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Friday, October 21, 2016

WATCH: Romney Bungles Response To Embassy Attacks

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney once again exhibited poor diplomatic judgement in response to yesterday’s attacks on American embassies in Egypt and Libya, raising more questions about his fitness to serve as Commander in Chief.

Romney’s latest foreign policy flub began late Tuesday night, when he broke his own “no politics on September 11th” embargo to release a statement slamming President Barack Obama for alleged sympathy toward those who attacked the embassies in Cairo and Benghazi.

“It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks,” Romney said.

The problem, of course, is that President Obama did no such thing. The response to which Romney was referring — in which the U.S. Embassy in Cairo condemned “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions” — was released several hours before the embassies were attacked. In other words, it was not a response at all.

Furthermore, on Tuesday night the White House distanced itself from the Cairo embassy’s statement — telling ABC News that “no one in Washington approved that statement before it was released and it doesn’t reflect the views of the U.S. government” — and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a statement of her own, saying “let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.”

On Wednesday morning, faced with the fact that his attack was absurdly misleading, Romney nevertheless chose to double down.

“I also believe the administration was wrong to stand by a statement sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in Egypt instead of condemning their actions,” Romney said in a press conference in Jacksonville, Florida. “It’s never too early for the U.S. government to defend attacks on Americans and defend our values.”

“The White House distanced itself last night from the statement, saying it wasn’t ‘cleared by Washington.’ That reflects the mixed signals they’re sending to the world,” Romney added. So even though the Obama administration did exactly what he wanted them to do, they’re still wrong in Romney’s eyes. Talk about “mixed signals.”

Romney’s continued politicizing of the death of four Americans looks even worse in comparison to this morning’s remarks from President Obama and Secretary Clinton, both of whom condemned the attack and mourned the victims while ignoring politics (and Romney).

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  • Romney is the kind of scum that cant wait for something tragic to happen to America so he can score political points. This man is the lowest of the low. The president has the burden of actually managing the nation as he’s running for re-election but the obstructionist, accusationalist Romney campaign gets to sit on the sidelines and whine about everything from a safe distance.
    GO AWAY ROMNEY!!!!…after you lose in November (and you will lose), I hope America never hears from you again.

    • trucker581

      You said it perfectly Chris.


    • Mitt Romney’s response to the tragedy in Benghazi highlight not only his ignorance, his lack of foreign policy experience, and lack of responsibility, but disturbing character flaws that reveal a man who will stop at nothing to achieve his personal goals.
      Four Americans, including our Ambassador, were killed in Benghazzi. The reason (s) for the violence remain undetermined, but it is clear that they were fueled by a recent film released via the Internet by a group of Jewish-Americans, with the enthusiastic endorsement of Terry Jones, that denigrates Islam and, especifically, prophet Muhammad. The fact that the language of that film is Arabic and that it was released on the eve of 9/11, indicate that it was anything but a joke. That was a deliberate attempt to incite hatred and violence, and its authors succeeded. Another contributing factor may be the drone attack that killed a senior Al Qaeda leader in Pakistan a few days ago, and subsequent calls for revenge from the AQ hierarchy.
      Before all the facts were known, and with total disregard for the security of thousands of Americans living and working in Muslim countries, Mitt Romney issued a statement that not only undermines the ability of President Obama to deal with this crisis, but that blames him for it because of the “sympathy” he has shown towards Muslims. Alas, if a drone attack is an expression of sympathy, should we assume the electric chair was an instrument of love? And this unscrupulous iditio is running for President?

      • Ed

        Well, you said it even better than I did!

        • Yo59

          What a weak politician Mitt Romney is and yet he wants to be a president!!!!!! He does not even know what to say just keep mixing things. Sorry you lost!!

          • Mitt has run a negative campaign from the beginning. Negative thoughts breeds more negative thoughts. He is a bowl filled with negative thoughts. How sad.

      • I too am shocked at Mitt Romney’s blatant disregard for the safety of state department personnel serving in the middle east. His disregard for facts had already been aptly demostrated.

        • Mari Johnson

          I too, even though a life long Republican, totally repudiate what Mitt Romney said. Further, Romney’s politicization of this tragedy and making hay off of the deaths of the people killed is unseemly, intolerable and disgusting. All that from a Republican. But in the end, one has to stand up for our troops and our embassy personnel and Romney’s badmouthing the whole thing shows he is unfit for the Presidency. Guess what, things go wrong in wars. All this whining from Romney seems just plain partisan and not thoughtful of those who gave their lives. Sorry, you blew it, Mitt!

        • I am shocked as well Joan Maurer. I wonder if this man Romney listens to his advisors or is just waiting around for something bad to happen so that he can bounce on President Obama. It appears that Romney is the only inciting a riot. Even his immediate peers diagree with his statements. He knows nothing about foreign policy.

          • The Problem Is Romney Not Listen To Nobody But He’s Own EGO And Maybe A Little Help From The Tea Party That’s Why He’s Dropping In The Polls Even Fox Fake News Is Getting Tried Of His Low Blows!! Now All He Needs To Do Is Show Those Tax Returns And That Will Kill His Run For President!!

      • Cairndance

        Dominick, Thank you for always having a clear explanation of events.

      • Nice to see that old religion of peace doing their finest, to shut down our country’s first amendment, and continue to look to impose a Sharia califate on the world, which will make all our rights, meaningless,

      • Did you see how abruptly he cut off the reporters when they were asking questions. How rude. I believe that he sensed the vibes in the room and was unsatisfied with them and stepped away from the firing squad.

    • Very Well Said !!! Romney Is A Chicken Shit Draft Dodger Who Should Never Be Nobodies President!!!

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Fern – did your serve in the Armed Forces?

        • I was and I fully agree!!!!

    • dellmartin

      You are so right Chris. He couldn’t wait to grab a microphone and trash talk the president while acting so irresponsibly that even fellow reps can’t back him up. Maybe this will be the final nail in his coffin.

    • Chris and rest of replies here, great job of telling it like it is! AND REMEBER THIS IS THE BEST THE REPUBLICIANS HAVE GOT

      • I disagree there. I hope that the right will find the leader to oust the lunatics into a third party. There is a place for conservatives, lest we lose our left of center that runs the dems now. We can be taken over by the lunatic left if we don’t stay honest. Competition is good. I do not want to see the end of our only other major party. I just want their lunatic right to go away.

    • Well said ChristDelaney, I could not have said it better. Man like Romney is not fit to be in the WHITE HOUSE.

    • montanabill

      Please review Obama the Magnificent’s 2008 campaign. Jeez!

  • Mitt doesn’t respect the US Military, he got 5 deferments to avoid serving his country, and not one of his 5 sons ever served in any way,—they weren’t brought up in a household that taught respect or admiration for people serving their country.–they just use them.

    • Bob Williams

      Remind me again – when did Obama serve, or are those records also sealed? And why was the Obama Administration defending the terrorists instead of the Ambassador? Oh, that’s right – he’s a Muslim.

      Never mind.

      • MPD

        You’re a Muslim, Bob.

        • trucker581

          You are as stupid as the Mittwitt!!!!

        • metrognome3830

          Nah, he’s not a Muslim. Muslims are much smarter than that.

          • he could be a Muslim….Muslims love killing other Muslims…

            seen a few dead lately…maybe that is your proof…

          • metrognome3830

            you think he could be an undercover Muslim? MIA (Muslim Intelligence Agency)?

          • sn77339

            He’s just a dumb, trailer-trash redneck, like Terry Jones.

        • hilandar1000

          Yes, Bob is definitely Muslim — I know his heart!

        • 25 likes? Seriously? Or is MPD just really wry?

      • And you’re as big an idiot as Romney…BOB!
        Get your facts straight moron!

        • BDD1951

          You don’t understand Bill. Truth means nothing to people like Bob.

          • I’ll never learn………thank-you BDD1951

      • Romney supported the Vietnam war while enjoying his mission in Paris. Neither he nor his sons have served in our military. Romney should tread carefully before he starts his war chants.

      • 43years

        Ill be glad to remind you Bob.Obama didnt have to serve.peace time then no draft going on only volenteer army recruts.Romney Vietnam War going strong draft in play and he ran like a little B##CH.
        From a 30 year retired VOLENTEER VETERAN Here.

        • Spoken like a true soldier that you are, Thanks for your service 43years.

        • jarheadgene

          AMEN to that Brother.

        • Don’t enlighten Bob… You might hurt his feelings.

        • It’s interesting how people talk about his religion like they are his personal friend and/or family member and know something more than we do.

        • from one vet to another, thank you for setting him straight

        • An other vet thanking you

          • Where did you serve Bob
            a vet

      • jimboticon29

        He is not a Muslim. That is a stupid rumor passed along by stupid people. Sounds to me like you’re one of them.

      • Come again, crazy pants? Obama was about 13 years old when the Viet Nam war ended. There hasn’t been a draft since. Mitt Romney was 28, so he very well could have been drafted if he hadn’t run off to France.

      • trucker581

        You are as stupid as the Mittwitt!!!

      • Obama was an elementary school child during the Vietnam war. Mittens was applying for illegal religious exemptions and riding a bike in France while bothering the locals about his religion.

        Also, Obama didn’t “defend the terrorists.” He condemned the killing and the attack. Prior to that, a statement went out saying that ALL religions deserve to be treated with respect.

        Without insults and lies, the right wing doesn’t have much.

