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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Weird Science: Six ‘Scientific’ Hypotheses That Right-Wingers Insist Are True

Photo by David Ball

Mike Huckabee isn’t the only conservative now defending Todd Akin (R-MO) — who is still running to replace Claire McCaskill (D-MO) in the U.S. Senate. Huckabee and other religious right leaders within the GOP insist that Akin is right — although many of the party’s leading figures — including the party’s presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus — asked Akin to withdraw after the congressman said that victims of “legitimate rape” can’t get pregnant.

Conservapedia – the right-wing alternative to Wikipedia – not only supports Akin, but has published a footnoted reference that defends Akin’s scientific prognosis about “legitimate rape” victims — something that only Rep. Steve King (R-IA), of all elected Republicans, has attempted to do so far. “In the experience of most sexual assault centers, the chance of pregnancy occurring is quite low,” says Conservapedia, quoting from “the classic text book by Lentz.” It’s a text that American women impregnated by rape — estimated between 25,000 and 32,000 victims annually — would surely dispute.

Rewriting science to fit a political agenda is a constant complaint conservatives voice about liberals. Yet the left believes in the academic discipline of rigorous peer review. The right continually relies on literal interpretations of the Bible and pseudo-science, which is the only way you’d ever buy any of the following ideas.

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223 Responses to Weird Science: Six ‘Scientific’ Hypotheses That Right-Wingers Insist Are True

        • Or, like his children, he was home schooled.

          Home schooled children should have to pass an equivalency exam before entering college or the real world. The denial of science ends with (real) education.

          • An unnecessary slam about something you don’t seem to know anything about. There are many different kinds of homeschooling families. They are not all fundamentalist Christians.
            My children were studying dinosaurs before first grade, and biology, chemistry, sociology and, comparative religion as part of their high school curriculum. They went to first rate colleges and no one in this family believes any of the non-sense in this article.

          • Excellent. They should have no issues passing an exam, then. You should be proud.

            FYI, you have no idea what I know, or do not know, so let’s keep the speculation in that realm to a minimum.

            While you were so busy jumping to conclusions, you assumed that I was saying that all home schooled children are fundies. I said nothing of the sort. I merely state that with the prevalence of home schooling today, there needs to be some standards of educational levels attained by home schooled students. You state that your children are all little geniuses and went to first rate colleges. Good for them. However, do you think that Todd Akin, or others of his ilk were teaching their kids about dinosaurs before the first grade? Not unless it was a lively discussion on whether Jesus rode a western or English saddle on his velociraptor.

          • “I merely state that with the prevalence of home schooling today, there needs to be some standards of educational levels attained by home schooled students.”

            There are standards of educational levels for home schooled students. Different states do have different regulations; in PA, the students prepare a portfolio of their year’s work at the end of each year. The portfolio is reviewed by a teacher or other qualified educator. The students take achievement tests in 3rd, 5th & 8th grade. All these materials are then turned in to the school district and reviewed.

          • If your assumption is true, then that explains what he said, because he’s an uneducated ignoramus. He probably believes that the Bible is factual and was written by God.

          • Fern:

            While I don’t like him, I disagree with your assertions. He has every right to the job that he has, because he was freely elected by the people that he represents. If you cannot abide by that, then you’re in the wrong country.

            As far as opening his “big ass mouth:” You’re dead wrong there too. The First Amendment to the Constitution gives him and indeed all of us the right to “open up our big ass mouthes.”

    • I agree, but remember, this is nothing new. These are the same nuts that denied climate change with the full support of oil company “scientists” in the Bush era, and the same ones that have ridiculed efforts to save our environment for decades. Not surprisingly, what passes for knowledge and wisdom in the Tea Party is what is driving the birther movement, so eloquently endorsed by none other than Mitt Romney, the man who has done – and proposes to do – everything he can to bring our economy to its knees, and whose idea of patriotism is doing missionary work in France. I guess it could be worse, he could have emulated his 5 sons and play macho at Dave & Buster…

  1. Evangelicals want to turn back the clock on all the discoveries that we have made. Funny though all these religious congressmen would line up immediately if a cure for most disease was discovered using stem cells which they all voted to ban. The idea that the world is 6,000 yrs old is laughable and discounts carbon dating a scietific approved method to determine age. The first humaniod is 3.5 million yrs old and, and the dinosaurs lived 100 million yrs ago. The sad thing for all of us is that they don’t give an intelligence test for these peope to represent us. I feel sorry for the kids that are being indoctrinated into a evangelical veiw of the world. They will never be able to go to a high academic college, attend an international seminar on science, or be involved in space projects, or the medical feild. They will be forbidden to study biology, or anything to do with science. It is no accident that we are ranked 17th in the world in math and science, and will probably sink lower.

    Religion can be a vehicle to spread universal love, and also can be used as a way to spread ignorance

    • They Don’t Believe In Science They Just Make Crap Up As It Come Along Then Say GOD Said It Was So!! A Bunch Of LIARS!! And Let’s Not Forget Man Wrote The Bible And Man Can Put In It What Man Want It To Say!!!

      • One must always remember that essentially the Bible is highly biased. The Old Testament represents the Israelite point of view, e.g. the battle of Jericho is portrayed as a moral victory for God instead of the genocide that it was.

        The New Testament represents the Christian point of view.

        • You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Ignorance can destroy you. While I can never vote for a republican for their absurd views. I won’t support anyone that equates God or the Bible with them. It takes a spiritual person to understand spiritual things. Most republicans are religious but I don’t think the are spiritual, neither ignorant people.

          • Remy:

            The point that I was making evidently has totally escaped you, so here it is in simple, easy to understand bites:

            The Bible was not written by God.
            The Bible was written by men, as far as we know.
            In the fifth century AD, a council was held to decide what should and should not be included in the Bible. The council was run by and for Christians.
            One shouldn’t take anything in the Bible as indisputable fact, because both books of the Bible are highly biased and fanciful.
            Some parts of the Bible are just wrong, i.e. the “begats” insist that the Earth is six thousand years old. We know that it is much older.

            Conclusion: The Bible cannot and should not be taken as a guideline to policy, as the right wing evangelicals seem to want to do.

          • They Put In The Bible What They Want It To Say That Why There’s So Many Different Ones Most Of All Of Them Put The Words In Different Ways Which Gives Them Different Meaning!!!

          • Fern – you should seek professional help for your uncontrollable outbursts.

            Don’t despair – there is help and hope for people with your affliction. Medical science has advanced beyond the lobotomy now.

          • And I Believe In GOD It’s Man That I Don’t Believe In! I Doubt GOD Is Hoarding Money , Lying Wearing Prada’s, Driving Big Expensive Car, Living In Mansions Big As Two Football Field, And Wearing Diamonds And Gold This Is Not A Sign Of Success It’s A Sign Of GREED!!!!! Also I Doubt GOD Believes In WAR Which The GOP/Tea Party Always Want To Start!!

          • He wants it to act just the way it does: particularly to give a chance for yoyo’s like you to make fools of themselves… Like all of us, God needs a good laugh once in while.

            I’ll bet this site at large provides God with immense entertainment, what with so many jokers gathered in one place. It certainly is entertaining to me!

          • Edgar:

            You are an ignorant clod. You sound like the phony televangelists who arrogate to themselves the right to tell the world what God thinks.

          • ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”

            And since that’s what most of this site seems to be about: name calling, I’m outta here.

            Insanity can be contagious.

          • I would venture that the point Fern is attempting to make is in regard to the bible being often referred to as ‘God’s book’, inerring that it was written by god, which it obviously was not. It was written by mortal men, with mortal vices, lust for power, recognitiotion, etc… Thus it is a corrupted representation and interpretation based in their idisyncratic world views with respect to the era they existed in. Tell me, if God is all knowing, what does the bible have to say about my laptop, or iphone?

          • What’s your point, Fern? Because they were written by men they’re sub standard in some way? Or, if they were written by women they’d be better? Actually, how do you know they were all written by men?

            I would like to hear your answers to my questions, mainly so that I can have an opportunity to nitpick them.

          • So, what would you have written differently? Let’s see what you would have written, if you had been there then.

          • That’s a copout. You don’t like what the men wrote in the Bible, but you won’t commit yourself to saying what should have been in the Bible and how it should have been written.

      • Fern, darling, have you ever heard the saying “it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and leave no doubt”?’
        I really didn’t think you believed in God, but I guess you do since you stated that He’s sending Issac their way. LPL

      • religion is simply a construct of superstitious men trying to elevate and validate their own existence. There is no God, and if there were, God would hardly be concerned with our pitiful existence on this far flung corner of the universe.

