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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Although Kathleen Willey is no longer a familiar name to most American voters, she retains a special place in Clinton conspiracist lore. In the years since her public debut during the Monica Lewinsky affair almost 20 years ago — when she first claimed that Bill Clinton had “groped” her in the Oval Office — Willey has spouted a wide variety of wild accusations against the Clintons, suggesting that they arranged the disappearance of her cat and stole the manuscript of her book about them, in a broader “campaign of terror” to silence her. She has also claimed that the Clintons actually murdered her own husband, Ed Willey, a Richmond lawyer who shot himself after his embezzlement of a client’s funds was exposed in 1993.

Her talent for paranoid blather inspired Trump adviser Roger Stone to hire Willey as a spokesperson and set up a fund to pay off her mortgage earlier this year, which he advertised to the rubes who watch conspiracy-minded alt-right talk show personality Alex Jones. The most consistent threads in her life are her need for money and her willingness to say whatever might attract attention and cash. 

Willey could muster scant evidence to support any of her lurid fantasies about the Clintons, but she has long possessed a highly inventive imagination and a powerful animus against Hillary Clinton. All of which admirably suited her for the role of Donald Trump’s prop, which she played on the evening of October 9 at the second presidential debate in St. Louis — along with Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathy Shelton. Innocent viewers watching her in the spin room after the debate — and most of the reporters covering the event, who know little about her colorful history —  may even have found Willey credible.

But those with longer memories may recall that as an immunized witness for Kenneth Starr’s Office of Independent Counsel, which probed President Clinton’s testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case, Willey proved so unreliable that Starr couldn’t  use her testimony – and the OIC even considered prosecuting her for lying to them. Instead, they immunized her a second time.

The following excerpt from The Hunting of the President — the bestselling 2000 book about the Clintons and their accusers by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons – indicates why Willey’s candor and motives were in doubt long before Michael Isikoff, then a reporter for Newsweek, first published her account of Clinton’s alleged assault.

During the summer of 1997, Isikoff had approached Linda Tripp, a White House friend of Willey who later became Starr’s key witness in the Monica Lewinsky affair, to validate the stunning story after he first interviewed Willey. But as Tripp explained to Isikoff, her recollection of Willey’s own behavior toward Clinton did not even remotely resemble what the supposedly aggrieved woman had told him.

When she got home on the evening of Michael Isikoff’s visit, Linda Tripp called Kathleen Willey for the first time in almost three years and bluntly accused her of lying to the Newsweek reporter.

“Kathleen, what are you doing?”

Without a hint of doubt, Tripp recalled, Willey coolly rebuffed Tripp’s objections.

“You must be misremembering, Linda…Of course it was sexual harassment. I don’t know why you’re now saying that I wanted it.”

“Kathleen, because we talked about it for months before it happened, because you chose your outfits, because you positioned yourself, because you flirted, because you looked for every reason to get in [to see Clinton privately],” Tripp remembered saying, when she described their conversation later. “Why are you now saying that this came as a huge surprise and he assaulted you?

As Tripp testified in vivid detail, Willey’s sudden claims of indignation didn’t remotely resemble the truth about her feelings toward Clinton in 1993. Not only had she been “happy” after the president’s allegedly feverish embrace in the Oval Office, but she and Tripp had been scheming together for months to stage her seduction of him. Tripp claimed her marriage to Ed Willey was loveless, on the verge of divorce. She wanted to move to Washington and have an affair with Clinton. “Kathleen [felt] that it had the potential to be a relationship that would be agreeable to the two of them.” (Tripp’s portrait of Willey was corroborated in sworn testimony by Harolyn Cardozo, another friend of Willey’s and the wife of Michael Cardozo, a Washington attorney and the former director of the President’s Legal Expense Trust. Cardozo recalled Willey boasting that she might become “the next Judith Exner” [one of President Kennedy’s mistresses] and pondering how to advance the relationship. We’ve got to get Hillary out of town!” Cardozo recalled her saying, only half in jest.)

Well before the Oval Office incident, Willey had taken Tripp on as her secret romantic adviser, calling to chat in the evenings about her obsession with the president. Tripp admitted encouraged the infatuation because in her view both Clinton and Willey were stuck “in not very good marriages, and it just seemed to be as consenting adults.” She also enjoyed the intrigue, helping Willey gain access to the president’s daily schedule so the pretty matron could arrange to bump into him, always dolled up “to catch his eye.” The two friends would talk about creating the conditions for a tryst, escaping the Secret Service, and “the logistics of how this could work,” Tripp testified. They had even discussed a specific location. Debbie Siebert, a mutual friend whose husband had been named ambassador to Sweden, had quite innocently invited the married Willey to use their empty house on the water in Annapolis.

After she had finally met with Clinton alone in the Oval Office, Willey had hurried to find Tripp, and met her coming upstairs in an elevator. Right away Tripp noticed her usually immaculate friend’s red face, bare lips, and mussed hair. “Do you have a lipstick? Come down with me.” Flushed and breathless, Willey dragged her outside to a parking lot and told her about Clinton’s ardent, “forceful,” embrace in graphic terms. Willey praised him, Tripp recalled , as a “great kisser,” and said she had kissed him back despite her fear that someone would walk in on them.

The next day Willey learned that her husband was dead. To Tripp, however, she seemed oddly disengaged in the aftermath of his suicide, even from the practicalities of arranging his funeral. She “didn’t cry, she didn’t dwell or even speak much about Ed,” according to the testimony of Tripp, who spoke with her frequently around that time. Instead, Kathleen talked “almost obsessively” about her encounter with the president. Willey worried that her late husband’s suicide “would be enough to spook [Clinton] for at least a year, that…he would not have anything to do with her on a personal level after this because of the tragedy.

“And I remember she received a call from [Clinton aide] Nancy Hernreich saying that the president wanted to call at an appropriate time to extend his condolences, and Kathleen called back because she apparently had had people at the house helping her and left a message [for the president]: ‘You can call anytime.’”

But as she and Tripp argued over the telephone many months later, Willey kept insisting that Clinton had subjected her to an unwanted mauling. And to Tripp’s astonishment, she realized that Willey “believed everything she was telling me that night.” Willey also confided that what she had really wanted from Clinton was lucrative employment. And although Tripp didn’t realize it then, Willey’s financial desperation was an important clue to her behavior.

The Newsweek reporter might have put aside the confusing tale of Kathleen Willey, at least temporarily, except for the intervention of the Supreme Court. After the justices ruled unanimously on May 28, 1997, that the Jones case should proceed, Isikoff realized that Willey might be the plaintiff’s most valuable witness in discovery and, if necessary, at trial. Jones attorney Joe Cammarata was already aware of her existence if not her identity, and was likely to find her sooner or later. Isikoff had to move quickly. His editors urged him to keep reporting until he had enough to publish.

Isikoff called Willey again in early June, hoping to convince her to go on the record. “Your story is going to have to come out,” he told her. “It’s inevitable.” She still refused.

Her apparent reluctance may have been a sham, although Isikoff had no way of knowing that. She too may have realized that the Supreme Court decision had increased her market value. The same week that she rejected the reporter’s entreaties to go public with her story, she was attempting – as Tripp had done before her – to sell it as a tell-all book. Her literary model was Faye Resnick, the friend of Nicole Brown Simpson whose pot-boiling account of the events leading up to the O.J. Simpson murder trial had been a quickie bestseller, and a Kathleen Willey favorite.

Willey’s telephone records showed that during the second week of June she had made several calls to top New York literary agencies. She called both International Creative Management and Janklow and Nesbit on June 6. (That same day she also called Publishers Weekly and New York magazine; her three calls to New York, she eventually testified, concerned her subscription to the glossy weekly.) She called both firms again on June 11. While she received little encouragement at either agency, she did get to make her pitch to Lynn Nesbit’s associate Tina Bennett. Under oath, Willey later explained these calls as attempts to seek public relations advice, because she anticipated that Isikoff’s article about her experiences would soon appear in Newsweek and cause a media explosion.

As Nesbit recalled their conversations, however, Willey only mentioned Newsweek as the curtain-raiser to a book deal. “She was trying to get ready,” Nesbit told freelance journalist Florence Graves. “She said Newsweek would be breaking her story, she was trying to get ready. She thought she ought to look into a book deal. She was trying to sell a memoir based on Ed’s death and the Clinton grope.” Nesbit felt that Willey seemed “desperate for money,” but the renowned agent didn’t think such a book was viable. “Everyone thinks they’ve got a bestselling memoir.”

Rejected by the New York publishing elite, Willey turned back to the White House a few weeks later, hoping to convince Clinton aides that she remained a loyal friend of the president. During the last week of June she placed a cryptic call to Nancy Hernreich, the overseer of the Oval Office and someone who had befriended Willey during her White House sojourn. Michael Isikoff had been calling her, she told Hernreich. The president ought to know.

IMAGE: Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer who alleged in a 1998 television interview that Clinton fondled her, is seen during an interview with Larry King in Los Angeles, in this file photo taken May 13, 1999. REUTERS/Rose Prouser/Files












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310 Responses to Trump’s Debate Stunt: Why Should Anyone Believe Kathleen Willey?

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    • AgLander, aka Rush Limbaugh. An active conspiracy theorist willing to find the worst in any Democratic candidate or office holder whether factual or not, while ignoring documented proof of Republican peccadilloes and worse!

      • Lander is easily dismissable. He has NO proof of a single one of his posts that don’t come from his favorite right wing sites. He hides on other winger sites like FixThisNation, MadPatriots (how very appropriate for MAD Lander) and Patriot News (as if Lander is even an American).

    • Pay attention to what your mom told you: lying is an awful sin. Repent because if you die at this moment Mr. Satan is going to be waiting for you at the hell’s gate.

    • No surprise that Trump is using women as set pieces now. He’s used them all his life, and now he’s finding some that are convenient.

      • Actually, I am sure not too many outside the NY/NJ metro region heard the rumor about Trump’s peculiar sexual proclivities at the Playboy Mansion in McAfee NJ. According to the whispers back in the 90s, Trump liked orgies …a LOT. Enough to pay for them.

    • Bill physically abused them? Gee…I don’t see any bruises. Do you? And, give it up LIAR LANDER…you can repeat your lies over and over and over like an unhinged nutbag but until you show us the photos of their bruises, you have what you always do..NOTHING!

