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Sunday, June 17, 2018

The National Rifle Association didn’t just stop the effort to close the loopholes in background checks, even though that effort was supported by more than 8 in 10 Americans. It has crushed academic research on gun violence to the point that we don’t even know how many people commit suicide at gun ranges each year.

Some say the gun rights movement has learned from what happened to the tobacco industry, as decades of denial gave way to legislation that has increasingly diminished the ability of their product to be consumed in public.

But smoking tobacco laced with nicotine isn’t a Constitutional right, unlike the right to bear arms or a woman’s right to choose. If firearms advocates want to search for an example of effectively legislating away a right, the can look at what their allies in the anti-abortion rights movement have achieved.

Exactly 41 years after the Supreme Court ruled that a woman’s right to privacy via the “due process” clause of the Constitution gave her a limited right to end a pregnancy, 87 percent of counties in the United States lack an abortion provider. The right’s effort to use local and state control to enact laws and regulations make it impossible to provide the procedure in most of the country. And they’re far from done from trying to make abortion rights “a thing of the past,” as Governor Rick Perry vowed last year before signing legislation that will force dozens of clinics to close.

State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) rose to speak for 14 hours against laws that were clearly designed to close as many clinics as possible, making an abortion far more difficult to obtain, and then ban the procedure earlier than the Supreme Court had previously ruled was Constitutional.

Imagine if you couldn’t purchase a gun in 87 percent of the country. Imagine if nearly every day in some state a new piece of legislation was being considered that didn’t close gun shops but made it impossible for them to operate, forcing buyers into the black market. Gun owners may not mind that because buying a gun from a private individual is less of a hassle. But the industry, which finances the NRA, would never let that happen.

Despite what Republicans want you to believe, there is no “abortion industry.” We know this because an “industry” would never let the march against women’s rights proceed as rapidly as it has in the last few years.

Knowing that abortion is actually more common where it’s illegal, the right is pushing women into a black market that could cost them their health and their lives. The only hope women have is the courts, politicians and activists willing to stand up for the right to choose.

115 Responses to Why Wendy Davis Terrifies The GOP

  1. The trendy comment of ‘republicans care about children before they are born but not after’ is a joke. If you care for children why don’t you use your own money to help people like conservatives do instead of telling other people to pay more taxes and steal from future generations.

    • I bet you’re counting tything (to churches) in your estimation that conservatives give more of their own money (to take care of the less fortunate), aren’t you? Churches actually donate VERY little of their income to those causes and usually put conditions (encouraging religious conversion) on what help they do provide.

      Also, deciding as a society how we use our tax money to help the less fortunate is a macro version of using one’s own money. That you object to some of the uses of our tax moneys is an unfortunate reality. I strenuously objected to my taxes paying for the Iraq War, but it’s not like I claimed that the PROCESS of Federal appropriations was illegitimate just because I didn’t like the outcome.

      • I like how the left thinks giving to churches doesn’t count. Any charitable organization needs a building, employees, and will have operating bills. Also, I don’t know many churches that require conversions in order to recieve help, please provide where you found this information.

        • I didn’t write, “don’t count”, but I did suggest that it’s not the SAME AS giving that is primarily passed onto charity to which no significant conditions are attached. I also didn’t write, “require conversion”. I’m sorry the nuances of my statement are lost on you.

          BTW, I’m a religious person and believe in church-based community works; I’m just willing to admit that it’s NOT an adequate substitute for real social safety nets.

          • I don’t think it’s adequate too. But it helps and shouldn’t be looked down upon. Govn’t safety nets should be there, just not to the point of bankrupting future generation and killing motivation to work.

          • The amount it’s costing us right now is not a fault of the programs but of the economy. I’m not looking down on religious charity, just being realistic about how much of the average tithe actually goes to charity, how consistently and continuously it goes there (and through what avenues). You do realize that we spend much more on corporate subsidies (by several orders of magnitude) than we do on our entire social safety net, right? You do realize that, among discretionary spending items actually in the budget, that military spending and Medicare costs are MUCH bigger cost items than SNAP, AFDIC and other forms of “welfare”, right?

