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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Associated Press reports that unemployment is dropping — in three-quarters of states. But in California, the most populous and the largest state in the country, things are not getting better:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The unemployment rate fell in two-thirds of U.S. states last month, evidence that modest economic growth is boosting hiring in most areas of the country.

And in many states, unemployment has fallen well below the national average, which was 8.1 percent last month. The rate was under 7 percent in 22 states in April. That compares with only 13 states in April 2011.

The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate dropped in 37 states in April, the most in three months. Unemployment rose in 5 states and was unchanged in eight.

Nationally, the unemployment rate has fallen a full percentage point since August. Employers have added a million jobs over the past five months, though the pace of hiring slowed in March and April.

The national rate has also declined because some people gave up looking for work. The government counts people as unemployed only if they are actively looking for a job.

The states with the lowest unemployment continue to be in the upper Midwest with small populations. North Dakota’s rate was 3 percent in April, the lowest in the country. It was followed by Nebraska at 3.9 percent and South Dakota at 4.3 percent.

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60 responses to “Where Should You Move If You Live In California? Where The Jobs Are!”

  1. Jim Ellis says:

    Of the top employment states mentioned in this article what do 7 out of 10 have in common? North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma are “Right To Work States.” The other 3 (Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts) are not.
    What about the other 27 positive employment states? What is their status? Is there a conclusion to be drawn from this? If so, why was this element left out of the article? Just curious.

    • Rhonda says:

      Yes, “right to work” states often have lower unemployment rates….and it’s a good thing. Because with the low wages paid, people often have to work 2 (or more) jobs just to keep their heads above water.

      • Jim Ellis says:

        So Rhonda are you saying you would prefer to not have a job in state without right to work? Seems to me having a job even if at a lower wage would be the better choice plus no union dues coming out of their paycheck.

        Besides, unions aren’t prohibited in right to work states are they?

  2. Bigspender says:

    Joblessness is down. Hiring is up in most places. People are feeling more secure. Really really bad news for the republicans.

    • jimackermann says:

      My best guess is that you are listening to the Democrats hype. The bad news is the Dems are lying. The other bad news is that Obama flushed almost a trillion dollars down the toilet with no results. If Jesus were a Republican and Hitler were a Democrat, you would speak German.

      • Watchin' says:

        Sorry to disappoint you jim…..but it’s not hype, Democrats or otherwise. Stop living with your nose so far up the elephant’s butt and listen to something other than FoxNews and you will hear a bit of truth. No, it’s not 100% turn around in every state, but the joblessness IS DOWN, and if the Repubs would cooperate for one moment, we could get it further down. Just a note – you’ve got balls bigger than your brain to use the name of Jesus so disrespectfully! He does pay attention and so should you!

      • Kolenekeo C. Darwin Kaeo says:

        I think you’ve got it backwards … Republicans screwed this country as always … the $6.9T debt incurred by Bush and Cheney .. read carefully. Obama certainly couldn’t cure the amount of debt yet, the insignificance of debt imposed the GW Bush, it would take another 9 yrs to get out of what they put this country through. Read the facts. Hitler was a Republican .. get your rhetoric straight, your conservative party should reside in Africa, for that’s where our country’s heading.

        Our financial system began to fall apart during GW Bush’s reign, as a mortgage banker I have the financial facts as proof, first was his lack of regulation imposed by senators and Alan Greenspan which was opposed as, the new wholesale products hurried to market where the industry began to fall apart, first went the mortgage and real property estate market, next was the trickle effect from “Credit” to consumer pricing, to loss of white collar and financial industry workers, to the fall of small businesses to the Blue collar workers .. this is still in affect today where the wholesale bankers fell and closed their doors in 05 and the mortgage market fell apart in 06′ then worse in 07′ .. by then the retail bankers were hit beginning in 07′. The trickle affect lingers today.

        Yet everyone blames Obama .. wake up America .. those loopholes President Obama spoke of, is the reason Republicans and moderate Democrats are using of which they created the Laws, excluding themselves from liability of all financial and problematic review, that alone is bullshit! as they, put the burden to the American tax payer. Why should we pay for their idiotic protection and mess they created. Obama can only do so much while the Republicans lie their way back into White which is “No Way” for me. I have too many facts with figures as proof as, Mitt and boys know’s they must avoid .. for these facts and figures will come to the media very soon.

