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Thursday, October 27, 2016

In a statement released late Wednesday, Speaker Boehner said that the “Senate must act” first to resolve the automatic spending cuts and expiring tax breaks known as the “fiscal cliff.”

Last week, the speaker failed to even bring his “Plan B” to avert the crisis to a vote before the House adjourned for Christmas.

Boehner has not yet returned to Washington D.C., and House members are being told to they don’t have to return to Capitol until Sunday, a day before tax rates rise and spending cuts begin to go into effect.

To pass any bill in the House that includes tax increases on the richest, the Ohio congressman would likely need Democratic support — something he seems increasingly unlikely to do before he is re-elected as speaker. That vote that will take place January 3.

Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday morning, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) blasted Speaker Boehner and was pessimistic that any deal could be achieved before the new year.

“I have to be very honest,” Mr. Reid said. “I don’t know time-wise how it can happen now.”

Reid said the Senate will continue working on resolving the “fiscal cliff” and other matters including relief for states hit by Superstorm Sandy.

“We are here in Washington working,” he said, “while the members of the House of Representatives are out watching movies and watching their kids play soccer and basketball and doing all kinds of things. They should be here.”

The Senate passed a bill this summer that would extend the Bush tax cuts on all incomes under $250,000. But the House has not voted on that bill, which has been “blue-slipped” since all legislation related to taxes must originate in the House, or a similar measure.

The president is back in Washington D.C. after cutting his vacation in Hawaii short. Despite a Facebook post from Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) suggesting that a trimmed-down deal had come from the White House, officials are saying that Obama had not made any new offers to resolve the crisis as of Thursday afternoon.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

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  • Annemb

    Still in the sandbox!

    • Its all about personal gain,(whats in it for me)???

      • Annemb

        You’re absolutely right, Terry.

        Blessings of the season and in the new year for you and your family.

  • Speaker Boehner has a unique opportunity to put his Plan B, C or D to a vote and pass it while the obstructionists are enjoying their winter vacation. If it passes, it then goes to the Senate for reconciliation, and if it passes that hurdle it goes to the President for signature. His latest excuse reminds of McConnel’s abrogation of responsibility a year ago.
    The time for excuses and finger pointing is over. Boehner must put country ahead of personal ambitions, do what is right, and let the chips fall where they may. Otherwise, he should resign.

    • Dominic – he won’t resign but he might lose his Speakership in January. His replacement could be worse. Boehner’s actions are simply to help assure his relection by seemingly playing hardball to get support from the far right. However, nothing will placate the far-right as they are solely motivated by their reelection in 2014. They are worried that they could be “primaried” by even more right-wingers. Many states have gerrymandered the congressional districts to maintain power. So, over the cliff we go – at least for a while.

      • onedonewong

        The only one that should resign is Barak. He already holds the title of the WORST President ever having taken that title from Jimmy Carter

        • At least Obama is trying to work with Congress. I don’t see the House working with Obama, they just want to stay at home and heck with the economy. They were voted in Congress by the people of the United States to do their bidding to have a balance budget, all I am seeing that they are staying at home and won’t be back until Jan 3. Who ever voted the Republican back in they should be ashamed of themselves. They couldn’t do the job the first time, and why did they think they would do any better this term

          • onedonewong

            Are you in a coma?? barak has yet to negotiate. To date all he has offered is tax increases and more social spending. As Boehner said to Geithner are you guys serious…
            The republicans have already vote on legislation on taxes back in Sept and Reid has yet to call it up for a vote.
            Barak left town to go on vacation so it made no sense for the House to continue in session. Barak will quickly learn that he’s not a dictator and better learn how to compromise
            Barak and the Dem’s put us in this mess and ran up a $10 Trillion deficit in 6 years.
            we don’t have a tax problme in this country we have a spening problem

          • another one who can’t add! Presidential elections happen to be every 4 years. And btw Bush II had two wars on a credit card that was never balanced. Well the bill came due and retirees can’t pay for it, but maybe some billionairs can find a few dollars in the Caymans.

          • onedonewong

            Another brain dead lib attempting to look intelligent…as usual you fail.
            Barak and the dems took over congress in jan 2007, at that time the deficit was a little over $180B a year, unemployment was 4.5%. And then the socialist agenda was put in place and that’s where we are today$10 Trillion in debt thanks to barak and the dem’s

          • lexi001

            You truly are ignorant.

        • Landsende

          The worst president EVER was GWB who lied us into two wars without paying for them costing thousands of lives and injuries to our brave soldiers. He allowed wall street to run rampant with risky ventures causing the need to bail out the banks or face economic collapse causing the taxpayers billions of dollars and causing the housing collapse and wiping out the savings of investors 401k’s and IRA’s. He, Cheney and Rumsfeld allowed Halliburton, Blackwater and other cronies to be awarded no bid contracts which earned them millions of dollars while putting the troops at risk with substandard equipment. Cheney held closed door meetings with the oil companies allowing them to set oil policy and refused to reveal what was discussed. Bush and Cheney are afraid to travel out of the country because they will be arrested for war crimes. They outed a CIA agent, Valerie Plame, after her husband wrote an article debunking Bush’s lies of Sadaam having weapons of mass destruction thus putting her life and other agents she worked with in danger. If ever a president has the label of the worst president ever and should have been impeached it was GWB. Even republicans know he is toxic as evidenced by the fact none of the candidates asked for his endorsement or support or invited him to speak at the RNC because they didn’t want to remind voters it was a republican president that destroyed the economy.

          • onedonewong

            Hardly every independent poll places it 1 2 cater and barak.
            We have had more casualties after barak put in his rules of engagement than during W’s 6 years of combat. barak values Moooslim
            lives above our troops as the numbers prove
            The dems Barney frank and chris Dodds passed the community reinvestment act requiring banks to MAKE bad loans to minorities all the while getting sweet heart loans for them selves from those same banks.
            Halliburton and Blackwater were the ONLY companies capable of meeting our troops needs in Iraq and Afghanistan.
            Bush nor Cheney have no desire to travel outside of the US because of the mess that barak has made. Every tin pot dictator now thinks they are equal to the US and they continue to slap barak and hilary around. name just 1 foreign policy success in the past 4 years just 1.
            They outed valarie because she help award a contract to her husband which caused her to leave the agency or be terminated. If you ever read a newspaper if dufusville, you would have seen that the AF repatriated thousands of tons of yellow cake to the US
            Unfortunately W sustained a whithering attack from the State Run Media during his 8 years. Notice we knew everything about Romney’s childhood from age of 1 to adult hood and yet for some reason the state run media had ZERO coverage of barak and his childhood his foreign passports gay twists ad dope selling. wonder why???

          • Landsende

            Quit listening to Faux News and Rush Limpdick and look up the facts. Maybe your newspaper in doofusville doesn’t bother to check the facts which is why with a little research you might become more informed and educated. Try it sometime instead of spouting your vitriol and showing your ignorance.

          • Landsende Paying any attention to this moron is a waste of time and energy. He just parrots some of the same tired old shit he hears on he hears on right wing talk radio or websites. You know those places where they pull facts from their butt

          • onedonewong

            Got nothing huh??