        • Very well put, especially last sentence! If it werent for dirty politics they would have no politics

      • Well when the Vietnam war took place Obama was 8 or 10 years old, I don’t think even with a permission slip from his mother they would have allowed him to enlist. It is not that Romney did not serve, it is that he was Marching in Favor of the War and when his time came to serve, he went to France to peddle Religion door to door. Ryan voted for both wars, and he was in his early to mid 30s why did he not enlist if he thought it was the right thing to do?

        It is not that they do or don’t serve, but rather their attitude towards war and how easily they send others into harms way.

        • jarheadgene

          You are so very right Lorraine…..OOOORRAHHHH!!

        • Imagine him as commander in chief??

          • Justin Napolitano

            Wokeup, please don’t do that to me! I can’t think of anything more horrible. In a month or so Halloween will be upon us and a sign showing Romney as President should scare the pants off of anyone seeing it.

      • VictorCraig

        In what branch of the military did you serve?

      • Demforobama2013

        I see you and Rommie are living in the same dream world – As far as i’m concern Rommie is a foreigner also, so let’s stop name calling buddy! Listen to this he want be President with his dumb idea, he also looks creepy, evil and devil in flesh, again tax returns for last 10 years please!

        • And what about the looks of his running mate? Maybe a 2nd rate car lot salesman, maybe he could sell something there, certinally can sell much here1

      • There are many ways to serve your country. If I recall, there was no war when Obama was of the age to join the military. Instead, he chose to serve his fellow man by working with the poor and underrepresented. He went on to serve in public life -first in the Illinois State legislature, then as US Senator from Illinois and now as President of the United States. Obama was doing all that while Romney was ripping you off.

        • Leonard you hit one of the main reasons the oter side hates Obama “he chose to serve his fellow man by working with the poor and underrepresented”! Such a dispictable thing, by their standards, they to be used not helped!!!

      • Prove he’s a Muslim you idiot, put your facts where your mouth is. Talking loud and saying nothing.. PROVE IT!

      • aloeverabeauty

        Bob you got it all wrong. read the article again before you respond. Emotions don’t work it out. the article is clearly saying that it wasn’t what the Obama administration did. please read it again

      • dggrundhoffer

        Do not sound off till you get all information. You sound like a racist bigot. Hope you will be more informed before you sound off next time . Ok

      • jarheadgene

        Obama was too young during the Vietnam draft…and he is not a Muslim.

      • When all else fails, let’s make like xenophobes and call the prez a muslim. We don’t have any proof to back it up, but who needs proof for hatemongering!

      • By the way Bob, did you serve? Prove it!

      • SamanthaCure

        Did you read the article ?– Romney quoted Obama from something prior — not the current bombing at the embassy — that is called spin. Just trynig to make Obama look bad.

      • schmelltest



      • your sarcasim is lost

      • B ob, Do you know how old Obama was at the time of Viet Nam? He was just a child. Unlike robmey who was an adult and ran like the coward he is, to France.
        Your bigotry is appauling and your lack of using facts shows your stupidity.

      • Oh when was Obama asked to serve? Romney? Oh that’s right during the Vietnam War when he went to Paris to fight the French.

        Romney is a traitor to the country and needs to be expelled to his home, the cayman islands.

      • He has served as commander in chief, the highest assignment in the American military, and he has taken out quite a few of the enemy. He has never hade a deferment.

      • guygers1

        Bob – Obama was not of age during draft time and has not campaigned for a hawkish military foreign policy. Mitt however was of draft age during the Vietnam war and even campaigned FOR the war in college, yet somehow managed deferments and fled to France to “serve” his church.
        That is the difference and it make Romeny a chickenhawk and a hypocrit.

      • guygers1

        Bob – Obama was not of age during draft time and has never campaigned for a hawkish military foreign policy. Mitt however was of draft age during the Vietnam war and even campaigned FOR the war in college, yet somehow managed deferments and fled to France to “serve” his church.
        That is the difference and it makes Romney a chickenhawk and a hypocrit.

      • Bruce Hays

        “Never mind” is basically the response any thinking person will have to your comment. Please stop repeating the lie that the President is a “Secret Muslim”.

      • Bob – Did you even read the article? Please do, and then come back and explain how the president defended the terrorists. And remind me also which war Obama dodged? Sorry that you’re so anti-Obama that you make things up, but it’s your right to be delusional.

      • Bob Williams!!! The fact that you would even make that statement is evidence of just how ignorant and backward you are. A Muslim??? You wouldn’t know a Muslim if one walked up and kicked you in the tail-bone. Its clear you don’t do any thinking. You are just the kind of a guy Mitt Romney prides himself on reeling-in… A Sucker!

        • Bob your reference to people of the islamic faith as if it were crimanal to have differing beliefs,i do believe one of the tenants of our constitution was the belief in the freedom of religion but here you are spewing hatred and persecuting our fellow Americans who may have differing views than those that are festering in your diseased mind.may you find solice in the next four years of a peace seeking democracy .

      • DAYDREAM2

        Mitt Romney was of military service when there was still a draft and we were fully involved in the middle of the Viet Nam War. 5 deferments can be considered equal to being a coward. Just goes with showing how much he hates Americans. Look how far he has gone to hide income so as to deny paying his rightful share of taxes. Paying taxes and serving your country is for poor Democrats and minorities. The crowning touch to his hypocrisy will be when one of his daughters-in-law has an abortion. At that point, of course, it will always be a woman’s right!!!! And yes Bob, you are a POS bigoted idiot!!!!

        • WOW good communications requires conveying a idea r thought in simple, direct and short words. YOU GET a A+++++

      • jcbsdriver

        Mitt The Twit has proven once again that he is not qualified to be president. The fact that Obama didn’t serve in the military has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand.

        Open mouth, insert foot. You and MittTwit have something in common.

      • Right Bob, Obama wants to gut the miliraty and it will be gutted because Obama didn’t lay out his budget cuts for fear of the up-coming election. Politics ahead of National Security, and no budget for 3 1/2 years, but these kool-aid drinkers on this discussion are too full of hate and bias to even possibly think for themselves.
        Trouble is: when this nation goes down beyond repair, we all go down with them.

        • DurdyDawg

          By the way Plznnn..

        • Plnnm – who is full of hate? Seems once again the Pres is the total blame for no budget, no everything. What has the “NO” partiy’s main objective since, or even before, O bama took office? WHo has said NO to everthing to everything presented by Obama, probably even a glass of cool-aid? Is it Obama who came up with the autmatic, manditory budget cuts? I will drink my cool-aid rather than what ever you drink/smoke providing you an intoxified view. Have to be clear headed, unbiased, and able to receive, evaluate, and conclusions on facts, as cool-aid allows us to do. How about your side, you know we drink cool-aid, I know what you are drinking?

      • Gammaanya

        U R one sick puppy. Obama as like Romney NEVER served in a military – Obama was too young for Vietnam LOL, and Obama voted NO for war with Iraq. You don’t have to serve in a military to be good peace loving President and RESPECT EVERY COUNTRY in the world. War never decide winners, war decides who is left. Obama is not Muslim, you are Mormon and it’s fine with us. That’s your constitutional right, just like for me to be a Catholic with disagreement with my own church about contraceptives, gay marriege etc. It does not affect my life in any shape or form. I don’t move/look in a people bedrooms or under their mattress. What I do in my own home IS MY business.
        I travel the world, in Japan out of respect you take your shoes off and enter their home, it doesn’t mean I have to walk in with my shoes on and the hell with their custom or I am IGNORANT American, as it seems you are.
        Go and crawl back to your cave and wake up in 21 Century. Ignorant, hateful fool.

      • DurdyDawg

        Bobbo, Bobbo, Bob Oh! Now you’ve gone and done it son.. Showing you’re ignorance like that in front of God’n everybody.. What a shame, you used to be a real person.. What happened? Don’t you realize you’re buddy Robme is deliberately throwing this election? Do some digging, note all the ignorant speeches, the pats on the backs of other teadiot fools who give idiotic speeches while attacking 50% of the voter population.. how many allied countries he’s insulted.. Being evasive in his plans for America (telling us he’ll reveal said plans AFTER he’s elected).. Giving himself eight to ten years to get this Country back (almost insuring himself two terms in a similar manner his hero Nixon did) while berating his rival for failing almost immediately after he took office who’s not yet through his first four years.. Saying the opposite of what he believes according to who’s listening.. Playing with an etch-a-sketch that only a true degenerate would appreciate.. Telling us he doesn’t know what he said but he stands behind everything he says. Deliberately refusing to show his tax returns (even the last five years) that would (hopefully) quell the demands and put it to rest (giving us more fodder to distrust him). As far as the raping of companies, hidden wealth (that he doesn’t know what it’s doing) lies, insinuations, rumors, propagandist ads and even more lies you have already got a belly full so there’s no need to go there, instead.. I’ll just marvel at the stupidity that you call patriotism. Oh! And Bob, I don’t think you’re a Muslim.. I think you’re the scum that’s found on the bottom of shoes in sleazy theaters. Get over yourself.

        • DurdyDawg you too get a A+++++ for comng munication, very good and facual comment! But afraid you wasting time! I dont believe these teabags think for themselves, either they have some selfish interest or just “thats what my parents, I have always voted for. easy to tell who has and who dosent and what the has’s think of the has nots. The idea of “all for me and the hell with those that dont” is their platform.

        • joyscarbo

          Love ya Durdy!!!! You’re my dawg!!! YAY!!!

