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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Forget Benghazi — have you heard Hillary’s taste in music? Oh, and yogurt is turning children into sinners. It’s “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Jody Hice

HiceThis whole “church-y state-y separation-y” thingy has been a big misunderstanding.

According to Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA), God ordained three institutions: family, church, and government. And while Christians don’t have any trouble carving out roles for themselves in the former two, Christian participation in government is lacking, Hice says.

Why won’t more Christians participate in government? Hice says it’s because they have “bought into that false belief” of “so-called separation of church.”

First off, Hice wheels out the dusty saw that the exact phrase “separation of church and state” is not found in the Constitution (it isn’t — but the idea is pretty well enshrined).

Then he proposes that church-state separation rhetoric has somehow tricked Christians into believing that they’re prohibited from public office. The result of their non-participation is widespread corruption and immorality at all levels of government.

Hice’s remarks form a nested doll of nonsense: assumptions based on falsehoods, rubbish compounded upon rubbish. It’s a tough truthiness nut to crack, but let me try to clarify a few things, congressman: church-state separation does exist, it does not mean what you think it means, and furthermore Christians make up a staggering 92 percent of members of Congress.

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46 Responses to This Week In Crazy: No Such Thing As Church-State Separation

  1. When everything else fails, claim victim-hood. It works like a charm among those who have it all, and don’t know how to deal with their conscience. Suggesting that “Christians” are a minority in our institutions of government, at all levels, is the kind of hyperbole that make some politicians, and their parties, look like the idiots they are. Obviously, that’s not what this idiot had in mind. For him a “Christian” is one willing to ignore the rights of others, and if possible take the law – and their prejudices – into their own hands.
    As for Hillary’s musical preferences, all I have to say is that this must have been a very uneventful week.

    • Those who defend a literal interpretation of the bible are incapable of recognizing contadiction and inconsistency. If they were capable of critical thinking they wouldn’t pursue the infallibility of a collection of books containing so many contradictions and disproven primitive assumptions. The worst part about that type of myopia is that it makes humans potentially very dangerous. As the great eighteenth century philosopher Voltaire noted, “those who can be pursued to believe absurdities are those who can also be induced to commit atrocities.”

      • To add to that, they also refuse to recognize that the collection of writings we refer to as the Bible were put together to support the political philosophy of a Pagan Roman Emperor who wanted to stifle dissent among the various Christian sects and present a uniform, orthodox teaching. While Eusebius did all he could to ensure that “heretical” texts were destroyed in the Roman sphere, by then enough copies of those texts were extent in Syria and Ethiopia that we still have access to them.

        • Well said. Now add in the fact that these writings are in a language that doesn’t translate in to English well. The best part is using the bible as sound bites. They use Romans 1 26-27 but forget about 28 and 29 that lists all the other things like greed, disobeying your parents and gossiping. All are the same level of sin.

          • Cherry pickers! I think that in some cases they found the ones that have worms in them.

          • It’s just that their perceptions of what the bible is trying to tell us are all screwed up!!! I can imagine Jesus and his father are spinning in their graves (if such exists) with some of the BS coming out of the conservative right’s mouths!!! The sad part is that their base actually believe them because they have such a need to believe in something….even lies and BS!

      • I was once told by a budding pastor that the bible was merely a book that was written to give us ways of living our lives to the fullest and that it shouldn’t be taken as the be all and end all! After all, it’s been rewritten by almost every religion that exists and is no longer the actual word of God (who didn’t write it in the first place….blame it on his deciples).

        • The collection of books presently known as the bible has been recollected, filtered, edited, and translated across centuries by those with a political power agenda to satisfy. It was not pared down to it’s present form by spiritual people nor scholars. It was carved into its present state by power grabbers. What remains is only that which appeals to humans prepared to be supplicant pawns, dupes in the next game some aspiring powerbroker wishes to launch. Hence, the current American Right Wing. Hence ISIS. Hence the next round of slaughter launched by any megalomaniacal force who sniffs out how stupid and gullible so many humans can be.

          • You are absolutely correct…the bible has been rewritten by so many different cultures, it’s impossible to know what was ACTUALLY written. The problem with the evangelical Christians is that they tend to take the bible as the absolute gospel, and you can’t. It is basically a book of parables on how we should try to live our lives, and if you take it as anything else, you don’t really understand the history behind it. This is the biggest problem with most of the Republicans and their base….and it’s sad that they don’t see the bible for what it is and their perceptions about what it is saying are so out of line with the actual meaning.

  2. The Home of the Brave! The Land of the Free! Until a bunch of nuts with so much guilt in their past “Get Religion.” Then, because having to be obedient to religious tenets of faith makes them utterly miserable, they want to spread their misery around and go on a hunt for converts.

    Jim Jones, David Koresh, Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart….dancing jigs. The evil leading the evil.

    Does it EVER occur to these perverse psychological bullies that some of us are NOT going to convert just because they “say so?” Yeesh…if this is an example of the scraps their politicians throw them, it explains a lot about the GOP creators of mindless hardship that spawns the contagion of misery.

