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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A new public service announcement from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence uses snippets of actual 911 tapes from the night Trayvon Martin was shot to death to make the case against the “Stand Your Ground” laws, which are still enforced in 26 states, including Florida, where Martin was killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

“We hope our ‘Stand Your Ground’ PSA will mobilize new activism on the issue and bring us to a point where our laws are acting to protect victims, as opposed to creating new ones,” the group said in a statement.

Robert Zimmerman responded to the video via Twitter by posting bloody images of his brother George from the night of Martin’s death.


The video features the 911 operator telling Zimmerman that “we don’t need you” to follow Martin. In the re-enactment, the actor playing Zimmerman then feels for his gun, seemingly making the argument that Zimmerman, had he not been armed, wouldn’t have pursued Martin. A key argument made in Zimmerman’s successful defense was that though the former security guard had received self-defense training, he was in no way physically formidable.

“A ‘stand your ground’ law states that a person may use deadly force in self-defense without the duty to retreat when faced with a reasonable perceived threat,” according to USA Today.

Many have argued that the Zimmerman/Martin case had nothing to do with this law. But the judge’s instructions to the jury specifically invoked it:

If George Zimmerman was not engaged in an unlawful activity and was attacked in anyplace where he had a right to be, he had no duty to retreat and had the right to stand his ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he reasonably believed that it was necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

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44 Responses to WATCH: This Re-enactment Of The Night Trayvon Martin Died Is Heartbreakingly Real

    • Hit them where there money is. Do not go to Florida. It might cost you your life if you look threatening to someone. Boycott publications and goods that come from Florida. Let those you are boycotting know that you would like to do business with them, but why you cannot. For instance, I received a free copy of a magazine called “Week.” It looks like something I would like to read. However, it is published in Florida so I cannot subscribe.

        • That picture is categorical proof that Zimmerman is guilty. You don’t get those kinds of SCRATCHES on your head from having it banged against concrete, you get a lump the size of an egg – which Zimmerman DID NOT HAVE!!!
          Zimmerman created his own injuries while he was waiting for the cops to arrive. He knew to claim Stand Your Ground that it had to look like he was in a position where he had to use deadly force – so while the cops were coming, he concocted the story about Martin getting on top of him punching him and banging his head on the concrete. To create the injuries he needed to back up HIS STORY, he punched himself in the nose and then used a key, a nail clipper, his fingernails, or something else sharp in his pocket to make those scratches on his head. Where the prosecution really fell down was in not having an expert examine that photo and give his opinion that those marks ARE NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF SOMEONE WHO HAS HAD THEIR HEAD BASHED ON THE CONCRETE!!!! Those wounds are so superficial that when Zimmerman was booked at the police station there were no signs of them Had his head been banged on the concrete he would have had a goose egg size knot on the base of his head.

          • Absolutely correct!!! Anyone who has ever fallen onto concrete, or seen anyone who has fallen on concrete, knows full well that those scratches on Zimmerman’s head were NOT from having his head banged against concrete.

          • Well intentioned as that argument might be, I don’t think it really furthers the more important point… which is that, so what if Zimmerman was on the ground getting his head bashed into concrete? All that would prove is that he wasn’t half as tough as he imagined himself to be.

            What hasn’t changed, regardless of whether he injured himself for the sake of the story or was actually losing at the time the gun when off… is that he was an armed man who sought out his attacker to the point of contact… for no justifiable reason… and then shot him. Period.

            The problem with staking the argument on whether Zimmerman’s head wounds are real or not is that, should there ever be any way to prove that they are (say, someone with a security cam comes forward or something), people will assume this absolves Zimmerman of guilt for what he did… which it would not.

          • Absolutely right again, Jackster. The main point is that Zimmerman followed a young man when specifically told not to do so and when the tides turned, shot that young person, whom he had no right to follow in the first place. Trayvon did exactly what most parents teach their children to do if they are being followed by a stranger. Run first, and if the stranger continues to follow, fight for your life.