      • @ Rob Wiiliams.. Did you not read the article or listen/watch the news? The statement Gov. Romney is referring to was made hours before the attacks on the embassies. Please don’t be this ignorant again, as it shows your lack of individual responsibility to check independent facts. As for Pres Obama, TabyCat8218 conceded that he had not served. In fact, Pres Obama is too young for Viet Nam, and too old for the Gulf War, plus he didn’t need deferments, as by the time he was old enough to serve, the US had gone to voluntary service. That means that Romney’s sons could have volunteered. What else do you have that you can bring? I will debate you with common sense, facts and impartiality.

      • Bob I for 1 am glad he did not ever serve in my branch USAF. Would hate to depend on him to fly a plane, maintain a plane, communictaion, airport service weather perdiction, logistics(would that be a disater?), service food or even throw out the trash!

      • joyscarbo

        U.S. military involvement ended on 15 August 1973- that made his 12 years old and there was no draft when Obama turned 18 years old in 1979. And what uniformed ass thinks that Obama is a muslim?!! His religious beliefs are christian. What a crapload of paranoid claptrap!!
        Mitt Romney didn’t have to go to war- he a daddy (politician and CEO) who made sure his fancy-pants Mitty didn’t even have to go to an impoverished country to do his mormon mission.
        Perhaps you should fact-check yourself before spouting off like a repube. Oh… that’s right…republicans don’t let a thing like FACTS get in the way of their campaign propaganda.

      • fedupwitgop

        For one reason he didn’t serve and a very important one HE WAS JUST A KID!!!

      • Bob
        Your an asshole!!!!

      • Justin Napolitano

        Shut up Bob, your are showing your ignorance.. Signed RNC.

    • jarheadgene

      Not only that he protested in favor of the War in Vietnam and for the draft…..

    • TabyCat8218

      Great point Chris. I think this was evidenced by his lack of even mentioning the military during his RNC acceptance speech. Mittens is not fit to lead in any way, shape or form. For the record, the difference between President Obama and Romney is that though neither of them served in the military, only one of them avoids paying taxes, gets military deferments to avoid serving, and yet wants to ratchett up the war machine to fight against practically every country in the Middle East. President Obama wants to STOP the war and bring troops home, while Romney wants to make threats, jump into more wars and then avoid paying the taxes which help to pay for these wars, while simultaneously whining about the deficit.

      • Humm wants more wars!! I was wondering – isnt his wifes father a big defense contractor or have some interest in contractors? Seems I heard he made he loot on blood monies of defense. Maybe not, but wonder if this could contribute to his desires? Oh I doubt it, he not interested in money – RIGHT????

    • TheOldNorthChurch

      Chris did you volunteer to serve in Vietnam?

  • Has there ever been president and vice president candidates on a major ticket with less foreign policy experience?

    • HVN18

      Yes, President Obama “Had No & Has No” foreign policy experience, even after his time in “Office” I don’t think he has a “foreign policy”.

      • Dianes4babies

        There are millions of people who will disagree with you!

        • HVN18

          And there are millions of people who will agree with me, lot more then you think

          • Sweeeny

            You are absolutely right. And everyone of them will vote for MR. Unfortunately (for you HIV18) that’s enough to get him elected.

          • DurdyDawg

            Are you talking about all the people who worked for companies that were taken over by Bain & company that DIDN’T get gutted out and reamed? Or maybe the one’s who have been zombied into believing faux news and promised chicken every Sunday by teapeer conservatives without a clue? Sorry, far from millions. And if you don’t believe me then believe this guy.

          • Dont even know you DurdyDawg, but I believe you or even you dog over Floppy

      • johninPCFL

        Other than to kill America’s enemies and risk as few American lives as possible? That seems to be how it’s played out so far.

      • grammyjill

        He has Hillary!

      • Speak Engrish.

      • You’re wrong HVN18
        President Obama served on the foreign relations committee as a senator and is respected around the world for his leadership and his fight against terrorism. He brought back respect to the office of the President, something that was lost the last time we had a republican in office. Now the only disrespect comes from the rightwing racist instead of the world.

    • trucker581

      Well Richard, there was Psycho Sarah Palin, but looking back now, I’m not so sure she was as stupid as these 2 clowns…How scary is that?

  • sheilab2

    OMG – keep this guy out of the White House. He is a loose cannon who will do and say anything to get elected. To disparage the U.S. President after such an awful act is almost the same as treason. He needs to shut his rich, frat boy, lazy mouth and talk about only what he knows – how to bilk people out of their money to add to his gazillions. Never, ever have I disliked a GOP candidate more and be more afraid of what sort of stupid stunts he would pull if elected. He has no common ground with the rest of us. He only knows money and mormons.

    • Well,Obama will take care of the problem and NATO will tell us what to do..Won’t that be great?Oh,by the way Mr. Obama hasn’t done anything stupid has he..You will probably run out of room before you can answer that..

      • Of course Obama will take care of the problem, that’s his job, He’s President of the US. NATO has NEVER dictated policy to the US or any other country for that matter. In fact NATO owes it’s existance to the US. What ever Obama has done that you think is stupid, I can assure you it was not as stupid as the comment you just made.

    • Dianes4babies

      sheilab2~I, too, intensely HATE Romney! There has never been a bigger fool to run for president of this country, and to think that there will be people who will vote for him is totally atounding! And you are so right, he will do and say anything to get elected, but he should know by now that the more he opens his mouth the more he lessens his chances of that ever happening!

      • Diane4babies In that case I hope he rambles on 24 hours a day, I will even contribute to energy pills keep him going. I think Sara Palin looks like George Washington compared to this egotic fool

    • The republican have stated that they would do and say anything to keep Obama from staying in the White House.

      • Sweeeny

        Now that they realize what the alternative is do you think they are having second thoughts?

        • DurdyDawg

          Are you kidding? They’ve only begun to lose.

      • And they have done nothing but do just that! Represent the people – HELL get Obama out is the battle cry. All efforts have been to just that!


      You’re right. I don’t know what is more terrifying, the enormous global damage this self-entitled thief could do before anyone with a brain could stop him, or knowing that there were millions crazy enough to drink this arsehole’s kool aid and get him elected? I don’t care if Obama wins by just one electoral vote, we can’t let Mitt the Witless get anywhere near the White House. And one more thing. How on earth could any woman smart enough to write her own name ever vote for these misogynistic cavemen?

  • Romney Really Is Elmer Fudd! OMG

  • ontop66

    I can’t believe the President is flubbing this attack on the United States. Does he really have a plan to weaken the United States even more and allow the Arab Terrorists to continue to attack us? Is this another case of “The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight!”

    • grammyjill

      Maybe you should watch the news. The marines are already on the way.


    • RONM I would give you 50 “likes” if I could. You hit the nail ome come is the on the head. As far as a “public sevant” – good luck, as close as I can come is the local scout master!

  • I’m tired of Mitt talking out of both sides of his neck in an effort to people please and say what he thinks we want to hear. It gets worse when he lacks in having the facts when he does speak. It will be a very sad day indeed if this man gets elected.

  • ontop66


    Obama plays politics with everything. He does not know how to step up and take responsibility for anything with which he is involved.

  • tommoulton

    What America is he talking about? Doesn’t he understand what he has done? He has made us look really insensitive to what had happened. I think he would be better suited for President of The Caymen Islands. At least he can put his Mouth where his Money is!

    • Dianes4babies

      That’s very witty!

  • highpckts

    If Romney get’s in, he will make sure that his “kind” get all the tax breaks, sell our jobs market to overseas interest, destroy our natural resources and then sell America bit by bit to the highest bidder!!! He doesn’t know the first thing about how to govern much less show some diplomacy and statesmanship!!

  • highpckts

    PROVE IT!!!

  • highpckts

    Bob Williams – Again I say PROVE IT!!!

  • ontop66

    Have had “Obama-ade” today? Keep it up! Go Romney!!!!!

  • montanabill

    Hello! The embassies are extensions of the White House and State Dept. That is like saying Obama knows nothing about the stuff David Axelrod is saying. Why didn’t Obama make an immediate statement? Because he wanted to gauge the reaction to embassy statement. It is his pattern, folks. Republicans disavowing Romney’s statement? Hardly.

    • grammyjill

      Yes, they did, all over national TV.

      • montanabill

        Not on any of the channels I watched, but then I didn’t watch much TV.
        The question I would have to ask is, just who was responsible for none of our embassy or diplomatic sites not being fully protected and ready for something like this on the anniversary of 9/11? Are we just naive or just stupid? The embassy issues an apology before anything happens after they hear something is planned, but they don’t call in their Marine protection or don’t warn the Egyptian authorities that they better not let anything happen? Wow, somebody might be offended, if we were to stand up for our principles of free speech, even for a two-bit film that nobody even saw, and we wouldn’t want that! Here gang, here’s another $1.3 billion to show we are sorry.
        We have a diplomatic post in Libya, where there is no real central authority because Obama broke it just like GWB did in Iraq, and we don’t have any protection for our people, especially in a country full of radicals on 9/11?
        This is amateur day at the circus.
        What Romney said was completely appropriate.

        • grammyjill

          Our embassies have a small marine contingent, but most secutity is up to the country they are in. That is the way it has always been. The Egyptian embassy didn’t  put out an apology. They put out a letter condeming the film makers for their insensivity. They just protested, the real problem was in Lybia. They are investigating, but think it was a terrorist attack. And the news coming out now is that the Lybians were trying to help the embassy. Some grabbed the amdassador and rushed him to the hospital. As of now marines are on the way, two battleships are on  drones that take pictures are hunting for the terrorists and the Lybian Gov. is hunting for them and is ready to grab them. Romney should have gotten facts before he opened his mouth. One congressmen said he was a threat to national security. And if you look at it nuturally, you would see that is true. If you are of the faith that this sicko movie is about and someone in a suposed position of power comes out with what he said, it could cause major security problems.

