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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Have I mentioned lately how much I’m enjoying the lectures from self-avowed liberals who insist my respect for Hillary Clinton is proof that I am not a “real progressive”?

I haven’t had this much fun since I had my sinuses packed with 40 miles of gauze after polyp surgery.

It’s not just men — my sisters, you disappoint me — but it’s particularly entertaining when the reprimands come from young white men who were still braying for their blankies when I started getting paid to give my opinion. They popped out special, I guess.

I became a columnist in the fall of 2002. Immediately, I found myself on the receiving end of right-wing vitriol so vile it made “The Sopranos” cuddly by comparison. My first death threats came within weeks, after I wrote that the Confederate flag should be retired. After I supported stronger gun control measures, an NRA zealot posted on a gun blog what he thought was my home address and identified me as “unarmed.” I was a single mother at the time. I bought new locks and kept writing.

But by all means, do tell me what I don’t understand about being a progressive.

First, though, let me tell you what you clearly don’t understand about me — I almost added, “and women like me,” but that would be presuming to speak for other women, which would make me sound just like you.

I am a 58-year-old wife, mother and grandmother, who first knew I was a feminist at 17. I was a waitress at a family restaurant and a local banker thought he could stick his hand up my skirt because my hands were full of dinner. In the time it took me to deposit that steaming pile of pasta onto his lap, I realized I was never going to be that girl.

Like so many other women, I soon learned that knowing who you are is no small victory, but making it clear to the rest of the world is one of the hardest and longest nonpaying jobs a woman will ever have. I’ll spare you my personal list of jobs with unequal pay and unwelcome advances. No good comes from leading with our injuries.

It helped — it still helps — that my working-class parents raised me to be ready for the fight. My father was a union utility worker, my mother a nurse’s aide. Both of them died in their 60s, living just long enough to see all of their children graduate from college and start their lives. I’ve said many times that my parents did the kind of work that wore their bodies out so that we would never have to. That, too, is my legacy.

But, please, tell me again how I don’t know what it means to be a progressive.

Last month, I started teaching journalism at Kent State University. One of the first things I did was to lug to my office the large metal sign that used to hang over the tool shed at my father’s plant. “THE BEST SAFETY DEVICE IS A CAREFUL MAN,” it reads. Nice try, management.

I’m stickin’ with the union, Woody Guthrie sang.

Every time I walk into my office, that sign is the first thing I see. Remember, it whispers.

What does any of this have to do with why I admire Hillary Clinton? Nothing. But it has everything to do with why I don’t need any lecture from somebody who thinks he or she is going to tell me who I am because I do.

One of the hallmarks of a progressive is a willingness to challenge a power structure that leaves too many people looking up and seeing the bottom of a boot. I want power for the people who don’t have it. And for the rest of my conscious days, I will do my small part to help get it. I love it when detractors describe Clinton as too angry and not “warm and fuzzy” enough. I want a leader, not a Pooh Bear.

I don’t want to diminish anyone who supports Bernie Sanders. I’m married to Sanders’ colleague, Sen. Sherrod Brown, which is how I’ve gotten to know him over the last 10 years. He’s a good man.

If you support Sanders in this Democratic presidential primary, I don’t assume that you hate women.

See how that works?

But if you tell me that, should Sanders lose, you won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, then stop calling yourself a liberal or a progressive or anything other than someone invested in just getting your way.

There is so much at stake here. The fight for women’s reproductive rights is not a sporting event. Our cities are rife with racial tensions, and too many of us white Americans fail to see this as our problem, too. The Affordable Care Act is not enough, but it is the first fragile step toward universal health care. It is already saving lives of people who had nothing — no health care, no safety net, nothing — before it passed.

Finally, the growing gulf between the obscenely privileged and everyone else is a reason to get out of bed every morning — if we care about the future of the people we are supposed to be fighting for.

If you would sacrifice those who need us most because you didn’t get your way, then please, save me your lectures and get out of my way.

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and professional in residence at Kent State University’s school of journalism. She is the author of two books, including “…and His Lovely Wife,” which chronicled the successful race of her husband, Sherrod Brown, for the U.S. Senate. To find out more about Connie Schultz ( and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

Photo: Hillary Clinton speaks at a Grassroots Organizing Event at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas November 17, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Stone

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222 responses to “This Progressive Doesn’t Need Your Lectures”

  1. Sharon Smith says:

    Thanks for the eloquent piece. To reassure you, I’m voting for Saunders in the primary, but if HRC wins the nomination, I’ll enthusiastically vote for her. I think there are many of my sort hiding the democratic/progressive bushes.

  2. Paragryne says:

    Thank you. I assume Bernie is a good man, but I’m confused. Is he an Indepedent, a Socialist, a Democrat, a Democratic Socialist, a Liberal, or a Progressive? He does not get to define what I am (Progressive) if he can’t define himself.

    • DownriverDem says:

      He’s not a member of the Democratic Party yet he’s running as a Dem. For me, that’s a problem.

    • batguano says:

      Senator Sanders is not saying that you – or Connie Schultz – is not a progressive.

      Senator Sanders is running as a Democrat in the Democratic Primary. He is a Democratic Socialist.

      • Paragryne says:

        He switched from an admitted Independent to the Democratic Party, admitted that he’s a Democratic Socialist, then Liberal, now he’s a Progressive. Now he is telling the world that he doesn’t think Obama, Clinton, Biden are progressives. He does not get to define what anyone else is, and purity tests are what got the GOP into the mess it is now. If he wants to do that he can start his own Party and call it whatever he wants. He doesn’t get to hijack my Democratic Party. Sorry, he insults me, and I really resent it.

        • batguano says:

          Watch out what you wish for: if Senator Sanders runs as an Independent then Trump/Cruz will be the next president.

          • Paragryne says:

            I’m not saying he do it now, I’m just saying. It’s like Ted Cruz versus Republicans, Ted has split them into Tea Party/Conservatives (whatever that is anymore) v. The Washington Cartel/Establishment, and I guess the Republican Party comes in there somewhere.

            Republicans are handing Dems the White House on a silver platter, and this is not the time to divide our own party. Evolution towards greater progressive influence should be the goal instead of a compete revolution against whatever he sees as the institution right now. To fracture the progressive coalition is to turn the White House red. I hope I don’t have to tell you how disastrous that would be.

            I will vote for Bernie, should he be the nominee, but I will do so knowing tha he will fail and set progressivism back decades.

        • ryanov says:

          If you don’t agree with him, you probably haven’t been paying attention.

    • gem22 says:

      Sanders was not a Democrat until he needed a party to make his presidential run feasible. Some people may comsider that opportunistic.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      He, per Thom Hartmann, is an FDR advocate. History will tell us all what FDR did for the American middle class. The term “Social Security” informs us what his legacy was in the 1930s and thereafter: that quarter-century was the greatest American experiment of all time.

      If you get a chance, look at the Republican platform in the 1950s, when President Eisenhower took over. It was actually the basis for LBJ’s “Great Society” (another reference to democratic socialism), which opened the door for those among us who did not have the resources (back then) to advance.

      All of this came to a screeching halt when “trickle-down economics”, begotten by angry RW oligarch zealots, persuaded Reagan to re-invent the prosperity wheel in 1980. We are now looking up at the business end of corporatocracy’s boot heels, bent on taking over our “we, the people” government.

      Bernie is right. It will take a political revolution to turn this battleship of a nation around before it goes over the fascist falls into the yawning maw of economic ruin that almost got us eight years ago.

      Hillary, as Bernie said last night, on her worst day, is “1000 times better than any Republican” — and included himself in that conclusion, also.

      aures lupi

    • Phil Johnson says:

      I might add also that Bernie ticked off the list of things that need to be done (tax Wall Street for its obscene risk-taking speculation, repatriate the funds corporate moguls hide overseas, reject yclept “fair trade’ pacts that are neither fair nor trade, invest in our crumbling infrastructure and get the money for that and oppressive college costs by shoehorning Big Pharma and greedy medical insurance companies out of the public trough with a single-payer, universal health system — and, guess what, he tells us “these ideas are not radical”). They have all been suggested before and actually initiated in this country decades ago. They flourish in other Western countries today.

      He simply wants to return government to its rightful place: to “we, the people”, not “we, the wealthy”.

      Aside from that, he advocates that, whatever side you are on — it is real important to GOTV. GOTV. Again, GOTV. And educate yourself and those around you that, if you don’t vote, you don’t count. Especially if you are progressive. Oligarchs will win, every time. Look at 2010 and 2014.

      That’s where the “revolution” is going to come from.