          • lexi001

            Wow! Another totally insane person. Hope you don’t live anywhere near me.

          • onedonewong

            Don’t worry you don’t I’m a taxpayer and don’t live in sec 8 housing

          • lexi001

            I notice all you people use the same terms for everything in your posts, i.e., sec 8 housing, Wic, SSD, etc. This makes me believe you have personal knowledge of these programs? Aside from the very obvious fact that you have nothing of intelligence to respond with, I wonder why you would bother to respond at all? Your misery is very evident. Hope things will be better for you in the New Year.

          • onedonewong

            I sure do have personal knowledge of these programs since I’m forced to pay for them with the foot of the govt on my throat. As someone who doesn’t pay taxes I wouldn’t b suprised that you aren’t fully aware of all the programs. Heck HHS has had to send their people to Mexico to make sure illegals now what they are eligable for.
            Misery yeaaaa but it didn’t come without advance warning. the mayan calendar said the US would cease to exist in 2012 and the election of barak has made that evident

          • lexi001

            I think you’re a very sick person. Don’t bother to respond. We won’t be kabbitzing anymore. You are the kind of person other’s should be worried about.

        • toptwome

          Go away you loon of a lunatic. We reelected President Obama because he is intelligent, he is caring, he is fair, he is not a mean and nasty person like most of the republicans. He will do what is right for the majority of Americans.

        • Hey onedumbfuck

          Here is a list of worst presidents in the last 100 years
          Harding – famous for the Teapot Dome scandal
          Collidge – not sure if he did anything good or bad
          Hoover – 1929 Stock Market crash and ensuing Depression
          Nixon – Watergate, secret Laos war, Spiro Agnew and resigned before he
          was impeached
          Ford – famous for WIN (Whip Inflation Now) and little else
          W – Surplus to deficit, 2 unfunded wars, 2 tax cuts that greatly favored the
          wealthy (higher % cuts for high income) and Medicare prescription

          Obama – Monthly Job growth for over the last 2 years, improving housing
          market, higher consume confidence and major Stock Market
          indices up over 75% since he is in office.

          So you would have to explain how he is the worst president ever (Donald Trump saying so doesn’t make it real)

          • onedonewong

            HOW?? That’s easy when you don’t cherry pick stats.
            23 million unemployed a real unemployment rate of 16% and not 1 net job added in 4 years.
            fewer americans working than at anytime during W’s second term
            45 Million on foodstamps
            more foreclosures in 4 years than in the past 100 years.
            record US casualties every year after initiating his rule of engagement, more casualties in 4 years than for all of W’s 6 years.
            A foreign policy that has every tin pot dictator thinking they are our equal
            Need for me to go on???

          • lexi001

            We don’t need your uneducated opinion to go on; we just need you to go.

          • onedonewong

            Mine is uneducated?? My post is fact laden yours is just the obama noise


      • onedonewong

        I agree this is typical for the dem’s ruin the country rather than acting to raise it up. Time to thow every Dem in the senate out!!!

        • wrong again, GOP obstructing again. Country will throw the GOP out at the next election for this selfish move by putting own agenda ahead of nation again.

          • onedonewong

            We have had 6 years of this democratic nonsense and$10 trillion they they added to the debt. The spending party is over.
            Lets return to the clinton era tax rates as well as the clinton era spending. Lets see if barak can like with 70% less to spend

          • onedonewong, Do you have a Clue? Bonehead Boehner and the GOP along with the Tea Baggers have done nothing but blame everyone else for their failures. The GOP needs to grow up.

          • onedonewong

            Your a liberal dem why not stand tall and take credit for your efforts on the US economy. You should be jumping up and down not that you added $10 Trillion to the national debt

          • Your math skills are obviously at a very low grade level. The national debt at the end of the last Bush budget was $11,909,829,003,511.75 to be exact.
            As of today it is $16,342 trillion and change. Hardly $10 trillion from the liberal dems.

            Paying attention to detail can be enlightening and makes ones argument stronger. You’ve come up short again my friend.

          • elw

            They are using the same math skills that had them calling victory in the Presidential election. Their math never adds-up.

          • toptwome

            The debt was created by Bush with two wars and Medicare Part D as well as several tax cuts. None of it was ever paid for. It was all borrowed rather than have this country do what was right and support our troops. That is why we are in this mess. All because of republicans putting the wealthy and corporations ahead of every other consideration. Signing that Norquist pledge regardless of the mess republicans continually make of everything they have forced on this country.

          • nope. onedonewong is completely wrong & absolutely no idea

          • totati

            What are you talking about? The spending started under Bush nbr II and we are still suffering from it. Why don’t you ask to stop the wars started by him too and that are decimating our population and our finances!

          • onedonewong

            Sounds like you slept thru your grade school classes on how the govt works. Don’t be embarrassed Barak doesn’t either

          • Okay onedonewong you have shown us were the problem comes from. You tried to pay attention in grade school when the teacher talked about how government works, and you haven’t learned anything about how government works since then. Your grade school education on how government works explains why you don’t get it.

          • onedonewong

            ayuck a yuck thanks Goofy

          • Horse Crap

          • onedonewong

            You sound like barak he wants to add another $10 Trillion to the debt. to insure this country will replace Haiti as the poorest country in the hemisphere

          • See previous explanations of your math problems. $11 trillion at the end of the last Bush budget and $16 trillion today. Hardly $10 trillion of new debt. Get a library card for crying out out…and more importantly…USE IT!

          • It was almost $12T at the end of the Bush II era. Most importantly, with the exception of the Obma stimulus package ($1T) everything else involves the cost of the 2003 MEDICARE Prt D reform, the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan being moved to the general funds, where it should have been all along, increased unemployment expenditures as a result of the Great Recession that began in late 2007, and related losses in revenue.

          • S-3

            Idiot – relay the truth to you and your brainwashed ass is meaningless. You and your kind need to be shot and killed like the Nazis did the Jews!

          • onedonewong

            That has always been the chief mooooslim’s agenda in the WH

          • S-3 People like you have started a lot of trouble we have today. Noone deserves to be shot. BUT, one like you could sure use a educated ass beaten.

          • You are a complete IDIOT!!

          • You are definitely messed up “onedonewong”. You keep believeing the GOP and conservatives lies and are very stupid. Well, conservatism is another word for stupidity anyway. Your comments give us a good example of it. Keep blaming the democrates while the article very clearly shows the GOP destroying this country. You do not see it because you are dumb.

          • lee

            ten years of repubs blocking any effort by this president, no matter if it was a bill to help babies.

          • onedonewong

            mr wee you write bout china??

          • roaddogdowneast

            Gotta’ love it when a man enters into a duel of wits but half armed! What about two unfunded “Endless Wars” and the Bush Tax For the 2%-ers & Corporate Welfare leeches? History has’em down as “Shrub” Bush & “Dick Head” Cheney good deeds! “Onedonewong” is the perfect sobriquet for a “Teanderthal” halfwit !!!