    • All this worry about 1 gangster thug who got is comeupance in Florida after his own mother kicked him out of her house because not even she coult take him any longer. Don’t let the race pimps get you riled up over this.
      You should be riled up more about this………

        • Jean:

          Actually, you are not exactly correct about that. While I agree in most cases, the fact is that violence must be the answer in some cases. Was violence the answer to Hitler? Yes. Is violence the answer to someone intent on doing harm to you? Yes. If the only way to defend yourself or your family from another person intent on harming you is to use violence in your defense, then the answer is YES, violence must be used.

          That being said, I’ve said this before and I will again. The entire GZ-TM case should have never happened. If instead they both acted as civil men with one another, we’d never know who either of them are. For example, if TM saw GZ following him, turned around and went up to him saying “Hi. I’m Trayvon Martin (hand extended to shake). I notice you’re following me. Why?” and GZ extends hands to shake and say hello and explain that they’ve had a lot of robberies in the neighborhood lately and he’s just part of neighborhood watch. Then TM says that he understands and that he’s just staying here with his dad at 123 Mockingbird Lane. He’ll keep an eye out also. They chat for a few moments and part ways like civil people do every single day across America. But that’s not what happened. A fight ensued, a guy getting his face beat in pulls his legally possessed firearm and defends himself agains the aggressor. A definite tragedy, but perfectly understandable and legal.

          Have a nice day!

          “There is evil in the world. It’s beyond mental illness, beyond gun control. It is evil.” — John R. Coyne, Jr.

          • WOW!
            Why is there ANY responsibility for a young kid to go up to a stranger who is following him?

            In addition, the ADULT had all kinds of TRAINING from professionals and that should have led him to make MUCH different decisions.

            The ADULT also had a firearm and therefore started with a lot less fear — by definition of why gun advocates think everyone should have a firearm — that it empowers a person in a conflict..

            To ask a 17-year-old teenager be to “civil” by approaching a stranger who, by his own testimony, was following him? Not advice that many adults would EVER give to a kid.

          • I said BOTH were culpable in NOT acting civil with one another. You leftist freaks have somehow attempted to turn a 6’1″ fully grown drug infested, violent gang banger, who’s own mother kicked him out of her house, into some kind of innocent little saint. Trayvon was no saint. And his history of violence and bigotry against white people is what led him to attack GZ in the first place. His own girlfriend testified about his bigotry against whites and gays. If GZ didn’t kill him, someone else would have at some point, be it while out of prison or in prison.

            And yes, I certainly would, and do, advise my 17 year old son to act civil and address adults.

            Have a nice day!

            “Societies biggest failure is it has allowed authority to be its truth; and prevented truth from being its authority.” — Mobius

          • Last I checked, even if every allegation you post here about Martin’s character is true, none is an executable offense… and, even it were, no private citizen has the right in our society to appoint himself said executioner, gun permit be damned. I’m all for civility. I’m also in full agreement there are people who walk among us who are less civil and even more despicable in their behavior than others. I find the video of Trayvon and others mocking/beating on a homeless man absolutely disgusting. But again, we’re not talking about civil codes here. We’re talking about the legality of pursuing and then shooting someone. You may be very right that many “leftists” don’t know about Martin’s real past or personality. But neither did George Zimmerman, when he chose to chase the boy down. As said elsewhere above, Zimmerman had a thousand easy opportunities to make choices that would have avoided this outcome. Martin had only one, which was whether or not to confront someone who was — absolutely — suspicious and in pursuit of him on a dark night, in a strange neighborhood. Did he choose wrong? Perhaps he did. But he was forced into a moment where this choice or the other one had to be made. Yet you would have their level of culpability appear equal. Ridiculous.

          • Let me add:
            “The Root of ALL Evil is GREED.”
            So… Follow the money.

            Who is making a TON of Big Bucks off of this type of violence?

            THAT’s who is EVIL, according to Jesus.

          • Jan… don’t be fool. I do know, however, that belief in foolish cliches is quite a characteristic of leftist freaks.

            Have a nice day!

