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Friday, October 28, 2016

Watch: The 8 Most Outrageous Political Ads Of 2012 (So Far)

Billionaire Joe Ricketts’ “black, metrosexual Abe Lincoln” ad was mercifully killed, but it wouldn’t have been the worst this year. Here we present the 2012 cycle’s eight most outrageous ads, to date:

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  • 1olderbutwiser1

    Obama wants so bad to be re-elected, he is hoping men will take a break from kissing each other’s hickies to go to the polls to vote; women will take a few minutes from licking each other’s vagina to go to the polls to vote; that abortion doctors will take a few minutes away from their killing to go to the polls to vote; that Americans will fall to the power of the sensation of orgasmic pleasure and willingness to do anything for free money, that they will sell their soul for a government check to cover their incompetence and laziness. Obama re-election is the ruination of America as a nation. And who will be the most likely victims in the worst degree? Justifiably so, the ones who vote for him. They rot in the fires of hell for eternity.

    If you truly believe sexual aberations should be accepted as normal, and welcomed en masse in our society, and thusly promoting negative aspects of a society, vote for Obama. If you think a government should simply print money to give out free food money, free medical payment, free housing, free vehicles, free drugs, everything free, then acknowledge you are unamerican, and vote for Obama. If you think divide and conquer should be a way of life, that all your time is to be spent simply distorting social relationships into dominance vs. submissive relationships, vote for Obama. If you feel national soverignty is stupid, and the rest of the world should be denied the worth of their labor and industriousness while cajoling to a nation in a steep decline, vote for Obama.

    It looks like pretty soon, the dollar will lose it;s place as the wold standard of currencies, causing high inflation here at home and impoverishing all but the 1%. Go ahead, lose everything anybody ever sacrificed and worked for to get. Vote for Obama……… make yourselves losers. Soon as you vote for him, go buy some facebook shares. That’ll be your instant gratification.

    • CPANY

      Your ungrammatical drivel and filthy language mark you as an ignorant scumbag.

      • Your right on point!

        • adler56

          and you’re not- not on point- not educated.
          5th graders know the right way to use your and you’re.

          • A typo. Just trying to get the point across. I make those mistake all the time. SO WHAT!!!

      • You are so right.

    • buriedsecret1

      YOUR MOTHER NEEDS TO WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP AND A DISINFECTENT, LYSOL COMES TO MY MIND!!!!!!. You are a SCUMBAG, you are NOT a christian, or you would know the BIBLE GOD would not put up with your filthy mouth, YOU ARE A SINNER, God loves you, God loves GAYS, He DOES NOT LOVE THE THINGS gays DO….. NOR DOES HE love your filth…….SAME THING. Obama is one of our best, caring,kindest GET THE JOB DONE, Presidents we have ever HAD!!!!!!!. Mitt Romney is a monster, unkind,unfeeling, a BULLY, AND SO ARE YOU, From what I read!!!!!.

      • your are so right. Oh and to (adler56). See I even made the mistake. when I typed it I noticed it but chose not to change it just for you.

    • Friend, you have shown yourself to be, not only a bigot, but stupid, ignorant and uninformed. You watch too much FOX TV and listen to “Babes” Limbaugh too much.

    • The gates of the CRAZY HOUSE are open the lunatics are at large

    • adler56

      I hope you’re a smoker.

    • olderbutclueless — how can you be so stupid?

    • I’ll just say this. You had better hope you don’t need some of those free dollars before you leave this world. I have been paying taxes since I was 16 and am 52. And, I am not lazy. I was layed off for the first time last year and I need some of those so called free services as you call them. By the way you must be that 1 percent, the billionare, because you could get really sick and need disability, medicade and a host of other needs. But, you know what it is not just getting sick and then quickly getting well, it is those medical problems that you could have for life and there would be nothing you could do about it. But, for you I hope you experience a very bad sickness that just distroys you. And, then you would know how the other of us feel. And, oh yes, it could happen to you too. Don’t get to big for yourself. Life happens to everyone. What is wrong with you even Senitor Kennedy understood the needs of people and he died a very rich man. OH, and by the way I loved him and his dealth sorrowed me. All the good ones leave us. You are a Hitler!!!!!!

