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Saturday, October 22, 2016

After Democrats ran up the score among female and young voters during the 2012 elections, Republicans vowed that they would redouble their efforts to reach out to these critical consituencies. They haven’t had much success. But as the midterm elections draw near, they still aren’t giving up.

The latest pitch comes from the College Republican National Committee, which launched a new ad campaign on Wednesday to target young women.

“How do you reach the generation that has their earbuds in and their minds turned off to traditional advertising?” CRNC national chairman Alex Smith asked The Wall Street Journal. “It’s our goal to start the conversation by presenting ourselves in a culturally relevant way.”

If the campaign’s first ad is any indication, they have a long way to go.

The 60-second spot parodies the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress. Except in this version, instead of picking a wedding gown, the bride-to-be decides between the hip, stylish, and affordable Florida governor Rick Scott, and the lame, out-of-date, expensive Democrat Charlie Crist.

“Rick Scott is becoming a trusted brand,” she explains. “He has new ideas that don’t break your budget.”

“Mom, this is my decision,” she later tells her nagging, Democratic mother. “And I see a better future with Rick Scott!”

It’s not hard to understand why Republicans are trying to sell Scott to young women. According to a WFLA-TV poll released Wednesday, Crist leads the incumbent by 9 percent among female voters, and by 5 percent among voters between the ages of 18 and 34 (the poll has Crist up 6 percent overall). But, much like the recent Americans for Shared Prosperity ad that compared voting to online dating, their “women be shoppin’!” pitch may do more harm than good.

Screenshot: College Republican National Committee/YouTube

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  • sigrid28

    The bride needs something BLUE, you Republican idiots! And that is a Democratic Governor of Florida! Isn’t it just like out-of-touch Men-Gone-Wild Republicans to act on the bone-headed sexist assumption that TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” has anything to do at all with the demographic of girls wearing earbuds, who would rather kiss a vampire than wear a traditional wedding dress. As for the only slightly older single female voter, there have never been more single person households in America, and never more of them have been headed by women, and many of these women are mothers with children, raising them on their own. Young college-educated women postpone marriage until their thirties. Given the burden of college loan debt, few young couples can afford gowns costing several thousand dollars and weddings in the tens of thousands. thanks to the miserly attitude of Republicans when it comes to student loans and funding education. Isn’t it just like out-of-touch Republican Men-Gone-Wild to make the sexist assumption that TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” has anything to do at all with the demographic of girls wearing earbuds, who would rather kiss a vampire than wear a traditional wedding dress.

    • Dominick Vila

      Things are likely to change in the not too distant future. Consider this statistic of females enrolling in college:
      Hispanic Women Men
      1994 52% 52%
      2012 76% 62%

      African American
      1994 48% 56%
      2012 69% 57%

      1994 66% 62%
      2012 72% 62%

      1994 81% 82%
      2012 86% 83%

      Considering the fact that a college degree is almost mandatory for upper management and many professional jobs, it is not too difficult to understand who is going to be on top, which ethnic group is likely to fill most high paying jobs, and who is going to control the decision making process – in the public and private sectors – in the not too distant future…regardless of what a few neanderthals have to say. Believe it or not, most men are not opposed to our mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters being successful and making decisions that, not too long ago, were part of the male dominated domain. Our culture, intellect, and expectations are changing, and we are all changing for the better as a result.

      • sigrid28

        I’m not surprised by these statistics but I am saddened a little. Ask any woman with children, straight or gay, and she will tell you that equality and reciprocity with men is the ultimate goal. Just because male dominated societies may have insisted on men overpowering women, doesn’t mean that a female dominated society will do favor women overpowering men. I take what you say as supporting equality and reciprocity as the ideal, as women have so much catching up to do.

        Having taught at colleges and universities as well as in high schools–before I became too over-qualified to teach any more–I noticed a troubling falling off of eagerness among male students to insist on doing their best and compete aggressively in the academic environment, except in graduate school where the Old Boys still promote more men than women. It seemed women were working harder but not getting as far.

        In the inner-city high school in Chicago where I taught, no male student that I can remember took a moment’s interest in anything other than competing with the other guys in gangs and sports. The girls followed this lead. Now we have the problem of decent jobs for men who are not college graduates vanishing. Must the young men just keep fighting it out on the streets with each other, like a tiresome video game that wastes their time and talent?

        I wonder if some solutions might emerge at the primary and elementary levels in education, where the old classroom model and worn-out textbooks (that Republicans want to rewrite to their own taste) are being swept away by technology–which is a very good thing. The days of students sitting quietly in rows and punishing anyone who makes a peep will soon end. Then it will be time for the learning to begin.

        Maybe deep down males turned off by the current system are ahead of females trying to succeed in it in one sense. The boys instinctively recognize the ways our classrooms are a losing proposition for all students and act accordingly, while girls haven’t yet been able to shed the difficult situation they are always put in, of having to please.

