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Questions Chris Wallace Should Ask In The Final Debate — But Probably Won’t

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Questions Chris Wallace Should Ask In The Final Debate — But Probably Won’t


On October 19, moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News will have the last opportunity in a 2016 presidential debate to ask either candidate a direct and meaningful question about abortion — an opportunity that, if history is any guide, will likely be ignored.

Throughout this election cycle, reproductive rights advocates have been pushing for debate moderators to #AskAboutAbortion. Unfortunately, given the history of debate questions asked about reproductive rights topics since 1960, if Wallace does ask about abortion it will most likely be framed in the context of the candidates’ faiths or preferences for judicial nominees.

On October 12, the Commission on Presidential Debates released the topics for the third and final presidential debate — a list that includes debt, immigration, the economy, and the Supreme Court. Although abortion is not among the given topics, it could play a significant role in any comprehensive conversation about the candidates’ policies for addressing economic insecurity or even immigration.

Here are the debate questions Chris Wallace should — but probably won’t — ask about abortion in the final debate:

1. Debt And Entitlements

The intersection between entitlements and federal support for reproductive health care is both substantive and significant in the wider landscape of abortion access advocacy.

Since 1977, the Hyde amendment has restricted federal funding — and in particular, Medicaid funds — from supporting abortion services. The amendment has been re-enacted annually to prevent the use of federal funds for abortion care, except in cases of rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother.

Because of its restrictions, the Hyde amendment has created a significant barrier for low-income patients attempting to access safe and legal abortion care. In a July 2016 study, the Guttmacher Institute found that the “number of women potentially affected by the Hyde Amendment is substantial” given the significant number of women dependent on federally subsidized medical services.

As Medicaid is an entitlement program, asking about abortion in the context of entitlements would be particularly appropriate given that both Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump, have taken an explicit stance on the Hyde amendment.

As Rebecca Traister explained in New York magazine, Clinton was the first presidential nominee to speak out against the Hyde amendment when she decided to “publicly do battle” against the restriction in January. The Democratic Party also formally adopted repealing the Hyde amendment as a priority in its platform — marking the first time a major political party has targeted the anti-choice restriction on this scale.

In contrast, Trump has committed himself to making the Hyde amendment “permanent law” in order to prevent “taxpayers from having to pay for abortions.”

2. Immigration

Abortion access is also a fruitful topic for discussion in the context of U.S. immigration policy, particularly the impact of reproductive health care policies that disproportionately affect Latinas and mixed immigration status families living in the border state of Texas.

Disparate access to health care coverage is an issue impacting many immigrants — both documented and undocumented — in the United States. As the Kaiser Family Foundation explained in a January 2016 brief, “Immigrants, particularly those who are not citizens, historically have faced disproportionate barriers to accessing health coverage and care.” These findings affirmed a 2014 study done by the Pew Research Center which concluded that “Hispanic immigrants are more than twice as likely to not have health insurance as Hispanics born in the U.S.”

In particular, Latinas’ access to reproductive care is significantly impacted not just by the Hyde amendment but also by the financial and logistical barriers created by anti-choice restrictions in states, like Texas, that have a high percentage of Latinos.

An independent analysis of Texas’ 2014 abortion statistics data by the Texas Observer pointed out the disparate loss of access to abortion experienced by Texas Latinas after the anti-choice law HB 2 went into effect. As Alexa Garcia-Ditta reported, “In 2013, over 24,000 of Texans who got abortions were Hispanic; in 2014, that number decreased by 18 percent to under 20,000.” In comparison, she noted, there was “a 7.7 percent decrease among black Texans who got abortions” and a “6.7 percent drop among white Texans, after the law went into effect.”

In an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) argued that the additional barriers to abortion access created by HB 2 would be particularly devastating to undocumented women, who would face “[b]order patrol agents and internal immigration checkpoints” when forced to travel farther for health care due to clinic closures.

3. Economy

Chris Wallace could use the economy category as an opportunity to discuss the myriad financial obstacles individuals confront when trying to obtain abortion care.

As Salon’s Christina Cauterucci explained, “Studies show that poor women take up to three weeks longer than other women to secure an abortion” partly because of the time necessary to gather the money for the procedure. In a July 2015 report, the National Women’s Law Center noted that low-income persons are also put at a substantial financial disadvantage because they “may have to postpone paying for other basic needs like food, rent, heating, and utilities in order to save the money needed for an abortion.”

This financial challenge of covering the cost of an abortion adds to the usual barrage of anti-choice restrictions already complicating access to abortion care. Between mandatory waiting periods, long wait times to get an appointment, and the great distances many patients must travel to reach a clinic, abortion care is already out of reach for many — circumstances media frequently ignore or underestimate when talking about abortion.

Given the numerous financial considerations that can make both abortion and wider reproductive health care inaccessible, Wallace should use the economy category during the debate to ask the candidates a substantive question about abortion care.

4. Supreme Court

In a recent report, Media Matters analyzed all abortion questions asked in presidential or vice presidential debates from 1960 to 2012 and found that 56 percent of questions were framed around religion or used abortion as a litmus test for judicial appointments. Media Matters found that since 1960, a total of 34 moderator or panelist questions cited abortion, and 23 of those were framed in terms of religion or judicial appointments or presented abortion in a stigmatized and negative way.

This framing for questions is ineffective, unilluminating, and ultimately fails to provide the American public with any understanding of how presidential candidates would support or inhibit access to essential reproductive health care.

