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Monday, January 21, 2019

Wisconsin Republicans may be voting in their presidential primary Tuesday, but most voters and activists are looking ahead to Governor Scott Walker’s recall election in June, when the Tea Party and labor unions will get their final say on the most polarizing politician in the Midwest.

Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney leads his chief rival Rick Santorum in the polls, and a victory would help quiet his critics and increase the flood of establishment Republicans and (reluctant) conservative movement leaders rallying to his candidacy, urging others to call it quits for the sake of party unity. The passion on the ground, though, isn’t with either presidential candidate, but rather with Walker, who won the governor’s race in 2010 and quickly launched an all-out assault on labor unions.

The governor’s “budget repair bill,” which eliminated collective bargaining rights for most public employees, set off a wave of populist demonstrations in Madison that presaged the Occupy Wall Street protests. Conservatives adore Walker, Romney and Santorum both taking time to laud his courage in taking on a perennial GOP punching bag: public workers.

The recall campaign, unprecedented in its intensity and the massive amount of early outside political spending on television ads, went forward Friday when state officials certified that well more than the required number of signatures to trigger an election had been reached. Walker has been on the air for months, running TV ads to defend his record. And he’s had help, the billionaire oil baron Koch brothers dumping $700,000 as of February into a race they have made clear is a personal priority.

Though Walker backers and opponents are about even in the polls, the numbers show some movement toward the Democratic challengers in recent weeks. There are several announced candidates, the most noteworthy being Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who lost to Walker two years ago, and Kathleen Falk, a former Dane County executive with union backing.

Romney, for his part, has been careful not to appear in public with Walker, perhaps wary of his national image as hostile to labor. There’s also the steady drip of revelations about former Walker aides being indicted for the misuse of public funds while he was Milwaukee County executive; state Democrats hope the corruption probe will sway independent voters in a contest polarized sharply along party lines.

“Scott Walker is at the center of a criminal conspiracy that has touched every member of his political inner circle,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate.

Romney’s interest in Walker, however, is not one of management style so much as ideology. He is walking a tightrope, struggling to show support for a Tea Party firebrand while keeping in mind the swing voters key to winning the Midwest in November.

Last time he faced a similar dynamic in Ohio (where a bill similar to Walker’s was rejected by referendum), Romney fumbled badly, changing his position in less than 24 hours.

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23 responses to “Wisconsin Voters Look Past Primary To Recall Election”

  1. Lynda says:

    The primary is a meaningless exercise and the citizens of the state realize the important vote is the recall election. While I would like to see Walker sent packing, what is really important is ousting most or all of the others up for recall. The state can do postive things even with Walker in power, but not if the Senate stays the same.

  2. keefert55 says:

    Please recall Scott Walker and send a message to the billionaires of the world like the Koch brothers that America is not for sale and that despite the efforts of the Supreme Court we will continue to fight on. We don’t want to become America of the 1920’s during our Industrial Revolution allowing employers to literally own their employees like slaves. China and India are there right now with no regard for their workers and billionaires are fine with that as long as their portfolios continue to grow. ” Remember Ebenezer Scrooge’s quote. “Are there no prisons, no workhouses?” Yes there are uncle Ebenezer and they are in Wisconsin, Arizona and Alabama.

    • truther4u says:

      Keefert55: you got it mostly right . . . However; American Workers are spiraling down the economic rathole faster than anyone realizes. The Working Stiffs of this Country really haven’t had much, if any, wage increase for over 30 years. When those in positions of Power can exercise it without regard to anyone, or any thing; they will likely make decisions which is in there own (selfish), best interests.

      How far we have come; how much further we have slid back and lost ground. We are losing our economic freeedom to the Rich and Powerful. They are the Masters, and today, blue collar workers are the slaves.

      “Mass’a,” will do anything to turn a buck, including sending our jobs overseas where Chinese Coolies can be hired for a $1.35 an hour. I think it is interesting that during the past 30 years, while American Companies were sending 15 -20 Million Manufacturing jobs overseas, Foreign Auto Companies have been building at least 10 Plants (producitve facilites), here in the U.S.

