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Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo‘s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5: Ann Coulter

Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday this week by going on Fox News and blaming minorities for gun violence.

“I just got back from England, which, they have not bought into this whole diversity enthusiasm,” Coulter said.

“If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium,” she continued. “So perhaps it’s not a gun problem, it is a demographic problem, which liberals are the ones pushing, pushing, pushing.”

Thankfully, Coulter chose not to propose a solution (final or otherwise) to America’s supposed “demographic problem.”

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  • Kenneth Bailey

    Rand Paul is and always will be a extremist yelling the sky is falling. It is my sincere hope someone, such as Ashley Judd, steps up to stamp out this kook. Rand Paul is what is wrong with our representatives in DC. As long as we vote this type of tyranny into office our future will remain bleak.

    • kanawah

      The problem is the people of Kentucky are too stupid to realize Paul is just another far right wing blovinator. (in the mold of “Lush Limp-balls”)

      • They realize it. That is why they elected him. Who wouldn’t want to go to an eye doctor who has to set up his own professional organization to certify he is a competent ophthalmologist?


    • What Do You Expect From Our American Taliban?? Fear Mongering And Lying Is What They Do Best!!! Running Around Hollering Crazy Made Up Shit !! Always Forever Looking For The Boogie Man When The Fact Is They Are The Boogie Man!!! Why Do American Worry About The Middle East Terrorists When We Have Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cell Operating In Plain Sight!!! 🙁

      • Oh By The Way Is It Me?? Don’t Ann Coulter Look Like Paul Ryan Is Drag!! Thing That Make You Go Hummmmmmm???? LOL

  • Kenneth Bailey

    How can Beck push his rhetoric to so many people? Those who listen and follow this illiterate must be on the same level of intellect. If Beck dislikes American so much he should head out with his followers to a land with a government that is more in line with their ideology. Would that be South Africa or a similar society? It seems there are fewer and fewer countries/societies that have the same beliefs/values as this nut job. I am truly amazed that this intellectual midget has been able to spread so much hate and fear to so many people. The news media moguls should have their FCC license permanently revoked because of the tyranny and conspiracy they help Beck spread. It would seem this makes them just as culpable as Beck and his followers.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Plus, his little bit of “vision” described sounded like communism to me. Really. A compound totally self sustaining and indoctrinating?

      • lana ward

        You are talking about omuslim–about time you saw the light. Congratulations!!!

        • Well Lana we know the light in your brain rarely goes on and when it does it appears to be a 20 watt bulb. Just love your reasoning on things. Keep it up we need some humor on this site.

        • Turning on a black light when you are in a black hole Lana does not give you light. Go troll elsewhere.

          • I keep saying she needs to get laid. What does she think? She’s going to convince any normal thinking person that she makes valid points when all she does is name call and make up crapola, and in the name of God no less!


        • No Missy. She was talking about Beck but maybe we should forgive you since you must be having a hangover.

        • Dmullins84

          Oh goodness, lana ward just entered, everyone stand up at attention and listen to her words of wisdom and then show her the door. Please get lost and don’t come back.


      • Ed

        Gosh, you caught him. No one was supposed to realise that until he had cashed the checks.

      • jarheadgene

        He sounds like a NAZI brownshirt to me…..EVERYTIME he opens his mouth.

        • Actually Bachmann should listen to her Master Romney the Mormon and understand that we are all «gods» so the voice of god is still the voice of the majority of gods.

      • Beck is a moron.

    • kanawah

      The dork gets away with it because there are so many stupid gullible people out there.
      In breeding, and the red states totally disastrous education system.

      • Anna Drake

        Lana is from one of these schools. Michelle O would have her for lunch, dinner and breakfast on every topic, even Sasha and Maliya (??). They are smarter than Beck, Limpballs, Bachman, Rand/Paul and the who kit and kaboodle of Grumpy Obnoxious People.
        Poor Lana is lacking in common sense, is gullible and STUPID.

    • Ed

      Actually Beck is laughing all the way to the bank. This multimillionaire is laughing at those who follow him!

  • Kenneth Bailey

    This crazy lady graduated from one of the largest loonie bin schools in the world. The leader of this school made a comment while I was a student at U of Tulsa that if he dd not achieve $1M donation mark by a certain date the lord would come and take him home. Well that date came and went and we are still waiting for this earth shaking moment. Anyone who would actually believe this must be a certified mental case and this article validates my assertion.