        Banks needs strict regulation for should they continue their reign of idiotic power, knowing the 6 largest banks now hold over $9T in cash .. go figure, who paid to bail them out and , what are we left holding … ???

        You best think about it my friend for, we the people are the ones that will be heard and not vote for A-holes into office for their own frigging greed. This country was based on what’s best for the people and NOT rich corporate and oil tycoons who’s sole purpose is, to insure you and I Do Not Succeed.

        Keep in mind, Obama may have spent that $3T to assist in the debt caused by the last Administration but, its what the last Administration created and caused the financial meltdown ($6.0T) and, current economic failure of our now plagued society and prior to 08′.

        We the people must stand together and not for the sake of blame but for the sake of success of our country and towards the future of our children, their children and their children’s children for many generations to come. Their must be a balance of your economic situation and not forced main st America to suffer cost associated with credit taxation for the 1% and corporation to receive additional bonuses, dividends without regulation while plaguing on programs our elderly and women truly need.

        What about the children and education? Think about it. Our taxes support 2/3 of the world, who’s gaining the credits, profits, dividends while main st America suffers in more ways than 4?

    • Jan Blair says:

      Hi jimackermann.. my company is hiring, if your interested

      • jimackermann says:

        Absolutely, how do I contact you? Thank you.

        • bigspender7 says:

          Not difficult to believe you can’t find a job given your decision to leave school so early. But that doesn’t completely explain your astonishing lack of common sense.

    • Jim Ellis says:

      Is joblessness really down or as this article points out are there more people no longer looking for a job?

  3. dardyl says:

    I don’t know about the other states, but Texas also doesn’t have a state income tax. That is so nice since we are taxed at every turn these days. Too bad that as a nation, overall, the news is alarming. People don’t feel secure and are unsure about how the outcome for our nation will be. Even in the states mentioned here, the dollar has less purchasing power than it did one, two, three years ago. With Geitner going to China and agreeing to promote the yuan while devaluating our dollar, America will decline further. It is alarming and our own government is our own worst enemy. Let businesses and people keep tax monies and develop jobs on their own from the private sector. Keep unions and government out and you will see states flourish like these mentioned.

    • bigspender7 says:

      dandylillie — does your planet contain oxygen or are you just breathing hot gases.

      • dardyl says:

        I’m breathing oxygen here on Earth. That allows me to think clearly. I don’t know what I said that made you wonder. Are you for more taxes? Was it Geitner? Does your dollar buy more or less? Do you want more government in your life? Do you think dependence on the government is the best course? Do you trust the unions? Which was it?

        • bigspender7 says:

          What I think is that you are mired in ideological zealotry which leaves you confused and unable to see the facts for what they are. You’re right that Texas has no state income tax but we have high sales tax to compensate. We also have the lowest per capita spending on education and among the highest rate of poverty. The dollar has been gaining somewhat of late against other currencies and Geitner has been doing nothing of the sort in China as you falsely alledge. You’re right in part when you say our own government is our worst enemy — so long as you recognize that the real damage is being committed by congressional republicans. As for unions, they play a balancing role for workers in this country but don’t always act responsibly. As for dependence on government, Americans have almost always done that even tho government sometimes lets us down — such as now as you point out.

          • dardyl says:

            It’s funny that Republicans are seen as zealots mired in ideology when they speak up and don’t agree with others. They just see things differently, but it doesn’t stop the name calling. The dollar is in competition with the yuan and Geitner is selling us short by promoting the yuan. It will only devalue the dollar. As it is, the dollar is worth .11 cents less than this time three months ago. MY dollar doesn’t buy nearly as much as it did four years ago. We can’t continue to spend our way out of debt!!! Think about that phrase. Americans didn’t always depend on the government. They began to do so a great deal in the Great Depression. The People are to blame for letting the social programs stay in place once they got back on their feet. Now, the programs don’t even resemble the ones back then. They have grown all out of proportion and there is just so much people can continue to pay out. We need some serious tightening of the belt, and that means everyone. Every thing is a worthy cause. People say we can’t cut here nor there, but we can. We have to and we need the dollar as healthy as it can be. Our own government is buying our dollars but foreign countries aren’t like they were. The dollar has been the international currency, but it has fallen in value and our borrowing power is almost maxed out and other governments are turning to other resources. The yuan is about to make its debut in the international market and that will do us no good. Obama, not satisfied with his trillions spent to date, presented Congress with another glutted budget, to be borrowed and spent. When will it stop? What do you find objectionable to slowing the spending down? If I did my budget this way, it would ruin me and my marriage, and I would be
            in great trouble. When you are $2000 down, do you go buy a new car or do
            you redo your budget and work your way out? I call this common sense.


