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Monday, July 23, 2018

In an act of glaring hypocrisy — even by their standards — Fox News this week leaked the identity of the former Navy SEAL who penned a tell-all account of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden appeared under the pseudonym “Mark Owen” in an effort to protect the true author from retribution for his involvement in the mission. That strategy lasted about 15 minutes before Fox News reporter Justin Fishel published an exclusive report revealing the author’s true name, age, rank, and hometown.

The decision by Fox News management to leak Owen’s real identity may come as a surprise to its regular viewers, given that the network has devoted countless hours of its broadcasts to declaring that leakers are the lowest of the low.

“There’s a lot of people putting their lives on the line for us. And they need to be protected. And we cannot politicize national security,” Sean Hannity said in June. Then  Bill O’Reilly declared that whoever leaked to the New York Times about cyberattacks against Iran “should go to prison for a long time.”

As Mother Jones’ Adam Weinstein points out, last year Fishel himself wrote:

Members of Navy SEAL Team Six, the Special Operations unit responsible for killing Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden in Pakistan last Sunday, have expressed concerns about their safety and the safety of their families now that details of the mission have been made public.

…Rather than keeping the details secret, intelligence officials and senior administration officials briefed members of the press. It quickly leaked out that the mission was performed by 24 members of the elite and classified counterterrorism SEAL squadron, known as SEAL team Six. Despite that leak, Gates says the government continues to protect their identities.

Apparently, Fishel’s perspective changed drastically when he got the scoop on the author calling himself “Owen.”

After Fox News leaked Owen’s real identity, Christine Ball — a spokesperson for E.P. Dutton, which published No Easy Day — released the following statement:

Mark Owen, like every SEAL he has served with, has put his life on the line time and again for his country for more than a decade. Sharing the true story of his personal experience in No Easy Day is a courageous act in the face of obvious risks to his personal security. That personal security is the sole reason the book is being published under a pseudonym. We respectfully request that all news organizations and all Americans consider these facts when deciding whether to pursue or publicize his real identity.

Fox News Executive Vice President and Executive Editor John Moody defended the decision to reveal Owen’s true identity by saying in a statement of his own. “Once you write a book,” said Moody, “anonymously or not, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy.”

By that standard, it’s interesting that Fox continues to defend bestselling author Mitt Romney for not releasing more than a single year of his tax returns.

It’s not surprising, however. As the Mark Owen fiasco (and the Valerie Plame disgrace) prove, Fox News treats intelligence leaking just like any other issue: It is only a problem if a Democrat does it.

164 Responses to Yet Another Outrageous National Security Leak — Courtesy Of Fox News

  1. These guys lead the blame game parade against Obama’s administration for so-called leaks of national security issues and then they out one of our hero’s. Disingenious and dishonest scum if you ask me. They’ve put the man and his family is grave danger with their ill advised action. I’m not at all surprised by their actions as reckless behavior is the hallmark of the institution.

  2. Hopefully, Mr. Decker will never attempt a scientific career. His attempt at reaching a logical conclusion from linking grab bag information is tortuous. On the other hand, with that ability, he can ‘prove’ whatever conclusion fits his whim.

    • If you want to see the scum at the bottom of the barrel listen to MSNBC, that gave lots of money to them to run pro-Obama ads. Hardly fair & balanced, only the Liberal view ALL the time.

      • Plsnnn — LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! What a blinded sheep you are!! You are so brainwashed you can’t even think for yoursel f anymore!! Do you EVER hear anything bipartisan from Fox?? That would be a negative!!

        • Well every now and then you have Bob Beckel dropping the F-bomb. I suppose that’s the balanced part.

          Releasing the name of this SEAL is a crime – if that’s what really happened. I don’t know because I didn’t see it and I don’t believe anything I read. Including this website.

      • Obviously you’ve never listened to MSNBC: there are more ads from oil companies and other Republican patrons than for Democratic candidates or ideas.

        And no Republican will appear on Rachel Maddow’s show, because she is respectful and polite and allows them their say, then calmly points out the inaccuracies (she’s much too polite to call them the lies they usually are).

    • Well, they could get slightly lower than whaleshit, but the GOP has already done that with the outing of Valerie Plame.

      Let’s face it, folks. The GOP is composed of a bunch of scumbags, starting with Karl Rove, Dubya Bush and Dick Cheney and ending with the likes of Wolfowitz, Feith and other scumbag neocons.

  3. please read the last comments of charlie reese a retired reporter of the orlando sentinel we really have to take back our country from the prople in power do you have the courage to pass this on? well see

    • Are you referring to the famous Charlie Reese column written in 1984? Mr. Reese referred to it as his “Frankenstein Column” because of the way it has been resurrected by various people and “updated” from time to time. That is the column referred to as his Final Column. According to Mr. Reese, he doesn’t understand the popularity of the column which he refers to as a “fifth-grade civics lesson.” He also stated that although he doesn’t like Obama, he likes Romney even less. He doesn’t find Romney to be conservative enough. Is that the column, billards?

  4. read the last column by charlie reese of the orlando sentinal do you have the courage to pass this on? we,ll see god bless america

    • billards – sorry I can’t find the article that you refer to! Please tell me what edition and the date. Was it an editorial?