      No body is talking equality, in terms of wages and salaries; but, they are talking FAIRNESS and EQUITY in parcelling out the pieces of the economic pie. For the past 30 years, that has not been happening. The Rich have swept the table.

      • keefert55 says:

        We don’t want big oil or big banking’s money. We understand that they put up the money and took the risks. However, that’s part of the game. You put up the money, you took the risks, BUT you also benefited handsomly, aquired the assets which you wrote off and/or depreciated, took?the tax write-offs and sold your product to the very people you are trying to screw while earning ungodly?salaries and living lavishly.?Somehow that just doesn’t seem right. If you produce abroad, you are taxed accordingly, even if your funds are off-shore Mr. Romney, and your goods are priced exactly as if they were domestically produced.

  3. truther4u says:

    Unfortunately, too many people don’t see the right of Workers to Negotiate with Management as a form of Participatory Democracy. People like Walker prefer a Leadership Style based on Power; and in two many instances, intimidation.

    Too many people don’t understand that Management, afte serious negotiations, can just say, “no,” to Union demands; and have the matter decided by a third party Mediator, or Arbitrator.

    The problem is, Managers either don’t have the skills or balls to sit down, communicate and negotiate, in good faith with their employees. Tyrannical, and Despotic Leadership is a remanent of a Century gone by.

    If Management doesn’t have the balls to stand up, and hold to it’s position at the Negotiations Table; then they are weak and incompetent, and shouldn’t be involved in the process.

    But, don’t blame the process of collaborative bargaining over wages and working conditions, just because Mangers are a bunch a Winnies. They sure were at General Motors.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      I dont know too many people that dispute private workers right to organize. I do know many people, including FDR, that recognized the dangers of public employee unions. To the dumbocRATS, public employee unions have been the greatest money laundering scheme ever invented. Dem’s give public unions largess and benefits by promising taxpayer dollars. The unions in turn take a percentage of those taxpaer dollars and give back exclusively to Dems so they get reelected so the Dems can continue to bestow ever more lavish pay and benefits. In the end, there’s no one on the other side of the negotiating table representing the taxpayers and we are the one who get eff’d by this corruption. The cycle continues until it becomes apparent that the public treasury simply cannot be plundered any more. Then the thugs in the unions yell and scream and occupy and cause riots like little children getting their candy taken from them. Public employee unions should immediately be outlawed.

      Have a nice day!

      • truther4u says:

        Is it Bozo or Dumb0? Makes little difference for, ‘never-no-minds.” Unfortunately, Dumb -bo, you cannot read, write, spell, comprehend, or think. Nor are you civil. Kid, you need to go back and read your reply. You are either sick, or on something. I feel so very sorry for you. Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Wisconsin Voters Look Past Primary To Recall Election

  4. I don’t blame Romney avoiding being with Walker now. Walker has angered not only public employees but also seniors, farmers, construction workers, brick layers, carpenters, auto-assembly workers, iron workers. Walker took some of their entitlements including health programs. Walker is making money with private CEOs by abusing public and private workers. Walker wants workers with different professions or no profession like me, be paid and have the same benefits. That’s not capitalism. It’s slavery or socialism. Anyway like all tyrants, Walker may find himself without a job in the near future. Let’s prepare to evict and eject him from his big office and residence. Maybe Walker and Paul Ryan can roommate back to finish their degrees. They are done as politicians. Remember also Walker has killed TEA Party and GOP. Nobody, except the die hard 1% right wingers will vote republican in the future. Please join me and vote for President Obama in November.