  5. Paul Ptack says:

    The thing is we need to create good paying jobs that pay a living wage. You have to ask yourself one thing, could you make it on 7,8, or 9 dollars an hour. That has been happening for the last several years now and look where we are at and not to make anything better we have been fighting 2 wars for the better part of 10 years now and never had a war tax. First time in the history of this country. We are really in trouble and i am afraid that they are going to slam it again to the poor and middle class who see no end to this nightmare and the people who creative this new winner take all Ecom. will walk away again with there heads up and there noses in the air! Get rid of all tax breaks for companies who are still send job overseas. They don’t need any more breaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kolenekeo C. Darwin Kaeo says:

      One of the benefits to our democratic society is to design and create our own freedom including jobs so, if you’re able to create and design what you enjoy the most then, so be it. I have and for the last 17 years I’m still going strong and will NEVER work for anyone else again.

      Granted not everyone is able to create and design their own job but, it certainly is a very strong possibility you can use your creative imagination for, most millionaires have done the same thing and, for those who have the, greater % of them are independents & Democrats and for the people.

      I’m an independent voter and will remain independent. Though my likes and dislikes from both parties I’ve come to the conclusion, the Republicans can’t persuade me otherwise, my vote is for Obama for a 2nd term.

      I don’t trust the lying idiot who thinks he’s a Christian yet, he’s passing judgement on president Obama with his bullshit rhetoric .. that’s not Christian like and, all of his followers are frigging liars that alone is too much for me. He won’t express his religious beliefs means he may be the Anti-Christ! …. joke… ??? hahahaha

      Just a thought my friend.

      • Jerpell says:

        Honestly..If I wanted to read a novel I would not read your drivel!

      • Bunny says:

        Good to here from someone who understands investments ! I have very little knowledge ,but have a small amount of stock with A G Edwands…. I do go with my GUT , and am VERY uncomfortable with Romney ! ! ! Not just because the is a Republican , but because he is a Wolf in sheeps clothing ! ! !

        • Kolenekeo C. Darwin Kaeo says:

          Sometimes going with your gut instincts can wreak havoc on your own inability to further continue your research into A G Edwards, as I’m sure you’re aware the versatility towards the entire package of your investments may surprise you. Research with your individual stocks of your package and, find out how diversified is the investments. I’m sure its a mutual fund package which is quite diversified yet, moderate to conservative growth potential gains which, is good. If part of your investment package contains an aggressive growth fund, call them … ask for the last 4 quarters of statement, peruse the statement on the increasing/decreasing growth … analyze the +/- and % of loss vs gains for you’ll see where most of your $$$ has been gained and, if its a loss … question it. Its your investment and your right especially for what you’re paying into for your retirement and security must be less volatile and more towards your gain.

          Check your taxes .. that should make a difference ..

          On the economy and politics … as several had mentioned “Unions” … if not for the union’s this country would be so upside down and screwed by the large corporations and the Oil companies as, our country be no different than the 3rd world countries with 2 classes of people .. Rich and Poor … that alone is a fear of mine should the Republican reign another 4 yrs of bullshit. I think the smarter independent voters such as myself outweigh both the Liberal and Conservative’s today. Lets hope the right party wins and, its certainly NOT going to be Romney.

      • Bunny says:

        I did it again ! ! ! We had A.G. Edwards for sooooo long I keep on saying that ! ! ! We invest with Edward Jones now and so far happy with them .

