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Sunday, February 25, 2018

WATCH: Texas Judge Warns Of Civil War If Obama Is Re-Elected

A Texas judge has warned that President Obama’s re-election would lead to a United Nations occupation of the country and a violent civil war.

Lubbock County Judge Tom Head, a Republican, was arguing in favor of a 1.7 cent tax hike when he suddenly took a sharp right turn into insanity. Lubbock’s Fox 34 News reports:

Judge Head said he and the county must be prepared for many contingencies, [and] one that he particularly fears, is if President Obama is reelected.

“He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the UN, and what is going to happen when that happens?,” Head asked.

“I’m thinking the worst. Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe. And we’re not just talking a few riots here and demonstrations, we’re talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy.

“Now what’s going to happen if we do that, if the public decides to do that? He’s going to send in U.N. troops. I don’t want ’em in Lubbock County. OK. So I’m going to stand in front of their armored personnel carrier and say ‘you’re not coming in here’.

“And the sheriff, I’ve already asked him, I said ‘you gonna back me’ he said, ‘yeah, I’ll back you’. Well, I don’t want a bunch of rookies back there. I want trained, equipped, seasoned veteran officers to back me.”

Video of Head’s bizzare rant is below.

When pressed to explain himself, Head said “my remarks yesterday, worst case scenario in my opinion, and how do you prepare for it. Do I think those are going to happen, probably not.” How reassuring.

There are so many factual problems with Head’s rant that they’re not even worth addressing. Instead, the more pressing question here is how a loon like Head was ever elected as a judge in the first place.

First, it’s worth noting that Head’s unhinged fear of the United Nations is not abnormal in Texas politics; right wing Senate candidate Ted Cruz and 12-term congressman Ron Paul have both become national figures despite buying in to equally insane conspiracy theories.

As National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason rightly points out, the Republican party is churning out extremely unqualified candidates at an alarming rate. Combine that with the explosion of special interest money in judicial elections, and it’s fair to wonder whether crazies like Tom Head could soon become the new normal on the bench.

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96 Responses to WATCH: Texas Judge Warns Of Civil War If Obama Is Re-Elected

  1. Oh my. I sure hope that nobody I know ever has to come before this idiot in a court of law. He knows himself that such an event will never happen, but he made that asinine prediction anyway. Unfortunately there are probably far too many folks who entertain such thoughts and believe such twaddle as a possibility. Looks like insanity runs deep in some necks of the woods.

    • I used to live in Texas, and sadly that type of extremist rhetoric and behaviour has always been there. Its just now coming back to being normal, and by normal that kind of bs that that douche is shoveling out. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another knights of the kkk somewhere near that county or district.

  2. Who is that idiot sitting next to this judge? Someone trying to keep his job by keeping his mouth shut. Too much time on the golf course. Too much sun.

  3. Yes, we thought it was crazy talk when people were worried about the ramifications of the NDAA bill too. Just ask that guy who posted on FaceBook how crazy we are!

  4. It’s a free country to say whatever you like, but I think we are foolish to give such individuals a medium by which to spew their nonsense. Why wasn’t this clown dismissed outright for his idiocy? By the moderator saying nothing, he and his station give their tacit approval that such crazy talk is valid, when in fact there is nothing to support it. They ought to lose their broadcast license for contributing to civil unrest.

      • Fox is egging on insanity? Sure.

        Do you have any sympathy for anyone appearing before this idiot? Ex-moms in jail for having abortions, rapists getting “family visitation” with the child is the type of stupidity this guy is likely handing down.

  5. NOT everyone who lives in Texas supports this kind of garbage. Rick Perry is just as unhinged. I do believe he talked about Texas succeeding as if we could survive as a sovereign nation! I got my morning laugh!

  6. I’m always amazed that this particular idea gets any consideration at all. The UN can’t even stop Syrians from killing each other, but yet it is going to take over one of the most powerful nations on earth, just because President Obama is in office, and he is going to turn the nation over to the UN? People who spout such nonesense should not be any where near a position of power. However, given the comments coming out of the GOP regarding women’s super sperm killing abilities and Ryan’s adulation of Ayn Rand, his specious budget proposals, as well as other fringe ideas, I shouldn’t be suprised at this story. Poor pity us, what did we do to be afflected with such nonsensical folderol.