  5. Why did this act surprise anyone? We all know what Fox and the COP has been doing for years and how they think (or not think as the case may be). We know the depths they live in and how little they care about anything but their point of view.

    • Democrat supporters are leading this country the same route as Fidel supporters in the 50s. Wake up and see his real agenda to destroy this country.


      • Too bad you can’t be bothered to learn just how badly the GOP has crippled this country with its insane “trickle down”economics which has “redisitributed only 36% of the Nation’s wealth to the top 2%. The GOP is leading the USA down the same path as the Roman politicians did with Ancient Rome. Romney has no solutions, only “more of the same failed Bush II policies: more tax cuts for the “job creators”, and more deregulation.
        Should Romney be cornered into releasing 12 years of his tax returns, we shall see just what a failure trickle down economics has been for the GOP’s own Candidate for President, no investments which created jobs, only those which multipled profit, and interest, thereby allowing him to accumulate more and more wealth, transfer more money overseas, and manipulate the tax code to charge off earned income as capital gains rates.
        This is what the GOP has given to America as its choice to continue the slow collapse of the Middel Class, and continue with their expansion of the numbers of Americans living in poverty.

        Romney’s continued tax cuts for the “job creators” (himself) equals more deficits, (almost 10 trillion with Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II), more transfers of wealth to that group, and the contiued decline of the Middle class.

        Take some time to study the past 6 president’s economic successes and failures. The GOP is the party which has created the most deficits, and expanded the size of the Federal Government. See what administrations created the most jobs, and then look at the tax rates during each. look at the distribution of wealth at the beginning and end of each Administration.

        The GOP has failed miserably with it continued attempts to impose tax cuts for the job creators on the American People. Three failures are enough. We do not need to give Romney and Ryan a forth opportunity. It does not work

        • Its called the marchel plan not a Gop plan 64 yrs in the making it will be completed this year or 2024! (it cause a recesion about every 12 1/2 years) for total destruction as for the expantion of goverment oversight that is called the new deal with agencies that oversees all the reagulations includeng their saleries and boneses!of all secters your complaining about for being to rich. Incuding the 32,000 super rich with 100 million$ or more we call celebrities thats 3.2 trillion$ siting in the largest banks and wallstreet! Not cirulating tru the hands of the working class(all witch decresess the VAULE OF THE DOLLAR) Incresing taxes and printing more money for welfair dosen’t help the poor! Increse WAGES elimenats the need for welfair! witch means more taxes for the states witch means less need of monies from the fed,s witch mean less need of welfair = less taxes witch means more money for growth =more jobs = larger tax base=more pay for teachers! also buy usa means more jobs and less cargo ships burning 1600 galloons a hour= cheaper gas better for the invirment less co2 ( yes my grammer and spelling are bad dosen’t mean Im wrong)

          • You did not say one word that made sense in your entire rant. I have never read such an incoherent tirade in my life.

          • Your right that was my first attempt! I dont have the verbal skills that make this type of communcation simple First it mite help to explain how i was raised to see things! First I see people in two catagore.s Their ether prodomitly left brain or right brain I don’t care what race creed religion or sexual preferance.It’s all personal and as privet as they decide. their freedom to chose ! I see left brain as anyone who is musicly inclined and vebaly inclined.THEY learn from books they look to the past to see how they can cange it for the future! Right brain as mecanicly inclined and nonverbaly inclined (Iam the later)YOU draw us a picture (blue print)will build it.WE learn are skills from each other and from everthing around us AS we grow we watched are elders and as they mastered their skills they freely passed it on to us from generation to generation!that means nither side is smarter or dumber as a group we just learn diffarnt skills witch nither one can be used to its fullest without the other. As I understand the marchell plan it was used to put more people to work by cutting the wages of the labor (R brain) and sending the monies to the corperations so they could produse more product with cheap labor.(build cheap cut labor)this was only to last 3-5 years! Its been 64 yrs to the point that every 100.000$ spent 80.000$goes to the person with a collage degree (L brain) 20.000$ to to the person that dosen’t have a degree!(R brain) Example in san diego it cost 200.000$ to put in a 4 way stop sign 160.000 to the company who drew the picture (plan)and $40.000 for labor and matireals! so we build the products to put on the shelf but we cant afford to buy it! So lets follow the money higher wages for the (R) more items sold more taxes paid widen the tax base mean more money in. less percentage needed! lower tax percent for all! higher wages for (R) means less poverty less need for welfair less taxes going out with more coming in I hope this helped Thanx

          • I’m not sure if I agree withoneMALEopinion’s posts or not because the spelling and grammar make them hard to understand, but what I also don’t understand is why when someone is trying so hard to be understood, would someone complaining about his lack of communication skills, wouldn’t try to explain to him how to turn on spell checker? I have been on sites where spell checker wouldn’t work for me either, and I couldn’t get it to work either. He has admitted his lack of communication skills and basically asked for help fixing them at least once. My spell checker works on this site and I am glad it does, even though I was lucky enough to receive a good education, I sometimes find that as I get older, I am not always confident in my spelling and grammar choices. I try to remember the adage of, “Let he who is without sin, acst the first stone”. Whether you agree with him or not, give him a break for trying.

