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Monday, October 24, 2016

WATCH: Colin Powell Calls Out GOP’s ‘Dark Vein Of Intolerance’

WATCH: Colin Powell Calls Out GOP’s ‘Dark Vein Of Intolerance’

During a Sunday morning appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, former Secretary of State Colin Powell criticized his fellow Republicans for making racially-charged attacks against President Barack Obama, and warned that there is “a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party.”

Powell, who maintains that he is still a Republican despite having endorsed Obama in both of his presidential campaigns, noted that many in the GOP “still sort of look down on minorities.”

“When I see a former governor say that the president is ‘shuckin’ and jivin’,’ that’s a racial-era slave term,” Powell said in reference to Sarah Palin’s attack against Obama’s response to the September 11th attack in Benghazi.

“When I see another former governor after the president’s first debate where he didn’t do very well, says that the president was lazy,” Powell continued in reference to Mitt Romney’s campaign co-chair John Sununu. “He didn’t say he was slow. He was tired. He didn’t do well. He said he was lazy.”

Notably, during the campaign Sununu also claimed that Powell’s endorsement of Obama was purely motivated by race.

“The whole birther movement,” Powell continued. “Why do senior Republican leaders tolerate this kind of discussion within the party?”

Powell also questioned the GOP’s platform, noting that “In recent years, there’s been a significant shift to the right, and we have seen what that shift has produced: two losing presidential campaigns.” He specifically questioned the party’s anti-immigrant policies, and its support for voter ID laws that primarily targeted minorities.

“It caused people to turn out and stand in line, becuase these Republicans were trying to keep us from voting,” Powell said.

Video from the interview is below:

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  • While most Americans are not racist, there are many among us who still are. Groups such as the KKK, White Supremacists, neo-Nazis, and hate groups like the League of the South, are actually growing. The catalyst that fuels their hatred is not only the fact that we have an African American President, they hate the fact that large numbers of ethnic minorities – and women – are becoming prosperous and influential. When they say they want to take America back, they mean that literally.
    Fortunately, they are small in numbers, but they are dangerous and should not be ignored.

    • I Don’t Think Most American Are Racist Either But The Ones Who Are Try To Stink Up The Place For Everyone Else!! 🙁 I Watched Colin Powell On Meet The Press Yesterday Morning And He Ripped This New GOP/Tea Party A New Asshole!! LOL David Gregory Looked In Amazement As General Powell When H.A.M. LOL!!!

      • lana ward

        There are more black racists than there are white. Colin Powell just proved himself a racist. To bad, I once respected him

        • clyde

          Lana we’r not racists we just want you to know, nowadays you play kkk at your own risk; This ain’t my mama nim. I, for example am prepared to bust you A’newasshole.

          • lana ward

            Any little thing that we don’t agree with dems about, we are called racist. Well, alot of us have had enough!!! Those who call us racist, are the REAL racists. The dems favorite words are racist and bigot. Get over yourself and grow up!!!

          • Mr Wiseguy

            LOL a rabid foaming at the mouth racist terrorist like you calling others racist doesn’t make it so, but then again you wingnuts live in a fantasy world where it probably does

            The ONLY reason you and the rest of your subspecies decide on how you feel about anything is by race. Anything President Obama is for you are against – even republican ideas like almost the entire healthcare bill.

            Your hate is the filter through which your worldview is understood. Yes hate makes you stupid since it has no rational basis other than fear.

            You GOP lovers are so twisted and confused to the point your senate leader filibusters his OWN bill a couple of days after tabling it.

            Go burn a cross or something in your bedsheets.

          • Admit it. You hate Obama because he is black. No other reason. And how do the rest of us know this? Because you call him names, you make comments that have no basis in fact, and you think we don’t know you are a hateful lying treacherous female. You need to get laid.