      There. Now I feel better.

      aures lupi

    • Mark Caponigro says:

      Bernie likes to use the label Democratic Socialist for himself, which he has defined carefully on a number of occasions. More generally, he accepts the description of himself as “progressive.” But it should be noted that in the broohaha over “progressive” and “moderate,” he was only commenting on what Hillary had been saying about herself. I am sure he is not interested at all in trying to define Paragryne.

  3. dickpeery says:

    The overriding issue in this election is keeping the Republicans out of the White House. Taken in isolation, electing the first woman president is a progressive value in itself. I have to ignore Fiorina’s baggage to say that. What I wonder, Connie, is why you prefer Clinton over Sanders?

    • DownriverDem says:

      I have followed Hillary since her work on the Watergate Hearings. We must win in November. Exit polls in Iowa showed that the voters consider Hillary more experienced and electable than Bernie. Not only that, I have waited my whole adult life to be able to vote for a qualified Dem woman. I hope this helps.

  4. Judd says:

    See, the key part of the “progressive” thing is the whole “progress” part. So citing how you were a progressive in the 70’s is irrelevant. And the fact that you use that as a criticism against people who are younger than you shows that you’re missing the point.

    What was your view on gay marriage 40 years ago? I’m sure it wasn’t a concept that occurred to you. It doesn’t mean you were homophobic, but the definition of a progressive changes by the generation.

    Hillary has changed her views as she’s gone along, but video has shown that Bernie was way ahead. Even today, she says that we need to do more studies to determine how dangerous marijuana is. Really? The science has been out for a long time.

    Yes, she is obviously more progressive than the Republicans but if she gets the nomination I will vote for a third party. Not out of spite, but because I truly disagree with her past positions and her continued alignment with the big banks. My state will vote for the Democrat regardless.

    But your agreement is essentially “I’ve had these views since 1975, and that totally makes me with the times.”

  5. Eileen Davis says:

    Thank you for putting to words exactly what I would have written, except I became a feminist at 17 when the manager at the bakery where I worked walked up behind me and kissed me on the neck. Myself and another female put down the hard rolls and walked out. Never did got the check for that pay period.

    • Christopher Jackson says:

      So you’re voting for Hillary because some disgusting human man mistreated you at 17? Do you think Bernie Sanders is anti-women? Because he’s not. Hillary doesn’t care about you. Hillary cares about Wall Street, about War and about supporting her wealthy friends and donors.

      • Eileen Davis says:

        No one is saying that- Im not saying Bernie is anti women and I didn’t say I didn’t like Bernie or that Bernie is anti woman. Fact is I like them both. Problem is you Bernie Bros are trying to turn this into a sexist war- your disrespect of a lifetime of experience and advocacy is the issue. You try to dismiss Hillary Clintons experience through a generation of advocacy for the underserved with dismissive sexism and and have no understanding of the lifetime journey. You were in diapers when she fought for health insurance reform (why your generation’s poor kids had health insurance even if their parents didn’t) in the early 90’s and you were sperm when she worked for the children’s defense fund. A debate of ideas between two worthy candidates would be nice but you petulant Bernie Bros think mudslinging is the way. your immaturity is fully on display with your tantrums of “If bernie isn’t the nominee, I won’t vote” Go ahead, hold your breath and have your tantrum and then say hello to president Trump. Your lack od civil debate skills is not your fault though, you were raised on Fox news and reality tv

    • David says:

      It wasn’t Bill was it? I hear he’s a bit friendly with the young ladies, but luckily Hill isn’t a pill and doesn’t mind an open marriage.

  6. Brooklyngj says:

    Totally valid perspective, but there’s a pretty huge flaw here I think. The entire premise is essentially “it is not cool when people try to tell me what a progressive is.” Fair enough. But then you say the following:

    “But if you tell me that, should Sanders lose, you won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, then stop calling yourself a liberal or a progressive or anything other than someone invested in just getting your way.”

    In other words, you are comfortable telling people what a progressive is/what a progressive should do, but you don’t like to hear it from others and/or feel personally exempt from that kind of critique because of your experiences and political work. Okay.

    Let me come at this from a different way. Lots of “progressives”–one of the most contested words of all time–I know put their political energy into movements and activities other than the presidential election contest, or indeed electoral politics. Personally I’ve devoted most of my political energy (as in many, many hundreds of hours of unpaid work) to anti-war movements, among others, though I do usually vote. Voting is far from my priority though and as a non-swing state voter I categorically won’t vote for the neoliberal Hillary Clinton (her politics are very, very different than mine), nor possibly even for the democratic socialist Bernie Sanders who is still too conservative for me.

    By your standards that would seem to make me a non-progressive, I guess, even though I’ve been deeply committed to progressive causes since I was in college in the late 1990s. After reading your column I can definitely see why being called out as “not progressive” bothered you so much and prompted you to write about it, though it is ironic that you did the same thing at the end of your piece. I guess it’s more allowed in your case, or something.

    • SophieCT says:

      Weak and defensive. Next.

    • Cpt_Justice says:

      Are you seriously suggesting that anyone who calls him/herself a progressive would not rather have Hillary in the White House than a Republican? If so, then you;re telling me that those progressives are just plain stupid.

      • Brooklyngj says:

        I did not say or suggest anything like that at all. I’d certainly rather have Hillary Clinton in the White House than a Republican. I’m not voting for her though.

  7. @HawaiianTater says:

    “One of the hallmarks of a progressive is a willingness to challenge a
    power structure that leaves too many people looking up and seeing the
    bottom of a boot.”

    The irony in this statement is clearly lost on the author.

    • DownriverDem says:

      Like I said, you are part of the group that doesn’t know Hillary at all. Are you a repub?

      • @HawaiianTater says:

        Hillary is a Wall Street puppet and a war hawk. She IS the power structure, not the one challenging it. It’s her boot that so many are looking up at. The only thing she cares about is power and money. She checks public opinion to find out what is popular so she can decide where her stances are. “True left leaners don’t attack each other.” You might have a point there if Hillary wasn’t a center right conservative-lite.

        Am I a repub? LOL

        • Justin Michael says:

          You may not be a “rupub” per se, however, you most definitely are, like most Bernie’s supporters; lazy, uneducated, and use regurgitated republican propaganda for your talking points. So if Hillary can be a “center right conservative” because your lazy ass refuses to reseach her record, then you most definitely could be a repub as you showcase your unwarranted disdain. Hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of gathing some facts for you. And before you cry and stomp your feet in a huff and disregard them, try your hardest to resist your urge to continue being a lazy ass mouthpiece, and prove me wrong. ?

          Bernie’s Hypocrisy on Corporate Donors, Military Complex, Dirty Coal, & Super PAC’s: YES – He’s Bought.

          The NRA
          Federal Coal Co.
          Boeing Co.
          US Navy
          Google Inc.
          Microsoft Corp.
          Apple Inc.
          Amazon. com
          Kaiser Permanente
          IBM Corp.
          Merrill Lynch
          Sugar Cane Ind.

          To name a few…

          “For all his proclaimed independence, Sanders cannot stop himself from gorging on the sweet deal the sugar industry offers. In the past two election cycles, ACS donated $20,000 to his campaigns. This ranks ACS among Sanders’s top 20 donors…”

          Bernie is being funded over $570,000 to date… 11/18/2015

          Nurses Union SuperPAC Information.

          “DES MOINES — As he swung through Iowa this week, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont rarely passed up a chance to bash the rising tide of money in politics…

          But the union is not just busing nurses into Iowa. The union’s “super PAC” has spent close to $1 million on ads and other support for Mr. Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate who has inspired liberal voters with his calls to eradicate such outside groups. In fact, more super PAC money has been spent so far in express support of Mr. Sanders than for either of his Democratic rivals, including Hillary Clinton, according to Federal Election Commission records.”

          Sanders’ ‘No Super PAC’ Myth

          Bernie Sanders rails against super PACs, but the main super PAC supporting his presidential campaign had its biggest off-year fundraising haul ever, bringing in $2.3 million last year, according to a report filed Sunday morning with the Federal Election Commission.

          Pro-Sanders super PAC brought in $2.3 million

          On October 19th, 2000, Bernie Sanders voted FOR the Commodity Futures Modernization Act. Legalizing the unregulated over-the-counter trading of the very derivative and credit-swap agreements that destroyed financial sectors around the world.

          H.R. 4541 (106th): Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 — House Vote #540 — Oct 19, 2000

          The irony that this is coming out of the mouth of the man who modified SA 3738 on the senate floor, effectively stripping it of its ability to audit the Fed.

          Sounds like pandering to me…..

          You’re welcome! ☺

          • Meid_ICH_✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ says:

            Excellent post, Justin!