          • 6 Years of Democratic nonsense? Obama has been in office a little less than 4 years, and the GOP has controlled the House the last 2 years. 70% less to spend? The difference between the tax rate in the Clinton era and our current tax rate is 3.6%. You must have been thinking about the tax rates that were in place when Republican Presidents like Eisenhower and Reagan were in office, and even those tax rates would not account for a 70% less to spend. BTW, the size of government is down, the increase in the debt is caused by losses in revenue caused by the Great Recession that began in late 2007, losses in revenue caused by the 2001 and 2003 tax breaks, and the cost of two wars. Bush’s TARP and Obama’s stimulus package account for about $1.5T of the increase in the national debt.

          • jomomcows

            If memory serves me, Clinton is a Democrat and when he left office the country had a surplus. Enter Republicans and the surplus is gone but the Dem’s are blamed for all the spending. The country should come before personnel agendas.

          • onedonewong

            Yes clinton was the president but he was irrelevant, the growth and surpluses was done by the republicans under Newt’s guidance and his Contract with America

          • lexi001

            Are you really this dumb?

          • onedonewong

            Obviously history isn’t your friend

          • poken like a true idiot . ya right get rid of the Dems . and then the GOP ding-dong can finish digging the grave for the country that the dirty Bush started putting us in . hey why not let the just let the Dems get the country going again like the Clinton era . you know making 23 million jobs in 8 years and even get the country out of the red and not oweing nobody nothing . then when we are doin g good then you can bring another dirty Bush clown into the house and do it all over again . then the GOP ding-dongs can start a whole ne grave digging party for the country . heck and start a couple of wars too of the credit card

          • onedonewong

            Taking credit for others accomplishments is a tried and true dem ploy. Economic growth and budget surpluses in the 90’s were all accomplished thanks to NEWT.
            Clinton wasn’t even relevant and had no impact on the growth

          • if bush would have never left the mess he left obama would not have to spend as much

          • onedonewong

            HUH??? W inherited a recession from Clinton never blamed or complained he just FIXED it. In 2007 when the Dem’s took over congress unemployment was 4.5%, debt was less than$200B a year and then barak and his Dem toadies started their path to destruction

          • Onedonewong . You rock if I had the time to comment more I would back everything you say . It is logical and factual and that is what drives these sheep nutty . Especially my girl Fernie

          • Hope You Didn’t Forget To Give Rush Limdick His Blow Job This Morning Asswipe!! You Got The Morning Shift And onesucksdong Got The Night Shift!! Bring It Little Bitch You And Your Fellow Dick Sucking Trolls Don’t Scare Me Not One Bit !! You Bitches Can’t Bully Me!!

          • onedonewong

            Thanks much !!!!

          • republican are spending a lot only on war and killing our children in countries that don’t want them there!

          • onedonewong

            You do know that barak is a democrat do you??? and that he is a proponent of the 1 MILLION babies that are murdered every year in this country as a matter of fact that was a key part of his election campaign

          • The Election Is Over You Dumb Ass Tea Bagging Bitches Lost Move On Bitch Or MOVE!!!

          • RobertCHastings

            Clinton era taxing is exactly what Obama is asking for. GW lowered the top rate from 39.6% to 35%, and all the Dems are asking is for it to go back to what it was. It has been proven, time after time, since Reaganomics, that trickle-down doesn’t work. Two thirds of the GDP in this country is consumer spending, that is the middle class opening their wallets and buying, which creates jobs to make more products, which generates more revenue to create more jobs and product. A pretty simple cycle, which is not enhanced at all by tax cuts to the wealthy.

          • It Called Conflict Of Interest !!! They Are Only Looking Out For Themselves Not What Good For ALL The America People!!!

          • onedonewong

            Its been proven time after time from FDR to W that Keynesian economics doesn’t work and makes a recession or depression last longer.
            If consumption is the driver than how does higher taxes help that??
            I have no problem with returning taxes to the clinton era just as long as spending is also reduced to clinton era budgets… Are you game??

          • The world is not going back wards so there will not be anymore old fashion politics, the Republicans are so old fashion always thinking of how and what to do to obstruct the good works the President is doing that was why the good thinking Americans voted him back to the White house. America is not for the white Republicans it is for all Americans, if America sinks it sinks withe every body Black White Latinos and Indians too.

          • onedonewong

            The country has already sunk just like the Mayan calendar said would happen if barak was re elected. And no good thinking americans didn’t reelect barak it was the 6 million illegals and 2 million dead coupled with the Dem’s suppressing the military vote that placed him in office.
            The fact that the unborn face a debt load of $150,000 the day they are born thanks to barak and the dems should scare the hell out of you , but alas your a Dem and you only care about your self

          • 19711973

            I think each American should buy PINK paper and send each of them a termination letter for Failure to Perform their Elected Duties. The more pink slips the better the message.

        • kanawah

          It is not the Democrats problem. Obama and the dems in the house have repeatedly offered compromise. Every time, the RepuybliSKUNKS slapped his hand and moved the goal post. It if far past time for the Republiskunks and the Transylvania tea party to step up and take action.

          • You Are Wasting Your Time Explaining Reality To Trolls Most Of Them Are Broke As Hell Most Likely Living Off Someone< They Are Just A Bunch Of Racist Ignorant Asshole Who Thinks Fox Fake News Is News And Rush Limdick Is Telling The Truth!! The GOP/Tea Party Is Only Concern About The 2% Wealthy Cause They Are The 2% Wealthy!! They Are So Stupid They Seem To Think Any Body That Voted For Our President Is Poor And Living On The Government!! LOL They Just Full Of SHIT!!!

          • onedonewong

            fernie your back from the Hookers convention…I understand that barak provide all the colored with an extra $500 for Xmas so you could buy your ham hocks , greens and chitterlings

          • She was told she was the third choice behind your wife and daughter because your wife stated that her needle dick husband was hung like an infant. By the way congratulations your daughter will be giving you a granfdchild in 9 months

          • Hope You Hurry Up And Give Rush Limdick His Blow Job I’m Sick Of Him Sending Messages Over The Airwaves Looking For Your Cocksucking Ass !! Hey Onesucksdongs Better Get To Sucking!!!

          • Fern I would like to see you blow Rachel Madcow . You are one sick slave sista

          • Your Mother Taught Me Well Bitch!!

          • onedonewong

            HUH???? You must watch the State Run Media rather than any real news. The House passed a tax bill in Sept with a bipartisan vote and Reid has yet to call it up for a vote in the Senate.
            Its unfortunate that we have such a rank armature in the WH, who views himself as a King. This is what happens when some one who has never held a job, poorly educated and knows so little that he constantly makes poor decisions.

          • toptwome

            Stooge. You are out of your mind with that ignorant drivel. A fourth grader has more sense than you do.

          • Why Don’t You Shut The Fuck Up With Your Dumb Ass And Stop Watching Fox Fake News!! You Know That Tea Bagging Home Schooling Is Not A Real Education Just Like Fox Fake News Is Not News!!! Now Go Get The Sucking Troll And Earn A Little Extra By Tossing Some Salads!!

          • onedonewong

            The home schooled receive a far far education than the quota one you and barak received

          • Dumb Ass Creep!!! Go Do Your Daily Blow Jobs And Earn Your Keep!!!

