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Louisiana Legislature Passes 72-Hour Waiting Period For Abortions

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Louisiana Legislature Passes 72-Hour Waiting Period For Abortions

An activist holds a rosary while ralling against abortion outside City Hall in Los Angeles, California September 29, 2015. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

The Louisiana legislature on Wednesday passed a bill requiring women to wait three days before receiving an abortion, tripling the state’s existing waiting time in one of the most stringent regulations of its kind nationally.

Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, has said he plans to sign the bill championed by anti-abortion groups. It passed with wide support from the Republican-controlled legislature.

The bill requires a woman to wait at least 72 hours after a state-mandated ultrasound for the procedure. The current waiting time is 24 hours, the same as in most states with waiting periods.

Only five other states require 72-hour waiting periods: Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Utah.

The measures are among a wave of laws being adopted by states as conservatives seek to chip away at the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision to legalize abortion.

Advocates of extending the Louisiana waiting period say women need more time to consider alternatives and the consequences of ending a pregnancy.

“Many of them come to regret their decision later in life,” Deanna Wallace, legislative director for Louisiana Right to Life, said in a telephone interview. The measure is “empowering them with additional time to consider all of the options.”

Opponents of the legislation see it as the latest attempt to block women’s access to abortions.

“Politicians in Louisiana have made it their mission to restrict access to safe and legal health care — with women in the state left to pay the price,” Amanda Allen, senior state legislative counsel at the Center for Reproductive Rights, said in a statement, urging the governor to veto the measure.

Louisiana also requires women to make two separate visits to a clinic to obtain an abortion, seen as an additional burden on women forced to take extra time off work and away from families, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which tracks reproductive health policy.

Missouri, South Dakota and Utah have similar policies, while North Carolina and Oklahoma allow women to receive the initial counseling by phone.

The Louisiana legislation includes an exception for women living 150 miles or farther from an abortion clinic. They will remain under the current 24-hour waiting requirement.


Reporting by Karen Brooks in Fort Worth, Texas; Additional reporting by Letitia Stein in Tampa, Fla.; Editing by Peter Cooney

Photo: An activist holds a rosary while ralling against abortion outside City Hall in Los Angeles, California September 29, 2015.  REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni



  1. Lynda Groom May 11, 2016

    What we have here is just more woman shaming. I suppose these asshats really believe that a woman in need of such a service has never given any thought to the matter until they walk in the door of the faciliity. Shame on Louisiana for such a simplistic solution to a real problem. Apparently the state does not have serious issues that demands a sintilla of their time in the legislature.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 12, 2016

      Not to worry…WHEN, not IF, Hillary is elected, she opens the door to more and more women taking their rightful FIRST place in line. You can tell by the men in this country who are so grossly insecure about losing their control over women and children by their constant legislation attacking women’s rights. To these jerks, women have NO rights and they only ALLOWED us the right to vote.

      So now it is up to Boomer women to do what we planned all along…step out of the shadows men keep women under and start evening the score. We have as much right to be leaders in government, business and religion as they do. Their self-appointed days of “taking over” end just as soon as the first female becomes president. This is what their greatest, morbid fear has always been. That their Neanderthal days of keeping women in caves will come to an end.

      1. dpaano May 16, 2016

        I’m pretty lucky that my husband isn’t one of those you speak about…..not ALL men are keeping women under their thumbs, Eleanore….there ARE a few that are pretty intelligent and have common sense. I know, I married one!

  2. Insinnergy May 11, 2016

    Ahh yes… the anti-choice/GOP crowd. Such liars.

    Instead of attacking Roe vs Wade directly, they lie, cheat, and deceive. Just like Jesus would want.