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            Yep. I’m using regurgitated Republican propaganda because I attack Hillary for being too much like a Republican. But, by attacking Bernie, you have totally proven Hillary to not be a Wall Street puppet and a war hawk. Your logic is astounding there, buddy. You must be king of your short bus.

          • JameSon says:

            This doesn’t look like an attack on Bernie, but a realistic look at where he’s coming from and his support system. There’s no doubt Bernie would support Hillary if she is the candidate and no doubt Hillary would support Bernie. That’s where all dems, progressive or not, need to take notice. Both of these candidates are head and shoulders above any of the Republican candidates and one on them must win.

          • keif says:

            That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell. The second one is chosen? The mudslinging stops, and people move from “my favorite candidate” to “my chosen party’s candidate” and then the discussion is “this is why your party sucks” again until the next presidential election (while people ignore the congressional seats, which they *really* need to be paying just as much attention to).

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            It’s sad that so many people are trained to accept getting screwed over because the alternative is getting screwed over even worse. Believe me, I understand how bad the alternative is. I’m just not willing to accept getting screwed over based solely on the idea that it could be worse. I’m tired of holding my nose and voting for the lesser of two evils. Americans need to aspire to be better than that. Stop accepting the status quo.

          • Debby says:

            Sorry but you don’t get to cherry pick. Bernie has been in elected office a lot longer than Hillary. Has he ever said that NO ONE has EVER made a contribution to his campaigns?
            Do you support someone that you agree with EVERYTHING they have EVER said or done? When you find a PERFECT person, pls let me know.
            Bernie has existed in a corrupt system. He has consistently called it a corrupt, rigged system. He has attempted to DO something about it. He ran for President, after much consultation and soul searching NOT because he has always wanted to be President, or to assuage his ego. He’s sat and watched as the system got more and more broken and decided he had to speak out. You want to make up a different story? THAT is what it is, made up.
            He voted to have weapons systems built in VT. Do I love that? No. But that is the way the system we have works. Reps try to bring jobs to their state. If he had voted against it, they would have said he didn’t do right by his constituents.
            Yes, nurses support him because he has marched with them for wages. They support transactions tax. So????
            You want to have an “honest discussion?” Where is a list of Hillary’s donors? She said last night 80% are small donors. The facts/chart I saw out was 15%. You can alter this number by, let’s see – % changes because might have only 6 or 7 donors, but they give VERY large donation each.
            And please don’t call me ignorant or lazy. I’m very well -informed. I’m a high school teacher with 2 Masters Degrees – one in Library/INFORMATION Science and one in MEDIA STUDIES. Been voting since 1972. So no.

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            Well said, Debby. Bernie may not be perfect but he’s still the best option we have for a progressive future.

          • dancerboots says:

            What you neglected to point out is the demographics of Sanders small donor contributions that falls in line with every candidate going back decades….the vast majority of three to one dollars come from men compared to women
            With two exceptions…President Obama and Hillary Clinton where their small donor contributions are equitable between men and women.

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            OK, how come when Bernie does something wrong it’s “oh, that’s just the system”, but when Hillary does something you don’t like, it’s HER fault?

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            THANK YOU! This is amazing! May I borrow this?

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            “So if Hillary can be a “center right conservative” because your lazy ass
            refuses to reseach her record, then you most definitely could be a
            repub as you showcase your unwarranted disdain.”

            The idea that Hillary is leftist or progressive is only plausible in the USA where our political spectrum has been skewed so far to the right that even someone like Hillary gets called progressive. The RWNJs aka the GOP has gone to extremes and it has dragged the Democrats to the right with them. Based on what our political spectrum looks like these days, yeah she is absolutely a progressive on the left side of that scale. When you look at what our political spectrum looked like 50 years ago in the USA or currently internationally, then that puts her in the center right area.

            Does she have some progressive policies? Sure she does. But not on the biggest of them all, which is the economy and foreign policy. She’s a war hawk and she’s in bed with Wall Street. Those are two biggest issues for me. She refuses to support reinstating Glass-Steagal and calls the relatively toothless Dodd-Frank good enough. Income inequality and Wall Street fraud will continue to be the same runaway train under Hillary as it has been under Obama. She wants a no-fly zone in Syria, which could very easily lead to war with Russia. You know who else has advocated for a no fly zone in Syria? People running in the GOP primaries. She might call her Iraq vote a mistake now but she obviously didn’t learn the lesson because she still has an interventionist foreign policy.

            Look, if you want to make the case that Hillary is a bright and shining star of hope and glory and all that is good in the word when compared to the lunatics in the GOP, that’s a case you will win every time. But don’t feed me a bowl of crap by claiming she is a progressive and a liberal. Having liberal progressive policies on little things does not excuse having conservative-lite policies on the biggest issues of all: the economy and foreign policy. She may be an infinitely better option than anything the GOP has to offer but that does not make her a good option. It just makes her the lesser of two evils.

        • dancerboots says:

          There are more than quite a few progressive organizations that would disagree with your uninformed rhetoric…I find it somewhat ironic…that the young BS supporter is willing to accept the far right narrative that she picks her fights after finding out what is popular (or pandering for votes Republicans use on Democrats that give away all that free stuff…as they give to corporations…now that’s irony).
          HRC is not, nor has she very been, a center or right of center Democrat. However, I consider you are either an example of the uninformed millennial or a republican troll…

          This is a list of organizations (not all of them) that rank our politicians for their support and their work toward obtaining the organizations goals…And this list goes back to (most likely when you were in grade school).

          According to
          Votematch an organization that tracks politician’s vote records,
          comments, speeches etc have classed HRC as a hardcore liberal.
          According to govtrack she registers quite high in Senate Democrat leadership and one of the most liberal in the Senate.

          HRC Ratings by
          NARAL/Planned Parenthood and other organizations on women’s reproductive rights….100%

          National FarmersUnion…100%

          The Humane Society of the U.S. and The Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals…100%

          National Trust For Historic Preservation…100%

          Forest and Paper Association…100%

          Public Citizens Congress Watch…100%

          U.S. Public Interest Support Group…95% (PIRG)

          State PIRGs Working Together…95% U.S.
          PIRG stands up to powerful interests whenever they threaten our health, our financial security, or our right to fully participate in our democracy.

          League of Women Voters…89%

          Common Cause…100%
          a progressive nonprofit watchdog and political advocacy group


          Americans For Democratic Action…100%


          Leadership Conference on Human and Civil Rights…100%

          Human Rights Campaign…100%

          League of United American Latin Citizens…100%

          Solar Tribune…100%

          American Wind Energy Association…100%

          Alliance For Retired Americans…100% Lifetime score 100%

          National Committee To Preserve Social Security/Medicare…100%


          Brady Campaign…100%

          Health and Health Care…numerous organizations with 100% on the majority…
          the lowest
          rate was 0% for Right to Life

          Same for Education
          Associations…the majority …100%

          American Postal
          Workers …100%

        • Cpt_Justice says:

          You aren’t a rightwinger, but you aren’t very informed, either.

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            Denial of reality does not make the opponent uninformed. It just makes you delusional.

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            You win for irony.

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            You had two days to think about it and that’s the best you could come up with. That’s kinda sad.

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            You had two days to think that my universe revolves around you, THAT’s what’s sad.

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            It’s okay, little buddy. I recognize that you gave it your all. You get an A for effort.

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            It’s OK, little loser. I recognize that you have no life outside of being obnoxious on the internet. I’ll let you win this, because you obviously have nothing else.

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            I lost but I need to make myself feel better so I will claim that I let the other person win. Classic Captain Justice.

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            You had it right until they very end, but thanks for proving me correct by the instantaneous update.

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            Thanks, Marco Roboto. We heard you the first time.

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            Not sure which is worse: your “logic” “skills” or your reading comprehension. Dribble something else so I can judge better.

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            It’s good that you have aspirations of being better. Keep on trying. You’ll get there some day.

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            But, sadly for you, you will not as this post proves.

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            You really need to work on your material. All you seem capable of doing is taking my comments and using a pathetic attempt at turning them back on me. It’s the equivalent of “nuh-uh, you are!”. A 5 year old could do better. You’re not even making this fun.

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            This is what happens with participation trophy society. It’s a sad day.

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            & you are living proof of it. Great job!

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            You are an expert in the Pee Wee Herman “I know you are but what am I?” defense. Going old school. Gotta love the classics.

          • Cpt_Justice says:

            I didn’t realize you were this NEEDY.
            Fine, go ahead – have the last word, because you obviously have nothing else in your life!

          • @HawaiianTater says:

            Aye, aye, Captain!