          • onedonewong

            is your daughter still a crack whore??

          • lexi001

            Really? Well, if your an example of home-schooling, nothing could be clearer that it doesn’t work – at all!

          • onedonewong

            Well we all know that quota schooling doesn’t work just look at the messiah, his brain is fried from all that dope

          • onedonewong

            Do you not get a newspaper where you live??? The house passed a bipartisan bill on taxes in Aug and yet barak won;t allow Reid take a vote on it.
            Barak has yet to offer up 1 dime in spending reductions he not only wants $1.6 Trillion in new taxes but plans on spending an additional $250B in 2013. His brain is damaged from all the doobies

        • Charvi3

          Why don’t you go get your GED…you stupid idiot..when you don’t know what in the hell is going on…the American people voted for the person they trust…you must be one of those smokers…that has lots of hostility in them…and just don’t know how to get there…it rots your brain…as well as in interferes with your reasonable ability…you have a short memory…or you are not looking into your “blind spots” because if you did that you would have to become humble…and heaven forbid…it is the republicans…that are only for the rich…not the democrats..they help the middle class and the poor and by the way..I hope you don’t believe in God…because you would be a hypocrite…because God states you are to help the poor at all costs…so, stay home on Sunday’s…we have enough pretenders as in in those big churches..

          • onedonewong

            No illegals and the dead voted to put barak back in the WH all the while the dem’s were suppressing the military vote.
            No Dem’s don’t help the middle class, barak will RAISE their taxes. That has always been his agenda. he wants to do away with charitable giving so that anyone who needs help has to rely on the government.
            As a socialist barak doesn’t believe in God he’s the messiah and its sounds as though he’s your messiah as well

          • toptwome

            Stooge. Lots of people wanted to make sure Romney did not become the president were inspired to vote for the intelligent President Obama and save the country from this real disaster of a real nincompoop.

          • onedonewong

            Last time I checked illegals and the dead don’t have a right to vote in this country. maybe in Bizzaro world where you live but not in the US

        • totati

          are you one of the rich guys?

          • onedonewong

            No I’m a taxpayer and we are getting fewer and fewer under the Dem’s

          • Then You Need To Tell Rush Limdick To Give You Some Money Instead Of Oxy!! Try To Explain To Him That You Need A Raise For Slobbing On Bob!! Anyway Rush Said He Was Leaving America If Obama Won And You Can Go With Him!!!

          • onedonewong

            Now I’m confused you told me before that you pay taxes…were you lying once again??

          • Nurses Pay Taxes Me, Ass Kissers & Cocksuckers Pay None You Onesucksdong And Michael Stoll!!

        • BullCrap.

        • toptwome

          Time to make sure that only sane and responsible republicans are ever again elected to be in our government. They will not serve Grover Norquist, the NRA or the super wealthy corporations. They will want to serve the people who depend on wise and caring representatives. No more idiots, no more stooges, no more zealots, no more morons.

        • onedonewong, you are stupid. The article shows how the GOP and conservatives are holding this country back. They do not care because the rich will get their way. You and the rest of us will pay for their ignorance. The GOP does not care about America.

        • spoken like a true idiot . ya right get rid of the Dems . and then the GOP ding-dong can finish digging the grave for the country that the dirty Bush started putting us in . hey why not let the just let the Dems get the country going again like the Clinton era . you know making 23 million jobs in 8 years and even get the country out of the red and not oweing nobody nothing . then when we are doin g good then you can bring another dirty Bush clown into the house and do it all over again . then the GOP ding-dongs can start a whole ne grave digging party for the country . heck and start a couple of wars too of the credit card

        • highpckts

          dems???? ROFL!!!

          • onedonewong

            no one else is at fault

        • sorry boehnet is a republican can we throw him out and get another republican ML

          • onedonewong

            Yep he and his fellow republicans are all that is keeping this country from sinking.. glad you noticed

      • Fahrenheit 9/11 Is On Watch How Bush Low Life Ass Stole The Election Plus Shows His Life Long Friendship With The Bin Laden Family!!! Also The Untold History Of The United States Is Also A Very Great Show On Our History!!

    • Dominick Are you and your herd of Sheeple all that dumb ? What possible personal ambition does Boehner have ? He has gone as far as he is ever going and has no apsirations . And once again are you all that dumb ? If the DEM senate had done their jobs and also what they are required to do by law they would’ve passed a budget and we wouldnt be at this stage . By the way BaROKE Obama probably wants the country to go over the fiscal cliff . It will hasten the Transformation he wants . That would be more people dependent on Govt and his ultimate goal Socailism . he loves poor people you can see that with his divisive yet unconstructive / unfeasible / unworkable rhetoric on class warfare . Look you can tax the 1% ers at 90% and that wont make a dent in the trillions of debt he is racking up . It’s not a revenuing problem it is a spending problem . Living in Chicago I can tell you that Tax increases only mean ONE thing to the DEMS …INCREASED SPENDING ..That wont fix a thing . Now the DEMS did not pass a budget because if they had done that it would’ve meant that they would’ve had to show America how badly they had screwed the pooch . They would not have been able to blame that on BUSH and the few Sheeple that understand basic Math would’ve caused a Sheeple Stampede …Ever see one of those …Oh the Humanity ….Even Obama and the massve vote fraud they do wouldnt have been able to get elected if they had done their job and passed a budget . The sheeple would’ve stampeded in wild panic to the good guy side . They could’ve then been sheared and returned to the ranks of responsible Americans

      • edwardw69

        Ah, wrong.
        The budget originates in the House, not the Senate. Check the second to the last paragraph. The Senate passed a Bill last summer, but the House won’t consider it because the budget has to originate with them.

        “…massive vote fraud….”? Proof?

    • onedonewong

      Guess you don’t pay attention to the issues. the house passed a tax bill in August and Harry has refused to allow a vote. Time for the senate to start acting like adults this will make it 5 years without them passing a budget

      • That budget was as much a joke as the binder with the 7 empty sheets of paper Boehner held up as the GOP answer to the Health insurance debate!

        • onedonewong

          Gosh lets see barak has submitted 4 budgets since being elected. let me provide you with how they did.
          2009 Senate 98 NO’s no aye’s
          2010 House 425 No’s no Ayes
          2011 Senate 95 no’s no ayes
          2012 House 429 No’s no ayes.
          So tell once again who is the Joke???

    • totati

      He is the obstructionist! Why is he still in Ohio when the President cut short his vacation and returned to Washington?

    • Either He Resign Or We The People Will Get Him And His American Taliban Out Of Office In 2014 And Beyond!!

  • B4Real2012

    They are too STUPID to even be ashame. KICK these damn bums to the curb they continue to sit on. They do NOT deserve to represent anyone or anything. JUST PLAIN SORRY

    • These very politicians created this problem and are now holding the entire nation hostage because they will not do the job they are paid to do. This is beyond shameful. Who needs terrorist when you have politicians like this.

  • bstockinger

    Incompetent politicians always blame someone else for their failures. Boehner can’t even get a vote on his plan, so it has to be the Senate’s fault.