          • Also, that same person making $50K a year is paying close to $5 per day to support “corporate welfare”, such as paid to Monsanto for crop subsidies, or Exxon-Mobil for “exploration”.

          • On that note, How can the govn’t take care of people when they spend more than we get in GDP? We are 17 trillion in debt. That is unsustainable.

          • I paid more in federal income tax, in real dollars, not percentage than General Electric. It paid nothing and has a $13 billion in tax credits. Yet, GE was able to pay its CEO millions in direct compensation and stock options.

          • The main contributors to the national debt growth during the past 4.5 years involve the measures needed to prevent the collapse of Wall Street and the U.S. economy, increased unemployment benefits caused by the 2007-2010 Great Recession, the cost of two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), interest on the debt, and unfunded liabilities.
            The size of the Federal workforce has been reduced by almost 1 million civil servants, we are finally out of Iraq, our presence in Afghanistan is down to 10% of what it was in 2009, unemployment benefits have been reduced as a result of an improving economy and job growth, and investment to offset the effect of the great recession has been reduced, albeit for the fact that interest rates remain ridiculously low to stimulate the economy. Along the same lines, annual budget deficits have been cut in half since President Obama became president, which augur a significant decline in the need to borrow in the not too distant future.

          • What Chunkstyler? No idiotic retort to Mr. Vila? This is exactly the response we get from you Trolls, when faced with fact based posts. Crickets!

          • Forgive me, but Iraq’s Civil War, should never have been our problem! Those folks have been killing each other for thousands of years. Dubya, and Chaney, were not even smart enough to learn from the miserable failure, that was The Russian Occupation of Afghanistan. ACA is not collapsing, and is growing every day. Ehhhhh, try again, and this time, turn off Fox News for 24 hrs!

          • I’m sorry, you’re right. More people have lost insurance then gained under Obamacare, rates went up as well as deductibles. But at least we don’t have to pay for birth control and that’s all that counts. I love the liberal white flag they raise when they don’t have an argument and go to the ‘Fox news’ argument. Just because a news organization questions a party in power and doesn’t just repeat democrat talking points doesn’t mean it’s not valid. Plus, I get my news from multiple sources so try again.

          • Obviously you aren’t intelligent enought to separate fact from your obsession with Obama. And media matters is funded by special interests and George Soros. It’s a laughing stock. The fact you are using them as a source is all I need to know about your IQ.

          • I would have a few suggestions – cut the money stream to the wealthy – the list of methods is very long. This attitude among the wealthy is that it is all theirs for the taking and they buy the legislation to get it. Continuing to support these endless tax credits, tax breaks, subsidies and no restraint by corporations when they pay CEO’s and other inept executives compensation for driving their companies into the ground or selling them off to foreign investors for pennies on the dollar. They always seem to come out smelling like a rose – and if the poor can’t figure out how to do that – well you deserve to be poor – that is the GOP’s attitude and they are doing the youth that they are training to be uber greedy will leave our country in a shambles.

        • I don’t know about Andy’s info, but I know of at least one church that I tried to get help from decades ago, who turned me down because I wasn’t of their faith — the Mormon Church. They like to brag about their charitable work, but when you look at it in detail, you will find the truth of what I am saying.

        • A “Charitable’ organization that demand acceptance of their views: Salvation Army. And there are many, many more.

        • The reason churches”don’t count” is because they consider it payment for the after life. If you are buying something for that donation it is no longer a donation.

      • We lost about 4,400 precious American men and women in the 7 years 9 months of the Iraq war. We lose 3,700 precious American children A DAY from abortion. Make no mistake…there has been and is a war on the unborn, led by people just like Wendy Davis.

        • Wendy chose to raise her child and is now catching flak from the teabaggers that she got help doing it. Her point is that others should have the right to choose, just as she did. Her point is that closing clinics that provide wellcare for expectant mothers (as the Texass legislature did) causes more infant and mother deaths.

