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Monday, March 25, 2019

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.


Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that one of its journalists, Ayla Albayrak, had been convicted of “engaging in terrorist propaganda” by a Turkish court over Albayrak’s reporting in the Journal on a Kurdish separatist party banned in that nation. The move was condemned by the Journal’s editor-in-chief, Gerard Baker, and press freedom advocates.

Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian government has closed down more than 150 media outlets in recent years and imprisoned at least 200 journalists, according to the Stockholm Center for Freedom. But the move to prosecute and imprison a reporter for a Western media outlet for terrorism is extremely unusual. When Turkey arrests such reporters, the country can usually expect vigorous protests from the outlet’s home government.

But President Donald Trump did not take to Twitter this morning to condemn Turkey for its outrageous act. Instead, in a move that must have warmed Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s heart, he offered up his own unrelated authoritarian condemnation of the American press.

The president of the United States, in response to critical reporting about his administration, is calling for federal government reprisals against the outlet that produced that reporting. That the threat seems uninformeddoes not make it less chilling — what matters is the president seems eager to use the power of government to restrict critical journalists.

This is what dictators do. First they criticize the media, and then they use the power of the government to crush them.

Trump spent much of his campaign fighting the press and promising to use the presidency to undermine critical reporting. That assault on media is one of the few throughlines to his administration. His penchant for constant lying means that he needs to delegitimize the press, and all other independent sources of information and criticism, in order to maintain power. His apparent hatred of critical coverage is a unifying force for his base, which apparently believes him when he says that the media is deliberately lying to hurt his administration.

There is no pivot coming. This administration’s disdain for the First Amendment is palpable. Things between the press and Trump will not improve, no matter who the White House brings in to try to manage the president.

But as the case of Turkey shows, things can still get much, much worse.

UPDATE: Trump doubled down on his authoritarian tweet in an afternoon press appearance, saying that NBC had propagated “fake news” and claiming it’s “frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever they want to write and people should look into it.” He also accused the network of deliberately fabricating sources to damage his administration, saying that journalists “have their sources that don’t exist, in my opinion they don’t exist. They make up the sources.” Trump and his supporters have frequently offered this argument in obvious bad faith, as a way to undermine credible reporting.

UPDATE 2: A coalition of U.S. press advocacy groups has condemned the president’s comments as “the latest assault against U.S. press freedoms by the current administation”:


UPDATE 3: In a tweet tonight, Trump expanded his threat to all of network news:

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45 responses to “Trump Mimics Turkish Despot In Threat To Free Press”

  1. Dominick Vila says:

    Actually, Trump’s authoritarian behavior is identical to that of every dictator in world history. He is not trying to make our country great again, he is trying to destroy it by trashing the Constitution, the Office of the Presidency, all our institutions of government, the environment, and all the regulations and norms of conduct that made the USA a role model for the rest of the world.

    • FireBaron says:

      That’s why we are praying for either a Democratic Majority in November 2018, or the members of the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment!

      • bobnstuff says:

        President Pence, scary isn’t it.

        • Mama Bear says:

          Pence will be found to be complicit in the Russia thing, so will Ryan. I am praying for President Hatch.

          • bobnstuff says:

            Pence needs to go first and be replaced with a moderate. Then we can send Trump to the home for unbalanced presidents.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            If Ryan, Nunes and Chaffetz keep playing their cover up games, they all go down and so will the entire Republican Party.

            Any day now, one of the establishment Republicans is going to come full force in the media with what he/she knew about how the House and some of the Senate Republicans planned to cover up their complicity in the election rigging.

            The Russian hackers had help alright. From these dickheads in the GOP who cheat to win.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Trump chose Pence as his running mate. We didn’t actually elect Pence. Constitutionally, Pence can be removed if Trump is found to be “unable to fulfill the oath of office.” That means everything Trump has done since January becomes null and void.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Pence is going to end up like Trump. For one reason. Pence got his state to refuse to turn over his private emails.