      And what the hell kind of Dixiebelle women go after a married man?

    • In your lurid recurrent dreams you fondly imagine what appears to be Bill in your dream attacking women or talking out loud about doing such and gragging about it.
      Wake up, Agatha. What you saw in your dreams was in fact Donald. And now your nightmare is being brought to life.

    • “Sure, this woman is an unhinged lunatic who lied repeatedly to investigators, but let’s take her seriously!”. So gloriously stupid.

    • Not Ken Starr…Karl Rove and Grover Norquist. Both of these two spiteful, vengeful men have been after the Clintons since the day President Clinton entered college. This has been documented in numerous books.

    • Who in the heck cares? Bill Clinton may not have been a Saint, but he was a great President, and his post presidential endeavors are outstanding.
      Most importantly, Bill Clinton is not running for President. Hillary is. Is Trump, the Desperate Narcissist, insinuating that Hillary did something wrong when she believed what Bill told her initially, or that she should have remained calm when she found out what happened? Honestly, I could care less.
      What matters to me are the qualifications of the candidates, their record, their vision, their temperament, the agenda they have outlined, and their demeanor. Hillary beats the Donald on every front by a mile. Welcome Madam President!

    • He died. And, Ken Starr after a 12 year White Water investigation had nothing. If he had, the Clintons would be in jail by now. As for that BS about Vince Foster, he own wife said he was bi polar and seriously depressed. She said he tried suicide twice before he EVER met the Clintons.

  1. I remember the times, and Linda Tripp was out to set up Bill Clinton from the start. She is the one who encouraged Monica L. to seduce him. As far as she got was to get him to a blow job. Even the dress they tried to intimidate him with was never tested and looked like it was smeared all over the back inside with cold cream. I’ve been on this earth long enough to know that men don’t have that much semen; and saw it for the set-up it was. That is why he “lied”, he didn’t realize that a B.J. was having sex. She was 25 years old and just came off a 5 year affair with a married professor. Monica was no angel for sure.
    There was never any proof of anything. Kudos to Hillary for telling off the women and saving her marriage.


    • I love how these women pretend they didn’t know Bill Clinton was married. What American woman accepts their victim act? Even as far back as when Clinton was Gov. of Arkansas, there is NO WAY these women couldn’t know he was married.

      Worse, they brazenly thought he’d leave Hillary for them. So now they are putting on their paid spiteful act for Rove and Norquist.

    • As I said before, I think the whole Monica Lewinsky deal was a set-up from the beginning! And, where’s that dress today? I think I read somewhere that it’s conveniently disappeared. Now that we have DNA testing available, it would be interesting to see what that “stain” actually was!! It would answer the question once and for all!

  2. If the real dirt was dug up on why these women are playing The Other Woman Victim, the shadows behind them are the 5 men who paid them to sidle up to the most powerful MARRIED man in the country: Rove, Norquist, Rev. Ralph Reed, Eric “Blackwater” Prince and Ken “WhiteWater” Starr.

    These 5 had it out for President Clinton since his college days and they admitted they tried to force him off the Arkansas Gubernatorial ticket. You know what’s funny about these 5 uggos? They hated Clinton ONLY because he became a Rhodes Scholar, something not a single one of these DADDIES boys could ever do. They hate Clinton for the same reason they Hate Obama: How dare the sons of Single Moms become president!

    But, back to these golddigger women. It’s okay that Trump, Guilani and Gingrich have 3 wives. Gingrich being the scumbaggiest of all…Leaves his wife while she was undergoing chemo. Then, leaves wife No. 2 when she was diagnosed with MS. But let’s bitch and moan about Big Bad Hillary for having ONLY ONE husband.

    As for Trump, it is to our advantage that he stay in the race. Why? Pence is already asking to be removed from the GOP Trump ticket. There won’t be any Republican stupid enough to want to jeopardize their re-elections. So No VP. Pull Trump and the election is cancelled. The GOP will do what they always do. Use their House and Senate Majority to delay the election untile AFTER the Obama/Biden Terms end and then install Acting President Paul Ryan who is already strutting around rehearsing the part. As 3rd in line to the presidency, he’d repeal healthcare and banking reform, start a war in Iran for Netanyahu and load up the SC with right wing Republicans. Nothing would accomplish Republican government regime takeover faster than for Trump to drop out.

    • Trump won’t pull out, Pence won’t go away. Trump hates Ryan, wouldn’t pee on Ryan if he was on fire.
      But we STILL don’t have to worry, all these RWNJ/Tea Partiers have the backbone of a blade of grass. They MAY own 90% of the guns, but are too lazy to get off the couch from watching “duck dynasty”.

      • the DONNY DUMP rigger is now going to cry on tweeter it all is rigged till the little fingers on his little hands fall off

          • my my ALLIE DING-DONG BELL seems you know a lot about lying dirt bags Might that be all because of your mother resembling that ? awwwww did she lie to you about doing all your friends (both of them if you was very lucky to had that many ) or was it you was watching her do both of them and when you addressed it to her she said NOPE IT WASNT ME ? but then of course you had a cam and took about 100 pics and she still said it wasn’t her . forgive her for she knew what she did . heck ALLIE DING-DONG BELL ask her if you can be next ? for you know it will happen again . OR SHE MIGHT CATCH YOU DOING THOSE BOTH FREINDS YOURSELF AND SHE HAS THE SAME CAM . ill tell you then you pull a mommy and say nope that wasn’t me either

          • Dear Mr. Al Troll,
            What is life like in the basket? Besides being a gross and warped human thing, what are the requirements to join you there?

          • Difference you are wearing suspenders being pulled by Bannor, we are individuals that know the difference, We are voting for Hillary because we love our country.

          • You’re another idiot Hill-troll. You’re probably too dumb to get paid by the lying cheating scumbag Dems.

      • Actually, it is to our advantage that we force Trump to stay in the race. My knowledge of Trump goes back to when he and Daddy had it out over Daddy sending him to military school to get away from his cloying, overindulgent Mommy. Nothing about the Trumps was not published in the NY Daily News or NY Post or any of the local NJ media on a weekly basis.

        But here is the real reason to keep Trump in. The longer Trump stays in and the election appears to be a landslide, the more Trump’s overblown maniacal ego takes the hit. He claims he never EVER loses. This loss would be the first and guess who Trump will take out his rage on? The Republican Party. Trump has access to an army of dirt diggers who would literally empty the trash on the Republicans, every one of them.

        Too many here in NJ know the long, rotten dirty hand of Trump and Trump money. The best thing that could happen is the loss of an election.

        • Actually, it is to our advantage that we force Trump to stay in the race.

          I agree. If you watched SNL’s opening segment last week it hilariously presented that the Clinton campaign agrees.

          • I know this may sound not so nice. But after half a lifetime of that Trump big mouth and swagger always in the media, nothing would please me more than to see Trump LOSE.

            I recall back in the 80s when he made his first billion that he stated back then, “I can buy anything I want. Even the presidency.” He has always had it in his mind that after he amassed obcene wealth, he’d be president.

          • His narcissistic temperament is really going to take a hit when he loses! I’m concerned as to what will happen when that occurs. As I said earlier, it won’t be pretty.

        • Yeah, Trump apparently holds grudges, which is not a good thing! If he loses, you can bet that he’s going to go after anyone who went against him during the campaign, and it won’t be pretty! I’m sure his followers will be along for the ride too, which is also sad! It’s amazing to me that, after all that Trump has said and done and all that’s been proven, so many people (including evangelical Christian pastors) have continued to back him for the presidency. They are so brainwashed with all the conspiracy theories that abound….it’s pitiful to see how gullible these people are that they don’t FINALLY figure out that Trump is NOT the president that we need or want.

    • Attack the accusers, that’s the Clinton way. Democrats have no morals. If it feels good do it. Awful people. Totally disgusting.

  3. Oh and by the way? In the mid 2000s? Reverend Ralph Reed of the Infamous Clinton Haters Boys Club? He got nabbed for sexual assault. This from a religious right wing Conservative?

    • Eleanore, being an ex Republican you should like this tweet storm rant from a Wisconsin Republican woman who says she’s had it with the GOP:

      Wisconsin Republican woman slams GOP men as she quits the party in a stunning Tweet Storm

      So let me get this straight: I, a conservative female, have spent years defending the Republican Party against claims of sexism. When I saw Republican men getting attacked I stood up for them. I came to their defense. I fought on their behalf. I fought on behalf of a movement I believed in. I fought on behalf of my principles while other women told me I hated my own sex. Not only charges of sexism, but I defended @marcorubio during Go8, I fought in my state to stop the @ScottWalker recall, etc.

      Now some Trojan horse nationalist sexual predator invades the @GOP, eating it alive, and you cowards sit this one out? He treats women like dogs, and you go against everything I – and other female conservatives – said you were & back down like cowards. Get this straight: We don’t need you to stand up for us, YOU needed to stand up for us for YOU. For YOUR dignity. For YOUR
      reputation. Jeff Sessions says that he wouldn’t “characterize” Trump’s unauthorized groping of women as “assault.” Are you kidding me?!

      Others try to rebuke his comments, yet STILL choose to vote for a sexual predator – because let’s be honest, that’s what he is. “What he said is wrong, and the way he treats women is wrong, but it’s not wrong enough for me to not vote for him.” Thanks, cowards. Various men in the movement are writing it
      off as normal, confirming every stereotype the left has thrown at them. So I’m
      done. I’m sooo done. If you can’t stand up for women & unendorse this piece of human garbage, you deserve every charge of sexism thrown at you.

      I’m just one woman, you won’t even notice my lack of presence at rallies, fair booths, etc., You won’t really care that I’m offended. By your silence, and your
      inability to take a stand. But one by one you’ll watch more women like me go,
      & you’ll watch men of ACTUAL character follow us out the door. And what you’ll be left with are the corrupt masses that foam at the mouth every time you step Outside the lines. Men who truly see women as lesser beings, &
      women without self-respect. & your “guiding faith” & “principles” will be Attached to them as well. And when it’s all said and done, all you’ll have left is the party The Left always accused you of being. Scum.

      CC: @SpeakerRyan @tedcruz @marcorubio @SpeakerRyan @Reince And every other tool refusing to unendorse this monster.