          • Also the closing of the clinics keep poor women from being able to get health care for medical problems that have nothing to do with abortion, like being able to get birth control pills that do more than keep a woman from getting pregnant, they keep women from cramping so badly each month that they miss one or more days of work because of cramps, they shirk filaboids (not spelled right) help women not get cervix cancer. Close clinics that treat both women and men for sexually transmitted diseases, give mothers to be the vitamins and other stuff that they need to deliver a healthy baby and teach parenting classes so the mother or parents know how to be a good parent and lots of other things that relate to medical problems that only women have.
            Also guest we are not losing 3700 babies a day since there is no baby when an abortion is done just biological matter that is not a baby and may not even become one because women’s bodies also abort this matter and even almost full term babies everyday that isn’t alive or in the case of a almost full term baby that died in the womb, or only lives for seconds or minutes after the woman’s body aborts it. According to the New Testament life does not begin until a baby draws it first breath after it leaves the womb. Don’t remember the exact book and verse where that is said but it is in the New Testament so we are not killing 3700 precious children a day because a woman has an abortion. We are losing hundred of thousands of precious children daily due to wars, starvation, dirty drinking water, lack of medicare, abuse, drive by shootings, and murders by parents and known or unknown persons or due to having a medical problem develop that the doctors can’t diagnose what they have. Care more for the children that are already in this world than a biological mass that may or may not form into a living breathing baby.

        • So, 8-thenths of one percent of the female population has an abortion each year. There are as many if not more miscarraiges each year…so by your logic God is waging a war on the unborn.

        • The real stat is something closer to 2000 abortions per day across the whole nation. Regardless, those aren’t fully formed children that are “lost”; they are unborn, developing embryos and fetuses. You don’t have to like it, but there IS a difference.

    • You can’t be anti-contraception, anti-abortion, anti-sex ed and anti-benefits for the poor. You have to address the problem at some step, whether it’s helping with family planning (ideally pre-conception, but alternatively post-conception) or helping people take care of the kids that you won’t help them avoid having.

      The amount of aid required to take care of children in poverty dwarfs the amount of charitable giving in the US.

      Live in the real world and drop the lazy, factually unsupported, talking points.

      • You also can’t assume what people’s stance on everything is beacause of one stance. I don’t know many pro-lifers that are anti-contraception, anti-sex ed. I for one am for contraception and sex ed. Also, I don’t know any private adoption agency run by pro-choicers. All private adoption agencies I know are run by religious organazations. So there goes your argument that no pro-choicer cares for kids once they’re born. As for anti-benefits for the poor I’m for helping people in need, but we can’t make it so the desire to work is gone. There should be a government safety net, but not so large that future generations will live in poverty paying it off. I’m for creating jobs to help people. In the real world, massive debt, huge government programs crumble. You shouldn’t assume so much.

        You should take some of your own advice and steer clear from talking points. You’ll get your a$$ handed to you ever time like what just happened.

        • We may not be able to (and nor should we) assume what an INDIVIDUAL’s stance is on everything, based on one stance…however the GOP has outlined a stance on everything, adn therefore it is not a stretch to assume that if you call yourself a republican, you must have some if not all of the same stances. This is where the assumption comes from, right or wrong, but the fact is that the GOP is actually all of those outlined by Mike S., so we assume that if you subscribe to the party, you would subscribe to most of the tenents, otherwise you would identify as Independant or Democratic. (I used “you” in this comment, but I wasn’t referring to you specifically, chunk, just thought I should throw that out there)

          • And you obviously didn’t read my comment (i.e. “rant”) where I specified that I was not making the assumption that you are republican, and responding to your original comment that “republicans care about children before they are born but not after” is supposedly a “trendy” comment…demonstrating that the GOP platform supports such a comment.