    Despite this being an admission of weakness (underhanded tactics are utilised when you fear direct action will fail) it’s also:
    1) Not Democractic. Most of the country supports legalised abortion.
    2) Deliberately deceptive. “Crisis Pregnancy centers” lie to and deliberately misinform their patients and hide behind the first amendment.
    3) Harder on the poor. Conservatives have repeatedly been shown as far less able to empathise with others outside their own experience. They assume everyone has the same resources they do, or “should have worked harder” to have them. Ironically once they experience something within their own family… they often change their minds. Consider all the Republican Congress critters who “evolved” on homosexuality once they found out their own child was gay.
    Evangelicals on the other hand just don’t give a f*** about you if you don’t belong to their club. You’re either like them, or you need to be re-educated to believe like they do.
    4) Stupid. It’s rare to find an anti-choice supporter who has a scientific rationale for their position. Instead they are generally god-bothering, anti-science nutjobs, who have been shocked into action by someone godsplaining how abortion is evil and is “baby murder” then showing them a video of the evil abortion doctor.
    They don’t care about the facts. They care about forcing their religious beliefs on everyone.
    5) Hypocritical. Pivoting off point (3)… where is the outrage over Fertility clinics? These places produce viable fetuses by the truckload (The cornerstone of the anti-choice wingnut lobby definition of human life as beginning at conception… and any termination after that is murder…) and they then “die” by the truckload. If abortion is murder, oh pinhead anti-choicers, then what are fertility clinics? The equivalent of the final solution? So where is your outrage over them?
    Oh that’s right… wealthy women need them, so we can’t drum up any support from the GOP against fertility clinics… perish the thought.
    However its poor/uneducated women who need abortion services to be local and cheap… so screw them… “we must save the babies!!1!”. (Wealthy women will just have their abortions somewhere else… and very quietly.)… the epitome of one rule for you, and different rules for us.
    Is miscarriage not also murder? Where’s the outrage over that?
    If abortion is murder, then the women that have one need to be charged with murder and put away for 25 years to life… right? It’s murder. Of a defenseless child.
    Where’s the push for exacting punishment for this heinous crime? Is the crime not that heinous? Or are the hypocritters pushing the agenda not arguing for jail time because everyone would laugh at them?
    If it’s murder, then jail time needs to be applied retrospectively… it’s still murder 5 years ago… or ten years ago. Jail them all. Or are you hypocrites?

    I suggest you hit up your invisible friend for some better ideas.
    The current crop are too retarded for open, reasonable argument.

    1. Carlotakbrehmer4 May 12, 2016

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  3. JPHALL May 11, 2016

    It is strange to me that the legislators in these states have nothing better to do than to restrict abortions and bathroom usage. I guess their states have no other issues?

    1. dpaano May 16, 2016

      Which is just what I said above…..you’d think this is the ONLY thing they have to worry about while their states are on the verge of bankruptcy, etc.

  4. Joseph Kelsall May 12, 2016

    It is incongruous that a nation that can kill thousands at the touch of a button refuses women the right to make decisions over their own bodies. Old Joe Kennedy was allowed to lobotomise his own daughter at a time when aborting a child was a crime. Cui Bono?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 12, 2016

      Hey jerk! You are a man. You create the babies and then take off. I sincerely hope one of your daughters or granddaughters gets raped and has a tubal pregnancy so you can watch the excruciating pain for 72 hours, if her fallopian tubes don’t burst first. Once again men open their big mouths and their zippers without thinking about the thousands of women who have tubal pregnancies that require immediate abortions to prevent women’s deaths.

      But, why the hell should you care, righ,t MR. MAN…you had your fun making the babies..why should YOU care about the pain ANY woman endures in pregnancy? You aren’t pro-life jackass…your are just proBIRTH…meaning you love to watch women suffer as much excruciating pain as you masochistic dickheads can force women to endure…This is why we need a female president. You just know this dickhead has impregnanted a lot of women and sired more illegitimate kids he can’t even count. You want the babies? Get your ass busy and make sure YOU do all the work and suffer all the pain. You are just another male bully who thinks it is still a MAN’s world. Think again.

      1. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

        GOP TROLL ALERT !!!!!!!!!
        GOP TROLL ALERT !!!!!!!!!

        You have been outed as a paid troll. Time to scram

        1. Paul Bass May 12, 2016

          Hey, being male, I think Eleanore might be extreme, but almost never has support GOP or their causes.
          So NO, you are simply wrong, now it just look like we should just discount all of your posts, thanks.

          1. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

            A GOP paid troll will never out themselves by supporting GOP. This troll and others are attempting drive a wedge between Bernie supporters and Clinton supporters. She wants Bernie supporters to say bad things about Hillary and harden their position against Hillary. She wants to split the party. She has already admitted that she is paid writer for 3 different websites. Do not underestimate the GOP. The other paid GOP trolls on this site are Yabbed and King of America. Don’t be fooled Trump must be stopped.

          2. Paul Bass May 12, 2016

            Hold on there buddy, and step away from conspiracy land!

            I agree not to be fooled and Trump must be stopped.

            But Eleanore has been on here forever, long before political season. Also generally toes the YDL label, so would NOT be trying to split the party. She’s just a bit strident in her feminism, that’s cool, I go crazy if anyone uses the word “retard”, we all have our buttons.

            I, like most at NM, are clever enough to read folks words, and then decide if we like them. You have a great day!

          3. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

            You are being played. How does it benefit Hillary to anger and alienate Bernie supporters like these people do all day long. Why wouldn’t you want Bernie’s supporters to support Hillary in the General.