    • As I’ve said before…..they are embarrassing us REAL Christians with their ridiculous rhetoric!! And he wonder why so many of our young people are eschewing religion entirely!

      • I agree. I feel so sorry for our young people. They know what’s right and wrong. But, unlike my generation, they cannot rely on their now middle aged parents for any sense of faith, hope or charity.

        The sad thing is that you have some egotistical men who are even challenging the warnings of the Pope, a man who has willingly given many years of his life to helping others and providing the only faith and hope for some.

        It just goes to show that some men in this country think they are god. “Pride goeth before a fall and a haughty spirit…”

        • Well, they’ve spent almost 6 years disrespecting the president and the office of the president….what’s a little disrespect for the Pope! I don’t think they respect anything! I’ve never seen such disrespect in our government in previous years… all began with President Obama being elected and the congressmen/women deciding (on their own, I might add) to make him a one-term president rather than to work with him to get the country back on its feet….which, by the way, he’s done as much as possible to do despite their blockages!!!

          • At first, I thought they were just middle aged twits from red states trying to make their presence felt. Now, whenever I watch them in Congressional hearings I see their abuse of power. It’s like watching reruns of the McCarthy hearings where these same right wing nuts accused Lucille Ball, Gary Cooper and Gregory Peck of being communists.

            Same tactics…ask a question, interrupt with an attack dog answer and then accuse the interrogated of a crime they haven’t committed. That is abuse of power.

          • The sad part is that this disrespect basically started with the Bush/Cheney presidency. If you’ve ever read the book by John Dean about how this particular presidency ruined our country, you’d be amazed at how many times that administration totally went against the Constitution and against the government as a whole! They had NO respect for anyone’s opinions but their own…even when they were wrong! And, they had NO respect for the Constitution and did what they wanted despite it being against the laws of the Constitution. They should be all tried for treason and thrown in Guantanamo with the rest of the so-called bad guys!

          • Your post certainly does explain something that puzzled me for a while. Remember when the GOP attack dogs were all after impeaching Obama?

            It makes sense now from what you post that this was just another of the vicious “Do unto Dems BEFORE they do unto the GOP” moves.

          • Exactly!! And, as I said, you would really enjoy John Dean’s book because it outlines how the Bush/Cheney administration functioned (or malfunctioned) and basically got away with it. It’s downright scary….especially considering what the GOP is now trying to blame on our current president. If you get a chance, go to Amazon and look at some of the books John Dean wrote….they are easy reading and quite enlightening. I’m not advertising for him….I just thought these were excellent “inside” information books, but they are scarier than heck!!! Really mad me mad to learn the “real” truth!

          • I definitely will look for Dean’s book. Have you read “American Dynasty” by Kevin Phillips? It is another of the books that provides bibliographies for substantiating what the Bush family and their cronies have pulled off unbeknownst to most Americans.

          • Wow!! I’ll check into “American Dynasty.” As for John Dean, he’s written several good books about politics that you might be interested in reading. I think Amazon has several of them. IN the meantime, I’m going to check and see if I can get your suggestion and read it!! Sometimes reading these books scares the hell out of me, and I wish others would read them and realize what really was happening!! They are all eye-opening to say the least. Thanks Eleanore!!! Let me know if you read anything else that you think I’d be interested in. I listen to these as audio books on the way to work….then I can get angry at the situation in lieu of the traffic – LOL!!!

          • There were things about GWB in American Dynasty which I had not read until after the 2000 election. You’ll love the tidbits about JEB and Neil Bush and their bankruptcies.

            I’ll look for the Dean books. Can’t wait to read them.

            I’m nearly finished with another book, “Safe for Democracy, The Secret Wars of the CIA.” My entire trust in the CIA went out the window after reading parts of it.

            I know what you mean about books on audio…rofl.

          • Eleanore: Just ordered American Dynasty. The books by JOhn Dean that you might enjoy are: (1) Broken Government – How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches; (2) Worse than Watergate – Secret Presidency of George W. Bush; and 3) Conservatives Without Conscience. All three are awesome. I get them in audio format so I can listen to them in the car when I drive since I rarely have time to actually sit down and read a book!!! All three are easy listening/reading and, as mentioned, scary as hell!!!

    • Since a large segment of the population is so afraid they have to be armed at all times, I wouldn’t call them brave – that has been taken care of. Now they are working on the free part.

      • I lived in NJ all my life. No one up here or in neighboring states fears for our lives in grocery stores, malls, public meetings or airports. And yet, NY and NJ are THE most vulnerable to terrorist attack. You don’t see men strutting and swaggering armed to the teeth in church, on streets or in public places. No one up north flies a Confederate flag if they do’t want to be seen as “hicks”.

        I bother to hate few things in my life. One exception is that Confederate Flag. And, surprisingly, I hate it not because of “who” it represents. I hate it because it is disrespectful to the American Flag.

        If the Confederate Flag, is, as Lindsay Graham publicly stated, “who we are,” then, the American Flag must be who we Yankees up north are. See the “ignernce” in that hideous idea?