      WOW! Walked away after my rant and came back to a few thousand notifications. Truly appreciate all of the kind words & support!! Thank you!


  5. Joe Cohen Conason has a lot of women to go if his plan was to go down that rabbit hole and attack each one of Bill’s victims in isolation! Get busy writing Joe Cohen Conason!

    Juanita Broaddrick
    Paula Jones
    Sarah Allen James
    Eileen Wellstone
    Christy Zercher
    Carolyn Moffet
    Helen Dowdy
    Becky Brown
    Regina Blakely Hopper
    Monica Lewinsky
    Elizabeth Ward Gracen
    Gennifer Flower
    Connie Hamzy
    Dolly Kyle Browning
    Sally Miller (Sally Perdue)
    Lencola Sullivan
    Susie Whitacre

        • Too bad. So Sad. Your people tried and tried but you see Al there just wasn’t the evidence. Did you find evidence that has never been found before? Tell me, tell me, tell me Al. Come on, tell me Al.

        • OK sorry to break it to you but your fantasies won’t ever come true. Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States no matter how many times you lie.

          • I should be worried because Dems are truly dangerous. I am going to check my hard drive. I would not put anything past the lying cheating Dems. Look what they did to Bernie and his supporters.

        • Bill has never raped anyone nor has he been indicted or gone to court for sexually assaulting someone…..unlike your buddy, Trump, who will be going to court for the raping of a 13-year-old girl. Can you explain that one?

    • Politics is warfare but these are not the spoils of war. If I had to have this much ‘strange’, I’d get a divorce before my wife divorced my ass and it looked like I had a problem!

        • Really Al. You do have a very sick obsession with sexual predators. That’s a sign of serious mental illness. For your own good, get some help.

          • Come on jm, that’s really a pathetic response to Bill being a sexual predator and his wife destroying his victims. They must not be paying you enough to be a Hill-troll.

        • Again, so is Trump……not sure why you seem to not understand that and keep repeating the same BS over and over again. Can’t you tell by now that you’re getting no where on this site…..maybe you need to go find a site where people agree with you and leave this one to intelligent people who appreciate intelligent discourse!

          • “I did not have sex with that woman.” -Bill Clinton under oath just before being impeached for lying.
            “The attack on the consulate in Benghazi was spontaneous and caused by a youtube video.” -Hillary Clinton

      • You are describing Democrats to a T. Liars all of them. It’s OK to commit crimes and obey laws if you’re a Dem. Democrats kill police, burn and loot cities, and have zero respect for the law.

        • OK sorry you have to make up stuff. The only crimes committed by any candidate for President in this election were committed by the Republican. The conspiracy theories remain deeply stupid & you’re still going to lose badly.

        • Al, you sound like a mad man frothing at the mouth the way you’re belching. You must be taking lessons from Trump.

          Do you suffer from rabies of the brain?
          I can see you’re the type that loves to lead a lynch mob, in full regalia with sheet and hood, the way you burst into the forum thirsting for blood. Someone should be locked up and he should have been when he was denying renting to black applicants, and being sexually offensive on the air and in debates, and that person is none other than Drumpf(aka Trump).

          Trump supporters are easily given to behaving like wild animals when they open their mouths.

          • Did you forget that Bill Clinton is a cheating, lying, disbarred, impeached, sexual predator and his wife made a career out of destroying his victims?

        • Yes, but it’s okay for Trump to take money from people and put it in his Trump Foundation, which is supposed to be used for charity, then use it to buy himself gifts and pay his legal expenses. And, it’s okay for him to stiff contractors from their hard-earned money by using the lame excuse that the “work was not good enough.” And, it’s okay for him to file bankruptcy 6 times and leave it up to the taxpayers to make up his losses…..all $916B of them, by the way. And, it’s okay for him to cheat people out of their money with his Trump University BS. Plus, it’s okay for him to get away with not paying taxes (letting the poor and middle class to pay for his ability to live in the U.S.), and it’s okay for him to hire Polish contractors to build Trump Tower (paying them half of what they would have been paid if they were American workers) rather than hiring local people and paying them a decent salary. And, it’s certainly okay for him to have his clothing line made in China when he keeps saying that it’s “shameful” that U.S. corporations are going overseas to get their products made? It’s okay for him to threaten a political candidate with jail, which, by the way, is not something he can do if he’s elected. I guess all of this is okay with you, but it ISN’T okay with those of us who care about this country!

          • The Clinton Foundation took in millions and millions and only 5% made it to any actually charity work. Google up Clinton Foundation tax return 2014.
            If you cared about this country you would never vote for Hillary. Trump has his flaws but Hillary is truly an elitist politician who cares for no one but herself. She is a morally bankrupt human being.

  6. How many shameful persons like this have been spawned in America, from a cesspool of deceit, lying, and possessed by conspiracy imaginings that surpass even the bizarre visions of Muslim fanatics in Iran?
    Our own Agatha, (AgLander), and a few of his comrades, and Ms. Wiilley, are prime examples of those afflicted with conspiracy-infested minds that no longer can think and see straight. To this woman and AgLander, the crooked road looks straight, while for that which is straight, they work feverishly to make crooked.

    AgLander and Ms. Willey would be excellent stand-ins for Boris and Natasha of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

    • Again, I think the Monica Lewinsky deal was a frame-up in my opinion. After all, who would go after a married man, especially a president, and who would keep a dress from that so-called tryst? She threw herself at the president….unfortunately, he took her up on it, but it was all staged, and I’m sure she made quite a bit of money from the opposite party for her performance!

        • You would have been better off letting people think you were a fool. Instead you leave posts and prove it. Thanks for clearing that up.

        • No, she isn’t a stooge. It’s people who have over-active imaginations and don’t think who are stooges.
          Al, how long are you contracted by Donald to wipe his behind?
          It must take a dedicated sycophant to do that job. I suppose they he found the right guy in you.

          Well, don’t let me hold you up, because there’s a huuuggge mess that needs cleaning up. Tally ho!!

          • Aaron of Pottymouth, are you a paid Hill-troll or just a clueless follower? Hillary for prison. You defending this wretch of a human being says all anyone needs to know about you.

          • Only a juvenile would respond the way you do. The wretch is Donald, Al. And you’re doing a fine imitation of him.
            Did your geography book grade school have a place called “Pottymouth”? Did you advance beyond grade school?

            And learn some grammar, will you?

          • Aaron of Pottymouth. here are a few quotes for you to dwell upon:
            “I did not have sex with that woman.” -Bill Clinton just before being impeached and disbarred for lying under oath.

            “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be
            some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”
            –Hillary Clinton, speech at George Washington University, taken from the Washington Post

            In case you forgot, upon landing, she received flowers from a little girl on the red carpet they laid for her.

          • Al, there are plenty of people ahead of you willing to wipe Trump’s behind. But sit tight—you’ll be granted the privilege to do that and shave his back. You’re such a lucky fellow.
            Tally Ho!

          • “The attack on the consulate in Benghazi was spontaneous and caused by a Youtube video.” -Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

          • Oh, here we go with the tiresome exercise of trying to tie Hillary with Benghazi. Do you have an IQ of a 3 year old?
            Was Bush responsible for the Iraq War and the unnecessary deaths of servicemen and women based on conspiracies about WMD on which Bush based his decision?
            Grow up Al, and stop fantasizing over Benghazi. The tragedy is over, leaders and their subordinates make mistakes. But your unforgivable mistake is insisting on beating dead horses and not making an effort to educate yourself beyond the Romper- Room style of information dispensing that pulls in droves of myrmidons like yourself.

          • Hillary/Obama are responsible for the overthrow of the government in Benghazi much like Bush/Cheney is for Iraq. Anyone who denies that is either a liar or a paid stooge for the Clinton Crime family.
            “The tragedy is over.” You need to tell that to the relatives of the people Hillary didn’t help who were killed by Islamic extremists including the ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. Then maybe you should look at the trail of the weapons that ended up in the hands of ISIS. But that would mean you would have to face the truth about Hillary. Heaven forbid.

        • Haha? Are you the class clown hired by Trump to infest forums where intelligence are the norm rather than the exception?
          Be gone, court jester, and entertain somewhere else with your prattle and idle twittering.

          • You are another Hill-troll going from message board to message board. Hillary is garbage and should be in prison.

          • No, Al, you’re just a man with a weak mind who has been seduced by the Dark Side of Trump. Trump is the one who should have been imprisoned decades ago for crimes against Americans, particularly black Americans who he brought false charges against even after they were exonerated and found innocent. At one time in Biblical history, the penalty for bringing false charges without witnesses was death by stoning. Lucky for Trump, the penalty is a libel suit.

            Trump should be in jail for evading taxes and being on a perpetual audit—and you believe that garbage??

          • Oh Aaron of Pottymouth. You are a true Hill-troll. I hope at least you’re smart enough to get paid. If not……

        • Ah, no, I’m not a “stooge” (why do you Trumpsters always deflect and call people names when they don’t agree with you)? Trump is ALSO a sexual predator, so I can’t understand WHY you people have problems with not understanding that and blaming Bill Clinton for the same thing that Trump has done and admitted it. As a note, Bill has never been indicted for anything even remotely sexual. Yes, he lied about the Monica Lewinsky problem and was “impeached” because of it, but he wasn’t impeached for the act itself. Are you so brainwashed that you can’t see that Trump is no better than Clinton? Why put the blame on Clinton that needs to ALSO go on Trump?

          • dp you are a stooge. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath. His lying wife made a career out of destroying his victims. I hope you’re getting paid to be a Hill-troll.
            Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and his wife is a lying and deceitful snake.

      • Given what has become an obsession with the Right Wing to hate and to deceive, and their fondness for “dirty tricks” as taught by the Master of tricks himself, “Tricky Dick”, it wouldn’t be unheard of for them to pull such a stunt. Small-minded men like Rove, Rush(Limburger), Stone, etc. have nothing better to do than daydream about what pranks to play or lies to spin.

    • I am so sick of Democrats and their minions trying to personally destroy victims of sexual abuse. Democrats are not just deplorable they are despicable.

      • That is the worst thing that has ever been said about Americans per Donnie J Trump. You’re gonna be in trouble. Donnie may kick you out of the basket.