      • pjm19606 says:

        The bulk of Clinton’s campaign funding comes from Wall Street. BHet I know who will be pulling her strings if she becomes POTUS!

    • pjm19606 says:

      Yes it is lost on the author. Just the same, It is lost on most Americans. We fail to see the major flaws in our entire system of government. We MUST move to an impenetrable electronic system where the People vote on EVERYTHING all the time. Impossible? Bullshit!

  8. DownriverDem says:

    Too many folks who support Bernie use repub talking points to attack Hillary. It makes me wonder if many Bernie supporters are really repubs who don’t want Hillary to win. True left leaners do not attack each other.

    • Brooklyngj says:

      “True left leaners do not attack each other.”

      That’s cool if that’s your view, but it is a funny sentiment to me. I’ve been involved in “the Left” (as in quite a bit to the left of Bernie) for a long time, and have found it to be one of the more contentious and “attacking” political spaces (indeed spaces of any kind) you could ever see (sometimes for the good, often not). We might just have different definitions of “left,” but most leftists I know LOVE going after their comrades (rhetorically going after, that is).

      Not trying to start an argument at all, just making an observation based on my own experience.

    • Debby says:

      Sorry but I believe, imho, that you are not correct. When we hear a right winger speaking, using the same words, we know they have watched Fox News (not). The young people supporting Bernie are speaking from their hearts. I am a high school teacher and parent of a just graduated college student. They do not speak politely, which I (as a 63-year-old with 2 Masters Degrees) understand bothers people who did now grow up in this easy to be nasty online world.
      BUT if what they are saying sounds like what Repubs say, it is because the facts are correct. They speak of evidence they see. They don’t have the perspective of being a life-long Progressive Democrat who attended Bill Clinton’s 1st inauguration, SO happy to be free of senile trickle down Ronny and Pappy.
      But her records does exist. I will vote for her in honor of my mother, who died wanting to vote for a woman in 2008 but who did her usual phone banking for O.
      I have been a feminist always, coming of age in the 60’s. But I am a VERY BIG BERNIE supporter. I am truly sorry not to have Sherrod and Connie with us and I am sorry Connie felt insulted. That was not the intent of these zealous Gen whatever they are, I apologize for them. We must work together to build a better world before it’s too late. I believe that starts with a revolution like Bernie is talking about.

      • MiaEli15 says:

        Why are you such a Bernie supporter? I mean don’t you find it obnoxious that apparently Bernie proclaims himself the decider of who’s a progressive and who isn’t? Speaking of which, if you actually researched Bernie’s record, he’s got many inconsistencies that would discount him from being the self-anointed progressive father.

        • FUPubs says:

          Seeing that Bernie is a Founding member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Hillary could not even be bothered to join them while in Congress speaks volumes about her and her character.

      • ray says:

        I am a 65 year old nam vet an a Bernie supporter, BUT if he loses to Clinton I will vote for Hillary. She well be far better than any repug.

        • FUPubs says:

          I am a 55 year old vet too and strategy is voting out of fear. don’t live your life in fear.

          • PjSMith says:

            FUPubs – that doesn’t hold water. In the primary he’s given a choice between Bernie and Hillary and supports Bernie. In the general, if it’s a choice between Hillary and GOP, he picks Hillary. Where does that evidence ‘fear’? All I see is a pragmatic voter.

          • FUPubs says:

            settling for the lessor of two evils and voting for a person who does not reflect ones vales is a fear based vote,

          • PjSMith says:

            For the love of all that is good, will you please spell check your posts before submitting them?

            Look, you are jumping all over a guy who says he will support Bernie Sanders as between Bernie and Hillary in the primary, but that he will support Hillary as between Hillary and any GOP candidate in the general election. Where does he say that he is picking the lesser evil? Nowhere. You are putting words in his mouth. Forget about fear-based voting. You are engaging in truth-challenged commentary.

      • Cpt_Justice says:

        If they are “speaking from their hearts: why do so many of them use the same Rightwing talking points that we hear from the Republicans?

      • Suzanne M. Lambert says:

        Fox News watchers are speaking from their hearts.

    • MiaEli15 says:

      Absolutely correct! But I would also add that many of Bernie’s actual supporters use these rightwing smears against HRC as well.

    • johncocktoaston says:

      Progressives attack Hillary for her Wall Street and Walmart ties as well as her war-mongering, neo-liberal,”New Democrat” record. Republicans attack her because because she is a woman and some Benghazi nonsense only they care about.

  9. David says:

    “But if you tell me that, should Sanders lose, you won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, then stop calling yourself a liberal or a progressive or anything other than someone invested in just getting your way.” I won’t. I’ll vote for Jill Stein, the other progressive candidate that doesn’t have a corporate donors list that is expecting reciprocity.

  10. chuck says:

    When did every young white person in America become the gatekeepers of progressivism? Stop this infighting. Bernie is a progressive and so is Hillary. They literally have the same exact ideology.

    • FUPubs says:

      Hillary plays a progressive on TV but in reality she works for and Protects Wall Street and the 1% she always has, her record speaks for itself.

      • chuck says:

        Bernie spoke with and called Wall Street donors to raise money for the Dem. congressional committee. No response on that?

    • pjm19606 says:

      Really? I want to see Hillary say “NO” to Wall Street now that it has funded her campaign. Please!

      • chuck says:

        Would you ask Bernie the same thing? Today CNN reported that he spoke at events with and called Wall Street bankers as part of his efforts to raise funds for the Democratic Party. Hypocrisy.

        • pjm19606 says:

          Wall Street isn’t funding Bernie’s campaign. You have no argument.

          • chuck says:

            CNN independently verified they have indeed funded his campaigns in the past. Including his most recent senate race. It’s relevant. And the good senator should answer all relevant questions.

  11. MiaEli15 says:

    Great article and as a progressive who’s not a socialist, how dare Bernie Sanders tell me that I’m not a progressive! Hey Bernie supporters, does a progressive vote for the PLCAA, vote against background checks five times, against funding for research on the effects of gun violence on communities, vote against the Amber Alert, vote against immigration reform, oppose state legislation to legalize same-sex marriage, or vote to dump nuclear waste in western Texas where poor Hispanics predominate? Does a progressive vote for the most expensive defense contract in American HISTORY, the 35 program, conveniently based out of VT.?

  12. Beawild says:

    Excellent article. Thank you, Ms. Schultz!!!!

  13. SalemWitch65 says:

    Wonderful article..hits the nail on the head!

  14. Serenity Valley says:

    Let’s have some fun.

    As you have posted on your Facebook page:

    “In politics, money is power — starting with the ability to be elected — and plenty of diehard liberals have to spend too many hours every week raising it. The donors are not the issue. Their potential influence deserves our scrutiny, which is why I’m not uncomfortable with Hillary’s Clinton’s Wall Street donations.”

    Translation – it’s okay for Hillary to rake in massive dollars. For anyone else, especially the GOP, it’s a sign of an out of control campaign finance system. Cause of the Koch’s, or some other silly liberal/progressive nonsense.

    “It’s not just men — my sisters, you disappoint me — but it’s particularly entertaining when the reprimands come from young white men who were still braying for their blankies when I started getting paid to give my opinion. They popped out special, I guess.”

    Such a racist statement. I’m positive there are young men and women of all races giving you reprimands. You and your kind are well deserving of them.

    Then again you stated on your Facebook page the only people you judge by skin color are whites. You show your true progressive/liberal colors with that statement.

    “Last month, I started teaching journalism at Kent State University.”

    Yes, a public university that supports a jihadist sympathizer that is under FBI investigation for recruiting for ISIS. Based on what has been heard about your classes you should change “teaching” to “indoctrinating”. It would be more accurate.

    “There is so much at stake here. The fight for women’s reproductive rights is not a sporting event. Our cities are rife with racial tensions, and too many of us white Americans fail to see this as our problem, too. The Affordable Care Act is not enough, but it is the first fragile step toward universal health care. It is already saving lives of people who had nothing — no health care, no safety net, nothing — before it passed.”

    So many more lies here. It is pathetic that a Pulitzer Prize winner needs to resort to such outright falsehoods.

    Reproductive rights? You have claimed, over and over, that NO RIGHT is free of restrictions. That includes abortion. Or is gun ownership the only right that should have reasonable restrictions?

    Our cities are rife with racial tensions? They sure are. And in every city that has these “tensions” the one thing in common is the Democratic Party has held power for decades.

    White Americans fail to see the problem? I think many white Americans are tired of being unfairly blamed for problems they have NOTHING to do with with. Take your mythical white privilege and shove it.

    The ACA is not enough? No it is far too much.