          • montanabill

            Am I to take it that you think battleships after the fact are better than a sufficient force on the ground to prevent an incident in the first place? It was pretty clear that our diplomatic post in Libya didn’t have any Marines. Those places are U.S. territory, and given the dysfunctional nature of the countries involved, and given that we had prior warning, given it was the favorite day of terrorist for attacks, a 9/11 anniversary, not preparing adequately is inexcusable.

            It was Charlie Rangel who made the ridiculous ‘threat’ comment. CHARLIE RANGEL! If you think a comment by Romney is a bigger threat to this country than inept actions by this President, God help this country.

            The real threat to our national security is the amateur in the White House.

            You can spin the apology to suit yourself. It was still an apology and it wouldn’t have been released with the authorization of either the President or Secretary of State.

          • grammyjill

            Just so you know, ten Libyan guards were also killed in this attack. I do believe he should have kept his mouth shut at least until all facts were known. And as far as sending things too little too late, do you expect this president to read minds and know this was going to happen ahead of time? Yes he got info that someyhing was planned, but not where, and since we have compounds in many places it’s kinda hard to protect them all so he did all he could by alerting them all. That’s why there were as many guards as there were in libya. There are usually about half that.

          • montanabill

            Sorry. The excuses don’t fly. If our government doesn’t know which countries are the most dangerous for us, especially on the anniversary of 9/11, and make some preparations other than a few foreign security troops, something is terribly wrong. I mean, that is kind of like telling me our Afghan ambassador is safe because he is being protected by 10 Afghan policemen.

          • grammyjill

            I don’t think it would have mattered if we had tanks sitting out front. And think how many troops have we got to spread around the world. What would these countries think if we suddenly invaded, and how much would that cost? You can’t blame the president for doing what has always been done without more information.

          • montanabill

            He had the information. On a much smaller scale, as the CEO of business, I made it my business never to be blindsided by a competitor and to be prepared to immediately counter any move they might make that could impact my company’s market share. Obama is on a world stage, in exactly the same position, but he doesn’t have the experience or training. And it shows. People respect American power, especially if it is protecting American soil, which is exactly what an embassy is. No one can predict whether all the demonstrations would have taken root if we had taken a no nonsense position, but when our country projects weakness, they are guaranteed! In fact, if Obama had told Morsi that our Marines would act without reservations to protect our embassy, Morsi would have made sure that we would not have to exercise that power which would make him look weak.
            In Libya, there would not have been an 8 hour period when we didn’t know where our ambassador was. There is simply no getting around this President was either so busy campaigning that he wasn’t paying attention to business or simply didn’t understand what was required of a President.

          • grammyjill

            When thi all started the president was at Walter Reed seeing our wounded vets. And as President you don’t jump then get the facts. Faxts count. Since then, the Libyab Gov. has made four arrests and is watching some others. If the president had done as romney did, we might have another war today. And there are no marines at consulates which this was. The marines were in tripoli at the embassy.

          • montanabill

            More excuses. And they don’t fly either. The President was not at Walter Reed for the several day run-up when the warnings were coming in. And, certainly, the anniversary of 9/11 didn’t come as a surprise to him.

          • grammyjill

            No, he got reports that something might happen, but no where. Unlike Romney, he can’t read minds.

          • montanabill

            Where was pretty obvious. This President has been devastatingly, totally inept, not only with the economy but also with foreign affairs. The only thing this guy is the least bit competent at is campaigning.

    • Republican dont understand his statement, or they are waiting for the next statement to see what he has to say about it this time, or mabye the 3rd statement.
      And some people wait to get all available facts before opening mouth, unlike some people.

  • highpckts

    ONTOP66 – That is the name of the game – POLITICS!!! What do you want???> Another god forsaken war??? I don’t understand you people!! The statement Romney is refering to wasn’t even from the whitehouse!! For God’s sake, get your facts straight!!

  • 43years

    Romney is a dumba$$.He is grasping at straws now he is falling behind in the polls.

  • highpckts

    Bull!! and you know it!!!

  • ATolsma

    Romney is not an official representative of the US in any way. So when he makes his pronouncements, especially those that run counter to our foreign policy efforts, he’s walking a very dangerous line. He has shown time and again that he is incapable of understanding the nuance required for diffusing powder kegs that erupt around the world that endanger American lives. Leave the responses to the adults Mitt. You’re in over your head and your doing much more harm than good.

  • emadis41

    Romney no doubt inteded to use any incident to blame Obama for it. It was not Obama who instigated the attacks by the fringes of Muslims in Egypt or Libya But it was a lonatic preacher and an Israeli film maker, both did what they did with maliss. Mr. Romney wants us to attack Libya over this incident; yet he shows no respect to the victims or for the military, and he dodged the draft.

    What happened in Cairo and Benghazi was wrong, and should be condemned. It is not a Muslim character to retaliate against innocent people for the wrongs of others. Muslims never insulted Jesus or Moses, even while Mohammed was velified by this preacher and others in Europe. Mr. Romney siad that he defends free speech, but this is not a feee speech. The film is full of misinformation about Islam and its Prophet, such as “Mohammed ordered the killing of the Christians who demonstrated violently in front of the TV building in Cairo” recently; remember Mohammed died more than 1400 years ago.

  • highpckts

    ontop66 – what did he “flub”?? You must be like the neighborhood bully! Act first and ask questions later!! Attack on the US? What makes us so special?? There have been attacks on almost every embassy! You would start a war because ot that?? God save us!!

  • BDD1951

    Open mouth, stick foot in.

  • Bob

    Is Mitten that dumb or is it he is depending on other people to keep him informed. It looks like someone in his circle is giving him false information. When you look at Mitt the Twit it does make sence he can’t get anything right, look at what he said at the Olympics. That would have been own his own.

  • jimboticon29

    Every time you open your mouth, you weaken the nation. Zip it!

  • ATolsma

    I saw an interesting poll the other day. Republicans in Ohio and North Carolina who was responsible for giving the order to kill Osama Bin Laden. In both states FIFTEEN PERCENT of the respondents said it was Romney! 47% in Ohio and 52% in North Carolina didn’t know or weren’t sure! I’ll bet good ole’ Bob “Oh, that’s right, he’s a Muslim” Williams, below, would have been in the 15% if given the chance.

  • I want my own planet too!!! With dancing horses and everything!!!

  • I want my own planet too!!! With dancing horses and everything!!!

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    Only the zombies could vote for this outsourcing, tax dodger and incompetent boob.

  • trucker581

    Turn out the lights, Mittwitt and Wonder Boy, the campaign’s over…Maybe you clowns can get a job with FOX as spokesmen, along with Psycho Sarah Palin.

    • Why does the republicans have a elephant as their symbol?
      why do the Democrates have a jackass as their sysbol?

      elephants stomp everthing and anybody to get what they want.
      jackasses carry large heavy burdons a man cant

  • mitt romney his very,very stupid

  • Jed

    Romney is truly without heft. His pathetic efforts to look majesterial are nothing but obsequiousness to those who pull his strings. He is the original ‘flim flam ‘man that nobody wants for a neighbor.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    The White House is in charge of the State Department and our Embassies. They had advance knowledge that this was going to happen and did nothing.

    The Romney reaction was correct. The American public will support him on this. The bounce is gone from the conventions and we will see the verdict early next week.

    It feels like Jimmy Carter all over again, poor economic decisions, poor international decisions.

    • Like Bush perhaps?

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        I would not vote for Bush either so what is the next argument? Appears like the choice is between a bad President or a bad President. I am ready to try a new person in the job.

        • grammyjill

          You ready to start another war?

          • TheOldNorthChurch

            I think there is one already. But, I was against any involvement in Libya or Egypt and now do not want any more to do with either of them. Close our Embassies and send theirs home from the US. Stop all aid and trade with these countries.

          • That is a very simplistic solution, worthy of any juvenile.
            These Countries have something we as a nation need, it may be material or something as abstract as a tactical advantage over someone or something. which is why we must stay engaged and have someone in charge that is a “flexible” negotiator. War is not always the answer.

          • TheOldNorthChurch

            It is not Juvenile.

            These countries have no unique resources that are needed by the US. We give them more and they return. They have nothing of value. Even if they did, are you one that gives up your principles for silver?

        • Instead of destroying the stagecoach because it dosent go fast enough for you, why not change the horses that pull it?

  • carsrus

    This disgraceful commie marxist blog is full of s–t! THE Embassy DID indeed make that statement, are u idiots telling me I dind’t hear and read those exact words! WE, the PEOPLE are not FOOLS! The minion of a Secretaty of State, Madame Clinton, made a pathetic statement saying only a handful of extreemists MURDERED and pulled our Ambassadors body through the streets! BS, they are evil muslim radicals who took over the libyan Government! THIS IS WAR, and Obama will sit back on his ass and do nothing! November 6,2012, we will TAKE back our Great Constitutional Republic as we elect Mitt Romney in a landslide! God Bless US, and let the Lord help US to remove evil from this govenment.

    • johninPCFL

      Cool. So you’re saying we should go invade them today? Great GOP line – invade today, think tomorrow.

    • grammyjill

      Then I hope YOU go to that a**holes war and leave my son home. My son has already fought one of your idiot republican wars for no reason than cheney wanted more money. If that jerk gets in you will be sorry when you’re standing in the bread line.