        • Kolenekeo C. Darwin Kaeo says:

          There you go … I’m glad to hear that…. always be happy and keep yourself in check just, not comfortable for at times the market can tank you … then you need to look at other sources…. Edward Jones is a stable, strong, informative and very supportive company but to insure your broker is continuing his local duties, keeping your local environment strong and supportive is good, keeping all the investments stable for if not, you’ll go elsewhere. That’s what I told my last Edward Jones broker …. worked so, now I do it myself without paying the commissions and, in time you’ll do the same…with investments especially your retirement one, should check on the markets, I would ask your broker the same questions to insure you’re watching the “Task Bar Ticker” on the bottom Bloomberg financials. I keep Bloomberg on day and sometimes at night just to see how the market fares in a day. Bloomberg, CNBC .. go online download Bloomberg, if you’re online keep the ticker going … you’ll be amazed.

          Be surprise what you’ll learn from the financial markets then, as you watch the political reviews you’ll see how it affects the economy and, who’s bullshitting you in the world of politics.

          I shake my head at the Republicans and sometimes the Democrats for either case they both have their own bullshit to deal with, problem is they want to use tax payers reform and credits towards their benefit and no one else. Those loopholes president Obama spoke about during his state of the union address … yea, look into that you’ll see the Republicans have written into Laws governing themselves to use funds as they see fit and, protecting them from liability from misappropriation of tax payers funds without jail time .. go figure.

          We need to close those financial and tax loopholes which is what the Republican’s are screaming about it, takes away their nest-egg. I certainly want president Obama to continue closing those loopholes it will save the country an enormous amount of wasteful government spending.

  6. mikeycb494 says:

    a word to the people who say unions and the gov, are to blame; if you have ever read the history of our country, at the turn of the century, children and adults worked endless hours for no pay and no protection from big business. if it were not for people dying in the streets in the 1920’s, trying to create collective organizations(UNIONS); to raise the poor to middle class status; this country would never have won ww2. our military, would have not been as strong as it is now either. there will always be risks associated with democracy. abuses are part of any society. for good or bad, we are better for the unions, and the government we create and manage everyday. democracy is an ever present work in progress. we have to be vigilent, diligent, and determined to see it last. so the next time you bitch and complain about unions organizing, or the government not giving you your dessert with dinner; remember, it either works for everyone or no one!

    • Bunny says:

      There seems to be such a strong anti-union mindset in this country. Do you feel that a lot of Unions have abused their strength ? I have heard so many stories about Unions members being lazy at work and they could not be fired because of Union protection . My feeling is without Unions the workers are at complete mercy to the Corporations. How is that working so far?

      • mikeycb494 says:

        hi bunny, there are lazy people everywhere. however, we cannot allow the acts of a few to determine how good or bad something is. you can regulate most aspects of life; on the other hand, you can never regulate or control human nature. that is the risk we face in this world. human nature is a funny thing, at any given moment anything can happen. so that is why i say, we have to be vigilent and most diligent; in how we preserve our democracy. it is truly fragile. one moment it’s here, the next it could be gone; no guarantees.

      • M VINCE TURNER says:

        @Bunny: Sadly, that anti-unionism started with Ronald Reagan about the same time he took out a “contract” against Middle America. The power brokers do not want the working people to have any power at all.

    • Jim Ellis says:

      I agree unions served a purpose when they were first organized. Workers were underpaid and abused. But that was before federal labor laws and minimum wages. I have to wonder if they are still necessary to protect workers ‘from big business’.

      Sometimes it seems the unions themselves have become the bigger threat to middleclass workers. Ever increasing wages and benefits result in higher and higher cost of living making it harder for the middleclass to pay for necessities. As a result the union demands higher pay, costs go up again and on and on.

      I own a very small business. I used to have a couple of employees. Minimum wage went up, unemployment insurance went up, and I was left with the choice of letting my employees go or not make any money for my business and my family. The employee became a luxury I could no longer afford.

