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More And More Republicans Don’t Expect Trump To Win

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More And More Republicans Don’t Expect Trump To Win


Donald Trump’s polling numbers against Hillary Clinton have continued to decline over the past several weeks, but a new poll brings to light an even more troubling statistic for the GOP nominee: a third of Republicans don’t expect him to win.

According to an Economist/YouGov poll released this week, the percentage of Republicans expecting Hillary Clinton to win the presidency in November is almost double what it was just one week ago. After the party conventions, 69 percent of Republicans expected a Trump win — that number has now dropped by 14 points. Media outlets have called the last seven days of Trump’s campaign his “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” week and the poll numbers seem to reflect that characterization.

More Democrats say they will vote for Clinton than Republicans for Trump as well: 87 percent of Democrats plan to vote for Clinton, with only about 75 percent of Republicans for Trump.

Politico also reports on some bad news for Trump: normally, around Labor Day in election years, pollsters begin calculating which voters will actually show up to cast their ballots, rather than the preferences of all registered voters. Generally, GOP candidates have experienced a bump in their numbers at this time.

Not so for Trump: early indicators are that this year’s GOP nominee will likely not experience the same reliable boost.

This could partially be due to the fact that the bump normally comes from older voters (occasionally white voters, wealthier voters and more educated voters, as well) that often come out to the ballot box in greater numbers than their younger, Democratic counterparts. Trump has relied more on less-traditional voters and therefore may not see the expected boost.

Politico also reports that Trump may not be “motivating enough Republican or Republican-leaning voters the way previous GOP nominees have.”

Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in St. Clairsville, Ohio June 28, 2016. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk



  1. Dan S August 11, 2016

    There’s no longer any doubt that Trump will lose & lose big. The only question left is how big will he lose & how many Republicans on the ballot will he take down with him ? The Democrats only need to pickup 4 seats in the Senate to remove the obstructionist Sen. McConnell from his throne ????

  2. rednekokie August 11, 2016

    I honestly feel that Trump and his ilkdom will make a valiant attempt to steal the election if there is the remotest chance that they begin to feel they are losing.
    In fact, I would be quite surprised if they didn’t.

  3. EvenstarMtl August 11, 2016

    In the end Trump will win, Hillary is too corrupt and said she needs her husband to help her. Gasp, as a woman that I found that really off putting.

    1. jmprint August 11, 2016

      Trump will not be a looser, because he is a legion in his Own mine.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 11, 2016

        that’s his plan from the start for his next reality show is going to be named THE BIGGEST LOSER DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER

    2. A. D. Reed August 11, 2016

      Gee, I guess you heard something through the filter of Fox.

      Not one iota of evidence of corruption has ever surfaced about Hillary. Not one. After 24 years of constant investigations by Republicans who use federal tax money to investigate her, NOT ONE bit of evidence has ever shown corruption. But they don’t give up; they like spending my money on something other than the nation’s policy needs.

      As for “needing her husband to help her,” what she actually has said is that of course she will ask Bill for advice; he was the most successful president on economic policy in the past 40 years, so she’ll ask the former president’s opinion on many things. Just as the former president asked his wife’s opinion and advice when he sat in the Oval Office.

      If you don’t get that, you’re either A) a man masquerading as a woman; B) a woman who is jealous of Hillary’s success in her career and her marriage; C) another dimwitted, gullible, GOPster for Drumpf who’ll swallow anything the Fox-Breitbart-Heritage-Rutherford-Liberty U-McConnell-Ryan machine spoonfeeds you.

  4. Leftout August 11, 2016

    ” a third of Republicans don’t expect him to win.”, but two thirds 0f voters ….not republicans -there are no republicans – expect Trump to win , this seems to be enough .

    1. jmprint August 11, 2016


      1. Leftout August 11, 2016

        You just do not like Trump because he’s truthful. And he is a massaginist , messaginist – not a misogynist nor mendacious . Hee Hee! ????.

        1. jmprint August 11, 2016

          Yep @ about 3% truthful, sure is.

          1. Leftout August 11, 2016

            Show me one lie , not said in jest by Trump.

          2. jmprint August 11, 2016

            I can’t release my taxes. – He can we all know it, audit don’t stop you from filing your income tax.