            “The lack of money is the root of all evil.” ― Mark Twain

          • Obozo — It’s too bad you didn’t meet up with John Wayne Gacey and try that hand-shake thing you suggest.

          • So, when you say:

            ” Is violence the answer to someone intent on doing harm to you? Yes. If the only way to defend yourself or your family from another person intent on harming you is to use violence in your defense, then the answer is YES, violence must be used.”

            Then you agree… when Trayvon Martin saw Zimmerman, who up to that moment had been stalking him in the shadows, was armed… it’s perfectly justifiable that Trayvon used violence to attempt to remove said threat? Good, good. You’re finally coming around here.

    • tryvon got his justice for jumping zimmerman. don’t want to get killed? don’t jump some you don’t know might be armed and prepared to defend himself! thats is the beauty of the second amendment it should act as a deterant to thugs!

      • Trayvon didn’t jump anyone!! You’re believing Zimmerman’s lies. See my other response to you. Even one of the jurors said that ‘Zimmerman got away with murder” WHICH HE DID because of a totally incompetent prosecution team – had they even taken the time to really loook at the picture of the back of Zimmerman’s head – they SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that those injuries WERE NOT inflicted by having his head bashed on concrete!!!!! After killying Trayvon, Zimmerman used his car keys, a nail clip, or some other object in his pocket to inflict those wounds on the back of his head KNOWING he would have to fake having been in a situation where he could justify using deadly force.

  1. The facts were ignored by the jury. Fact: Boy goes to store to get ice tea and candy so he can watch movies with his little brother. Fact: He had every right to be where he was. Fact: He was unarmed. Fact: If he hadn’t met up with Zimmerman he would still be alive. Fact: The defense put Trayvon Martin on trial and every past transgression he might have done was blown out of proportion. If the treatment of the victim (Trayvon Martin) by the defense was not enough to sicken the jury, what kind of people live in Florida? Boycott Florida.

    • Idiotmag…. you forgot about that part that includes TM pursues GZ, sucker punches him in the face breaking his nose and knocking him down only to mount him and bash his head into the concrete a few times. GZ does the right thing to defend himself and guns the thug down. Besides, why was TM there in the first place? Didn’t his mother kick him out of the house after he was kicked out of school for drugs? Don’t let those little facts get in the way of a good fantasy, though.

      Tell me idiotmag, are you equally offended at the black thug who robbed a lady in GA and shot her 3 year old in the face? Are you equally offended at the 3 little black thugs that beat up the white kid on the school bus? Are you equally offended at the 3 black pieces of garbage that killed that white student “for the fun of it”? I don’t this so because you’re only interested in Trayvon because he’s black. Because you are a racist and a bigot. Where are your race pimps like Al and Jesse on those incidents?…… crickets……… crickets……….. crickets………

      Have a nice day!

      “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” – Booker
      T. Washington

      • Based on what facts?? Zimmerman’s fake story? Just like the FAKE injuries that he inflicted on himself?? Those wounds on the back of his head WERE NOT inflicted by Trayvon bashing Zimmerman’s head on the concrete; they were inflicted on Zimmerman by himself when he realized he had to concoct a story to justify having killed Trayvon. You DO NOT get SCRATCHES on the back of your head when it’s being bashed on concrete – you get a very nasty wound with a knot the size of a goose egg which WOULD NOT have gone away before Zimmerman was booked. There was no evidence of a wound when Zimmerman was booked at the police station. Those SCRATCHES cleaned up FAR TOO easily!!!!!!!!

      • Fact: If Sharon Tate had just locked all her doors and windows, she would be alive today. Free Charles Manson! Fact: If dozens of girls had dressed better and not gone on dates with a guy they didn’t know, they’d be alive today. Reanimate the corpse of Ted Bundy! Fact: If young boys had not accepted invites into a strange man’s home, they’d be alive today. Reanimate the corpse of John Wayne Gacy.