    • kanawah

      Hopefully one of his disappointed donors will introduce him to Smith and Wesson.

    • jointerjohn

      I recall that, it was Oral Roberts. He got his College deep into debt and then came on his TV show and said God had visited him and told him if he didn’t raise $6m by the end of the month God was going to “call him home”. His brainless followers responded and he got the money and even more! Reminded me of Cleavon Little in the movie Blazing Saddles holding the gun to his own head to escape the bigoted townspeople. With such midget-minded followers it’s like taking candy from babies.

  • Bachman’s husband? The gay dude? He never slept with her (or did anything else for that matter) anyway.

    • Tom_D44

      Whoa whoa whoa Robert. I thought you guys on the left were the all accepting, all loving society – unlike those right wing, race hating, old white teabaggers that could care less about anyone but themselves. You know the ones described here daily? I thought you people on the left never showed hints of racism or descrimination.

      So why are you choosing to deface the gay and lesbian community by using the term in such deragotory context? Remember that is only saved for those right wing hypocrites………………or is it?

  • kanawah

    These “people” (People used VERY loosely) should not be allowed out with out an escort. They may hurt themselves or some one else.

  • Ann Coulter is an idiot. The young men that did the shooting in Colorado and Columbian were white. Why is she stereotyping. Every culture has evil, demented, psychos, depressed individuals. The problem with FOX they never address the real problems and issues, they “pussysfoot” around to blame others, since they are of perfect people in a perfect world!!!!

    • Ed

      Because stereotyping is the primary weapon of people like her and Rush, well I guess you have to include beck and faux news in there also. Rand and his father want a country where there is no social convergence, every man for himself, no law and no order. It is called anarchy.

    • Coulter thinks she’s hot shit with her long trailing dyed blonde hair she loves to toss around. She’s a FAUX ‘Ho.

  • mtooey

    Shouldn’t these people be medicated? In addition to needing a psych eval for a gun, maybe we should demand a psych eval to run for any public office.

    • jointerjohn

      That is what scares them so bad about sensible gun laws. The idea of psychological evaluation is terrifying for them and their followers. Can you imagine the results of a psychological evaluation of Lana Ward? A Firearm Owners Card would be a distant memory for her.

  • If Ann Horsebeast had her way I suppose she’d bring back the ovens.

  • Ran Paul is like a worm in an apple, inching his way to ruin America.

  • Wacko Becko also plans to keep 1 ton of grape koolaid on his island paradise – you know – just in case…….(be afraid – BE VERY AFRAID-!!!)

  • A suspected terrorist accusing a crazy man of controlling a crazy woman??? Now that’s a menage a trois for the record books.

  • ste

    What this I hear that the Treasery has printed New Two Trillion Dollar Coine? What is Washington going to do with them?

    • They are going to buy you a ticket to Troll Land. The idea of the Trillion dollar coin was dropped two weeks ago.

  • Ed

    So essentially the repubs believe that americans need to be “re-educated”! Hmm, wonder where such an idea started? Was that russia or china?

  • tman000

    These ‘extreme right wing’ pundits would not be listened to by anyone prior to the modern mass media. They would have been considered extremist that wants attention for their agenda, (money and what they think is power)… So sad that we have these people working to hold back America for selfish, selfcentered reasons… God Bless America…

  • highpckts

    HOW DID ALL THESE PEOPLE RISE TO ANY KIND OF PROMINANCE IF WE DIDN’T WATCH AND CONDON THEIR ACTIONS!! Yes I’m yelling because these people are looney tunes and we support them by reading and watching! I’m just as guilty but don’t know how to make them go away!!

    • Tom_D44

      Are you trying to tell me that there are absolutely no famous left wing loonies that are influencing the uninformed? I mean really? Nancy Pelosi, Ed Schultz, Keith Olberman, Al Gore, Al Sharpton, Michael Moore, the hollywood in its entirety, the national media? Come on, please. The fringe is on both sides. What we need is for people to keep their heads straight, listen, do their own research, and make their own conclusions based on what they determine and not others. Then we need people to respect each other, and be honest with each other when they debate – even when they disagree. What I see here is a ridiculous commentary, a little gasoline if you will to get all you guys on this site to attack like rabid dogs. And if you re-read most of what was written here that is exactly what you will see – in spite of the fact that the left constantly points out these very problems on the right and proclaims not to engage in it themselves. Hypocrisy.