The second presidential debate was a good example of the limited and ineffective nature of this framing. During the October 9 debate, the only mention of reproductive rights came during a question about the nomination of Supreme Court justices — when Clinton mentioned that her ideal nominee would support upholding Roe v. Wade.

Questions like this — although useful in a limited sense — clearly do not go far enough in pressing candidates to explain and defend their positions on an essential reproductive health issue and the ramificiations of upending abortion law. As a possible solution, the reproductive rights advocacy group Ultraviolet has been conducting acampaign encouraging individuals to submit questions about the issues that “have taken a backseat in the news coverage this election” but that “they think are the most important questions facing women.”

In a petition, NARAL Pro-Choice America further explained why it is essential that Chris Wallace take advantage of the final opportunity to ask about abortion in a 2016 presidential debate:

Donald Trump has said women should be punished for accessing their right to abortion, and suggested doctors who provide abortion care be thrown in jail.

A candidate’s position on abortion speaks to their position on gender equality, to whether or not they think all people, regardless of gender, should be able to plan their families and determine their futures for themselves. Such a crucial issue cannot be left unaddressed on the national stage this election year.

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

Photo: Fox News Channel anchors and debate moderators (L-R) Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier await the start of the debate held by Fox News for the top 2016 U.S. Republican presidential candidates in Des Moines, Iowa January 28, 2015. REUTERS/Carlos Barria



  1. BDD1951 October 19, 2016

    Why ask these questions when Trump doesn’t have any answers?

    1. Gerry Francis October 19, 2016

      Great answer!!!!!!!!

      1. BDD1951 October 19, 2016

        Because I’m fed up with the Trump horse hockey I’m not watching tonight. I’ll get it this weekend on SNL.

        1. AgLander October 19, 2016

          Wow….you sound like an intellectual titan! (Typical Democrat voter.)

          1. BDD1951 October 19, 2016

            That’s all these debates are. Just dog and pony shows. Trump hasn’t answered one question with any intelligence.

          2. jmprint October 19, 2016

            That’s because he has to pay for intelligence, he never makes his own decisions, his lawyers do all the work.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            To be honest? Since the late 70s, Trump has amassed an army of all too connected judges and lawyers thanks to his friendship and mentoring from Roy Cohn. Unfortunately, I can’t see any of these former judges and lawyers falling on their sword for Trump now that he has shown the world what he really is.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            The only purpose these debates have is to satisfy Republican men who love to beat and abuse women. It gets their jollies for them.

          5. AgLander October 19, 2016

            To a fire breathing, man hating shrew like you, any man who says “good morning” or holds a door open for your girth to pass through is guilty of abuse.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            I don’t usually breathe fire on intelligent men. Only on pig meat like you. Keep trying. I’ve already pretty much chewed you up and spit you on. You must be a mashochist like Trump right?

          7. AgLander October 19, 2016

            Even if they were to consider your looks as unimportant, any man that gets close enough hear your mouth yapping like a rabid hyena would flee the scene so quickly that it would create a strong breeze.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Any man have been 2 lawyers, 1 clinical psychologist (try to keep up jerk), a priest and a truck driver I grew up with in my neighborhood.

            I am sure it is time for you to go and beat up on your wife Bully Man. As for her mouth, you long ago made sure she would never have a voice in anything. I understand cutting a woman’s vocal chords gets you off.

          9. AgLander October 19, 2016

            Are these fictional men you’ve created in your mind ever invite you to come visit them at the psych ward?

          10. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            No…sorry…these are real flesh in blood men. As for your wife, I understand why she dumped you ages ago. That IS why YOU hate women isn’t it? You thought you’d force your wife into a life of silence and obedience like a good little doggy and when she got tired of your BS, she dumped your butt like a hot tamale.

          11. AgLander October 19, 2016

            If all women were like you, I’d be lost in a massive herd of men who hate women. Fortunately most women aren’t like you….thank goodness! You are merely someone to be pitied…..like watching a train wreck in slow motion every time you post a comment.

          12. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Uh…I think you just now proved you are mentally unhinged nut. There are no “massive herds of men” Are you implying that the US has a male majority in our population? Wrong. 52% of the US population are women. Stings huh? As for you, your posts prove to what lengths a mentally ill man will go to get the last and final word. You won’t. Not with me. I am hell bent on proving you are A. not even an American. B. a woman hater C. A lonely old geezer who has no friends thanks to your big mouth And D.? A seriously mentally defective individual who refuses to get help.

          13. AgLander October 19, 2016

            ….Enjoy SNL.

          14. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Well at least we know where your intelligence comes from.

          15. JPHALL October 19, 2016

            Many people do enjoy it. That is why it has been on TV for decades.

          16. AgLander October 20, 2016

            The problem arises when intellectually lazy people like you consider it as one of their main sources for guidance in social and political decisions. Don’t be embarrassed you aren’t alone…there are many lazy, stupid people just like you out there and unfortunately they vote.

          17. JPHALL October 20, 2016

            As usually you are so wrong as to be hilarious. People like SNL and other late night shows because they can be funny. Only right wingers like yourself believe everything they see on TV or a website.

          18. dpaano October 19, 2016

            And it makes it almost impossible for Hillary to answer questions intelligently since she’s always got to defend herself from his lies. I wish they would just let her talk about her views and her plans without Trump interrupting and going off script!! It’s annoying for those of us who are really interested in the future of this country!!! We don’t care about what Bill Clinton did (as a note, he’s not running for president, Mr. Trump), and we don’t really care about Trump’s latest sexual escapade or tirade, nor do we care about e-mails that happened years ago and have already been proven to most likely be conversations totally taken out of context by the Republican conspiracy theorists! The debates have just become boring reiterations of the first one….nothing new here, folks!