    People who had nothing – no health care, no safety net, nothing? A big series of lies again. Everyone in America has health care. No one can be turned away from a public medical facility. There are hundreds of clinics that give out free care. The Federal government spends nearly 1 trillion dollars each year on the “safety net”. States contribute billions more for programs.

    “After I supported stronger gun control measures, an NRA zealot posted on a gun blog what he thought was my home address and identified me as “unarmed.”

    Big lie. You are on record as supporting confiscation. As this screenshot from your Facebook page shows.

    Bottom line – an aging liberal is not happy that young people have different ideas.

  15. Cpt_Justice says:

    Thank you. THANK YOU!

  16. dancerboots says:

    Here is the bottom line.
    If, as a millennial you are responding to an extreme far left progressive agenda promised by Bernie Sanders…thus assuming it is the reason for your enthusiasm…
    and sit home pouting because he didn’t get the nomination or revert to naming him on a write in ballot….kiss the major progressive legislation/acts/laws/rules passed in the last few decades good-bye. Right now, Republicans haven’t attacked Sanders, content to sit back and relax as his supporters do their job attacking HRC or joining in the fray as pretend BS supporters. If he wins the nomination, millennials will need a very thick skin as the attacks will be vicious and every tiny piece of dirt that can be drudged up will be used against him…He will be a communist, socialist, wants to raise your taxes to give to the takers on and on. Republicans have been doing this against HRC for decades most with no proof, or proven wrong but kept it spinning (that many of the BS supporters have now embraced).
    We must have a Democrat President in the White House for the veto pen with the majority held Republican Congress of today. For the first time, the repeal of the ACA landed on the President’s desk several days ago. It was vetoed.

    • Yshuaben Moshe says:

      And? Why should I vote for someone who doesn’t have my economic best interest in mind, but rather is a Neoliberal?

      • Cpt_Justice says:

        You shouldn’t. You should vote for Hillary & stop believing the lies.

      • Peg says:

        because there is more than one progressive issue than your economic best interests. If I voted only on my income, I’d vote GOP. But I am pro-choice, pro woman rights, immigrants right, social justice, SSM, and a host of other progressive issues that go beyond my 401K.

        • Yshuaben Moshe says:

          That’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it. Those issues you’ve brought up are real issues. However, if we don’t fix the reckoning l economy first, the latter problems will only exacerbate in continuum. See, most of the problems have a solution. We just need to have the guts to provide the solution. Only Bernie brings those solutions to the table. So, again, why should I vote against my own economic best interests?

        • David says:

          Sounds like you’d a great Jill Stein supporter.

    • FUPubs says:

      Sure we must have a Democrat in the WH but Hillary will not be that Democrat and IMHO she is still a Goldwater Republican.
      This 30+ year Democratic Party member and voter will never vote for her for anything not even dog catcher.
      The surest way for the democrats to LOSE the WH is to nominate Hillary.

  17. Disciple says:

    I think Hillary has some progressive tendencies. But economically and in foreign policy she’s the same as a Republican. She was in the leadership of the DLC which advocated cuts to vital programs like Social Security. She also has the same foreign policy advisers as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. I am not comfortable with her ties to Wall St, nor am I happy with her vote on Iraq, or her choices in Honduras, Libya, and Ukraine as Secretary of State.
    She’s better than a Republican but that’s a pretty low bar.
    I love how Hillary let Cory Booker take over her Twitter account. If I were a teacher in AFT, I would be damn worried about his proximity to Hillary given how he destroyed what was left of the Newark school system by privatizing it. I’m waiting for Connie’s next column about how Cory Booker is a progressive that can get (bad) things done.

  18. Brenda Walters says:

    Mrs.Clinton has made no secret that she has NO plans to go beyond ACA. We need Universal Coverage in America, we also need somebody brave enough to cut the ties between campaign financing from big corporations and rogue nations. Mrs. Clinton is NOT that person. She has been caught intimidating voters. Myself, I want a President that has the qualities Sherrod Brown used to have and Bernie Sanders has.

    • Cpt_Justice says:

      That’s completely untrue.

      • keif says:

        How is it completely untrue?

        • Peg says:

          Because she does want Universal Coverage. Single payer is NOT Universal Coverage. She does not want to try to get single payer yet until we have full control of the house and senate. She can push to get expanded medicaid and fix the holes in ACA so there is a private/public insurance coverage for all Americans like every major nation on this earth has. You’re not hearing what she is saying because you don’t want to: Insure everyone, if they can afford it, they can afford it and can go through private insurance. If they cannot afford it, insure them via the government funded programs.

          • itsfun says:

            Lets get rid of all private business while you are getting rid of Blue Cross, Humana, etc. Lets build a peoples car and get rid of Ford and GM too. There is no need for Rite Aid, CVS or Walgreen’s when the government can just mail you what they decide you need. People shouldn’t be allowed to live in a big house, so make those rich crooks take in the homeless. There is not need for Social Security, just put the old folks down like you do a sick dog.

          • pjm19606 says:

            Correct! The necessities of life: medicine, food, shelter MUST be accessible to ALL. Leave the rest to the marketplace. The government will NOT decide, what you need, that will be determined by science and the minimums will be guaranteed. You want more, you pay for it. This isn’t rocket science.

        • Cpt_Justice says:

          1) Clinton has NOT said she has no plans to go beyond the ACA. That was a STUPID lie.
          2) WTH is the crap with “campaign financing from rogue nations”? That’s even worse than stupid.
          3) Hillary was caught intimidating voters? Where do people get this garbage?

  19. ryanov says:

    Let me get that straight: I can’t tell you you’re not a progressive if you choose to support Clinton, but you can tell me I’m not a progressive if I choose not to?

    • @HawaiianTater says:

      That seems to be the gist of it.

    • Elliot J. Stamler says:

      YES, that’s exactly right. What you are is a leftist boob who like the right-wing boobs delusionally think that you represent some hidden majority in this country just itching to finally elect a declared socialist in your case and undeclared (but actual) fascist in the case of the Trump/Cruz supporters. If you knew your history you would see what happened to the majority of Germans who never gave Hitler a majority but who couldn’t sensibly unite themselves permitting him to slide into authority.

  20. PlanB says:

    A misguided journalist that calls herself progressive? How about doing away the the IRS or shut your damn pie hole?

  21. idic5 says:

    THe biggest beef the author seems to have is that she is being lectured at – talked at– and she is a political commentarian? this is what political chatter is all about. I am surprised she is surprised at this.

    So this is not an issue at all. I am using my 1st amendment rights and the miracle that is the internet and computers (thank you public universities like my state flagship, UIUC) to spout off on my soap box about all things political – respectfully, for sure – pointing out the error, as I see it , in others’ views.

    So getting to the more important issue , how progressive or even outright regressive is CLinton? After all, SHE , not the author, is running for the most powerful position on earth.

    However, I did not seeing anything at all in her piece about this essential question, nothing about clintons support of prison industrial complex , Wall st deregulation, support of DOMA, evisceration of the safety net called welfare, and worker hurting ‘free trade ‘ in the 90s…

    I saw nothing about Clintons as senator support of the patriot act and its renewal , or her support of Iraq regime change via the military, or her support of the bankster written bankruptcy bill, or her support of the m/c job killing -1b visa expansion (that her other half implemented in the 90s) .

    I saw nothing on clintons as SofS support of regime change via the military overreach in LIbya ; i saw nothing in her piece on her promotion of fracking and tar sands like there was no tomorrow ; she also supported off shore drilling ;

    finally, in the worse regressive cut of all , I saw nothing in her article on CLintons creation / birthing, supporting , shepherding , creatiing legs for, the TPP, the baddest and biggest trade deal in a parade of such trade deals.

    She called it the gold standard of deals and most of it was done when she left SofS.

    All this support is not only NOT PROGRESSIVE, but actually , literally , REGRESSIVE and republican. In fact, ALL THESE are republican policies OR approaches. OY!

  22. FUPubs says:

    Apparently the author does not understand what a progressive is and does need an education. Back when Ms Clinton was a US Senator she she ran around saying how she was going to crack down on hedge fund mangers and private equity executives yet she did not sign on to the bill to actually regulate them.

    Her Progressive record in the Senate is non existent.

    Ms Clinton in her own words 9/10/15 Columbus, OH …
    ‘You know, I get accused of being kind of moderate and center,” Clinton told the audience at a Women for Hillary event in Ohio. “I plead guilty.”

    If she is so Progressive why was she not a member of the Progressive Caucus while in Congress?

    She is OWNED by Wall Street and the 1%, follow the money and follow her actions.

    At best she is a pro choice moderate republican.