  • highpckts

    Take your hate and fantasies elsewhere!!

  • highpckts

    Take your hate and fantasies elsewhere!!

  • highpckts

    Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh will be sitting on there yachts together and laughing at the yahoos that support them and saying how easy it was to do!!

  • Yes but the NRA only uses its database for good—increasing the fear level of their membership. How else are they going to serve their masters, the gun manufacturers. Since President Obama is from that foreign country, the Kingdom of Hawaii, he must be up to no good. Wait, the Kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown by Dole Pineapple in 1893.

    Well there is something about him that makes him not a real American. I guess it’s that really dark suntan.

  • Maybe he can build it at Moon Base Newt.

  • TSB

    Ann Coulter, Glen Beck and company are suffering from the Lance Armstrong/Rush Limbaugh syndrome, a lack of humanity. There is no known cure!

  • In FloriDUH we have The Baker Act for these type of psychologically challenged folks, it gives the state three days of testing for mental health of people a danger to others and themselves.

  • rojroj

    I wonder if Ms. Coulter also noticed the lack of firearms in England.

  • Too many crazy people with a following.

  • It is funny that when I watched the video I somehow thought about the grandiose plans of an Austrian painter who held some position in Germany back in the ’30s and ’40s. What was his name? I think he was a Corporal in the Imperial German Army in World War I. It eludes me right now. He was going to build an empire that was going to last a thousand years. I can see him with his little mustache. At least Glenn Beck doesn’t have a mustache.

  • Riobound

    Ann Coulter doesn’t know a thing about England. If she did, and even once visited London, she’d see diversity in action. Cultures from around the world live and work there. The gun violence is less there BECAUSE there are fewer guns and not because of a more demographically homogenous citizenry. Each time she opens her mouth she proves her worthlessness to the nation.

    • Didn’t you love it when she tried to sweep the statistics about firearm deaths in countries under the rug by off the cuff remarks? She’s worse than a Ho. She’s a succubus.

      • Baron69

        Ann Coulter looks to me as an incarnation of any of the three queens of the demons, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Naamah, Eisheth Zenunim.

  • These type of idiots, are further proof, that these “so-called United States”, are in fact, on the same path as the fall of the Roman Empire. There is no other way to look at it. No where else in the civilized world, do you hear so much hateful rhetoric as here, again, in these United States – it’s as if we are being governed by a bunch of lunatics. Pages from the tyrany of Genghis Kahn, or maybe even the not so distanced reign of Hitler and his Nazi Regime.
    Makes you wonder, if the likes of Beck and all of those other ding-bats – maybe they too, are in search of a “pure race”. By innuendo, and “double speak”, the message is far too clear. In the interim, they draw down huge salaries by spreading this venom of hatred all across the land. And all the while, amidst all of the poverty that exists here in America; their message to the country at large – over the vast net work of radio, tv and the interrnet, it adds up in essence, as their “cash cow”.

  • Landsende

    What’s scary is not only that they spread their fear and hatred but that there are people that are so gullible that they believe everything they say.

  • Deranged.. Bachmann? How do you tell

  • truthhunter13


    I bet you anything that some morons will still believe them!!.

  • Froehlich

    It’s unfortunate that the traditional Republican party philosophy has been pushed aside by a nativism point of view that fears change, diversity, pushes a conservative religious viewpoint on social and personal beliefs, opposes a communitarian viewpoint, and sufficient sacrifice for the health of the community whole – that’s taxes and volunteerism, and caring. And yet, we should be concerned about personal responsibility, about balancing a budget that could have deficits that ultimately destroy what we have built if we’re not careful. We need a responsible second voice out there to help us consider the best approach moving forward – it is always a process of back and forth consideration – or should be! It is a tragedy for the country that the current Republican thought leadership has eclipsed the past role – which I often didn’t agree with – but we did it relatively respectfully – and didn’t shove a specific religious, personal point of view down people’s throats.

    I’ve been around 62 years and seen a much more moderate Republican party – Nixon would have been drummed out of the recent Presidential debates as a radical lefty! Reagan – who I despise for militarism, illegal (unconstitutional!) activities and mendacity, would also be considered too moderate for consideration.

