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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

WATCH: Brown Staffers Mock Warren With Racist Chants

If Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) is going to lose in November, it looks like he’s going to lose ugly.

Five staffers connected to Brown’s campaign have been caught on video mocking Elizabeth Warren by doing stereotypical Indian “war whoops” and “tomahawk chops” at a rally earlier this week.

According to Boston television station WCVP, the staffers in question are Brown’s Deputy Chief of Staff Greg Casey, Constituent Service Counsel Jack Richard, State Director Jerry McDermott, special assistant Jennifer Franks, and GOP operative Brad Garrett.

The offensive gestures were made in response to the controversy surrounding Warren’s Native American heritage. Brown spent much of the summer attacking Warren for listing herself as a minority in the Harvard Law School directory, accusing her of falsifying a Cherokee background to advance her career.

When asked about the video by WCVP, Brown said, “It is certainly something that I don’t condone.”

“The real offense is that [Warren] said she was white and then checked the box saying she is Native American,” Brown continued, “and then she changed her profile in the law directory once she made her tenure.”

Brown has recently picked up the frequency of his attacks on Warren’s heritage. During last week’s debate, Brown almost immediately went after Warren on the issue.

“Professor Warren claimed that she was a Native American, a person of color. And as you can see, she’s not. That being said, she checked the box. And she had an opportunity, actually, to make a decision throughout her career,” Brown said after being asked about Warren’s character. “When she applied to Penn and Harvard, she checked the box claiming she was a Native American. And, you know, clearly she’s not. That being said, I don’t know, and neither do the viewers know whether, in fact, she got ahead as a result of that checking of the box.”

In response, Warren released an ad criticizing Brown for the attack:

Brown’s renewed reliance on the Native American attacks are likely a sign of desperation, in response to a series of polls that show Warren surging into the lead in the Massachusetts Senate race. If that’s the case, Brown should know better. After all, his senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom has seen firsthand in his work on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign that casual racism does little to help reverse sliding poll numbers.

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53 responses to “WATCH: Brown Staffers Mock Warren With Racist Chants”

  1. sisterH says:

    She lied…I probably have more American Indian in me than this crazy lady.

    • Lynda says:

      She has clearly explained her families story and origin of the claims. Can you explain just how that can be considered a lie…not to mention that you find her to be crazy?

    • You’re missing the point.

      Look, if you can prove at least one Native American knocked boots with a forefather *or* foremother and contributed to your genesis, you can join a Native American tribe.


      You may HAVE more Native heritage than she does, but she shows respect and interest in the Native culture, whereas you *don’t*.


      Also, I’m flagging your post as you call her crazy, which is as offensive and as wrong as what Brown’s thugs were doing.

      Have a nice day.

    • JSquercia says:

      Actually sisterH I am far more upset that Scott is a Lackey for Wall Street as proven buy his sponsoring the bill that relieved them of having to pay for the agency that was given increased regulation of them . I believe this saved them several Millions and simultaneously cost US that same amount.

      So you can see whose butt Scottie is interested in coverning and it ain’t YOURS

  2. daniel bostdorf says:

    A sisterh…You are lying, once again.
    Sister H…this article is about Brown Staffers Mock Warren With Racist Chants
    Nothing to do with your warped view of Elizabeth Warren.

    Your post is nothing more than right wing propaganda.

    I asked you before: Quit listening to limbaugh and Beck OK?

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Linmbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    Keep telling us lies Sister H.

    Once again….What is your real name? Why are you hiding?

    Are you a Karl Rove operative? A worker for Brown’s campaign or both?

    Sounds it.

  3. Butch says:

    spirited! few things give US a rush, as much as, Democracy in action – Woof.

  4. Lynda says:

    Isn’t that special. If people insist upon acting up and showing ignorance there is not much that can be done about that. For me I believe it is always best to keep ones ignorance close to the vest.