    • OMGagain says:

      If she is the candidate, she is more progressive than all of the republicans put together. I hope you will try understand that and go vote.

      • @HawaiianTater says:

        That doesn’t mean Hillary is progressive. It just means that Republicans are right wing extremist lunatics. They are so far gone that center right looks like a far leftist position to them.

        • OMGagain says:

          spot on…………..If BErnie doesn’t make the cut……….our choice for any kind of progress in this country is Hillary.

      • FUPubs says:

        I have never missed a vote in my life and I will vote but not for her not even if a gun were held to my head.
        Voting for someone because they are not as bad as the other person is a FEAR based vote and I do not live my life in fear, you may I do not.

        • OMGagain says:

          FEAR? I totally reject that. That is a republican bait. The last bastion of liberty is the ballot box….and I do hope you will consider voting regardless of who the nominee is. If you do not vote, you have failed your civic test “I’m afraid”

        • ray says:

          The only thing I fear is another repug in the white house.

          • FUPubs says:

            And voting for Hillary IS voting for a Republican. She is a DINO always has been.

          • ray says:

            I my have to hold my nose to vote for her, But she still better than any of the insane repugs. Don’t forget about the possible four supreme court nominees the next president well get to pick.

          • FUPubs says:

            I am and she will do just as much damage with her pick for SCOTUS as any republican.
            She works for the 1% not the 99% always has always will.

          • FUPubs says:

            Then don’t vote for Clinton

      • donsf2003 says:

        Anyone who thinks that Clinton is the same as a republican in policy just because she has money coming in from banks is completely uneducated about politics and reality.

    • January March says:

      What a misguided child. And all the upvotes too. Reads the article until he sees a sentence that upsets him, realizes its anti-Sanders (though, in truth, it isn’t) and becomes furious. The problem is this: children can’t handle nuanced information. Hillary’s donations from Wall Street, which are commensurate to President Obama’s and not dissimilar from Senator Kerry’s in 2004, are problematic in the broad systemic sense. However, when a child hears about them, they tend to conjure some kind of melodramatic backroom deal in their minds where Hillary is signing her soul to the Devil. As if Hillary Rodham Clinton is desperate for money or power. She is arguably the most powerful woman in the world, she has more money than God (much of which she earned, through her books and speaking engagements at a diverse swath of different venues, like colleges, women’s groups, foreign policy groups, and yes — financials groups), and she has the support of the majority of Americans needed to become the next president of the United States. Only a real intellectual lightweight would think it plausible that a woman like that would be beholden to Wall Street. Wall Street is NOTHING to Hillary. They’re a peon. That’s why her regulatory proposal has been called “robust,” “effective,” and “strong” by two-time Nobel prize winning LEFTIST economist Paul Krugman.

      Grow up.

    • January March says:

      What is a progressive in your definition? Is Ron Paul a progressive? Is Donald Trump a progressive? Barack Obama is a corporate shill for Wall Street and the Drone industry right?

      Listen to these passionate but wildly uninformed children at your peril. They’re so-called “progressives” who think screaming loudly and stomping your feet is how change is accomplished. In their world, Barack Obama is a corporate shill, Ron Paul is somehow a liberal hero, and Hillary Clinton — instead of being a decades-long champion of the working class with an unwavering commitment to liberal issues — is some kind of weird pseudo-hedge-fund veteran, or worse: Dick Cheney in a dress. How can you hope to reach people that are so far-gone, that are so detached from reality? Hillary isn’t a frontrunner because of her speaking fees and donations, she receives speaking fees and donations because she is a frontrunner, and has been since 2007. Her regulatory plan for Wall Street has been touted by Paul Krugman, is achievable, could pass congress with full democratic support and narrow defections from populist-minded Republicans, and would go further than any omnibus regulatory bill since the 1940s. Meanwhile, Bernie’s plan — a nebulous (like all of his plans) promise to break up the banks — is a wet-dream that not only can’t pass a divided congress, but probably wouldn’t pass a united democratic congress either, especially in a stable economy.

      Whatever, scream your platitudes, regurgitate your empty lies about this one being a secret republican and that one being a corporate puppet. Whatever you do, don’t look into any of the things you claim. Just read the chart from some guy’s Facebook wall and leave it at that. You’re the smart ones because you go with your emotions… even though your candidate disagrees with liberal ideals about guns and immigration, uses shady math to make his sophomoric proposals seem palatable, and pretends the invented email controversy is “very serious” after he explicitly said the opposite; and we’re the dumb ones because we go with the best candidate, even if she’s boring. I wistfully remember 2007. The primary campaign was much more brutal, but at least both sides knew what they were talking about. Hillary voted for the Iraq War and admitted it. Obama was inexperienced and admitted it. But now, Hillary gets accused of being a a character in Bernie supporters’ Wall Street collusion fan-fiction stories, and no amount of fact-checking will erase that invented scenario from their minds; meanwhile Bernie voted against the Brady Bill, voted to allow guns on Amtrak trains, has given speeches where he laments that immigrants will steal American jobs, and all of that is just more lies and distractions from the corporate machine? Okay, then. Let’s see how it all shakes out

      • FUPubs says:

        What desperation on the part of the Clintonistas!
        Clinton LOST already her and her supporters just don’t know it yet.
        She will NEVER be POTUS
        Pathetic her minions now have to go back weeks to comment on old posts.

        • January March says:

          She lost??? Despite her massive insurmountable lead in pledged delegates? Despite her 3+ million raw votes lead on Sanders??? Crazy, here I thought that the candidate who got 3 million MORE votes than her opponent was the winner. And here I am two months later, returning to a months-old comment to say: Bernie Sanders is, was, and always will be a pathetic joke. A mascot for children who love big ideas, but hate working to achieve them. Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States. BERNIE SANDERS IS NRA SCUM, DESTINED FOR THE WASTEBIN OF HISTORY. His supporters were cute in the beginning, then they became pathetic, now they’re just… unnerving.

  23. Christine Abbey says:

    I will tell you that I am voting for Bernie and I will tell you that I will not vote for Clinton. Is that because I am not progressive? Nope, it is because I do not believe a word that comes out of her mouth. It’s because I truly believe that she is bought and paid for by the 1%, which would be the antithesis of progressive. Please, just because she has a vagina does not mean you have to drink her kool aid.

    • Gaye Spetka says:

      So, if Hillary becomes the Dem nominee, you are going to stay home, pout and not vote? That’s how the weasels got into the chicken coop. Not to vote is to vote.

      • Christopher Jackson says:

        It’s called a vote of no confidence. That’s what not voting means to me. #FeelTheBern

      • thenonsequitur says:

        If Hillary becomes the Dem nominee, I am still definitely going to vote, just not for Clinton. This is because I’m a progressive, and thus Clinton absolutely does not represent me.

        I will vote my conscience, and either write in Sanders (if a large-scale write-in movement is orchestrated) or vote for Jill Stein and the Green party.

        If you don’t believe in representative democracy and progress by building coalitions and movements over time, then that is your problem. I’m not so jaded as to think my vote and support for a candidate doesn’t make a difference unless it’s for/against particular candidates.

    • OMGagain says:

      so you will shoot yourself in the foot and allow a republican to take over because you want a perfect human to be in the WH? grow up.

  24. I of John says:

    Well done author!

  25. jimmy midnight says:

    Let’s try to keep all this in perspective. Start by understanding that the only difference upcoming election is likely to make is in Supreme Court nominations. That’ll be a matter of life and death, cuz can’t we all just see a bunch of Scalia think-alikes ruling that USA can’t do anything ’bout greenhouse gasses, and thus eventually suffocating and/or drowning everybody.

    I’m a Bernie supporter, and will be standing for him at caucus, but actually I think the ideal outcome will be having Hillary just squeak to the nomination without having super delegates providing winning margin. A chastened Hillary. moved gently to the left, heading a united Democratic Party. is about what we need, and as good as it’s reasonable to hope for.

    I hope, and predict, that the number of Bernie supporters who won’t end up voting for Secretary Clinton will be vanishingly small..

    • Christopher Jackson says:

      I will vote only for Bernie. If Hillary is the nominee, I will not vote. By not voting, I will be placing a vote of no confidence in a corrupt system that allows politicians to be bought and sold to the highest bidder. I refuse to be a part of that any longer. #FeelTheBern

      • a totally fair ideal, however in reality that means having Ted Cruz, Trump or Rubio run the country. As bas as she may be, life with Clinton will be far far better for Americans at risk that any of the Republican field. Please reconsider for my sake: I’m gay and (still) can’t afford health insurance. I need you to vote.