  • winyan

    Bulldinky. He’s an idiot, hope he read this.

  • Hell Reid is as bigger liar as Obama Boehner is tired of fooling with those two fools .

    • oldtack

      What a sentence. Or is it What? -a sentence?

      Hell Reid is as bigger liar as ObamaBoehner is tired of fooling with those two fools.
      All sans punctuation.

      Sentence structure divulges much about the intelligence of the writer. From this sentence I would venture to guess that Bob is is a Georgia bubba with a beer gut and a dinky ballcap to cover his head. All he needs is a chaw of terbaccy and he would be the ideal Southern Republican. I would further venture to guess he has a little short fat companion.

  • Its all about personal gain for them (Whats in it for me) ???

  • Donahue Johnson

    I think it’s time to throw Boehner out!

  • If these same states re-elect these same obstructionists and expect a different outcome, the voters are dumber than they people they elect!!! All my republican friends are crying for the wealthy and saying how they carry the taxes of the rest of us. Well, according to the IRS today, we don’t really know what their vast amount of wealth is, because they get so many tax deductions. The example was two earners making $50, one only has his income he pays taxes on, but the other inherited $50K, also was a bene on an insurance policy of $2 million, and was given $13K from each parent. Both parties paid the same taxes, all of the inheritance, insurance, and gifting were tax free for the wage earner who received all the extra money. Now, explain to me how the wealthy are paying most of the taxes based on what they take in compared to me???????

  • I wonder what kind of legislative trick they are going pull off to keep the wars funded?

  • Bonehead, I mean Boner, er I mean Boehner, he will always be one from now on for pushing us off the cliff!!!!!!

  • micahm14

    I totally agree with Dominick Vila. Boehner needs to resign. I think he needs to lay off the sauce. He looks like a heavy drinker, but that’s my opinion. He could care less about America and it’s people. He’s too busy trying to appease the millionaire/billionaires who are lining his pockets. Paying him to keep us dangling on the cliff! He should be ashamed of himself, but he’s too arogant to realize this. I think the whole lot of them, the Tea Party, should resign.

  • moosifer13

    If they would all realize just ne fact: IF YOU DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY AND FOR YOUR CONSTITUENTS (remember them?? The ones who voted for you??), THEY ARE VERY LIKELY TO BE REELECTED. You cannot let 20 or so people hold the entire nation hostage. And, BTW- Grover Norquist should be brought up on charges. He has done nothing but harm the country! As I have seen others say- who needs terrorists when you have politicians!

    • Ed

      The problem is that the people who voted for many of these idiots hate the America of today and wish to go back to the 1800’s. And you must remember that most of the Repubs signed an oath which nullified their oath of office, pledging allegiance to a plan to destroy our government.

      • Who is paying their wages? If you don’t do your job find another one!

  • chasechristian

    My Country Tears on Thee”

    We as Americans know that business and politics don’t mix, our country have been selling and sending our children’s, children’s, grand children’s, country, value, principle and morals away ever since we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Politicians have been doing back room deal and will continue to do “these deals”, just to get a bill passed for their special interest group. We as American have forgotten that we have had people in office that agenda was to bring all countries into a NEW WORLD ORDER.
    It’s time for the American people to change the entitlements that our elected official is receiving while in office and once they are out of office.

  • Obama should stand his ground. the fanatics have to de-fanged but it may not happen till 2014.

  • bottom line BOEHNER and his republican cronies could give a Rats butt for the welfare of the middle class or poor. As long as they can play House make their own raises and go to best doctors or hospitals mine and your tax dollars can buy them. and retire with a great pention plan we paid for! plus all their perks.
    House Leadership
    Speaker of the House – $223,500
    Senate Leadership Majority Party Leader – $193,400
    Congress: Leadership Members’ Salary (2011-2012)
    Leaders of the House and Senate are paid a higher salary than rank-and-file members.

  • People not only are the politicians at blame, WE THE PEOPLE are also. We voted some of these bone heads in to office. We call also have them recalled. It is up to use to make this government work for all fairly. Rich or Poor it should work fairly for all. If your elected official are not doing the job. Let them know next election you will vote for someone else. And last thing they are all over paid.

    • Ed

      You must remember that the people of the red states hate Oboma so much they are willing to see all of us suffer if they can say they beat him. They don’t care hat happens to the country, they do not believe it is their country. If you doubt this you have not been reading the comments onthe web over the lat 4 years.

      • lexi001

        Correct Ed. And therein lies the crux of this entire problem. How sad, and how ignorant! I’m not sure what bothers me more; sadness that such unbridled hatres and racism could live in man or the fact that our education system has failed miserably to warrant this stupidity.

  • carola123

    Someone remind me why these beligerant Representatives are still in office? They work for the citizens of the United States! I am appalled at the action, or rather the NO action of the House and the total disregard of the people of this Country! They need to be relieved of their duties now! I am so sick and tired of the NO bi-partisan attitude!!

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    I have been saying it since from 2010 that Boehner is not only a political risk to American people but Boehner is politically impotent. Americans are now seeing Boehner’s deficiencies.

  • Vazir Mukhtar

    What mature men we have in leadership positions in the House and Senate. Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee perhaps? Or rather they are like the two teenagers (James Dean and Sal Mineo) in “Rebel Without a Cause” in a game of chicken. Or like Susan Sarandon and Gena Davis in “Thelma and Louise.”

    Better we watch such goings-on as films rather than in real life.

    Where is fearless leader? He has returned from Hawaii, or at least his body has. Do we know where his mind is? Or is he gambling with the well-being of some 300 million of his fellow citizens?

  • Ohio? Sounds like a plan to me. The man is taking up valuable space and time being Speaker and getting very little of a construction nature accomplished. Stay at home and let the adults solve the nations problems. He reminds me of the old saying ‘lead, follow or get out of the way.’ In his case getting out of the way if best for him and the country.

  • Now is the time to compromise and work together for the nation congress. We in the middle class are working and saving, and we dont want to pay no$7 a gallion for milk or gas. Work out all your bs and personality conflicts later.

  • Only John Bohner could make Denny Hastert look like a leader. Orange John will forever be remembered as the Squeaker of the House who couldn’t get his own “Plan B” passed by “his” majority.

  • johnboehner the head repukin LIAR, of all repukin LIARS

  • ChristoD

    Everyone take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. We are witnessing the best played out ‘good cop’ ‘ – ‘bad cop’ political routine I have seen in a LOOOONNNNGGG time. The President is the ‘good cop’ and guess who is the ‘bad cop ? This is the way it is playing out. A deal has ALREADY been agreed to between the President and the Speaker. The Speaker knows he HAS to placate the ‘whining babies’ of the extreme right and the President has to placate the ‘no cuts in social programs’ crowd before they can spring the deal on us. Boehner started the ball rolling when he TRIED to get his plan ‘B’ passed. He KNEW he could not get it passed BUT, he is now able to say ‘I tried’ but my caucus Tea Party (‘whining babies’) blocked passage so, based on that I am screwed so I will have to acquiese to the President (and his….wink, wink) agreed to compromise. In the interest of being sure to make it look like he did his best…..the 24th hour ‘compromise’ will bring things to the brink before ‘for the good of the American people’ something WILL be passed.