        You ONLY see guns and armed men in racist states. It’s because they want to present a public threat and to intimidate minorities.

        So, now this US has 2 flags…the Flag of the south…The Stars and Bars and the Flag of the North…The Stars and Stripes?

  3. I am sensing a little hidden joy with these folks…they like to believe they are being attacked by everyone…they want to “Hang on a Cross”…they want to be corrupted to be saved…these folks are not “Christians” but they are dangerous…

  4. Jody Hice: “We establish no religion in this country. We command no worship. We mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and state are and must remain separate.” Ronald Reagan. If you prefer there is “The civil government … functions with complete success … by the total separation of the Church from the State.” James Madison

    Fox and Friends: Music critics??? – Their choice in music is from Ted Nugent, Meat Loaf, Dave Mustaine and Gene Simmons.

    One Million Moms: “What have been the fruits of Christianity ? Superstition, bigotry and persecution.” — James Madison

    Southern Baptist Convention: “Homophobic Christians are hilarious. If you believe in talking snakes and virgin births, you don’t get to tell me what’s unnatural.” Blogger John Moriary

    Michael Savage: “and I resent mixing politics with religion in my nation… It’s
    disgusting.” Well your party does it all the time regarding abortion, birth control, homosexuality, transgender, and any other thing these “Faux Christians” consider immoral – except when it comes to their own immoral behaviors and polices.

      • Until you look at the dirty laundry they hide in their pasts. They only “get religion” when they start to realize their own mortality is before them. Then, in a state of utter misery of having to be “good,” they want to share that misery with the rest of us. To which we respond, “Been there, done that.” rofl.

  5. The Southern Baptist Convention once tried to boycott Disney, because they offered bennys to same sex couple employees.

    The result?

    Mickey Mouse watches, sworn to church.

    They got nothin’.

  6. Hice, I am getting tired of your religious nuts stepping into my space. It is my Government, and I don’t have to belong to your opiates to love my Government. It belongs to all of us. Our founding fathers’ statements make that very cleat. People, like you, do more to turn people away from church than satan ever did. Helen Naeurt, You seem to have an abundance of vowels in your name, let’s delete a few and make it Helen Nut. Fits better don’t you think. When all you got is an attack on someone’s taste in music, you got nothing. One Million Moms, get your noses out of other peoples’ crotches. That could be her sister and they could be on vacation together because their husbands couldn’t go. Southern Baptist Convention: I resigned from you many, many years ago because of the racism I experienced among your non-Christian like members. Like the above, you drive more people away from religion than satan does. No wonder the Romans were throwing the Christians to the lions. If they were trying to push their religion into government and stepping in other people’s spaces. Michael the savage: I once told an ideologue that if Jesus came to them and told them they had to give up their political party or their religion, they would give up their religion and you prove it. Here is a Pope who acts more Christian and follows Christ’s teachings and you castigate him for it.

    • And they wonder why more and more of our younger people are no longer going to church or are interested in a religion of any sort! The evangelical Christians are an embarrassment to real Christians! They are doing more to hurt the church that anyone or anything else!

  7. I guess all the assholes who cummed their pants at the thought of blaming the Charleston massacre on Obama and did so immediately are going to have to wait until next week.

  8. There are countries in this world that does not insist on the separation of church and state. I would suggest you think it over very carefully before you take us there, Hice

      • Many countries have little tolerance for other religions. Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are a few of them.

      • Technically, Great Britain is one of those, but socially it may as well be a democracy, because other than being supported by tax money (a big no-no according to our Constitution, but voucher schools find ways to get around that on our side of the Pond), the Church of England does not interfere via legal force with anyone else’s religion. Not even Catholics, with whose leader King Henry VIII had a slight disagreement; a Catholic can be anything EXCEPT the politically powerless symbolic monarch who is also the head of the CofE, and that Catholic would ALSO have to be at the head of the line of succession.

        An interesting bit of trivia is that, although the British Crown has been technically at war with the Vatican since that Guy Fawkes bungle, no Catholics in Britain have been persecuted, no Anglican Britons have been persecuted in Catholic countries for religious reasons, and no Catholics (other than the IRA) have acted against the British government in the name of the Vatican, in a couple of centuries. However, both sides seem to be embarrassed to bring up this “state of war” even long enough to agree that it is OFFICIALLY over.

        • yeah, it was significantly more complex than the bumper sticker slogan. It had more to do with power politics in Great Britain at the time, and how it was practiced by the King at the time, Charles I, The ‘Crazy’ King.

      • Grover Norquist should be thrown out of Washington, D.C. totally! I don’t believe we elected him, so why is he able to make our Congressmen/women adhere to his ridiculous notions about taxes. Without taxes, this country can’t pay for the needs of the entire constituency…..this means no infrastructure improvements, poor police protection, and could go on!!! Taxes pay for this, and I, for one, don’t mind paying my share (unfortunately, our corporations don’t feel the same and neither do the 1%).

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