          • lana ward

            I love and respect Allen West, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Niger Innis, Ken Blackwell, Alan Keyes, Tim Scott, and others who love my country, and I’m pretty sure they’re black.—getting laid ,would be too much information

        • We Know You’re A KKK Bitch All You Do Is Call Our President All Kinds Of Names And Lie On Him Like The Rest Of Your KKK ASSHOLES Racist Mob Do !! How About You Go Fuck Yourself And Go Catch Up With Your Low Life Knuckle Dragging Hateful Ass Crowd Nobody Want Your Dumb Ass Here GO BITCH!!!

          • lana ward


          • Mr Wiseguy


          • Think she is really a witch.

        • Lana, it is not racist to say you are voting your damn conscience or to call others out on things if they can be proven.

          It’s not racist to call his party leadership out for blatant attempts to stifle voting.

          It’s not racist to note the racist undertones of birtherism, racially demeaning terms, and attempting to oppress people of other racial groups.

          It is not racist–thus neither is Colin Powell.

          • lana ward

            Everytime we don’t agree with the dems we are called racist. EVERYTIME. The REAL racists are those who call others racist. That’s my word now when someone doesn’t agree with me. I’ll try it for awhile, and see how the dems like it

          • You are so full of it. Get a life and get a job and please, you need to get laid and quick! You are PMSing all over the place!

          • lana ward

            I have 33 cats and I care for the elderly. That’s part of my “life”

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            IF you have 33 CATS in your home I pity your neighbors. The smell must be bad in your home.

            Take care of the Elderly? What are they; all Brain Dead? No one else would tolerate you around them otherwise.

          • lana ward

            My cats are ALL fixed and declawed and eat better than I do. They are taken better care of than your kids are!!!! My neighbors love them all!! If FUC*** lowlife would be responsible, I wouldn’t have so many!!!.. I love caring for the elderly and they love me or I wouldn’t be there–so go bite yourself!!

        • dsand1445

          rac·ism (rszm)
          1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
          2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

          rac·ist [rey-sist]
          a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others.
          of or like racists or racism: racist policies; racist attitudes.

          Lana I don’t know what your definition of racist is so I posted it for you. Simply because you have no clue to what racist means. Just because a person doesn’t share your views doesn’t make him a racist.

          I might think you are racist by claiming Black people are more racist than White people how you arrived at that conclusion one can only guess.

          • lana ward

            Right now the blacks think they are superior to whites.– That’s racist

          • Mr Wiseguy

            “The blacks” stereotypes millions upon millions of people. Stereotyping is the act of a racist. And a moronic act it is indeed.

          • Yea. That’s what this woman does well–stereotype everything. Her hate for Obama is as clear as a lightening rod. And not for any sound reasons, but purely for the color of his skin. I find it disgusting that after all of the bloodshed and the conflict over equality and rights for people of all color, to see this kind of stupidy and bigotry still exists. I see in in some members of my own family. Pity, isn’t it?

          • Duh??? Like what the hell kind of intelligent remark is that? Well, it isn’t. I just proved what dsand just wrote. How can you be so unenlightened as to say such a stupid thing? And you know what, compared to you, most blacks are superior to you! LOL!!

          • lana ward

            Black on white crime is exploding across America!!! That’s racist

        • Ya know, you are a relic of the past. Thank God the demographics of the USA are changing. You can never return to pre-1954. Its over – get over it.

          • lana ward

            Living under Hitler omuslim will be just great. You’re a scary picture of our future

          • You are a commie and a fascist and a marxist and a socialist!

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            If there is any statement which could console you it is that the white race has created this situation.

            The White Race is the only race which has used bigotry, hatred over these past few centuries to stigmatize and discriminate against every single minority group of people in this country since it was first founded.

            We better hope as groups of minority people’s, they, people of color, don’t come together as one cohesive force, and wipe our white asses off the planet for revenge for what we’ve done to them.

            I”m not only speaking of what took place in this country either.

            As of now, we surely deserve it.

          • lana ward

            We are being punished for what our fore fathers did. Makes sense

        • jebediah123

          It always makes me laugh when someone calls black people “racist”. Are they “racist” (in the sense that they don’t like white people)?? YOU BET!! Do they trust white dominated government institutions(like police departments, judges, lawyers and such) HARDLY!