        • Having actually looked at adoption agencies because my wife and I had planned to adopt, I know of more than a few secular adoption agencies which have no affiliation to any church or religious groups. Even so, adoption is hardly an ideal situation for a child and there are plenty of cases of abuse against adopted children, many attempting to justify said abuse with religion. And while it’s commendable that you are for contraception and sex ed, the point here is that the GOP is patently NOT for those things. Take a look at the state platform for just about every red state in this nation and you’ll find they are anti-choice, anti-contraception, and “abstinence-only” sex ed. Not surprisingly, those states also boast among the highest abortion and teen pregnancy rates in the country. With higher poverty rates in those states the chances for a child being adopted into a good home goes down further as well.

          It has also been shown in countless studies that providing unemployment benefits actually increases a person’s desire to seek work again, not decrease it, while taking away unemployment benefits will generally cause unemployment to rise further rather than go down. As to the massive debt and crumbling government programs, the GOP has given countless tax cuts and subsidies to corporations and the already rich while cutting funding for necessary government programs to the bone. This has been their standard practice for decades, starving government agencies of much needed funds and then pointing the finger when they inevitably fail from lack of support so they can shovel taxpayer money toward private interests instead.

          From all I’ve read from you thus far, I’d say Mike S’s assessment on your use of talking points rather than actual facts has been spot on. Anecdotal evidence and personal opinion do not trump actual facts however much you wish them to. Please take the blinders off and take a good look around. You’re busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking competition trying to defend a party whose entire platform basically goes against at least half of what you believe in, if not more.

        • I sincerely wonder how many perfectly logical folks like you have unfairly assaulted young girls during your youth and possibly through your adulthood while still professing to be ‘holier than thou’. Walking out of the public view with a male is always a risk – and don’t even try to say it is just the girl/woman making wrong choices. Working in a notoriously male profession for my entire adulthood has been fraught with wealthy, sleazy predators that think they have unfettered rights to have sex with whomever they choose. If you doubt that, you are living with your head in the sand! If I did not have to deal with the propositions in exchange for the deal-project-contract-sale or the promotion I would be much richer today. I would love to list their &^%$ names for all to see – but you know the guys would all be high-fiving, back slapping, toasting their efforts. It’s time men are taught to be gentlemen – treating women well – and women need to do likewise – if they run across one (gentleman).
          Men who have no understanding of women’s physical or emotional health have no right to sit in judgment of any woman. Get over it and start giving women the respect they deserve. Governor Walker recently commented that women’s issues are not a big concern with the women he talks to around Wisconsin – the reason is that he has isolated himself from the middle class – he only talks to ‘women’ like Diane Hendricks, Rebecca Kleefisch – you know those that have unfettered access to money – and money can buy you travel and privacy to have an abortion at will – and don’t think women who have been fortunate to marry well or born into wealth don’t have abortions – they do but you will never see those numbers. It sure would be nice if we all respected each other and tried to walk in the other persons shoes for a change – I am sure you would change your arrogant tune!

          • I love the ‘don’t judge me’ faux outrage. I believe abortion is killing an innocent life. Should I give you cookie for supporting this? Looks like you have some paranoid schizophrenia tendancys and hate for men. Should probably get checked out at a hospital.

          • “Men who have no understanding of women’s physical or emotional health
            have no right to sit in judgment of any woman. Get over it and start
            giving women the respect they deserve.” EXCELLENT! Most of the men I have known in my 71 years, boys, teens, adults – have NO CLUE about women’s bodies and their medical and emotional health. It just doesn’t exist in their view. I tried to raise my sons differently.

            Men demand Viagra but give women no choice for contraception or abortion that might result from using it!

          • You are right about their having no clue. They seem to think that women have the ability to “shut that whole thing down”.