    • You hit the nail on the head. The Church never wanted anyone to be really educated otherwise they would question the very things that we are questioning today. Remember Gallileo and what the church did to him. Orthodoxy can be a dangerous thing, and what’s just as dangerous is our willing to accept church teachings as the last word. We can only hope that maybe in a 100 years, the Bible will be a piece of literature and not a book of “scientific” reference.

      • Now how do you know so much about Gallileo aleg.? I’ll bet you were his next door neighbor. What did the church do to him? Enlighten me please.
        I wasn’t around then so I don’t REMEMBER him and what the church did to him.

        I got some news for you bubba. The bible has been around for 2,000 years and I don’t see it changing too much in 100 yrs. DO you? And FYI the bible is not a book of “scientific” reference.

        • Excuse me, Del, but were you around when the Declaration of Independence was signed? How do you know it happened? Maybe if you read HISTORY you’d know that Galileo was persecuted for teaching Copernicus’ view of a heliocentric universe.

          As for the bible being around for 2,000 years, it might interest you to know that it came about being chosen arbitrarily during the Council of Nicene by the addition of certain books and chapters and the omission of others, with many more delegated as Apocrypha, or outside writings with many hundreds burned along with the Christian sects that practiced them. The gospels themselves, as is all the bible, is frought with inaccuracies and contradictions. When was Jesus crucified? Was it at the third hour as it says in Mark 15:25 or was it in the sixth hour as it says in John 19:14? Who was the father of Joseph? Was it Jacob as it says in Matthew 1:16 or Heli as Luke 3:23 states? How about the generations between Abraham and David? Matthew 1:17 says fourteen; Matthew 1:2 says thirteen.

          What was the nationality of the woman who approached Jesus to cast out the devils that possessed her daughter? Was she a Canaanite as Matthew 15:22 states or a “Greek, a Syrophenician by nation,” as Mark 7:26 says? When did Jesus heal the leper? Was it after he visited Simon Peter’s house according to Mark 1:29 or before as Matthew 8:13 says? Not to mention that there are two accounts of creation and two accounts of how Judas Iscariot got killed; one of suicide by hanging and in the Acts of the Apostles by falling in a field long after Jesus died and bursting his guts open. And of course the bible is not a book of scientific reference. That’s what we keep telling those creationist nimrods who insist on using it as such.

          • wow, you guys really don’t like each other do you. I am a Christian and believe God made the world. Saying this I also believe in evolution, and I am not contradicting myself. I am a computer programmer, and one think I can tell you waiting for programs to write themselves does not work.

            The hate you guys are throwing at each other is not necessary, one side may be wrong, but the big problem is neither side will be convinced until the time of the big reveal, when you die.

            So there either is an afterlife, or there is nothing, neither one of these options make insulting each other a productive pass time. My feelings? enjoy life the way you think it is and let the other guy be wrong, tell him your beliefs, but do not force it on him, and for goodness sake, have a good day.

          • It is not the afterlife but the current life that matters to most people who argue for rational belief systems. While it’s true that nobody can be certain whether there is an afterlife or what form it might take, we all share the experience of living in real life, and there is no doubt that real life can hold anything from intense suffering to fulfillment and purpose. The level of cultural and scientific ignorance a society allows no doubt affects the balance its people are likely to experience between those extremes.

          • To say one “remembers” is to say you have a first hand account of the event. No one living today can say they were alive and remembers what happened to Galileo..well maybe Mel Brooks?

          • No mate, to ‘remember’ is to recall, either actual first hand experiences or learned knowledge. In common vernacular as it was used it is to signify the recollection of what history has taught us.

        • Delbert
          Gallileo was imprisioned by the vatican because of heresy by saying that the earth moves around the sun and church doctrine had it the other way. I read history books and don’t depend on church doctrine to supply me with all my knowledge. Did you realize that mother church was guilty of murder in the inquisition? 100,000 lost their lives for believing in something different. Is that what religion means to you? Do you have to be there to believe it’s true? Did you see Christ walk on water? If you didn’t how do you know it really happened? BTW the Christian bible has been around for 2000 yrs, but the Talmud (Jewish bible) has been around for 5750. I wasn’t there for any of this of course, just depend on history like most thinking people

        • The English Bible didn’t come around until the 14th century. By my count that was about 600 years ago and you could not likely read the middle English of the time. The original King James version (around 1600) is still somewhat difficult to read but has been ‘modernized’ on a regular basis as English usage has changed. Prior to that, what you think of as the Bible was in Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew with a late entry of the Latin Vulgate. Interestingly, King James insisted the harsh language regarding monarchy be toned down and did stuff like changing ‘slave’ to ‘servant’. So I guess a case can be made that the Bible will likely change in the next 100 years if history is any guide.

          Galileo got off easy with a house arrest and prohibition on publishing heretical things like alleging there were moons around Jupiter. Some of his friends were used to light up the town square courtesy of the church hierarchy for suggesting the Earth revolved around the Sun.

          • Less! He only remembers things he witnessed *personally*, not things he heard about second- or third-hand from other people, as through newspapers, TV, or radio! He can’t “remember” who’s President right now unless he’s seen Obama for himself! How can *anyone* remember who the *first* President of the USA was?

        • I wouldn’t know whether the Bible changes. I can’t read Aramaic, Greek, or Latin (well, OK, occasionally I recognize a Latin word–wouldn’t call that literacy though). I’m supposed to trust all you yahoos-with-an-agenda to tell me the truth about it. Good luck with that; I wised up years ago.

      • Don’t confuse the Catholic Church with Protestant Christianity, or churches with individual Christians, or the crazy beliefs of one group of Christians with the beliefs of all Christians. The crimes of the institution of the Church are heinous, but they belong to the offenders, not all people of faith. And stupidity is an equal opportunity affliction. It doesn’t just belong to the people you disagree with.

      • “The Church never wanted anyone to be really educated…”
        That must be why they introduced this thing called the “university”. They teach history in some of them.

        “Remember Gallileo and what the church did to him.”
        Galileo doesn’t really belong in this discussion. The church didn’t do much to Galileo because of his scientific views (which are often confused with those of the Copernicus): but when he appeared to criticize his friend Pope Urban VIII in his
        Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, he fell into disfavor with his former supporters, the Jesuits–hardly on scientific grounds. Then he spent the rest of his life under house arrest, first under the care and provision of the archbishop of Siena, and then in his own villa near Florence, where he engaged in scientific research and did more writing. Nice life for an academic.

        Can’t believe I’m doing what almost looks like defending the Catholic Church. I guess I’m more interested than some in facts in a discussion ridiculing the myths of Christians. They aren’t the only ones who perpetuate myths.

    • Now that I have read you comment, I feel so enlightened. Where did you get all this information? Now you just go ahead and believe what you want but it doesn’t change anything as far as reality goes. I choose to believe the Bible which is the Word of God. I have a brain just like every scientist who has ever professed a theory. FYI, Eveloution is a theory. Did you know that. Darwin thought that up just like a lot of other men have thought things up. And they write down their thoughts and a lot of people believe them no matter how wierd they are. Thats because they choose not to believe the truth.

      How do you know that the furst humaniod is 3.5 million yrs old? Were you around at that time. If you wern’t I would assume you believe it because someone else told you that or maybe it was in a book that someone else wrote and you believed it. As a matter of fact, in my highschool science book I saw a picture of a fellow who supposidly lived 3 million yrs. ago, and I would have sworn it was a picture of a boy who sit next to me in class. I just wondered how they got his picture and said he lived 3 million yrs ago. Do you think he was re-incarnated or something. Maybe you could enlighten me.

      Now as I said before, you just go ahead and believe what you want. It doesn’t change anything. As for me I will believe God not man.

      FYI, there are plenty of Christian scientist working today. And they went to higher acadamia, attend seminars and do all those things. Don’t feel to sorry for them. They got a higher education but they choose to believe the Truth. Believe it or not.

      • “I choose to believe the Bible which is the Word of God.”

        Which Bible? Given that not a single original text is available, and with all the translating and copying errors, there are literally thousands of “Bibles”. Unless you believe it was dictated, in English, by God, and preserved unchanged for several millenia.

