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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Roosevelt Institute Fellow Susan Crawford appeared on MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes last weekend to discuss the problem with patents in our modern intellectual property-based economy. In the clip below, Crawford explains that “the expensive, loony unreality” of many tech companies is that “all they’re doing is inventing patents, not patenting inventions. It seems backwards, and it’s actually frustrating for the inventors involved and for everybody.”

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On the growth of so-called “patent troll” litigation, she notes that there are two major problems: “One is that you could box out your competition with the threat of this lawsuit, but also you’re making it very difficult for anybody else to invent something new… everybody’s afraid, and that’s no good for innovation.” So what’s the answer? Crawford suggests that it’s time to get really creative and “start over,” eliminating software patents entirely.

Captive Audience, Susan Crawford’s new book on the telecom industry and its growing monopoly power, hits shelves January 8.

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  • nobsartist

    There is nothing wrong with our patent system. The problem is lack of funding for patent development.

    That is why the future will see China developing all new technologies.

    The Chinese understand how to create jobs, something President Obama knows NOTHING about. The Chinese spend money to create jobs, we just talk about it.

    “Better technology thru Communism.”

    • Philip Weigel

      Nothing wrong with it? When you can sue, like Apple did, for ROUNDED CORNERS on your phone… Well, HOW can you say there’s nothing wrong with it?

      • nobsartist

        So are you another one of those “tort reform” idiots? Exactly how does it hurt you or your ability to patent something by apple having the ability to sue someone for “rounded corners”?

    • Replying to nobsartist –

      And, the Chinese are experts at importing labor intensive work from the ‘Bain Capitals” of the western world.

      • nobsartist

        And that is exactly how our system works. Sold to the highest bidder. Thats the “free market” at work.