          • I was responding to “oneMALEopinion”. I am not sure what your comment was, but it certainly could not have been that.

          • didn’t learn it in school! watched it lived it! don’t know what they told you in school but when you see your family and friends lose everything because of arogance of those in goverment! Work harder longer watch their wives HAVE to go to work leving their kids to fend for them selves their health fading being forced into welfair or dye witch some with pride chose just so they can get twice the work for half the pay thats the progressive now thats a joke they stop progress at every turn

          • Like I said Im (r) brain nonverbaly inclined.I can no sooner constuct a proper senence then you can reconstruct your car. But i tried. 30 yrs traveling the country doing odd jobs Iv’e watched personal wealth decline all over the country.I tried to explain what I saw. Sence you can’t understand me without proper spelling and grammer.Then I only have one queston. When the econamy falls off that fiscal cliff and your money is worthless your job skills no longer needed. WHAT labor skill can you do well enought to barter with?? Joan thanx for at least trying

          • No, it is your ideas and your erroneous “facts” that make you wrong. The Marshall Plan was intended to rebuild Europe after WW II. It succeeded. It included tax provisions to promote American investment overseas. Those provisions remain in the tax code and help drive the offshoring of American jobs. (Outsourcing is not unAmerican as long as “out” is still in the USA.) No agencies whatsoever oversee “dictated” regulations – all such agencies were created by Public Law and execute Constitutional powers of Congress subject to Congressional oversight. Every dollar spent is spent by appropriation – i.e., Act of Congress. Every dollar of revenue is collected pursuant to some Act of Congress. Every income exemption, every allowable deduction, and every tax credit or rebate is also pursuant to some Act of Congress. Voters can choose a new Congressperson every two years. Voters can replace each of t heir Senators every six. Welfare is driven by poverty, not inflation. Inflation is controlled by the Federal Reserve, which is governed by appointees selected by the President and confirmed by the Senate, sworn into civil service the same as all other Federal employees. All Federal employees, elected, or appointed, have the same boss – The People. Each has statutory and Constitutional duties to carry out regardless of any other appointed or elected official. Only the military are required to obey the lawful orders of the President, and only the lawful ones at that. The President cannot fire any of the
            White House Staff! Government has no power over private salaries, and can only impose a minimum wage on industries engaged in interstate commerce. Almost every Governor has more power over events in their State than does the President. Governors command their own national guard all the time unless the guard is mobilized by Congress for national service. All grand government conspiracy theories fail on the fact that there is neither power nor communication within the system that enables such a conspiracy to remain secret. There are many private conspiracies to influence the government, but they are each working against all the others, so none can actually gain the upper hand for long.

            In actuality, money taken from the rich as taxes and given to the poor for food circulates many more times in the economy, thus greatly boosting GDP, whereas money not engaged in transaction (spent, and spent again, and spent again, by recipient after recipient) does not increase GDP. Every dollar the rich pile up in safe accounts is one less dollar making GDP grow. The principal feature of an economic slump is that those who have money left are not willing to invest or spend it, which creates a recessionary spiral. The only antidote to the recessionary spiral is to tax the rich and give the money to the lower class, which must spend every dollar they get. If there is not enough money left after the crash to tax, government must fabricate it (with inflation) just to get the economy moving again. The hard part is to cut government in the boom and use the tax surplus to retire debt, so there is plenty of credit left when the next bust happens. One must also tighten money late in the boom to keep book value from overrunning real value, creating a bubble and the next crash. That is what the Republicans always do wrong – they run the government like a business, spend the boom and scrimp the bust, instead of the opposite way a government has to be run in order to promote the general welfare. The same mistake was made in 1938 – austerity in a recovery – and the economy went back into recession because of it. One of the laws of macro-economics is that government austerity in hard times makes hard times harder. This is not a theory – it is an observation from historical facts. W Bush supporters said, “others study history, we make history”, and instead they just made the same mistakes as were made before. The only historic aspect was the scope and depth of the disaster.

          • Halle freaking luah. That last paragraph said it all.

            To those that actually believe not heeding the fact checkers or not studying history somehow frees you from observed reality?

            “Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.”

            To you ignoramuses, truly so as you declare you are ignoring the past:

            “Ring the bell, school’s back in!”

          • Look at the logic stop circling over the detail, all arguments can and will have historic flaws. His /her argument details far more than your history lesson. Mind you I am a believer of “those whom do not read/know history are doomed to repeat the consequences.”

          • Thanks for the excellent and informative post, David. If only people from the other side would read it without blinders on. It was hard to read (and understand) oneMale’s post, but, like you, I don’t hold his grammar or spelling against him. Hell, at least he finds himself at this site and reading this article in the first place, so kudo’s to him for that. Also that he recognizes the facts of his grammar and spelling. I applaud him for expanding.

            Anyway, thanks again for your post. I hope he read it with an open mind and heart. As for me, I’m saving it because it is clear, precise, factual and well thought out.

          • UH, I DIDN’T DO THAT – post twice. But damn, if this does it also, geez, sorry folks. Now I know how it feels to be a rabbit, multiplying and all. . .

          • David, that was an outstanding post. Ever thought of working for the government? There is obviously a shortage of individuals with this insight and clarity. Well done!