      • Delbert you say it is the truth because you were indoctrinated to believe it. Were you around to see Jesus walk on water, or Moses part the Red Sea? If you weren’t how do you know it happened? You are taking someone’s word for it as truth but did you know that Gensis was written by priests who were concerned at the time that the people were decending back into paganism, and they wanted to push Yaweh above all the other semi gods. It was writtten 500 yrs before the birth of Christ. the Jewish religion was around for 3500 yrs before it was written.(Dead sea scrolls) Do you realize that none knew that the world wasn’t flat until Colombus sailed. All church doctrine at the time said it was flat. Why don’t you believe that since the chruch said it? It was gospel! People were put to death as heretics who said something different.
        Carbon dating is recognized science so if you don’t believe that than you don’t believe in science at all except for all the things you have around the house, or in your car that were invented by scientists. God didn’t invent cars or or make lunar modules we did. God didn’t make anyting you use today in your daily life.
        I tend to think of this as acient people who had no idea why they were here who invented gods to explain the natural order that they didn’t have the knowledge to. Before the Jedeo-Cristian belief system came into being acient civilization who lived before them invented gods to expains the difference between day and night, or why the rains came or why there were droughts, because they din’t know.
        We take for granted today that the earth spins on its axis, but people who lived in Babylon 10,000 yrs ago didn’t know that. The Greeks thought the planets they saw as bright stars were Gods and they named them. We actually use some of the names today, like neptune, or mars or venus. Do you tell your children that these planets have these names? Do you believe they were Gods? But you still call them by their greek god names. Why do you accept that these weren’t real gods and yours is? We learned from science and telescopes that these are planets. Just like today the Hubble telescope can see stars that are 13.5 billion light years away. That was a term we deveolped recently . Do you really believe that an acient living with no electricity and no means to see stars other than looking up actually knew that the universe was that vast??? Really??
        You can have your bible and I will continue to believe in science and the future because as I wrote, I don’t really think it explains much about the world we live in.

    • Yes, total control–and where does it say that a “day” is only and exclusively a 24hours solar day? A day can be several spans of time as an era, an epoch, a common time, etc. So actually the Genesis is respecting of the scientific order of things evolving from simple to complex.

      • Genesis Was written 500 yrs beofre the birth of Christ even though the Jewish religion was 3500 yrs old at that time according to biblical scholars. It was written not as an account of mans time on earth but rather and attempt by religious priests to push Yaweh above all the other gods since the people were decending back into paganism, or worship of many gods. People of the time knew nothing of the universe we know today and didn’t even know that the world wasn’t flat until another close to 2000 years. The pictures from the hubble telescope show galaxies that are 13.5 million light years from earth. That is billions of miles, and the Acients had no way to see that since the telescope was invented until 1500 yrs later. So the use of Genesis is not a way to learn science. It was the best guess at the time about how the world began by people who had no better explanition

      • You must be a member of the American Taliban. Its people on the ultra right who are the stupid ones. How can you be smart when you vote against your own economic self interest and that of your children. You want to take from the poor and give it to the richest 1% whose income went up 256% with the Bush tax cuts. What did yours go up 2-3%. they exported 2,9 million jobs and yor hero Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital led the way in out sourcing. After he made 250 million instead of creating jobs here he invested it in Switzerland, the caymans and started a tax shelter in Bermuda. You want to repeal health care and go back to 32 million uninsured with 50k dying every year and having insurance companies have the authority to drop your coverage for pre existing conditions. so if your child has a birth related problem the insurance company could deny coverage. Is this the ameerica you want? You think climate change is a hoax and even though each storm gets stronger and places like Vermont had a hurricane for the 1st time you deny it. How many Glaciers have been created in the last 10 yrs? Are they shrinking or growing? You want to roll back enviornmental protection even though it protects children who right now have a spike in childhood asthma. You don’t want the government to ban sugary foods to kids even though we are in the midst of a childhood obesity epidemic with 14% of all kids obese.The military sees that and climate change as the biggest threats to the furure of theis country but you’re smarter than them right? You know better than every doctor or General because you listen to Glen Beck and Rush, and Fox and fries who are paid millions to lie to you. You people are against higher education, are anti science,, anti health, anti enviornment, anti children, anti food protection, and pro people that are 5% of the population controling 95% of the wealth, and you wanrt to give them bigger tax cuts? You call me stupid You are not smart enough to protect you family and children

    • You don’t need to invoke anything quite so scientific as “carbon dating” to put the lie to these idiots and their foolish claims. Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe are home to innumerable sites and buildings that date back WELL over 6,000 years. Perhaps that explains why this batshit “creationism” only exists in the relatively youthful nation of America.

      • You think secularism and atheism spread hate and ignorance? Not religion? How about all the religious wars that are still going on today. the Jews vs the Muslims or the Christians Vs the Muslims, or the Catholics Vs the Protestants. How about Serbia where the Eastern Othodox Serbs fought the Catholic Croats, and the Bosnian Muslims? None of that was based on ignorance or arrogance?. How about the inquisition, where the priests of the Catholic church murdered 100,000 Jews and muslims. How about WW 2 where 6 million were murdered just because of what they believed in? That wasn’t arrogance? How about the 5 million women killed by the church in the middle ages accused of being witches, what was that? How about Preists that were raping young boys? The list goes on and on and on. Murder in the name of whatever god you believe in.

        Religion has left a wide blood stained path across history, ignornace at its highest

        • And we know that Communism, Naziism, Sansculottism, and similar lovely atheistic and paganistic movements were all peace loving, and spread brotherhood and charity among men… Righto…

          I’d venture that Stalin, Hitler and Mao in the 20th Century alone were responsible for more bloodshed than all religions combined from the beginning of recorded history.

          As an aside “How about WW 2 where 6 million were murdered just because of what they believed in” is COMPLETELY FALSE. Beliefs had NOTHING to do with it, it was about genetics – even if you were completely assimilated and converted to Christianity you were targeted if you had Jewish blood. Do your homework you dumba$$. You don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about.

          You are just plain ignorant, not to mention stupid.

          • Hitler was a choir boy in the Catholic Church. His uniforms had Gott Mitt Uns emblazoned on them (God Is With Us). The German people were evenly divided between Lutherans and Catholics during WWII. Many Communist leaders might have been atheists, but the people that followed them weren’t. The Russian Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox Churches have always been a great power in Russia. Karl Marx was the one who said “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” and it was to their advantage to keep their countrymen religious. What, you really believe that crud your megachurch preachers tell you about prosperity gospels while they convince you to fork over money to them so they can live as millionaires? Sucker. And the Chinese followed the teachings of Confuscious and many continue to do so to this day, revolution or no, my husband and I lived there for three years during an assignment, so I can tell you that. The Sans-Culotte movement had nothing to do with atheism, what the Sam Hill are you talking about?

          • No, YOU said the followers of Nazism, Communism and the San-Culotte movement were atheists. Far from it.

      • Have you forgotten the religious wars of Europe that lasted for over a thousand years? The ones our forefathers came to America to escape? The Crusades? The Inquisition? The Salem Witch Trials? Christian Germany’s destruction of 6 million Jews, the religious wars recently in Bosnia and Serbia? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The current wars raging around the world in the Middle East and Africa, all religious based? Or even read your bible. Moses telling the Israelis to slaughter the Midianites down to the “last suckling babe.” Joshua ordering his men to kill all the people of Jericho down to “the last babe in arms.” The Canaanites being ordered to be mass murdered “every man, woman, child, and babe, all that draw breath in Canaan.” It seems to me that religion consistently spreads nothing but hate, ignorance, arrogance, violence and genocide.

        • You have jumbled so much history with so much ignorance that I don’t have patience to go through it line by line at the moment.

          Suffice it to say that you I gather you aren’t very good at reading comprehension, or at math….

          • I haven’t posted anything that you can’t find in history or by googling historical accounts. Are you denying that Hitler was a Catholic and that Germany was a Christian country that commited genocide on an estimated total of 11 million Jews, Slavs, homosexuals, Gypsies, Jehovahs Witnesses, and Soviet POWs? All you have to do is google the information “Was Hitler a religious person?” He stated that he was a Catholic and would die a Catholic. Google “Photo of bishops saluting Hitler.” Do some research. Using the bible has justified slavery, wars and genocide all throughout history. It caused a holocaust of women in the Inquistion being burned as witches. Research every war by every country since the creation of the formal Christian empire by Constantine the Great to today. Historians estimate a total of 77 million people slaughtered in wars and ethnic cleansing such as the destruction of the Native Americans and Pre-Columbians, the continous wars in Europe during a millenium of fighting, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Holocaust, the genocides of Caribes and Aboriginals who refused to convert. The three God religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the most horrific known to this planet. Not that any other major religions and tribal ones are any better. They all claim to foster a spirit of love and compassion among their followers; their followers state that they are good, loving and bear no ill will or malice to any other humans; that they regard everyone as a creature of God, a soul salvagable because it comes from God; that their love for their fellow man is greater than their love for themselves.

            Yeah, tell me another one.

  2. Goes to show you how ignorant the repugs are: putting a man so stupid on a science committee. God help us all. Women, get out there and vote to save the rights we’ve fought for for so long. Defend women, as Obama does.