        • All you have to do to know that many so called pro life people are anti sex education, anti contraception and anti doing anything that helps a baby after it leaves the womb is to read different articles, watch different TV channels and talk to people outside your circle of friends to know
          that fact. I know many people that claim to be pro life and to have been pro life for years that are calling and emailing their senators and representative both state and federal demanding that all safety nets be cut for babies after they are born and who had abortions themselves and never regretted their decision.You post only about private adoption agency why are you leaving out public adoption agency ? Have you had dealings with all private adoption agencies in the Country so you can say none are ran by pro choice people? None of your posting points do anything to change my mind that people that claim to be pro life are actually only pro birthers. Many of the children that are adopted through private adoption agencies end up being abused and even killed by their adoptive parents(one such case happened last year in my state and the abusers- child killers were medical doctors)

          • You’re obviouisly insane, full of hate, unable to feel compassion, and judgemental. In my circle of liberal friends and conservative friends, the only ones that help others are my conservative friends. I know many liberal who don’t want to help others. Many children adopted through public adoption agencies are also abused. Liberlas are pro-abortion, so they kill babies. So with all this proof, I just proved all liberals are horrible and all conservatives are great(see how ridicluous your comment was. Now take your xanax and a nap)

          • I am not insane, nor full of hate and I do feel compassion. My judgement is based on what I have seen and read bout since the days before Roe VS Wade and all the conservatives I have know during those years,They were less likely to help anyone even family members when they needed help though no fault of their own. Where as the Democrats and Independents I have know have always helped others with money, or labor or both The couple I told about according to their Facebook profile were Republicans, their pages are no longer on Facebook. Also your saying that Liberals are pro abortion, which not all liberals are,makes them baby killers what do you call the war Hawk Republicans that start wars that kill not only children but children that grew up to be adults? I don’t take Xanax but must since you seem to know all about it. The only hate I have in my heart is for people that are so greedy and uncaring that they want to cut all safety nets and increase tax cuts for the rich and give out corporate welfare to companies that don’t need extra money while children, vets and seniors suffer from hunger and being homeless. This liberal donates to charity everyday do you?

          • Nobody believes you. Conservatives SAY they help people. However, it’s the liberals who actually follow through.

      • Remember, when you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you. So “Live in the real world and drop the lazy, factually unsupported, talking points.”

    • Just for the record poor people don’t enjoy being poor nobody likes living in poverty. The notion that somebody is living on welfare because they’re too lazy to work is almost absurd. The vast majority of welfare recipients are working people that do not make enough to live. The real welfare in this country is going to very rich and corporations, find below a link entitled are you pissed at the right people This should give you an idea of where your money’s going and for the most part it’s not the lazy people. If you ever tried to live on the minimum wage you would know that nobody wants to be there. Just one other fact 70% of Medicaid monies go to the elderly in long-term health care not the lazy poor. The odds are you are a hard working person just like the rest of us in this country and the GOP are playing you like fiddles, especially the religious right.

    • trendy comment?? You need to take a long hard look at the GOP – that is precisely the policies and legislation that they put in place. Your statement .. “If you care for children why don’t you use your own money to help people like conservatives do instead of telling other people to pay more taxes and steal from future generations.” “… steal from future generations”? Precisely what the republicans do via corporate welfare, DOD wastefulness – Who are you? Paul Ryan? – those words are so overworked by Republicans. Do you have any clue how people that lose a job are on a fast slide into poverty? You don’t have a clue. I do a lot of volunteer work – was teaching computer classes – the typical attendee was female professional let go as she approached EARLY retirement. Now why would a corporation plan it that way? It is next to impossible to find a job at that age- and they also want to push retirement age to 70+

  2. The only people who should have the right to decide wether a woman should have a choice about what happens to her body is her.

    For all the SO CALLED “Religious” people who think it is their duty to define this right, you should have to consider your own past history.

    If you ever had sex with a member of the opposite sex outside of marriage, you took a chance of causing a pregnancy.


    Jesus taught forgiveness of others, helping those less fortunate than we are, and a multitude of other beneficial ideals.

    Using Religion to justify your position becomes hypocrisy when the actual sin you abhor is having an abortion, rather than the cause of the unplanned pregnancy.

    All you “Highly Religious” and respected members of society should remember something that Jesus taught.

    Judge not, lest ye be judged.

    • I think what those religious types are really upset about is women having sex. Babies are the punishment for sex and women need to have them to show the world what they do with their evenings! Babies are proof of their shame.

      • What the religious right is really upset about is women making their own decisions, choosing their own destiny, and not being passive supplicants to men. They oppose equal pay for equal work! Now what possible reasoning could there be for that except keeping women subservient and reliant on men?