          How do these Republicans have the balls to smear the hell out of Hillary for HER emails and then do worse?

          how do these Republicans bitch about Nancy Pelosi flying home for Christmas first class when Stinky Zinke, Pruitt and Moocher Mnuchin use our tax dollars to fly on private jets and military planes to ski resorts and other BS “meetings” not related to government.

          Stinky Zinke’s ass should be in big time trouble with the FEC for using our tax dollars to fly to a Republican campaign rally. That’s a big time No No. Just let a single Dem do this and the dirty dogs of the GOP are all over it in a heart beat.

        • PrecipitousDrop says:

          Nah. Mueller’s got his number, too.

  2. Mama Bear says:

    So then let me get this straight….he is threatening to defy the First Amendment – isn’t that one of the pieces of the Constitution that he took an oath to uphold? When will then end?

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Trump of himself cannot yank NBC’s FCC license even if he rolled his eyes, spit fire out of that pig mouth and stamped his feet.

      There is much more to yanking an FCC license than just a big Lard Ass mouth demanding it like a Russian Czar.

      Too damn bad if Trump doesn’t like it when investigative journalists out his filthy business. The proof of what a low life bum he is is the one rag he considers real news: The National Enquirer. You know? The one with the aliens landing in DC and Hillary being a mass murderer?

      • bobnstuff says:

        NBC only has 15 stations that they own, that 8% of their network. Eight are major market but there are other NBC stations in those markets also they wouldn’t even lose market share. Trump can’t pull their licenses, even if he could it would do little to them over all. Once again Trump has shown just how clueless he is but his minions are eating it up.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Not only that but think about how much the sponsors would lose in the money they hand to these stations for their ads?

          Trump is livid with rage that Rachel Maddow won 2 Emmys for her work on MSNBC. That’s the REAL reason Trump wants her gone.

          I agree about Trump being clueless. If he can’t make a billion from whatever it is, he doesn’t bother to educate himself.

          The proof was that interview Bannon had with Vanity Fair when Bannon admitted he told Trump to be careful that his cabinet members might try to remove him using the “25th Amendment.” Trump’s dumbass response? “What’s that?”

          Then, Trump supporter try desperately to make Trump look more knowledgeable of the U.S. Constitution than Obama who was and is a Constitutional law professor.

          Obama gave a wonderful program at Georgetown this year. I watched it on CSpan and the questions asked by the law students were astute and President Obama’s answers bowled them over.

      • Mama Bear says:

        of course he can’t. I hope he tries because that could trigger a Constitutional Crisis. But it was most likely all meant for his ignorant followers who do not have a clue.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Trump has found a better way to exercise his “autonomouspower” …Executive Orders. He is using them like they are laws of the land, totally bypassing the Senate and House.

          And the Republicans are letting him do it. These middle aged masters of the universe are so freaking afraid of blame that they are not only covering up their part in getting that Lard Ass in the White House but now, they are allowing him to use Executive Orders so they can later blame him when these things crash the government.

          Unfortunately, the more the Republicans push the Dems out of all legislative and governmental participation, the more the Dems states will withdraw federal tax dollars and keep our money in our own states.

          Why would be pay federal taxes to a federal government we have NO representation in from our states?

    • dpaano says:

      As I said earlier, Trump probably has never actually READ the Constitution, so he doesn’t have any idea what he’s supposed to be upholding! Unfortunately, no one has the balls to tell him that he can’t do many of the things he keeps ranting that he’s going to do!