        • Dominick Vila

          Let me start by saying that I support equality 110%. I am proud to say that I hired and promoted more females than any of my counterparts before I retired. However, I think it is important to say that promotions are usually influenced by qualifications, demonstrated performance, and even things such as attendance. The latter affected female employees more than their male counter parts, probably because some were taking care of children or elderly parents. The latter tells me more about the failure of government to put in place institutions to help relieve the pressure or obligation that so many women accept instinctively, perhaps because of a greater sense of social responsibility or maternal instincts, than the lackadaisical attitude of many men on this specific issue. In any case, much progress has been made in recent decades, and more is bound to happen in years to come as a result of more qualified female employees going to work.
          The fact that so many of our young spend more time playing sports, texting, or playing video games is a major problem, and a harbinger of a social disaster in the not too distant future. We are already granting thousands of H1b visas to foreign professionals to fill the void caused by not having enough professionals to fill the large number of vacancies in the high tech and medical sectors. I am afraid this is going to get worse

        • elw

          Nonsense, women have come a long way and the inner city problems you spoke to are more connected to poverty than the GOP’s vision of what women are. Personally I don’t understand why you seem to have separated the response between men and women to present day issues or why you think “girls” cannot get pass “having to please,” or that “boys” have some instinctive ability to recognize problems that “girls” do not. I have to tell you the men and women, of all ages, that I am around are not like the ones you are describing. I personally do not know anyone who is raising their daughter to please, except of course the religious right, or think their sons have unique abilities connected to their sexual organs. The statistics that Dominick shared are proof of what I am saying and show that more and more both males and females are being allowed to follow their hearts and abilities rather than the restraint of what society is putting on them. We still have a long way to go, but we are getting there.

          • sigrid28

            In this contest of hopefulness, I put my money on you and Dominick when it comes to the long view. For the immediate, I still think we need enormous work at the preschool and elementary level to make schools work well for more children of both sexes.

          • elw

            I agree that we should always be trying to make schools better.

      • elw

        The male domination thingy was always basically not true. As someone who grew up in the mid 20th century, I saw first hand women standing up and fighting for equal rights in multiple areas. I agree with you most men have never felt or thought women were inferior or lack ability to think for themselves. There were many men who fought right along side the women who were on the frontlines of that fight for equal rights. As a side, I hope the GOP keeps putting out ads like this one, it can only help Democrats win.

        • neeceoooo

          I agree, let’s keep the stupidity coming

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The problem with the GOP lies with their singularly masculine overtones. They simply cannot allow any women in their party to get ahead of them. Then, they don’t like to call that bullying. Oh no? Ask any woman what she thinks of a man who insists she walk 2 steps behind him just because he’s a man.

    The entire foundation of the GOP is based on high powered, CEO wannabee males. Women know instinctively to avoid a party that cannot provide visible gender equality.

    Don’t look for the GOP bulls to change this any time too soon. Too much money is at stake for them.

    Their GOP double standard is based on an ancestral form of masculine beliefs…Women and money equate to women taking money from men…and as all women know, no man EVER gives without the expectation of “getting” something in return. Worse, these same men offering women money view this as “John” paying a hooker. It’s why they refuse to pay women salaries equal to men.

    By keeping women’s salaries in the US lower than their male counterparts, the Big Bois at the top get their jollies knowing they are controlling women by controlling what they earn. In turn, the vicious cycle means women earn less, struggle harder and are kept from the same lavish lifestyles men bless themselves with.

    • dana becker

      I keep wondering what Herman Cain asked of the men who came to him for jobs when every woman who asked him for a job or a recommendation was asked to put out before he would help them.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        I so agree. It’s difficult for our younger, educated, financially independent women to conceive of the fact that it was barely 60 years ago that women were expected to keep their mouths shut and do as they were told “or else.”

        My generation of Boomer women had enough of that. We were perhaps the first generation of women to realize that handing any man 4 or more decades of our freedom and right to equality was more than impossible to accept.

        Now, I’m proud to say, younger women realize there’s nothing stopping them from running for president, governor or any other government or private position they want.

        Unfortunately, some men in the US have simply refused to accept women as equal. They’ll all die off eventually, the worse for the wear for the battle they fought to hang onto an illusion of male supremacy.

    • neeceoooo

      I can not imagine any woman falling for this stupid stupid remark

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Sometimes, women who are all too financially independent can’t think beyond a real identity not tied to a man. Intelligent women have no fear of validating their identities and an MRS degrees isn’t a necessity. The joke is that these too financially dependent do everything Big Daddy tells them and don’t even bother to question whether he’s right or wrong. It’s how these types of women end up in jail or on dope.

  • Julieann Wozniak

    Hmmm…I haven’t worn a dress in decades. So I guess for me, voting is like kicking a stupid jerk in the nuts, and maybe whacking the annoying party a couple times upside the head with my cane.

  • elw

    Gee, that ads looks like something right out of the 50s, it more reflex the current day GOP and their attitude towards women than any young women I know today. Hell, it does not even represent older women, would someone tell those idiots that women do act like that or dress like that……I personally find the ad insulting.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    Wow…ya know, it amazes me how I keep correctly calling the GOP Fascists and they keep proving me correct…
    One of the defining characteristics of Fascism, btw, is rampant sexism, ladies. Remember also that the GOP’s rich, old white male Con leadership consider all other groups in the party, including women, to be “Useful Idiots”. When you vote for them, you prove them correct….ssmdh

  • cluck norris

    Ladies, please allow the republican party leaders to reduce complex issues to something you can relate to, like shopping.