  • Boehner pretty much hit the nail on the head . If Obama and the Senate DEMs had passed a budget in the last 4yrs ( which by the way they are required to do so by law …but laws are just for Tax Paying Republicans right ? ) Well we wouldn’t be heading FORWARD off the Fiscal Cliff . Of course Harry Ried didnt want to do that because he knew if they showed you sheep how bad it is by passing an actual budget he risked a Stampede …Ever see startled Sheep stampede ? Aint a purdy sight I can tell you that . Anyway if they had passed an actual budget we wouldnt be here . They didnt do their job now they want to lay blame on the Republicans and all you sheep will say Baabaa and repeat the talking points your media tells you to . Wake up Sheeple none of this would be necessary if the DEMS had done their job . Most believe Obama wants it to go over the cliff anyway knowing his lap dop media will blame the Republicans ..He too will use his bully pulpit to do the same thing . All you sheep will Just go Baa baa…. He doesnt care about the economy and in fact probably prefers to wreck it before he and the sashquatch go on a vacay Ok .

  • I can’t wait to hear what Boehner and his troop will say on 1st January, if the will fail to avert the fiscal cliff. Will they dare to wish anyone: “HAPPY NEW YEAR”?

  • Dorothy Burns


  • Why don’t they just pass a bill limiting the cuts and increases to 50 %. Everybody should vote for that. It would be a tax cut, and a revenue producer, and everybody would be kicking in.

  • DurdyDawg

    Hell, let the cliff come.. it’s what these clowns want anyway (except for their personal agendas).. Do it to everybody then come in and hone it out. As it is, the Dems want the wealthy to begin paying their fair share, the Pubs want the middle class and poor to suffer because Obama is picking on their rich puppet masters.. We don’t need pre -cliff negotiations that will screw over social security and other ‘entitlements’ for the citizens while conserving corporate welfare for industry.

  • dalnb

    Those Congressmen who were not back in Washington on the 26th should immediately resign their position and make room for men and women who are ready to accept their responsibilities. They are getting paid to do a job they are not doing. They have shown nothing more than a total lack of leadership, responsibility, skill or ability to earn the respect of the American people or the wages they are drawing.

    They took an oath to do a job they have not only failed in doing but in even accepting responsibility for. Everything possible should be done to recall these men and women from Congress. They expect the American people to continue on, to struggle, face hardships and accept the mess we are but they waste not only important days now but continually while they are in office.

    It is time EVERY VOTER makes it very clear we did not send these bums to Congress for their entertainment. It is time to make it clear that is they can not do their job we can remove them – and we will not wait until the next election day to do so!

  • onedonewong

    Why should Boehner return before Barak? He’s the one who refuses to negeotate with the Republicans and his “deal” increases taxes by OVER $1.4 Trillion and increases wlfare spending. Its obvious that barak is stoned smoking tooo many doobies.
    The Senate has had the House bill on the budget since August and Harry has yet to allow a vote. Time for olf Harry to quit stomping his feet like a 3 years old and pass the House bill

    • lexi001

      Obama has already COME BACK, dufus.

      • onedonewong

        You must be watching MSNBC. Try a real news channel rather than the communist whine

        • lexi001

          And what would the “real” news channel be? Fox, by any chance? Limbaugh? Hannity? Yeah, sure.

  • Fred Yurman
    JOHN BOENER IS NOT A LEADER he’s a follower. If he were a leader, his Republican congressmen would follow his proposals. His primary concern is working to retain his position as leader of the house. He’s less concerned about the welfare of the country. His main argument is to whine about the shortcomings of Pres. Obama and the Democrats. His only plan is to defend the millionaires at the expense of the middle class. He has the audacity to accuse Pres. Obama of class warfare!
    Like · · Share · December 23 at 7:29am near Rego Park ·
    Eric Barricklow likes this.

  • Ok kids lets all play nice and do what is right for the millions of middle, poor and all humans!
    Wake up CONGRESS! DEM. / REP.


  • This man needs to be removed as Speaker of the House…his power haws gone to his head and we have no time for unreasonable power mongers. We are standing on the brink of distruction of this country and he doesn’t seem to care at all. My father used to call people like this as having ” more dollars than sense”..

  • How could the fiscal cliff solved the US Congress are not cooperating, yes we know they got good intention, they want to protect the rich people and let the poor people want to suffer. Is this what we call that we are a US Citizen are not UNITED??????? Becouse of this US Congress, we all going to suffer. And I’m devoted Republican, I will never, never,never voted for Republican anymore. You (Republican’s) only care for your own good and never really care about the people (poor) who put you in the office, I’m shock and bitter. So US Congress, where will we go from here on????? Speaker Boehner…………………………………………


  • Speaker Boehner is a tea Party hostage and is afraid of losing his job. I will say it again we should go to the top of the cliff and paid a little more taxes and then in 2016 Hillary is going to have an easy nomination and will be our next President. It will be an history event and we a last will have a woman leader of this nation, and Clinton first man.

    The more the Republican go to the right the bette for the Democrats to stay in power, the United States is a country were the so called minority is becoming a majority. I live in the same neighborhood for ove 30 years and when I walk on the street I notice how the United States land scape in changing.

    I have the feeling that if the Republican do not change the tune they are digging their own grave and I also believe that when in a country a sole party govern it is the end of democracy!

  • kanawah

    The fact that Bonehead cannot get his Transylvania tea party mafia in line is no reason to blame the Seana.
    The republicans in the house are anarchist and fascist.

  • Good going Boner… overworked????

  • dw

    Yea leave it to another stupid Republican to blame the Democrats. I agree fire all those Republicans in the House, not a one of them have even tried to do their job in long long time!!!!!

  • faxt42

    lets not re-elcet any GOP members into the House of representative, enough is enough of listening to all their words and watching their games. many Americans have seen the true color of many GOP.
    Can we strip benefits or reduce benefits that the House Representatives are getting?

    • dalnb

      I would agree with the idea if I did not believe there are some Republicans in Congress (and in the Senate) that do have some good potential. A good team includes men and women of different opinions and perspectives who share the ability to debate and compromise in the best interest of the country; the Republican Party has lost that skill!

      The major problem in the Republican Party is the pathway to party dominance laid out by Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell under the funded direction of people like the Koch brothers. The Republican Party makes it mandatory Republicans follow the talking points of the party, follow the guidance set by the party leaders, and party threats against any Republican Congressman that strays from the party mandates. Those not living and breathing the party mandates suffer the party’s internal controls such as no backing of the individual’s bills and no backing for reelection!

      Instead of demonstrating the leadership and America first spirit Republicans are bound to doing what ever it takes to make the Republican Party the dominant party. That effort though is impossible as we see more and more of the Tea Party candidates showing themselves to be weak and incapable. If the Republicans truly want to gain any strength they must move away from the Tea Party influence and rid the party of those elected through special interest group money and high financing individuals/groups!

      We need to work hard at seeing ANY member of Congress (regardless of party) that fails to work hard at restoring our nations quality of life, employment and our national economy is removed from office as soon as possible; and that does not mean waiting until the nest election!