  3. says:

    All the ones in office today should take that 25th amendment vote to throw out DUMPSTER DONNY DUMP 45 and kind of put in on a DONNY DUMP 45 HOLD pretty much like the clown dose and let it be on a we’ll let you know or tell you about it later . And then wait until the MORON dose something stupid .(yes he’s always doing stupid things ) but when he pull his clown act of all time and says fire all the NUKE;S Ive said this so many times the DUMPSTER DONNY is not insane or crazy he is just a big butt hole a trouble maker and bully coward He is in his child acting play ground . where he think its all about him . And in his child pee for brains mind it is all about him as he see it . BUT THAT IS ONLT IN HIS CHILD PEE FOR BRAINDS MIND . JFK- CIA The world needs you to do what you have done and do best . This time you will really be saving the world from a child minded DUMPSTER full of BULLSHIfT MORON !! Do something before its too late . H e will not get better only worse for the country and the world .This clown is very dangerous and he cares for nothing but his over inflated EGO

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Awwww…Poor Lard Ass. The media we trust most won’t kiss that too large butt? Poor lil Donny Boy. Will he run to his deceased Mommy Mary Anne to cry on her skeleton? Or will he be on the phone in those now blocked phone calls to Putin for more ammo?

    Trump’s own former chief of staff, Boozer Bannon told Vanity Fair in an interview that Trump has 30% chance of completing a full term of office. Boozer Bannon? As in Trump’s Big Mouthpiece?

    Then, in a snarling, incoherent Tweet on Tuesday, Trump tweeted, “I hate everyone in t he White House, except a certain few.” Yes. The daughter who admits she puts her “daddy” to bed for naps, the 2 sons and son-in-law Trump needs desperately to whisper the right words he wants to hear in his ears.

    Corker is so right. Kim Jung Un is right and so are the 68% of Americans fed up with Lyin Ryan covering his ass and sucking up to Trump.

    Figure out why the GOP “21” tried to stop the Mueller investigation and why now, they are on the attack to put the kabosh to the House investigation into Russian hacking, denying all the way it is truth. The House? Where OUR tax dollars are used by the now Republican Majority to spend on whatever they please?

    The Republicans, who with Stinky Zinke, Pruneface Pruitt and Moocher Mnuchin are being flushed “cover up” money for private jets, military jets and anything else they can steal from taxpayers all while they try to sink healthcare, SS and the EPA?

    Ryan and his house boys Nutso Nunes and Chafing Chaffetz are up to their eyeballs in alligators about to take a huge chunk out of their lies and cover up. These House rats were in on the 2016 election rigging and are now trying to cover it up as was proven when Lyin’ Ryan couldn’t even support his own Party Senator Corker vs. Lard Ass who has the goods on these Bastardly 3.

    How long before all of Ryan, Nunes and Chaffetz dirty cover up comes out in Trump’s dirty laundry?

  5. says:

    this MORON DUMPSTER DONNY is such an idiot he calling now NBC fake news the truth is the MORON is 99 % of the fake news these days . and then its his PATHOLOGICAL LYING all the time . and I do recall THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW saying before he wanted more NUKES . while he was campaigning . that dirt bag cant stop lying . he’s mad at all news that show all the BULL he dose and says because it right and then he lies about it and every thing .

  6. says:

    DUMPSTER DONNY thinks its all & always about just him .With his way over inflated EGO nothing else matters but to him is it all about him .BANNON is his biggest FOOL that DUMP 45 has brain washed .DUMP 45 wants to run the country pretty much like he ran his 5 to 6 bankrupts to the ground and suck the life out of them same as he want to do to the USA and the people . And while doing that if he is able to do the same to any other part of the world in his pee for brain mind its just a bonus for his dirt bag EGO . He is a big loser .But in every loser part of his dirt bag life he marks the losses as a star and what he want’s to do .North Korea’s Fat-Dough-Boy is all talk just seeking the addicted addiction junky fix as DUMPSTER DONNY dose . Their junky fix is ATTENTION .For them one can guess it takes away the shakes .