            Hilliary and Obama are coming to take your GUNS. – Making people responsible for their guns is not taking them away.

            I don’t know who David Duke is? –

            I don’t know Putin?

            I have donated million to vets – so far only 10, 000 in the past 7 years.

            and there more google. plus he has switch back and forth gazillion times.

          3. Leftout August 11, 2016

            Even I who is accused of being a racist forgot about David Duke, around here the Duke family was associated with making of cigarettes. He did finally give the millions tnthe Vets , the other named are trivial and are not proven as yet. Taxes are contrived , easily manipulated and should not be released by anyone . We have the FBI to investigate nefarious situations except Hillary, Obama . Oops the FBI was a non corrupt body at one time .

          4. jmprint August 11, 2016

            You are talking about the rally where he promised the proceed to the vets and then didn’t give to them until he was called out on it. I am not speaking of those promises, before then he stated he had donated millions, but yet can only account for 10,000. Every candidate in history has shown their taxes, but because everybody lowers the bar for Trumps it excusable, yet the bar on Hilliary is so high. All those innuendos and conspiracies do not amount to convictions or even court proceedings. Trust me Trump is not escaping the FBI. I can hardly wait to see the three court cases convict Trump for what he has done.

          5. Leftout August 11, 2016

            I do not know of any of his charity contributions except anecdotally heard he raised monies for charities. Hillary has been in the political circle for many years and surely has her books cooked properly, funny stuff can be hidden in other legal? Instruments, and off shore accounts as Corporations. It is only the working shlubs that can not hide earnings have to be harassed by IRS etc.

          6. jmprint August 11, 2016

            Yep innuendos and conspiracies is all you got.

          7. Independent1 August 11, 2016

            Trump has donated no personal money of his to charity, including to his foundation since at least 2008. But he has no problem with spending the money from his foundation on himself:

            Donald Trump used money donated for charity to buy himself a Tim Tebow-signed football helmet


            Trump won, eventually, with a bid of $12,000. Afterward, he posed with the helmet. His purchase made gossip-column news: a flourish of generosity, by a mogul with money to burn. “The Donald giveth, and The Donald payeth,” wrote the Palm Beach Daily News. “Blessed be the name of The Donald.”

            But Trump didn’t actually pay with his own money.

            Instead, the Susan G. Komen organization — the breast-cancer nonprofit that hosted the party — got a $12,000 payment from another nonprofit , the Donald J. Trump Foundation.


          8. Leftout August 12, 2016

            Foundation , personal or even PAC monies are all freely interwoven, however Trump gave 1M for the vets recently. Whether corporate or personal , no matter, since corporations , foundations can be people too, same pot. Congressional PACs are just as sleezely used to hire family and expense out pens and coffee for your limos .

          9. Independent1 August 12, 2016

            It wasn’t Trump’s money he gave, it was monies raised during his rally that was supposed to bring in money for the vets – Trump has donated NONE OF HIS OWN MONEY TO ANY CHARITY recently. Even that $10,000 you’re talking about ended up coming from his foundation which was money donated to his foundation from other people – this is clearly illegal. Trump is not supposed to be using monies from his Foundation for buying himself gifts or using that money for what he claims to be his own personal donations!!

          10. Leftout August 12, 2016

            Trump said he raised 6M for the VETs recently and he spotted $1m of his own to the pot. He made an accounting of it when asked .

          11. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 11, 2016

            one lies you ask for hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me see ok this one is an oldie but goodie its from the very start ok when a reporter asked DONNY DUMP are you going to run for Pres. and he said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO heck it was a while ago but I see that and then I said when he started his campaign WOW nice start you lie from the start . now any other lies you seek from the DUMPSTER you will prob. have go to pretty much every time he opens his DUMPSTER HOLE

          12. Leftout August 11, 2016

            He did not want to run, but he continued and said “unless things continue to be corrupted ”

          13. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 11, 2016

            still a lie you asked for . he is the most corrupted person going . between fraud, con and scamming people . then he is a rapist and a women beater then comes his ties with the mob . never mind his Russia bride PUTTHEAD . did I miss anything ? im sure I missed a lot just getting you to the point of the POS DONNY DUMP . (and these are all the good things about the clown car driver )

          14. Leftout August 11, 2016

            I’ve read that Putin mutual admiration stuff, it is all in half jest. Obama once remarked “I will speak with anyone “, referring to Iran
            No pre conditions ” remember Hillary getting on baraks tail, bill out raped trump it seems, trump needs to be friends with the mob or else in NYC no garbage is collected , no construction happens . On Staten Island NY ,
            The mob/mafia live together harmoniously with the highest concentration of police residents , now that’s America!
            Trump U : 70 % of the course takers were able to use the material and gave high marks to the course . The other 30% of the students were your typical lazy underachievers that are in every class room and we know who they are by their whining . Caveat emptor !