  3. Mike Huckabee is one of the most hypocritical people around. He is supposed to be a minister of God and he hangs out with the likes of Ted Nugent? Ted Nugent with his filthy song lyrics and his down grading of women?

    • The Whole GOP/Tea Party Is A Bunch Of Lying Hypocritical Thugs!! Do As I Say Not As I Do Bullcrap They Always Get Caught!! Like Them Taking Bail Out Money , Ryan Living On Social Security, Michele Bachmann Making A Living On Fostering 25 Kids And The List Goes On And On!!!

    • Actually, it’s not incredible. To vote, one must be a citizen or a given age, according to the Constitution. It was arranged that way in the Constitution so that there would be no false barriers to voting. Of course, for years the South imposed poll taxes to thwart the Constitution.

      • False barriers to voting?

        You mean like the modern day Jim Crow “voter ID” laws in PA, FL, TX, OH, etc.?

        The right does love the Constitution – only when it suits their agenda, unfortunately.

          • Neither agreeing nor disagreeing with you.

            I just wanted to point out that what amounts to a defacto poll tax is being levied in many states via the so-called voter ID laws. This appears to be an attempt by those in power to remain there, despite the current and coming demographic shifts in the electorate.

            I also wished to point out the hypocrisy of a political group who wraps themselves in the Constitution, only to turn a blind eye to the meaning of the document.

            FWIW, I do agree with your previous statement. Voting is a right, and those who meet the criteria to exercise that right should do so – regardless of their belief system.

    • Taking the misinformed opinion of one loon and trying to say that it has the same impact as the systematic denial of science by a large number of the right wing is the falsest of false equivalencies.

      Get back to me when the Senate sends to the House a bill to fight the capsizing of Guam, and you’ll have my attention.

  4. What deluded idiots control the GOP. If it was’nt so serious it would be funny. I heard some nut claim that the earth was formed 6 thousand, 800 hundred years ago on a Tuesday afternoom at three oclock. This nut claimed he worked this timeline out using the Bible. We are under the gun with these screwballs, vote O’bama

  5. Actually, the Bible doesn’t say the earth is 6,000 years old. That’s an extrapolation by one Bishop Usher in the 17th or 18th century. I think he used the ages of the patriarchs as given in the Bible to make his calculations, but they are still only his calculations. Fundamentalists don’t understand what the Bible is for. It contains everything we need for salvation. It does not contain everything there is, hence we need science. Otherwise, what did God give us these great big honking brains for?

    • So they could enlighten us. We just wern’t smart enough to figure it out for ourselves Jane. We need the scientists to tell us all about everthing. And if you don’t believe that ask Fern Woodchuck. She’ll tell you. She knows all about everything. Just ask her.

  6. Maybe it is possible that in a World View of Intelligent Design that Mitt Romney/The New Harold Stassin of the GOP will be soundly beaten in November’s election. Then, you can tell your radical Christian friends: It must have been God’s Plan.
    One other item: if Romney would be willing to show us his birth certificate (because he has nothing to hide about where he was born) then he should show us his tax returns (because he has nothing to hide). Or,this is just a thought-maybe it would be disclosed he was still receiving w2’s from Bain Capital (as an empoyee) years after he said he retired. Hmm. Nah; Mr. Romney would never lie to us. Just vote for him; then, shut up & go away!

  7. Apparently, Conservative ideas or beliefs are identical to Muslim ideas or beliefs – centuries behind civilization. Given the power, Todd Akin and his co-conservative “weirddos” will de-humanize women and place them below the value of cattle they have in the field. Disgusting.

  8. Many of these right wing evangelicals still can’t accept Galileo’s evidence that the earth revolves around the sun. These people might as well live in the 17th century.

  9. Its still a mystery how so many brainless science deniers ended up in the House of Representatives. Seriously folks, if you voted for these clowns in 2010 you have a lot to answer for. Please don’t make that mistake again this year.

  10. huckabee is another big lier traying to make a name for himself, he throughs the poor and middle class to the wolfes for the biggets that sends jobs to china, he is afreek religious nut.

    • I fell into this vortex of high-brow low-cal debate from today’s issue of THE ONION, a daily SATIRICAL on line SATIRE…and thought the spoof was being carried on as it morphed into The National Memo, via “Six Scientific Theories That Right-wingers Insist Are True” —and became curious as this “summit meeting” of critical examination of the SATIRICAL ( I thought) articles of obfuscation grew ever-longer and more space-consuming than was necessary to complete the JOKE. I must now admit my trepidation as I sign off and retrace my steps in hopes of discovering this really IS an over-worked SATIRE and NOT a frightening coincidental reality check a la Rod Serling. So Good Bye and Hello. So it goes. (In the name of Kilgore Trout, Billy Pilgrim and the Great Vonnegut, let me laugh about this later…)

  11. The tea party should be asked before they vote if they believe the world is flat? Question two – Did man land on the moon? I believe the majority of them would fail…..For these ignorant zombies to back a pathetic candidate like Romney/Ryan they must have a very hard time tying their shoes. These bovine zombies will actually vote for someone who shipped the jobs to China, made millions off of it then hid the money in tax shelters around the world and won’t show his tax returns and his vice president pick talks of “Forcible Rape” with Todd Akin. These dim bulbs would do the goose step like good little brown shirt pawns for their billionaire masters. Puppets of the new right. They want to hold America hostage. Fight them and never give into these zombies!

  12. the christian myth has played long enough. how many more lies and wars, are we supposed to endure so a few idiots don’t have to take responcability for their own life and acts?

  13. Looking at #6 of the theories, “Religious upbringing can affect rates of homosexuality” I would say there is probably only one action by an outsider which could possibly influence the sexual preference development: little girls who have been raped just might feel moved to seek females when they find themselves unable to enjoy male partners as adults.

    The guilt-flooding religious tactic? Come on, who among the peoples of this world has ever stopped helping themselves in time of need because they felt guilty about masturbation?

    The really desperate irony is the men in South Africa who claim to believe that they can rape lesbians out of their preference for ladies.

    If there were a way to repole people – and I don’t see why anybody needs or has the right to control or even comment on anybody’s preference except his/her own – being raped by a member of the sex you personally find sexually repellent must surely be the method least likely to succeed.

  14. This article is very poorly written. There are many very egregious examples of pseudo science being circulated today, both right and left. The ultimate example is placing man above all the other creatures on the earth as if we could exist without them. We are an intergral part of the world around us and the way we are going now, we will be just a fleeting flash in the earth’s history. Enjoy it while you can and please try to make the trip more pleasant for those around you.

  15. So if life begins at conception…..

    1) At birth is the child already 9+ months old, with a FIRST Birthday celebration just 3 months
    2) Can the Parents sign up for an SSN (Social Security Number) immediately upon getting
    the “Positive Result”?
    3) Will we be able to start using the new “life” as a Tax Deduction immediately, or will we have to
    wait for the actual “Live Birth”?

    Just a few things to think about………..

    • The answer to all your questions is yes. What you think about that bubba. This statement is about as stupid as your stupid questions bubba.

      What do you think we should do? Abort them all bubba? Just something to think about bubba.

      • It seems like your bible liked aborting fetus’ just fine, Delbert. Look what happened to Tamar in Genesis. When it was discovered that she was pregnant out of wedlock, the patriarch, Judah, ordered her–and her fetus(es) burned at the stake. No consideration for the sanctity of the unborn there. Fortunately for Tamar, she accused Judah himself of being the proud daddy. Seems she’d dressed as a hooker some months back and done the nasty with Judah. Of course, after that it was all boys will be boys and Tamar was released. Or the Trial of Bitter Waters, or Sotah, in Numbers, where a pregnant woman is accused by her husband of carrying another man’s child and is forced to drink Bitter Waters. If innocent, she carries to term. If guilty, she aborts. Not to mention the good old Prophet Hosea, who ordered the Israeli men to “rip open” the bellies of the Samarian women with their swords and to dash their babies heads against rocks. Or Moses, who ordered the Midianites killed to “the last suckling babe.” And Joshua, who commanded that the people of Jericho be slaughtered to “the last babe in arms.” Or the Canaanites, whom the Israelis were also ordered to “kill all the men, women and little ones.” Nice book that bible. All that abortion and infanticide. Just something to think about, bubba.