      • You clearly are lacking the capacity to think clearly and rationally. As a result, your vivid and wild imagination leads you to think that Trump is OK to abuse women and you’re OK with that. You talk about being sick when you should be throwing up over Trump’s lurid fantasies. Thet you are not sick of what Trump admits he’d like to do, means that you’re prone to think and act the same way as Trump.
        You may get away with false equivalencies with conservatives, you may pretend to be sick about our assault on a despicable man(Donald), and bellyache about our disgust with Trump and his misogyny, but you’ll get no traction with your weak assessment from those of us who like to exercise our insight, take time to reflect and can penetrate Trump’s facade—a thin facade which you obviously haven’t been able to penetrate.

        And I suppose that Trump has some Divine Right to think, talk, and behave the way he does according to some twisted misinterpretation of Christianity. If you think that way, then you and Trump need to reevaluate your understanding of what is moral and what is immoral, what adheres to Christian standards versus egregious behavior that runs counter to the Message of Jesus

        And then, you need to examine what Baha’u’llah says on these themes—start out at

        Fare thee well, friend.

      • Are you kidding, republicans don’t even want to allow the women of sexual abuse the right to choose if she ends up pregnant.

        • Hill-troll. Dumass as well. They can’t pay you enough to sound intelligent. If you’re not getting paid….well…you’re still a dumass for supporting lying Hillary and not getting paid.

  7. These false allegations and many more have been investigated thoroughly and have never been proven. Still conspiracy theorists like Trump, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Stephen Bannon and others refuse to admit defeat. They are dangerous men who should be shunned by patriotic Americans as their values have never reflected those cherished by Americans.

    • And what gets me is that these slime balls after 30 years, finally made up to advising a candidate for the Presidency. They can already smell the scent at the white house. I think the FBI needs to investigate all three, I bet one of them is involved with the hackers.

      • I agree. Roger Stone claims to be close to Julian Assange who has ties to Russia. While any or all may be connected, my betting money is on Stone.

        • Liberal liars want to make Russia the fall guy for everything. Russia is not hacking these emails. There is no proof only the lies from Obama and Hillary.

          • It looks like we now have another moronic right-wing troll here to annoy us that only knows how to post total nonsense.

          • Al, you’re damaging your credibility with all these wild and unsupported accusations. Simply regurgitating the party line is not convincing.

          • CONmen like you want to make nicey nicey with Russia. YOu do know that there is proof by our DOD that Russia is arming Assad? You do know that the Russians were caught hacking into the DNC emails?

            Are you a foreign security risk ISIS boy?

          • Hill-trolls like you are a dime a dozen. You support the most vile people on earth. The new Dem tactic is to blame the Russians! Hahaha! What a stupid thing to do! No one with half a brain believes that nonsense. Go away Hill-troll.

          • The more I read your comments (especially this one), the more I’m beginning to believe you’re one of those many Russian shills that Putin has hired to troll the internet – ’cause nobody could be as dense, blind and backwards as you make yourself out to be !

            This comment of yours reminds me of the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where the charlatan behind the curtain is unveiled and the so-called Great Oz says; “Pay no attention to that man behind the
            curtain . . . “

          • Al, there IS proof and the FBI and the NSA have already found out where the hacking is coming from. It’s coming from a well-known hacker who is associated with Russia. Do you EVER read the news? Really? Get your facts straight before you post because you sound like just another brainwashed conservative.

          • There is no proof or it would already be out there. The Russians are so convenient to pick on. Seth Rich was the leak on the DNC and we know what happened to him. Another victim of the Clinton Crime family.

      • The FBI, as we know it, is dead. Comey saw to that when he let the criminal Hillary off and gave immunity to her slimeball assistants.

        • If Hillary is guilty, why aren’t 22 people from the Bush Administration in jail for having used the RNC’s private servers when they lost over 103 million emails at one point – 80 million are still missing?? Huh???

          • Yeah, I want to know why the FBI hasn’t arrested Colin Powell for (1) refusing to turn over his e-mails when subpeona’d; (2) erasing all of them; (3) enabling Condoleeza Rice to erase all of her e-mails; and (4) enabling GWB and his cohorts to make sure theirs were not made available also! Can you answer that one, Al???

        • While Bannon, Stones and Jones have been brain washing your base with lie after lie, conspiracy after conspiracy, innuendo after innuendo for the 30 years, and you are just not bright enough to see you are being played, BIGly.

          • Lie after lie…Hahaha!
            “The attack on the consulate in Behghazi was spontaneous and caused by a Youtube video.” –Hillary Clinton
            No one has to fill anyone’s head. Hillary is out there in her own voice lying! Hahaha!
            You dumb Hill-troll!

    • Bill Clinton is a sexual predator no matter how much the liberal Dems wish he weren’t. Hillary is his enabler attacking anyone who is brave enough to speak up about his abuse.

      • So the next time Bill runs for office, don’t vote for him.
        Meanwhile, try to keep in touch with present reality. We know it’s hard, but don’t give up – we’re all rooting for you to make it.

        • Hillary is a lying snake who attacks all of Bill’s victims. How this pair is not in prison shows the total corruption of the system.

        • Hillary and her personal “War on Women” Bill have no right to attack women either physically or verbally. She should be in prison not running for president.

      • Again, and so is Trump!!! In fact, he’s even worse than Bill EVER was. As for Hillary “enabling” him, do you even know the meaning of the word?

        • Of course he doesn’t know what the word means, he wasn’t taught, he was just told to repeat, republican parrots have frog faces.

        • Does this sound familiar? “I did not have sex with that woman.” He was then impeached, disbarred, and shamed. Unfortunately, it did not stop him from continuing his predatory behavior. His lying wife has never stopped attacking his victims. How any woman could support these cretins I will never know.

  8. ahhh the poor defenseless women. Maybe they ought to go back and make sure her husband’s death was suicide and not murder for insurance money!

      • Wow!! You just love to dig up all these fake scandals that were long since debunked?? Are you Rip VanWinkle?? Seems like you must have been sleeping the past 20 years when all these stories were proven to be nothing but more right-wing pathological lies!!!!

      • No I wouldn’t accuse his wife of any type of scandal, Poor Vince had mental issues, may he rest in peace. And you idiots can find anything better to do, but bring more pain to his family. What on earth have you got to gain.

      • He committed suicide, even left a suicide note. His death was never considered murder. You nitwits need to get some facts before you start spitting out garbage like that.


        • Convenient how people who get on the wrong side of the Clinton Crime family end up dead. Hillary was the first one in his office after his “suicide”.

      • And what does that have to do with anything? Apparently, you believe the conspiracy theory that the GOP has come up with. Vince Foster, if I remember correctly, committed suicide. His wife, his friends, and the police even confirmed that it was suicide. So, how do the Clinton’s figure in this? Were you there, did you see it, can you prove it to be other than suicide when it’s already been proven to be such?

        • Are you and jmprint one and the same? If not, you two should exchange emails and get together. After all, you’re both mentally and emotionally challenged and dumb enough to follow Hillary the Liar.

    • Are you and dpaano one and the same? If not, you two should exchange
      emails and get together. After all, you’re both mentally and emotionally
      challenged and dumb enough to follow Hillary the Liar.

    • I guess that means she wasn’t your daughter, sister, mother, or wife so it’s OK to shame her. Awful. Bill Clinton is a sexual predator.

      • It’s weird that you’re not trying to help Melania get away from a guy who openly brags about sexually assaulting women. I guess she doesn’t count?

        Also, I don’t see where Tony’s post “shames” anyone at all.

      • You really need to pay a little bit of attention to what a GOP supporting woman in Wisconsin had to say when she finally got fed up with people like you who support the GOP and decided she’d just had enough of you worthless GOP-loving male cowards..

        Here’s what she had to say using a storm of tweets on Twitter (try paying attention because she ends up calling you GOP-loving males cowards):

        Wisconsin Republican woman slams GOP men as she quits the
        party in a stunning Tweet Storm

        So let me get this straight: I, a conservative female, havespent years defending the Republican Party against claims of sexism. When I saw Republican men getting attacked I stood up for them. I came to their defense. I fought on their behalf. I foughton behalf of a movement I believed in. I fought on behalf of my principleswhile other women told me I hated my own sex. Not only charges of sexism, but Idefended @marcorubioduring Go8, I fought in my state to stop the @ScottWalker recall, etc.

        Now some Trojan horse nationalist sexual predator invades the @GOP, eating it alive, and you cowards sit this one out? He treats women like dogs, and you go against everything I – and other female conservatives – said you were & back down like cowards. Get this straight: We don’t need you to stand up for us, YOU needed to stand up for us for YOU. For YOUR dignity. For YOUR reputation. Jeff Sessions says that he wouldn’t “characterize” Trump’s unauthorized groping of women as “assault.” Are you kidding me?!

        Others try to rebuke his comments, yet STILL choose to vote for a sexual predator – because let’s be honest, that’s what he is. “What
        he said is wrong, and the way he treats women is wrong, but it’s not wrong enough for me to not vote for him.” Thanks, cowards. Various men in the movement are writing it off as normal, confirming every stereotype the left has thrown at them. So I’m done. I’m sooo done. If you can’t stand up for women & unendorse this piece of human garbage, you deserve every charge of sexism thrown at you.

        I’m just one woman, you won’t even notice my lack of presence at rallies, fair booths, etc., You won’t really care that I’m offended. By your silence, and your inability to take a stand. But one by one you’ll watch more women like me go, & you’ll watch men of ACTUAL character follow us out the door. And what you’ll be left with are the corrupt masses that foam at the mouth every time you step Outside the lines. Men who truly see women as lesser beings, & women without self-respect. & your “guiding faith” & “principles” will be Attached to them as well. And when it’s all said and done, all you’ll have left is the party The Left always accused you of being. Scum.

        CC: @SpeakerRyan @tedcruz @marcorubio @SpeakerRyan @Reince And every other tool refusing to unendorse this monster.

        WOW! Walked away after my rant and came back to a few thousand notifications. Truly appreciate all of the kind words & support!!
        Thank you!

      • I don’t know about you, Al, but my daughters, sister, mother, and wife aren’t into lying and slandering other people, so they don’t have this sort of problem.
        And you still seem stuck in the 90s; Bill Clinton is not running for any public office. Might as well discuss the sexual escapades of, say, Hugh Grant or Charlie Sheen. Just about as relevant.