    • We won’t have to wait for Romney to get a world war. That dipshit Prime Minister of Israel is just itching to do the job. He wants to start a war with Iran before the November elections because he thinks that Obama doesn’t have the courage to not support Israel’s military moves.

      I hope that Obama tells Netanyahu to go to hell and that the Israeli parliament has the good sense to refuse him permission to start a war.

  7. The Republicans are bargaining with the public for buying the coming election!When the public will could be bought or sold,the whole nation is on the brink.

    • I live in Texas, and most of these judges are just political hacks. They’re elected and people just go down the ballot and vote for every judge in the party they support. There are no real qualifications necessary to be a judge in Texas.

  8. Insinuations of civil unrest and civil war are part II of the GOP political campaign. The MEDICARE scare tactics were so well with seniors, that they decided to deploy a new tactic that encompasses all Americans.

  9. There is something going on in Texas and it’s not good. Maybe it’s the air, or the water, but whatever it is, the federal government should investigate it. That state has produced the likes of Lyndon Johnson, Dubya Bush and Perry and now this crazy judge.

    I will never vote for a Texan for national office again.

    • The passage of time has shown that LBJ was much better than the company in which you placed him. How many presidents are sworn into office with the slain president’s wife standing there in blood soaked clothes. Circumstances do make a difference.

      But in the past 15 years, the conservative’s actions have made the reputations of all Texans suspect.

  10. I believe there will be a civil war if Romney win. He will take away the middle class and poor livelihood. People will be forced into the streets living in tents and their cars. It will be the beginning of the U.S. citizens living as a third world country. At the same time he will reward the rich fat cats that brought the election with their millions. If Romney wins the middle class, poor and seniors loses. People get out and vote in Nov. take this election very serious.

    • I believe there will be a civil war if Obama wins. He will take away the middle class and poor livelihood. People will be forced into the streets living in tents and their cars. It will be the beginning of the U.S. citizens living as a third world country. At the same time he will reward the rich fat cats that brought the election with their millions. If Obama wins the middle class, poor and seniors loses. People get out and vote in Nov. take this election very serious.

    • Civil war might break out if Obama is elected for four more, God help us! He has divided this country like no other president, ever.
      You have to have the rich and with lower taxes they will keep their companies in the US rather than going elsewhere like many are doing. Why because taxes are lower in other countries. The US has the highest tax rate on big companies who hire people like you and me. Poor people can’t hire. Middle class small business can’t hire because of the higher taxes they will have to pay. They will have to close shop.
      Obama is a big union man who must stay on the side of big unions. The big unions are living high off the backs of those who Have to pay union dues and in 27 states you can’t get a job unless you are union and if you get a job with the union and decide not to pay dues then you are fired. Unions use to be a good thing, now they have become to big and have way to much power. Most small unions are ok.
      The Obama health care will cause the largest tax increase in the history of the world.
      Give the former community organizer a second term in office and see the havoc that will follow.

      • How can you accuse anyone of dividing the country after insinuating the possibility of civil war if President Obama is re-elected. Americans, throughout our history, have accepted the will of the majority and we learned how to live with it when the outcome of an election did not meet our expectations. What you said in your post, and what that Texas Judge said, is as unAmerican as you can get.

  11. I live in a liberal bastillon city in Texas, San Antonio. But even here the attitudes expressed by the judge are commonplace and spoken aloud. That the Conservatives embrace these guys (the judge, Akin, et. al.) shows how seriously the Republican Party has declined. And it shows that the do not live in the reality of the majority of American citizens.

  12. Whether you believe it or not, this country is in a serious decline. Not because of the crazy conspiracy bastards that abound in the Republican party—(birthers, “he’s gonna take my gun away, a communist socialist spy, a secret muslim, etc., etc.)—–no, it’s the intelligence level of the electorate that put these people in office.

    I have talked to many Obama haters and I’m always amazed at the OUT RIGHT, UTTER STUPIDITY they convey concerning economics and politics. They sputter Rush Limbaugh invectives as if they were scripted. But remember, they are all bible loving christians so they are on “the right side”.

    I wonder—How do you reconcile being a gun loving racist with being a true believer of Christ the Saviour??

    It’s getting to the point where if I was better off financially I would love to get the fuck out of this country. I mean, we’re talking about a country where one third of it’s inhabitants believe that early man had dinosaurs for pets!