          What the hell do you expect of them after 250 years of enslavement, beatings, rape, murder, torture, denial of basic civil rights, predudice in employment opprotunities and even barred from the simple act of getting a drink of water from the “wrong” fountain.

          Of course, most of these blatant injustices have been eliminated by federal legislation but deep white racism still exists in certain government institutions (police departments).

          As I have written before, my personal associations with various “officers of the law” have convinced me that America still has a long way to go in improving race relations.

          But it would be a very wise thing for everyone of the white race to personally try to reach out to people of different races and build lasting friendships and relations because (if only for selfish reasons) the “white” race will be the minority in America in another 25 years.

          • Oh Jeb! You have hit the nail on the head. I wonder what this white woman would think if the shoe was on the other foot? I guess unless Powell made idiotic remarks like Allen West, then he would still be in her “good graces”. She is an idiot and worse.

          • lana ward

            Black on white crime is exploding all across America. They hate whites thanks to frauds like jessie jackson and al sharpton. They are the ones always starting trouble and telling blacks they are owed something. They are the BIGGEST RACISTS EVER!!

        • Excuse me ms know it all. Give numbers/stats on your comment rather than pulling them out of your arse. Also, I don’t think Powell gives one wit whether you have now ‘disowned’ him or not. Just who the f— do you think you are? Furthermore, caucasians weren’t held in positions of slavery for decades so if there are “more of them as racists today” as you assert, they have reason to be. But what you say is total Bullshit. And everyone here knows you are an ignorant gun toting bigoted ignorant woman with an IQ of 9.

          • lana ward

            Blacks are more racist than whites because of the likes of frauds like jesse jackson and al sharpton. They are race-baiters and love shakedowns. They love trouble and drama, it’s the only thing that keeps them in the spotlight!!

        • amarquez647

          I definately do not respect you. I am problably whiter than you are. I have six black cousins, a black granddaughter, and a korean granddaughter. My grandmother got mad atme because my fist wife was part Amerindian. I tell you from personal and statistical experience, that there are more white bigots than black bigots. You see, you are a bigot.

          • lana ward

            Under omuslim, jesse jackson, al sharpton and other racists, there are more black racists than there are white, and black on white attacks are exploding across America


        • Lana pray for guidance!

        • How. Talking about race and racial issues doesn’t make you a racist. Everything he said is totally relevant.

          • lana ward

            You tell that to those on CNN and MSNBC. According to them all conservatives are racists! When in fact, they are the racists!!

          • lana ward

            Tell that to MSNBC, they call everyone a racist who disagrees with OHitler!!!

      • Yeah Fern, Colin Powell may be a Republican, but to him, race takes precendence over everything else. He actually voted for Obama, even though he never “supposedly” agreed with most of his Liberal policies, must have been just because he is half-black like him, which makes him racist. All his so-called “principle” went out the window just because he could vote for a fellow brother, really quite sickening.

        • Since you need to justify your believes that all other opions are wrong, you may not understand why Colin Powell voted the way he did. The two men that President Obama beat were not Qualified for the job.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          You hate the idea of a black man sticking up for a fellow black man, even half black for that matter.

          What would you see rather happen, have him stick a knife in Obama’s back like Whitie does to their own people?

          This shows to me that people of color finally has a sense of unity that whitie hates.

          It’s great to see people of color finally coming together as a major political voice, soon to be a majority voice at that.

          And, I’m a white guy saying this.

        • You are as much of a numbskull as Ward. As long as the black man stays in his ‘place’, then he is being a ‘good little boy’! KMA!

      • lana ward

        There are more black racists than white. Black on white attacks are exploding all through America!!!

    • gahoof

      I still find myself agreeing with what Frank Zappa once said: “Hey people, I’m not black, but there are a whole lot of times I wish I could say ‘I’m not white.'”

    • I agree except I believe all of US are racist in some regards,and it is evident

      • It is NOT evident that ALL U.S. citizens are racist. Speak for yourself.

      • I have to take issue with that remark. Please stop stereotyping anyone.

