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Democrats Ask Judge To Sanction Republicans Over Trump

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Democrats Ask Judge To Sanction Republicans Over Trump

DNC asks judge to sanction GOP over Trump's comments

By Dan Levine

(Reuters) – The Democratic National Committee on Wednesday asked a U.S. judge to hold the Republican National Committee in contempt of court over allegations that Donald Trump encouraged his supporters to intimidate minority voters.

The DNC accused Republicans in a court filing of violating a longstanding consent decree, which restricts Republicans’ ability to question voters at the polls and prevent those people from casting a ballot.

During the presidential campaign, Republican nominee Trump has asked followers to “watch” for fraud in the Nov.8 presidential election in certain areas where minority voters reside, even though no evidence of fraud exists, the filing said. Some of Trump’s followers have pledged to do just that, the filing said.

The RNC has supported Trump’s “ballot security endeavors,” Democrats said in the court filing.

The RNC said the filing was completely meritless.

“The RNC strictly abides by the consent decree and does not take part directly or indirectly in any efforts to prevent or remedy vote fraud. Nor do we coordinate with the Trump campaign or any other campaign or party organization in any efforts they may make in this area,” a RNC spokesperson said in an emailed statement. “The RNC remains focused on getting out the vote.”

Representatives for the Trump campaign could not immediately be reached for comment.

The DNC asked a New Jersey federal judge to issue an injunction preventing the RNC from spending money on voter integrity efforts, and to instruct its field offices that no employee shall participate in any ballot security measures.

(Reporting by Dan Levine in San Francisco; Editing by Andrew Hay)

Photo: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at his Trump National Doral Miami resort in Doral, Florida, U.S. October 23, 2015.   To match Special Report USA-ELECTION/TRUMP-GOLF. REUTERS/Joe Skipper/File Photo



  1. dpaano October 28, 2016

    If the RNC can’t keep track of their candidate and his illegal doings, what are they good for? Apparently, nothing!

    1. TZToronto October 28, 2016

      Exactly. They chose him. He’s theirs. Don’t pretend that you know nothing about him and what he’s asking people to do.

      1. Theresajmitchell1 October 29, 2016

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    2. Beethoven October 31, 2016

      Unless the RNC officially disqualifies Trump as the Republican candidate and withdraws all support of him, then anything he says or does in relation to the campaign is the responsibility of the Republican Party, and the courts must hold the party legally responsible for his actions.

  2. 1standlastword October 28, 2016

    The RNC is a ‘false flag’ that appears to be in all ‘practicality’ a rogue affiliation of neurotic-white-people with an antebellum old-southern-atavistic-propensity and worldview that is organized like a mafia-family organization whose true purpose is to surreptitiously overthrow American Democracy with their aims to disrupt the natural course of development that happens when a good-and-functional Republic acts in a way that is open, tolerant and fair-minded towards its Peoples.

    As an institution they are a smelly open pustule infested gangrenous wound in the fleshy part of America that wants to spread across the land sickening all that is healthy, energetic and full of life.

    The RNC and its GOP must be reformed or eradicate!!!

  3. Sand_Cat October 28, 2016

    A lost cause, but certainly a valid complaint.

  4. Budjob October 29, 2016

    The RNC chairman,Rinsed Penis,is a fucking joke!!

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 29, 2016

    Sanctioning isn’t sufficient. Trump needs to be hauled into court for inciting crowds to violence by using sanitized buzz phrases and subtle dog-whistles.
    His brown-shirt mentality and body-language fit right in with the supremacist/Nazi crowd that hails him as the resurrection of the last Fuhrer.

  6. CrankyToo October 30, 2016

    Rancid Privates is another Republican scumbag who’ll be looking for gainful employment soon. Doubtless he’ll be welcome at Fox Noise.


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