        They oppose women defining themselves as something besides baby-makers and unpaid housekeepers. Their archaic, immoral, sexist religion is fading into the history books. They defy and deny scientific evidence because it proves that the belief system in which they have invested their lives and energy, and with which they have saddled their children, is just a lot of dark-ages hooey.

        • Who is ‘they’? Certainly not the ‘religious right!” Your accusations and insinuations reveal your lack of knowledge of them, their religion and the Bible.

          • I am a former American Baptist Minister. I am very aware of what the New Testament contains. The New Testament contains the finest model for human behavior ever put to page. If it was faithfully practiced the world would be a better place. Instead it has been twisted by men.

      • There seems to be an awful lot of punishments for sex.There are those dimwits who still claim that AIDS is a punishment for homosexual sex and that blindness is the result of masturbation.Wonder what they have to say about folks who wear glasses.

      • Of interest is the fact that the more educated a society is the more choices are available to ALL including women the better the society runs and thrives. That is the ultimate threat. Women are no longer controlled by shame and guilt. We have raised 3 generations of women that have had the freedom to make educational and life choices not hampered by confines that allowed men to control our lives. We made choices to be part of the culture not a victim of the patriarchal old school that defined us as chattel.

        Secondly, having children is a choice no longer attached to the guilt and shame of being a whole human being and female. Little frightened men and women will never put that genie back in the bottle. We have choices and we will keep them!

    • Excellent post! But, thing is neither side takes into consideration weather the unborn baby would chose to be born. Ya, I know there is not a way to find out the answer.
      As the father of daughters, without involving moral issues, if one of my daughters wanted to end a pregnancy I would want it to be ended in a clean legal clinic rather than a illegal back ally joint.

    • After having three children I got a vasectomy. Been divorced for over 20 years. Men do have a choice. I made the choice. Now my girl friends don’t have to. It had nothing to do with Jesus.

    • I think by making the abortion the only sin here they can excuse the other part of the unplanned pregnancy. That way men don’t have to be as sinful as the female.

      • Good point. You are correct, the GOP seems to forget that making babies also requires a male.

        There may also be the fear that too many Conservatives would end up being aborted. After all, they are the ones who act like all women are stupid chattel, and should have no right to make their own decisions.

        • I am starting to think that these gop types think rape is the way to get a girl pregnant…I just wonder how many spousal rapes occur in an evangelical blessed marriage…

  3. “Save the whales, save the kangaroo rats,” but kill unborn children (or as Obama voted when a Senator, even at the time of birth). Since Roe v Wade (which was a lie in the first place) more human children have been killed than all deaths by all wars, accidents and diseases for the same period of time – combined. Are we so arrogant as to imagine there will be no day of reckoning for this ongoing war against the innocent?

    • Source for your information, please? And are you counting children killed in acts of war in Africa, and Asia? Are you counting children assassinated by the Police in Rio de Janario? Are you counting children killed by suicide bombers?

    • Then let it come and stop being a holier than thou bully.
      I’m guessing you probably enthusiastically supported a good many of those wars during the same period, as well as starvation, abuse, and mis-education for the “born” children you forced unwilling women – denied family planning help by the same “pro-life” idiots you lionize – to bear. And we’re already experiencing the day of reckoning for that.

      • And I wonder how many women who are well off jet off to some location to see the ‘doctor to the wealthy’ for their abortions? Of course these are never counted – such utter hypocrisy!!

        • And a good percentage of those more ‘well off’ women are Republicans who to save face will stand up and denounce Roe vs Wade and insist that abortions should be illegal; because they know when they choose to have one they can pay to jet off to a place where they are legal.

    • And how many of these unwanted, unplanned for, babies, have you adopted? Generally, pro-lifer’s are all for protecting the unborn. It’s just as soon as they pop out that they start not giving a rat’s a** about the newborn.