    • smartdee

      Wow, you need to consult fact checkers. Incidentally, the Romney/Ryan campaign ads on TV will continue to sling lies as they chose to ignore the fact checkers. Just what the US needs…to be run by a pack of lying, cheating, con artists.

  • Demforobama2013

    He’s sounding dumb and dumber as he goes, what was he talking about, i just don’t get him, he thinks he’s smart but he’s not, he can’t handle the foreign issues that we are dealing with right now, to vote for Rommie is like voting for my dog at least his bark would scare you, they will eat him alive he not president material and the Repubs knows it but they are willing to destroy this country to keep a black man from doing two terms, sad day in America people still hate you base on your race – what a bunch of prejudice heartless people trying to win at any cost – Rommie go jump in a lake and give us copies of your 10 years tax forms!

    • Cairndance

      Rush said that the R’s aren’t happy with Romney, but that’s too bad. He said they could run ELMER FUDD & it would be better than Obama!
      RUSH = IDIOT

      • a80a

        rush is like a mail order catalog big and fat and full of cheap shit

  • OBAMA MAMA the CIRCUIS ORGINIZER; Wow what man, I mean pussy, has his tail up his ass and is ready to run from the camel jockey’s.

  • Keith Tulloch Sr

    This guy scares me.

  • romney is a looser and he has shown america he is not capable of being commnader-n-chief.

    • lana ward

      The horrible mess this country is in after 4 years of the muslim, shows that he is DEFINITELY not capable of being commander in chief

      • johninPCFL

        Sure. Keeping us out of a ground war in Libya, killing OBL, stopping the IRAQ war, winding down the Afghan war, etc.?

        And he’s a HORRIBLE muslim. Eating during Ramadan, drinking beer, targetting and killing muslim enemies of American, etc. Just a horrible muslim…


  • romney the draft dodger

    • lana ward

      Obama– The muslim America Hater, and draft dodger

      • johninPCFL

        lana_ward, the liar. There was no military draft when Obama was of age. There was when Romney was, and he popped off to France to avoid it.

    • TheOldNorthChurch

      Romney did not dodge the draft. Many students used deferments during Vietnam. Remember also that when the soldiers returned home they were not welcomed home by anyone the left. Many were spat on in airports and called baby killers. My cousin would not return home to New York for over three months because of how his “friends” treat other returning Vets.

      • ” Romney did not dodge the draft. ”
        I’m not going to call Romney a draft dodger or not, I’m just going to say He made himself unavailable.
        ” Many students used deferments during Vietnam ”
        So what? It’s legal and deferments were not given out on the basis of wether you protested the war or not.
        ” when the soldiers returned home they were not welcomed home by anyone ”
        This statement is very True, it is a fact that the American People should be deeply ashamed of. American Soldiers, do not dictate to the American Government, foreign policy.
        ” Our’s is not the reasons why, our’s is but to do or die.” So for five years , after I returned, I was ostrasized by my people, for doing my duty. That period of time in my life, still brings tears to my eyes.

        • TheOldNorthChurch

          I was high criticized for supporting you and your fellow soldiers while at college. But, the difference is I did not care what others thought. My family helped run the Hospitality Center in San Clemente and many Marines were welcomed in our home and at our dinner table. Thank you for your service!

  • Pancha_Chandra

    It is baffling to say the least. Why does the Republican candidate fudge issues? President Obama expressed in no uncertain terms his condemnation of the attack on the American embassy resulting in the tragic deaths of four Americans, including the Ambassador. Instead of standing shoulder to shoulder with the President, Mr Romney is trying to score cheap political points! There is a time and place for intelligent debate! Get real Mr Romney. America and the world needs intelligent leadership.

  • quasm

    Mr. Decker;

    Romney certainly did embarrass the administration by pointing out their wrong headed apologetic response to attacks on our diplomatic missions. The film denigrating Islam, while deplorable, did not cause those attacks. Evil people did. Good for Mr. Romney for standing up for American values.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • Romney completely lied about what the administration said. Did you not read the article? Romney and Ryan blatantly lie at every turn and the American people are finally starting to catch on to it. It would be an utter disgrace if these two bald-faced liars ever got into the White House.

    • quasm, read this part again ( I’m assuming you read the article once already and somehow missed this part)

      “It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks,” Romney said.”

      “The problem, of course, is that President Obama did no such thing. The response to which Romney was referring — in which the U.S. Embassy in Cairo condemned “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions” — was released several hours before the embassies were attacked. In other words, it was not a response at all.”

      Plus the statement in question was NOT issued from the White House.

      • quasm

        Mr. Watkins;

        The embassy reiterated the first apology while the attack was occurring in Egypt. The embassy is a functionary of the administration.

  • Doug Mitchell

    This was akin to George W. Bush’s donning a costume and declaring “Mission Accomplished.” Romney staged a press conference with flags behind him, at a podium and taking questions from the press. All he needed was the Presidential Seal on the podium to complete the picture. Our make-believe president. The man has no moral convictions except those that satisfy him and will say and do anything to win his cause. He is a suit. A stooge of Wall Street.

    Doug Mitchell

  • Mr Smirk was just trying to look so presidential but does he even know what’s the capital of Libya?

  • Give Romney enough rope and he will surely hang himself. This latest episode only underscores the fact that Romeny is WOEFULLY under-Qualified for the job of President of the United States. It shows Romeny’s immaturity, ignorance and lack of etiquette. Who is he trying to impress? As a foreign policy spokesman, Romney is the worst possible choice. A bumbleling asshole! It is good that we get to see Romney as he is. He thought that he could hide behind his “I’ve got money” “I know business” bluster. A pompous fool with a silver foot stuck in his mouth. The sad part is that he represents the best that republicans can do. They would actually have us believe that Mitt Romney could do something substantive for the country. On second thought… there is something Mitt Romney can do to help the country… Get Lost!

    • DurdyDawg

      You can’t blame them Gil.. Those in charge didn’t have any more choice than they gave us when they endorsed this Mittenhead.. The one’s we wanted had a brain, were honest and forth right.. Something the elites couldn’t control but they put on a good show to give us the impression that WE were choosing our next pub president and they convinced him that it didn’t matter what he said, didn’t concern them what he refused to disclose and didn’t give squat if he alienated 50% of the nation’s voting population as with their motto of, “Anybody but Obama” and their vast amount of anonymous contributions, the election was in the bag. Now they could have been deluded into believing this or else they never intended to oust Obama because their focus is on 2016 after the major party leader is forced to retire then it’ll be eight more years of war and rumors of war.

  • Romney and Ryan blatantly lie at every turn and the American public is starting to finally catch on. It would be a disaster if these lying pieces of garbage ever got into the White House.

  • smartdee

    I agree with you Chris. Romney comes off looking as stupid as Sarah Palin once did. Romney can disappear into the sunset along with Paul Ryan and the rest of the “protectors of the rich”.

  • Please forgive Romney again for making stupid and iresponsible attacks and criticism for yesterday’s attack. The USA Apologizes for another Republican Quick Mouth Reactions without thinking about anybody else, timing or going back on his words again and again. He is a Non-American Capitalistic Creature that came out of a hole during election and all of a sudden is a Comic Book Fixer-Upper even though his Political Agenda is to help the Rich and the Middle Class or anybody else. It is becoming an insult to America as Republicans continue to Criticize, Bash, Bad Mouth Leaders of supposidly their own country instead of trying to help and “COMPROMISE”. Greed has set in as the Tea Party Things are trying to take over as they did with Boehner and the House. And Romney, just a few 12 years ago if you Republican Idiots would listen once in a while 9/11 just may have been prevented…..who knows. With all the warnings and from other countries also, even the week and date could have been fairly close to pin point. I guess it was more important for Bush to go on vacation even though it was only 5 months since getting sworn in. BUT AMERICA, HOW COME US BASES WENT ON HIGH SECURITY SHUT DOWN A WEEK BEFORE 9/11 HAPPENED??? VERY CLOSE KEPT SECRET, WASN’T IT?? YES, OUR BASES OUT EAST AND WHOEVER ELSE, DID GO ON HIGH SECURITY BASE SHUT DOWN SINCE THEY LISTENED AND DID NOT WANT THEIR BASE TO BE ATTACKED BY TERRORISTS!!!!! ISN’T THIS SCARY STUFF WHEN OUR PRESIDENT THAT IS COMMANDER IN CHIEF DOES NOT LISTEN OR MAYBE TAKE PREVENTATIVE ACTION WITH ALL THE PRE WARNINGS BUT OUR BASE COMMANDERS DO???

  • onedonewong

    The State Dept and Barak both sympathised with the moooslim terrorists for embarrassing them to the world with a new movie. They shared their pain and barak has now told the troops that they will no longer be issued ammunition when they go on patrol to prevent any accidental mishaps

  • jarheadgene

    OH LOOK…..It’s ROMNEY about to commit his First Major Hypocritical action as an adult.
    “UMMM, First I’ll show my daddy I can protest for the war and the draft, then before Uncle Sam can draft me, I’ll run to Paris and preach to the French about the virtues of Moronism.”

  • Romney is an amazing sort of fellow (I could use stronger language but I’ll refrain)…He picked a time when the nation was in shock and in mourning to try to make political hay…What a jackass!!

  • minimouse45

    The 1% of respect I had for Romney and Ryan was lost today. When even a fallen American ambassador is just another excuse to play politics I shudder to think what this team would do to our country.
    Ashamed, disgusted and deeply saddened that America is no longer the country of the UNITED States but a political sandbox filled with poison !

