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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

WATCH: Romney Still Has No Response On Immigration, But Instant Response On ‘Sport’

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has still not come up with a clear response to either President Obama’s executive order halting the deportation of DREAM Act eligible youth or the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down much of Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 immigration law, but it was prepared with an immediate statement on Obama’s joke about the Boston Red Sox.

Romney — who took widespread criticism for failing to come up with specific response to Obama’s executive order — has doubled down on his refusal to say anything that could upset either Latino voters or the Republican party’s nativist fringe, by essentially ducking Monday’s Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070. Romney refused to answer media questions on the subject, although he eventually told donors that “I would have preferred to see the Supreme Court give more latitude to the states not less.”

Romney’s advisers have had a hard time explaining their candidate’s position on the subject. Case in point: senior adviser Carlos Gutierrez spent a full four minutes dogding questions about Romney’s stance on SB 1070 during an appearance on CNN’s “Starting Point” Tuesday morning:

Think Progress has a partial transcript of their exchange:

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN (HOST): Does Mitt Romney support SB 1070, yes or no?
GUTIERREZ: Soledad, it’s a little bit more complicated –
O’BRIEN: It’s not.
GUTIERREZ: But what the governor has said and made a statement yesterday, he supports the right of border states to do what they have to do according to the law –
O’BRIEN: Does that include — does that include stopping and detaining anyone and check the immigration status of that person, if they have reasonable suspicion if the person is in the country illegally? […]
GUTIERREZ: This is not about Governor Romney –
O’BRIEN: It is if he wants to be president…I want to know what his position is.
GUTIERREZ: His position is that we have a mess and need a national policy.

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13 responses to “WATCH: Romney Still Has No Response On Immigration, But Instant Response On ‘Sport’”

  1. Jim Lou says:

    At least Mitt is a Red Sox fan. Maybe?

    • karinursula says:

      Only if it is convenient for him. Yes I also find it odd that Romney doesn’t answer any questions about immigration. Maybe he thinks that we all stupid and that
      the republicans will vote for him regardless. I can’t wait for the debates. The President will eat him alive.

      • Postman27 says:

        Unfortunately, Republicans will vote for him; regardless. It’s not because they want him, it’s that they don’t want President Obama. Total lunacy…

    • CAThinker says:

      He is a Red Sox fan, except when he’s in New York, or Detroit, or Atlanta, or…

  2. gargray says:

    In other words the Romney campaign and the republican party doesn’t and won’t answer any questions and they want your vote! I am against and for it but I don’t know what to say. LOL

  3. William Deutschlander says:

    Romney has nothing of substance to offer, so instead he tries his untruthfull best to make something negative of Obama’s interest in sport jest!

  4. As mittey would say ” I know the owner of the Red Sox and he needs a tax break to create jobs. Poor man had to let some fella go the other day. A You kills guy.”

    Mittey’s got nothing to add to any conversation that has any substance. He hasw already sold his soul to the devil and now must play out the hand he was dealt. It is unbelievable anyone would want to get in bed with him because mitteys gonna leave them heart broke in the end when the devil comes for his due. Mittey will leave all his so called followers high and dry when that happens. Only the very rich will survive in Mitteys world. The poor and nor freshly made poor, well they have nets and he just don’t really care about them that much. Unless he needs his lawn mowed or groceries brought to him.

  5. Gaffes aside. Get the ground game in full gear. Meet all voting registration requirements in your districts. Help someone to get registered. Give someone a ride to the polling station. That’s where it counts!

  6. BDD1951 says:

    Did you ever notice that when a republican polatition commits an indiscretion that it’s okay with republicans, but let a democrat do the exact same thing and republicans are all on it. Email abound. I was at our county democratic meeting last night and said I didn’t understand why republican don’t look up the truth about things. The lady across the table from me sai”they don’t have to, Fox News does it for them”. That about says it all.

  7. Bigspender says:

    Just as with his unproduced tax returns, Mitt won’t say or do anything that might betray what he really believes. Or is it that he doesn’t really believe in much of anything except that which benefits Mitt Romney.

  8. between romney’s ears is nothing,but a wide empty space,,,

  9. Patricia says:

    When it comes to Romney — there is no ‘there’ there. NOBODY knows what he really thinks — not even the Republicans. We can only look at what he did at Bain and what he did to Massachusetts & it is not pretty.

    • Durdy says:

      The only reason he won’t speak up on the real issues is because his masters haven’t advised him in what to say. He’s merely a parrot in that petting zoo we call politics. By his past, this dunce hasn’t got a change to become POTUS but the millions and millions that super pac is funneling into the GOP coffers is an indication that they (the masters) won’t go down without a fight (too much investment to back out now). You do know that money is the weapon that will decide this year’s election don’t you..? (at least according to the big toads).

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