  6. John Curtis says:

    Shame on Elizabeth Warren. She is a terrible Indian. She should wear a feathered head dress and carry a tomahawk, ride a horse bareback to Brown’s headquarters and scalp those staffers who are attempting Indian war cries. If anyone has a right (as the Tea Party chants) to “take back America” its the native Americans who we slaughtered “fair and square” to steal all the land we now call the continental USA. And Brown is so noble. He’s the epitome of a “focus on the real issues” candidate. What could be more important to Massachusetts than questioning if someone is a true Indian or not. There truly is nothing more important that this. I think her ethnic heritage is everything. It surely out ranks her creating the Consumer Protection Bureau and all her work for us non-Indian consumers holding Wall Street and Banks in check. We all need to get behind Brown. After all, he has voted for all the things that will turn our economy around, like ultrasound probes for those nasty rape victims wanting an abortion, a budget that cuts medicare, social security and pumps 10% more money into defense than the defense department asked for. He is the champion of cutting taxes for the wealthy and making those deadbeat teachers, fire fighters, policemen and factory workers pay for all the benefits they get from the super rich, like the right to watch them sail on their big boats, watch them drink $300 bottles of champagne, watch them fleece us at their Vegas casinos so they can contribute a hundred million to put lies into television commercials convincing the weak minded that black is white, and best of all, the right for us to wash their cars, clean their many houses and pick up their trash.

    Yes, Elizabeth is just awful. We shouldn’t have women in the Senate anyway. Women just don’t understand the moral imperative of us men controlling their bodies, and they might vote to let women have a say in their health and body issues. What do they know about their bodies anyway. And I think Elizabeth is secretly a Muslim. Just look at her. You can tell she is by just looking. I’m sure she will put Sharia law into effect as soon as she is elected.

    Jay Curtis (author of THE CODE)

    • patuxant says:

      JC. Bravo and kudos! Loved your sarcasm and wit! Am from CA but support EW and not some slick ‘Willy” who posed in Playgirl….

      • Anne says:

        We need balance with Brown because of so much liberal left here, to the point of interfering with our state’s prosperity and integrity…you must understand that, coming from CA. Only time states like ours are held accountable is when a non-Liberal gets in to help keep a balance. Too much of one side= lop-sideness.

    • Kokogene says:

      You are a disgrace to your race, and a very ignorant man! Your kind is what makes America weak! With your racist white views!

    • grammyjill says:

      Brown pissed me off so much I sent him an email last night. I told him that I have two redheaded very light skinned kids that are half Native and he was racist scum.
      I told him to stuff his race card up his a**.

    • highpckts says:

      John Curtis-you are not serious!!! I find it hard to believe, that in this day and age, there still men out there like you!! I thought all the Neanderthals died off ages ago!!

  7. Hillbilly says:

    Since when does how a person looks show who is in their family tree? I had been told I have Native Americans in my family tree, I have always said I don’t believe but I have been proven I am wrong, I do have Native Americans is my tree. You can’t tell it by looking at me, I am fair skinned with freckles, green eyed and did have black hair, doesn’t sound like someone with ancestors that were Native Americans does it? So Scott Brown you can’t judge a person’s ethic background by looking at them. Your staffers need to grow up and be adults instead of being childish at Warren’s speeches.

    • patuxant says:

      Hill- You hit the nail on the head. I have a friend who is part Cherokee and part African American. You would not think she was part American Indian by her physical appearance. And you know, I guess the Brown camp must be wetting their pants to see how this entire election is crumbling right before their hypocritical eyes. That’s what happens when you are coming from a dark evil place.

  8. Shuruppag says:

    This is ultra-scummy from Brown, and while it’s manna from heaven for angry white guys, there aren’t *quite* enough Herald-reading Massholes to win you an election if you alienate the middle. He stood a much better chance when this wasn’t his main issue.

    Incidentally, Warren could easily get a genetic screening and if it showed any Native influence, she could stick it to Brown. So chances are it really is just a family legend. Which shouldn’t be a huge deal…I’ve met scads of people in this country with the same apocryphal stories handed down. It doesn’t make them liars. Yeah, she shouldn’t have checked the box, but how much does it matter? Not a lot.

    Stepping back to look at the big picture, Brown’s basically toast anyway. Obama will carry the state (the one Romney governed, haha) by about 20 points. I feel bad for Brown because even if he were flawless (which he almost was, for a while), there was never a chance that enough of those Ds were going to split the ticket.