          4. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            Dude . . . if anyone here is a troll, it’s you. I think you’re suffering from a bad case of premature projection, a condition long known to be a leading cause of electile dysfunction.

          5. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

            Moron ….. You don’t want Bernie’s faithful to support Hillary in November. You want these trolls to continue to alienate the Bernie supporters and split the party? I don’t get it. How does that help us beat Trump? Hillary will need every vote she can get.

          6. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            She’s not a troll. Believe it or not, people can actually support candidates they like without being trolls. Eleanor’s been here a long, long time. You, however, have a blocked activity profile, which to me just screams ‘troll’.

          7. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

            She works for the GOP. It is not just about supporting a candidate but rather her insistence that no men vote for Hillary by angering them as much as possible. READ HER POSTS. HOW IS ANYTHING SHE SAYS HELPFUL TO HILLARY IN THIS CONTEXT?

          8. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            Ya know, some people actually speak their minds without thinking about how it’s going to help or hinder a candidate. There’s this thing we have called ‘freedom of speech’. it means you don’t have to view everything you say in a political context. You can just say things that you believe or feel strongly about without having to filter it. And without getting any money for it, either! (now, imagine that . . .)

            But since you’re a paid troll (though I’m not sure by whom, nor do I really care), I can understand how that sort of thing would be incomprehensible to you.

          9. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

            She has already admitted that she is paid to post on this site. Why don’t you ask her.? Why would Conason pay her to hurt Hillary in the general. Do you think she is on the Clinton payroll? That would be really stupid. Her attacks on men and Bernir are outrageous. Are you gonna vote for Hillary?

          10. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

            When did she admit that? And actually, I’ll vote for whoever is running against Drumpf. I like Bernie, though I don’t think he’s going to win, and a lot of his proposals are nice ideas in theory, but would require massive upheavals to implement, as the costs are WAAAAAY more than he’s projecting.

            Hillary’s fine with me; she’s sane, capable, competent, experienced, and drives the wingnuts into a Santorum spewing frenzy. I know the Berniebots hate her, but they’re not my concern. Except when they get in my face and say stupid things.

          11. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

            She brags that she is a paid writer on 3 different sites. Ask her! She was probably drunk when she outed herself. Look above at her post to Joe. It makes no sense , the guy is pro choice.

          12. dpaano May 16, 2016

            I’m with you Siegfried…..I like some of Bernie’s ideas, but he’ll never get most of them off the ground. But, I’ll vote for ANY Democrat that is the nominee because I certainly don’t want to see a country being run by Trump or his ilk!! It’s scary to even think about!

          13. dpaano May 16, 2016

            She’s never said she was paid to post on this site….at least not that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been reading these posts for many years now. Eleanore just says what everyone else thinks, and maybe she is a bit anti-men, but that’s how she rolls. She’s not a paid troll, and if you think so, then you need to rethink your position or just drop it. We who know her well and have been reading her posts for years know better.

          14. A_Real_Einstein May 16, 2016

            So you do not want any of Bernie’s supporters to vote for Hillary? How does that help Hillary in November?

          15. dpaano May 16, 2016

            And, Einstein, if you don’t like what Eleanore has to say….you can always just hit the button and make it disappear! Ever heard of Free Speech???

          16. dpaano May 16, 2016

            Don’t we already disregard his posts?

        2. JPHALL May 12, 2016

          Wrong! I think you are the troll. Why? Because you are the one with the blocked activity blog. Hers is not.

          1. A_Real_Einstein May 12, 2016

            She has already admitted that she is paid for her posts. Who would I be trolling for. I am big Bernie fan but will vote for Hillary in November to make sure that Trump is not elected. In the meantime these posters are insulting and alienating The Bernie supporters with the hope they do not vote in November or go for Trump in spite of them. Do not underestimate the GOP. Do you understand?

          2. JPHALL May 13, 2016

            You keep claiming that she said she was a troll. Prove it. You can find it in her posts. Her posts are accessible unlike yours. Just click on her name.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Louisiana Legislature Passes 72-Hour Waiting Period For Abortions

          3. A_Real_Einstein May 16, 2016

            How does alienating and angering Bernie supporters help Hillary the presumptive nominee in November? Please elaborate? Why does Eleanore attack me when I am on the record to vote for Hillary in November?