        • Don’t be fooled. Men like Al had Itchy Richard Syndrome from the minute they discover the other use of their “family jewels.”

          These guys are a joke. They love to deflect their own guilt onto others. Ten to one Allie is divorced due to his inability to keep it in his pants. roflmao

      • He like most adulterers, only think of themselves. He is not PEDATOR. Most these women invited him into there hotel rooms, knowing full well is is a married man.

        • He is a sexual predator and his wife is a disgusting human being who instead of divorcing the monster attacked and is still attacking his victims using fools like you to do it.

      • No Alllie Balls…YOU are the sexual predator. I dare you to allow your wife or daughter or any one of your female relatives to spend an hour allow in a room with Trump. You talk big but like all weeny males of the right, you don’t dare prove it. Now, I am calling your bluff.

        You love Trump so much? Get your wife into a room alone with him. I DARE YOU!

        • Trump will only go after her if she’s blonde, slim, has big boobs, and great legs….that’s pretty much his type. Actually, I don’t think he cares if they’re blonde….as long as the rest of the package is awesome!!!

        • I have no trouble with my daughters being in the room with Trump. It was Bill Clinton who used Monica as his own personal humidor. But I guess you forgot that didn’t you? Monica saved her own reputation by not cleaning the blue dress with Bill’s junk on it or she would have been a lying whore her entire life. Bill is a sexual predator and rapist. Hillary was viciously attacking the teenager until she proved Bill took advantage of her.

      • And so is Trump…..apparently, you haven’t kept up with the news or the debates, have you? Doesn’t FAUX News talk about these things….I think even FAUX News has abandoned Trump in many ways! Get a life and get educated!!!

        • Fox, CNN, ABC, etc are all fake news. I don’t listen or read anything any of these phony news channels say or print.
          You’re the dummy.
          “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be
          some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” –Hillary Clinton, speech at George Washington University

  9. If Ted Kennedy was alive today just imagine the conversation he’d be having right now with his morality twin and buddy, Bill Clinton….

    Ted Kennedy (laughing)…..”I drowned a woman!”
    Bill Clinton (laughing even harder)….”I raped several women!”
    Both men (now laughing so hard, they’re crying)……”Thank God we didn’t talk dirty!!!”

    • The scent of desperation coming off you terrified weenies as your pathetic dinosaur philosophy is finally flushed away is intoxicating.

    • And there you go again trying to defame someone based on innuendoes – you have absolutely no evidence to support your libelous accusations. Only a half brain would believe what you’re posting.

      And what makes what you’re posting even worse, is that you’re ignoring issues like Newt Gingrich and Eric Cantor getting together and bragging about all the GOP accomplished over the past 7 years in dumbing down the economy in order to try and make Obama and the Dems look bad – totally overlooking the fact that in their doing that, it has resulted in thousands of Americans dying every month because of their murderous actions.

      But then, you can only bemoan one woman drowning in an accident – and don’t give one thought to the thousands of men and women who are dying every month because of what Newt, Eric and virtually every other Republican has done to murder people – every month for the past 5 or so plus years – ever since they got control of the budget in 2011!!!

      Kind of makes it clear what kind of person you really are; doesn’t it???

      • Lander is a mean spirited Cheney clone. Lander is one of those men who reeks of hardliner evil and sees nothing wrong with anything the rest of the world considers BAD.

        Lander eat evil for breakfast every day. He only stays on National Memo because it keeps him mentally alert until his welfare checks arrive.

    • Sorry that you think that; a serial liar doesn’t comprise evidence, and Bill Clinton is not the Democratic candidate. Go back to supporting the guy who openly takes glee in sexual assault.

      • Unfortunately, Al is one of those brainwashed individuals who tends to believe every conspiracy theory that has EVER been put out by the GOP and thinks that Trump is lily-white and pure even when it’s been proven so many times that he isn’t! What Bill Clinton did many years ago has NOTHING to do with Hillary and her run for the presidency! I’m confused as to why Trump and his cohorts seem to think that matters. What REALLY matters is what he plans on doing if he’s elected, and we’ve heard nothing concrete about anything other than his usual rants! At least Hillary has a 200+ book that explains exactly what she’s going to do and how she plans on doing it……many more details than Trump has given!

        • People like Al never let things like truth, facts, or policy get in their way. He is just an ignorant troll for Trump. Like Trump, he probably believes that all polls showed he won the 10-9-16 Debate. The truth is that he won all of the snap aka troll polls which allow people to commit voter fraud by voting for their choice as many times as they want. The truth is he lost all the scientific polls. Al must be a very miserable person.
          Trump supporters continue to try to equate the pain of a wife whose husband cheated on her with a man who brags about sexually assaulting women. Their beliefs are very warped.

    • Based on what, calling right-wingers out for all the lies they tell? Based on what?

      We’re not supporting a party whose agenda actually ends up killing people like you folks who support the GOP who gleefully allows people to die prematurely just so they can feed money to their pockets and those of the already wealthy.. So what makes us disgusting??

    • Gee, Al, that’s a pretty grim accusation, especially with zero detail and zero evidence. Is there something in the article that is not true? Please do point it out. Or Is this one of those “truth hurts” reactions?

    • This while YOU righties wallow in victimhood? If you want to remain in the 1950s, do it. No one will care. But you will NEVER EVER destroy the future our children deserve with your maniacal bossy boy attitudes. Grow up.

      • I’m not a righty at all. I think Bush/Cheney should be on trial for war crimes for what they did in Iraq. But I also think Obama/Clinton should be tried for their crimes in Libya and the Middle East. These globalist political elite are awful. But the Hill-trolls are paid to go on comment boards and attack. If you’re not getting paid you’re not too smart.

    • Why? Because we see the truth and you don’t? As I said earlier, why do you put all the blame on Bill Clinton (who, by the way, was NEVER indicted for anything remotely sexual) and not put the same amount of blame on Trump, who IS going to court for rape of the 13-year-old? Apparently, you’ve got the wrong party when you call us “disgusting human beings” when it’s Trump who is the disgusting human being!

      • Hillary is a disgusting human being. She is responsible for toppling Gaddafi and arming ISIS. Thousands have died because of her and Obama.
        Bill Clinton was impeached and disbarred for lying under oath. What about that don’t you understand? You can’t be a paid Hill-troll. You don’t quite get it.

    • And explain this one to us Al, if Republicans are so much into ‘family values’ as they claim, why is it that states that vote in Republicans to govern them, BY FAR lead the nation in people who admit to being divorced? It wouldn’t be that these ‘holier than thou’ Republicans are actually more apt to cheat on their spouses than liberals; would it???

      22 of the 26 states with 10 or more people /1000 identifying as divorced are GOP-run states.

      Here’s the 26 states with the number/1,000 saying they’re divorced: AK-14; AL-13; AR-13;KY-13;OK-13;NV-12;ME-11;GA;11;TN-11;MS-11;TX-11;AZ-11;WV-11;MO-10;MT-10;NM-10;NC-10;IN-10;WY-10;VT-10;OR-10;CO-10;IA-10;KS-10;LA-10;UT-10.

      And notice than even the Mormon state of Utah is in the list of states having the most divorced people.

      • I can’t speak for Republicans because most of the elected ones are no better than the Dems.
        The national memo is a total effing joke and wouldn’t know a true story if it hit them in the face.

  10. Actually, both Trump and the GOP blew it big time. First, in the last debate Trump said, “I donated $100 million to my campaign. Why didn’t you? Why did you rely on private donors.” What’s wrong with that is that he admitted he made a deal with the GOP. The same kind of deal Cheney as Halliburton’s CEO also made to…fund the 2000 election and Cheney would see to it Halliburton got a no bid contract to supply the Iraq war..which by the way hadn’t even been mentioned by anyone.

    Then, you have to factor that that $100 million is TAX FREE. Add in the $995 million the Koch Boys donated and you see that the GOP is in a heap of trouble. That’s 2 too many huge donations to the GOP.

    But, the GOP blew it for another reason. If Trump stays in the race and loses, the GOP has NO idea how Trump will take his revenge at their backing off of his candidacy. He has an army of dirt diggers he will use on every one of them if necessary.

    So you can see, this time, all those games are about to backfire.

    • No worry, there are so many investigations (felonies) and trial dates already set for the Trashy Trump. He will be too busy with his own legal problems to seek revenge and have more charges brought against him. The rape of the 13 year old girl will be going to trial soon, and she has a witness too. He has a lot to keep him busy and then in prison for a very long time.


    • What Trump didn’t apparently admit to during the debate though, is that millions of those 100 million he supposedly donated came illegally from the Trump Foundation which holds money that’s only supposed to be used for charitable purposes. I don’t think the Trump Campaign is considered to be something monies donated for charity should be going to legally. (Just one more of Trump’s many felonies committed during his campaigning. He’s going to eventually end up in jail for all his criminal activities.)

  11. Oh yes, Hillary Cankles Clinton says every sexual assault deserves to be heard and believed. But not this one. Indeed, if any girl anywhere in this country says something we have to believe it, but not Willey. Because …well there is no good reason. Clinton’s husband is a rapist, they’re both murderers, but we have to protect the left.

    Oh well. The US has been in the sewer ever since the Clinton’s came into power, and I guess we always will be until they both pass on.

    If you support the Clintons, you support the very worst in humanity. Congrats.

    • And you say all that based on what evidence that you can produce?? And you remembering you heard all those lies on Faux News or from Rush Limbaugh doesn’t count as evidence.

      • Lol, you call yourself Independent. Facts are facts. You paranoid leftists think everything boils down to Fox or Rush if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

        The Clintons have ruined this country. Bill is responsible for the housing collapse, the rise of China, and 9/11, and Hillary is responsible for the rise of ISIS, and the insecurity of our national classified system. It is all about money and power. We have given 20 percent of our Uranium to Putin because of HRC.

        Even the rise of Vlad Putin is because of the Clintons. After the USSR collapsed, Clinton didn’t try to win the peace with Russia, instead he and later Bush expanded NATO, humiliating the country, and Putin rose to power.

        Everything they touch turns to sh–.

        They are immoral people who have hate in their hearts.