    • What kind of BS about one third of its inhabitants that early man had dinosaurs for pets? If you need to get out of this country it is easy. Get a passport and get out. You might find out this country is better than any country anywhere but re-electing Obama it won’t last long as a free country. So maybe you do need to pack your bags and get an early start.
      Need to ask what the left and George Soros have planned for the RNC? They bring their goons in to by the paid bus loads to cause problems. Most have no idea what they are there for, they just know they are suppose to hold a sign and then start a fight and blame it on the right.

      • I think you were born in one of those puppy mills that you apparently don’t like. You all talk about your loss of freedom, but not one of you can name a freedom that you’ve lost in the last 4 years, or are actually likely to lose. We have far more to fear from the Koch Brothers than from George Soros. You are an incredible idiot.

      • Report to Judge Head, immediately. He needs more people to stand in front of those U.N. tanks. Or, if you don’t fancy getting flattened under a tank, you could sign up to fight the civil war.

    • You are correct jebediah, our country IS in serious decline: Trillions in debt, more taxing & spending, 42 straight months of over 8% unemployment, bypassing Congress to give Amnesty for Illegals, Federal Control over our health care while taking &716 Billion from Medicare. We will have to get out of this country if this continues.

      • You see Paul Cindy, you are another perfect example of the stupidity I’m talking about. $716 billion from Medicare? Google it and see what is explained. Taxing and spending? The overall real tax rate for individuals and corporations are near the lowest rates ever. Again, try Google.
        Spending? How about the two UNFUNDED WARS started by Bush? They still need to be paid for, although the Iraq war is finally winding down.
        Federal control of our health care? Do you have any idea how the Obama health care works? IT IS ENTIRELY BASED ON ROMNEY’S HEALTH CARE LAW IN MASSACHUSETTS WICH WAS SPONSORED BY THE ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE HERITAGE FOUDATION.

      • You are one of those he’s talking about. $716B in SAVINGS by combining programs and controlling costs is a CUT? On what planet?

        Amnesty for illegals is a Reagan program from 30 years ago. At least get your mind into this century.

        The TeaParty is in control of spending today, and has been for the last few years. Notice any changes? No? Yeah, they lied.

        28 months of job growth instead of loss. Instead of losing 750k jobs/mo. we’re at least gaining ant the GWB rate of 10k/mo. (Yeah, look it up. 1 million jobs in eight years is GWBs record.)

      • good bye. not sure where you’ll go, though. most developed and many undeveloped countries have federal health care, high taxes, serious unemployment, high debt. don’t know how they deal with misinformation, though (medicare loss won’t affect you). and medicare if a federal health care program. hmmmm, how to deal with the conumdrum.

      • The GOP love’s new Royalist( rich only count), tax breaks to send jobs oversea’s, bigger outdate armies ( protect the rich), drill to sell our natural resources over sea’s ( we pay for that), allow our roads and intersturals to fall apart, and give more tax breaks to the rich. Do not forget the insurance companies, and drug companies need more money with less control same with the banks (2008) remembe. So go vote for the GOP and their fairly tales.

      • Where did you read that 716 was taken from Medicare. That is a not true. Look it up!! That money came from the medicare advantage programs which gave insurance companies a lot of money to manage some people’s medicare. The Affordable Care Act will strengthen medicare and save seniors a lot of money. Please educate yourself! If Medicare is so great why are you against the federal government helping others with their health care. The federal government is Medicare!

        • finally, some one knows the truth, i just hope that every one else can see it as clearly as you, the republicans will spew their lies to get the control they want to take away a woman’s right to choose, like i said you do not have to like what a woman chooses to do about her pregnancy, but it is her right to choose about her health, not any one else’s right to tell her she can not!!! when a man has to feel like a man by telling a woman she can not have a abortion under any circumstance, then he is trying to feel like a man, could it be he is lacking between the legs?, and that is why he has to feel like a man by taking the women’s rights away? i know the men are gonna hate me right now, but the women aught to get a kick out of this thought.

          • No.. the men aren’t going to hate you… at least us thinking ones won’t. And there are a lot of us. I think you’d be surprised at just how many men support women’s rights (we all had Mothers too…) And that really, it’s just the misguided, but loud, Talipublican men that want to squash women’s rights.

        • Karla, first you must understand the medicare advantage programs are part of medicare, and by cutting them will cost seniors who qualify for them a considerable increase in medicare cost. So that being said, obama cut $718 Billion from Medicare, yes its that simple, He took that money from medicare to put into Obamacare.

