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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Washington (AFP) – The House of Representatives passed landmark reforms Thursday curbing U.S. bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records, the first step toward restricting NSA intelligence-gathering since Edward Snowden divulged the secret program last year.

The reforms, backed by the White House, lost the support of civil liberties groups and tech companies like Google and Microsoft after the Obama administration demanded changes to the bill that critics say watered down strict limits on collection of phone records and other personal data.

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  • JSquercia

    Does ANYONE seriously believe that the NSA will pay ANY attention to any attempt to curb their wholesale violations of Constitution . The Head of the Agency LIED to the Committee whose job it was to oversee it .He has paid NO price for lying which should be cause for a criminal indictment for perjury as well as a Contempt of Congress charge