          • you are soooo right, but most people do not want to make informed remarks, just repeat the same things like a parrot does. After all, common sense is not as common as you think.

          • Their are no true facts only other opionions. You can quote other opinions that you read but I’m looking at cause and effect. Always take the lowest bid on goverment bid contactes it will drive the labor price down! If you can’t cut labor any lower build with cheeper materials! When that fails send overseas for slave labor! Creating the same problem over there. No wonder where hated and blamed for destroying life styles. And creating poverty all over the world! Your ether rich or poor. Little to no middle class! Most felt they were better off before western countrys interfeard! So keep beleving everything you read and keep your eyes closed to the reality around you. As for spell check don’t see how to turn on tru this web page.Wish I could!!!

          • NO. Your horrendous grammar and spelling shows what kind of a person you really are: a lazy and careless buffoon who doesn’t care about how he comes across to other people. AND THAT makes you lazy and careless about where you get and process your ideas. So typical of right-wing conservatives.

            Go suck an egg.

          • As a former teacher, I resent the inference that this person is worthless based on his grammar and typing. I taught a young man once whose papers looked like the alphabet had been thrown in the air and came down to rest anywhere. This person tried so hard that I gave him an E for effort and passed him on.. Later on, I heard that he had a garage, was a top notch mechanic and had done well for himself and his family. He married a girl who could read and write and she saw what a great person he really was in spite of this deficiency. I am a Democrat and have no idea what his politcs became after he graduated, but I will put him up against anyone for having a great sense of values.

          • Did you know that there are brilliant peoplem that have a hard time spelling. Your blog about one male was disgusting.

          • Your Spelling and Grammer might not mean your wrong, but it sure does show that your stupid. So your throughts are most likely stupid also.

        • Just a couple of things to think about, Ellery.
          1. Exactly how do low taxes on the wealthy result in the collapse of the middle class?
          2. Exactly what constitutes the middle class? If you believe they are mostly people who work for a living why would the Republicans who are largely business owners, want to harm their greatest asset?
          2. Since Republicans are not in favor of expanding the entitlement system, why would they want to create more Americans living in poverty? Wouldn’t they want just the opposite?
          As for deficits, you asked us to study who creates the deficits. Broaden your study to include who controlled Congress during these periods of exploding deficits. That is the group largely responsible for spending.

          • 1. In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, low taxes on the wealthy, who were still building their empires, allowed them to invest more in PHYSICAL capital, requiring the hiring of more labor. Even today, tax credits on those who are building up industries results in jobs for the middle class (not as many now, since they can hire more overseas help than in the 1880’s), but policies that claim ALL wealthy people and corporations are “job creators” ignore the fact that most “investment” today is speculation and chicanery to move money around to leave more of it in the schemer’s pocket (e.g. Bain Capital, hedge funds).
            Even in the early days, crashes resulted because the rich NEVER spend as high a percentage of their earnings on consumer goods and physical investment COMBINED as the poor do, so eventually there would not be enough money in circulation to keep the goods being produced.

            2. Why would business owners want to reduce what they pay their workers? Because each business owner wants to maximize their OWN profits, and expects to sell their output to the better paid employees of the OTHER businesses! Only a few business tycoons in history understood this and cared enough about the public good to give up their own short term profit (notably Henry Ford, who gave his workers a raise because he wanted them to be able to buy the cars they made).

            Deficit spending is not the problem NOW. As has been pointed out, when FDR was persuaded to cut back on the New Deal spending before recovery was complete, we went back into depression. The full recovery occurred when Pearl Harbor gave even conservatives reason to spend (and it was patriotic to buy bonds).
            As far as which party ran up the deficit, Bush got both parties to run up an “off the books” deficit to finance his war, a war which made his rich buddies even richer by cheating the taxpayers, but the continuing 30 year program to unmake the New Deal by removing common sense regulation raised the poverty rate. Now, when we NEED more spending to address a domestic EMERGENCY, we get deficit hawks saying we cannot go into more debt. Yet the truth is that the deficit has gone down each year since 2009, and is half what it was at its peak. I wonder why 90 percent of voters surveyed believed something that was not true? Ask Rupert Murdoch!

          • 1. In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, there were no income taxes on the wealthy, or anyone else. They did receive considerable consideration from government as incentives to take risks.

            Virtually all wealthy people and corporations are job creators. Money may be moved around, but it is used for investment. That investment creates jobs somewhere. The trick is for us to provide a climate where the investments are more attractive in America, as they used to be. Like many people, you may have overlooked what they do with their wealth. No one has a Scrooge McDuck room filled with money. They buy things other people can’t afford. That creates industry for builders of large homes, expensive automobiles, boats, and many other things. That is also job creation. They hire people to maintain their belongings: gardeners, maids, chauffeurs, wealth management people, property management people, accountants, etc. More job creation. They give substantial amounts to charity.
            I can guarantee you that while they may not spend as high a percentage of their income on consumer goods as an average person, they do spend substantially more. They also pay way more in taxes. Not just income tax, but also state taxes, sales, property, intangible and the myriad of other taxes.

