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Thursday, July 19, 2018

There may be multiple Rafael Cruzes but there can be only one David Duke. Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Not David Duke

We have a live one here.

A man impersonating the former KKK leader David Duke filed a typo-plagued motion against Donald Trump in federal court, attempting to keep Trump from “participating in the presidential race due to [Trump] being a danger to American morals, values, systems and principles.” But moreover, would-be Duke says, Trump must not be allowed to seek the highest office because Trump stole Not-Duke’s “intellectual property” — and that “intellectual property” just happens to be a suite of extremist views.

Faux Duke writes in his motion: “Donald Trump stole my intellectual property and then claims he never knew me, he disavows me. I am the Republican who lead the way in opposing affirmative action, massive immigration and welfare exploitation and Donald Trump stole my ideas while he disavows me. […] Donald Trump seems to feel he is entitled to steal people’s ideas for his campaign and not give them credit, which is wrong, and I find that offensive. ” He continues:

After years of hard work I spent writing the book My Awakening about race and immigration Trump think she can dupe Europeans (sic) Americans and throw me under the bus. Now he is taking the credit for proposals that I created to help make America great again. Donald Trump is a copyright infringer. He disavows me, but his fundamental ideas that I introduced into the Party as a House of Representatives Member …. Donald Trump takes ideas and then disavows the people he borrows them from.

The full motion is reproduced below, courtesy of LawNewz.

The Duke imposter has created a nested doll of inanity here: He pretends to be one of our nation’s most visible and vocal emissaries of hate; espouses the notion that somehow the very notion of white supremacy is a Duke original, wholly created and under copyright by the ex-Grand Wizard; and then seeks damages from Trump for stealing said ideas; only to blast him for then disavowing them. (Trump did, in fact, after much dithering, disavow Duke’s endorsement of his campaign.) But the Duke doppelganger does get one thing right: “Donald Trump,” he writes, “is a patent troll.”

The actual David Duke was not amused. “That’s the biggest, dirtiest trick I’ve seen recently,” he told the Tampa Bay Times. “They’ve really gone into the depths, the enemy. That would be the perfect smear: ‘Even David Duke doesn’t like Donald Trump.’ ”

Hat tip LawNewz

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