  7. says:

    Now Russia’s PUTTHEAD is the one that has it now and will keep on doing . The attacking on the USA . The USA could do the same thing to them but that would be useless .For Russia has the same kind of leadership as a North Korea , China, Iran ,&Cuba more in the form of a dictatorship . So brain washed thy cant even think anyway that their country’s leaders want them too . As it has been and no sign of changing Russia & PUTTHEAD will keep on its attacks on the USA and other country’s around the world .These Russian hackers was known to the USA years ago . How much the USA can do about it with a fool clown in the white house DUMPSTER DONNY that keeps trying to make the USA think its not the Russian’s because PUTTHEAD has video tapes from back in the early 2000’s more likely video tapes of the perverted DUMP 45 molesting children . that and more BULLSHIfT for sure .

  8. says:

    And this more likely is just one thing PUTTHEAD has over the pee for brains heads . For the time Russia’s been doing the attacking and hacking on the USA (and it being known about by us ) and really the USA hasn’t done nothing about it . First thing that should been done with this last election . It all should been voided the whole thing wiped out and done all over again . (yes that would cost a lot of money to the USA . But no more money then the gang of pinheads= GOP waste all the time (Example:;; the $$ millions & 1000’s of man hours on all the bull Hillary emails .And at the end of all the waste there was nothing found NOTHING at all ) Time and money like that should of been spent on something REAL LIKE RUSSIA ATTACKING America and hacking our country’s election . In the future im sure it will come out that for those 3 states the DUMPSTER DONNY 45 won with all 3 state combine about 80,000 votes investigations im sure in the future will show of a big hacking fix of them by way of fraud ,con & scamming (DUMP45 CALLING CARD )

  9. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The more Trump goes off the deep end, the closer his cabinet members get to a coup d’etat using the 25th Amendment.

    The worst of this is that the Republicans refuse to do anything about his maniacal threats of nuclear war even as he stomps around the White House scaring the hell out of his cabinet.

    The only reason Kelly, Mattis and Tillerson are staying on is because they fear what Trump would do with that freaky bunch he calls his “family.”

    The way Trump acts, we’d have been better off with Charles Manson in the White House. The results would be just the same…a megalomaniac at the helm with help from his cultist Republicans.

  10. says:

    from 2014 enough was known about Russian hacking and should of been addressed FULL TILT . as it is now the county is being turned upside down all by a clown in the white house .The DUMP 45 with all the KAOS going on he is on the golf course playing games . Instead of doing what his job it addressing the country’s issues . Not golfing thinking about only his own dirt bag self and life . His worthless EGO and him only thinking of himself . The clown DUMP 45 talks about IQ points he has nothing that is high in his life .Only how high he piles the BULL . That is something very high . . With the DUMP 45 brain dead followers im sure 99% of them if the DUMP45 was to turn the world into a NUKE waste land right before thy was to die from it their last words would be HAIL DUMPSTER DONNY

  11. says:

    .. I’D bet if DUMP 45 was to have went democrat (then really the DEMS are not brain dead )) that the reason im sure he went GOP .But if he did go Dem. im sure the gang of pinheads would be all coming together and talking with the JFK-CIA & trying to get the FBI in on it too and planning a JFK CIA fix . And then the lucky world would be with out the DUMPSTER DONNY CLOWN today for he would be HISTORY (SUCH A BETTER PLACE THE WORLD WOULD BE WITH OUT THE HITLER FORM OF A DUMPSTER DONNY )

  12. says:

    And now you got this Graham clown (should be another DUMP 45 nick name for that dope like GRAHAMHEAD ) this fool talks that most people don’t care about Corker and what he thinks or says or even know who he is . GRAHAMHEAD its you that the people don’t care what you say for when you open your mouth you sound like your MORON BOSS DUMP 45 .. GRAHAMHEAD you like DUMP 45 have no clue what’s going on . The thing the people see the most of just what GRAHAMHEAD & the Gang Of Pinheads +GOP do is waste lots of time and money

  13. Dapper Dan says:

    The ONLY partisan news that needs to shutdown is the likes of Fox, Breitbart and Infowars. Oh what the hell let’s throw Sinclair in there for good measure. Now do you see how whack trumps talk is of silencing dissenting news ? When one is threatened they all are. I’d love it if nothing but the truth is reported without partisan slants given to them. We’re supposed to be Americans supporting everyone but unfortunately we’re falling into Civil War ????