      Before that my family owned a slightly larger business. There were attempts to organize our small workforce but my dad made it clear he would close the doors if that happened. We employed around a dozen workers at minimum wage. We paid all of the employees’ health insurance, and they got paid vacation time. We did not allow sick days unless they were sick but often allowed a day off with pay if they really needed to take care of personal business. I don’t think we EVER convinced our employees they were actually being paid much more than what they got in their weekly paycheck. Again, minimum wages and payroll expenses rose we found ways to get by with fewer employees until finally it became obvious we were better off closing the doors. Our employees became a luxury we could no longer afford and the business was more than just a family of 3 could manage. 8 or 10 workers became unemployed and most of them were too old to get hired at any better position than they were losing if at all.

      My point … is it better to have higher pay (minus union dues) if the cost of living goes up as fast or faster than the pay scale or is it better to have a job that puts food on table.

      • mikeycb494 says:

        jim, i understand the objective of owning and running a business, is profit. however, people cannot be reduced to facts and figures. it is too simple to say, well, if what you’re seeking is a better life for you and your family, may cost you your employment. it’s a hell of a thing to hold over someones head. whether you mean it that way or not. and by the way, i know that all unions are not created equal; though without them, the balance of financial persuation (vs. the big corporations); would be way too one sided. my logic is, if you cannot afford the cost of doing business, and do right by your employees, and reduce their lives to a spreadsheet; society suffers. and you know what is really ironic, the poor and middle class; 99% of the workforce, are the ones whos monies are used to bail out the irresponsible practices of business. what a world.

      • viewfromtheleftcoast says:

        Jim see post at top……. for you

    • I was raised in Michigan, and at 16 yrs old I worked with a union co. and it was the best
      protection you as a person could get, I’m now 61 yrs. old got my pension, with the unions help. The company’s can fire you anytime without unions, it’s like having a lawyer watching your back, and you have seniority and a new hirey can’t get more hours and move ahead of you, you always have job security. I think this Country did a very stupid thing getting rid of unions in some company’s. I now live in Florida and they pay you peanuts which a person can’t even live on in today’s world, so you people whom have been told that unions are no good think twice, our parent’s fought for them and we should too! what is happening with the youth today, can’t they see what is happening. get with it kids, do your home work and fight for Unions! that is the only
      protection you will ever get with the people inWashington today!! God help our children
      in the future, because I pain for them. My time is getting shorter and I only hope and pray that the younger people get a back bone and fight for all your might! for you job

      • ckibbey80 says:

        It is true that the young people today, don’t have a clue as to what is going on. Further more, they have had it too good over the years. They don’t know what real work is. I have nothing against the unions as a whole. My grandmother was black listed in 1912 for organizing a union, however, today’s unions have become greedy and protect too much “dead wood” (nonperformers, slackers, etc.) in companies. I was in supervision in Detroit about 20+ years ago, and had to deal with a union in that respect. I had an employee that was part of the bargining unit and was rather “low on the totem pole” in regards to seniority, and had to take what was left in shifts available (we had 24/7 coverage). He was supposed to be on the job at 7 AM Tuesday to Sunday. I knew he played in a band at a neighborhood bar, and was there until at least 2 AM on Friday & Saturday nights, however, it was his problem to be to work on time and ready to go the next morning. I think he was suffering from the “brown bottle flu” a lot of mornings. I began to notice he was “signing in” instead of punching in on the time clock. I spoke to him about it, and then clock punches began to appear on his time card. I suspected something was still not exactly smelling right. I had no way of proving otherwise that he was on the job at 7 AM, or not. So security cameras were installed at various places through out the building including over the time clock, employee entrance, all entrance doors to the propety, etc. The cameras were monitored and 24/7 recorded. I found out that another employee was punching him at or before 7 AM, however, the real person was not showing up until as late as 1 PM in the after noon, 6 hours late! With evidence on tape, the company discharged him for falsifaction of a time card, in other words, he was stealing from the company! He in turn, filed a grievence with the union, who in turn demanded an arbitration hearing which went on for approx. 6 months. After all said and done, the arbitrator ruled that the punishment was too severe (dismissal) and he was to be reistated with 6 months nonpaid suspension-time served! In other words, the company had no control over it’s employees. The other employee was given a written warning for punching in some one else time card. After that, the general workers of the department took on the “…when I get around to it…” attitude when it came to work assignments as it was stated in their contract that they could not be discharged for nonperformance, and now, they could basically come in when they damn well felt like and not worry about getting fired. After that, I had had a belly full of the union business! My grand parents are turning over in their graves with the things that go on today, as this was NOT what they worked so hard for at the begining of the last century. I have been in several unions, myself, over the years, and they did not protect me from anything. I paid my dues, went to meetings, etc. and all I got was a $.10 hr. raise, (gee don’t over whelm my bank account) and then let me be terminated for something that was beyond my contol! Unions are great in some respects, then in others… Companies can not continue to pass the costs on to the consumers that are associated with labor costs, that is why a lot of companies have moved off shore to advoid paying high labor costs and keeping prices of goods some what in reach of the general public.