    • My experience with minorities goes back to childhood, growing up white in an all black neighborhood. We had many wonderful neighbors and also a sprinkling of bad seeds. But over all, I learned a great deal about tolerance and know that racism exists very such in today’s society. And it isn’t even closeted any longer. It just took a man of color ascending to the office of President, that the worms came out of the closet again. It makes no difference what ever proposals Obama puts forth; there are those who will twist it into something vile and ugly and hateful. This election brought out such venom, I am surprised that the results were as good as they were, considering all the financial backing the rightists had at their disposal. But when you live a life of fear and hate and bigotry, this is what happens.

  • AlfredSonny

    I am a registered Independent and believe in multi-party system. Due to their questionable tactics, Republicans have driven me to Democrats. There are very few Republicans I deeply respect. They are Powell, Christie and Bloomberg. Why? They speak on behalf of Americans rather than Republicans.

    • gahoof

      Point of information: New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is an Independent; not Republican.

      • AlfredSonny

        No wonder!

    • Sand_Cat

      Powell is a war criminal and a Bush enabler.

      When you feel like admiring Christie, think about what he would have done if someone had signed a contract with him, but when it came time to pay the agreed sum, the debtor told him he charged too much and refused to pay. Think about how you would feel if someone did it to you.

      Bloomberg has his faults, I’m sure, but he’s the only one of the three you named that I consider deserving of respect.

  • Budjob

    Dominick,you are absolutely correct with your observations about racist and hate groups growing in the USA.However,one group that should not be overlooked is the nations police departments.Yes,I did say the NATIONS police departments.The federal government should launch a full scale investigation of the attitudes and policies of the various police departments!

    • sigrid28

      To a great extent, bias in the courts and law enforcement are responsible for the proliferation of privately run prisons and county lock-ups filled disproportionately with minorities. Colin Powell’s despair with his party’s intolerance is just the opening shot of a civil rights movement in the twenty-first century, which will be necessary if we are to restore “justice” to the concept of law and order, secure the rights of all individuals to control their own health care, and ensure that Republican attacks on voting rights go down in defeat.

      • Ed

        Unfortunatly there will never be justice in the justice system.

        • I knew a police captain in Newport Beach whose mantra was…”there is not justice but Just US.”

    • I think you are so right! There is a powder keg there, especially in states like AZ.

  • tman000

    Colin Powell is a great American leader, he spoke so actuate on yesterdays ‘Meet The Press’ when explaining the Republican movement…

  • Absolutely correct sir!

  • Jim Lou

    Colin Powell is a class guy. He is one Republican that I would consider voting for.

    • Sand_Cat

      He went before the UN and lied to convince them to join Bush’s little escapade in Iraq. In fact, he helped Bush get “elected” by joining those promising there would be adult supervision. He received daily briefings on the torture going on at Gauntanamo, and was certainly aware of the violations of the Geneva Convention on treatment of prisoners of war. He said nothing in response to the lame attempt to label POWs “illegal combatants.” When he finally realized he’d had enough – it was reported he wasn’t happy with many of the Bush policies – he resigned quietly after the election. God forbid he do anything that might inhibit the continuation of the policies he supposedly disliked! He never spoke up in protest against the defaming of a decorated war hero, John Kerry, either before or after his resignation. I also read somewhere he had a small part in the My Lai coverup; don’t remember the source, but it sounds like him to me.

      A “class guy”? Well, yes, he was obviously determined to make it into the ruling class, whatever it took. His son Michael’s abuses as FCC chairman speak volumes of the kind of upbringing and example he gave.

  • I do have to ask: Who in their right mind would care EVER what Sarah Palin says? No thinking person would. But the GOP continues their racism. So folks, you DO know who to vote for in any upcoming election don’t you? The legislatures of many states are now run by repugs, and they are busy taking down unions, taking away women’s rights….isn’t this enough for you? It’s hatred of anyone who isn’t male, white, and rich.