          15. Independent1 August 11, 2016

            More lies! Obama never said any such thing!!

          16. Leftout August 11, 2016

            Ah ha, he did say exactly that in a debate in 2008 with Hillary. It was a big big bone of contention at the time.” Talking to the enemy” so to speak, Hillary thought it was a sign of lack f readiness for the HBO …..typical Hillary crap. I thought it was a good idea to engage in dialogue , evidently Obama did just that with the recent Iranian agreement. I will Find it for you.

          17. Independent1 August 12, 2016

            Everything you’ve posted is Hogwash!! You can’t substantiated a word of it. Obama has not negotiated directly or indirectly with the leader of any rogue nation!! It’s all total BS!!

          18. Leftout August 12, 2016

            During the 2008 debate w Hillary he said he would not be against meeting with adversaries as Iran . And Hillary used the as a sign of his immaturity in dealing w international bad actors. He certainly negotiated the Iran deal. You be wrong on this one

          19. Independent1 August 12, 2016

            When he said in 2008 that ‘he’ would not be against meeting with adversaries from Iran, he was talking about having his administration negotiate with them – NOT HIM PERSONALLY!!

            And IT WAS HILLARY CLINTON and JOHN KERRY who worked to negotiate the Iran Deal – Obama did not personally meet with those negotiating the deal in Geneva!! Get lost you mindless idiot!!

          20. Leftout August 12, 2016

            I do not think it is a bad thing to be more direct, Obama negotiated ? With Putin as you may recall when there was an open microphone on and Obama said we can talk more freely about disarming after my second election, where he would not be affected by trying to appease Anyone for there would be no more elections for him . A bit underhanded I think .

          21. Independent1 August 12, 2016

            Underhanded?? only to clueless devious people like you!!

            Obama was clearly just telling Putin that he didn’t want to get into discussions about further nuclear disarmament unless he was actually reelected, because he didn’t want to waste time negotiating with Putin something he wouldn’t be able to follow through on.


          22. Leftout August 12, 2016

            That is a plausible explanation, also. We agree.

          23. Independent1 August 12, 2016

            And if you’re looking for a president who would negotiate with even terrorists, Reagan is your boy!!


          24. Leftout August 12, 2016

            He did . As everyone else, sub rosa or straight up.

          25. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 12, 2016

            be it as it may DONNY DUMP want PUTTHEADS money . he did rape and beat his wife ripping out a patch of hair (more then likely its mounted on his wall the POS ) so he gets his trash picked up that make’s it of now to deal with the mob a court would give the DUMPSTER a pass for that ? I think not and as for the F%#K-U DUMP U if it was such a good thing then why the 3500 sueing the clown ? your the saddest one defending the retard POS with all the other brain dead followers . even you the clown would give you your ID if he had the chance you would be leftout after he got what he wanted out of you . question do you have the same retard disorder that the clown car driver has your a addicted junky seeking you dix ATTENTION ?

          26. Leftout August 12, 2016

            I think his wife ripped out a piece of Trumps hair it seems , in the heat of passion, it happens……personal notes . I do not defend him I am
            Only explaining his actions . I be my own person…. But the voters chose him to represent them. As you know many tried but dropped out they could not relate to the voters and the candidates failed to Make their case .

          27. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 12, 2016

            heat of passion too funny . and the rape was his passion how can people be so blind ? as for his actions there is only one way to explaining them he is a retard . he is just a sick fool seeking attention he is where he is by just one reason for being the biggest clown show for an election ever . as his brain dead followers just like the free clown show . the POS just says what the brain dead want to hear that’s it . and the addicted junky needs all the time his FIX OF ATTENTION for his retard addiction plain and simple . he beat all the others not by being one that should be Pres. he beat them all for being the never ending JOKE

          28. Leftout August 12, 2016

            I was saying that trumps here looked like it was pulled out not hers , but then again I did not want to go down there, or may be he did , God bless them
            Both .

