you expect from ignorant Rednecks.

  • onedonewong

    It pales in comparison to barak as being the worst president EVER

    • WhutHeSaid

      Yes, of course — that’s why he was elected TWICE. Say, did you eat paint chips as a child?

  • The Tea Party represents no one. They have no constituency. They only represent themselves. They should be fired for their inability to be a public servant. I know. I live in Minnesota. Michelle Bachmann’s ward.

  • ‘When facism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carring a cross.’ Those words are echoed in many of the posts from the trolls making their voices heard. The problem is they are unaware of their deceit and the direction they are being lead. Arm in arm they are marching to the drums of fear, hate and distrust against their own kind. Tragic and something we’ve seen before with similiar evil results. Right wing hate groups are becoming a world wide problem again, not to mention here at home. Blaming the ‘other’ for their own miserable lives is far easier than making the effort to improve their existence. The conservative entertainment media has done a wonderful job of incubating these creations at the expense of rational discourse in the public square.

    • THS_Warrior

      A large majority of today’s “patriotic” right wing neo-conservative Americans are either too ignorant to know or too young to know or too old to remember that the world’s two greatest Facists of all time, Hitler and Mussolini, were both “devout Christians” who intended to dominate the rest of the world like Rome and the Church once did. Hitler spent a large amount of time and a great fortune seaching for the long-lost Ark of the Covenant, which some believe still exists.

      Hitler’s Gestapo also stole billions of dollars of priceless “religious” artwork owned by all the wealthy German Jews that Hitler rounded up, had incarerated in several Nazi concentration camps in Eurpoe and then eliminated en mass before and all during the war.

  • let’s flag anything that is objectively accurate and vehement.

  • boy you censors are touchy – check out my blog – which is edited or reviewed by a former bus editor of the Miami Herald, and 2 times Pulitzer winner.

  • what an understatment. it’s so transparent that they are only trying to guard there own agendas not for the betterment of the people of the country. more postering for the next elections not doing there jobs for the people that hired them to serve. this congress is the worst ever a shamefull group of corporate owned wing tipped shoe wearing bozos.

  • After looking into; The Bill Of Rights, it does allow for the Removal of Any branch of govt. that has repeatedly Failed to do their given job, inflicting undue harm of the Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness. It is the Right of The People to have these liberties, Not the Right of corporations. So i say Lets begin the Process of elimination thru the supreme court

  • Simon Bennett -Odlum

    national Memo postures that this Congress is the worst in sixty years.

    I will counter that with the statement that Obama is absolutely the worst President EVER.

    When is the so calles main stream media going to gather up enough gumption, common sense, courage and raw nerve to tell the American People about the massive scam that is being put upon them by the impostor who has somehow managed to take over the reins of our beloved country, with results that are already terrifying, particularly when we project out how the remainder of his presidency will go, if the first four years are any signal of the future.

    A constant whittling away of our Constitution, Rights, illegal Presidential “Decrees” and a myriad of other abuses can only tell of an America under serious attack by Communists with ambitions to establish a Communist dictatorship.

    The damage is already just about irreverseible.

    • THS_Warrior

      Poster Simon Bennett-Odlum should consider going abroad and laying low for the next 3.9 years to keep his blood pressure down below the normal artery blow-out level.