    • Muriel Schlecht

      Trouble is there are too many non-thinking people who vote, and thinking people who don’t vote. I don’t understand why Colin Powell is still a Republican. They completely threw him under the bus without blinking an eye. I would vote for him in a second if he ran for office…as an Independent or a Democrat . A Republican Party worth respecting, considering, and even supporting is gone. They must clean up their act themselves from “inside” and unfortunately I see those that are trying are being stomped on….from “inside”.

    • Some people are confounded by reality and facts. They live in their own little bubble. God forbid anyone should pop that thing. Hate exists–bigotry exists–and what is worse, it is consuming some of the people of this country to such an extent that we still have to deal with these issues instead of getting the job done. What else can anyone make of the statements made by McConnell on Inaugeration 2009 to say that the Congress’ #1 priority was to make Obama a one term president? If that isn’t hate and bigotry I don’t know what else is.

  • There is the saying which goes: “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up someplace elsewhere”. My republican friends have no clue at all where they are going. It is only god who knows where they will end up.

  • Froehlich

    While I respect Colin Powell and agree with his general analysis, he paints it as a question of being in step with the demographics of the country – of being pragmatic – not with what is the correct and ethical thing to do. It isn’t just convenient and pragmatic to avoid racist thinking and expression. It’s ethical and correct. It isn’t just pragmatic and convenient to avoid cheap political attacks about being a citizen or not. It’s ethical and correct to acknowledge the truth as proven by standard and reliable methods. And it isn’t just pragmatic and convenient to not try to block people from voting. To avoid it – and encourage voting by all citizens – is the ethical, correct – and PATRIOTIC – thing to do.

    No, the Republican party is indeed in trouble because it currently is controlled by a far right point of view – as Powell notes. But their motivation shouldn’t be to hide their worst impulses to win elections – it should be to evaluate what their up-front representatives – and party members – really stand for. Which Powell does get to at the end of his comments. But the pragmatic argument still sticks in my throat. Good for him for stating some necessary points by a Republican. Though he always was highly political and pragmatic as a general/politician. I wonder if he would be saying this if Romney won by a small margin.

  • And I thought Mr. Powell was going to use the air time to announce his new line of fried chicken joints, the General vs the Colonel. And it’s about time we had a new chicken joint around town since I can’t go to the Colonel any more.

    Seems that one day I ordered a three piece & the girl behind the counter asked me if I was a leg, thigh or breast man. TO which I responded that I prefered a shaved pussy.

    Can’t eat there no mo.

    • Replying to I Zheet M’Drawz –

      By the way, I recognize the picture you posted. The first line says “Depressed?”

      The second line says “Over Worked?”

      I would go on, but we both know where this leads.

  • amazonfan

    To be fair to Republicans, they hate all kinds of people: Blacks but also Muslims, gays, women, the poor, latinos etc….

    • You know, that is so true….anything that is ‘foreign’ to them. It’s a grab bag of hatred for anything that they cannot relate to, anything different than what they are used to, anything they have been indoctrinated against. My guess it is from the bully pulpit their parents took them to. All those self-righteous evangelicals that preached fire and brimstone and in the meantime, took their hard earned dollars. I think it is this element of society that is to blame for the foment we have in this country. It lines the purse of this religous zealots and usurers.

  • I don’t care if you believe in his politics or not, at least Colin Powell has GUTS.

    Even though most of the GOP will belittle him for supporting President Obama, he is correct. The GOP has too many racists in office, and also in within the rank and file.

    Coupled with the brazen attacks on women, gays, minorities and any one else who doesn’t exact follow the party line, makes being a Conservative a very isolated environment.

    I admire people who have the guts to go against the grain, Conservative or Progressive. So, yes, I do admire Colin Powell.

  • I have been saying this since Obama was elected.The congress is full of racist and that is how the people like it.However Obama will get done what he wants done ,somehow.

  • I don’t understand why Colin Powell remains a republican. Why stay with a party who is obviously bigoted towards minorities, of which Colin Powell is? This is the main reason I could never consider becoming a republican nor voting for one.

  • dslocum

    Bravo Colin Powell for telling it like it is. We need your voice of reason in the GOP!

    • Unfortunately the GOP is on its deathbed. No where for the voice of reason to go.