          19. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            You aren’t a Republican. You are a Koch paid Tea Party lunatic. Admit it if you have the guts.

        2. dpaano October 19, 2016

          I can only watch him for about 10 minutes before I get sick to my stomach! Every debate is just a continuation of the last one…..and it’s difficult to watch Hillary try to maintain her professionalism when she’s being shrieked at or stalked by an idiot. I wouldn’t want to be her place for anything, but she’s handling it quite well! I just feel sorry for her having to go through the BS. I’ll be rooting for her tonight, but probably will not watch the whole thing…..my husband gets upset with me for screaming at the TV every time Trump pops off with another ridiculous lie! And, it’s probably not good for my blood pressure either!!!

  2. TZToronto October 19, 2016

    This article demonstrates the complexity of most issues. Trump frames complex issues in simple terms that ignore the ramifications of rash changes in policy. In other words, for Trump and his followers, “fixing” a problem requires only a coat of paint, not an examination of why the coat of paint is necessary. So building a wall to keep Mexicans from entering the US illegally will solve the problem of illegal immigration. Banning Muslims from entering the US will prevent terrorist acts in the US. Allowing more countries access to nuclear weapons will make the world safer. Ignoring climate change will make it go away. Killing ISIS family members will end the ISIS “caliphate.” Restricting freedom of the press will make America great again. Prosecuting a political opponent will end corruption in government. Placing huge tariffs on imports will bring jobs back to America. Making all abortions illegal will end abortions. Being ruled by a knee-jerk dictator (with emphasis on the jerk) will make Americans happy. And none of these policies will have ramifications beyond the obvious. Simple minds see simple, and usually dangerous, solutions.

    1. Box October 19, 2016

      You are violating your own post. There is an answer for every allegation there but had you done the research you are asking why Trump didnt do, you wouldnt pose the allegations.

      1. timmfr30 October 19, 2016

        you are babbling

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

          That’s all the right these days know how to do…Babble on and on incoherently. They now have an icon for Babblization…Trump. rofl

          Most of us know these nutbags are a joke.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

        You are a moron. There. I have now violated YOUR post.

        1. AgLander October 19, 2016

          Go back to bed, Ellie……too early in the morning for your brand of hate.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Drop Dead Aggie…You are half way there anyway aren’t you? That’s why you are always so contrary and bitchy…You know your end is near and you are going to have to face your misbegotten gains of your entire lifetime.

          2. AgLander October 19, 2016

            37 years without a man has made you cranky…..I bet you’re a real joy in the neighborhood….(NOT!)

          3. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Never needed any man. I am financially independent. But you? You live off the taxes that come out of my earnings. You sit on that fat “A” all day long bitching till the cow’s come home. Get a life loser. One that makes you gainfully productive. Not a lazy fat pig.

          4. AgLander October 19, 2016

            I sure hope you don’t carry an organ donor card. Your parts are so sour that no human body could avoid rejecting them within seconds. (P.S……that monthly check from your Uncle Sam that you live on does not qualify as “financial independence”!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Not to worry…I much prefer they cremate your remains. Who needs a big mouth, brainless moron’s body parts to pollute humanity.

            I paid for my SS for 44 years. Never lived on welfare. Didn’t need to. I am talented, skilled and as you can see, don’t suffer jackasses like you.

            Unlike you, I’ve been fortunate to have 3 life careers that began at age 17 as a dance educator and finished in my present semi-retirement as a freelance tech writer.

            You can’t stand that any woman is MORE successful than a lazy bum like you can ever be. You can’t lift that huge butt off the chair you sit on day after day.

            By the way, I just got paid for writing another very short tech article. All while your butt end was dead in a chair. Sorry you are such a lazy bum.

          6. AgLander October 19, 2016

            Dancing at 17? I bet there are still a lot of guys out there who remember you very well as you did your best to earn that $5 they paid you for a lap dance!

          7. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            No stupid, I was a ballerina…..When you can perform a fouette tourne…let me know. Unlike you scumbag, I don’t lower myself to slut level.

          8. AgLander October 19, 2016

            Was the stage reinforced to handle the weight?

          9. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Unlike you fat butt. I have never in my life weighed more than 120 lbs. even when I was pregnant with my sons. Unlike you, I don’t overeat like Caligula.

      3. jmprint October 19, 2016

        So you placy the same game my granddaughter did when she was four, which is “opposite day”. Trump says something and you see the opposite.

        1. AgLander October 19, 2016

          ….and I bet you play with your granddaughter’s toys when she isn’t around. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” has no meaning to you because those toys give you so much pleasure!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            The only toy you play with too much is your schlong. Time to find another hobby.

          2. AgLander October 19, 2016

            You really need to seek employment writing for the porn industry. Classy passed you by decades ago and you’ve never been able to catch it!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Nope…I am quite well paid for writing tech articles on complex topics you are too under educated to even recognize. I talk trash to TRASH like you. Course now, your idea is you will get the last word. NOt going to happen but do keep trying…and making a fool of yourself.

          4. AgLander October 19, 2016

            I already got the last word with my first reply……I just enjoy watching you wiggling your legs like a turtle on its back! You are nothing but a snack for me.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Thank you for proving you are a mental case. No you didn’t get the last word in your first reply. And the only thing that wiggles on its back is a lizard like you who forget you are nocturnal.

