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#EndorseThis: Orange Jumpsuits On The ‘Trump Train’ 2020?

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#EndorseThis: Orange Jumpsuits On The ‘Trump Train’ 2020?


Donald Trump is the “communications director, finance director, campaign manager, and master of the Trump train” as he and his followers gear up for 2020, according to CNN. The problem, as Seth Meyers observes acidly, is that several of the top figures from his previous campaign are under criminal indictment, with at least two already heading to prison. Will Trump-Pence 2020 issue orange jumpsuits to this cycle’s campaign staff?

Like everyone else in America, Meyers is also preparing for the release of the Mueller report, which is said to be imminent. In the meantime, however, he looks at the scandalous lending to Trump by Deutsche Bank. It’s a perfect example of how finance is rigged in favor of the rich — even a rich deadbeat like this president.

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