    • dpaano says:

      I’d even be willing to take up a weapon for that war, Dan!! Something is bound to break before his term is over, especially at the rate he’s going in dividing this country and doing away with regulations, etc., that keep this country safe, clean, and healthy!

      • Dapper Dan says:

        And as we all know all too well Trump keeps stoking the fires of hate and division. He has now decertified Iran from the Agreement that President Obama got from them to lift sanctions in exchange to stop developing nukes. Now the world can see our word is not our bond. Then he deliberately begins to sabotage the Affordable Care Act better known as Obamacare falsely claiming that the US is subsidizing insurance companies citing their high earnings. Now he’s asking the Democrats to come back to the table. Is he freaking kidding ? His promises and his “believe me” mantra is bull ???? This man is a fraud, conman and world class liar who cannot be trusted. In a case of bitter irony he just screwed over the very same trump voters by messing with their healthcare that they’ve been enjoying in areas like the Appalachias. In the end they could bolt from the GOP and start voting for more Democrats just as more high profiled people like George Will have left them too. As hard as he tries he can’t hurt Obama’s legacy and he’s going to need a lot more paper towels to wipe up the mess he’s making now. Not to mention the very Puerto Rican’s he’s messing over are relocating primarily to Florida. They can register and vote making the Sunshine State a bit more blue

  14. says:

    the DUMPSTER DONNY CLOWN said in his EXL Hollywood take that that you just start kissing and don’t even wait or ask the ones you kiss if you can ..Kissing them with out asking you said . well DUMP 45 you’re all BULL TALK for what I seen in the tape you was nothing like you describe your self at all you did nothing of what you was bragging about .As I seen you seemed scared . You’re all talking BULL DUMP45 As I seen you around that lady you was more like a big blow hard gay punk guy afraid of the lady .( I guess you have to be alone with a women first ) where you can be the real kind of so called man and beat the women up and then rape her . DUMP 45 you are so far away from being any kind of a man

  15. says:

    DUMP 45 you also called your self a star .LOL GOOD JOKE DUMPSTER DONNY . Maybe more like a dwarf star . Then you say being the little dwarf star you are you can grab the women by their lady parts and thy let you . (BTW you talked of them even being married like you was at the time ) you COWARD you better been lucky that none of those women ever told their hubby’s about you and what you so call in your pee for brain mind can do or did for you would need your running shoes to run like the coward you are from the hubby’s thinking LITTLE HANDS DUMP 45 what would be said if you was ever lucky enough to have had a women reach out and grab for your DWARF star ? Maybe thy may stop fast and say OMG I didn’t know you was a child boy . I could get charged for child molesting with you . DWARF STAR , DWARF .HANDS , EVEN MORE SO DWARF PACKAGE . with 2 grans of sands shows by touch the coward you truly are . DUMP 45 is a little clown all BULL talk to action .A mighty mouth little hand pathological lying coward

  16. says:

    //// .So lying DUMPSTER DONNY what happen to the law suit you more or less promised you was going to do right away on all those women you sexual assaulted and groped ( pretty much the same you promises to do thing on the first day in the house and or right away and lied & never did it . ) DUMPSTER DONNY WHAT IS THERE MORE IN YOUR LIFE BROKEN PROMISES OR PATHOLOGICAL LIES ? As for this LIKE 2 pee brains in a pod . Harvey Weinstein . you going to start a pervert club DUMP 45 with his . the Weinstein board seems to have studied under you DUMPSTER DONNY thy say thy had no idea of anything that has ever went on with the pervert Weinstein . (for decades mind you ) there’s A LOVE TO HAVE WORKING FOR HIM DUMP 45 BOARD . if so a sad and sick love . ill bet thy was a DUMP 45 board at one time and DUMPSTER DONNY sold then to Harvey .And now DUMPSTER DONNY has a new one