  17. Religion began as a way for people to explain what they could not explain. Almost all religions have the same basic premise. Each religion grew and changed based on geographical location. The Puritans came to this country in order to remove themselves from religious oppression. They wished to worship as they saw fit. The USA is a melting pot as many people from the various geographical locations around the world came here, each looking to take part in the freedoms represented by this country. One can find any religion represented in just about every part of every state. Now, we have the radical right – the Tea Party – telling everyone that the USA is no longer a country of religious freedom, but a country controlled by one religious sect. What makes us “better” than Iran in this case? What makes us “better” than Afghanistan? What makes us “better” than another country if we are to be ruled by the religious sects of this country? This is why the founding fathers put in a seperation of religion and state. They did not want to become what they were getting away from; what they saw happening in Europe. It is my opinion that our Republican Tea Party is more afraid of the Muslim world because they are so much alike vs. being so different. Why else would someone holler so loudly to say they were different from? Remember, do not fear, learn, for ignorance is the flaw of man which allows him to be easily controlled.

  18. Goodness. The right wingers are not aware that root of agnostic – is a- gnostic, not a gnostic.
    In that sense, the Othodox and the Catholic Churches have been a-gnostic ever since Syrian born- Aramaic Christian, Ireneus, Bishop of Lyonn, penned “Contra Heresäsus” ” against heresies” against the gnostic doctrines of Origenes at the end of the 2nd century AD.

    The Catholic Church conducted crusades against gnostic hreretics, and even burnt Giordano Bruno at the stake for espousing gnostic doctrines- at the beginning of the 18th century- and not merely for espousing the theories of Copernicus as taught oin many histroy books. That shows progress. 300 years ago, the Catholic Church burnt gnostic heretics at the stake.
    Today, someone adhering to a modern version of the gnostic heresy can run on the Republican ticket and a naive Catholic with power dreams of his own lines up with a gnostic. Hm…

    Now, if we use “Contra Heresäsus” as the standard guideline for establishing the difference between “Orthodox” Christianity and “heterodox” Gnosticism, we will see that the Church of the Latter Day Saints incorporates many gnostic teachings and Secret society cult aspects of gnosticism that St. Ireneus was writing against in “C0ntra Heresäsus”. I am certainly not advocating that anyone go the stake for their beleifs. I am merely pointing out the C LDS has a body of doctrines that are “not mainstream” or “orthodox” Christian, but are, in more ways than one, a “revival” of “the Valentineans” against which St. Ireneus was writing.

    Not only that. Mitt Romney is an ordained “Stake Bishop “in the Church of the Latter Day Saints – itself a fact that somewhat blurs the distinction between Church and State. As an ordained Stake Bishop, Mitt Romney must also know his religion of origin, the C’LDS, is also a formal, signed member of an alliance of “New Age, New Revelation Cults- with its Headquarters overseas in Turin Germany. The organisation is called CESNUR. Other consenting, formally associating “new revelation” religious bodies include- “The Reformed Branch Davgidians”- highly gnostic-chilasitic in outlook, The Rev. Moon´s “little Brother of Christ”- Unifiction Church – again authoritarian-narcisstic and highly gnostic in doctrine and practice. The General Church of the New Jerusalem (Swedenborgian- with a classic episcopal church structure, but an an elitist – “us-them” distinctive outlook on culture- however, totally in line with St. Ireneus, and cites St. ireneus rejection of the gnostic heresies, and last but not least- L. Ron Hubbard´s “Scientology”- picked up from Aloistair Crowley´s “Order of the New Dawn” via J.P.L. solid fuel rocket pioneer – jack Parsons- high gnostic non-Christian “science fiction”.

    Now, Stake Bishop Mitt Romney knows of his CLDS religion of origins formal allegiance in with the aforementioned “new age, new revelation movements”, in the CESNUR organisation, all but one of which ae heavilly gnostic – heterodox- heretic – in doctrine and religious practice described by St. Ireneus. I think somebody from the press should put a few questions to Mitt about what he thinks of his religions formal association with the other “new age, new age, new revelation cults in the CESNUR organisation, especially its formal alliance with Scientology. What does Mitt think of the formal alliance of the CLSD with L. Ron Hubbard´ßs highly controversial “Scientology=”

    I do believe the pentacostals, the Southern Baptists, and others who are not too well versed in either Science or Church History have a right to know about the Mormon-Scientology alliance in CESNUR. If Mitt knew and disapproved, why did he not appose membership in CESNUR?

    Kent Doering

    • Gutten Morgen, Well said – I wish Delbert Lambert and like him read’s it and understand it.
      He will point out few typo errors as he have nothing else to point out or run on.
      Who cares?? You wrote too much of facts (truth) for him to comprehend or admit his ignorance and hate.
      He believe that Gingrich can build his moon colony and they can wear Armani suits and get there on Concorde (now gone) in a day. He just put money down on one. He still believe that earth is flat otherwise we all would fall off. Yes Galileo was persecuted for his truth and Nicholas Copernicus (Mikolaj Kopernik) Polish astronomer/doctor confirmed that earth is round. He did, stopped the sun moved the earth. Good people will do good things, evil people will do evil things, but for good people do evil things, that takes religion. Excellent post.
      Thank you for your service.

  19. Goodness, excuse my tired typo of Turnin Germany, I meant Turin, italy. it is 10;30 here in Germany from where I am writing. sometimes the head moves too fast for my fingers to follow. sorry about that. The facts hold about CESNUR- an “offshore” association of mainly active in the U.S. new age, new revelation cults- headquartered in Turin, Italy. They hold rotating congresses at their respective religious centers.
    Goodness, I served a three year hitch in active duty se4vice in the U.S. Army during `nam while “chickenhawk” Romney was off on a “missionary” tour in Paris- (I guess he was trying to teach naive U.S. college girls visiting Paris the missionary position or something.) And after discharge, I tied up with a “liberated hippy girl” with flowers in her hair- and- she gave me a case of blueish-green “magic underwear” (a badge of onour?) – but we took care of that at Doc Ball´s office with a shot of penicillin followed up by two weeks of anti-biotic pills.

  20. I am confused as to how any one who has the words “Faith Based” in their head can possibly even argue against Scientific Pier reviewed scientifically tested information. I am getting to the point where I am thinking we of the Science side should simply figure out a way to make the Ignorant Religious freaks all commit suicide in a fit of religious verve…Or all of them move to Utah and keep to themselves…

  21. Why can’t “religious” people accept that God has nor TIME. Time was invented by humans for their own purposes. To God, one day could equal 6000 or 6,000,000 human years! Cannot understand why evangelicals as well as others feel that the Bible has to be so literal.

  22. People, remember that we live in democracy. Unfortunately, this means that nuts, willfully ignorant and stupids are also represented. The scary part is that they manage to vote in so many of “theirs”. Kind of makes you wonder about the general population… (No wonder GOP is so invested in further ruining education in the US.)

  23. and the left believes that: people are born gay and they aren’t moral deviants
    That life evolved from NOTHING
    That Afro’s are no different than whites
    that the world is going thru global warming
    that socialism isn’t a mental defect

  24. I submit it’s time to start physically dividing the country into Realityplace and Conservativeland. Conservatives hate government and nature, so we who live in reality get the government and all the areas of natural beauty. Conservatives get West Texas, Phoenix, and the heartland. They also get all the vintage 1950-1970 rusted pickup trucks with rifle racks. Any who doesn’t know that the first Gospel was not written until 70 AD, and that none of the Gospel authors ever knew anyone who ever knew Jesus, gets to run for president of Conservativeland, on a platform of literal interpretation of the Gospels.

    • Now you talk about an educated statement. You simply amaze me. You sound just like “Mr. Know-it-all”. Keep up giving us all light. I’ll bet you just graduated from Kindergarten. Am I right? Or maybe you have a title “BSPHD” Know what that means bubba. By the way who gets to live in Realityplace? Please don’t answer, I’m not really interested in your stupidity.

      • Delbert, you sound as if you are angry…if defending Christianity makes you such, perhaps you should try another religion…Zen Buddhism, for example. I, by the way, am in my 70’s and have tried many different religions…have enjoyed some of the major themes running through many religions such as…”do unto others” which seems to be waning in today’s Christianity. For years now I have been a secular humanist; we do not believe in the supernatural; however, we do believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL, including extreme right-wing Christians…go with god or whomever you choose…

  25. Rape is rape, wrong, illegal, and immoral. I wonder if they would feel the same way if one of their loved ones was raped. (Hopefully it never happens.)

  26. This stuff sounds like 3rd world thinking — which is what America will turn into if the extreme right wing has its way. A plank from the 2012 platform of the Republican Party of Texas says: “We appose the teaching of higher order thinking skills, critical thinking skills & similar programs that are simply a relabeling of outcome-based Education which focus on behaviour modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.”
    So, if a child believes that the moon is made of cheese or that Jesus Christ was our first president, educators are not to correct the child because they might change the child’s “fixed belief” thereby undermining mom and dad. What’s even scarier is that Texas prints the vast majority of the country’s school text books.