            The President demonizes ‘loopholes’ and ‘tax breaks’ as if every wealthy person has such things. Anyone whose wealth is derived from earned income is afforded virtually no tax deductions. The ‘loopholes’ and ‘tax breaks’ are not money taken from government. It is money earned by a person or corporation that is NOT taken by the government.

            2. Owners must balance what they pay their workers with the business requirements. If business requires skilled people to compete, those people will command higher pay. If the business can use people with little to no skills, then they will pay accordingly. A business is created for only one reason: to make a profit. No business under free enterprise is ever created just to provide jobs. If you can maximize your profit without hurting your business, it is your job to do it. No one is ever forced to work for a business. If you don’t like the business you are working for, you are free to offer your services to any other business.

            Please don’t point to Bush as your sole reference to corruption in government. Every administration has had unsavory dealing with contractors and donors, including the current one. There are few angels in Washington D.C.

            By the way, Bush’s unfunded wars cost about $3 T. Far less than the $6 T in debt that the Obama administration has run up.

        • Ellen – Usually, events like a national party convention in an election year will change the discourse of a debate. What the Republican National Convention did was reinforce your comments. The Romneyryan plan will bring this country to its knees.

        • Your economic illiteracy is showing. Please explain why tax cuts typically generate enough economic growth to more than offset the cut in rates?

          Or please explain why California, Illinois, and New York, all run by Democrat policies are struggling while Texas, Indiana and now even New Jersey and Ohio (all run by Republicans) are doing so much better?

          You DO realize that the top 10% of earners in this country pay 70% of the federal income taxes, right?

          You do realize that the bottom 50% of earners in this country pay 2.3% of federal income taxes, right?

          And your statement that the GOP is the party that “created the most deficits” is totally delusional. Obama, BY HIMSELF, has presided over the largest deficits in history and generated more debt than all presidents combined since WW II. Oops.

          Stimulus – failed. Obama’s budget defeated 97-0 in the Senate and 446-0 in the House. The DEMOCRAT Senate hasn’t passed a budget in over 3 years. No plan for Medicare. No plan for Social Security. No plan for anything except raise taxes on the top 2% which will make about as much difference as a fart in a hurricane.

          Tim “the Tax Evader” Geithner, our beloved SecTreas, ACTUALLY SAID ON THE RECORD, “We don’t have a long term solution, but we do know we don’t like yours.”


        • Trickle down economics brought us 20 years of economic growth. Of course, let’s forget that convenient fact and stick with socialism since that works so well for the masses in Russia, Greece, and Spain.

      • This only way our country, if ever distroyed, could be in jeopardy, will be because of people who think like you. Ignorants that can’t think by themselves and only repeat what they are told. Once more, IGNORANT!

      • Why can you trolls at least stay on topic! The article is about National Security leaks and the hypocracy of Fox!

        Fidel Castro is dead and there is no Muslim Brotherhood, Black Panther, Communist conspiracy lead by our African born President to topple America.

        If he wanted to destroy this country – he would have to have done very little; it was very near destroyed when he took office.

        In your fear you will vote to put our government back in the hands of the party that drove it to the brink who have yet to revise their playbook.

        You do not know much about history or Cuba to attempt to draw parallels between America of today and 1950’s Cuba.

      • The graph shows otherwise. A financial consultant will show you ( exactly what Bill Clinton said at the Dem Con ) the line dips on the graph during a Republican term. So it is the Democratic Govt. that seems to be bailing you out. So stop barking up the wrong tree. Are you one of Romney’s sons? Need to go to school, like Dad.

      • Then it is confirmed that you and others like you see Obama as a communist. By your logic, you’ve just confirmed how stupidly narrow you people are when it comes to realpolitik as well as geopolitics.

        If there’s anyone who wreaked the worst havoc in your country, it is George W. Bush. You’re lucky you had Bill Clinton in between Reagan, Bush Sr. and W. Bush. Clinton managed the US economy well enough to have balanced budgets for 4 years in a row not to mention a healthy surplus. And then, not only did “W” wipe it all out, the worst terrorist attack on US soil happened under his watch.

        You fool! You absolutely stupid, bungling, retarded fool!

      • Agree with Ellery Tuck,

        Obamanonsupporter, you seem confused if you are to view communism it’s the perceived redistribution from the few to the many. Problem is it’s set up exactly as the capitalist model, only the top ranked and insider friends get the bucks and perks. Just like our system.

      • You are such a tool. I won’t take the time that Ellery took. It’s only my job to tell you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You must have cheated to get through elementary school and stopped formal education, because your comment is ridicules on its face. If either of the two candidates is more comparable to Fidel, it is Romney – screaming ‘BE AFRAID’ to a low information audience with pent up frustrations that the 19th century is long gone and the 1950’s are a ghost dream of times that never were.

      • Yes, I’m sure Barack wakes up every morning and his first “real” thought is “What can I do today to destroy America?”

        Dishonest, rotten, corrupt, stupid, and destructive of everything meaningful about this country as George Bush and Dick Cheney were, I doubt if anyone here believes they had a “secret” agenda to destroy America. They may have been selfish and narrow-minded, but in their own disturbed and disturbing way, they probably did what they thought was best for, or at least not actually harmful to, America.

        But of course they weren’t Communist-Socialist-Nazi-Muslim-Kenyans full of “rage” like Obama, right?