    • And you want to know something clueless, without Roe vs Wade the number of children dying because of abortion would have been evenhigher than it is; BECAUSE the obortion rate is higher in places where it is illegal!! And why, because despite what you think, Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics actually sometimes talk women out of having abortions and provide facilities that allow them to plan their kids so they don’t have as many unplanned and unwanted pregnancies which reduces abortions.

      Idiots such as yourself need to sit back and use common sense once in a while and realize that Roe vs Wade actually reduced the abortion rate IT DIDIN’T INCREASE IT!!! And not only that, but Roe vs Wade has saved thousands of womens lives that could easily have died, as they were before Roe vs Wade, because they chose to seek abortions from nondoctor quacks who botched the abortion, leaving the woman to bleed to death. That was being reported constantly in the news when I was growing up in the 40s and 50s. When are numskulls such as yourself going to wake up to reality????

    • It’s far better for children to starve to death than have a zygote or fetus – a clump of cells that cannot live on its own – removed. That’s not pro life. It’s pro slow, painful death.

  4. The right is terrified of all well spoken, attractive and intelligent women. They perfer their ladies to be compliant, self-effacing and docile. Standing up for the Constitutional rights of women is not one of their strong suits.

  5. The right fears women like her because she won’t shut up and go back to the kitchen where they think she belongs. She is smart,savvy and driven to fight for things she believes in.

  6. How can we trust ANYTHING Wendy Davis has to say. This is a woman who lied about most of her background. She wasn’t some poor working single mother who worked her way through college. Her husband not only paid for her entire college education, including Harvard law, but he also raised her child as well as their child. She abandoned her own child, their child, and her husband the day after he finished paying for her Harvard law education. We have a name for women like that is this country, and it isn’t single working mom. It is golddigger. Instead of working and suffering, like she claimed, she married an older man and sucked him dry until she got everything she wanted, then left him with two children, one not even his. He is the real hero of her story. The republicans weren’t even the ones who brought this news to the public, it was the Dallas newspaper. But, even if they were, her lies aren’t any different. If this is the best the democrats have to offer, the republicans are going top have a field day in 2014

    • Wendy Davis, on her worst day, and viewed in the worst light, still is so much of an improvement over the current batch of gop-ers that comparison is simply impossible. And, as you folks on the right are so fond of saying, ‘politics is no game of bean bag’.

      • If you think a lying, child abandoning golddigger is what democrats should aspire to for their leaders, then this country and the democrat party are in more trouble than I ever thought. But, then again, isn’t our president a lying golddigger, making his millions on books nobody would ever read if he wasn’t president and promising us all that if we like our healthcare plan we can keep it, period? he definitely lied to me about that, and I can’t keep my doctor like he promised, no matter how much I am willing to spend on health insurance. Yeah, I guess Wendy Davis is just what democrats aspire to. Obama’s only virtue is that he has shown himself to be a good father, just like Wendy’s ex husband.

        • Unfortunately, Obama calculated that Americans, like you, were smarter. That you wouldn’t want to pay for – or want – a plan where you pay premiums and insurance companies say Thanks Sucker! and offer little coverage for smaller premiums. Good for them. Bad for us. Like that gal in FL who paid $67 monthly for virtually no coverage. Something, I might add, Greta Van Susturen (no less) pointed out to her.

          Having an insurance policy doesn’t mean jack if it doesn’t cover you when you get sick.

  7. The conservative strategy to limit abortion for poor, working and middle class women has NOTHING to do with family values and Christian ethics. It has EVERYTHING to do with ensuring the future success of American corporations that are now hugely profitable with fewer workers than ever. The conservative are thinking long range! The abortion issue is tied to profits for corporations and votes for the permanent political class. They intend to create a permanent employers marketplace all over the country. A marketplace wherein people will claw and crawl over each other to work for less than living wages and skimpy (if any) benefits. The corporations have already employed cheating American workers and the abortion issue is factored in to their profit motive. Boehner hinted at this when he said in response to raising of the minimum wage that “it would be bad for corporations…what we need is more jobs” He means we need more people competing for low level jobs so the corporations that are wildly profitable with fewer workers can have a permanently available working class BANGING at the door. If working Americans have to have more children they will be stuck in poverty and so will their children AND this suit republicans just fine!!!!