  27. It’s interesting that republicans whose children are gay suddenly develop a more tolerant view. And yes, they’d certainly not refuse stem-cell derived cures, any more than they refuse antibiotics. I assume that people who develop antibiotics have to study how microbes…evolve? I am no scientist so I don’t make statements on things I know nothing about, so I am not sure of this point.
    Another thing, about the supposed 6500 year human history. How do they account for all the evidence of the Neolithic, Paeleolithic, etc? Because according to the Bible, it goes: Adam and Eve: Farming. In two generations. No cavemen. No hunter-gatherer. How do they explain all that?

  28. Wayne, please, your spelling is atrocious, and your thought process is atrocious and you statement is about as stupid as any I’ve read on here. Please go away. I spent about 3 seconds of my vaulable time trying to decipher what you have stateded.

  29. Heres number 7 theory….right wingers have to prove they are racists…only the stupid and ignorant vote repub/retards….i just wonder if isaac isnt sending a message to the repubs….after all isaac is a religious name…maybe if they go to tampa they get blown away…maybe there is a plan afterall…i can see it now…the thief and the athiest hanging on for dear life….LOL

  30. When did the tea party tell you that Vicki? They haven’t told me. Are you making this up or what. You stated they are telling everyone that the USA is no longer a country of religious freedom, but a country controlled by one religious sect.

    Sorry, but I don’t think you are telling the truth. Are you lying? I think you are because they haven’t told me. Is the tea party Republican? I think you are lying. They’ve never told me they are republican.

    Can you please tell me who is controlling you? I don’t want to be controlled so please tell me who is controlling you. I want to watch out for them so they cant control me.

  31. Why do you ask bubba. It seems you already have it all figured out. You must be a roads scholar. Why don’t you explain it instead of asking someone else whom you are not going to believe anyway. How did you know that republican kids are gay. Your stupid Ass dumbsh*t president is the one who is gay and if you don’t know it he is a Dummacrat. You are really a dumb Sh*t.

  32. Well, I must say that the Right-Wingers did get one thing right. Dinosaurs do exist today and I have seen them practically every day of my life and so have all of you. The current incarnation of dinosaurs are birds according to scientists.

  33. Religious fundamentalism is what you get when people draw their conclusions first then work backwards, looking for validation.

  34. I was raised Catholic and I accept Adam and Eve and I accept the Evolution. If God created Adam and Eve and they had two sons, how did the rest of us get here? How did we get, Asians, Roamans, Africans and Mexicans for example. That is why I believe in both.

  35. Very clever. Most reading this piece do so with a built in bias toward not only accepting but wanting the conclusions to be true. And to answer these charges completely would require an entire thesis paper. But some things must be said.

    Dinosaurs. All dating methods are flawed. Carbon dating can only be used for short year spans-not millions of years. The reasoning used becomes circular with fossils used to date the rocks which were used to date the fossils. Carbon dating has dated living tissue at thousands of years old. Other methods also tell age. The orbital decay of the moon, for instance. Even a 100k years ago it would’ve been skimming earths treetops.

    Cancer. The dispute comes from both sides of the abortion issue. It would be dangerous to plan your future health on what can only be described as a hope there is no connection. 50 + studies say there is a link. Doctors under oath describe the attitude of physicians who remain quiet because it is so politically charged. Others claim the issue reeks of the tobacco/cancer connection coverup of recent years.

    Hawking. So, Sir Isaac Newton, the Father of Modern Science, and Hawking belong to the same prestigious club. Well, Newton was a young earth creationist. He wrote more on theology than science. His understanding of the nature of the God of the Bible led to his discoveries.

    E=MC2. I don’t see why this should disturb conservatives or Bible believers. Using different words, God stated the same ideas in the book of Genesis 3500 years before Einstein! Of course, since the pagan world view says the Bible’s all myth, we had to wait for the ‘modern science’ community to catch up.

    Aids. I read the quote. Didn’t he say that was HIS understanding? So we paint all conservatives with a wide brush. How many reading this can claim to have a totally inerrant view of all subjects?

    Gays. Oh, silly me. I thought you were going to say the group “that is reviled and bullied by those who dominate religious culture” were murderers, thieves, adulterers, liars. There is no ‘gay gene’ or medical test to determine you’re gay. Of course there’s no scientific evidence of a cure since there’s nothing to ‘cure.’ It is a choice led by feelings. Feelings change. Even among gays, they switch partners. What happened to those original feelings? Oddly enough, EX-gays get discriminated against by gays. Go figure.

    • Perfect example of uneducated, unscientific reasoning by people who don’t bother to go outside their dogmatic box.

      Dinosaurs. Carbon dating. There is also radiocarbon dating, potassium dating, uranium-lead, rubidium, thorium dating and other radiological methods and they can detect age regardless of external forces such as pressure and temperature. Their half lifes run from the hundreds of millions of years to the billions. The orbital decay of the moon? Are you reading children’s comic books?

      Cancer. Conservatives state that women who get abortions have a higher rate of breast cancer than women who don’t. Yet, women in Russia use abortion as their prime means of birth control and have a much lower rate of breast cancer than American women. And tobacco use does indeed cause lung cancer; that consensus has been a scientific fact for decades. Doctors under oath? Please.

      Newton might have believed in a young earth theory because he wasn’t privy to future science that disproved it. He was a man of his time and had he been born with the knowledge of today’s science, he would have embraced it’s laws; he was too intelligent not to. Even Charles Darwin kept his work from publication for a long while in deference to the Christian beliefs of his wife.

      Show me where the bible says e=mc2.

      AID is spread by heterosexual contact as well as homosexual. It’s well known in the medical and scientific community and has been since the 1980s.

      “Even among gays they switch partners.” Don’t we heterosexuals do a lot of that as well? From our divorce rate and the numbers of times we get remarried, I’d say we do. Just ask Newt and Rush. There have actually been some spontaneous remissions of AIDs in certain individuals. No one knows what caused it to happen, it just did. And a stem cell bone marrow transplant from a donor with a natural immunity to AIDs cured a man from San Francisco and another one from Germany of AIDs recently. As for a “gay gene” no one knows if there is one. But, there have been studies about predilictions for homosexuality among those males born after female siblings. There are also hormonal, adrenal and chromosomal sexual birth defects that have contributed to sexual dimorphism and gender identity differences such as those born with CAH, intersexuality, mosiac DNA or hermaphroditism and other types of sexual ambiguity. And the rate of recidivism of ex-gays is huge. Even so, many of them state that they fantasize of gay sex more frequently than heterosexual sex. In other words, their sexual actions changed but not their orientations. George, please, read something besides creationist comic books.

  36. I am far from a Bible scholar and perhaps a Kevin Smith quote can only go so far with some, but beneath the ongoing d*ck and fart jokes, Dogma made a lot of very interesting points. One of which was, “the
    whole book is slanted and gender-biased: a woman’s responsible for the
    first sin, the fall of man, and the expulsion from Eden. a woman cuts
    Sampson’s coif of power, a woman asks for the head of John the Baptist.
    Read that book again some time – women are painted as bigger antagonists
    than the f****** Egyptians and Romans combined.”

  37. All I can say about the ignorance in some of these comments is WOW!
    Delbert Lambert has the worst sort of ignorance. Almost all of the information anyone could want is accessible to anyone who has a computer and an internet connection. Libraries are found everywhere. The Catholic Church has in their archives, ancient documents that they do not want the masses to read. Just this fact alone should persuade you to not believe what they tell you. The same goes for the government. To be ignorant because you didn’t have information available to you is not your fault. To dismiss any information available to you (not even bothering to read or research) is close minded and results in a self imposed ignorance. This is the worst sort of ignorance. Religion has no proof, only faith. Science has proof. If they don’t, it’s called theory until it can be proven or dismissed as false. If someone doesn’t want to believe in science, the proof stills proves it to be true. The same can not be said about religions. Some people ask; why don’t “representatives” have to pass an I.Q. test before they can be elected? The answer to this is; they “represent” the majority of the population, which sadly consists of a large amount of idiots. Drive in traffic any day of the week for the proof of the last statement. Religion is a tool used to set a moral compass. Developing a belief structure from the idea of spirituality is a bad move. I was raised Catholic and I am an atheist. I realized when I was 12 years old that the church was lying to me. Recently, research has proven what I knew 35 years ago to be true but the church taught me it was false. For the creationist who believe we are the “center of the verse” and we are the only life in the entire verse, you are arrogant and it’s the worst sort of arrogance. Arrogance spawned from stupidity and close mindedness.