    • dalnb

      Let’s not wait until the next election. Let’s look for any and every reason to remove the lazy and incapable representatives now! The sooner America gets the word out and elected officials start to understand that if they do not do their job they are going to be forced out the sooner America will again become a nation of the people for the people! We can not wait for elections – we need to get rid of those who have failed to accept their responsibilities and have failed America! We Need To DO IT NOW – get them out of office NOW! If we continue to let Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Boehner and Kantor to dictate to those in Congress we will never get our nation back on track!

  • faxt42

    The House speaker is acting as he was a president elected…Shits are filling his head by the time he knows it, he will have no place in the government office.(be patient to wait two more years until this shit Mr. no brain Boehner will be out.

  • Boenher is a whiny titty baby with no leadership ability. The only good he is is to block Eric Cantor from taking over the House with his teaparty self.

  • Yes, I strongly agree with Dominick – Politicians learn to utilize their positions to benefit themselves. There’s no loyalty to this country, much less to the citizens of this country. They make things more difficult, instead of resolving any issues. Are we stuck with these poor representatives (senators, speaker of the house, congressmen)? They should be put on probation for a year and/or to dismiss them if they can’t perform 100%. Thank you.

  • the Republican party still wants to screw America again they have not learned their lesson yet let them keep screwing up the GOP still want to protect the rich they have to remember who put them in their jobs it is not the rich

  • rosieb47

    The House made big concessions and now it’s up to obama and the Senate. So Mr. Speaker don’t offer another thing. You did more than your share. If you have to give some more, I wouldn’t mind if really rich people had to pay a bit more income tax, although I don’t think it’s right, if they worked and earned it, why should they pay more. Still if that’s the only way to get things moving again, go ahead. At least you, Mr. Speaker, care about America!!

  • As long as the GOP refuses to set aside their own personal goals, which is to ignore any bills or compromise to solve the economic situation because of their personal dislike of Obama and fail to do what is right for the whole of the country which is the working middle class who pays their salaries we stand a chance of change like the old phrase “Like a Snowball in Hell!

  • toptwome

    The tea party republicans are zealots and anti-American hateful people working for Grover Norquist against this country.

  • toptwome

    Boehner has lied his head off with his statement that the House has done what they can do and that now it is up to the Senate and the President. The House has not even taken votes on the plan that the Senate passed. Time for some honesty from the GOP if they have any at all to say.

  • The house has passed lots of bills. Right. But, what the hell was in these ungodly bull shit bills.

  • Who was suppressing votes? Just lie as usual. Republicans did everything possible to stop people from voting. this has been told by republicans.

  • These guys were elected again because, they gerrymandered to where noone could run against them.

  • My God idiot. Obama was not sworn in until 2009. Republicans were holding all while GW, was in the white house.

  • Ed, I am one from a red state the radical Tennessee state. But, I did not vote for one of the idiots and never will. I am one of few here, that voted for President Obama twice.

  • faxt42

    How could we get rid of these tounge twitting and lazy Speaker and some of his dysfunctional and lazy members? ( at the House and the Congress)

  • To ALL Republicans you voted in those that are not Civil Servants working for the Americans that pay their salaries. They are the party of NO. There are American Republicans UNEMPLOYED, MAKING UNDER 250K, your lives are on the line too.

    NJ, CT, cuts in FEMA will impact you too. BOEHNER MADE PROMISES TO HIS 1% & 2% TO KEEP THEIR TAXES DOWN AT ALL COST, the Cost is American LIVES.

  • Hand down the indictment and THEN go out and commit the crime. I gotta admit it is artful.

  • anoniemm

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  • Well,Well..John Boenher is going to drop that wax golf ball right in front of Mitch McConnell …swing baby swing…trying to blame Mr.Reid. Congress is all out of excuse.

  • blackmagic50

    To the voters of Ohio…this is your doing for putting this A** back in office!
    He’s not representing you, his constituents nor the rest of us by holding out with bad ideas while doing the bidding of the lobbyists and corporates that’s rewarding him for his unpatriotic choices!!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    I thought the GOP’s biggest gripe with the President was his blaming others…Now Boehner is doing the same thing. I guess when you are a Republican you do as you please while you judge others most harshly for doing what the GOP does best….dump on others.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    You always know when the GOP uses the word “negotiate,” it means ….”on their terms.” Now just imagine what would happen if there CEOships did this in business negotiations. Speaks volumes of just how determined to make a two term president look as inept as they can. Too bad they are the ones who are beginning to fall apart as a party.

    Conservatism that takes from those who have the least to hand to those who have the most isn’t conservatism…it’s greed. If the GOP bully bois had their way, they’d turn government into America Inc.

    Where in the Constitution does it state that the people of this country must hand out $150 billion every year to corporations whose CEOs are earning the world’s highest salaries? Cut out the hand outs to these corporations and our deficits will shrink within half a decade. Tax dollars belong to taxpayers…not for profit businesses. Handing out tax dollars to corporations allows them to stuff their revenues into their paychecks and offshore tax free havens, create zero jobs and zero hiring all while their wealth comes from the Middle Class consumers, taxpayers and their employees. If we cut out those hand outs, their salaries wouldn’t increase year after year while they stagnate everyone else’s. That’s really what this phony baloney Fiscal Cliff is all about…Creating limitless wealth for a bunch of Greedheads who lost touch with planet earth and use the GOP to do their bidding.

  • kathyfanning

    The time for fingerpointing is over. If the right wing zealots who only care about their own agendas don’t get this fixed, they will be gone since the people can not afford to suffer more. We’ll give Boehner something to cry about !

  • Boehner-bone-head blames every one but the one that should be blamed the whole GOP ding-dong party thy have the greedy bastard 2 % happy and thats all thy care about . how is it one get’s voted into office to help all the ppl. of the country . and when thy get in thy turn to helping only 2 % of the country and its ppl. ? saying the heck with the 98% of the ppl that need us we will work for the 2 % of the greedy bastard 2 % we will get a bigger TIP from them .

  • you can do a A-to-Z plan bone head and thy will all fall in the gutter like you and all you 2% greedy bastards buddy’s and GOP ding dong party of no belong

  • highpckts

    Who the Hell is President here?? Who does Boehner think he is??

  • All the good guys are back in DC so we know whois the bsd (GOP)guys are, time coms to pay up they will be first served by our process servor.

  • highpckts

    Nope, all we did was add the 2 wars Bush started to the deficit!! Get real!!

  • highpckts

    onedonewrong – You are totally brainwashed and can’t tell facts from fiction!! Stop listening to your non-news sources!!

  • What about the tax increases on everyone! Thought these idiots were paid by Norquist not to raise taxes. BAH! HUMBUG! What do you call the Fiscal Cliff. What a bunch of no loads. The GOP will never get back in power if any Democrat has any say which we do still have a vote (MAYBE)

  • highpckts

    onedonewrong – such a typical answer from one that is brain dead! Mooooslim??? Very crude!!!

  • highpckts

    onedonewrong- Now that shows what you really are!! Good boy!!
    a racist bigot with no education! A true ” taker”!!