          • not paying atteneion huh? he repositioned money that was overpayments to PROVIDERS. he then put it back into BENIFITS FOR SENIORS. such as free preventative care, closing the donut hole, funding medicare part d, and cracking down on fraud, which takes alot from medicare.

          • I’m so tired of hearing this fiction… First of all, he’s not cutting anything – he’s fixing the wasteful problems on the provider side. And so what if he puts it into Obamacare? If you can think of Obamacare as “Medicare for All” then you will realize that shifting the money out of Medicare into ACA isn’t cutting anything – it’s putting the money in a different bucket that SERVES THE SAME PURPOSE.

            On the other hand, I just broke my own rule about why you shouldn’t teach pigs to sing…

          • The MEDICARE Advantage plans, sometimes referred to as MEDICARE Part C, are actually run by for profit insurance companies that offer private insurance coverage that replace government-run MEDICARE plans A & B.
            The reductions proposed by President Obama, which were enthusiastically embraces by House Republicans, including Rep. Ryan, are focused on greater control over what service providers can charge, closer monitoring of MEDICARE payments, more scrutiny into tests with special focus on the elimination of redundancy as a result of the benefits offered by ACA. Our benefits will not be changed, except for the fact that our RX copays have been lowered and the infamous doughnut hole has been eliminated. BTW, I am a senior on SS and MEDICARE.

          • I would like to add, that in contrast to the plan proposed by President Obama and embraced by GOP congressmen to reduce MEDICARE spending and keep it solvent for years to come, Rep Ryan’s proposal in his 4-page plan calls for the dismantling of MEDICARE for people younger than 55, which would remove most of the MEDICARE contributors and would destroy the system for everyone due to lack of funding.

          • You are lying Bruce. The advantage plans have been getting a cut because the whole health care industry is getting 30 million new insurance covered people. They agreed to those cuts because of that. But Medicare people still will have the same guaranteed benefits. The Ryan plan ends Medicare, as we know it, so how do you think those under 555 will feel when older Americans have benefits and they don’t?

          • BruceBrown, why is that, because Medicare Advantage will no longer pay for their gym membership and instead being used to pay for someone elses medication? Also, the vision services and other services they will be losing will be covered under the Affordable HealthCare Act as free services….. You really should educate yourself, spouting lies that are brought to you by Rush and the FOX crew doesn’t make them true!!!!!

        • You’re preaching to a wall Karla.. So long as Limburger has gas, these clucks will keep listening and putting him on a pedestal. It’s been told over and over what that money represented but it just doesn’t coincide with their warped beliefs.. They want the N****R out and that’s all there is to it.. All logic goes out the window.. All brotherly love, put on (permanent) hold. Maybe this will wake ’em up:

      • If “we” leave the country, I think I would like “you” to stay here. Judge Head will need your help, standing in front of those U.N. tanks.

      • spoken like a true faux news watcher ,,all proven false ,, but i know you don’t believe anything anyone says but fox news

      • PaulCindy, our tax rates are at record lows which is, by the way, the main reason for our budget deficits. With the exception of Bush’s TARP (whose funding is conveniently attribute to Obama because it appears in the FY09 budget) and President Obama’s stimulus package, all other spending is programmatic. The main reasons for the increase in deficits and the debt involves a conscious decision to move the cost of wars, MEDICARE reimbursements, and other items that Bush hid from the general budget back where it belongs as part of President Obama’s focus on transparency. Other important contributors include a decline in revenues as a result of the Great Recession that began, officially, in 2008; an increase in unemployment payments to keep Americans from starving; and increases in the interest we pay on the national debt. Regarding illegals, compare President Obama’s decision to grant a 2-year amnesty toor young people studying in the USA or serving in our armed forces, to Bush’s guest worker program, Gingrich’s call for indefinite amnesty for ALL illegal immigrants, and Texas governor Perry extending college tuition assistance to children of illegal immigrants. Do yourself a favor, instead of taking Rush’s pronouncements as Gospel, do a little research, you will be amazed by what you find out.

      • Paulcindy I will not permit you to continue your lie about Medicare. Obama is not taking 716 billion from Medicare. The hospitals and providers agreed to those cuts because 30 million more people will have health insurance. Quit telling lies!
        Medicare recipients are not having a dime taken away from them.
        You are a liar paul cindy, shame on you.