  6. To all Dem and Rep, at least go see the movie 2016. An educated voter is our only hope to prevent this country from total destruction.

    • So you believe lies, half-truths, and murky accusations. Good for you. Oh and since you do how bout believing that the moon is made of gray cheese; the sky is green, and oh yeah it ain’t gravity – it’s some mystical sky person keeping your feet on the ground. Got you labeled – how’s it feel?

    • I’ll be willing to bet that 2016 the movie was funded by the Koch Bros, Karl Rove, Sheldon Adelson,Tea Baggers and by all the right wing zealots, It’s so sad that( if you tell a lie long enough people will start to believe it) quote courtesy of Dr. Joseph Goebbles. I’am sure, if this young man lost his life! Fox news will be more than happy to say it’s all President Obama fault! If this country is headed for destruction it will be caused by idiots just like YOU and those who can’t think for themselves! If you can’t see that Fox News is nothing but a propaganda machine! Then it’s destruction Assured!

  7. I wish someone would investigate Rupert Murdoch. Being investigated in England doesn’t help us here. A good investigation like the Brits did would put Faux news out of business, too. People become mezmerized by that channel. It’s called brainwashing. When there were no cable news channels people were not so hateful.

    • I don’t understand how that piece of garbage Murdoch has avoided prosecution. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, Murdoch has some juicy scandal stuff on ranking members of the British government or the business world?


  9. Fox News is not news it is opinion/entertainment. What were the motiviations for writing this book? Financial? My concern is that it exposes all who that participated in that raid. Obama, Clinton, Biden, and the rest of those were watching the raid being carried out will be targets for the rest of their lives also.

  10. The fact that Himmler’s disinformation news network, otherwise known as FOX News, outed one of the NAVY Seals that participated in the raid that killed OBL should not surprise anyone. FOX, like most Tea Party members and institutions, believe they are above the law and are not concerned with the dichotomy of their rhetoric and deeds. The problem with this issue is that it not only puts the life of Mr. Owen at risk, it compromises the security of his entire family. FOX News should be investigated and, if found guilty of gross negligence, their license should be suspended.

  11. Well, well, well. To think you Mr. Gomez and you Ben Smith, and others of the OPSECTeam accused the President of leaking classified information, which he definitely didn’t. You own
    Far Right Fox News, which is not news but solely propaganda, released the true name and personal
    date on one of your own members, callously justifying their actions by saying, “annonymously or not,you have no reasonanle expectation of privacy.” Fox News just threw your personal security, along with that of your family, into the streets. Don’t worry, we who have served will do everything in our power to protect you. Just be careful which side your on the next time around.

    The Old Soldier

  12. The leaks by fox noise is just the way the Republicans are telling that anyone who, comes out with the truth against their propaganda, can be retailated against. Just think Valiery Plame. They even went one step further by telling where he lives to even put his fanily in jeopardy

  13. The Justice Department should immediately investigate the leak of the navy seals name and address by Fox News. They have put his life and the life of his family and other team members at risk. They should lose their broadcast license and the I hope this gentleman sues the traitors that revealed his name. I don’t care what party you belong to, he and his team put their lives on the line in order to catch Bin Laden who was responsible for 9-11. Maybe we should put out these so called journaliststs personal information and addresses so all the crazy nut jobs and stalkers can go after them and their families. After all, as they claimed, they should have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

  14. This is food for thought…and ONLY food for thought. To Fox News JOHN MOODY: The last thing in the world you want to do is cause pain to a member of a SPECOP team member. Do you really think the Constitution is going to protect you and yours, if something were to happen to this man’s family, or ANY family member of his team? But YOU made the decision, and YOU alone, are to blame for it.

  15. Why hasn’t this fact been more heavily publicized? It should be the subject of a serious revocation hearing of FOX’s FCC operating license.

  16. I would bet that Justin Fishel, who I am sure enjoys a comfortable office in Fox News, has never served in any branch of the armed forces, (or Peace Corp, etc.), and therefore has no concept of what it truly means to “serve” your country.

    Yet he feels it his right to expose someone who has. (I am not really defending the former Seal; I feel he has betrayed his fellow comrades in arms and his country.)

  17. If “Mark Owen” a trained and experienced professional didn’t want his name “out there” he would have taken steps on his own to protect it. Doing so is part of the training and experience “Mark” received and has done for many years. This is a tempest in a teapot, “Owen” wanted his real name “leaked” to generate sales of his book.

    As far as classifying this as a National Security Leak, purely laughable. Assuming this was in fact a leak rather than a droplet from an intentionally opened faucet, how does releasing the name of a PRIVATE CITIZEN exercising his First Amendment Rights qualify as a national security issue.

    Either “Mark Owen” is a Private Citizen or he’s a Government Asset who most certainly violated the UCMJ and laws writing his “tell all” story.

    Not even the National Memo, New York Times or Pradva can have it both ways.

    • mark owen broke the law he was forever baned from talking about any work he did on teem 6
      the feds r after him….look it up.

    • When I was debriefed, my signed form only addressed the release Sensitive or Classified National Security Information. It said nothing about having to vette any publication or speech with the DoD.