  • Don

    Now even Romney’s own party is trying to distance thenselves from the flub Mitt made about foreign affairs. The President and Hilary Clinton distanced themselves from this horror brought on my Romneyhood.

  • I hope the american people, including the republicans and tea party, wake up soon and tell wanabe president Mitt Romney to SHUT HIS MOUTH instead of continuing to place us all in danger. If they somehow find a way to suppress enough votes and buy the election in November- let him have the tittle he wants so badly, and then please find this dangerous idiot a little hidden office and keep him there. Even “Lyin Ryan” could do a better job representing us to the rest of the world

  • grammyjill

    Washington is commenting on this. So far a couple have gone so far as to call Romney a threat to national security.

  • Elsa

    Romney shows us his true character again, especially the cynical note that came with the release of his statement last night to the press requesting them to wait until 12:01 to release it. I guess he thought he could keep us “the people” from knowing he was cheating and the “no politics” agreement for 9/11. He does not have the character or ethics that a President of the United States should have. Obama 2012

  • minimouse45

    Idiot ! The president NEVER apologized for “American Values”. We already heard how Romney handles foreign policy during his trip to Europe…can’t even work with our friends.

  • dellmartin

    Does there exist one person who finds this man credible? He is dangerous and he’s an embarassment. Reported today:

    “Meanwhile the response to Romney’s attack has been almost universally negative. Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt quickly pushed back with a statement saying that “We are shocked that, at a time when the United States of America is confronting the tragic death of one of our diplomatic officers in Libya, Governor Romney would choose to launch a political attack.”

    A number of Republicans seem to agree with LaBolt’s reaction. As Foreign Policy’s Josh Rogin points out, Congressional Republicans — with few exceptions — have not joined Romney in using the tragedy as an excuse to attack the Obama administration. Furthermore, this morning several Republican foreign policy leaders anonymously ripped Romney’s response to Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith.

    “They were just trying to score a cheap news cycle hit based on the embassy statement and now it’s just completely blown up,” one “very senior Republican foreign policy hand” told Smith.

    “I guess we see now that it is because they’re incompetent at talking effectively about foreign policy,” he continued. “This is just unbelievable — when they decide to play on it they completely bungle it.”

    Similarly, a former aide to Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign told Smith that “It’s bad…Just on a factual level that the statement was not a response but preceding, or one could make the case precipitating. And just calling it a ‘disgrace’ doesnt really cut it. Not ready for prime time.”

    The controversy over Romney’s political attack underscores an important policy issue: Romney’s actual foreign policy perspective is just as muddled as his response to the embassy attacks. The Republican candidate’s position on Libya, for instance, has been all over the map, and he has offered few substantive ideas on how to manage the U.S. response to the “Arab spring.”

    Today, when given an opportunity to take a substantive position on a pressing foreign issue, Romney instead chose to attack the president and then depart the podium.

  • Rommey could lead a armored car to his bank, he would get lost! He would pay(at minium wage, or below) some one else to do it

  • Jensunderbelly

    this goon cannot become president. His hypocrisy on how statements of one should reflect all just makes me think perhaps he should have owned the whole “women can prevent pregnancy with legitimate rape” ordeal. It’s ridiculous to think one person could control everyone… even the president.

    side-note… his lip-smacking makes it seem like he’s a caricature on snl.

    We can’t afford another mistake like that. Those 8 years of buffoonery was enough. The GOP has doubled the national debt 3 times since Reagan, but they like to blame Obama. Because of their diplomatic “strength” they got us into the longest wars in US history and attacked a country unprovoked. Dis wiped out some Taliban but failed to go after them fully because scaring Americans was a political plus.
    Karl Rove’s method is to state a lie often enough and people will believe it. It has worked.
    Romney and lies are now synonymous.

  • goodcats2

    Sorry to say it; Yes, there will be millions of people just as ignorant as you who will vote for Mr. Bain Capital, aka Willard Mitt Romney the american PARASITE!!!!

  • rockcut

    What is Mitt thinking of???? to use a situation of the killing of Americans as a political attack. It is so unamerican and shows such poor judgement. Italso shows how paniced the Romney crew is for they can see the hand writing on the wal MITT WILL LOSE IN NOV.

  • money don’t get everything it’s true
    what it don’t get I can’t use

  • goodcats2

    This message was for HVN18

  • adriancrutch

    He’ll have Bain buy Blackwater,then attack with his private army all of north africa in the name of whatever currency they use there,Dinars whatever! Then he’ll wade ashore when the smoke has cleared and be proclaimed King Willie G. Then its on to Sicily & up the boot to france & so on & so forth! Then he falls out of bed&awakens to reality!

  • goodcats2

    Sorry to say it; HVN18; Yes, there will be millions of people just as ignorant as you who will vote for Mr. Bain Capital, aka. Willard Mitt Romney the American Parasite!!! And Co. Paul Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Romney’s bus does not run to the top. Popping off before you have the facts is a sure sign that his bona fides on foreign affairs are still coming up short. He does not understand the damage he has just done to the country abroad. All he knows of abroad is the time he spent getting out the draft and visiting his offshore money. What a shameful representative of the grand-old-party. Of course he has the company of West and Palin. Of course that is not saying very much.

  • Romney is an unfit human being. He makes false statements and then does not have enough character to apologize. He is clearly not fit to run this country. He has the audacity to think that he is qualified. We have to get out there and get Obama re-elected. Go away Romney…you and your poor choice for VP.

  • He cracks me up thinking that he is qualified to address any issue. Dumb man with a big ego. Go away

  • This Fool clearly dosen’t have a clue to what he’s talking about, America dosen’t need a fool in the White House, if Romney is elected and from his statements today, we will be in world war III in the first 100 days of his and Baby Ryan’s administration. His run is over, Its no way the American People can elect this Group Greedy Fools!!!!

  • romney highlights his own shallow character and his monorail intellect, (he’s very good at making money I hear….. and avoiding paying any taxes on the proceeds!), and as such his total lack of qualification to be in the White House. I would add on that his reluctance to reveal his TAX RETURNS, his reputation as a bully, his avoiding the draft while presumably cheering the war, and his long marination in the culture of corporate America that regards government as a fundamental evil, taxes profoundly evil, the “public good” as a rhetorical fig-leaf, regulation as the work of Satan himself, global warming a hoax, “trickle down economics” as legitimate, women’s health options should be decided by men in Congress, rape victims don’t get pregnant, abstinence only education works, and Darwin only applies to social theory. One thing you can say about Republicans, they keep telling us how poorly government works, how inefficient, how corrupt, how abusive to personal liberties…….. and those things are true…..precisely because people like mitt are too often left in charge.

    And please tell me: DOES ANYONE REALLY WANT MITT TO BE MAKING THE NEXT NOMINATION TO THE SUPREME COURT? We would be left with a 6 to 3 Roberts majority on the bench for another generation quite possibly. Nothing keeps me awake at night but that.

  • So What if Obama was a Muslim Like Colin Powell said. Gen Colin Powell still gave his endorsement. I’m Vote For A Real President. Not a make believe Fool who say anything. And come back hours later and change what he said. He Flip Flop more then a Fish out of Water.
    He is a big shame to the American people making statement before facts was out.
    Who want this Man Mitt Romney as President without the facts, he can have USA in a World War III. Plus nothing Mitt said was true..

  • This dude has no idea of what is involved. This guy sat on his ass and dictated his give pink slip to workers, steal thier pensions, their saving, the dreams and send their jobs overseas. He is by far even worse than GWBush. America deserves much better and it better make a correct decision here on there will war in the streets of America!

    This guy is below scum level.

  • As usual desperiate actions by a desperiate man. His ship is sinking and he hasn’t enough sense to shut off the hose. Let the thing sink. He has no humanity this man, not one mention of the men who serve our country who died just a cheap untrue slam at the President. We do not need this kind of shot from the hip mentality running this country.

  • Uh, why is he trying to look “Presidential” here. The election isn’t here yet. What a buffoon!

  • Romney went to London on the birthday of 2012 Olympic and blasted the host for not being ready for security. On the day of mourning for the tragic death of US Ambassador Stevens to Libya, Romney took the opportunity to launch a political attack on Obama. These attacks, like all his others, are not based on facts. Rather, they are based on distortions of truth. To me, he is a fanatic not a statesman.

  • the dems best weapon is , mitt

  • bud2011

    Bravo, Romney has shown leadership, when compared to the appology and comments from Obama and Hillary Clinton

    • goodcats2

      Bravo, Mr. Bain Capital aka Romney showed leadership? are you for real? or just plain ignorant? Yes, ignorant is what you are and your Mr. Bain Capital!!!!!!! Who is not fit to run for Presidency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dotutz

    I really hate to say this but GW looks intelligent in comparison to this “clown”, he will try to be President at any cost! I only hope and pray the people see through him, even the Republicans because he’s not playing with a full deck!!!

  • Umm…this guy is ONLY a POTUS hopeful, IMO he has no right to stick his nose in affair’s like this, MY GOD ! WHAT AN IDIOT !


    So now the enitire world know’s we have an #A#S#S#H#O#L#E# running to be our president

  • Being a Veteran with a purple heart, I wish Romney would STOP standing any where NEAR or in view of The AMERICAN FLAG!!! He IS A DISCRASE to our country!

  • I suppose if Romney were president he would himself find Libya on the map and send a nuke to that coordinate, only to find out he had just obliterated the capital of Israel, wherever that is.