  17. says:

    he’s calling little or liddle liddle Corker .Might little Marco get mad giving his ID away ? of all the people how can the LITTLE OR LIDDLE HANDS DUMPSTER DONNY be calling anyone little ? the DWARF STAR has the grains of sand to call anyone else little what a joking clown DUMP 45 is . Next DUMP 45 says he dosent like undercutting people LOL YOU JOKE . This coming from the undercutting pile of DUMP of the world .

  18. says:

    .One can know that DUMPSTER DONNY has had to pay women big bucks not to talk about his little hands and every thing else of his little naughty life and the little and small tools his little hands are fit to handle .as for the women that get paid not to talk about little DUMPSTER DONNY . more in the range of hookers . It has to be pretty much the same stand his wife is in . getting paid a lot of money to say how good DUMP 45 is not .See the pathological lying coming back on the DUMP 45 CLOWN is what he likes . so seeing how much Mrs. DUMP 45 gets paid if she lived in Nevada would she have to clam that money on her taxes ? its not against the law there right to be a hooker ? The funny thing of all is how every one but the DUMP 45 brain dead followers know he is a big head to toe butt hole

  19. says:

    . I think Mueller should be starting to bring up charges on DUMPSTER DONNY now and fast . For many reasons but 2 more important 1 to try to put a stop to DUMPSTER DONNY 45 destruction and the damage he is doing to the country .And 2nd before DUMP 45 fires Mueller . One knows that is in DUMPSTER DONNYS plans . When he fires Mueller then it will more them likely get put into someone else’s hands and will take more of important time to get this dangerous clown out of the white house . Its more like even MIN. DUMP 45 is in the house its the years it will take to fix what he has destroyed . (if it can even be fixed /// this MORON DUMPSTER DONNY is such an idiot he calling now NBC fake news the truth is the MORON is 99 % of the fake news these days . and then its his PATHOLOGICAL LYING all the time . and I do recall THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW saying before he wanted more NUKES . while he was campaigning . that dirt bag cant stop lying . he’s mad at all news that show all the BULL he dose and says because it right and then he lies about it and every thing .

  20. says:

    DUMP 45 THE DUMPSTER FULL OF CHIT talks these days about not being able to keep the government in Puerto Rico for a long time . why because thy are not white racist Americans , but he can keep the government with the 1000’s of them protecting his POS butt and brain washed CULT AND KLAN . NOW THERES A TRUE WASTE OF MONEY AND MAN HOURS

  21. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Americans need to be prepared. Now that the Christopher Steele dossier has been declassified and some of the House and Senate investigative committee members have read it, I find it so ridiculous that the House investigative team focuses solely on only the as yet unproven parts of the dossier. While the Senate committee focuses on the majority of the parts of it that have already been proven.

    Trump never wanted that dossier to be declassified. Something smells really badly when Nunes who notoriously tried to squash the House investigation by playing go between to Trump and the investigation in the House, has decided to start a personal investigation of his own.

    Do these morons actually think they can overturn truth just by saying something in that dossier isn’t proven yet?

    • dpaano says:

      Well, Eleanore… Trump says, it’s all “false news,” especially if it’s something against him. However, if a news media wrote something good about him (not likely), then that would be a whole different story!!! All he cares about is what’s being said about him….even if it’s the provable truth! He has such a fragile ego….it’s pitiful for a man of his age!