    People are doing that less and less. The one situation where a lot of them might is Missouri. It’s a tighter state to begin with, and I can see plenty of Romney voters who aren’t going to vote for Rapeboy.

  9. These stupid hayseeds have now insulted Native Americans with their idiotic chants. A good sock in the mouth is what they all need.

    • The GOP has a perfect record, they insulted African Americans, Hispanics, women, gays, 47% of Americans and now Native Americans! They better don’t insult apple pie a la mode, that’s where I draw the line!!!

  10. Juvenile, incredible lack of imagination, naked bigotry, ALL prerequisites for being a ReTHUGlican. Elizabet Warren will be a VAST improvement over Scott Brown. The people of Massachusetts should rejoice at the prospect. I wish those of us here in South Carolina were so lucky!

    • Anne says:

      What makes YOU know so much about MA politics…much more to it than blaming it all on the Republicans. MA SO badly needs some balance from the radical left that are bankrupting our state. Accountability is a huge problem here, and at this rate we will become another CA if this continues.
      Last time we weren’t millions in debt, and had a surplus was when Romney was Gov. Unemployment then was also at least 2% lower. Only Libs hated him, because he held them accountable. So many lies circuating in this bogus campaign about him.

      • Bill says:

        What reality do you live in. Ma. was 46th in job growth when Mitt “screw the 47%” was the governor. If Mitt is so good why doesn’t he give details and his plans to create millions of jobs, cut all tax rates while being revenue neutral and what he would do to Social Security. Medicare and Medicaid. What tax exemptions would he cut to offset he tax rate cuts? Who is holding him accountable to his wild and unbelievable programs. I don’t hate Mitt I just don’t want hime to be our president. Anne what lies are you talking about or do you mean the lies being spread about President Obama (Musilim, Socialist, Not born in USA, etc)

        • Anne says:

          What seems to be covered up today is the fact that Warren practised law in MA without being on the MA Bar when she won an important private lawsuit for Traveler’s RE; Asbestos poisoning. Search William A. Jacobson’s article of 9/24 in “Legal Insurection”.

          • You said lies about him not about her. You neocons can’t keep your story straight for three hours.

          • Anne says:

            Never once responded to you before now. For some reason, my posts are not being placed to whom I posted to, including the one above. Two different posts about two different subjects. No need for ramdom namecalling, which gets us nowhere.

          • Anne says:

            The above comment showed up there, and not where I posted it.

            In response to Bill, directly above.. those percentages you quoted are wrong and deceiving. Our state was booming then with jobs and a 5%range of unemployment , so job growth wasn’t the issue at that time. We had other issues, including the state debt and poor standing nationwide which improved significantly under Romney. I am an independent voter and research independently BOTH sides, which more of you Libs need to do for the future and safety of our once-wonderful country. You are being fed a fantasy story that you aren’t even checking up on!

            Please do it for the sake of all of us. Obama has a different vision for our country which he has written about in his book, “Dreams from My Father”. There is a documentary out now based on his words you should see and then form your own opinion, “2016: Obama’s America.” All facts researchable..but nothing would be found on any of the left biased MSM; ie, NBC MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, GBH, the NYT, etc. They all want Obama to get in and are NOT presenting, but slanting what’s REALLY worse than ever before in my not so short lifetime. (I NEVER, however accused him of being a Muslim, as I have no proof of that). Much more you NEED to know about him.

            Please don’t attack the messenger here. I have no reason posting on this liberal site other than to get the truth out.

            Rather than argue with me, I suggest you do the independent research I sugested. I will welcome any relevant questions, but won’t respond to comments as way out and assinine as Kokogene’s.

          • grammyjill says:

            Don’t you remember Patrick getting on TV and asking all the people that left MA while Romney was in because there were no jobs? I remember. I also remember Romney adding fees to alot of things so he could say he didn’t raise taxes, and the potholes he wouldn’t fix and the bridges he wouldn’t fix, and leaving an 18 billion dollar deficit. And taking all the records of his term with him because there were questions about his hiring friends to do the big dig with substandard materials and getting paid a hell of a lot more than it was worth. I remember. Alot of others do to, that is why Obama is ahead in MA by 28 points.