      • PaulCindy, your comment shows you are just pushing more of that hateful ideolgy. Unemployment would not be at that point, if George Bush had better policies. He left us with the market around 6,000 and now it’s at 13,000. Record numbers of jobs moved to foreign lands under Geroge Bush, to the point it is effecting the recovery of jobs in this country. If the work moved overseas, how is the President ever supposed to fix the problem. And, you can’t say create government jobs, he has moved more employees from government payroll than either Bush did. Especially since the republicans want smaller government. The $716 billion was taken from Medicare Advantage, and was used to help other seniors who live in areas where Medicare Advantage is not offered, it helped lower their perscription and medical costs!!!!! You should really educate yourself on what you are writing about, before you push more of those FOXNOTNEWS lies!!!!!

    • I would say ‘portions’ of this country are decline…especially those that seem to put their heads in the sand and ignore sound reason and scientific principals.

      I would say that our collective nation is acting in a very ‘balkanised’ manner (separate, selfish, $$) and looking at our country as a whole. I would have you consider not to leave the USA (especially in mind and spirit), and find like minded individuals to help correct America’s current problems.

      The silence of the middle needs to end, and we must call out the fringe elements’ propaganda as nonsense; but do it in a way that does not involved vitriolic name calling.

      And I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding our very vocal gun toting Christians…not very Christian like at all. With that said, I do believe that the USA (especially in the big population centers) shows amazing tolerance and acceptance of myriads of different folks from around the globe. While the US is far from perfect, in today’s America, a face can belong to any racial, religious, creed, ethnicity and can still be viewed as American.

      I do love my country and her citizens and I hope that cooler, calmer heads can steer our nation on to greater things.

    • Jeb, I sometimes feel exactly like you do but then realize that this is my country too and I am not going to let some GD stupid group of right wing neanderthals run me out of my country, Instead I am going to write the truth and call out these bastards until my fingers fall off. Fight them with the one thing they don’t possess: intelligence and truth. Fight them at the ballet box, fight them with your money; I plan on not buying products from companies that support right wing agendas. I fight to stop government corruption where ever I see it regardless of party. I fight for women s rights to have freedom of control of their own body and to have the same rights as men.
      I fight, fight fight. and I will not turn the United States over to morons.
      Please keep up the writing it is the best tool.

  13. It just occurred to me that the same thing could happen if Romney is elected. Depends on what side of the line you’re on. What a shame that this is how people think in the country that my ancestors lived and died for. We don’t have to agree with any politician, but we can be respectful for what he stands for. The majority voted him into office, so what’s the problem? If you don’t like him, don’t re-elect him….but remember that all citizens have the right to cast their vote. It would be an ideal world if honesty took priority over money and lies.

  14. I think we should let Rick Perry and the rest of the yahoos in that state succeed. Then they can NEVER ask for any kind of federal help. Like during Hurricane season or droughts.

  15. It is way more likely that if the republican party wins this election we are going to have a full blown revolution on our hands cause the poor are sick and tired of the rich getting all the tax breaks.

  16. How do we get Texas to secede? It is guaranteed that we would allow them to do so without a war this time. How about we give it back to Mexico? Now THERE would be a thought.

  17. Thy all rant they want “the people” to take back their country. Well, apparently that means only those people they deem worthy can take back the country (Radical, Nazified Righties).
    Add to this mix in Texas politics some rich bitch, Maureen Haver, who is helping to stir up trouble at election day polls with the Radical Right’s “True the Vote” group. Amazing—-Maybe we should let Texas ceceed from the Union. Next time they have wildfires, droughts, hurricanes and other “signs” of God’s wrath, they can handle it themselves, while the rest of us take care of our own.

  18. Good job head shows just how bigoted these texas republicans are.Wouldn’t it be nice if texas mississippi georgia florida louisiana and south carolina broke away from the northern states?They could have their own little republican government and no infulence on the northern states.Well one can only dream

  19. I’m ready for the whole racist south to leave. I promise I won’t fight to keep the union together, and let Texas go with them. The south is the lower intelligence part of the country anyway. they are the most Obese and will have the most health problems of any area in the country. Do the rest of us want that expense? Let them outlaw abortion and have thousands of unwanted kids over runining them. Their schools are inferior now. All these under educated people are dragging this country down. Want to go Judge? when you leaving?

