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#EndorseThis: The Hideous Truth About Trump’s Tax Reform

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#EndorseThis: The Hideous Truth About Trump’s Tax Reform

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It’s always fun when The Daily Show compares and contrasts past statements by politicians with what they’re actually doing now.

So as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan prepare to ram through a “tax reform” bill that will increase the deficit by $1.4 trillion, you can listen to what they said on that topic a few years ago – when Barack Obama was president.

Or you can listen to Donald Trump praise his tax cut a “great big beautiful Christmas present,” — and then see how it turns into a giant lump of coal for most Americans. (But that won’t happen until after 2020!)



  1. dpaano November 29, 2017

    Unfortunately, Trump won’t be in office when the doodoo hits the rotating blade and his ardent followers figure out that he screwed them with his so-called “tax cut.” So, why would he care what the proposed tax bill contains? His voters don’t seem to realize that it may look good to them NOW, but in 2020, when Trump is no longer around to kick, they’ll certainly see the light! Meanwhile, the rest of us will suffer and the 1% will only get richer! This tax cut will NOT bring back jobs…..most of the money the corporations save will go to shareholders and stock purchases! This is what happened in Kansas….unfortunately, no one learned from that!

    1. oldlion December 2, 2017

      No, no, no. They will never see the light. Trump’s deplorable supporters are about to elect a pedophile to the Senate in Alabama. They are too dense to understand this tax bill. It’s fake news to them.


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