        • Where’s the evidence?? I’m not interested in reading your misguided lies based on all the propaganda you’ve heard over the years coming out of the mouths of pathological lying right-wingers!!

          Everything you just posted is a flat-out lie!!!!!

          • There is plenty of evidence. Look up Community Reinvestment Act and Janet Reno. Osama declared war on the US twice during Clinton’s term, and was offered to Clinton. Clinton did not fight terror, and the planning went on. The CIA and the FBI were prevented from sharing Intel bc of Clinton. Putin became president during Clinton’s term, vowing to bring back the USSR.

            Keep your head buried in the sand. The flat out lies exist in the sad world you live in. “Independent” …lol…

          • You call that evidence? No wonder you live in your own fantasy land!!! More outright nonsense!!!

          • Lol, well it is there if you ever bother to break out of your ignorant bubble. Stop projecting, you’re clearly in the fantasy world.

          • Talk about ‘ignorant bubble’ you’re ignorance is so profound it covers you like a shroud.

            And here’s an even more recent example of just how big of an OUTRIGHT ANIMAL Donald Trump is. And this incident occurred while his wife Melania was pregnant and was actually in another room of their mansion!!

            How can you lower yourself to such a level of scumdom to support this hideous creature??? (I told you many more stories would unfold now – Trump is a sexual predator.)

            People magazine reporter comes forward with her own story of being attacked by Donald Trump

            People magazine reporter Natasha Stoynoff covered Donald
            Trump for the entertainment magazine in the early 2000’s. She asked to be removed from the beat after a terrifying experience at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort. Stoynoff was there doing a story on Donald and Melania Trump’s anniversary, a glowing story of wedded bliss and the upcoming birth of the couple’s child. A pregnant Melania took a break from their photo session and Donald abruptly turned his attention to Natasha:

            We walked into that room alone, and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds, he was pushing me against the wall, and forcing his tongue down my throat.

            Now, I’m a tall, strapping girl who grew up wrestling two giant
            brothers. I even once sparred with Mike Tyson. It takes a lot to push me. But Trump is much bigger—a looming figure—and he was fast, taking me by surprise, and throwing me off balance. I was stunned. And I was grateful when Trump’s longtime butler burst into the room a minute later, as I tried to unpin myself.

            Stoynoff says the attack “caused her self-esteem to crash to zero.” And still, the Donald pressed on:

            “You know we’re going to have an affair, don’t you?” he
            declared, in the same confident tone he uses when he says he’s going to make America great again. “Have you ever been to Peter Luger’s for steaks? I’ll take you. We’re going to have an affair, I’m telling you.” He also referenced the infamous cover of the New York Post during his affair with Marla Maples. “You remember,” he said. “Best Sex I Ever Had.”


          • Accusations, all accusations designed to get morons like you disgusted. Yet why are they coming out now? They’re made up. No proof.

            Why are you willing to believe accusations with no merit, but the very real destructive things HRC has done you’ve overlooked? Because you are a partisan hack.

    • Sorry, the same was said about Obama with right wing lies. The push back against the Clintons is they are not republicans. IF they had been, nothing said just as noting said about the multiple attacks on embassies and consulates under Bush and the 2 million e-mails deleted containing information about WMDS and Iraq under Bush. Mostly deleted from GOP servers. If you support the Donald, you support, ignorance, stupidity, not a clue to anything, cocaine sniffing, ignoramus, misogynistic foul mouthed, small handed think he is sexy womanizer. Look at his wives. Foreign. He could NEVER handle an American Woman!!

        • Women, you mean the ones that like to be pulled by there hair and dragged on the floor. Trumpf is a child molester, a fraud, a sexist, bankruptist, neofascist, corruptist capitalist, free loader.

          • Never, I love my country too much. Hillary the only sane solution for progress moving forward. Why are you supporting a leader that keeps bumping into walls?

          • Yes, a woman who has spent her entire life in politics, never accomplished anything on her own, enabled her rapist husband, practices crony capitalism, sells out the country and its secrets for money, believes babies aren’t viable until they’re brought home from the hospital, has her enemies killed, and allows our soldiers to die during her watch is very progressive. We are moving forward all right, right into the sewer.

            Real smart person you are. Thank you, public schools.

          • Hey moron, I’m for pro choice, why do you want to make it your business when a women is more then capable to know what she has been through or going through. If you are going to cry about Benghazi, where are your tears for thousands of our children who died to give Halliburton great profits. You may live in a sewer and can’t see the progress, but us working, tax abiding people we know better.

          • Blah blah blah. Are you talking about the Halliburton that Bill Clinton used too?

            You’re pro choice? You mean pro murder. Got ya. How progressive.

          • Very intelligent blah blah blah. It’s called disposing of an unwanted fetus. Murder is what innocent men on death row, who get killed due to lies, it comes natural to you people. Roe vs Wade was a milestone for women’s rights, and you want to reverse it. Can’t call that progress.

          • If you “dispose” of a fetus, you are killing a human being. There is no other way we come into this world without being a fetus.

            Abortion is murder of the worst kind. No one, man or woman, has the right to take a life. Roe v. Wade was an act of judicial activism. The right to abort a baby isn’t in the constitution, and rightly so. It is murder.

            Actually, I want women to be in control of their bodies. Which means not getting pregnant in the first place. I want women to act like they have souls and not see a baby as an inconvenience. That would be real progress.

            Say what you want, you can’t escape what abortion does, what it is. If you’re cool with murder, by all means vote for Hillary. You’re just one of the many sheep out there who are lost.

          • You can’t make up definitions to fit your say so. Murder is a unwanted baby that is slammed on a wall, or sexually abused as an infant, or the ones that are flushed down the toilet, or the ones thrown in a trash bin. Unfortunately in life what you want is not what others live. In a perfect world I would feel the same way, but as long as men abuse their daughters and men abuse little girls and men abuse women, abortion is their right. Why don’t you work on stopping men from being so vicious and stop adultery. Does the constitution even mention a fetus? why do you think that life and health insurances don’t kick in until a fetus is born. Why do you think that people can not claim them as dependents on their IRS forms?

            Definition of a human being:
            a man, woman, or child of the species Homosapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.

          • If you abort a fetus, you prevent a human life from living. This is a biological fact. It isn’t made up, it is a fact. The definitions are all made up on the left to justify what is a willful killing of a human life.

            Sorry you have to be like that, but you support murder.

          • No, when you kill a human it is already born, alive, when you abort a fetus, you abort a fetus. You support murder when you support hate crimes created by haters, when you murder people on death row, that’s killing a human being. You want to believe in your mind that a fetus is murder, why? Do you read your bible?

          • A fetus is a human life. It has to be, since we were all fetuses. A fetus lives. When you kill it you stop a human life. There is no other way around it. I’m sorry you feel that way, but abortion is murder.

          • No it is not murder. You are sorry, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is an aborted fetus is not murder.

          • You just got done saying God created man and woman as equals and we should treat them that way. But we all start out as fetuses, and a fetus is a human life. You telling me it isn’t murder won’t change the fact that it is the intentional destruction of human life.

            You can’t claim to be on God’s side and then support the killing of his greatest creation.

          • Where in the bible do you read that God create man and women while they were fornicating? Aborting a fetus is not murder, first you guys start this as a religious belied, now it’s just plain murder, BUT we all know that it’s just a way to control women. When is that going to stop.

          • If women are getting Unwanted pregnancies all the time, then they can’t control themselves.

            Abortion ends a human life. It is an intentional act. That means it is murder. I’m still waiting for you to prove me wrong.

          • More lies! Hillalry has accomplished more in her political career than an previous person who ever ran for the presidency – PERIOD!!!!!

            Just some of Hillary Clinton accomplshments:


            • As a U.S. Senator, Clinton was a champion for our service members and veterans. Hillary Clinton was the first New Yorker to serve on the Senate Armed Services Committee and made veterans a main focus. She introduced the Heroes at Home Act in 2006 and 2007 to help family members care forthose with Traumatic Brain Injury. She also worked to increase the military survivor benefit from $12,000 to $100,000, and cosponsored the Support for Injured Servicemembers Act to extend benefits provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Hillary also worked across the aisle to keep the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station open during a time when the Pentagon was shuttering bases, which saved 800 jobs in
            upstate New York.

            • Hillary Clinton, as a U.S. Senator, worked with Republicans to expand health care for National Guard members and reservists. According to McClatchy, then-Senator Clinton worked with Senator Lindsey Graham R-SC) to “provide full
            military health benefits to reservists and National Guard members.” A statement from Graham’s senate office said, “Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) today announced that the Department of Defense
            Authorization bill conference report finalized today includes an amendment that will improve TRICARE benefits for National Guard members and Reservists, allowing all members of the Selected Reserve and their families to enroll in TRICARE with an across the board cost-sharing of 28 percent. Today’s victory builds on the Senators’ longstanding commitment to ensuring that members of our National Guard and Reserve and their families have access to the health carebenefits they need and deserve.”

            • Hillary stepped up for New York in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, fighting hard to secure funds for medical assessment, referrals and outreach for 9/11 rescue and recovery workers, and volunteers.


            • As Senator, Hillary Clinton fought to pass the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform, helping to cultivate awareness of the issues in Congress. She introduced the Legal Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act, which
            would give states the option to provide federally funded Medicaid and SCHIP benefits to low-income legal immigrant
            children and pregnant women. She also wrote the Access to Employment and English Acquisition Act to meet the growing demand for English language coursesand other job skills.

            HEALTH CARE
            • Hillary wrote a law as Senator providing grants to state and local governments to pay for respite care services for family caregivers, whichallows expanded funding for temporary breaks for caregivers of sick or disabledpeople.

            • One of Hillary’s Senate bills to distribute flu vaccines more efficiently inspired provisions of a law promoting the production and stockpiling ofvaccines to improve our response to public health emergencies.

            WOMEN & CHILDREN
            • Hillary Clinton worked in the Senate to strengthen the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, introducing multiple bills allowingstates to expand the program that she helped create as First Lady. The program, created in 1997, increased health coverage for children in low income and working families.
            Hillary also co-wrote a law compelling drug companies to conduct safety tests for products prescribed for children, and wrote a component of the No Child Left Behind Act authorizing funding for recruiting and retaining better teachers.