  38. It just goes to show what LOONS this party is made up of. Nothing they say surprises me. No matter what proof real science shows, they will discount it, if it goes against their lunatic beliefs.

  39. Look at the countryside in Afghanistan or Iraq or Kuait .. etc… this is what the republican party would have America and American women look like if they could get away with it. Hopefully women will wake up and realize their birth control is at stake (no mention of child-support enforcement), only rich women will have access to abortions and work discrimination will once again be the law of the land…thank you supreme court. It’s time to cut the pay and benefits of congress and bring them back to earth. Any guys out there looking to pay child support anytime you have unprotected sex??? just asking!

  40. The Bible can’t be seen as a history book, except in the sense of the history of man’s relationship to the monotheistic god of the Israelites. Much of it was borrowed from other races’ stories (like the Great Flood) and changed to fit a particular point that they wanted to make

  41. Behold the Tea Party Taliban, believing the biblical myth above all else. It would be interesting to ask some of these people if they believe in any science at all and if they do, then how do they decide which areas of science to believe and which to deny?

  42. It is such a shame how ignorance is promoted to the very end when someone does not want to admit that they are wrong. Ignorance is not a virtue and no one should ever try to approve of its existence. Shame on Akin is not enough this charlaton should not be a respresentive of anything let alone the congress. This is the problem with the Teabagger Party and the extreme evangelical right. Willard the Rat man had no alternative but to turn Akin away even though Paul Ryan stands for the same extreme beliefs.

    • Unfortunately, click the links in each section of the article, and you’ll be taken to examples of what’s being discussed. Todd Akin is real enough, a Representative, and running for Senator. All the other cases are real, too. Denounce these ideas as stupid, and you’ll get conservative bloggers replying that, no, these ideas are all *true*!

      It’s like the Romney lies that get exposed on factcheck(dot)org and politifact(dot)com — when mainstream news report the exposures, FoxNews and other conservative commentators denounce the factcheckers as liars and insist Romney was telling the *truth*!

      We’re right back to the George W. Bush days…. WMDs in Iraq, anyone?

  43. Lets all give the poor fools a break……
    They just recently concluded that the Earth is indeed round and not flat……….
    One major step forward at a time…………….

  44. Why does a piece that talks about science bring no credible evidence to support any of its claims or counter-claims?

    This whole piece is just setting up straw men and knocking them down with other straw men. Not a shred of hard data to prove disprove anything.

    How typical of the LEFT…

    • You want “credible evidence” that the theory of relativity is valid?

      Ask a Hiroshima survivor.

      You want “hard data”?

      Ask the hundreds of thousands of dead.

      You want proof that members of the religious right are delusional ignoramuses?

      Read any one of your comments.

      • You want proof that Libs are morons?

        Consider that I’m probably an atheist, and I loathe the religious right.

        Now – you called me an ignoramus – that means someone lacking knowledge: go through my posts and let’s hear the evidence, Mr. Science…

  45. What a hack job! The whole Loch Ness taught in school canard. That school has less than 50 kids going to it. I’m a conservative that doesn’t believe in any of these things. Some of the 7 I honestly don’t know what the author is trying to get at “scientifically.” Yes “Science” is in quotes.

    Its like when you watch MSNBC and Rachel Maddow blasts what a “famous” “right-wing” “Republican” said and I’m like “Who is that person?” And Rachel builds that person up to be so “important.” And I’m still going “Huh, I never heard of him.” Then Rachel “quotes” something that he said and I’m like “Do we have video? What was the context? Still, who is this person anyway?” Then she portrays him to be this mean, bitter, religious, stupid person and gives the audience the righteous smirk of righteous indignation. And I’m like “Is that person here to rebut these claims?” No they are never there.

    And MSNBC moves on the next like segment.

  46. Fern, Conservatives believe in science. There are many businessman, scientists, scholars, etc who understand scientific methodology and facts. This article is a sham meant to caste dispersion on anyone conservative by associating them with a few people this author has declared “right wing.” BTW, The TEA party generally was not in existence until AFTER the Two Bush Wars.

  47. True those movements were responsible for mass killing but Christ, your savior preached brotherly love,and forgiveness, turn the other cheek, so you followers shouldn’t have killed anyone. The people you wrote about believed in nothing, but all the kings in europe were devout Christians, the church played a very big role in their kingdoms and still they were responsible for the death of millions. The Tsars in Russia killed as many as Stalin, and they were Eastern Orthodox. All followers of Christ, all of them. How about the Klan in the US, had the symbol of Christianity on their robes and hanged thousands of innocent people in the name of Christ, or slave owners who read the bible everyday. Calculations are that over 400 million slaves died at the hands of devout people. Do you deny any of this? Deny that there were slave owners? Show me in the new testament where it says this is ok. Why is it ok for one sect of Christianity to slaughter another sect of the same religion?Like Catholics and Protestants, which just stopped killing each other recently in N. Ireland. Did Christ preach any of this hatred in his sermons? Why do all you devout people hate the poor and love the rich? I not just singling out Christianity, all the religions have blood stained hands.
    So call me a Dumb ass all you want but it won’t change the complete hypocracy in the way religion is practiced today

  48. Very interesting reading. I’m very conservative, and most of my friends are moderately to very conservative, and I don’t know a single person that believes a single one of these statements. The only one that any conservative I know would agree with even slightly is the last one, and then only partially. Most Christians would agree that a Christian upbringing could affect the rates of homosexual practice as some of those raised in the church that are drawn to that life would resist it as sinful. It wouldn’t reduce the number of those who have homosexual orientations or their desires for that life any more than it reduces other desires that are considered sinful – greed, lust (heterosexual or otherwise), laziness, etc. Christians are taught that we are all sinners and that we should love the sinner and hate the sin.

    This last is a major misunderstanding liberals have of conservatives – that hatred of the sin must translate to hatred of the sinner.

    • If you are an “Evangelical” those things are what you believe because your leaders say that is what you believe. If you do not believe those things then join a moderate Christian denomination and support sanity instead of hatred. If you can tell the difference between hating the sin and the sinner good for you, none of the sinners can tell.

  49. The article equates conservatives to evangelicals. David Gelerntner is a conservative jewish computer scientist. He doesn’t believe any of the ridiculous things listed in the article. Me either. While those who do believe those things are willfully ignorant if they’re lucky enough to have above-average smarts, there are all sorts of conservatives, many plenty smart and far from willfully blind to science.

    We are not all clones of Todd Akin.

  50. The idea seems to be that if some things are highly unlikely, like dinosauurs co-temporeous with humans, then everything else is equally unlikely.
    Stephen Hawking’s position that a scientific law is not a scientific law if a supernatural being can break it isn’t very logical, for example. A supernatural being is by definition one which breaks the laws of nature. So it boils down to the assertion that there are no supernatural beings, which is a tautology if we say “natural equals all that exists”, a bare claim if we give “supernatural” its normal and accepted use.
    If a being has free will then its behaviour is not governed by laws. Free will appears to exist. It may be an illusion, but that’s not a position that anyone can adopt on a everyday basis. Hawkings’ view that the natural is all that exists isn’t one which appears to be born out by everyday experience.
    The fact that Hawkings is a real physicist of some merit isn’t very relevant.

  51. The Jews do not believe that the earth is six thousand years old and it is their book. It was the Jews book before the Christians decided to use it and they still use it. The Jews understand that the book is a “Metaphor” not a history book or a description of exactly how everything happened.

  52. What a load of garbage. Talk about stereotyping. All right wingers insist it, do they? Liberals are such hypocrites. Oh, did I stereotype? If the shoe fits, I guess…..

    • El Brujillo: “I thought this was a serious page. Goodbye”

      It is a serious page. Only those reported on are “disingeguous”.

  53. The poor Republicans have mistaken the natural “rythm method’ for a natural defense for rape pregnancy. “The Party of Stupid”.

  54. I have heard that most Right-Wingers are idiots. This is not a scientific fact.However ,after reading this article ,I would not be in the least surprised to hear that it is quite true.

  55. OK I’m a conservative Christian, I’ve been a member of churches all my life and know literally thousands of other Christians. Not a single one of them believes any of the cockamamie myths this “journalist” put in his article. When a “news” person sifts through the annals of stupidity and finds one fringe retard who also happens to be right wing or Christian, and puts forth the idea that all right wingers or Christians believe what that moron believes, well–that makes him a liar.

  56. Who is this idiot child??? Don’t encourage him. He needs to be here, like Hilton, Lohan, and Simpson, he needs to be in a group. His brain cell gets lonely. Just pat him on his little head and send him to his room with his glass of Kool-aid.

