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Monday, October 24, 2016
  • Dominick Vila

    Who is to blame? Putin. He could have told the pro-Russian rebels in the Ukraine to cease and desist. Instead, he encouraged them to pursue their separatist goal, and tragedies like this are not happening.

    • CPAinNewYork

      Also to blame is the Malaysian airline that, to save money on fuel, sent its plane over a war zone.

  • ralphkr

    No, no, no Dominick, we all know that it is definitely Obama’s fault just as every other bad thing that has happened the last 50 years was caused by Obama. After all, we all know that he is an absolute all powerful tyrant unable to do anything without the permission of his Muslim overlords. Just thought for once I would beat the conservative know nothings to the punch.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Yeah, and just picture if this was a 777 full of Latino children: The despicable Tea Bigots would be jumping with joy.

      • libbydbone

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  • Magnus Thunderson

    Simply sad is Russia as if they did not give these top military weapon’s systems they would not be this tragedy