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Monday, October 24, 2016

This is exactly the kind of scene that Republicans are afraid of.

A young girl at a town hall meeting asks Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) what he will do about her undocumented father, who could be deported.

DesJarlais — a Tea Party backbencher who has only really gotten attention because the anti-choicer reportedly asked his mistress(es) to choose abortion(s) — was tactful and kind as he spoke these words: “Thank you for being here and thank you for coming forward and speaking. This is a big intimidating crowd and I appreciate you coming forward, but the answer still kind of remains the same, that we have laws and we need to follow those laws and that’s where we’re at.”

He was telling her that her father would have to be deported because we have laws. That’s the standard anti-reform answer.

But what happened next is why this video is going viral.

The crowd cheered.

The crowd cheered the separation of a child from her father.

But the internet isn’t the only reason why this video should terrify Republicans.

The Latino media in this country are following the immigration reform debate closely. And the Latino media no longer can be considered a small niche.

“Univision’s average of 1.81 million viewers aged 18-to-49 so far in July tops Fox, NBC and CBS, who are all clustered just under 1.5 million, the Nielsen Company said on Tuesday. ABC has 1.15 million,” the AP’s David Bauder reported last month.

And their influence is only growing.

This fall Fusion, an English-language network targeting Latinos, will launch.

“We’re going to come out on Oct. 28th, and if the House doesn’t approve immigration reform by then, then there’s going to be a new, very loud voice in Fusion, talking about immigration every single night until immigration reform passes,” Fusion’s Jorge Ramos told The Huffington Post last week.

Ramos, the nation’s top-rated Spanish-language news personality, took President Obama to task for not pushing immigration reform. Now that reform backed by the president has passed the Senate, the anchor has his gaze fixed on Republicans.

“It is very clear that it is in Boehner’s hands and in the Republicans’ hands,” Ramos said. “The House is going to decide if we legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants or we don’t.”

Republicans are aware that the perception of the debate is hurting them with the nation’s fastest-growing group of voters. That’s why Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus finally rebuked Mitt Romney’s self-deportation strategy — a year and half too late.

Jorge Ramos can only make his case so loudly. A video like this speaks for him. And it’s exactly the kind of thing you can expect to see on Fusion.


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  • charleo1

    “The law’s, the law, little girl.” So it looks like your Daddy’s a criminal, and needs
    to be deported. “No, he’ll not get to see you grow up, tuck you into bed any more,
    or even see you graduate from High School.” “In fact, he’ll never walk you down
    the isle at your wedding, or be there for the birth of your first child. Thanksgivings
    Christmases, will never be the same.” “And you will most likely be a middle aged woman, by the time he’s able to reenter the Country.” “I hope that answered your
    question, little girl.” “Now, if we can get back to the subject of family values, and honoring the sacred institution of marriage, being between one man and one

    • Independent1

      It’s reminiscent of the GOP presidential debates last spring in North Carolina when Newt Gingrich was explaining to the crowd what America would do with its enemies if he was president: Newt said words similar to these: You know what we’ll do with America’s enemies if I’m elected? We’ll kill them!!! And guess what, the NC audience jumped to their feet and cheered. And the GOP is suppose to be Christian??? This among many other incidents, including what happened in Tennessee to this little girl, keep adding to the evidence that the GOP is ANYTHING BUT – CHRISTIAN! The GOP talking about family values is like a three-time loser giving a class on integrity.

      • Daniel Jones

        According to them, *you* aren’t Christian because you don’t agree with them.
        Next state over, this sort of racist crap (voter suppression in this case) was cast into law as riders to anti-Sharia legislation.

      • charleo1

        Exactly. There is an honesty in the spontaneous reaction of a group,
        not found in a cleverly constructed speech. It really is true about birds
        of a feather. Whether it’s a spur of the moment display of disdain for
        an openly Gay soldier serving his Country on the front lines. Or a
        moment filled with irony, when a former doctor, Ron Paul being ask a
        hypothetical question as to whether people without the ability to pay
        for medical care should be allowed to die. Immediately the unsolicited
        and emphatic hoots from a group of minions they, the GOP, and their
        moral-less propaganda machine had created, came the emphatic, unequivocal, “Yes!” “Let him die!” These moments that for however
        brief a moment, lay back the cloak of subterfuge, and double talk,
        and serve to reveal the true goals, and vision this group of would be leaders have for our Country.

        • MoctezumasRevenge

          They always confess.

  • Dominick Vila

    I wish I could donate to Scott Desjarlais’ campaign, we need more people like him around to offer a good glimpse into what the party of Lincoln stands for nowadays.
    Honestly, I doubt most Republicans are afraid of what he said, in fact, they probably loved every bit of it, and he knows it. Senior Republicans like McCain and Lindsay are probably running for cover or trying to mitigate the effects of statements like the one this moron made, but I doubt they will get very far. GOP-TP candidates rely on the most extreme segment of our society to stay in office, and voices of moderation or attempts to tone down the rhetoric are likely to fall on deaf ears.
    This exemplifies why most House Republicans have ignored the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate and championed by President Obama. The land of the free has become the land for the privileged few, while the majority of the population and the most disadvantaged immigrants are treated like dirt.