  57. Right… It’s conservatives who are anti-science, because maybe 2% of religious conservatives don’t believe in evolution.

    But when we discuss the debt or state finances, it’s the Socialists that say there is no such thing as mathematics.

    When we discuss the cultural effects of the Welfare State, Lefties say there is no such thing as sociology or psychology.

    When we discuss tax policy. Lefties way there is no such thing as economics.

    When we discuss the dangerous concentration of political power and money in Washington, Lefties say there is no such thing as political science.

    When we discuss National Socialism in Germany, or the International Socialist Movement from Moscow, the Left says there is no such thing as History.

    And when someone mentions Global Warming, there is no such thing as Scientific or Baconian Method – there is only a survey of cherry picked “scientists” receiving Government Grants.

    But it’s the Right that is anti-science. Jesus, if you Socialist had any eduction you’d be Republicans.

  58. “The notion that people would choose to join a group that is reviled and bullied by those who dominate religious culture is laughable. ” Like, say, emo’s. You know, those kids who wear black clothes, dye their hair black and wear it covering their eyes, paint their nails black, etc. and generally, intentionally remove themselves from ‘normal’ society. I believe this easy-to-find example, among others, easily dethrones this lead-pipe cinch attempt at intellectual honesty. But here is the question: is it even a remote possibility (for you elite thinkers) that mankind is a created being…that the Creator designed man sexually to fit perfectly with woman both for pleasure in intimacy as well as procreation…that He expressed both that He created us this way intentionally as well as warned us specifically not to violate His design (heterosexually outside of marriage or homosexually anytime)? Is it possible that the homosexual simply enjoys his/her sexual pleasure however it feels good, and really does not care what any Creator might think? An authentic Christian does not ‘judge’ a homosexual to any consequence, we do not have that power. They simply want to bring you to the Creator and try to help you pull away your own hands covering your eyes so that you can meet, know and love the One who created you for an eternal purpose extraordinarily higher than your desperate fight to defend your carnality.

    • Dan Allison: “This is a lie and a slander. No actual people believe any of these things.

      And you know this because you polled the entire world’s population, and they all denied believing any of it?

      My goodness, then why did any of them claim to believe it in the cited links?

  59. I was disappointed when I read this: it’s just an unintelligent article that tries to paint all right wingers with the same paintbrush, claiming that they’re all as stupid as some certain buffoons. With that said, this is the same site that purports itself as liberal yet is pretty much loving Obama. it just goes to show that morons aren’t exclusive to the right, and that I shouldn’t be too surprised that it makes liberals like me look bad when we have to associate ourselves with you in some form or another.

    tl;dr This is almost as painful to read as a Rush Limbaugh rant

  60. How funny, a liberal circlejerk that thinks “conservative”, “Republican”, “right-wing”, and “anti-science” are synonyms. My political views could be considered a mix of right-wing populist and traditionalist conservative (oh, yes, there is a difference), I hate the Republican Party, I love science, and I’m religious, too! (But I’m Catholic, and remember, according to the left all Catholics are child molesters. No leftist or atheist has ever molested a child.) Where do I fit into all this?

  61. “The notion that people would choose to join a group that is reviled and bullied by those who dominate religious culture is laughable. ” – I remember the jocks being the bullies in my high school, not the Christians.

    • Bullies tend to affiliate with any perceived authority/popularity group.

      That is, both the jocks AND the Christians; later on, the Armed Forces AND the Police; the Freemasons AND the Klan (or fill in other local fraternal organizations); the business associations AND the political officers.

      That’s small-town politics in a nutshell. The bullying 5% tend to end up the dominant 5% running the town, supporting each other, or competing with each other.

  62. Okay these beliefs are fine for the average Joe – there’s no requirement to be intelligent to be a good citizen. But for goodness sakes, anyone who thinks the Earth is 6000 years old should not be in a position of power. I recently spent 10 days hiking through the jungles of Papua New Guinea. I didn’t find any dinosaurs, and more importantly they didn’t find me. If these guys put the bible down and open their eyes to real world issues, they’d be far better people all round.

  63. Abiotic oil is another favorite of the right. Instead of being s fossil fuel that will one day run out, supposedly petroleum wells up constantly from the boundary of magma and crustal rocks. So it will never run out and nwe need not bother with alternati9ve energy.

    This one began with a Russian geologist and has been put to several scientific tests, which it failed.

    And don’t forget the deluge of alternative hypotheses to global warming.

    My favorites are quasi-scientific supports of Noah’s flood. The fact that world water is finite and that 40 days and nights of pouring rain, by putting more water into runoff, would ever so slightly lower sea levels escapes the zealots.

  64. ” The primary way AIDS is transmitted in the US is through male-to-male sexual activity and intravenous drug use. But it is completely possible for heterosexual sex to transmit AIDS. In fact, the UN has found that most new cases of AIDS in Africa are the result of heterosexual sex. Such misinformation is not only dangerous, but intentionally demonize homosexuals.”

    Er… AIDS can’t be transmitted. HIV can though. *whisper* insert HIV where you write AIDS and then it works

  65. Technically, dinosaurs have been around with us and are still around. Those dinosaurs are called birds.

    Do the conservatives watch too many Flintstones cartoons?

  66. I’m a “Right winger” Atheist currently working as a physicist in Ireland and I’m insulted to be put into the same “right wing” bracket as these idiots – shows your ignorance to bunch everyone into the same “right wing nutter” group

  67. It is hard to fathom someone questioning the collected knowledge of science on the topic of evolution. They accept and rejoice at science for the automobiles they drive, the electricity they use, and the television they watch but question the same systematic system of discovery when it comes to evolution. Now we are electing representatives, who at least to their constituents, profess to believe in these same distorted beliefs. The earth is 6000 years old and space travel is all an illusion. These same people probably believe that God has chosen just them to walk down heavenly streets paved of gold. Can you say pathology?

    • I can already tell from your attitude you won’t want any disagreement with what you wrote, but on the topic of evolution and historical geology, scientists HAVE made unscientific assumptions, because we can never have very much evidence to prove their assumptions. This pseudo-science has become a religion its own right as the dogmas by which it is bound are analogous to religious ones. Therefore the accepting of science of automobiles and electricity, and the acceptance of the ‘science’ of evolution, are not mutually inclusive.

      After all, the foundation of science is that all hypotheses must be tested experimentally, but there is no way of testing evolution or historical geology scientifically. What is in fact happened is that scientists’ beliefs thereon have not changed significantly since the 1840s when the theories were first drawn up, and the evidence has been bent to fit instead. There is little sign of this coming to an end, as almost the whole international scientific community is bound in the same delusions and so any peer-reviewed literature will merely be massaging each others’ egos and any dissenting viewpoints will be spurned as ill-informed. Thus large vested interests, no matter how deceitful, can be self sustaining.

      Evolution and historical geology really are the twin lies of the millenium.

      • Yes, all hypotheses must be tested, but lab experiments are not the only way to test hypotheses.

        Evolution is the best theory for why we have such diversity of species and how humans came to be and has the most evidence supporting it – I’m happy for you to provide me with scientific evidence for alternative theories, ideally ones that have been tested experimentally.

        And scientists beliefs have changed significantly with regards to evolution, for example with discovery of DNA which provided us with a clear mechanism for evolution. There are still many arguments among scientists with regards to the specific mechanisms of evolution.

  68. While everyone is allowed to believe anything they wish when a person seeks to become the holder of the most important office in the world he or she had best have some kind of grip on reality. To believe that the Earth is 6,000 yrs old leaves a bit to be desired. To believe this is to say the least , scary as hell. Romney has no grip on foreign relations. He lacks basic understanding of World politics. If Romney &Co want to believe the world is 6000 yrs old then let them but PLEASE KEEP THIS GUY OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. And I’m saying this as someone who , as a Canadian , can not vote in your elections.

  69. “The primary way AIDS is transmitted in the US is through male-to-male sexual activity and intravenous drug use. But it is completely possible for heterosexual sex to transmit AIDS. In fact, the UN has found that most new cases of AIDS in Africa are the result of heterosexual sex. Such misinformation is not only dangerous, but intentionally demonize homosexuals.”

    Let’s not get carried away. First, it did not say anything about homosexuals. Second, heterosexual sex in Africa is a far cry from what you think – they use sand to make the vagina dry, it’s a cultural thing. Of course the friction implies blood-sharing…

  70. The flipside of this is that an irrefutable fact that shows a tenet of religion to be false should cause these people to lose their religion. Trying to force science to conform to religious belief only makes sense if you want your religious beliefs to be literally true, not metaphors or guidelines.

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