  • bchrista

    I know thisis a little out of line on this particular comment space but I must answer Lex1001 where he challenges me on a subject that I wrote in the National Memo where he questions where I got my facts about single parents contributing more people to prisons that two parent homes I will tell him I got the facts from straight from the horses mouth visit your local prison some day and find out then ask me again, sme of those poor kids shouldn’t even be there the fact that there is a system that requires everyone to be flushed with money in order to be considered equal before the law condones this type of justice is shameful, not being able to afford a decent lawyer shouldn’t be considered a crime but, in some states even in this day and age it is, my friend people only see and hear what they want to see and hear, check Florida, Georgia,South Carolna, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennesse, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and a few others and see the prison populations and tell me I’m wrong.

  • I became a republican in 2006 after over 40 years as a registered democrat. I was chased out by the political correctness and big spending. However now I find the hard conservatives dominate the republican party. After going to some senior republican events one old man had the audacity to use the n word and other personal degroatory comments of President Obama. I do not agree with President Obamas policies, but I detest that mans remarks. I respect President Obama as a person. The Republican Party is going to have to get off the racial band wagon and show how how low taxes will help every body. If they do not they will fall just like their predisessor the Whig Party. The Democrat Party actually needs more conservaticve thinkers and the Republicans more liberal thinkers. It is not liberal ideas or conservative ideas than make our country great. It is pragmatic ideas common sense that make America work and all few of us have today.

  • Pamby50

    I watched the interview on Meet the Press. I came away still respecting the man. He believes that Chuck Hagel will make a good Secretary of Defense. He believes that the republican party needs to expand its base or it will no longer exist. He is tired of the leaders not denouncing the crazies who tell us President Obama is not a US citizen, that he is lazy & he shucks n jives. He believes all citizens should be allowed to vote. I wish he would become a democrat but he’s won’t. It is in him to be a moderate republican. I just wish there were more of him. What a great debate we could have.

  • nagena

    Thank you Gen Powell! Years ago when you were still Secretary of State during the Bush jnr presidency, you were given the dumb job where you, as former US overall military leader in Iraq, were ordered by the president to announce you had identified Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq (thus necessitating immediate War). When you hesitated, the president told you, “You owe me!” Needless to say, out of military etiquette, you agreed to say something which you knew was untrue. You will bear this outrage to your grave, General. Afterwards, a good Republican, you were mentioned as a possible Vice President. Mrs Powell, loyal wife as she was, would not hear of it in case “the crackers killed you”! A man of the highest principles, you have supported President Obama in both presidential elections, not because he, like you, is Black, but I suspect because of your fellow Republicans whom he was standing against: McCain and Romney (what a brace of pigeons!) You have also not been afraid to mention the racism in the GOP. You are merely doing your duty, as you did in the military, for the salvation of the United States of America. May God bless you, Colin Powell, General and Patriot, and keep you safe in this mad world in which we live!

  • no wonder the Republicans don’t want change , they are all stuck in the past

  • This neggur is the race problem, along with the louse in chief and holder.

    • Replying to Richard Holmes –

      You have obviously never been in a combat zone, where your life might depend on the black man standing beside you.

  • montanabill

    I must have misplaced my ‘Code Words’ book. Regretfully, Colin Powell, who served this country admirably for most of his working life has turned into a whiny, Obama apologist. He stopped being a Republican the first time he voted for Obama. He discovered he couldn’t see through color.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    Who is fooling whom?

    The Republican Party said off the cuff before Obama got elected the first time they were going to do everything they could to paint his first administration look as bad as possible.

    It worked out partially.

    They tried everything they could to see to it he didn’t get elected the second time. That didn’t didn’t work either, though it came pretty close with nearly electing Mill Romney. Mitt only lost by a few percentage points.

    The Republican Party has a constant track record of racism supported by the Evangelical Movement ever since Reagan was in office. And, recently, the Tea Party amplifies it.

    This Racism is also on the state level, please notice all of these states doing all they can to quash minority voting rights.