            • Hillary Clinton was a powerful advocate for women in the Senate and was one of the original cosponsors of the Prevention First Act to increase access to family planning. As Senator she was a strong defender of a woman’s right to choose.

            And from the SunSentinel of St. Petersburg, Florida’s endorsement of her candidacy:

            Hillary Clinton is smart, steady and able to rebound quickly from defeat. When her attempt at health care reform failed during her husband’s first term, Clinton worked with senators from both parties – Democrat Ted Kennedy and Republican Orrin Hatch– to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which cut the uninsured rate of American children in half. More than eight million children have coverage because of the program.

            Critics who claim Clinton has no record of accomplishment despite her sparkling resume need to look closer at her record.

            She helped secure more than $21 billion for World Trade Center redevelopment. She led investigations into the health problems of 9/11 first responders. She promoted increased National Institutes of Health funding for research into cancer and asthma. She was the principal author of sanctions – particularly on oil imports to the European Union — that
            brought Iran to the negotiating table. She helped bring about a 2012 cease-fire between Hamas and Israel that headed off an Israeli invasion of Gaza. She named an “ambassador at large” for women’s rights.

            “Nearly every foreign policy victory of President Obama’s second term,” said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., “has Secretary Clinton’s fingerprints on it.”

          • Clinton is the world’s biggest liar. She lies about everything. She is a fraud. Only mindless puppets vote for Clinton.

            I agree you’re not lying. You really believe all that crap and think you’re totally on the right side. That is how sad this all is.

          • Hillary is not perfect, in fact none of us are, Didn’t Gowdy doctor a classified document to make a lie seem true, wasn’t the abortion video altered to make a lie seem true, aren’t all those Stone and Jones tapes manipulated to seem to be true. Trump will be defending himself pretty soon on fraud and racketeering. Will you be by his side holding his hand during court session?

          • You are right, I don’t get why anyone that is not a white nationalist or member of KKK supremacist would vote for Trumpf, not I don’t get it.

          • Um, you realize Hillary Clinton called Robert Byrd, a KKK member, her “mentor”, right? She kissed him. And that the KKK were founded by racist Democrats. Right?

            What you don’t know could fill up all the stadiums Trump fills with supporters. Oh well.

          • Yes, each and every one of you trolls have reminded me, Robert Boyd has repented, he has turned the sheets, he is no longer part of the hate group, it’s never too late to be a good person, God forgives. No need to live in the past, in order to go forward we have to deal with today’s actions. I’ve got time do you want to educate me about what I don’t know?

          • Yes, he is dead. died the same year as my lovely sister, but he was very. very apologetic about being part of a hate group.

          • Ok, so if he apologized for supporting racism that is ok, but Trump used crude language and apologized, but that means he is a sexual abuser?


            The Democrats are racist and sexist, and always have been. Good luck, bro.

          • When you grope women, it is called sexual abuse. God made Man and he made Woman they are equal in God’s eyes, no one has the right to abuse anyone else.

          • Trump didn’t say he groped women, and there have been no credible claims that he has. What he said was that being a star makes it easy to get women.

            Contrast this with Bill Clinton, who has a history of raping and abusing women, and who has settled lawsuits because of it.

            Again, does Trump receive forgiveness from you for apologizing ? You forgave Robert Byrd.

          • Yes there have! Here’s just the first two. You can be sure there will be many more as Donald Trump is a sexual predator.

            CNN Breaking News:

            Two women have told The New York Times that Donald Trump touched them inappropriately. One of the alleged incidents occurred in 2005, the other more than 30 years ago.

            The Times reported that Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks each had encounters with Trump in which he groped or kissed them without their consent.

          • “The Democrats are racist and sexist, and always have been. Good luck, bro.”

            Wow! All you right-wingers know how to do is deflect your sins on others with your pathological lies!! Sure there are Dems who are probably racist to some degree, but you won’t see Dems running around waving the Confederate flag in your face like dummy conservatives showing their racism right out in the open!!

            What kind of walking moron are you??? Get real!! Where did the RNC dig up you clowns up anyway??? I hope they’re not paying you much for your ignorant posts!!!!

          • He didn’t apologize for doing the sexual abuse, he denies it. I do admire people for honestly taking a stand and saying they were wrong. Trump is sorry we were able to hear his actual behavior on tape. Most people aren’t as stupid as Trumps supporters, are you a Trump supporter?

          • First off, there was no sexual abuse. Trump apologized for what he said on the tape. And yet you won’t forgive him. Typical.

    • the comments by manohman are similar to many other comments by the right on various blogs. It’s as if they’re doing a copy and paste. It made me think about why there’s all of this unreasonable hatred and animosity towards the Clintons. The only logical conclusion is that the vast majority of these people have listened to nothing but right wing propaganda for years and years and if you’ve become brainwashed by something, you lose the ability to rationally analyze facts and separate the truth from lies. I’m guessing that these people not only listen to fox, Hannity or rush but also the far right nuts like alex jones and brietbart. If you are brainwashed, you cannot understand why others don’t see things the way you do and you lash out and accuse those that don’t of being unable to see the truth etc. The same things they suffer from. It’s pretty sad and hopefully sometime in the future we will look back at this as a dark time in our history and have moved past it to where we can all reason and communicate in a civil and logical manner once again.

      • Yes, all my thoughts are unoriginal copy and paste. That’s called projection. HRC is a ghoul, and there is nothing reasonable about her.

        Logic and reason don’t exist in the progressive mind, Denny. Can’t defend HRC? Attack anyone who disagrees. The golden way.

        • your unreasonable response makes my point. I did not attack you whatsoever. I only pointed out why I think this kind of paranoid hatred is beyond the pale of normal politics. In my life, I’ve voted on a lot of issues and people on one side or the other but never because I hated someone. I don’t hate trump. I only see him as someone who could cause this country great harm. You, on the other hand, have a vitriolic hatred for Hillary which makes no sense.
          I hesitate to bring up religion, but I find it ironic how the right, who claim to be so religious, have this capacity for such hatred. Not only of Clinton but of anyone who isn’t like them. That is about as for from being Christian as one can get.

          • You called me unreasonable and a copy and paster. And you called everyone on the “right” that way. The only reasonable response to your ignorant post was to write what I wrote. Why don’t you post something original? Instead, all you’ve done is pretend you’re above it all. But your premise is uneducated nonsense.

          • And like the typical dogma centered conservative, you refuse to believe reality which doesn’t fit into what you picture of yourself.

          • What? Lol…so you know me better than I know myself. Sounds insane, but typical. The left is nucking futs.

        • Wow! You sure make it clear that what LiveScience has conclued is absolutely true. You are the poster boy of a Low IQ racist conservative:

          Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

          There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

          The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

          “Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said.

          As suspected, low intelligence in childhood corresponded with racism in adulthood. But the factor that explained the relationship between these two variables was political: When
          researchers included social conservatism in the analysis, those ideologies accounted for much of the link between brains and bias. People with lower cognitive abilities also had less contact with people of other races.

          And like Trump spew hate rhetoric against any ethnicity that isn’t formulated for a white European background.

          • Democrats are the racist party. Republicans,were,created to end slavery.

            LiveScience? Lol…ok. Credible source.

            The greatest murderers in history were socialists: Hitler, Mao,,Stalin, Pol Pot. All socialists, all very non conservative. They were the most prejudicial people on earth- hating people of color, Jews, Catholics, Christians, rich, poor,,women, etc.

            And before you tell me Hitler wasn’t a progressive, I remind you he started out as a communist and believed fascism was a quicker way to achieve Utopia for,Germany.

            Fascism is collusion between state and private for state goals. Not conservative.

            The biggest killer of our time is abortion, which is what progressives love. What is more prejudicial than saying a baby doesn’t deserve to live because it,is “unwanted” and “inconvenient”?

            You have no idea,what,you’re talking about and worse, you actually think you have a good grasp on reality.

            I would wager my IQ is a,good 50 points higher than yours. Easily.

          • Abe Lincoln’s Republican party was over 150 years ago. It is in not way remotely the same today. In fact it was more like the Democratic party is today.

          • That is what Democrats say, it is their creation myth. But it isn’t true. Republicans believed then in individual rights, equals for all, and small government. And they still do. Sorry, babe…

        • Once again you’re misguided. It’s liberals who are the ones who reason things out and are willing to accept change. It’s conservatives who rely on dogma and do little reasoning, just falling back on what worked for them yesterday.

          Here’s an excerpt from a deep study into all this that makes it clear it’s liberals/progressives who are the people who think things out and reason:

          Let’s take liberals and conservatives, since we are theorizing that they are two distinct thinking styles: liberals would be more flexible and reliant on data, proof, and analytic reasoning, and conservatives are more inflexible (prefer stability), emotion-driven, and connect themselves intimately with their ideas, making those beliefs a crucial part of their identity (we see this in more high-empathy-expressing individuals). This fits in with the whole “family values” platform of the conservative party, and also why we see more religious folks that identify as conservatives, and more skeptics, agnostics, and atheists that are liberal. Religious people are more unshakable in their belief of a higher power, and non-religious people are more open to alternate explanations, i.e., don’t rely on faith alone.

          So—for liberals to make a case for an idea or cause, they come armed with data, research studies, and experts. They are convinced of an idea if all the data checks out–basically they assign meaning and value to ideas that fit within the scientific method, because that’s their primary thinking style. Emotion doesn’t play as big of a role in validation. Not to say that liberals are unfeeling, but just more likely to set emotion aside when judging an idea initially, and factor it in later. Checks out scientifically = valuable. Liberals can get just as emotionally attached to an idea, but it’s usually not the primary trigger for acceptance of an idea.

          Conservatives would be less likely to assign value primarily using the scientific method. Remember, their thinking style leads primarily with emotion. In order for them to find an idea valuable, it has to be meaningful for them personally. It needs to trigger empathy. Meaning, they need some kind of emotional attachment to it, such as family, or a group of individuals they are close to in some way.

          • B.s. If the Left was willing to accept change they wouldn’t be clinging to the same old ideas that have been around for centuries, and resort to,the same old lies.

            Lies like the rich don’t pay their fair share, that more taxes are good for the economy, that,Republicans hare,blacks (Dems hate them), that gun control means safer streets, that socialist medicine works, and on and on.

            The left defines everything by class,and gender, and do nothing to help anyone. And they love to murder babies.