  18. Fox living proof that criminals do walk freely and are even given tv stations to spout their lies and stupidity. Not a thing fox says that shouldn’t be taped to a bat and then used to beat them with.

  19. What BS…HE’S NO LONGER IN THE MILITARY. HE’S NOT A SPECIAL OPERATOR ANYMORE, HE’S A CIVILIAN. And, he wrote a book without authorization through the Dept of Defense vetting process. He’s about as much a special operator now as Valerie Plame was a “covert operative”…what a joke, she was an ANALYST with a Democratic Party political agenda. And, “Scooter” was PROSECUTED for his “indiscretion” and convicted of a FEDERAL OFFENSE for it. Who’s going down in the Obama Administration for leaking TRULY classified information intended to inflate Pres. Obama’s stature and “Rambo-like” decisive nature? We’re still waiting for the answer to that one…WHO’S GOING DOWN?

  20. Do any of you morons remeber who ran out of the White House and told the world (a BS version ) about the raid? You people are pathetic in your hypocrisy……

  21. Thank you. However, “Mark Owen” himself deserves some of the blame for having written the book and gotten a publisher without prior D.O.D. review and permission. Let us focus on the expense Fox news just incurred to the government for providing “life long” security guards for “Mark Owen”. Simply sue them for “breech of confidece”and release of claissified information for a hundred million U.S,.D or so to pay off the guards that “mark Owen” will need for the rest of his life. There is no way in hell they could win that civil suit in any civil court of the land. $100 million seems like a reasonable sum, and another suit to the publisher for revealing “Mark Owen´s” ture identity to Fox. $200 million losaes would make the Media very wary about reporting “leaks” the jeapardize life and limb.

  22. Wonderful patriotism! SEALs’ identities are classified until they leave the service. The operations they served on are classified until some current President (or delegee) in the far future declassifies them. Covert operations of the future can be blown by revealing details of covert operations of the past. For a channel that presents itself as patriotic and pro-military, they sure demonstrate no understanding of what that requires them to NOT do. It is important for everyone to try to forget “Mark Owen”‘s real name. ASAP.

  23. But then, FoxNews is still the employer of pillhead Rush Limbaugh…who constantly declared that, “all druggies should be sent up the river…no exceptions…”

    Until his own drug bust made “compassion and understanding” the new order of the day.

    These vile creatures attempt to elevate partisan hypocracy to the status of a religion

  24. What do you expect from a Rupert Murdoch propaganda outlet? Anyone who spends five minutes watching Fox News should be given an intelligence test before being allowed to vote.

  25. First of all, why is anyone watching Fox “NEWS”. It’s not the truth, it’s not fair and balanced, it’s spun to wild extremes that serve Murdoch’s far right mindset, and it’s not even entertaining, knowing that a lot of it is BS. On top of that, O’Reilly is one of the most repulsive-looking individuals on the planet. I know he can’t help it that’s he’s one fugly mofo, but he’s hard to look at while you’re trying to fact-check his crapload of propaganda. I usually throw a sheet over the TV and just listen to the audio.


  27. OK, who really takes Foxnews seriously? I stopped watching Foxnews when all they would ever talk about is ABC, NBS, CBS and CNN. To be honest I don’t really think they’re a “News” program; most of their shows are about Politics and to Right leaning. I do my own research over the internet; News to me is for ratings only. The REAL news is never reported.

  28. This is sad. And shows it’s business as usual at FOX. BUT, “show and tell” seem’s to have become a way of life for some members of the SEAL teams, and that is sad. I am a retired Submariner, served from 65 to 85, during the Cold War. What I have done and seen during that time will go with me to my grave, as with most of my submariner brothers. Its about Honor, and being as “good as your word”. We have a saying in the Navy, “Lose Lips Sink Ships”. Surely the SEAL’S who write these “expos”, know their dragging , not only their Brothers with them, but the brave men who spend most of their lives, aboard a coffin of steel. Bad judgement fellows, just for money and recognition.

  29. ^The lies being circulated about President Obama & the Democrats go far beyond sleazy political tactics & comprise slander & defamation. It was the obstructionist policies of the right; hell bent on denying the president any successes (& thus successes for the American public)that have created problems & slowed economic recovery. This is not to disparage anyone but the policy referred to as Reaganomics was the aetiology of job losses. The idea was to give significant tax breaks to the corporate world (job creators) in order to allow them to expand & create thousands more jobs. And it worked. Hundreds of thousands of jobs were created… Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Central America & later; China. Take a look around you. Is there anything in your environment that hasn’t been manufactured or assembled in China? Thank the GOP.

  30. TBE
    To be expected, Fox news (kettle) repeatedly has called the pot black. If they have the scoop it’s good to let out all the stops and put countless innocent people at risk. I don’t get my news from FOX or MSNBC, I recently stopped watching CNN because Wolf Blitzer has a palpable dislike for Obama and I can’t get non-biased news. It’s NPR all the way for me.

  31. So when are Fishel’s statements, misstatements and treason going to make news? My parents get their news solely from Faux. They had no idea who leaked that guys name but were FURIOUS that it was leaked. (I know it, but won’t repeat it. Took me about 15 seconds once I knew his name to find his military and other pictures of him online.) They kinda just mumbled and went silent when I told them.