        No, I’m not conflating Zimmerman with any of those serial killers… but just using ridiculous hyperbole (akin to your using all caps and ridiculously limited information as basis for your clipped logic) to make a point, which is — of course — that it’s silly to begin your analysis of the situation with TM’s decision whether to (a) go home or (b) “stand his ground” against a creep who was stalking him.

        Yes, TM jumped Zimmerman. Yes, he fought with him. And yes, he was winning that fight until he was shot.

        But only AFTER Zimmerman chose to pick up his gun and go out on “watch”… only AFTER Zimmerman chose to follow TM in his car, for what could ONLY be based on TM’s appearance… only AFTER the Zimmerman chose to defy police request not to continue said pursuit… and only AFTER Zimmerman got out of his car to follow TM on foot.

        Had Zimmerman chosen differently and more sensibly in any one of those instances, TM would also be alive today. What’s more, Zimmerman would not have been arrested. And the U.S. populace would be considerably less divided.

        The mere FACT, since we’re throwing around that word, that you choose to ignore all of those factors and focus only on this one just goes to show you… that for whatever sad, self-unaware reason you’re not really interested in facts here at all.

  2. “The duty to flee aspect of self defense before the passage of this bill was an onerous burden to the law abiding citizens [in Michigan]. It required them to exhaust every method of retreat before they were justified in engaging an assailant. The effect of the duty to retreat was to give an assailant “initiative” to control an encounter, and to require the defender to try to run away. While evasion is, and remains, a very valid self defense option, not every situation allows for it. Police and district attorneys could take weeks and months devising a “what should have happened” or “what the defender should have done” scenario, when the defender in the situation had only milliseconds to decide.

    It simply was not fair, and effectively was a great legal burden to the defender.

    When the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground law took effect it removed the duty to flee. The defender was able to meet his attacker with appropriate force at a place of his choosing, giving him the best advantages of survival. This turnaround gave the law-abiding citizen the advantage, and took away the advantage of the criminal.”

    • Kudos for a great post, tdm. You’ll find that common sense is not so common in this leftist sea of insanity called ‘The Memo’, and it certainly will NOT be very welcome… that is for sure!

      Have a nice day!

      “The gun control crusade today is like the Prohibition crusade 100 years ago. It is a shared zealotry that binds the self-righteous know-it-alls in a warm fellowship of those who see themselves as fighting on the side of the angels against the forces of evil. It is a lofty role that they are not about to give up for anything so mundane as facts – or even the lives of other people.” – Thomas Sowell, Guns Save Lives 4/3/13

  3. It amazes me that you cannot find one article in this website about the white college baseball player killed by black teens who were “bored”. Wait, I guess I can understand why it isn’t here. Blacks killing whites because they are “bored” doesn’t matter to liberals. Shocker.

    • Why would a story about them be on the NM? Were the killers acquitted in a trial when they were obviously guilty as zimmerman was? Have you seen an article on here about the 2 white kids that killed 12 classmates at Columbine High School? I don’t think so, because once again the killers didn’t get acquited when they were guilty – and Zimmerman is guilty as sin!!!

      • Do you really think there wasn’t a story on NM about Zimmerman before the verdict? Are you really that nuts? Will you be following the case against the black teens and ask for “justice” for the white young adult they killed because they were “bored”? Or are you going to continue with your hypocrisy?

        • It was only on NM before the trial because there was so much media hype and national outrage. The type of killings you’re describing go on all the time and I guess since I don’t watch cable news (don’t have a TV), I’ve seen nothing on the story you’re referring to. Part of the reason the Zimmerman incident became such news is because of Florida’s idiotic Stand Your Ground law. The majority of common sense people in America, aside from the totally anti-Christian nutcases called Republicans, are outraged by the law. The fact that Republicans support that kind of law, is just one more example of why they are as anti-Christian as it gets. Jesus would be totally appalled and someone claiming he or she had the right to respond with DEADLY FORCE if being attacked.

          • so let me get this strait? a thug breaks into your home to steal your possesions or rape your wife and you are just supposed to leave and let him do what he wants? i am pretty sure JESUS would not tell you to run away while someone rapes your wife! or stand back up after being shot so the thug can shoot you again! stand your ground makes sense unless you want to turn ALL the power over to the CRIMINALS!