          • Like I’ve been saying , YOU ARE DUMBER THAN A ROCK!!

            We can clearly see where Reagan starting the skyrocketing of money going to the upper 10% has gotten America – massive income inequality!!! You are TOO OUTRIGHT IGNORANT TO EVEN KEEP UP A BLOG CONVERSATION GOING WITH!!



          • I hate to tell you this, but there has always been, and will always be income inequality. Welcome to capitalism. Don’t like it? You could try communi– . Oh wait, we did try that.

            That evil 10 percent creates the jobs for everyone else. Do you have any idea how the economy works?

            Your ignorance can’t be measured. And it is sad.

        • All your thoughts? When did a man like you EVER ave a single rationali thought that wasn’t put through your MR BULLY BOY food processor? You have NO logic. Just misguided BS opinions. Sorry if you are not man enough to face the reality that you are not the Grand Pubbah of Upper Butt Crack.

          • That was written so beautifully, clearly you’re a rational and thoughtful human being.

            I’m a man, so that is all we need to know. Good lord.

    • Well, men like you would love nothing better to “Hit and Run” after every one of your sexual escapades. Don’t bitch about single Moms when irresponsible jerk men figure their 10 seconds of ecstacy shouldn’t ever saddle them with responsibilities. As for you bitching about Clinton, the woman you married was likely one of your “back seat” encounters or some cheap motel one nighter.

      Childish men like you are in for it big time. The idea that you will now have a woman in the top position of authority in this country really shrinks those testicles doesn’t it?

      Let us know when you plan to leave your wife or daughter all alone with Trump. Till then, your bitching is nothing more than the same little boy whining your Mommy had to put up with.

      • Sweet cakes, you’re assuming a lot about me. You’re clearly a man hater, and assume all men are conjured from the depths of hell. That of course is pure feminist propaganda.

        I am not married, and beasts like you are the reason why. Secondly, like most men, I’m not going to have irresponsible sex. Abortion, however, encourages irresponsible sex.

        At any rate, don’t worry. Whether you want it or not, I’m quite sure no man will ever touch you. Or if they already have they’re in therapy.

    • And how many more of these have to occur before nitwits like you wake up?

      Leading GOP Woman Resigns because she can’t look at herself in the mirror each morning

      Melissa Gesing has had enough of her party’s nominee Donald Trump. In a public announcement on Twitter and her Mel’s Musings blog, she says she is resigning her position as the president of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women. Gesing said she’s “ending this bad and unhealthy relationship”:

      I have finally had enough with falling in line with my party and trying to support Donald Trump for President. Perhaps it’s because things finally hit close enough to home and my world experience to resonate. Or perhaps supporting Donald Trump has been a bit like being in a bad and unhealthy relationship. Part of the problem with getting out of the relationship is that you keep convincing yourself that things are going to get better. While they often briefly get better, they continue to get worse until the downs are lower than one ever thought possible.

      In the meantime, you lose yourself and you lose who you are just to try to keep the peace and not rock the boat.

    • You must not have read the article because it shows that she was heard by the OIC and she was not believed by even Ken Starr. If you support Trump–which you will probably deny–you are the one supporting the very worst in humanity.

        • Well, yes, of course, you would support him–he is not even remotely a better candidate and would prove to be an atrocious president. Former officers who worked w/ nuclear arms said under no circumstances should Donald be anywhere near the codes/button–yes, he is that out of control and manic. And if we are bring up “cankles”–don’t think for a second that fatso Trump isn’t sporting them himself, lol.

          • Hillary has already broken the law hundreds of times. She isn’t even awake when there is a problem, as she let the soldiers in Benghazi die. She allowed the sale of 20 percent of our uranium mines to Putin, in exchange for money. That is a huge nuclear concern. She does not care about national secrets.

            Oh, and she is funded by the same Wall Street bankers and globalists that ruined the US housing market.

            It isn’t even close. Trump is objectively the better candidate. Accept it or don’t, but there is no way Clinton would help this country. In fact, her husband is the reason we are having all these problems in the world, anyway. They are thoroughly corrupt and evil.

            Good luck!

          • No she hasn’t–and that is a lie about the soldiers. Good luck to you since you seem to not have a ounce of brain matter. You don’t even know there were over a dozen Congressional hearings and almost as many Congressional Reports–give it up. The facts don’t support right wing lies. Everything you are spouting is right wing garbage.

            Feel so sorry for right wing lackeys such as yourself!

          • Right wing garbage, ok. It is a fact she sold out the state department for money and speaking fees. It is a fact she put an innocent man in jail for Benghazi, blaming it on a video tape, when her ambassador sent hundreds of emails requesting help. It is a fact she handled classified materials on a private server and deleted most of the ones that would incriminate her.

            It is also a fact that Trump is no worse morally than Bill Clinton, and everyone thinks he is great, even though he once lost the nuke football, lied under oath, is responsible for the rise of China, the Housing Crisis, and 9/11/01 (9/11 report).

            Anyway, live in your ignorance. I hope you sleep in on Election Day.

          • You project so well. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen posts filled with more belligerent ignorance and aggressive stupidity, highlighted by the fact that their “author” is the very personification of all the insults he attempts to pin on his adversaries.

          • For some reason, you lunatics always seem to think that those who disagree have some kind of obligation to refute your lies and delusions.
            Your list of malicious fantasies isn’t worth the effort, especially since you clearly are completely impervious to facts and rational argument.
            Good bye. Why don’t you go spit your venom on some deranged neo-Nazi site like the one from which you get your “information.”

          • In a sane world you have to have a reason to disagree with something. That is how civilization works. All you’re doing is projecting your lunacy onto me. You’ve spent more effort insulting me than you have actually defending your positions. That is because you can’t. And, most likely, you probably aren’t that informed.

            So you can keep hurling insults, all it does is prove you’re more like Trump than you realize. At least Trump makes good points.

          • The sane have no obligation to engage in a futile attempt to reason with the insane. You have some nerve talking about a “sane world” and objecting to insults. Your posts are not worth the effort required to READ them, much less to respond. What I did read was belligerent, insulting, and delusional. If you really believe the crap you spouted at us, then you are seriously in need of help which I have neither the qualifications nor the inclination to provide. Not only that, they make it very clear that absolutely NOTHING will change your position one iota.
            To the extent that our political world was sane before Trump won the nomination – a somewhat shaky but defensible proposition – it ceased to be so when that unfortunate event occurred. I have yet to meet a single Trump supporter who didn’t show the same fantasy thinking – if we can call it thinking – and willingness to rationalize absolutely anything he says or does, while making up or circulating scurrilous lies about Ms. Clinton created by professional liars and con men, of which Trump himself is a sterling example. The whole lot of you make me sick, and you absolutely deserve to live in a nation governed by a sociopath and predator like Trump, but the rest of us don’t.

          • More drivel. In other news, today it was revealed that the Clinton campaign colluded with thugs to incite violence at Trump rallies. The FBI admitted it was offered a quid pro quo by Clinton’s state department to protect her. And more people are coming out revealing that the sudden emergence of Trump assault victims is all a fraud. Because that is how the totalitarian left operates.

            Sunlight is the best disinfectant. How does it feel to be on the same side as Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein?

            That’s what you are, that is who you are. Can’t defend your candidate, so you insult and smear.

            That’s all you got, you bitter shrew.

          • Couldn’t let it slip by that the same guy providing the ‘evidence’ you likely infer also provided the “New Black Panthers” video that set off an idiot-storm for a year on Fox News and other less (I can’t believe they exist but they do) reliable RW fairy tale sites.

            He has been hired now by the Trump organization. His heavily edited video is not worth the time it takes to watch. Only an idiot with a heavy case of confirmation bias would believe a word of it…

            No need to defend Madame President, she does a good job of it herself… That’s why you morons obsess so hard.

          • If you say so, but that’s mere projection. I can’t get anyone to tell me why Hitlery deserves to be president. Just insults.

          • lol

            Copmplains of insults then uses third grade name-game insult “Hitlery” — you are a walking cartoon.

          • you idiots always think that because someone with a clue “can’t prove you wrong” that it means you are right… Proving a negative is impossible in most cases because it is a BASIC RHETOLOGICAL FALLACY. In other words it violates the principles of logical argument.

            Not a surprise, most of you RW ignoramuses lack a first grade understanding of logical argument.

            It is not up to us to prove you wrong, it is up to you and your army of liars and ignoramuses to prove yourselves right. After 30 years of stupidity and lies, not a single one of your ‘sources’ has ever proved a word of your BS… That goes a long way to proving the counterarguments to be RIGHT.

            In America, the constitution which you ignore or are unaware of completely deigns that everyone is innocent until proven guilty– you have to prove your idiocies. It is not up to sane America to prove your RW fever-dreams ‘wrong’.

            I invite you to crawl back under your rock. I will not reply, so when you try to troll me you will waste your time. I don’t argue with morons.

          • All I want , is a sound reason for what you believe. And you can’t do it. Instead you do the usual, uninformed left wing insult thing.

            I’m not asking to prove a negative. I’m asking people to provide evidence for what they believe. It isn’t that hard.

            Good luck, professor.

          • Why thank you! It’s nice to have one’s talent recognized, although the fact that it’s by a very dim bulb rather diminishes the glow!

          • Now you’re rolling! I’d say you can’t make this stuff up, but that denies the obvious reality that YOU can.

        • Your infantile insults and obvious gullibility and paranoia show clearly how credible your BS is. Crawl back under your rock.

          • (Laughing more)
            You expect a “brilliant response” to an absolutely idiotic post with no connection to reality? Obviously nothing I could have written would have penetrated to that tiny brain of yours.
            I know it’s unbecoming to laugh at the mentally deficient and potentially dangerous to be amused by those with serious moral challenges, but I just can’t help it.
            What a ridiculous string of assertions!
            (Laughing more and louder)
            Keep going. In this grim year, we could all use some amusement. Ever tried stand-up? With the right audience, you could make it big!
            By the way, thanks for the compliment! There are few more rewarding experiences than being called an “idiot” by an obviously delusional bag of ignorance and malice.

  12. Ken Starr — no friend of the Clintons — found both Willey’s and Broadrrick’s charges unbelievable.
    Trump’s supporters are now credulously clinging to those accounts like a life preserver.

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