    Why, oh why, is it treason when a singer from the left says she is embarrassed that Shrub was from Texas, yet it is okie dokie when an actual appointed (by our own Supremes!) president lies the country into war, killing thousands of our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians?

    Please explain that very simple question to me, ye reich wing republican wing nut hooligans. Don’t get all rich with your extremist sophistry, just tell me simply, like I was five years old.

  32. Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who bought his US Citizenship and pro forma vowed to “…Pledge allegiance to ….So Help me God”. Springing Naional Security leaks – for whatever purpose! – is akin to VIOLATING THAT VOW and is equivalent to TREASON.

    The punishment for Treason is…..?

  33. fox are all republican elephants, and they are crooks just like romney, fox you don’t have a lot of clout, so stick to telling the truth and stay away from security, you folks on fox are the worst, and the most stupid network ever, so stay out and stop lying!

  34. I’m more offended by a WH and administration that leaks sensitive info for
    political gain. BUT we will be firing them come Nov. 6th !

  35. Fox news Fair and Balanced? a true republican statement owened by a wealthy corporate mongul that does not like paying taxes! Give unto Ceazer what is Ceazers and unto God what is his to provide for the poor. That is our duty as American Christians with our goverment programs to help those less fortunate. It is like the Bible says, it will be harder for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven than for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle. Of course the wealthy have there own bible, the bottom line for there busness, greed!!!!

  36. the is a positive in all of this…it shut up those who swear bin Laden has been dead for years.
    God Bless Team 6-men of honor.

  37. I understand the concerns for safety. I also know seals take care of their own and anyone trying to hurt them are going to have to go through a brick wall…one that has a mean left hook..

  38. Fox news double speak just like Romney, Ryan, and all the rest of the GOP. Remember Valerie Plane? To identify by name, rank, etc should be classified as an act of treason. Saying that once you write a book, even published anonymously – (for the safety of the author, his fellow Seals, his family, his country) you give up “reasonable expectatons of privacy” is a lie. That is not how it works in the publishing world. I continue to be amazed, but no longer shocked, at the lengths the GOP and all their a** kissers go to be able to, without exception, turn everything around to benefit themselves.

  39. I try not to watch Fox. But, they do have some interesting programs. The morning news in LA has changed almost all its women to much younger women. I don’t like that. I previously stopped watching early morning news from KTLA (TV) because they got rid of an older woman and brought in a younger extremely buxom woman.

  40. The problem with the 1st Amendment reading freedom of the press, or speech. is that there’s no reference to the minimum number of functioning brains cells before it applies.

  41. So what does CNN officially say about people who leak stuff…they don’t seem to mind…unless fox news does it. nobody was happy with the seal for writing the book. maybe somebody wanted to teach him a lesson. the leaker got leaked.

  42. You will NEVER see honorable behavior by Fox news. They are owned and operated by the GOP and people like the Koch brothers and Karl Rove. They don’t care whose lives they ruin. They sit and giggle like teenageers or worse. Maybe druggies??? They should be refused a license because they are totally FALSE in everything they do.

  43. These Navy Seals don’t deserve anything special. They violated the very nature of their roles and not only took political positions prior to the election about President Obama, they went on to write a book also. How many important missions do you suppose Heroic Seals and Special Forces Operators have done over the years without one single one of them seeking popularity from it? This team of Seals shamed the integrity of every Seal and special operator before them. It is not their job to disclose details about missions or pat themselves on the back for what they’ve done. That is the nature of the job and each one of them knew it coming in but they chose to attack Obama for taking credit for the mission’s success. When I heard that I cringed. The President has every right to claim responsibility for it because if it went badly.. guess who’d be blamed? You’d knew hear one single Seal’s name if it had gone badly.. They are the weapon and tool of the POTUS and needed to shut their mouths like every solid soldier has done for generations before them. The fact that Fox said their name isn’t surprising, but the soldiers who wrote the book put themselves in this jackpot in the first place.. They’re genuine celebrities now

    • Consider for a minute that Seal Team Six, outed by our President, was not particularly happy about the fact that every tiny detail, was given in private briefing to the likes of Barbara Streisand and Tom Hanks as well as other heavy contributors to President. They wanted to set the record straight about what a charlatan Mr. Obama is, and clear up, once and for all that he deserved no credit for the killing of that snake, Usama whatever.

      Regarding Fox, if you had listened to any broadcast other than MSNBC, you would know that the Nom de plume of the Seal in question, was only effective for a short time. He was disciplined for writing the book, at which time his true name came to light.

      Fox, indeed!

  44. All I have to do is look at those four smirking vacuous faces to NOT be surprised by anything that happens at Fox “News”. What the hell happened to real journalism? Those women look like out of work porn stars and the men like game show hosts. Oh, wait…they ARE game show hosts. No real journalist would work at a goon show like Fox. I have a great deal of respect for people like Walter Cronkite and Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, etc. and nothing but contempt for freaks like O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh and more. They’re nothing but haters who spin the truth into right wing BS. If America didn’t watch them, they’d go away. So DON’T!

  45. Love them or hate them, Fox is viewed by more people daily than all the other cable outlets combined.
    Apparently, all that factual journalism and unbiased reporting has an audience. You should tune in sometime and be enlightened.

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