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Web Giants Clash With Government Over Proposed Censorship

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Web Giants Clash With Government Over Proposed Censorship


Politicians have long debated how best to protect freedom of expression while also respecting copyright laws, and the web is buzzing with concerns that new proposals in Congress threaten to disrupt that delicate balance.

The House’s Stop Online Piracy Act, as well as the Senate’s Protect IP Act, are intended to punish websites and companies that host unauthorized copyrighted content. But critics argue that the vague wording would temper freedom of expression by imposing harsh penalties on and possibly shutting down sites that enable users to share information without many restrictions — which would effectively allow wide government censorship of the Internet.

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  1. When the NAZIs came to power they tried to burn all the books in Germany that did not glorify the Germanic race or that failed to praise the Furher. Looks like Obama and his “Blue Shirt” thugs are getting ready to do something similar if they win next years election. Been nice chatting with y’all. We all ‘be’ gone in 2013 now, you hear?


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