            Keep trying. I am having a ball making a jerk of you.

          6. plc97477 October 19, 2016

            I am sorry but he was a jerk before you got started. You are just hanging it out for everyone to see.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Thank you. I have this thing about high handed control freaks. To me, they can’t control themselves. So they try to control the world they live in. Not that they ever succeed. But in their mania, they try desperately to manage some tiny little modicum of control over others. I’m just not controllable. Sister Margaret Mary could write a book on my inability to be “obedient.” rofl.

        2. plc97477 October 19, 2016

          I’m sure your granddaughter at 4 was smarter and more with it than boxed is.

    2. AgLander October 19, 2016

      If only we had more liberal Democrats like you……living in Toronto, that is!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

        Why? You aren’t an American citizen are you? You just don’t ever admit you are foreign paid troll who hates the US. Your posts ALL prove that.

        1. Anna Maria Yoakum October 19, 2016

          I’ve been saying this all along. If you go to ag’s profile that’s all “it” does is go to sites and trolls for Putin’s boyfriend Trumpster. Once the elections are over I bet AgL. will suddently disappear.

          1. AgLander October 19, 2016

            My next project is to get you to a hairdresser for the removal of that unidentified mass growing out of the back of your head and then have it composted! By the partial view of it, it kind of looks like a big question mark which would go a long way in explaining you!

          2. dpaano October 19, 2016

            We could only hope!!!

    3. Gerry Francis October 19, 2016

      Restricting freedom of the press (1st Amendment) will make it easier to take the guns from the survivalists, loonies and the law abiding citizens (2nd Amendment) because nobody will be able to say anything.

    4. jmprint October 19, 2016

      Or whether the coat of paint has lead in it!

  3. AgLander October 19, 2016

    I want this question asked:

    Mrs. Bill Clinton, you’ve operated outside all bounds of legal and moral propriety the last 30 years and have either ignored or broken laws with impunity; laws that would have resulted in any other American being locked up in jail for an extended period. Mrs. Bill Clinton, how have you managed to stay out of jail and are you proud of that “accomplishment”?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

      I want this question asked: When the hell are we going to see Trump’s Tax Records?

      Here’s another HIllary Hater…When the hell is Trump going to jail for theft? For Fraud? For extortion? Sorry Aggie but your boy has a criminal record that goes back to before he left miltiary school.

      1. Gerry Francis October 19, 2016

        Don’t forget – “Where’s the proof Mr. Pence promised”?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

          Oooh….! Excellent question. These Republicans are the “worst of the worst” the GOP could ever have imagined would soil their party image. They know it and are paralyzed with fear to do anything about it. Why? When you make deals with devils like Trump and the Koch Boys, you lose all control.

        2. Anna Maria Yoakum October 19, 2016

          LOL – Yes Pence did say that proof was “just hours away”. Those are some mighty loooong hours !

          1. Gerry Francis October 19, 2016

            Maybe he’s using Indiana time?

          2. dpaano October 19, 2016

            Don’t knock Indiana…..it was a great state before Pence was elected as Governor!

          3. Gerry Francis October 19, 2016

            Not knocking – .they probably move more slowly there………….ommjusssayin’.

          4. AgLander October 19, 2016

            Maybe the proof is hidden somewhere deep in that big knotted clump of hair following you around. I bet airport radar picks it up when you drive by the terminal!

          5. dpaano October 19, 2016

            Pence is just as dumb as Trump. My cousin in Indiana says that most Hoosiers are SOOO glad that he’s running with Trump for VP because they know that, because of this, he wasn’t able to run for re-election as Governor of Indiana. And, if Trump loses (and he will), Pence will be hard put to ever run and win another election, especially in Indiana!!!

    2. Gilbert West October 19, 2016

      Funny thing… In her capacity as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton cannot be tried for Benghazi or any other covert operation… Even the most die-hard Trumpeteers must have watched “Mission Impossible” back when it was a running series. At the part where the voice on the tape says “Jim… these are the bad guys. We want you to get rid of them… don’t care how you do it… just get it done. And by the way Jim, if you or any of your IM forces are caught or killed… the “Secretary” will disavow all knowledge of your actions. Good luck Jim.” The CIA routinely violates international law… that is why information is disseminated on a need-to-know basis. The Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton, in this instance… is shielded from specific knowledge under the cloak of “plausible deniability.” Orders to do something come down the pipe line… and by the time they reach “Jim” in the guise of a “mission,” the Secretary has no idea what Jim is actually told, nor by whom. The Congress is well aware of this, but they harp on Benghazi, using it as a political football in order to obfuscate the fact that in 8 years they have done absolutely nothing! They know that the ignorant masses are uniformed and have no idea of the operations of state-craft, except, maybe, those who have friends/relatives in the Special Forces… “I was there, but we were never there… and because we were never there, I can’t say what occurred.” And the government backs this play all the way. I would suggest these poor mis-guided souls look for another issue. Trump is a draft-dodger and a coward… He knows absolutely nothing about the military or state craft. Cheating investors and refusing to pay workers and contractors is not a prescription for “making America great again…” Adults should be more sophisticated than to buy into a slogan like that. Only the most naïve would by that.