  8. Wendy Davis is right, the GOP only cares about the unborn. Cutting food stamps is the republican message to any single parent in this country. We don’t care about you or your children is their message. Even the Pope wants to change the dialogue away from abortion to the needs of children which is lacking in the republican message. Paul Ryan wants to do away with the safety net while making you have a child. Republicans are trying once again to turn the clock back to a time when religions ruled. That time is what we rejected when we signed the constitution.

    • The GOPlutocrats don’t give a sh*t about the “unborn”, which is no more than a sentimental tag. If they actually did care, they’d be pushing to expand food stamps, WIC, pre-natal care programs, & comprehensive sex education. It is all about control & their concept of “God” is closer to an invisible Joe Stalin than the inclusive, compassionate Father figure proclaimed by Jesus.
      This term “unborn” is ridiculous by any interpretation. Does that mean that all of us walking around, breathing, loving, etc., are the “undead”?

      • Right. It is almost like they invented a different Jesus to fit in with the accumulation of obscene wealth. The richest then directed the faithful to concentrate on the fetus as a focal point of the value of life, but then because of their own greed cut the funding for the sustenance that life needs to thrive on. The right wing seems have printed different new testament for their flock to read. In this new book Jesus is not the one who walks among the lepers and prostitutes spreading his faith but rather is dressed in velvet robes surrounded by servants and sitting on piles of gold, with hand maidens to satisfy his every need. In this book the poor are kept out of sight far away from the Jesus of wealth.
        Sad isn’t it?

        • As far as I can figure, the Jesus of the fundies is the one figured in Revelations, more or less a conquering tyrant. The Jesus who worked & taught in the villages of Galilee, who made it clear that his “kingdom is not of this world”, & who confronted the privileged rich at every turn is not in their playbook. Fundamentalism, whatever the religion, is all about authority. The pseudo-christians of this country have more in common with the Muslim Brotherhood than they’d ever admit to themselves. Content with their self-righteousness, they are impervious to any kind of dialogue or understanding of actual conditions.

          • True the Base in the republican party is closer to Al Qaeda, which actually means base in Arabic , than to main stream culture. The evangelicals want to establish a theocratic caliphate of extreme religious values, closer to the middle ages than today. They are trying everything to turn back the clock to a time of White, male Christian rule.

  9. If the religous right doesn’t want women to have abortions, they should step up and adopt the infants that a woman cannot support. I haven’t see that yet !

    • You really need to get out a little more, or at least research it online. I personally know of several (Christian) families that have been attempting to adopt a child, and many others continuing foster care for unwanted children.

  10. If a Republican impregnated a mistress who could end his career, he’ll be sure she gets an abortion. If a Republican politician’s daughter, wife, sister, cousin, etc. got impregnated by rapist thugs, that politician will make sure that relative gets an abortion pronto! If a Republican corporatist wants his impregnated “trophy wife” to travel the world with him, without a kid trailing them and without her losing her “figure,” he’ll be sure she gets an abortion. Anyone out there think that these things have never happened?
    The fact is, rich conservatives will always have access to abortions whenever they want, for whomever they want them. So they can pass any restrictive, banning law they please, knowing that THEIR WOMEN can have these at the convenience of the politicians themselves. It’s all a charade, a huge hypocrisy. Republicans pretend they care about babies, but their behaviors toward actual babies existing in poverty today PROVE that Republicans don’t give a hoot for babies…whose milk and food they steal, whose early childhood education they kill, whose healthcare they prevent, and whose parental supportiveness they utterly deny! SHAME ON CONSERVATIVE HYPOCRITES.

  11. Wendy Davis is a Hypocrite. How dare she. Here you all are preaching help for the poor, the sick, the minorities, and the downtrodden. Your sympathies lie with the human element of society. ‘Coexist’ is your mantra. Seriously, degrading her political opponent who is in a wheel chair. How low can you go. Hope she looses her a**.

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