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Would A Moderate Third Party Do More Harm Than Good?


Would A Moderate Third Party Do More Harm Than Good?


In his new column, “Will Moderates Defeat Moderation?”, E.J. Dionne explains why a centrist third party would not lead to centrist policies:

The deficit that should most worry us is a deficit of reasonableness. The problems the United States confronts are large but not insoluble. Yet sensible solutions that are broadly popular can’t be enacted.


  1. Libertarian November 28, 2011

    Isn’t it funny how some people use the word “idealogical” to accuse others of not being a team player just because they don’t agree with them? Aren’t the Super Commitee Democrats “idealogical” becuase they want everyone to have the same amount of money regardless of where it comes from (e.g. rich people or printing press)?
    And remember, while not mentioned by name in the article, those Tea Partiers were ELECTED by a tremendous amout of people to do exactly what they are doing: stop spending money we don’t have! We are broke! Our children will be broke! Their children will be broke! Spending a lot more money when we don’t have any is crazy! We have to prioritize and spend money only on things that we really, really need. Like Obama says: “It’s not politics, it’s math”.

  2. freethinker November 29, 2011

    The author is absolutely correct that a centrist third party would ease the triumph of the Republicans because he is so far left that his version of a ‘centrist party’ would still be left of center taking Democrat votes. We should also remember that one man’s reasonableness is intransigence to another and popularity is not a measure of intelligence.


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