    • Cookie Pacheco

      So you think we need more hypocrites Desjarlais?

    • JSquercia

      It should come as NO surprize to anyone who watched the Republican Primary Debates where they applauded letting someone without Insurance DIE and vociferously BOOED a gay Soldier serving in Iraq .
      These people have NOT a SHRED of empathy or human decency . They hate the government until THEY need help . Remember these are the same MORANS that wanted the Government to keep its hands off THEIR Medicare .There is a REASON Ryan would allow those within 10 years of Retirement to KEEP existing Medicare . He knew what a SELFISH bunch of Bastards ARE .

      Remember the Terri Schiavo case where the fought to continue her “life” but SIMULTANEOUSLY were voting to cut the very program ( Medicaid) that PAID for her care .

  • stcroixcarp

    Just another example of white privilege and racism.

  • Rudy

    He should be deported to Southern France where he probably came from to see how he could get along with the immigrant Algerians there.

    • Sand_Cat

      Don’t insult the French; they wouldn’t want him, either.

  • jmprint

    What he meant to say was: Honey we have laws that you all have to follow. but not us.
    We only make the laws, we don’t have to follow them. We are here only to judge you, not us.

    Why did it take Ted Cruz father so many years to become a legal citizen?

    • Because he is gay?

      • plc97477

        Having fathered a child like that should make one gay.

  • Landsende

    Conservatives hide behind the mantle of Christian values while espousing breaking up families, taking away women’s rights, voter rights, denying food stamps to the hungry, affordable healthcare to the ill, and passing laws that benefit the wealthy while destroying the middle class.

    • Sand_Cat

      Yes, women should stay home with the kids, unless of course they need public assistance, in which case two or three jobs are called for.

      • charleo1

        Ain’t that the truth!

    • Pete Peterson

      What you are stating is all crap I am looking a the problem with open eyes. We have elected officials that pander for votes and then must pay up with tax payers funds and call it christian values. If i rob a bank my children wouldn’t be allowed to keep the money. when one knowingly break the law should they or their children be rewarded? Immigrants are all welcome here regardless as to country of origin just as long as they follow the laws. If they break the laws coming and has a family they knew from the start they were breaking the law.

  • ococoob

    This guy’s a class A JERK!

  • FredAppell

    The moron couldn’t even address the little girl in a sympathetic manner, probably because he has none. I can’t be too shocked by the way the audience applauded his
    reply; those idiots would clap at a monkey throwing his own fecal matter with one hand while simultaneously masturbating with the other hand. It’s typical of what I’ve come to expect from them, which isn’t much.

  • howa4x

    This blows the theory that Christians are kind and loving people. I say this because the republicans always bill themselves as the religious party. Seems they invented a very dark Jesus that is mean spirited, lacks compassion, and cares more about guns that the health of kids. This should go over well with the Latino community

    • Sand_Cat

      Did that story ever have any credibility since the first century AD?
      “Jesus” was forgotten as soon as he became “Christ,” and the “son of God.”
      Again, Derrick Jensen said it best: “…we will ignore your words and deify your image…”

  • Wayne Boling

    Americans, weather your a dem or reperb, is to vote out all of the Treperbs as you can, im not saying vote Democratic , im saying its time for theses hostage , terrible people to be gone from the US, we can do it by voting or we can take them out one at a time, all the reperbs are doing now is to limit our rights to vote, its called cheating, but we can overcome whatever the reperbs throw our way. I for one, think that the tea baggers are home grown terrorist, they started out right , but went down that evil path and got lost. Warning to all tea partiers if you call my house or knock on my door, you will have a 12 gauge shotgun stuck up your ass, if you call me I will trace the call and find you(love Technology), but i must say, Americans are stupid when it comes to voting

    • It’s time for you to report back to the looney bin.

      • Wayne Boling

        Why is it ok for a reperb to say shit like that but I cant? u must be a reperb?

  • Pamby50

    Why am I not surprised this guy is from Tennessee. He who has/had a mistress, gets her pregnant and then tell her to get an abortion. Where are his Christian family values? Yet a little girl asks a question about her dad. The people who brought her to this town hall meeting felt that if she asked the question, she might actually get an answer. Instead she gets a response that says we have laws and the laws are not to be broken. Shame on all those people clapping to approve the answer.

  • 4sanity4all

    If you can stomach it, go read the comments about this story on a conservative site. Comments are about 99 to 1 cruelly insulting the little girl, and whoever ‘put her up to’ making her comment. Sadly, people who think like that are supporting mean spirited legislators who seem to have forgotten that their relatives got here long after the native people called this continent their home.

  • Stace Vercher

    What a great example of liberal journalism. Why does the little girl have to be separated from her father and why is the crowd “celebrating” the separation of a child from her family instead of the enforcement of the rule of law? Because it makes the right look evil. Let’s rewrite this and see the reaction. “My father broke the law and the punishment is to return to the country of his origin where he has roots and family and I will have to go with him and live with my family.” The crowd cheered in reaction to a politician promising to enforce the laws he has sworn to uphold. You have once again been shammed by the placement of words in a specific order to elicit a reaction.

  • tax payer

    He can take her with him and she won’t have to miss him anymore.