      1. AgLander October 19, 2016

        Sophisticated? That’s really “rich” coming from someone of such a deeply layered intellectual adeptness that he gives a lengthy political dissertation on a serious subject based on a parallel analogy to his favorite fictional screen heroes in “Mission Impossible”! Did you put all that together while laying in bed and staring at your Tom Cruise posters…..or maybe you go even further back to Peter Graves??
        You just can’t make this stuff up, folks………..
        Oh, I know you libs like to get grades and stars to validate yourself so here’s yours …..”I”……for IDIOT!

    3. johninPCFL October 19, 2016

      Hmmm….broken laws are prosecuted before anyone goes to jail. Did you miss that in 8th grade civics?
      Oh…you haven’t gotten to 8th grade yet. Got it.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

    Hillary Clinton has consistently avoided getting into the down and dirty scum the Trump campaign has been doing since Day One.

    Trump NEVER answers questions that make any sense to anyone, even his own supporters who manage to go berserk over a single hostile, inciteful word he speaks.

    Ask him about immigration? Why? We all know he hates immigrants, all except of course that immigrant 2 wives of his. Ask him about foreign policy? All you get is, “I’d bomb the hell out of them.”

    Whenever you shove Trump’s publicly stated words in the faces of his followers, their faces get beet red, their eyes roll out of their heads and apoplexy and spasms take over.

    Why bother with a debate when we all know Trump cannot answer questions put to him without turning toward Hillary and opening his lying mouth with accusations. Not that the right wing doesn’t love Trump using Hillary as his whipping post.

    But, ask him when the hell he intends to disclose his taxes and you get double talk in circles that make you dizzy.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

    Here are some questions to ask Trump: When do you plan to pay all of those NJ casino and hotel workers you owe back pay to? When do you plan to pay those building contractors who built your hotels and casinos?

    When do you plan to man up about that cute little deal you pulled off in Florida with that adorable little FL politician who got you off yet again?

    When do you plan to open your back pocket full of judges who did the same?

  6. Box October 19, 2016

    I know one he wont ask and thats about refugees. Why is it such a sensitive topic in the debates and severely needs to be talked about.

    The word refugee in the current context means different things to everyone. Socialists and even moderates see the situation as a valid humanitarian problem. But Communists see it far differently.

    We all want to help our fellow man and if we can, we should. No problem there. But consider something. Why these folks? First, if they need to get out of Syria why not establish safe camps across regional borders, near to their homes, until the danger passes? Why flood Europe and US and Asia and Australia? Why relocate them to totally foreign locales where they have no friends or prospects? Second, are you aware of refugee problems in Indonesia and Myanmar, for example? Are you aware they are barred from US and other places? The people in Myanmar are suffering very badly. Why isnt there any talk of relocating them?

    The answer to both situations is the same but depends who the listener is. The answer is that the refugees are Muslim. Whats the big deal? The people doing the relocating dont want to bring refugees from places where there is no Islam, they want to relocate Muslims because Islam is guaranteed to create the most friction and headache and upheaval and chaos. Buddhists and Taoists and Shinto, they dont bother anyone. Please think—why didnt the US bring the Japanese refugees (Shinto) in after Fukoshima? The Japanese have been steadily migrating out after the reactor trouble but Obama never lifted a finger to help them. The real refugees that need help all have one thing in common, they are not Muslims. They dont burn property and shoot people, they dont ask for their laws to govern the nation. From the chaos they create, new government controls can come and Communists are right there to grab the power. The chaos is deliberate and thats why they dont relocate non-Muslims.

    Trump wants severe vetting, and blocking until they are vetted. Did you know that the governors of at least two states quit the refugee program because Obama didnt vet as he PROMISED? Hillary says bring them all in and nevermind the vetting. She and Soros want the upheaval in order to create more laws and controls over the rest of the population–which is exactly what the Communists want, the continued enhancement of Central Government.

    If you have any moderate left in you, dont vote for Hillary. Vote for the person more likely to protect you and your liberties and your future. The future isnt Islam and Sharia law and civil war, its you and your life and your kids life. You want internal peace or forever war? There are many reasons to dislike Trumps personality but on these critical points he isnt wrong. Say no to Central Government, say no to the abolishment of states rights and the Constitution.

    Go into the debate tonight with refugee thoughts and really look at the candidates. Which will protect you better? For those Communist readers, this wasnt for you because you need Soros to help complete your plan. But the rest of us are against you and that.

    1. jmprint October 19, 2016

      “Vote for the person more likely to protect you and your liberties and your future. ” That’s why Hillary is the only right choice.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

        The right isn’t right about anything. They much prefer anything they know hurts others and kills any advancements.

        1. dpaano October 19, 2016

          I often wondered why they were called “the right” when they are so very wrong about EVERYTHING! Interesting question.

  7. Box October 19, 2016

    They also wont ask questions about Hillarys health. If you didnt see the wikileaks post about her health, here it is again. She is very ill and it wasnt a GOP lie, actually it was a cooperative coverup including Obama and Michelle. Read it and see. Why isnt NM covering it?



    1. jmprint October 19, 2016

      I want to know why Trump has to snort every time he takes a deep breath, is he on cocaine?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

        Well, those of us in the NY/NJ Metro area know why he snorts…He used to hang out in those posh Manhattan clubs before he married Ivana and after trying to be one of the “IN” crowd. Everyone knew back then, cocaine was snorted at these clubs by the rich and famous who were “experimenting.” Cocaine flowed more among the rich and famous than it did in the ghettos. Dirty little secret they all thought then was funny.