          • Anne says:

            That whole DNConvention was a staged joke. Independently factcheck Patrick’s speech…ALL LIES. MA is now millions in debt, under him…he caters to his interest groups, and unemployment is more than 2% more since Romney. MA is totally LIBERAL…that’s why Obama is so ahead here. NONE of you are doing independent research, you are only swallowing the severly left leaning MSM’s garbage…we’ll be like liberal, bankrupt CA if we keep this up!

            I am WARNING all of you…if Obama gets in again…you haven’t seen anything of what you’ll get. THIS ECONOMY CANNOT BE SUSTAINED ON NOTHING. He wants a 3rd world, Socialistic country.
            At least we still have another option to survive. DO RESEARCH before it’s too late..the least you can do.
            I voted for him…but in 2009 smelled a “rat”…took time to find out all I needed to know…not that I wanted to find out, but I’m NOT gullible and stupid.
            He’s a complete phoney who could care less about this country…only wants his “rockstar” power.

          • grammyjill says:

            Do you denie that the economy is picking up? Do you denie that there have been 30 straight months of jobs? Do you denie that home sales have gone up six percent? Do you denie that most of the other countries kinda like us again? Yes, the deficit sucks but Obama inheirted an 11+ trillion dollar budget from Bush. It takes a little over 1 trillion a year just to run the basics in this country so Obama has added about 6 trillion in four years. Seems reasonable to me. Any person makes a few mistakes, that’s just built in. But I have watched Obama and the House and Senate closely. I’ve also watched Romney And Ryan. So far I’ve been able to check everything Obama has said as being the truth. Not so with R&R. They don’t seem to have any working knowlege of what the truth is. I do not want lyars in the White House. And they still have NO plan except cut taxes for the rich so I can have the privilege of paying for it. They want to stop ALL abortion ever for rape, ncest and life of the woman. They want to take contriception away from women.They want to stop any preventitive health care for women. They want to cut WIC, headstart, medicade, foodstamps. Privatize medicare and social security. No thanks, I will stick with the smart black guy that is actually trying to help all of us and not just the rich friends.

          • Anne says:

            Yes, with all due respect, I deny all that you are saying. The Middle East STILL hates us while Obama is still appeasing Islam, we are in DEEP financial do do, and any temporary and deceiving bump is a preelection “coincidence”…that you are only hoping means more. You SO need to do independent research, as all your info’ can be found from left media talking points, or biased factcheckers. Your figures are WAY off by trillions for the budget Obama inherited…and he didn’t have the huge 9/11/01 attack expense. INDEPENDENT research will tell you that Obama has caused more debt than any President in history…many trillions more
            than Bush in 8 years. He was not elected for blame or broken promises and lies.
            Other than independent research, I suggest strongly that you see the movie, “2016: Obama’s America” based on his own words about his vision for America. Form your own opinion after seeing this.
            As for the rest, I can’t just keep on disputing Liberal talking points.

            As an independent, I research
            all sides. I only wish more people would do the same.

            Obama: The first talk-show, celebrity President.

          • grammyjill says:

            So you are saying that ABC,CBS,NBC,MSNBC,The Manchester Union Leader, The Boston Globe and The New York Times are all lying?  I really feel sorry for you. To actually believe all the lies that Fox and Limpdick have been telling you. Yes, there is more work to be done but we are on the road to recovery no matter what the far right is trying to frighten you with. Watch other news for a while, get your head straightened out. And don’t let the likes of Rush Limbaugh scare you again. And ifyour problem stems from you thinking that the president and your govenor are scarey black men, you kinda gotta get use to that. At this point white people are the minority in this country, so if you can’t deal with that maybe you should start looking for a different country to live in.

      • Kokogene says:

        I take it you are a very young ignorant woman who has no respect for others. It can only be that your parents did not teach you that being white does not make you right! Take your little rich girl practice to the real world in America and see where it gets you!

  11. My husband’s Grandmother was born on a reservation in New York state, she married a white man, his mom looks some indian and some white. His mom married a white man and my husband’s brothers and sisters all look white. My husband married a white womand and his daughter does not have one iota of indian in her apperance at all. You can’t judge by color, so I make Scott Browns’ statement to be totally racist, plain and simple!!!!!