          4. JPHALL May 16, 2016

            How is she alienating anyone but you so-called true believers? Everyone else realizes that she is basically ignoring you in favor of uniting the true Democrats and left leaning independents. Eleanore attacks you because you lie and try to indict Hillary. Get over yourselves, your time is almost over.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Louisiana Legislature Passes 72-Hour Waiting Period For Abortions

          5. A_Real_Einstein May 16, 2016

            Her supporters are acting like children and should learn to win gracefully. They cannot win without the Bernie crowd. They are blowing it for Hillary. You need to make every effort to unify the party. Now would be a good time to be quiet win the nomination and be gracious. The race is over so you can let Bernie and his supporters finish with dignity. Or you continue this foolishness and lose and have Trump in the WH. Bernie is carrying about 45% of democrats and a majority of left indies. Not enough for him to win the nomination but plenty to keep Hillary from winning the General. Open your eyes and then your arms.

          6. JPHALL May 16, 2016

            Only in the minds of you right wing trolls. Most Bernie supporters will vote for Clinton. Many of the rest are not even Democrats or left leaning independents anyway. Nice try though. Subject: Re: Comment on Louisiana Legislature Passes 72-Hour Waiting Period For Abortions

          7. A_Real_Einstein May 16, 2016

            Suit yourself. You can be the dumbfounded dipshit come November. At least I will have seen it coming. What a moron.

          8. JPHALL May 17, 2016

            Continue your masturbation! Just admit that you are a troll and leave the intelligent alone. Go away foul troll! Subject: Re: Comment on Louisiana Legislature Passes 72-Hour Waiting Period For Abortions

        3. Joseph Kelsall May 16, 2016

          What would it matter if she were a troll? Answer her arguments! This USA ‘troll’ nonsense is an excuse for political ignorance

          1. A_Real_Einstein May 16, 2016

            I am voting for Hillary. Why is she alienating me? Why is she pushing me to Trump?

      2. dpaano May 16, 2016

        The funny part, Eleanore, is that Medicare is now paying for men to get Viagra, but they won’t pay for women to get contraceptives. I guess it’s okay for man to impregnate numerous women, but heaven forbid if the woman doesn’t want a child because she isn’t ready for one or can’t afford to support one (since, you know, the men usually disappear when they find out that the woman is pregnant). It absolutely astounds me the ridiculousness of the whole situation!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 17, 2016

          I so agree. The subliminal message there is that men should be allowed to breed irresponsibly and women have no say over their own bodies.

          As Hillary publicly stated two days ago, “Women will make their OWN decisions about their medical care and their bodies.”

          The only women who don’t agree with are the baby machines these men prey on to procreate profusely, ship off to for profit wars and then force them to come home to live off welfare as vets.

          I loathe loathe loathe what the 35 to 55 year old men in this country are doing to the image of Americans. They are either dressed to “kill” literally and figuratively like Rambo in their militia uniforms, or they are dressed in expensive suits and ties and snarl like rabid dogs. Who bred these morons?

    2. dpaano May 16, 2016

      YEs, and the even more ridiculous thing is that most of these states that are trying to keep women from having abortions are really BIG on executing criminals. Why is it that it’s BAD to abort a fetus (not a child….a fetus), but it’s okay to kill a criminal? Does that make sense to anyone but a rightwing idiot?

      1. Joseph Kelsall May 16, 2016

        It is also an act of heroism to kill thousands of brown people in a Middle Eastern country in a method reminiscent of a computer game.

  5. Siegfried Heydrich May 12, 2016

    In the long run, it doesn’t matter. All of these laws will be gone in less than ten years, and down deep, I think they know it. Which is why they’re so desperate to pass these laws now, while they still have the power to do so. The simple fact of the matter is that the old haters, the old misogynists, the old bigots are dying off. The old guard are having their last hurrah before death or dementia overtakes them.

    The next gen will be stepping into power over the next decade, and they will sweep these restrictions away as relics from an age of religious fanaticism, ignorance and paternalism that has no place in the 21st century. Sic Transit Gloria Geriatrem.

  6. dpaano May 16, 2016

    You know, if the GOP would just get their heads out of our vaginas and start worrying about more important things like the economy, the infrastructure, climate control, etc., they might actually get something more than just naming post offices done!!! I don’t know WHY they seem to think that it’s an important topic for them to be dealing with…..the more babies born, wanted or unwanted, just means, in some cases, more welfare that will have to be paid out because some women can’t afford to have a baby, And, yes, they do care about it later in life….the decision is NEVER an easy one for any woman to make no matter what men seem to think. To make it even harder for them to go through this is cruel and unusual punishment for any woman! It’s pretty sad that these so-called “governors” don’t have anything else to be concerned about! Several of their states are on the verge of bankruptcy, their schools are being closed due to lack of funds….and all they have to worry about is a woman’s reproductive process? Amazing!


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