          • Absolutely! Not only did Jesus say words to the effect of “If he strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the left also”. He also said:”If he steals your cape, give him your cloak also.” What most FAKE Christians (which constitutes the majority of Christians in this world) don’t understand is that our life on this earth (what happens to us here) is not supposed to be paramount, it’s using our time on this world to attain life for ETERNITY!! And in doing that, we have to love our neighbor as ourself and do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

            Having said that, I’m not trying to say that Jesus would condemn someone who stood their ground in the situation you described – that would be up to God. But to establish a law that says you have a right to use deadly force whenever YOU THINK you’re in bodily danger – IS NOT something Jesus would approve of. And it is not for me or anyone else to judge how God would assess the particular situation that arose. And that’s the other problem with the majority of today’s Christians – they think that somehow they have the right to judge others and situations that they may get into; WHICH THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO. Let me give you an example: About 2,000 years ago there was a man going around having Christians killed because they believed in Jesus. What do you think Christians thought of that man?? I’m sure they would like to have had him convicted for murder, but God saw it different, in fact he made him the man that brought the Gospel to the Gentiles – we know him now as St. Paul.

      • How about the white man in Aurora, Colorado? Zimmerman might have been acquitted, but he is still a murderer. Boycott Florida.

    • Greg, from pottyviile. we are discussing Trayvon Martin. In our community we had a white sociopath kidnap an 11-year-old paper carrier, rape her, kill her, ad dismember her. Does that make all white males sociopaths?

    • Apparently, being a typical clueless GOP lover you missed the entire point of the ad – those other people shot were to symbolize all the other victims of murders who were acquitted by the flawed Stand Your Ground Idiocy!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes I know that Independent1. Just having a little fun with the video. I’m aware of the names of the States. I’m hardly a GOP lover. I’m actually a Canadian democratic socialist who’s a card carrying member of the NDP Party (look ’em up) and I’ve been a life long supporter, from afar, of the American liberal/progressive movement and the Democratic Party. I always root for the Democrats in American politics and was a big fan of Jimmy Carter when I first started following your politics.

        I would join anyone’s march to protest the stand your ground laws and concealed carry laws. That’s a deadly combination and it invites more Zimmerman-Martin situations in the future for sure. Sorry to give the wrong impression.

  4. George Zimmerman’s very first words under oath were a lie: “He (Trayvon Martin) jumped me from behind a bush.”

    I believe George Zimmerman was running after Trayvon Martin and jumped him in order to stop one of “those punks who always get away.” From that point on, Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life — with no gun, just skittles.

    George Zimmerman is a murderer, and will be for the rest of his life.

    • Yes. There were not bushes. As for the blood trails down the back of the sociopath’s head, the hospital reported two less than 1/2 inch abrasions that could have happened with a kid sees a man with a gun after him and pushes him down and yes, jumps on him as the kid is fighting for his life. If he had been pummeling him, the psychopath would have had more bruises.

  5. I think the case making it so a bunch of racists would seem “justified” in saying that black people deserve to die is the worse aspect of the whole situation. Saying someone like Trayvon deserved to die, and how no one cares when black people kill each other is sick and wrong.

    If I wanted to hear any of this kind of “if it’s not white, it’s not right” rhetoric, I’d go back to playing Bioshock: Infinite.

    • What I’d like to see, and I’m posting it here in case some aspiring filmmaker is reading, is someone do not just one re-enactment of the scene, but many, many versions… over and over again… showing every kind of mix of race in each of the roles, Zimmerman and Martin… and all of the versions, sandwiched between versions that duplicate what happened in the real case.

      Imagine, for instance, the self-oblivious racists watching a black kid stalks a white guy through his neighborhood… cheering the white guy on as he stands up to his pursuer, because he’s their idea of a mad-as-hell who’s not willing to take it anymore… and then cursing the screen as white victim gets shot by the black pursuer… because you know that’s how they’d see it, if the roles had been reversed.

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