        All anyone had to do in those days was pick up a Metro area newspaper and there would be The Donald’s mug. Usually touting his “success” which today we know he only managed by not paying employees or those who provided services for him.

        The great thing about Trump running for president? NJ people no longer have to see his Trump helicopter ferrying his Middle Eastern high rollers to the Taj…where they laundered money to terrorists.

      2. BDD1951 October 19, 2016

        I think he has COPD and he’s gasping for breath.

      3. dpaano October 19, 2016

        Good question…..I’ve asked that one myself a time or two.

  8. Box October 19, 2016

    They also should be asking about Hillary’s sex life but they wont. Besides wikileaks which implicates Hillary as a lesbian, a Clinton aide is coming forward to blow the whistle on what happened during his 24 years with them. He did things like arrange sex for hillary with both men and women, he says. See the article. Whats true or not? We’ll soon know. Maybe some dont care but I wont accept a lesbian president or even one in active extramarital affairs.


    1. jmprint October 19, 2016

      You don’t accept a lesbian president, WHY? You accept a dickhead, isn’t that worse.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

        Aggie is off his morning meds…again. You’ll probably see him in the post election right wing so called “Civil War” like those 3 Kansas jerks that got nabbed for planning a Nov. 9th bombing on a small KS Somalian minority group.

        Aggie is just another repressed adolescent whose Mommie spent too much time overindulging him.

        1. jmprint October 19, 2016

          He was probably nursing until he was 6 years old.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Actually, Aggie’s mommy STILL Nurses him. rofl

          2. plc97477 October 19, 2016

            took him that long to figure it out.

        2. plc97477 October 19, 2016

          I think it is more like Mommy didn’t want to have anything to do with him and he has hated women since.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

      How about you get your filthy pig boy mind out of the gutter? Does it EVER occur to you scumbums that sex is not the only thing women think about?

      What you know about women comes from Daisy Mae shaking her bazongas in your face all day from your DogPatch Porch.

      The rest of American women are already so far ahead of you in intelligence that you can’t keep us down and now for all time, your Bully Boy BS is over.

      I notice you used a Confederate REDFLAG link…That supposed to be YOUR unbiased source? Time to change your Pampers little boy. Oh wait…Maybe Daisy Mae will do it for you if she can stand your stink.

    3. Gerry Francis October 19, 2016

      Stop quoting or linking to that site. Are you that dumb that you can’t ascertain it’s validity before you quote it?

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

    Donald persists in wanting to be the Red Queen, calling for draconian measures against anyone that upsets his warped sensibilities. The phrase “Lock Her Up” will come back to haunt Donald who should be the one locked up, if anyone.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

      What goes around comes around…on November 28th when Trump is going to court for rape. Great Republican candidate…a rapist, a fraud, a sociopathic liar and an adulterous cheater.

      1. jmprint October 19, 2016

        I didn’t realize the 28th was the date, no wonder he misstated that election was on November the 28th, that date is embedded in his mind.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

          Yes…that’s what was REALLY on his mind. And you know if he misstated the date of the election, he knows that Nov. 28th is a serious matter.

          All the years I’ve lived in the Metro area, I’ve read or heard about how many times Trump “got away with it.” Now that he decided to run for president, the joke is he unwittingly overexposed his entire life.

          Already the name Trump on buildings all over Jersey are being torn down. His name is no longer saleable or marketable.

          1. jmprint October 19, 2016

            And I’m pretty sure if Hillary wins, his names on buildings that are located in other countries will have the same effect. It will be nice to see the tax dodging trojan feel the struggles of others.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            I agree. In fact, thanks to his putting down Muslims, his business interests in Dubai are sinking as they are in Saudi Arabia. Don’t you think it’s interesting how the Trump Big Mouth is having such a massive domino effect on his “success?”

          3. jmprint October 19, 2016

            I love Karma.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            Both of his NJ casinos are closed and it seems almost as if the owners who bought them after Trump was forced to sell to pay off that FinCEN fine, are trying to get as far away from his name as possible. It’s like he has the plague. Meanwhile, he doesn’t dare set foot in NJ unless he wants to become a cement bridge support.

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

            A toast to “The Domino Effect”. Bottoms up!

          6. Gilbert West October 19, 2016

            Yeah… Can you imagine Trump on food stamps?

          7. jmprint October 19, 2016

            He already has the mentality to be a homeless crackhead.

          8. dpaano October 19, 2016

            He may not be homeless, but he MIGHT be a crackhead….sniffle, sniffle, sniffle!!!

          9. dpaano October 19, 2016

            Melania would leave him like a rat leaving a sinking ship!!!

          10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

            Now, there could be no greater poetic justice than that, aside from having to wear a GPS tag to track his whereabouts.

      2. dpaano October 19, 2016

        And, as usual, since he’s one of the wealthy 1%ers, he’ll probably get off with a slap on the hand and a fine! It’s pretty pitiful that this happens on a daily basis!

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

        If we just stop for a moment, and consider the weight of shame that Trump has accrued over the past decades(and continues to add to with each passing day), it exceeds our ability to comprehend the enormity of the ignorance and blindness of those who have held on tight to the hem of the cloak of this Lord Fauntleroy caricature of a human being.

  10. AgLander October 19, 2016

    The author is obsessed with abortion, but it should not be a surprise because to any liberal, liberalism is considered a religion, and within that religion the act of having an abortion is the most holy sacrament and ritual of confirmation to ones adherence to their godless theology.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

      Too bad your mother didn’t abort you. I can only imagine the Daddy that spawned you was either too drugged up or drunk to know his seed would become a big mouth, narrow minded moron.