  22. says:

    see the thing with DUMPSTER DONNY for those fools that might side with him for what ever reason its those people that are selling their souls to Satan himself . for when one thinks thy are getting on the good side or getting in with him thy then are the MORON & MORONS that DUMP 45 is . for once you take that dangerous route there’s no coming back . and its then when you think you are in the lime life . but in reality you just entered his hell .that’s the time he go’s to most use you as his fool brain dead clown . up until you don’t do as he says then he hits you with (no matter how much you given him or helped him ) the revenge of the DUMPSTER DONNY ball . you can do 1000’s of things for the Satan clown but when you don’t do one thing then you are gone . all you had done for the DUMP 45 CLOWN is forgotten . like you never did a thing for him . and then its the time he attacks you with the hate and fury of his revenge . and maybe if you try to sell your soul again to the Satan dump 45 he might let you but know the price for you would went up sky high

  23. Richard Prescott says:

    Tick tock, tick tock.
    He says “calm before the storm” and it gets reported he wants to increase our nuclear stockpiles and hugely increase military spending.
    He says relief aid to Puerto Rico will be pulled when the Congress and Senate are voting on a relief bill for TX, FL, PR and CA (fires).
    He says NBC’s license should be pulled when they report the truth, proven by other reputable sources.
    He has a PA National Guard hanger interview with Hannity and has no clue why the band played Retreat. He asked it they were playing that for him, or maybe Hannity. This is our “Commander in Chief” who cites Constitution this and that and doesn’t even know what the military does every day.
    This is the person who changes what the 6 NFL players protest was into a national mess by saying they are protesting the anthem and flag and military.
    This is the person who says “there are good people on both sides…” about Charlottesville. And does not even mention that the supremacists showed up again this week with yet another torch protests and fascist chanting. Does not even decry their anti-American behavior. And empowers the KKK enough that they are now recruiting at high school football games.
    This is the man who is anti-abortion yet wants free contraceptives stopped. And of course wouldn’t stop groping if he could.
    The is the man who complained about a few golf games Obama played in 8 years then tripled that in his first 9 months in office. Charging the taxpayers for every travel dollar and SS escort, exceeding the SS budget in 8 months.

    • dpaano says:

      And, this is the man who told his followers that he would come up with a health care plan that would be cheaper and give them more benefits……still waiting for that to happen! His current actions with his EO’s will hurt the ACA significantly, and he thinks that he and the Republicans won’t be blamed…..hey, you’re in power….the blame is in your lap!!!

  24. We should have been in 25th Amendment mode long ago after this clown was ushered into the White House by a Slavery-inspired Institution—the Electoral College—and with lots of help from Putin.
    And with recent remarks about restricting aid to Puerto Rico, callously berating Puerto Rico’s government official with his satanic impulsive rants about debt owed, encouraging racists across the nation to come out of hiding and boldly show their immoral selves, and
    now complaining like a brat because the newspapers and TV media(FOX is an anomaly and doesn’t count as a legitimate TV outlet) don’t blow him kisses, it’s way past due to show Donald the back door exit. He has darkened the towels of every establishment he has ever set foot in—to borrow an image described by Groucho’s ‘Rufus T. Firefly’ character of “Duck Soup”—and shouldn’t be given the time of day.

    • dpaano says:

      This man has done MORE to divide this country from itself and its allies than any other president in the past! So much for “Make America Great Again!” Hopefully, now that he’s signed EO’s to do away with much of the ACA….his followers will be hurt enough by his actions to finally come to their senses! Doubtful, but we can always hope!

  25. dpaano says:

    Actually, our senile president DID say (and it’s on record in several areas) that he wanted to “beef up” our nuclear program. As for his comments about the Turkey…..real presidential (as usual). This man has obviously NEVER read the Constitution, and if he did, he did not understand it. He has NO concept of what the 1st Amendment even means, much less any other amendment or item noted in our Constitution. He seems to think he only has to abide by the things that HE agrees with and the rest are just unimportant or unnecessary. Someone needs to sit him down and read the Constitution to him word for word!!! Or, maybe they can put it on the TV!!

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