    • Yeah, you’re a flat Budweiser. By the way, trying to divide up your readers and set them against one another than put “divide and conquer” onto Obama tells me you are a completely amoral jerk.


    • joyscarbo

      The christian faith says that you will know a tree by the fruit it bears….applying this to you, 10olderbutwiser1, you are the biggest weed growing out of a giant compost heep. I spurn you as I would spurn a rabid dog.

    • skytimer01

      I think I will buy some facebook shares, before and after I vote for “President Obama!

  • i voted for Obama and will again!. i’m sick and tired of the republicans twisting the truth and putting negative spins on anything the democrats to help the working stiff. let’s not forget the republicans anti-gun control lies, they spun.. we were never in danger of losing our right to bear arms!.but the N.R.A. who supported BUSH would have been hurt by it so they pumped along with the republicans lies to the american people that their guns would be taken.. but of course it was just more LIES, AND TWISTING of the truth AGAIN!. it was to CONTROL the purchase of GUNS! .. OH, that’s right be against abortion wait till they grow-up then start a war to kill them. if your older and receive SOC. SECURITY the GOP thinks your a free-loader. if you can’t work and are sick your a freeloader. wrong! i became disabled @ 36 i owned a business paid my fair share in taxes…. and THEY CALL ME A FREELOADER.. i think not!.. i receive medicare and disability! and anyone who thinks they can take it from me or judge me.(as they hid behind the faith to preach hate)…. keep america GOING FOWARD>>>>keep it out of the hands of GREEDY HATEFUL PEOPLE… vote for the people not big business!… i’m the 99%.

    • CPANY

      If you’re tired of campaign lies, then you’d better find another country. Campaign lies are the staple of American politics. They keep scumbags like Karl Rove in business. Our democracy is based on politicians telling lies about each other. Probably the only one that didn’t was George Washington, but he wasn’t much of a politician. He even made Hamilton and Jefferson promise him that they wouldn’t play politics. They promised. Then they double crossed him.

      So you see, lying is a time-honored tradition in American politics.

  • dsarrell

    SuZan, you definitely have been drinking far too much of Obama’s Kool-Aid. Tired of the GOP twisting the truth? OMG, you liberals are fools and you think you know something but never have I met one Liberal who can or will back up what they think they know. You go ahead and vote for your EMPEROR AND day soon, you’ll realize we didn’t twist anything. Obama is shredding out Constitution bit by bit on a daily basis. What about the Drones? You think we made that up too? Best hide your guns if you even have any. They will and are fixing to do another number on all of us and just because you vote for his DICTATOR whose not even an American nor does he have a clue how many states we have, because he wants you dead just as much as he wants all White Americans dead. You’ll end up in a FEMA Camp (which are everyone already, with casket liners and body bags..) you’ll be there with us and you’ll die with us too..but most of us The Conservative Patriots will not die on our knees as you will. We’ll die fighting for America. Seriously, you actually do believe this way? LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER AFTER ALL.

    • skytimer01

      Oh, you are such a closet liberal. Come out the closet and free yourself.

  • Don


  • 1olderbutwiser, your nasty language gets you know where, you nor our president obama can play god, so let it fly if people want to be gay an go against god, they have to answer to god in the end not to you our barack obama! How can you condemn barack obama,you judge no one! Let folks be who they are, its none of me and your business what people do with their bodies,so let it fly! They dont have to answer to you, its the dear lord they will have to answer to, so mind yours and let people be! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012, FOUR MORE!

  • That one was as bad or worse than the whole birther thing against Obama and calling him a muslim. We now, at this late date see Ron Paul’s true colors. Go on all you Romneyites, Vote for Ron Paul instead so our president is assured of re-election.

  • Typical Republican! Most of them are racists.