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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dominican police report that three women who claimed they had sex with Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) now have said their claims were false and they were paid to make them.

Police spokesman Maximo Baez said the women were hired by a Dominican reporter and paid up to $425 to say the junior senator from New Jersey hired them for sex. One escort involved in the case first recanted in early March after an FBI investigation found no evidence to substantiate the claims.

Menendez has insisted that the charges are false and were made to undermine his re-election campaign in November, which led to him becoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The women first made the allegations in videos posted on Tucker Carlson’s right-wing site The Daily Caller. The site has defended its reporting on the case in the past, but Monday posted a piece summarizing the Dominican police’s refutation of the story. As of Tuesday morning, the story was not on the site’s front page.

A spokesman for the senator says he hopes there will be a criminal investigation into who fabricated these charges against him.

The charge from the right of soliciting prostitutes has overshadowed the grand jury investigation into Menendez’s association to campaign donor Dr. Salomon Melgen, who allegedly overbilled for Medicare treatments.

As Republicans struggle to dissect what’s wrong with their party, one aspect that they simply and clearly have no control over is the right-wing media. The Daily Caller ran with this now-dubious story attacking one of the most prominent Latino politicians in America, the allegations made national news, and now — as the story seems to be disintegrating — they’re accepting no accountability to correct the apparent falsehoods.

When Republican senator David Vitter (R-LA) tacitly admitted to soliciting prostitutes in 2006, Tucker Carlson said, “I wish David Vitter were a Democrat… I wish he were Russ Feingold, because then I would defend him every bit as zealously as I am defending not what David Vitter did, but his right to be unbothered by the rest of us for something that’s none of our business.”

But Carlson and The Daily Caller clearly made it their business to publicize these charges against Menendez. And no one on the right is calling them out for the shoddy journalism or their hypocrisy.

Sorry, Republicans. Paying Dominicans to say they had sex with a Latino senator isn’t considered “minority outreach.”

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  • idamag

    When accusations are made, we should demand rock solid proof. If we didn’t see the senator having sex, then it is not proven.

    • johninPCFL

      For some, even that’s not enough. Limbaugh went “doctor shopping” for oxy (trafficking, felony possession, and conspiracy in 2003) and then returned from a boy’s camp in Jamaica with a bogus Viagra prescription (felony possession in 2009), and received no punishment at all.

      • idamag

        And…he has followers. What kind of people are limpjaw adherents?

        • johninPCFL

          Apparently forgiving toward their heros’ past (and present) foibles, but highly intolerant of others past failings. Limbaugh and GWB get a pass (oxy, cocain and booze), Obama and Clinton catch a hatchet (cocain and MJ). The new abbreviation for “hypocrisy” is: “TParty”. Looking at the posts here, you’d understand how the new, easier spelling is appreciated, at least by some.

  • Classic proof that the media madmen are out of control.

    I ask: how is it that the FCC isn’t chaining the doors and bringing these lying, abusive scum to court?

    • Ed

      Because Reagan removed all regulations from the media.

      • idamag

        I seem to remember Bush deregulating the FCC.

  • He’s a Democrat, not a Republican.

  • Howard

    Of course the right wing attacked him. He is a DEMOCRAT

  • Things like this are part of a well coordinated campaign, sponsored by wealthy zealots, to regain control of the Senate in 2014. With a larger number of Democrats than Republicans running for re-election the likely of us losing some seats has Tea Party advocates salivating revenge and enjoying the thought of total control of Congress, which would bring progress down to its knees, and the probability of dismantling social programs, destroying organized labor, overturning ACA, deregulation, and other GOP goals a distinct possibility. Republicans are no longer fighting for survival (except for infighting over control of the party), they are in full attack mode.
    Hopefully we will learn where the money to discredit Menendez came from. Unfortunately, knowing how influential the likely architects of this charade are, that is just a pipedream.

  • Jill49

    Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller should go down. It is worthless trash.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    Personally, I don’t give a dam what someone does privately as long as it don’t affect whatever they do in office.

    Problem is, many of these people say one thing as a policy or public opinion, but do something entirely different out of the public eye. Do as I say, but not as I do.

    Sex is a major game changer with people in politics and religion. This country is hung up on sex. Politics in other countries is totally different for the most part. If the same thing happened to a politician in another country, no one would have even thought nothing about it unless it gets really dirty and kinky and effects their operating effectively in office.