        • mikeycb494 says:

          to ckibbey80, ok, so what you’re saying is, due to the bad examples of the few; the many should suffer. commonsense tells me, the reason the big companies are sleazing off shore; is due to the taxes, they do not want to pay. the lower wages they pay are also a factor, for sure. what they don’t want to own up to, is the fact, that this country gave them the oportunity to have what they have. it is pure treason in my view, to take advantage of all the oportunities the taxpayers, and our democracy gives you; then turn around and undermine and sell out your own fellow citizens for profit. then complain that you’re being taxed too much. at least we have some form of representation, when things get out of control. do you think countries like china or korea, would embelish you with these rights. hell no they would use you for all you’re worth, take everything you have; throw you in a room, and throw the room away! kinda sounds like what big business along with help from the far right republican party, has been doing to american worker; the 99%.

        • Unionized mines have fewer accidents and deaths due to fewer safety violations. In the oil fields non-union truckers are forced to drive way more hours beyond what is prudent, and accidents due to this practice along with more unsafe equipment in use is resulting dramatically higher fatal accident rates as reported by major newspapers.

          These are broad-based statistics, not isolated anecdotes. Unions may not be perfect, but neither is management, not by a long shot.

        • 2flutes says:

          You’d rather trust the 1%???? Sucker…….

      • mikeycb494 says:

        hi sheila, from your lips to gods ears, sweetie. thank god for people with your experience, and commonsense. you’re right, they just don’t get it!

    • My grandfather was in the typographical union (I have his 50 year pin) and he was never unemployed during the Great Depression. Because of this, my mom’s family lived a decent standard of living, but so did their housekeeper/companion to my grandmother, because my grandfather not only paid this woman’s wages (she was African American with a family to raise) but also gave her other monies so she could live a decent life for the times.

    • 2flutes says:

      I wish some of the Democratic Pols would remind voters of this fact of life in America.
      I have no idea what they teach of American history in high school, but many students of mine don’t seem
      to know too much about that great upheaval in America where the common folks found
      there is power in numbers and started organizing unions. My dad and mom were union members as I have been as a New York State teacher for 47 years.

      • mikeycb494 says:

        2flutes; yes sir, you are so right. i commend you for giving back to our society, through teaching. i have always had the view, that; if one does not choose to remember the past, one is condemned to repeat it. nothing in life is perfect, more people should really try and understand this. i hope, that more people with independent minds, will think very carefully about the future of our country; not from just a purely selfish point of view; however, from more of a neighborly point of view. for what you have tommorow, may be what your neighbor did for you today.

  7. literacy37 says:

    Where is Wiwsconsin in all of this?

  8. literacy37 says:

    How does Wisconsin rate with the employment gains and unimployment?

  9. Jerpell says:

    Obama is way in over his head…The man just wants the title!

  10. WilliamGoldstein says:

    Don’t like unions? Think Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in 1911!

    • Jim Ellis says:

      A century ago! What has changed since then? OHSA, EPA, NRLA, FLSA, Child Labor Laws, mimimum wage, unemployment benefits, to name a few of the protections in place at the Federal level not to mention state and local statutes. Are unions necessary for safety issues anymore? That seems to be a recurring argument for their existance on this comment board – what they did to improve workplace standards a 100 years ago. Seems like it’s pretty well covered by law now.

      Maybe it’s time to say thanks to the unions for all you’ve done, now it’s time to move on.