    But, this is nothing new. Many groups of people throughout our national history have been discriminated against and marginalized. Ask any minority group in this country was has been done to them over the years. And, this all has to do largely with centralized white power.

    The ONLY way Racism, at least politically, will ever be conquered is when the White Race becomes a solid minority as a voting block as well as a race, and the Republican Party along with the Tea Party is driven completely out of power.

    Whitie – your days of racism are numbered. Get Used To It!

  • J Harris

    I have always admired Colin Powell. He tells it like it is. The GOP has lurched too far to far to the right. Although, I don’t consider myself a liberal Democrat, I feel more comfortable with the Democrats. The Democrats have their racial issues as well, but I digress. There is something wrong when one party can only get 10% of a racial ethnic group and believe that is fine and that it can be governing national party. The Republicans have lived on getting a small percentage of minority for 40 years and now they realize that they can’t survive like that forever. Republicans should be getting at least 30-35 percent of the black vote and at least 50% of the Hispanic vote, but they are too far to the right and have racial issues to shy those groups away.

  • Sand_Cat

    Why doesn’t Mr. Powell call out the war criminals and torturers in his party who still walk free, himself included.

  • Canistercook

    RAcism exists by both blacks and whites but the majority of whites are NOT racists. I find it pitiful that the quote of one or two individuals is taken to be racist whether is was intended to be or not and used to accuse a whole herd of people. Perhaps the individuals that do this are themselves really the racists. It;s time to move on and ignore the few on both sides that continue to express their ignorance by racist remarks. I am finding my self asking what part of the ‘Republican’ agenda does Colin Powell like?

  • I grew up in the 60’s so I know a lot about the racists that went on. A course I was on the other side of it but my friends weren’t. My best friend who was black would get on the same bus but would have to sit in the rear of the bus. I was a rebel for my age and would go to back to sit with her to be scorn by the bus driver. That was over 50 years ago. You would think we could in 2013 respect each other for what we are not by our race. It starts with parents. If parents are racists or haters your children learn from them. Both sides of color need to teach respect and tolerance. Judge people for their content not their race, religion or politics.

  • Racist in America still there even asmuch as Martin L. King tried to stop it before been killed. If they seted up a program that asked ”who are the real blacks in America?” . So one can as well ask, who and who are the whites in America? I heard some folks telling Piers Morgan to be deported back to Britain while almost all the rest came from Ireland, Hollands, Frans and Europe. Others from south fathers or grand fathers. Just step little bite back to your family background and history. Any one that called or reminded others of race issue in America was not mistakened before we all know it, only that the truth is biter in hearing unless we cover it up before the eyes of the fools as you may regards all others.

  • clyde

    General Powell simply told it like it is; These kkk maggotts are hiding behind these WHITE computer screens regurgitating republican lies, spreading hatred, walking passed us in the mall, in the grocery stores, and on the streets. We should not ignore them; But dare them.

  • There’s a common thread among Colin Powell’s comments during Meet the Press yesterday and those of the President today: both speakers are African-American men. Because the President is a Democrat, the looney-tune GOP simply ignored him. The President made the mistake of thinking he’s dealing with sane and reasonable people. The sane and reasonable people of the GOP are not the politicians nor are they the lobbyists. The President’s words fell on deaf and dumb GOP ears.
    Powell’s words did not fall on deaf and dumb GOP ears. GOP pundits and politicians came out of the woodwork to excoriate him for what he said. The GOP power brokers have a term for all GOP African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, women, Tea Party Militia members and Blue Dog Democrats: Useful Idiots. Being an African-American GOPer, Gen. Powell is considered a “useful idiot”. So long as he parrots the party line, he’s fine. But, when he steps out of line, the GOP establishment “puts him in his place”. Today, Michael Steele (former RNC chairman and an African-American) continued to parrot the party line…but, he’s still a useful idiot to them.
    Being considered a useful idiot isn’t the biggest problem for Powell, Steele, Allen West, Tim Scott and other African-American GOPers.