  5. ObozoMustGo says:


    Did Obozo call you and all the radical leftist nutjobs in the press asking to step up your hyperbole and fear attacks on conservatives becuase he took a public shellacking on the issues last week? All of this is designed as a fog to distract people from Obozo’s failed record. Here’s just a few to ponder:

    1) Had complete control of the government for 2 year. NO BUDGET PASSED WITH COMPLETE CONTROL, just continuing resolutions to jack up spending to way over TRILLION dollar deficits.
    2) His only crowning achievement in his first 2 years was Obozocare, which was bitterly opposed by at least 60% of Americans. AND STILL IS, YOU DOPES!!!
    3) A RECORD DEFEAT of his ideas in the 2010 mid-terms.
    4) Gasoline prices are more than DOUBLE since the day he took office, yet he denies the Keystone Pipeline that would increase supply. He has denied or delayed permits allowing offshore and onshore drilling that would increase supply. KNOW THIS —> YOU IDIOTS ON THE LEFT THAT THINK INCREASING SUPPLY WOULD DO NOTHING TO GAS PRICES BECAUSE WE ARE IN A GLOBAL MARKET ARE EATING YOUR OWN VOMIT ON THAT RATIONALE. WITNESS…. A GALLON OF GAS IN SUADI ARABIA IS $0.91 PER GALLON.
    5) Unemployment would NOT go above 8% if they passed his money laundering… errr… Stimulus Package… Sure, sure… How’s that worked out? In truth, America has lost a net 6 MILLION JOBS under this loser-in-chief’s management. They keep lowering unemployment because they are making the denominator of the equation smaller. Dont believe me, look it up. Real unemployment is around 12 %- 15% if you look at the U6 number. BLS has the info.
    6) Obozo comes into office $9T in debt. 3 years later, $16T in debt
    7) Promises to close Gitmo…. instead, he spends $750K on a soccer field for terrorists.
    8) Real inflation rates are close to 8% or higher. Who measures inflation without food and fuel??????? Obozo does!
    9) SOLYNDRA!!!!!!!! need I say more?
    10) Fast and Furious!!!!! If this was a Republican Admin, all of you nutjobs that write on this web site would be going justifiably ballistic!! It would be the lead story on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSLSD, CNN, etc. etc.

    I’ll continue to refocus the discussion on what is important and not these foolish smokescreens the left throws up to obfuscate Obozo’s true failure as a socialist in the White House.

    Have a nice day!

    • ChristoD says:

      Obozo is back to his absurdly laughable and hateful diatribes. You didn’t even respond to the Walker article you dope. Why don’t you get a JOB ! It seems like you spend all your time babbling on-line so you MUST be getting paid, right ? I dare you to tell the truth, as if you would know how. Actually my guess is you probably DO have JOB. I suspect that you are getting paid to write your utter nonsense.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Christo… you’re back. Where have you been, buddy? Someone lift that rock off you?

        By the way, I could add one more thing to the list of Obozo’s failures as loser in chief…..

        This just in: Another one of Obozo’s “investments in our future” has failed. I know, I know. No surprises there, right? It was announced today that Solar Trust is declaring bankruptcy with $100 million in debt and $10 million in assets. This was one of Obozo’s campaign donor’s investments. Those investors will get their money back, for sure. But what about the little guy? Dont tell anyone, but who really cares about them when Obozo’s reputation is on the line, right?

        Have a nice day!

  6. These two politicians (Romney & Walker) are destined for the ashheap of history. Before the end of this year (or soon thereafter) Walker will be thrown out of office which will be followed by a criminal indictment when his former minions turn state’s evidence to save their own slimy skins. Romney won’t likely follow Walker to prison but will never again hold an elective office and will be chiefly remembered as a serial liar who couldn’t lie straight in bed.

  7. These two politicians (Romney & Walker) are destined for the ashheap of history. Before the end of this year (or soon thereafter) Walker will be thrown out of office which will be followed by a criminal indictment when his former minions turn state’s evidence to save their own slimy skins. Romney won’t likely follow Walker to prison but will never again hold an elective office and will be chiefly remembered as a serial liar who couldn’t lie straight in bed.