          29. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 12, 2016

            either way DONNY DUMP is some one that should be defended by anyone he is an evil snake and cares nothing about no one but himself . his day will come this I believe he will screw some one and that will be the one that he will know that he shouldn’t have screwed just a matter of time . heck even the cartel could be laying quiet and waiting to get him for screwing with them laying in wait for the DUMPSTER’S guide to be down

          30. Jon August 11, 2016

            Over 100 lies told by Trump have been documented and that list isn’t even a complete list. Further, he continues to add to the number of lies he tells on an almost daily basis. Two of the more recent lies were that Mrs. Kahn was not permitted to speak at the DNC because of her faith and that Mr. Kahn had links to terrorists. His speech this week claiming that Hillary Clinton would “abolish … essentially abolish the 2nd Amendment” was an outrageous LIE. He knew that she had never said anything even remotely suggesting such a thing. As the Constitutional scholar people are saying he is, he knew that a president cannot abolish a Constitutional Amendment. He damn well knew that there was no way she could essentially abolish it either. It is Congress, not the President, who makes law. As a Constitutional scholar he can’t claim ignorance.

          31. Leftout August 11, 2016

            I do not think one hundred, re Mrs. Kahn , he was assuming that she did not speak because many women from
            The Middle East and parts of Asia take a secondary position to the husband and do not even extend their hands or hug as a greeting, of course. She mentioned that she was overcome by grief still. Mr Kahn has interesting ties to immigrants in that he acts as a lawyer and is a go between for easing immigration passage by collecting hefty fees and possibly allowing suspect person into the country. Money talks as on the Southern border …..personal experiences. The Kahn situation was a setup to oppose Trumps insistence on keeping Moslems , out temporarily, til they are vetted . CIA and FBI Clapper , Brennan, Comey stated there is no mechanism today to safeguard US security from refugees.
            Second amendment of course will never be changed but Hillary likes to pander to the dreams of silly people .

          32. Jon August 12, 2016

            See The Daily Wire, “Lyin’ Donald: 101 Of Trump’s Greatest Lies” which contains an extensive, but not exhaustive, list of documented LIES told by comrade Trump. As to Mrs. Kahn, Trump chose to spread unfounded, uninformed claims about her. As to Mr. Kahn, please refer me to a single reliable source who has proof that he has ties to terrorists. Regardless of why you believe Mr. Kahn spoke at the Democratic National Convention, nothing justified Trump’s vicious lying attacks on them. Do you think the Democrat’s intelligentsia knew that Mr. Kahn’s speech would provoke the reaction it did from Trump and that was the reason he was allowed to speak?
            As to Hillary pandering to the dreams of silly people or any kind of people for that matter, she has never said or done anything that would cause any rational person to believe that she was going to “abolish … essentially abolish the 2nd Amendment.” The most she has done is call for some reasonable regulation of gun sales in an effort to end all the senseless gun violence here. I am a gun owner and I believed that Congress needed to pass reasonable gun laws that both protects the right of law abiding citizens to own guns while protecting us from the criminals and crazies who have easy access to guns long before this campaign season started. I didn’t need to hear anything from Hillary.

          33. Leftout August 12, 2016

            There is enough background info on Kahns motivations. The second amendment should be such an untouchable amendment , it is the cornerstone of the revolution against the British . I’ve relate d a story where I was asked to hire a Romanian , coming by way of Australia for a job in the medical field in Wash. DC. I could not hire because there were restrictions on some peoples and Americans had to be considered first, she came from a war torn area and I Asked her why did you guys not put up a fight …..get this …. Immediately with out hesitation she said we had no weapons … This is a woman who loved her home country. She was one
            of two women that saw me that year and gave the same spontaneous answer…, and your eyes opened up at the importance of being self secured . As they say in Arabia : Once a camel sticks his nose into your tent , it will keep trying to enter….like sex……personal notes .