    • If we let Texas secede, the Texans probably wouldn’t notice – they pretty much think they are their own country anyway… Can we redirect the path for the Mexican fence to fence out Texas too? It might make for a shorter fence, but I pledge to help pay for the extra cost if there is any…

  20. I’ve seen an HBO documentary called Hot Coffee which explains how far right wackaloons like this guy are taking over state supreme courts in many of the states. It has to do with big money interests not getting their way on tort reform at the federal level so far. Karl Rove headed up a movement to do it at the state level. On local elections of judges, they use the kind of money that the other side will never have to carpet bomb the airwaves with negative smear ads against the moderate candidates to get the most ultra conservative state supreme court judges elected. They’ve been extremely effective.

    The result is, if you’ve been seriously wronged by a corporation and are seeking legal redress, good luck to you. You may have unwittingly signed a contract that gave away all of your legal rights. That’s something else that’s been strongly pushed. If not, and your case makes it’s way to the state supreme court, you won’t win.

    “Tort reform” is a serious misnomer. It’s an attempt to let corporate interests completely off the hook for the repercussions of their actions by denying Americans their basic democratic rights in a court of law. In medical malpractice, strictly regulated damage caps haven’t resulted in a reduction of malpractice insurance premiums to doctors at all (Nebraska and Texas documented). What it has done, is do away with the good judgement of the jury in their calculations of damages and left devastated individuals with no where near the money needed to give them the care they’ll need for the rest of their lives…..just to live. This leaves medicaid on the hook for part of the rest, but only a relatively small part.

  21. Judge Tom Head is not a lawyer. He is the lowest form of County Judge and he has few duties.

    •Director of Emergency Management
    •Prepare County budget for approval by the County Commissioners
    •Preside over Commissioners Court
    •Conducts mental competency hearings and other mental health related duties prescribed by law
    •Serve on Juvenile Board, SPAG Board, Bail Bond Board, and others
    •Refuse or issue alcohol beverage permits
    •Responsibilities associated of holding elections
    •Give notice of public hearings
    •May conduct Marriage Ceremonies

    He has been told by a county commissioner to “take some time off. Go fishing.” His remarks have been roundly criticized by just about everyone in Texas. It is a little scary to note that one of his duties is to conduct mental competency hearings and other mental health related duties prescribed by law.

  22. Is it me, or does it seem whenever these guys are either on Fox News or a local Fox affiliate they seem to think whatever they say won’t be picked up by millions of people outside of their little area. For this judge to not realize people all over the country were going to hear what he said and scratch their heads in wonder. Even the county sheriff he claimed would be there with him is shaking his head in dismay,
    This is apparently another guy who drank too much of the Kool-Ade.

  23. None of this would be happening if there was a Caucasian the President. Some folks are so ignorant and uneducated until they really make me sick. These haters fail to realize that it would be their younger children who would turn their hate to love of all people, regardless of the color of their skin.

  24. When you have the federal govt buying up MILLIONS of rounds of hollow point bullets, that even the military can’t use in combat for federal agencies like National Weather, Social Security, FDA, and Dept of Education something s up

  25. There is too much hatress; very typical in the Republican side, a Texans judge/red neck is another proof of the same condition. Keep in mine, “actions follows the words” Re-elect Obama.

  26. This judge needs to be under serious civilian watch. Who knows, he might be one of the nazis or skinheads in our mist’ This should be something for all peaceful Americans to take it serious. Tf a blind man threat you with a stone, check him out man, he already has the stone in his hands.

  27. Sooo! I guess that we, DECENT PATRIOTIC WORKING MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS, will just have to go down there and WHOOP THEIR RETARD CHICKEN HAWK BUTTS, ABOUT ONE HUNDRED FIFTY YEARS AFTER THE FIRST TIME, AGAIN. The probability that the so called judge never saw a day of military service in his entire KOMMIE life is very high. By the way, for those that whine about insults, you and your retard ancestors have been throwing them around for decades. Also, I did set out and volunteer to defend my country. DID YOU???

  28. I think he is nuts, how did he ever become a Federal Judge? Oh, I have an idea for a new portrayal of the two nuts running for the republicans. We use “Foghorn Leghorn” and “Daffy Duck”, I’ll let you place the candidate where you think it belongs.

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