      • Bunny says:

        If Government took over completely and the Unions gone ? We would be relying completely on the GOOD will of the Corporations and their CEOs . This would give workers NO Voice and Greed would continue , and AT A faster pace…. The Middle Class will be gone completely ! ! ! WE MUST HAVE A VOICE ! ! ! Maybe small business could be an exception ?

  11. Maybe humans are growing beyond the capacity of money itself. I have contemplated the idea of a self-sustaining non-money system. Take the idea of a buffet and add it to a star-ship. The work you did that day to help the ship move is your payment at the ‘buffet’. At the star-ship Earth ‘buffet’ you get food , shelter, transportation, clothes, health care, etc until your needs are met. If another country uses this system you could travel there, work there and visit.
    This would help reduce taxes, be a provide safety nets, infrastructure and more.
    No economic system is perfect. The error is in human. But there is a lot of good I see in the idea that it might be worth trying. This idea won’t meat all needs or work everywhere, but I do see it working alongside any money based economy. Kind of like yin and yang.

  12. viewfromtheleftcoast says:

    Jim Ellis, minimum wage doesn’t put food on the table for a family of four, pay the rent (because a mortgage is not even in the picture) utilities, transportation, and when kids grow clothes for school……Sorry your business model didn’t work out for you…ratio of product to cost…and contract to sell product……IT WAS NOT YOUR EMPLOYEES ERROR!!!

    Unions still matter……CEO’s really don’t need millions to live on….. but loyal employees, properly paid for company profits…will always keep the company afloat if it is a properly run company with a product that is needed and wanted and is well made….fairly paid employees, spend money and create jobs to make their the products they need and want…..

    • Jim Ellis says:

      And I did not blame the employees.
      We had good employees and paid them all we could afford plus benefits. None of our employees had anything beyond a HS diploma if that. They had no vocational skills beyond what their jobs entailed. Without our paying all of thier health insurance they would have had no coverage. They all had food on their tables, and took care of their families. No their kids didn’t wear $100 sneakers and they didn’t have a 60″ tv in the living room either. NEITHER did our family and we still don’t. The family business did ‘work out’ for about 40 years before competition, labor costs, and 10-16+ hours of dirty work took their toll.

      As for the CEO millionaires — would that be the corporate or union top cats you are referring to?

      • viewfromtheleftcoast says:

        Jim, I’m not sure how long ago your business ended, but “today”, a minimum wage does not feed family of four, pay rent, etc…, without government assistance or a second or third job…I commend you for providing health insurance…wages and costs have are way out of balance…that is the only point I was trying to make….multiple minimum wage jobs is what holds a family together today…..

        Education is the one of the ways out of this cycle, be it college, or vocational. That and some tax incentives for the corporations who left, to come back.

        Greed has done much to destroy our economy. How much is enough? Taking jobs, good paying jobs, overseas to exploit workers in 3rd world countries to make more and more money. This cannot not be blamed solely on Unions. How many millions does one need? But, we know it is what those millions, billions do, they buy power…

  13. Our pet dog can show us how to be better ‘Christians’. They don’t even read the bible. They don’t even know Jesus.
    Know one can prove that GOD exist and know one can disprove GOD’s existence.

    Remember care for how we were made, car for your neighbor, care for your brother and sister, car for yourself and care for your enemies. Why are we so quick to find enemy? We need to change enemy to friend. Learn how they live.

    Maybe someday we can evolve beyond money. If you take out the money living properly would be possible for EVERYONE in the biosphere of EARTH.

  14. suskopo says:


  15. Kolenekeo C. Darwin Kaeo says:

    But you read it!

  16. bf says:

    I work in Pennsylvania where big businesses are still laying off Americans to out-shore their jobs to poorer countries for lesser salaries. Those of us who still have jobs are working with outdated salaries while our costs continue to escalate. I have yet to see any studies equally relating salaries these days as well as how manyjobs are off-shored. The irony is, the foreigners in my case do not do as good a job as their American counterparts even hough though the foreigners are being made our bosses. If nothing else, imagine what it means to be American and choose to live in America yet all you get to see day in day out are foreigners. And at that, they aren’t diverse foreigners, they are all from the same country. It feels as if I am no longer in America!

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