      • Elliot J. Stamler says:

        And along with Comrade Kahlor above, you too will deserve being put into an American Dachau when our next neo-fascist Republican president takes power.

  26. pjm19606 says:

    Stopped reading the article after the first 2 paragraphs. The author is a man-hater. Period. Incapable of objectivity. This will be just another in some 40+ POTUS elections which changes basically nothing while the “system” remains in place. The US is NOT a Democracy and THAT is the problem. We are a REPUBLIC and for good reason. The forefathers understood the major pitfall of Democracy: the wealthy minority never has political power. In the US they have MOST of the political power. Sanders wants to break the power of the wealthy, Clinton doesn’t.

    • OMGagain says:

      man-hater? with grandsons? are you a bit misogynic? I hope you are a good Democrat at least and vote for Hillary when Bernie does not make the cut.

      • pjm19606 says:

        WTF does 2 grandsons have to do with “Man hater”? She had NO play in the very existence of her grandsons. And no one ever said I would not vote for Hillary if Sanders doesn’t get the nod. Take some lessons in “logic”.

        • OMGagain says:

          LOGIC?? “had NO play in the very existence of her grandsons” ?? really? But, I am glad you will consider voting Hillary if Bernie doesn’t make the cut. sorry I made you “curse” ;-0

          • pjm19606 says:

            Correct, Hillary had NO play in the very existence of her grandchildren. That was Chelsea’s decision ALONE!

    • @HawaiianTater says:

      A vote for Hillary is a vote for the status quo. We’re told we can’t have it good, so we should just accept what little we get and be happy about it because the alternative is much worse. Nothing great has ever been accomplished by people who don’t try because they were told they cannot succeed.

      • pjm19606 says:

        Correct. It’s been said that all real progress can be attributed to the actions of “The Unreasonable Man”: Bernie Sanders!

  27. Getting paid for your opinion doesn’t make your opinion more viable. This op-ed is pretentiousness incarnate.

  28. Luke Kahlor says:

    I Can’t help calling me a Non-liberal for not liking Corporate Candidate Clinton leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Yeah I’m a Bernie or Bust guy, or I giving my vote to Green Party so I can let you elitists members of this party that I’m not your little pawn that you can frightening into doing your Bidding. I actually voted for your husband but if this is how you two think, I think I might with hold my vote for some one who actually respects me.

    • Elliot J. Stamler says:

      When Pres. Cruz or Pres. Trump throws you into a concentration camp, Comrade Kahlor, see how much respect you’ll get.

      • ZincKidd says:

        Oh please. Not a single Republican I know would EVER vote for Hillary. But a lot of them have said they’d vote for Bernie. Hillary is the one that’s unelectable, not Bernie.

    • rebeccagavin says:

      I am confused. Do you think Hillary Clinton is reading this thread? Cuz if you got something to say to her, you might want to find a more direct line of communication. I don’t know if you are a non-Liberal for not liking the most qualified presidential candidate in modern history, but I do know that if you refuse to vote, or write in Sanctimonious Sanders, whom even slavering sycophant Rachel Maddow had to call out for shady dealings around endorsement and sending ringers into a union.

  29. Marubi says:

    I love you Connie Shultz. THANK YOU for writing this piece.

    • Elliot J. Stamler says:

      I heartily agree and I often find myself in disagreement with Ms. Shultz. As for Greens…why don’t you call yourself what you are…REDS!?

  30. Marubi says:

    Here’s how it works — MATH: 1/3 of the voters are R’s who vote LOCKSTEP, every time, up and down the ballot. 1/3 are unaffiliated (who call themselves “independent” but they HAVE to affiliate to vote in midterms and primaries, and the data shows, they don’t vote consistently — hello, just look at the turnout at midterms, only 36% in 2014!) and 1/3 are Ds who have to be convinced to vote, every time (which is a good thing, meaning they’re critical thinkers…and it’s a bad thing too). So if a Democrat doesn’t vote, or leaves part of their ballot blank, the republican vote counts more and we get a crazy President, an obstructionist Congress and scary SCOTUS’s to boot. One fraction of what Bernie OR Hillary stand for is INFINITELY better for our country than a republican, period. And sorry, Greens, unless you can figure out a way to get voter turnout UP your rhetoric of “hating the system” simply does not inspire people to vote. Hating politics (yeah, it’s a dirty rotten business) and leaving the argument right there without actually DOING ANYTHING to inspire folks to get involved is perhaps the biggest part of the problem.

  31. jimmy midnight says:

    Hope all you “Will not votes” live in the Alabamas and Californias, where your non-participation, “Won’t make no nevermind.” Seriously, mny ally, what do you have to say ’bout my point that, in view of climatic concerns, Supreme Court appointments can become matters of life and death.

    How ’bout our guy, Bernie, being like, “On our worst day, either of us is a hundred times better than any Republican candidate.”

    Please don’t let, “The perfect become the enemy of the good.”

  32. Elliot J. Stamler says:

    Anyone who does not vote for Mrs. Clinton who is a Democrat or SENSIBLY AND REASONABLY LIBERAL will help elect the worst and most extreme neo-fascist “conservative” in American history. This in turn will lead to policies in the executive and legislative branches that will make the very worst of what has up until now been seen look like the New Deal. But far, far more ominous: it will usher in a Supreme Court with another 3 or 4 Antonin Scalias and Robert Borks. With that we will have effectively gutted the Bill of Rights. Every major decision, whether on the ACA, marriage equality, censorship of adults, the CRIMINALITY of homosexuality by private citizens, search and seizure, religion by government entities in government institutions, etc., etc., will be OVERTURNED AND REVERSED.
    You so called “progressives” who so love democratic socialist (and NON-DEMOCRAT) Bernie Sanders that you won’t vote for Clinton if she is the nominee will deserve to get put into concentration camps by Pres. Trump or Cruz…AND YOU WILL BE.
    You think it can’t happen here????

    • ZincKidd says:

      Oh please. I call Godwin’s Law.

    • Unitary_Moonbat says:

      So Hillary is the only bulwark protecting us from a descent into 1930s-style fascism? And I’m going to get sent to a concentration camp when I don’t vote for her?

      What if Senator Sanders winds up winning the nomination? What if Hillary’s enemies on the right manage to take her out of the race in some other way – an indictment over e-mails, she makes the mistake of getting into a small plane, etc?

      Honestly, it’s hard to see why the center-right Establishment types are getting so worked up about having their “progressive” credentials questioned in the first place. Both the Obama Administration (especially back in the dark days of Rahm) and the Clintons long ago raised hippy-punching to a science, and mercilessly attacked those on their left in order to raise their credibility among the sold-out DINO right and the thoroughly hoodwinked DINO center. Why does Secretary Clinton now seem to covet a label she’s spent years running away from?

  33. Lonny Dunn says:

    This is the Liberal/Progressive at it’s Zenith! The sanctimonious self righteous drivel from this writer is … just junk! Sounds like a recovering alcoholic in group therapy, who won’t shut up… the thought she even thinks that anyone cares what she thinks, how she thinks or says would be funny if she didn’t take herself so seriously….

    stay in Kent, lady, preach your doctrines of leftism..

    remember, the country rolls over every years to the other side (except for Bush, he followed Reagan) and after 8 years of a rudderless ship, the country is indeed ready for a change, and Hillary aint it

    • rebeccagavin says:

      Lonny Dunn, is there a particular reason you have to be abusive while disagreeing?

    • ralphkr says:

      Did you know, Lonny, that one of the most revered books by the Conservatives is full of “sanctimonious self-righteous drivel” and is one of the most published books. Of course, I am speaking of the teachings of a little known Jewish prophet, Jesus Christ, whose “sanctimonious self-righteous drivel” are in the New Testament of the Christian Bible.

      • Linda Swanson says:

        Too bad Republicans don’t follow that man and that book the eighties claim to be Christian but only if it is mean Jesus. If they actually followed good Jesus the US would be in a much better place.

  34. Suzanne M. Lambert says:

    You speak for yourself and at least one other woman.

  35. ZincKidd says:

    She doesn’t need your lectures. Or your votes.

  36. disqus_iYiaP9Pa9C says:

    YOur opinion piece is so full of condescension and derisive comments about those who do not agree with you, that it gives further reason to vote for your candidate.

  37. nimh says:

    I like everything this author has to say, substantively and in terms of fighting spirit — except for the crux. Which is what she has to say to Bernie supporters. That seems to come down to a lot of words that don’t translate to more than: “Get off my lawn”.

  38. OverthecliffRepublicans says:

    I don’t like Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy views. It smacks of Joe Lieberman.