  • Please, people. Read “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer. Romney has no room to talk against or about anyones religion.

  • Ed

    Romney desperately seeks ANYTHING which he can use to distract us from asking how he plans to “create job”, or cut the deficit. Funny, his original plan was to bludgeon Obama with “the economy”. But it did show how vulgar and without compassion he is. Four americans dead and he say” Oboma is a disgrace”. Did he ever think this might be a time for us to come together(Sorry, that was a stupid question)

  • Peter Gatliff

    Yet the local Right Wing ie:ABC TV station broadcast this travesty and it sounded like Romney was an expert in foriegn affairs. Poor brainwashed Okie’s.

  • I think maybe his Momon Underwear maybe to tight!!!!.It just might be affecting what little brains he has!!!!What a joke!!! Like laura Inghram said on Fixed news, maybe they need to totally disband and start all over again. What a great idea!!!!!

  • bcarreiro


  • As my father always say you just can’t fix stupid. Romney is stupid and you can’t fix him or his handlers.

  • I didn’t agree with John McCain about very many things, and I didn’t vote for him, but I respected him — he seemed like an honorable opponent for Obama. Was I wrong — or is Mitt Romney a different kind of opponent — one without honor or scruples?

    • JessThinkin

      I’ll go with the “without honor or scruples.” Mitt Romney wants to be President. Nothing else matters. He has no core beliefs, no principles, nothing, and the “heart wants what the heart wants.”

  • actually, they have nothing

  • Looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the Republican tree ( Palin, Christi and Bachmann)

  • tell him Gary

  • Charlie, I would shake your hands if I could. I just love intelligent people who know how to shit others up tactfully. well done

  • without a doubt Diane4babies. these people talk out of hate and are as baseless in what they say as Romnie is in anything that comes out of his face

  • He needs to go back to the private sector where he can make millions off of many folks who will loss their jobs. That’s not a good place for him, but better there then in our government! This guy is actually worse then George W. Bush, hard to believe!

  • I think it is Juvenile;
    I think I mentioned something like;
    something as abstract as a tactical advantage over someone or something. Just look at where those countries are located, having a few US bases in the area would be nice, don’t you think. Of course a juvenile would never have thought of that.

  • Romrat is arrogant, ingornat, flipflopper, no brainer, dump, no vision fool I have ever seen in my life. He disrepects the POTUS and his office as much as possible…Mitt and Anne nobody would have known you were a fools if you had kept your mouths shut… Now everybody again in the world knows you have clown status #1….

  • wtf is wrong with this idiot?

  • I don’t understand… Romney’s father , George Romney and he ran for POTUS… and he did not have to prove his birth… He was born in the country Mexico… John McCain was born in Panama…. when Panama was not a US teritory…but all election they have fought tooth and nail about the POTUS about his… and now he says he “to polite” to these foregin countries… The only thing that Romney may bring to the table is he’s suppose to have good business sense… America does not need a businessman…

  • TB2871

    Romney is as bad as Palin, no politcal savy on foreign policies, what a bafoon!

  • Steve danna

    Vote this banana in and we will be at war (undeclared of course) within 18 months. WHY ?
    Because Cheney wants one, Herr Rove wants one. the Koch brothers need one and the list
    goes on and on and onnnnnnnnnnn.

  • How can anyone vote for Romney, especially women?

  • Romney is dysfunctional idiot.
    May be he is trying to shows he is a tough Republican. Even R/Party disagrees with him.
    At the time when the whole world is mourning this idiot is trying to cash in.
    Not going to work Dumbo.

  • Romney why dont you speak when you are spoken to. you want to be the president so badly you cannot wait . You do not know anything about foreign policy nothing Why are you running before the President are you the President why do you wait on the President to Address the situation. You want to be seen and not to be heard. It seem as if you are very
    stupid man go put your head behind your back and never talk again. You are worst than Sarah Palen Who make you Chief over any thing you just show the people how ignorant you are. What do you want to start a war in the middle east now SHUT up and go attend to your 50 children . They are enough to keep you occupied.You are so disrespectful. what you are not even elected you are not even the Vice president. Romney the whole world is laughing at you you ole Brightie.

  • Romney does not speak for me, nor for other U.S. citizens. Until (when hell freezes over) he is elected to be our President he has no business making policy statements of any kind. He’s ignorant, self-serving and the GOP scaped the bottom of the barrel to come up w/him as their candidater. Now let them stand by him as he continues to make an ass of himself, endangers our elected officials with his lies, and gives aid to our enemies by showing there is such a jerk running to be the leader of our country.

  • This time of tragedy ,it is a shame and embarrass where united states is on the way to become one of the third world country. ?can we american people imagined where Gov. Mitt
    Romney so desperated for power as a candidate for President to lower his value,dignity and his caractere to play such a bad politic to accused or link President Obama as a
    President of the United-States with the assassination of the U.S Ambassador in LIBYA .Please , We American people ,we need someone who has face value ,competence,dignity,solidarity to vote for and to become the President of the United-States, America is a country for all,we love and we admire America, if someone do not have no strength,no pride , do not even try. Mr Romney, America has so many children here and all over the world you have to be a good father and Strong to be a president.Mr ROMNEY STOP; please do not go forward, your moral is too low ,if you are weak inside,? how can you be strong ouside. Mr. Romney, please do yourself a favor go back to preach your gospel at Mormon Churh you are not ready yet. Mr.Romney so far you are doing good job, because of you MORMON RELIGION become so popular all over the world.

  • emadis41

    Romney attack was in a bad taste, decency say that he should be solidly behind the POTUS, and hold his horses for now. He prove that he is not capable of being a leader. This is the best the GOP can give us?

  • Honestly, Romney is just showing once again, how out of touch with reality Republicans-TeaParties are…Is there anything that they will get right and accurate in life?!

  • Romney is nothing but a rich fool. God help us if he gets elected. He can’t tell the truth.
    The Ten Commandments plainly states: Thou shalt not bear false witness. Maybe Mormans
    put more trust and belief in the Book of Morman than they do the Bible.


    Our current administration is absolutely inept on foreign policy. Clueless doesn’t even come close to describing how they have lost control of our foreign policy. Muslim Islamist extremeists are running over us…… Obama is politicing…..

  • Teddy Parker

    Their first hope was Mr. “9,9,9”, Herman (I don’t know that woman) Cain. Then Newt thought that his old baggage would be forgotten, and swore that he’d be the nominee. Rick “Sanitarium” was too snarling and hopelessly too far to the right, so Mr. “Birther” Trump threatened to run and no one knew why. So the republicans pleaded with and begged Christie to enter their circus. So now the sad sack nominee from the bottom of the barrel who they didn’t want in the first place is their representative. Even the republicans feel shame.

  • DavidWMccue

    It scares me to not know if it incompetence, or villainous intent that drives these remarks. What kind of trouble could he get us into if he were in charge? Scarry, scarry, scarry scenario.

  • I think either Romney is delusional or his campaign advisers are high on something. Why is it they never seem to get their facts straight? Romney is living off somebody else’s thinking process. He does not do his own reading, research or thinking. Pretty pathetic and unstatesmanlike.

  • this guy is a pure 100% Knuckle Head and to think there’s people willing to waste a vote on this. Just stop Mr. Romney!!!

  • The same hubris and gung-ho bravado that Mitt Romney is trying to display is what is coined around the world as “the Ugly American”. The “bring it on!” attitude is what has gotten America in the economic mess its in right now. Romney/Ryan are only puppets of Bush/Cheney, and if they get into the White House, they will continue the destructive, terroristic policy of Bush/Cheney to bankrupt America. Knowing that a film such as the one issued by anti-Islamic hate groups would inflame zealot Muslims, and watching Netanyahu straining at his leash to attack Iran, then hearing this crap from Romney, is giving us a sneak preview of what our world will be like under Romney/Ryan. Eight more years of mindless war. Who needs that!

  • joceandre

    MITT ROMNEY could never be president. First of all you have to show respect for the office you are hoping to occupy. I do not know what ever happened to the manners his mama gave him. My son was in the Gulf war at just 18 in the Navy, does that stupid man understand what’s at stake when your people are serving in that part of the world ? I still have a nephew and a niece currently serving in the middle east boy Mitt Romney has blood in his hands.

  • There once was this guy named Todd Akin from Missouri who was in a tight Senate race in
    his home state.
    Who during an interview on a “Fair and Balanced Fox News Show” made a casual “wives tale” remark about a womens’ reproductive ability!
    When news “got out” about what had been stated in the interview, his remarks were quickly
    denounced by his party (Republican) and he was asked to quit the Senate Race by no less
    than every Republican/Conservative talking head including yours truly Mitt Romney!
    The reasons he was asked to step side by Mitt and his party was due to a potential backlash from Women voters who were at odds with conservatives over Womens Right to
    Choose and felt that his comments could hurt Mitts chance of “winning back” the White House, which in the words of Republicans is “Too Important”!. Now I don’t know about you,
    but I believe (after 911) that Foreign Policy is as important as “Pro Choice vs Pro Life” in America and if Mitt believes he can point blame and make Policy descisions without all of the facts then he will be truly Taking America Backwards! Mitt it seems Shoots from the Lip and won’t let facts get in his way. It’s about extreme Right Wing Conservative Ideaology!
    You’ve been Warned!!!

