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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

U.S. Denounces Iran Role In Syria Ahead Of Conferences

Washington (AFP) – The United States on Tuesday accused Iran of helping “brutalize” Syria as Secretary of State John Kerry prepared to talk to Russia about Tehran’s potential role at a peace conference.

Kerry will meet in Paris on January 13 with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to discuss whether Iran should take part in the conference later this month in Switzerland aimed at ending the nearly three-year-old war in Syria, the State Department said.

Russia, like Iran a supporter of Syria’s embattled President Bashar al-Assad, supports participation by Tehran. Kerry, who has negotiated a thaw with Iran on its disputed nuclear program, earlier said that the clerical regime could play a role in the Syria conference from the “sidelines.”

But UN leader Ban Ki-moon did not include Iran in his invitations to 30 countries and the United States on Tuesday renewed calls for Iran to state that it would support a process in which Assad would ultimately step down.

“At this point, Iran has done nothing but helped the regime, help bring foreign fighters in, help the regime’s efforts to brutalize the Syrian people,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters.

“If they wanted to send a message to the world about their seriousness of having a positive outcome, there are steps they could take. There’s no indication that they have any desire or interest in taking any of these steps,” she said.

Iran, run by Shiite clerics, considers Assad its main Arab ally. Assad, a member of the heterodox Alawite sect, is fighting Sunni rebels who enjoy support from Gulf Arab kingdoms.

Iran has scoffed at Kerry’s offer of a sideline role at the peace talks, saying it would only accept offers that respect the country’s “honor.”

Iran last year elected moderate President Hassan Rouhani, who has reached a breakthrough, but temporary, accord with the United States and other Western powers to freeze sensitive nuclear work.

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  • On Guard!

    In related news, Egypt has stepped up and filed a credible criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court against Obama:

  • kingartie1

    With those toilet numbers, and the conclusion to be drawn from them that the Republican’ts can’t win elections from within their own diminishing ranks, the real fight is over the independents. And Independents can, almost by definition, be divided 50% (more) conservative, and 50% (more) liberal. Given that there are now more Americans who self-identify as liberal than conservative, that still leaves those voters who support Republican policies and politicos in the slight minority. Why, then, do they go to such great lengths to alienate the working and middle classes, women, the unemployed, minorities (who in many places are no longer the minority), a slice of legally registered voters, and others, and now, members of the military? The RNC and RyanCantorBoehner so infuriate progressives with their bulls*** that many of them actively recruit other independents who are leaning, and probably even pick off a few fed-up Republicans, too. This arrogance and intransigence is no way to help run a nation. Either this is a devious, almost diabolical strategy to win — i.e., eke out an election theft — based on voodoo data, or it’s a mad gamble, or it’s slow-motion party suicide. YET — many polls have the Republican’ts retaining the House and perhaps even taking the Senate. That would be the highway to hell with those hosebags in charge. So the best hope to make their effete negativity very clear to more voters is for more outright Republican’t incompetence and nose-thumbing finger-flipping fat-cat flatulence. They seem to be very good at those gestures, but have zero talent in matters of job creation, immigration, or proposing a viable, credible health care policy. Why the Ds have not annihilated the R positions is that, on balance, though they have a better product, they are fumbling salesmen.

  • Stuart

    Cool. Public opinion doesn’t translate to the ballot box. What country does this remind you of?

    And can you blame Republicans for saying, “Who cares about public opinion?”

  • terry b

    This is a party that has acquired three very nasty comparisons to the following groups: “the Crazies” is my favorite. Followed by “The American Taliban” and finally “The Nazi party”. The current crop of GOP members actions and behaviors gives much credence as to why they have been called these three things. Should they actually win the Senate in November then the American electorate can join them in their first nickname “The Crazies”. Hopefully ignorance will not prevail in November.

  • Marsha Matthews

    Why, I believe my fellow atheists and I are more popular than the GOP!!

  • Charvi3

    When ever one brings up that they are “Atheists”….it brings to mind…that the bi-polar people who love to hurt others and to only please themselves…that is what “Atheism”…is all about…”Pleasing The Self”…they are a “god” to themselves…they don’t wish to please anyone but the self…no matter who they hurt…look at, Paul Ryan, who was raised, Catholic…and then when he was teaching was handing out novels written by a Russian Born Novelist, Ay Rand, on Atheism…and look at how he loves to please only his self…and don’t want to help anyone but, the self…when the Taxpayers pays his salary..of $197,000 a year…he has the boldness to tell people he doesn’t want the middle class or the needy to the poor to come to the government for help…he calls them “TAKERS”….listen to that…he is the “TAKER” as most people that are Atheist are…they want only for themselves to be the Hero or to please only the self…he is a socio psychopath….as most Atheist are…only concerned about themselves only…no one else…they want to play the Hero…and make everyone believe they are better than anyone else…and they will play with people’s minds as the group Scientology..who are in “Mind Control”….the Atheist love controlling others to please them and they don’t please or love back…they are incapable of loving due to the severe mental condition…they are not as popular as the good people in the World…because God created everything…they didn’t create nothing but, a religion that is only serving themselves and pleasing themselves with is a socio psychopath…look it up…we know the world is made up of so many people…but, these people have a severe bi-polar personality and they don’t care who they hurt to get to the top…and then preach to others how they know it all and they are the only ones that are so right on everything…that is why….there has been the “Right Wing Republican Conservative Movement” ruling the U.S. as if it cannot rule itself…and it has been nothing but, “NASTY POLITICS”….due to the leader of the pack, Paul Ryan,…the Atheist…it shows loud and clear and besides this isn’t how Democracy should work…with someone that is an Atheist…out to please only his self and to look like a so-called, Hero….what a joke…so, there is a good description of Atheism on the whole…they are so into the “ME GENERATION” and never the “WE GENERATION”…which a person of the latter Generation should be the leader of America caring for all Americans not just the rich…