    No, we need some strong voices to stand up and find some middle ground in the Republican Party – or a a new party. Things are indeed not just evil and good – there are many shades of gray to all issues. We need a political system (maybe more than 2 parties) that can educate and motivate people to find common ground and that has a reasonable counterpoint to the Democratic Party.

    Divided we fall – eventually.

    • Very hard to come to a middling ground when the line shifts rightward daily. The current John Bircher’s who make up the Republican Party today have no vision as to where they want to go so they wander aimlessly ever rightward. Yes, I too, long for the old Republican Party of reason and sanity and I am a Democrat but I understand how the system works and ebb needs flow just as much as day needs night.

  • Why do we give these people any air time?

  • Ann Coulter is a pathological person who should be 51/50d from this country. I think the bleach has infiltrated her brain and killed off the second cell!


  • Eleanore Whitaker

    First of all, Coulter is a liar. Anyone who has ever been to England knows of their diversity. England has a high population of emigres from British protectorates as well as Pakistanis. Coulter is another of the neoconartist anarchists who hates the government because she has to contribute by paying taxes …Ms. Oochie Coochie is a debutante long in the tooth but still plays at being the harpy mouth of the GOP for her bois at war…rofl.

    Ms. Oochie Coochie Coulter has been undergoing perimenopause so long she’s now into that grumpy old woman phase of her misbegotten life. Has no one told this fool that the last 5 massacres were committed by one Oriental American and Caucasians? Or does Ms. Liar Mouth ignore facts as most of her bois at war usually do?

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    I think it’s amusing. Remember the old TV programs that exploited the poor living in trailors? Well, Fox and Murdoch are dredging the top of the barrel now. So you get Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin, Krauthammer, Zuckerman and the rest of the army of mouthpieces of division and insanity being exploited by their own kind. Oh sure, they are well paid to be trash mouths…but who believes a word they say other than their own kind?

    What I find laughable is that 50 years from now, they’ll have evolved into meaningless amoeba.

  • Pamby50

    Well I missed 2 of the crazies this week. I didn’t hear the Eric Rush nonsense before. The President is selling the land to China. I didn’t know the President could sell land in this country without approval from the congress. As for Glen Beck, who in there right mind listens to this crap. He wants to set up his own country. And I have Martin Brashir on now and they should have found a way to have added Rush Limbaugh to the group. He just makes me ill.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put all the fringe, wing nuts on an island so all of us normal people could have some peace? I can see them now on their island they would drive each other crazy a little like the “Walking Dead”.

  • Elarenal

    What is really interesting is how the USA has created a completely psychotic sub-culture which continues to live despite all darwinian predictions. In other words why hasn’t the thing killed itself? Very interesting phd. thesis material there??

  • Elarenal

    Look. Coulter does not in the least care about the facts. She is a paid agent of China and The Saudis and it is her job to screw up the USA as much as possible. She IS a foreign agent and should be tried for treason.

  • blueskies13

    Wow. I always knew Glenn Beck was a nutjob, but I didn’t know he’d gone this far around the bend. Why does this clown have a following? Yeah, build your own country, Glenn. Call it Screwball Land.

    • His followers are as you said “NUT JOBS”, too.

  • sleeprn01

    To pay off our debt to the Chinese I say we give them Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi and we will call it square. They can even have Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and Michele Bachmann; however they need to take that bunch with them.

  • And what’s really frightening is that the media cover these loonies. Just ignore them.

    No audience? No problem!

  • So let’s get this straight — the number 2 selling book of all time is ‘Atlas Shrugged’, and in a nutshell, it says that altruism is bad, and being selfish is OK, and actually necessary to prosper. Whereas, the number 1 selling book says altruism is good, and good for the soul, and we should not be too selfish, but we are human. The number 1 selling book is written by the prophets of the Almighty, perfect, loving, divine creator of all things, and the number 2 book was written by Ayan Rand. Stand back and look at this situation, and even ones not endowed with deep thinking skills can see what is going on here! (and Rand Paul’s first names sake is whom? oops, that is beyond weird!)

  • Ann Coulter and Rand Paul should just get married………….Turn Mormon and they could invite Norquist,Limbaugh, Beck …..and start a commune……LOL..Then they could breed a bunch of teabagging little lambs they could lead to slaughter……….LOL…….Just like the rest of their following…………LOL