          34. Jon August 12, 2016

            I agree that the 2nd Amendment grants us an important right but all rights have limits. The 1st Amendment protects, among other rights, our right to free speech. Yet no reasonable person believes that it protects someone who yells “fire” in a theater. I cannot believe that our founding fathers intended the 2nd Amendment to protect the right of criminals, crazies, and terrorists to obtain and possess guns. Nothing is unlimited. Reasonable restrictions protect the right of law abiding citizens to obtain and possess firearms while denying access to them by people who are a danger to innocent people, including children. Remember Sandy Hook?

          35. Leftout August 12, 2016

            Serial murders were mentally askew and Democrats? Or Moslem who are of course deranged by their nature.
            An important point to remember is that these poeple were not
            allowed to be reported due to PC rules and sensitivity issues that prevail even today. We are not allowed mental issues to be disseminated to public knowledge even at the work place or schools, since we do not want to stigmatize anyone.

          36. Bill P August 11, 2016

            How about when he recently said he never spoke with Putin but there is a video of a speech he have over a year ago in which he claimed to have spoken to Putin “directly and indirectly” and claimed Putiin was a bright guy. Oh then he recently claimed to have received a letter from the NFL regarding the debates to be held on Monday nights yet the NFL claims to have never sent a letter to him. Oh yeah there is his claim to have handpicked all the teachers at so called Trump University, then when suits were filed he claimed to never have talked to any of the teachers. I could write more but then it would be too long for you to read.

          37. Leftout August 11, 2016

            I’ve read that Putin mutual admiration stuff, it is all in half jest. Obama once remarked “I will speak with anyone ”
            No pre conditions ” remember Hillary getting on baraks tail
            For that remark . I personally think it is ok . The NFL may have uttered???? some comments about doing such , but it is well known that trump would like a change of date for most effect as well as NFL. His staff may have picked the teachers not sure what that means, I am sure a CEO does not get involved in such HR stuff. Trump U
            Is a high pressure course for high expectation students , some students may have had a low expectation work ethic. 70% of students were effectively using the material and gave high marks. Seems like a normal pass fail ratio to me.

          38. Bill P August 12, 2016

            Damn you Drumpf trolls are always at the ready to make some or any excuse for what the narcissistic nihilist claims as the truth at a rally then the coward tries to walk it back. Half jest excuse more like half-assed excuse. Your comment about the president has no relevance in this thread, President Obama didn’t claim he didn’t talk with someone even though he said he did in a prior speech.

            Your NFL excuse is lamer than anything Drumpf has used. “The NFL “may have” is certainly no definitive response, sounds like a lot of hemming and hawing.

            In commercials for his alleged “university” Drumpf stated he “handpicked” the teachers not looked at resumes. In a 2012 deposition under oath he claimed to have “never have selected” any of the instructors. More sarcasm?

            Trump U was never an accredited university or college, It did not confer college credit, grant degrees, or grade its students.

            Trump U was a LLC, he claim of favorable “graduation” rates is being directly challenged by the # of laws suits filed against this “alleged” university. In fact New York state forced Drumpf to change the title from “Trump University to The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative”

            You will swallow any bs that this narcissist will say to his minions.

          39. Leftout August 12, 2016

            No swallow . The Trump U was a course giving enterprise , I am
            Not sure if the formality of the name Indicates it is an accredited Univ . I graduated from a flying school named :” the College Of Tail dragger Knowledge” a
            Certificate to fly Stearmans

          40. Bill P August 15, 2016

            Pleas stop with the horseshit. Trump University was never an accredited college or university. It has numerous law suits filed against including 2 class action suits – the Cohen (nationwide) action and the Low (California/Florida/New York) action. Both class action suits are suing Trump for falsely or misleadingly promising access to his real estate techniques taught by his “hand-picked” professors and adjunct professors at his elite university. There are also numerous complaints filed against Trump University for a deceptive pitch used to lure students — that Mr. Trump would be “actively involved” in their education. “This was not true,” Mr. Nicholas testified, saying Mr. Trump was hardly involved at all. Trump University, Mr. Nicholas concluded, was “a facade, a total lie.”
            Whatever courses you took are irrelevant to this thread. You try to make such inaccurate and bogus comparisons to Trump “Faux” University and people who enroll in a “real” college course then decide to drop out. In a real college you can get a refund depending when you drop the course. You need to get out of the Trump “bubble” and back into the real world.