      1. AgLander October 19, 2016

        So, how many have you had? 1? 5? 10?…….Wait a minute, silly me! Your personality prevented any chance of a man impregnating you!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

          None. Yes…moron you! I guess a moron knows his own. Good thing no woman wants to get within 100 miles of a stink breath like you. I can only imagine the deformed brain you’d spawn.

      2. BDD1951 October 19, 2016

        Oh, Ellie that’s ugly. But I agree with you.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 20, 2016

          If there was one thing I learned from having 5 brothers and half brothers it is that you give as good as you get from men. AG is one of those men who wants the last word.

          Once you figure out why, you see his methodology for what it is: sociopathic narcissism.

          Thanks to those 5 brothers, I learned never to allow any man to treat me like a door mat. So, I actually did pick up a lot of great ideas from them…some ugly, some downright vicious. Sorry if I offended you. My apologies.

          1. BDD1951 October 20, 2016

            No offense taken.

    2. Thoughtopsy October 19, 2016

      Once again I note you fail to address anything of relevance… or make a useful point.
      Have you considered that you’re wasting your time (and ours) here?
      Unless you’re being paid to post here I guess.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

    Anyone who has heard any of Hillary’s speeches supported and endorsed by more than a dozen Republicans, these questions have all been answered by her in an intelligent, articulate and well thought out manner.

    That’s the difference between Hillary and Trump. From Trump, you get “uh, uh, ah, ah, ah …blather blather blather” in an unintelligible communication that no one but Trump and his under educated nuts understand.

    Don’t wonder why he is losing this election!

  12. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

    I’m guessing by now both Ivana and Marla realize that any hope of a continuance of their $2 million a month alimony is not going to happen. The Trump name is mud. It was mud long before this. He loved to play the phony and make like all those buildings with his name on them were owned by him. They weren’t. The owners bought the use of the Trump name.

    Now, they are pulling his name off their businesses like a fire sale in the middle of August. So you know what will happen to Trump after the election is over. First, he’ll try to sue the US government, the voters and the Republican Party. All spiteful little boys do that. When that gets him no where, he will mass his hick troops to get even by inciting them to violence. All spiteful dictators love to stand on the sidelines and watch battles they start and never fight in.

    1. Gilbert West October 19, 2016

      His “hick troops” would do well to go back and “read” the outcome of the Branch Davidian and Ruby Ridge groups… and to bear in mind that Trump, himself, will never stand back-to-back with them in a firefight with government troops, nor any other troops. Trump is a draft-dodging coward who likes to order others around.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

        You know what is even more indictable? Every one of the last 8 mass murderers were all white males who came from the most gun happy and convoluted religious families. Did they miss the Big No. 5, “Thou shalt not kill?”

        1. jmprint October 19, 2016

          Somewhere in between “Thou shalt not kill?” they insert applies to fetuses only.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 19, 2016

            With millions of kids already born going hungry all over the world, they prove all they care about is a fetus not yet viable for birth. They are Pro Birth…Breed to fill up their military industries quotas to kill off more of our kids.

    2. dpaano October 19, 2016

      Just read that the profits are down considerably at most of his hotels, casinos, and golf clubs…..interesting, isn’t it? I don’t think he’ll have much of a business once he’s done with this campaign. He’s basically shot himself in the foot because now everyone can see him for the narcissistic psychopath that he is! No one will want to do business with him in the future…..except maybe Ailes, and only because Ailes wants to start another “FAUX News” network since he lost his job at FAUX News.

  13. Jon October 19, 2016

    There are so many questions that need to be asked and answered with specificity rather than with slogans and generalities.Abortion is an important issue to millions of Americans and further reveals Trump’s misogyny and bitter contempt for women’s rights.
    Voters have a right to know why Trump lied when he said that he didn’t have any financial interests in Russia when evidence shows he has at least 249 businesses there.
    Voters have a right to know why Trump 1st said that he and Putin were stablemates on the CBS show “60 Minutes” until he was proven to have lied and has since denied any relationship with Putin despite the fact he appears on other video saying that he does have a relationship with him.
    Voters have a right to know why Trump supports Russia in the Ukraine and Syria.
    Voters have a right to know why he denied Russian involvement in hacking U.S. email after he had been briefed by national security personnel told him they were.
    Voters have a right to know how much money he owes foreign banks and the countries n which those banks are based.
    Voters have a right to know why Trump continued to do business with Khadafi and banks laundering money for terrorists.
    Voters have a right to see his tax returns.
    Voters have a right to see his complete medical records.
    Voters have a right to see all documents related to Melania’s immigration.
    Voters have the right to know how a successful businessman goes bankrupt 6 times.
    Voters have a right to know how many politicians in addition to Florida AG Pam Bondi Trump has bribed and name them.
    Voters have a right to know precisely the proof Trump has that there will be widespread voter fraud.
    Voters have a right to know why Trump has twice called for the assassination of Hillary Clinton.
    Voters have a right to know why Trump rapes 13 year old girls and women and sexually assaults other women.
    Voters have a right to know why Trump engages in fraudulent schemes like Trump University to steal people’s money.
    Voters have a right to know why Trump refuses to pay contractors, suppliers, and workers who have provided goods and services to him.
    Voters have a right to know why States have had to sue him over 100 times to collect taxes.
    Voters have a right to know how many tax assessors Trump has bribed and why his properties are valued at a tiny fraction of their market value.
    Voters have a right to know how Trump knew about the recent bombing in NYC at a time when all authorities knew was that there had been an explosion.
    Voters have a right to know how Trump knows that Animals representing Hillary Clinton and the Dems firebombed GOP headquarters in Orange County, NC when authorities don’t know who did it.
    Voters have a right to know the legal basis he is relying on when he gets his slobbering rabid rats chanting Lock Her Up and when he says that is what he is going to do when he is elected.
    Voters have a right to know when Mexico is paying for Trump Wall.
    Voters have a right to know when he is going to deport himself and all his blood relatives when he removes the anchor baby grant of citizenship as his grandfather was an illegal immigrant.
    Oh there’s so much more but the debate is only scheduled to last 90 minutes. At least some of the dozens of questions that need to be asked should be asked.