  • barbarahugh

    I do not understand why can’t a country apologize ? Especially if this country is soooo christian ?
    Where even the money has In God we trust , isn’t God that said that one must ask for forgiveness ?
    That doesn’t mean that one is weak but that one knows how to live and move on . How arrogant this Romney is ? A very foolish man a liar too !!! But this is the same man that puts God’s word above all . Does he study the Bible ? Didn’t God said that it is easier for a Camel to pass through
    the eye of a needle then a rich man to the gates of Heaven? Just too much of Romney BS is making me sick all my family but 3 of us are Republicans , but… they voted for Obama in 2008 and they are going to vote for President Obama this 2012 again , THANK GOD !!!!!I just can’t see middle class families voting for Romney !!!!

  • Romney was right.I am a democrat and I will vote for him.I got a lot of my friends who will.No matter what the media says he was right and y’all were wrong.We are waiting to send a good message to the pundits that elections are won when WE vote not what y’all tell us.

    • goodcats2

      I guess you and your so called democratic friends are just as ignorant as Mr Bain Capital aka Romney is and the whole tea party, i am an Independent and voting for President OBAMA!!!

    • seagazer101

      Someone extract your brain recently? How do you suppose Romney would feel about a movie denigrating HIS somewhat controversial religion. Hmmm?

  • joyscarbo

    I am godsmacked by the flagrantly irresponsible, insesnsitive and ignorant comments from Mitt Romney!! He’s calling foreign embassy officials “disgraceful” and calling the president’s words “apologetic’??!! And, when given the second chance to try to see that his words needed to be tempered with some thoughtful diplomacy, he doubled down his words!!!!

    To use the tragic murder of our citizens in Libya as a platform for political posturing was monumentally perverse, showing exactly how completely inept Mitt Romney is to lead our country in any way, shape or form. I don’t trust this man to sit the right way on a toilet seat, muchless trust him with our national security and standing in this global neighborhood inwhich we live!!

    These words of pure, utter ignorance will come back to haunt Mr. Romney as we go forth into the the presidential debates. Does anyone else see the NAIL that is poised to be driven into the coffin that is his campaign for the presidency?!

    Rush Limbaugh’s coments today on Mitt’s comments, “…he got it right…he’s the only adult in the room.” REALLY??!! Someone please push the handle on the toilet that IS the republican party and watch the turds swir land flush into the abyss of some of the worst political sewage our country has seen.

  • ridemybroom

    Romney Romney Romney…..when are you gonna shut up and just go away…

  • kp434445

    this goes to show how wrong this lier is and if that don.t work he makes some more up go away Romney your just a low life sum bag

  • Americkan

    Romney will shoot first and ask no questions later…scary.

  • jarheadgene

    HELLO !!!! Speaking of MIXED SIGNALS….Mr. Etcha Sketch doesn’t realize….he is a candidate not THE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES. When we are under attack, anywhere, and an Embassy
    is the U.S. no matter where. As a politician, you sit down and shut up and let the State Dept. and the POTUS come out with their statement, view and action, before you do anything. THIS GUY has never “Stood in the GAP” between the enemy and the U.S. ….EVER. Unless you consider French Prostitutes the enemies of the USA. What a BUFFOON……Ethca Sketch.

  • President Obama hit the nail on the head ..he speaks before he thinks. That is how he will run this country. Action before evaluating anything. Oh Boy!

  • ChristoD

    OK folks, NOW do you think this guy can lead our nation ? He is a complete embarrassment and displays his ideological purity above all. He will use ANYTHING, including the death of our citizens, to TRY and make poltical points. What a freakin’ low life.

  • fedupwitgop

    I don’t know a lot about politics but I know Mitt Romney is not good for our country economically or on foreign affairs. He’ll say or do anything and flip when he think it is to his advantage. He will even use God if he thinks this will get him a vote. He may not be a bad man but he is a real, real, real bad political candidate for president. This leaves me wondering what does he truely stand for??? President Obama may have his shortcomings but right now I trust hm to handle what’s going on in the ME. He is rational thinker, steady and calm. What has happened to the Rep Party?

  • Romney is desperate, the polls show him behind, and he’s grasping at straws. He got where he is on his father’s name and money (as did Dubya), and is no more qualified to be president than Dan Quale or Sarah Palin.

  • Obama’s response was weak at best. And foreign policy experience? What experience did Obama have – 0!!! Recall every asshole at the Cairo Embassy. They do NOT represent the USA . . . At least not anymore. Those apologetic POS’s should renounce their citizenship . . . And CLOSE THAT GD TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!

    • seagazer101

      Get your filthy language off my President, you pig.

  • Anyone with a brain can see this man is not ready or ever will be ready to be president of America.
    The BIGOTS like , That fat man ,that sits behind the golden mike,Rush Limbow, or Bow-wow, or how ever you spell his name, once he spoke, after all the supposedly big dogs in the GOP had ridiculed Romney for his outrageous remarks,this fat cat, told them to get back in line.He said, We’re not voting for Mitt Romney, we’re voting against Obama !!! And guess what? Well, you know the rest of the story. They’re All singing Romney’s praise !!!

  • A guy like Romney shooting off his mouth before thinking sounds like the “drums and sabers” rattling for war!! (Iran). Pretty scary and pretty DUMB on his part.

  • So Romney’s response to Obama’s disasterous foreign policy, including not having enough security at both the Libyan, and Egyptian embassies, is the foreign policy flub, not the allowing our people there to be put at grave risk without proper protection. It is a lack of understanding by this administration of what the actual world is that has caused the deaths of 4 Americans. There is no foreign policy flub by Romney only by Barack Obama

  • Pancha_Chandra

    Mitt Romney is trying to make political capital from the tragic deaths and the storming of the American embassies. At such a critical juncture he should be condemning the thugs responsible for the storming of the American embassies! Barack Obama is trying to calm the situation and ensure Americans are safe. This is what any sensible or aspiring President would do. So it comes as a great surprise that Mitt Romney has chosen this moment to castigate the President. Instead Obama has remained Presidential and along with his Secretary of State have gone the extra mile to soothe tensions and find pragmatic solutions. The Middle East is a powder keg and politicians need to be extremely cirumspect.

    Pancha Chandra Brussels

  • We need to obtain all of the facts before we can make any kind of judgments about this situation. We do not need another war. Romney is inciting a riot with his remarks. We do not even know any details about why this occurred. I want to see some hardcore facts and what Hillary Clinton our Head of State has to say about this occurrence. Hillary and Bill know the right things to do in this situation. Bill Clinton served this country for 8 years and I have the greatest respect for his as well as Hillary’s statements.

    • seagazer101

      Mildred! Get a job! These are way too many comments!

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  • Reply to Chris:

    It is really sad that we have to deal with tragedy. We do not need another war and the sad thing is that Romney would not hesitate to take us through another war. This man scares me –every time he opens his mouth”! Down right scary.

  • It is bad enough that we have just begun to shut down a war and now Romney is suggesting another. We do not need this expense right now!

  • Not only is this tragedy sad, it is even more tragic that someone would attempt to use the occurrence in such a disturbing manner. It is time to lay politics aside and pray that President Obama and Hillary make the best decisions possible. I know President Obama neither Hillary are warmongers. We do not need another war.

  • I believe that he did nail his final nail. What is he going to do in the debates call them off because he is unwilling to participate? Or is he going to walk out of the room when it is too heated for him. We are all praying for the families who lost loved ones in the tragedy and we pray for President Obama and Hillary as they seek some sustainable answers that all Americans can live with–that is except Romney and Ann?

  • It is a crying shame that we as Americans have to put up with the tragedy–however, even more tragic that we have to listen this blundering Romnrey inciting a riot on the sidelines. We all need to pray that President Obama and Hillary and his Cabinet can made wise decisions in this situation. Let us all pray for them.

  • Mitt sees the military as a vehicle to further his own ambitions and that is it. How sad. Mitt went out hunting converts for the mormon religion to avoid serving in the military. The only reason Obama was never drafted is because he was his mom’s only son. However, I do not believe that he would have resisted his duty to serve. I know that Michelle and Barack were asked if their girls wanted to serve in the military they both answered that they would be so proud if that is what they wanted to do.

  • That is right on Chris–use people as dirty dish rags and flush them down the toliet. What a shame that anyone would think that way about people. Everyone deserves respect and honor and reverence just like Romney and Ann craves. Not everyone is willing to incite a riot to get it.

  • Thank you for serving our country–it is an honorable thing to do. May God bless you as well as your family.

  • Romney will chant his war chants and he will make sure that his sons will not be called on to serve. He will send other mothers’ children to war and use them like a dish rag wiping the floor with their blood and not his own blood.

  • Not only a coward but someone wanting political points so he can get elected. Romney’s trip abroad alienated every foreigner he interacted with. He is not a trustworthy man–nor fit to be a president, let alone a citizen of this country.

  • The only reason President Obama ran for President was that he as well Michelle wanted to give back something to the country that allowed them have a chance at success in life.

    • TheOldNorthChurch


    • Need2Say

      That’s all you got??? Weak!

      • It’s a stronger reason than what Romney has for wanting to be POTUS! Romney thinks he’s entitled to the Presidency! Romney is doing a darned good job showing the nation he’s not ready for the Presidency. Romney is the guy who’s state was 47th in job creation while he was at the helm. Great jobs record – NOT!

        • seagazer101


  • I’m wondering why Mitt Romney nor any of his five privileged sons never put on a military uniform? Now I think I know why this dude never thanked anyone in the military during his acceptance speech in Tampa. Romney is a priviledged joke!

  • Romney’s making a political harakiri with his tongue.