    What’s worse is the perception of other African-Americans toward African-American Republicans. African-Americans use two terms to describe African-Americans who go with “The Man” (the GOP is definitely “The Man”)…the first one is “Uncle Tom”. The second one, however, is a term I had not heard in more than 35 years until a few African-American Facebook friends reminded me: house negro. That’s correct…most African-Americans think of African-American GOPers as house negroes. Allow me to explain: in the days of slavery, there were two groups of slaves: the house negroes and the field negroes. Of course, the field negroes worked in the fields picking whatever crop their masters grew. The house negroes served inside the house and got more privileges, such as the table scraps after meals, etc. In reality, their white masters called them “field n*ggers” and “house n*ggers”. So long as msrs. Powell, West, Cain, Steele and others understand that, they’ll get what’s really going on.

    There’s a tragic irony here: when the Republican Party started in 1854, they were LIBERALS fighting Conservative Southern Democrats! After the 13th Amendment gave slaves their freedom, they flocked to the Republican Party. However, Conservatives began infiltrating the Republican Party and chased out the last of the Liberals by 1872, the last year of the first term of Republican President US Grant. Liberals began to populate the Democratic Party. Systematically, African-Americans and other minorities began leaving the GOP to become Democrats.

    I could go on about how women helped the GOP into total power in the 1920’s, but that’s another post for another day.

  • As was noted elsewhere, President Obama would have been just as eligible for the Presidency had he been born in Saskatchewan, Poland, Uganda, or Mars as he was born of American parentage.

    He’s black.

    He’s always been black, and always been eligible.

    Just deal with it.

  • I think it was extremely courageous of Gen. Powell to put his conscience as well as his reputation on the line and speak his mind. I think the fact that there are so-called patriotic lawmakers that are willing to distort the truth to further their own agendas and allow the country’s middle class and economy to suffer unprecedented ignorance while attacking/questioning President Obama’s ideas, plans, compromises, ethnic background, citizenship, religion, wife, children, authority, foreign relations and patriotism. It amounts to covert class warfare ( cause they hide behind false ideology) and border-lining on TREASON! Everybody in the country ISN’T ignorant. Bigotry is alive and well in the so-called conservative groups like the Tea Party. Stop hiding behind doublespeak and Man Up and ADMIT YOUR PREJUDICE AND INSECURITY. If it walks like a duck… and it quacks like a duck……then it’s a DUCK.

  • There is a dark vein of malice that goes beyond getting at the President;it translates in hurting the US socially as well econonmically.If the might of the States declines,it is because of such divisive unchecked trends!

  • All Americans want is for this mess to stop.This Obama hatred hurts us all.He did’nt get elected to ruin the country,but to help the country. The Republicans hate him more than they love the country,and they are determined to make the “47%” pay for re-electing him.Thats why they want to cut the “safety net” and not cut millionairs farm subsidies!!

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  • marelbert

    Birds fly, Fish swim, Snakes crawl and Bigots Hate!

  • AJ Perea

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Colin Powell a decorated soldier and black man knows! This Race issue has always been the silent white elephant in the room for Republicans. They do have a few Clarence Thomas and ex-rep. West in Florida! How do you think they got control of the southern voting block of conservative white, red-neck that are children of KKK that run most of the local governments there? Racism is alive and well in the party of Lincoln! I close by stating that this is the first time in history that our President has been so publicly insulted with racial slurs and disrespect! The guy happens to be a BLACK guy too!

  • Certain people owe Mr. Dan Rather (former CBS News) an apology for highlighting Former President George W. Bush’s military service record during the Vietnam War.

    Reference Texas Magazine dated May 2012, Truth or Consequences. Apparently there is
    more to the allegations that meet the eye. Texas Air National Guard was supposedly being used
    harbor other sons of the “Powerful/Elite” during the Vietnam War.

    Read and draw your own conclusions. Copy should be available at your local library.

  • You need professional help, we will pray that you get ASAP!

  • Like voter rights and people in your GOP (Grand Old People Party) name calling, pray!

  • What’s your point? Do you have a black friend!

  • Now we know! Cat lady!
    That in it self has a very finite concatenation,let us pray.

  • Punished how?