  8. These two politicians (Romney & Walker) are destined for the ashheap of history. Before the end of this year (or soon thereafter) Walker will be thrown out of office which will be followed by a criminal indictment when his former minions turn state’s evidence to save their own slimy skins. Romney won’t likely follow Walker to prison but will never again hold an elective office and will be chiefly remembered as a serial liar who couldn’t lie straight in bed.

  9. mybuick says:

    It’s about the teachers union controling the Democrats in Wi.!

    • I guess you didn’t realize that even though he said that he wouldn’t curtail their rights, but the Police and Fire Fighters Unions are no longer allowed collective bargaining, too.

  10. Kevin says:

    Why would it be that Romney doesn’t want to be seen with Walker? because he has the same ideas as Walker and knows that the people see Walker as a pirah!

  11. Maricia12 says:

    It just goes to show, no matter how much money is thrown in the ring, it takes a majority vote to make it all happen. Women everywhere need to vote and get rid of the increasing right wing bigotry toward women. Get them out of your state Congress as well as the federal Congress. This new conservative tea party mentality Republicans will destroy our country and set it back 100 years and women will slowly lose the rights they have worked hard to obtain. If Wisconsin can do it for their cause, we women can do it for ours. Stand up for yourselves, apparently our elected officials are not doing it for us.

    • Now, Marcia, obviously you have not been listening to your husband or your father or your brothers. They know that thinking can hurt a woman’s poor little brain. After all, all you are supposed to do is stay home, have babies, and cook dinner for your men. Let your men do the voting for you. Does that sound familiar? It should because it pretty much sounds like all the evangelicals that support Santorum. They would have women do just that. After all, when Santorum was panned about the portion of “HIS” book that mentioned that wives should not have to work outside of the home, he quickly pointed out that his wife authored that chapter, and she admitted that she did so, too. And she didn’t even get a by-line for authorship or credit for editing. I give you folks in Wisconsin credit for taking action against a governor who does not have your state’s best interests at heart, only the interests of his backers, the Koch Brothers.

      • Maricia12 says:

        LOL, Actually my husband does not think like that. He is all for women working, being educated and yes, even voting. 🙂 He taught our daughters how to change a tire, change the oi in their car and other repairs around the house. I am much too stubborn to be married to a man who tells me what to do or thnk. By the way, I do not tell him what to do or think either. We have been married many years and have two very independent daughters. One is a Physician, age 35 married and has no trouble thinking for herself or making decisions. The other is 42, never married with a great career and recently engaged. I am proud that I came along in the 6Os when women were learning to be assertive and realized education was the key to independence. I taught my girls they could be anything they wanted to be and they never thought otherwise . I only hope today’s young women will realize they cannot be passive if they want to continue to have equality with men. I really am having trouble understanding these GOP candadates and their stupid thinking about women. They are all younger than I am. Santorum is just freaky. How did he get that way? 🙂

  12. jj2112 says:

    Yes, the truth is that, at this moment, America IS for sale. Sadly, the Supreme Court , the one branch of government which was designed to be a neutral arbiter of the Constitution, is now complicit in the sale of America. The fact that Justice Thomas, whose wife heads an organization which fights for right-wing causes, including the gutting of Medicare, and that the Justice himself has spoken before that group’s events, is galling. Why has he not recused himself in the case for Affordable Health Care? Why have citizens not demanded that he recuse himself? Follow the money. We have a bigger task that most of us can even comprehend to set things right in our country – we have to get the money out of politics and government. Don’t see that happening soon, or easily. I don’t blame citizens… the bad actors have kept most of us so busy, so tired and so broke that it is nearly impossible to be fully informed on issues of our own communities, much less federal issues. I am hopeful, but not terribly optimistic.

  13. Florida is dealing with its own Scott Walker. Both took an election as cart blanch to implement their own Right Wing agendas. At least Wisconson voters have gone forward with a solution. Seems like Floridian’s only gripe, instead of taking action. Meanwhile, Florida’s economy is still in the dumper, but the GOP stays in power.

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