    1. dpaano October 19, 2016

      So true……as a note, I heard that it was Democrats that took up a collection and donated over $13,000 to the Republicans towards rebuilding the bombed Republican headquarters that Trump stated the “Democratic animals” had bombed. It’s interesting, and I can bet that the Republicans would NOT have done the same had the situation been reversed.

  14. dpaano October 19, 2016

    It’s amazing that people want to limit abortion through the Hyde amendment, but, isn’t it cheaper for taxpayers to allow a woman to have an abortion than it is for us to have to pay welfare, etc. for a child that was allowed to be born to a parent who didn’t have the wherewithal to support them? It doesn’t make much sense to me since the former is cheaper than the latter! Maybe I’m just being too logical here! It’s kind of like weight-loss surgery….it’s a lot cheaper to pay for a one-time surgery on an obese person than it is to pay for all the co-modalities that will occur from the obesity. It’s not apples and oranges, people, which one is the cheaper choice for taxpayers? Again, I vote for the former and NOT the latter.

    1. Box October 19, 2016

      Its not about money, its about religion. Christians and others believe life occurs at the onset of pregnancy, so abortions at any stage are murder. And were you aware that the law also considers unborn children? Unborn children have legal rights so the concept that life is happening before actual birth is real. But to use your idea, wouldnt it be better that the woman not get pregnant to begin with? Doctors attempt to counsel welfare recipients to use birth control and the women get angry and walk out. What to do? So there are choices, either force birth control on people who cant afford to have a kid, or cut off welfare to discourage people from having children knowing they can get plenty of money. For decades Mexican mothers have come illegally to US to have 4-6 children, and the money gotten for each kid goes mainly back to Mexico. How is that good for the country?

      1. I Am Helpy October 19, 2016

        OK thanks for stringing those words together at random. I rather suspect that dpaano was hoping for a coherent answer, though.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

        Box, you’re feebly trying to distract again. Your concern for the lives of the unborn is a false ruse, especially when you fail to talk about the right to live of innocent adults who have been maimed and/or killed in the name of religion. Your concept of “Religion” is limited and bears little, if any, resemblance to the sanctity of all human life.

        So-called Christians, like yourself, have allowed yourselves to be “boxed” in the a myopic vision of your Religion—one characterized by using Religion for a political goal and agenda.

        To use Religion as such is a blasphemy, and a show of disdain towards God and a disrespect for Jesus and for all of God’s other Messengers who have appeared throughout the duration of humankind’s existence on this planet.

      3. Sand_Cat October 19, 2016

        Yes, we all know life begins at conception (when is that, exactly, Dr. Box?) and – for Republicans and other “conservative” hypocrites – ends at birth.
        Perhaps the only thing more anti-life than the Republican party is “conservative” Christianity.
        And the only thing nastier and more ignorant is YOU.

  15. Box October 19, 2016

    Another question they wont ask about is the onset of WWIII.

    All of you have been worried Trump would push the Big Button but right now Obama is gearing up for nuclear WWIII with Russia over Syria problems and its hardly being reported. Russia has called back its diplomats, yanked kids out of foreign schools, and is prepping locals for bomb shelter life. Obama is doing nothing to diffuse the tension. Here is just one article that says all normal communication lines between US and Russia have been cut.

    It wasnt Trump you had to worry about, its Obama and Hillary who doesnt even mention it at all. If elected she would be walking into the onset of nuclear war and will do nothing to stop it. Meantime, Obama didnt want to push the button in front of everyone so the US selected a proxy. I thought it was Turkey but I guess its someone else. Of all the things, this is the most serious and major thing going on.

    Lets see if Obama pulls a “Cheney” soon. Cheney, as you may remember, just before the second election went all over TV saying 911 was going to happen again in two weeks and you must elect Bush as only Bush has the info to deal with it. Bush got elected and 911.2 never happened.

    1. Gerry Francis October 19, 2016

      Here’s how your ‘Red Flag News’ is listed:
      Clickbait websites are sites that take bits of true stories but insinuate and make up other details to sew fear. Most of these are conspiratorial in nature are very unreliable. Below are a list of these websites (unnecessary sites deleted by this poster):

      A real stronghold of valid info. Nice going Box – you jackazz.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

      More delusions, Box. Your delirium is beyond mortal beings to address and heal.
      But, you just go right along in your nightmarish path you’ve decided to take. What awaits you in the next Realm will depend on to what extent, and for how long, you persist in following your current path of self-deception.

    3. Sand_Cat October 19, 2016

      IDIOT. You have nothing but lies and speculation, energized by growing desperation.

    4. I Am Helpy October 19, 2016

      That’s some powerful stupid, right there.

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