  • highpckts

    ROFL, ROFL!!!!! Where do you come with this stuff?? The dead voting?? again, ROFL!!

  • highpckts

    onedonewrong – No that title will go to Bush who didn’t even get invited to the Repubs convention!!

  • highpckts

    Do you truly spout this insane stuff in public?? Seriously?? You must be posting from your cubicle in the nut house because you are truly deluded!!

  • rustic36

    Point all the fingers you want – – unfortunately there is ”one” little pesky problem hounding this country and all this ”theater” will NOT change ANYTHING ! ! ! WE HAVE NOT HAD A ”BUDGET” in over 4 years! ! Do you run your business without one- – or perhaps your family without one? ? ? Why would you think the MORONS in Washington can RUN THE COUNTRY – – without one- – But then again- – the debt clock has been ”screaming that”- – for years! ! ! !

  • Simple Translation: There is NO “Fiscal Cliff”.

    Mr. Boehner, and the Republicans, are just trying to make our president look bad, in front of the American people.

    Give Mr. Obama a “black eye”, and erode his base of support, to put it politely.

    Why else wait until the last seconds, to return to the capital?

    IF there really were a problem, then the Republicans would have STAYED in Washington, even over Christmas, especially if it meant preventing the super-rich from paying their fair share of the American tax bill.

    The Republicans would have burned out the “midnight oil”, if this were anything more than a campaign, designed to make President Obama look bad, in front of the American people.

  • Who is he kidding? This speaker is the most ineffective speaker to hold the post in history of the republic. He dosen”t have control of his own party members. This isn’t new he as been doing this since they became the majority party two years ago. They tried to sabbotage President Obama, but it didn’t work. What surprise me is that people still voted for them. I thought for sure they would have lost their majority. A big disapointment, well their is always 2014

  • elw

    Should of, could of….. What is clear is that Boehner see the writing on the wall, he cannot lead the dysfunctional group of radicals that call themselves Republicans. Oh heck, they are unable to lead themselves. Whoever takes Boehner’s place will have no better luck. We are going over that “cliff” and will be finding out first hand exactly what it will mean to each one of us. My bigger concerns lay more with worry over how the dysfunction in the House of Representatives will keep this Country from moving in the right direction and hurt the fragile recovery underway? The President is in for a very rocky start to his second term. He will need our support to help him through it.

  • Boehner: “Blame anyone and everyone except the House of Representatives” What a f-ing hypocrite!

  • dear bonehead if the bill must be started in the house why haven’t you. You should not be reelected house majority leader because you are not a leader your a whiner. Your house has not accomplished anything since you’ve been there . If most of america thought about it they would be having recall petitions started if we go over the cliff! Still in ohio? Maybe you need to stay there! I don’t mind a republican house but i think if the majority leader can’t lead we should get on who can!

  • Sounds like the Congress Republicans are behind the American people pushing them as hard as they can over that cliff.

  • I think John Boehner must to ask Congress to act..before he can ask the Senate.Still dirty expense of most of americans citizens

  • F’em all, let them eat the ‘ole peter.

  • With all due respect, I must honestly say what I truely feel and believe. The majority of the members of the Republicans and the speaker of the house Boehner, McConnel and the rest of those that deep down inside their bigotry hearts, are merely continually projecting their hatred for our President. Though we as viewer refuse to admit it, many of us clearly see it displayed right before our eyes, through the media everyday. The main reason that they, the Republicans, refuse to make a deal, and come to the table with a deal/compremise with President Obama and avoid going over the cliff with these issues, is because of their secret meeting they had in hopes of making him, Mr. Obama a one term President. They failed, but they haven’t given up yet, Their intension is to continue with their plan, forget about the People, and use their power to accomplish their goals. If the Republicans can stall the efforts of our President till the end of his 2nd term, believe me, they will. There is a deep pain in many of there hearts, and its full of prejudice, to see a Black man in the White house, a man that is for the people. So..therefore in order to get to him, they would do anything to attempt ways to detour our Presidents goodness and full potential and find ways to deminish his image. Truth is the Light, and the light shines bright in the hearts of many good men, Black white brown red and yellow, all races. Our world hasn’t become so corrupt, to the point that rot has pierced through the core of the American Spirit, many of the people of The United States of America, choice representative to represent us in office, we expect them to make good sound decisions in pursuit of building America Strong. But from the window in which I look out of “In My Life” All I see is GREED, SELFISHNESS, AND THE LACK OF DEDICATION TO THE PEOPLE. So….”Lets be Real” heres how I see it, (FREEDOM OF SPEECH) and imaginably, a FLY on the Wall view observing the Republicans in a meeting. The hell with the people, if we can’t let that N-word succeed, we must put a stop to his vision for the people, even if we hurt their lives and their children lives, eight long years, we can make them suffer, and in the mean time, we’ll find ways to sabotage the voting places, we’ll attact the Black members of the congress, we’ll continue to throw obstacles in his way, pester him his entire term, our family will be provided for, our children (This is what the Fly on the wall is hearing.) We care not for the poor, the middle class, we only care for the rich.
    If the rich were to come back to reality and the ones that are full of hate, have a change of heart, they would give back to America, and focus their energy on giving their fair share to the country that made them what they are today, so what if you pay the same amount of taxes as the middle class, where is your God giving HEARTS? if you pay more, you will still have more than the middle class, and America an grow to be a better place for all. Let us focus as Americans, on issues more important for the betterment of The United States of America. Let us focus on the intra-structure, our highways, bridges. Let us focus on factories and other entities for the better of mankind. More things in life are important than acting like children picking on each other, fussing and fighting in a false adulthood manor. Lets come together as one, and be reasonable with our worth. Lets not make our friends and neigbors suffer because of color, yes our world appear to be full of hate, and disrespect toward one another, but that is why we need you, the Republican party, and the Democratic party, to blend together for the sake of our exsistence. There are Senior Citzens that need your help, there are Mentally ill, sick Blind, Cripple and the Homeless, that need Our Help! Lets come together before its to late, and maybe we the People of America can set an example to the other countries of the world, and began to move forward in peace and goodwill to ALL……
    Riley J1S.

  • Boehner, wants all the people to start crying!!! The worst speaker ever.. He makes me sick to look at, what a jerk!!!!

  • I wonder how much this is costing the tax payer? We should have the government buy the air lines think of the money we could save? The best thing is to fire the house and replace them with new legislators. I know people who are more educated and a lot smarter, that could do this job.

  • He has a Plan C What and See?

  • like a tail wagging the dog, that’s the boehner behaviour’s like. no brainer, all boners

  • ridemybroom

    hes a moron…hes pittiful….hes nasty….doesnt care for anyone cept himself…hes a racist…hes ewwwwwwwww cant decribe this dispiciable piece of garbage anymore….get out of politics boehner….you cant fight with the big boys…

  • Here we go again the republican bastards wont negotiate they believe they are god .
    for those who voted republican look what they gave you for christmas and new years
    a boot up your ass . and laught about it in your face thats what you get when you go to bed with the devil (republicans) you get screwed .