  12. Ford Truck says:

    I’m 1/2 Swedish, 1/4 French, and 1/4 Lakota (that’s a Native American tribe for all you educated in American schools). I look 100% Swedish, with blond hair, a red bread, blue eyes, and very fair skin. If you look at me and tell me I’m not Native American and I’ll kick your damn ass!

    • grammyjill says:

      Thank You. I have two redheaded light skinned !/4 irish, 1/4 scotch and 1/2 appalation. The daughter would probably take a sharp pointy thing to you, the son is a warrior for the US.

  13. Anne says:

    Have you read about how Elizabeth has been practising private law in MA without being licensed to do so, in a big Traveler’s Insurance Asbestos-related case, as reported by William A. Jacobson on 9/24 in “Legal Insurrection,” with info’ supported by the Boston Globe? She helped them win over people who were being severely harmed by asbestos poisoning.

    She should be HELD ACCOUNTABLE to follow the same rules and laws as the rest of us.

    Let’s see if this info’ gets buried by the MA MSM media machine.

  14. gargray says:

    I think there is a little Indian in every early american or emigrants of this country. My great great grandfather was the first to bring blacks into his white church, and later started the first black church. His greatest achievement was when he raised money for the first Negro College in Morris-town TN. This college is privately owned and my grandfathers picture no longer hangs in the Hall of this University.

  15. This is what happens when a party – and its candidates – have nothing to offer. Elizabeth Warren is not only well qualified, she has shown great poise while under constant attacks by her immature opponent and his surrogates. She deserves to be reelected by a landslide.

  16. howa4x says:

    This is typical Republican nonsense. They have nothing to tell the voters on how they will solve the problems we face except give more money to the wealthy and de regulate. They fail to mention that taxes are the lowest in history and we have been giving the wealthy tax cuts since 06, and nothing trickled down to the working people, and de regulation brought on the biggest financial collaspe since the great depression. Since they can’t say anything about that they create a side show to distract their angry white voter bloc. So Obama is a communist and Warren is an Indian sqaw, and on and on. They have put out so many lies and distortions that if Republicans win I don’t know how they will govern. Health care reform which they call socialism, is the Massachuttes model based on buying insurance. They promised to repeal that so what are they going to do with all the uninsured? I blame the reporters for getting caught up in the managery, and not asking people like Brown the tough questions, like how will his policies solve our problems.

  17. Shame, shame on Scott Brown and his klan. You want to be a leader of who? and whose children? Where are your values? This is a new low!!! we are not going back. We are in the 21st century, get over it. Wake up and smell the progress.

  18. tavias51 says:

    What is this political world coming to when a white Republican can and does INSULT his Native American white woman opponent??? Shame, Shame, Shame on you Scott and your staffers!!!! We, the 47%, will make sure your racist antics will NOT RETURN TO WASHINGTON!!! Elizabeth is going to beat your arce silly on November 6th!!! Long Live the Fighters for the 47%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Louis Rosi says:

    Politics is a funny sport , the more mud you sling , the more will stick to you. You are getting muddy Mr. Brown , keep right on slinging .

  20. Louis Rosi says:

    Keep slinging that racist mud Mr. Brown , most of it is sticking to you , destined to loose .

  21. robert says:

    It’s a tried and true Republican mantra to call forth the miseducated, ill-informed, insensitive mass to do what they need to be done. Read THE TRAGEDY OF ROBERT CHARLES. Looking at the Republican staffers of Brown confronting the staffers of Warren, you see a styark difference. Mud-diving red necks, poisonous cotton mouth white supremacists, low life bitter racists, alligator wrestling hillbillies. They would fart at a dinner table and proudly laugh about it! That is what the Republican/Tea Party is reduced to, but they would whine that they are being attacked. However, they are giving us an eyeful of what it would be like if they were to get into office. We should thank them for it and move forward.

  22. nomaster says:

    Pathetic little puppies, acting like misguided children. Guess they think all Indians are red skins.

  23. Carolyn Stine says:

    I never thought I would see the day when Republicans would be open bigots!

  24. onedonewong says:

    Lets see Warren is a CROOOK and lied on her applications for admission and employment and now Scott Brown is the bad guy…..HUH

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