  39. yopo says:

    Connie, the Millennials are coming, like it or not.. They will run the courts. They will run the corporations. They will run politics. They will run your profession. And this will happen in the next 10-15 years. They are larger than the demo you come from. You do NOT understand them. You do NOT understand just how leftist they are. They won’t bow down to notions of who or what they are supposed to be. They will not get in line and vote for someone just because they’re “supposed to”. Maybe you don’t need their lectures, but they sure as hell don’t need your lectures or lectures from the greedy generation you come from either.

  40. xiaozi says:

    The apparent lack of self-awareness on display in this condescending and rather clueless screed, paradoxically explains why Xers and Millennials are flocking to Sanders issue-oriented campaign and are repelled by the personality centered, DLC endorsed Clinton campaign.

    Obviously the traction Sanders message is getting has the Democratic establishment wetting their pants.


  41. Bret says:

    Oh look a lecture to Millennials from the generation that ruined our environment, economy, and education system. Go to hell.

  42. TimRusso says:

    Oh Connie. You’re so utterly predictable.

  43. Sharon M says:

    Thanks for this! I gather from reading it that you have been the target of the anti-HRC crusaders online. Me too. But the truth is, if they say they won’t vote for Clinton in the general, it really doesn’t matter if they live in a solid blue state or a solid red state. I think once we get though the delegate-collecting slog of the primaries, we need to target our encouraging engagement to the purple state Bernie supporters. Energy conservation. But that’s a ways off. One step at a time.

  44. Bob Loblaw says:

    the power of hillary’s love for the wall street banks is matched only of her hatred of gays and their right to marry. is that what you call progressivism?

  45. Bob Loblaw says:

    hillary’s career: interning for barry goldwater, conservative senator. senator of new york – goldman sach’s personal senator. against gays and marriage. the only thing supporting hillary clinton does is support hillary clinton. want to support women? want to see policies that will help women? vote bernie. want to hurt women? vote for hillary and wall street banks that weaken the economy and jobs.

  46. Jo says:

    So….people can’t decide on what you are but you can for others? Hypocrite. I am female and I am 100% OK with you being “disappointed” in me because I don’t support anything Hillary stands for. I am all for having a female president, but she is not the one.

  47. HarryOfO says:

    “the reprimands come from young white men who were still braying for their blankies when I started getting paid to give my opinion.”

    – The fact that the people you disagree with are younger than you doesn’t mean that they’re wrong.
    – The fact that you get paid to give your opinion doesn’t mean that you’re right.
    – Patronising your opponent doesn’t mean winning the argument.

  48. Trevor Sellman says:

    People like you are exactly the reason I’m voting for Bernie Sanders

  49. An_Actual_Lawyer says:

    So the journalist from Kent State who tells you about how long she’s been getting paid to give her opinion, and then casually name drops her senator husband, thinks you should listen to her and vote for the establishment candidate.

    Sounds about right.

    Btw: If I’m supposed to listen to her because she’s been giving her paid opinion since I was braying for my blankie, shouldn’t I be giving even more credence to what the older white guy in the room is saying? That MUST be what Connie wants, right?

  50. Michael Kreitzer says:

    As someone who voted for the Green party in 2012, I’ll just do it again if the Dems can’t produce an appropriately progressive candidate. Sanders or Stein are it, really. It will take more than “but nobody else is doing it” to convince me to not vote my conscience.

  51. Balboamom says:

    Great article. So many of us feel the same way and feel our voice has been stifled. I’m for Hillary all the way. She’s not perfect and is the most attacked politician alive. I want a President who is pragmatic and listens. I want someone well versed who will answer questions with thoughtful thorough answers. I despise the hate-filled, sky is falling republicans and their anti-women, “born” children, and the obstinate my way or the highway method of politics. I was glad when Bernie got into the race to bring up liberal views and create a real dialog. But every debate, speech, discussion comes back to wall st. bad, big corporations bad, free college…. I don’t need it yelled at me everyday over and over again. Until you can provide the details of how you’re going to pay for everything so your tax plan can be properly scored, your revolution is a lot of hot air. I’m OK paying more taxes, but where’s the blue print? How are you going to get this revolution passed? Part of running a “positive” campaign it being honest about what you’re selling. I don’t want to buy the car and find out it requires Champaign to fuel it.

    Ok, I’ve ready all the ugly posts below so, I’m ready for the Hillary haters. Just don’t expect a response once you start your vulgar posts. I’m not that kinda girl.

  52. JoAnn DeRienzo Breul says:

    The Kids are Alright
    ‘Those pesky millennials, going and voicing their opinions on politics! Isn’t that cute?!’ This has been the reaction from the press about the ever increasing support for Democratic Presidential contender Bernie Sanders by the youth of this country. Those silly kids, who are too wrapped up in video games and I pods, whiners about what’s fair or politically correct. Well all those silly kids have turned into adults, the ones that we cultivated ie. raised!. The same kids from the ‘baby on board’ era of over protective hover moms. The generation of no child left behind and school integration. The kids of the baby boomers. The first group of children not raised under the limitations of social norms as their parents and grandparents…etc. The babies of the hippies! OMG no wonder they’re dreamers and idealists. The indigos. What did we expect when we taught them to stand up for what’s right, to respect themselves and others? What did those hippie freaks fill their minds with? Peace!? Love?! oh my! Now I know the hippies of the 60’s twisted and morphed into the ‘Me’ generation of pleasuring themselves through the days of excess in the ‘80’s, full of cocaine, and money, and Christmas bonuses at-all-cost; which of course has turned into this gross caricature of the corruption we see today. But as some baby boomers lost track of the greater good for the good of thyself, (he who has the most toys wins philosophy) some did not. Some quietly lived in modest homes raised their children to be free thinkers, and questioners of the ‘Man’. The baby boomers did not have this luxury. They had old school parents. The ones that wholeheartedly believed that if you worked hard for a good company you would be able to buy and house and live in the suburbs and receive a nice retirement package at the end. So the burden, the loss of that dream, fell onto the Hippies. They had to shake up the establishment, question the norms, break completely away from the truths spoken by their parents. They were the rebels. It took a lot of energy to fight the system especially when the system were the very parents that created the American dream. But the groundwork had to be laid for the next generation. The kids who never had to fight for their self identity. It was handed to them on a silver platter their entire lives. The kids who believed that they would be rewarded with trophies no matter what. After all, it is only fair. They know fair, they understand fair, they believe in fair. We did an outstanding job of instilling that in them. Fair. Well as long as it does not tax the rich, or trickle down to the economics or question policies. Some of the schemes they have witnessed from their government and the very corporations that supply their food supply are looking less than fair. And they know it! And they are not afraid of the system to voice their observations! Their parents fought that good fight for them. They are just marching on,carrying it on righteously. Those silly believers in ‘one for all and all for one’! The battle cry of their republic, truth, justice and the American way! To all those pesky millennials….I’m as proud as hell of you!

  53. CarlSagan says:

    Have fun. I’ll switch over to an I and watch you people eat each other alive. I’m not voting for someone who is under FBI investigation. I’m not voting for someone who called black kids “Superpredators”. I’m not voting for someone who calls the Iraq War a “business opportunity”. I’m not voting for someone who considers selling F16s to dictators who donated millions to the Clinton Foundation a “Christmas Present”. Those same F16s are now killing kids in Yemen. I could go on and on. If half of you did your job like VICE and IB Times did we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

  54. jlombardi63 says:

    Sorry m’ame. You’re Shpeel sounds a lot like that DirectTV commercial. Mainstream Democrats — were Settlers! Haven’t we given you the boring incrementalism you deserve in Hillary? Are you not enthralled by the way she offers up lame platitudes to the masses who don’t vote Republican??? Isn’t “not bad” your favorite meal???

    I’m 50+ and can tell you — the 18-45 demographic is tired of settling for meh. Get on board or get trucked.

  55. joanofarc says:

    Oh hey, you’re not a progressive. Got it? You’re a white privileged sellout, who pathetically quotes Woody Guthrie songs and union slogans to show how “down” you are. You’re not. If Trump is elected it’s not because of progressives who refuse to vote for a corrupt warmonger. It’s because of idiots like you who seemed to have no problem with her neocon record–including supporting dictatorships that murder women–and have supported her despite the fact that she’s a horrible candidate with one of the highest unfavorables in modern campaigning history. And for what? Because she’s a woman? Jesus you’re stupid.

  56. A.R. says:

    “One of the hallmarks of a progressive is a willingness to challenge a power structure that leaves too many people looking up and seeing the bottom of a boot.”

    You do realize that Hillary is the epitome of that power structure, right?

    But hey, go ahead and call yourself a progressive if that’s what floats your boat.

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