        2. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 11, 2016

          no this is one of so many reasons who one dosent like the DUMPSTER . go research it read the post your self see what your B/F is all about if you too stupid and blind to see every thing up to this point you brain dead follower. hey would you strap a bomb on your self if DONNY DUMP asked you too and then hit the switch when he said now ? (According to a lawsuit filed by former Trump staffer Vincent Bordini, the Republican candidate’s campaign failed to act after Earl Phillip, then Trump’s North Carolina state director, pulled a gun on Bordini in February during a trip to Greenville, SC in Phillip’s Jeep )

    2. Bill P August 11, 2016

      Your 2/3’s number is correct but it is for the number of American voters who believe Drumpf is unqualified to be president. Once again you prove to not be able write a comment that doesn’t contain bs. Just like trying to make the NYMA that Drumpf attended for high school to be on a level with the USMA at West Point. You are clearly not operating with a sound mind.

      1. Leftout August 11, 2016

        I was saying any young patriotic
        Man would be proud to be a part of such elite schooling , it shows determination to go on to more
        Solid stuff.
        Trump Is not unqualified to be president , what is the criteria used for the President Skill Set. It is a position that requires creative problem Solving for ad hoc issues. All Of the experience ? of congress and 40 year gov bureaucrats / foreign service operatives have left us in this mess. Only corruption and self interest is the rule , I would say there are 10 gov. Employees who are effective.

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 11, 2016

    heck maybe one of DONNY DUMP’s gun wheelding staffers might have an OPPS moment on the DUMPSTER ? who knows with his campaign seem anything can happen

  6. Dominick Vila August 11, 2016

    The so-called GOP establishment is in full damage control mode right now. Their concerns go well beyond the 2016 presidential election. They are afraid a likely Trump debacle will result in them losing control of the Senate, losing seats in the House, losing governorships, and a loss of credibility so serious that it may take several years, if not decades, to overcome.

    1. Leftout August 11, 2016

      Have the republicans not lost credibility by not even opposing any policies after being givin a full house . They backed themselves into irrelevancy. Most of Trumps expected solutions are enforcement of security obligations and modifying some agreements to favor working people, keeping manufacturing in this country.

      1. Dominick Vila August 12, 2016

        As bad as their acknowledged obstructionism was, the worst part of their interpretation of governance was their lack of commitment when they refused to even give a hearing to Judge Garland.

  7. Shreknangst August 11, 2016

    Two years ago, the book “Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America’s Destruction” predicted the events occurring right now.

    Either the Republican Party is killed off, or America is. THE DONALD is gathering all the idiots together and giving them a voice. If their numbers are matched among the broad masses, he becomes POTUS. The current batch of idiots and obstructionists will grow, and the American economy will collapse.

    If intelligence dominates, the Republicans lose every 2016 election {or at least the vast majority of elections} on state and federal levels. Republicans like Maine’s Susan Collins will survive and obstructionism will vanish.

    Even the idiots in office realize the reality of the situation… Trump is using the same propaganda they have been playing with for three decades — only he knows how to really put it together. Now they are seeing what they have wrought.

  8. roguerunners August 12, 2016

    They should have jerked a knot in his tail (or tales) and crammed it down his throat long ago. Now it’s too late.

  9. Rick2101 August 12, 2016

    Donald “The Fraud” Trump will never be President of the United States, he never even intended to be President. His finances are in such bad shape he just saw a campaign for the Presidency as a way to make easy money. So far the only money spent on advertising has been from outside groups, not one dollar from the Trump Campaign, according to an article by Mark Murray “ Clinton Campaign Now Outspending Trump on Ads — $52 Million to 0”

    US Banks are unwilling to loan him money because of all his bankruptcies, so he has gone overseas for loans. Perhaps all his fawning over Putin is because that is where Trump received his loans.

    His refusal to not release his tax forms, until after the election, just means he never intended to release them. He has always known that he will never win the White House, that is why he continues to damage his own campaign. Trump is in it just for the money.

    Trump the consummate con artist has bamboozled many Americans into donating to his campaign. Donald “The Fraud” Trump is trying to pull off the best grift ever, of all time: After your supporters willingly give you their money, you don’t have to give it back.


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