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Monday, July 24, 2017

To people who hate government, governing is the greatest crime.

Speaker John Boehner is nobody’s paragon of a great statesman. There will be no movies made about his noble attempts to overcome the fog of his daily hangover in order to quickly dispense with a few votes so he’d have time for a round of golf and a pack of smokes before his evening’s two fundraisers.

Since he became Speaker of the House in 2011, his primary accomplishments have been creating unnecessary crises, slowing the recovery, and extracting painful concessions that hurt the poor and benefit the rich. But he — with one glaring exception — kept the government open, allowing Republicans to focus on fake scandals, depress Democrats, and take the Senate.

This was simply not good enough for the House’s Freedom Congress (40 or so Republican representatives from districts so white they disappear in sunlight), who are intent on extracting their supervillain demands that exist in complete denial of the basic principles of our democracy. Each time they’re rebuffed, their demands become greater and more intractable as reality recedes around them.

Boehner needed some Democratic votes to keep the doors open. To conservatives who think the lowest unemployment claims in 42 years, 17 million people gaining insurance, and a deficit cut by two-thirds are disasters only Donald Trump can fix, the Speaker’s actions are tantamount to appeasement

Don’t get me wrong. Things aren’t great in America today — unless you compare today to the last 14 years.

The Middle East and Afghanistan are still a mess, but American soldiers aren’t dying there on a daily basis. Our long-term deficit and debt are still problems, but the rich are paying a higher share of taxes than they have in decades. And income inequality threatens our political and economic stability, despite the more than 12 million jobs that have been created in the last five years.

The fact that the Republican House Majority Leader says his own caucus may be “ungovernable” is a sign that Republicans recognize that the fury they’ve nurtured in their base could burn out of control and char the party to bits.

It’s possible the party’s enormous economic advantages and stealthy gerrymandering will keep it immune to all consequences of its bad behavior, as Ted Cruz enacts his data-driven plan to win the White House almost entirely on the votes of white men and their wives.

Regardless of the GOP’s urge toward self-immolation, Democrats have to acknowledge that it’s rare for a party to hold the White House for three terms in a row. And if a Republican wins the White House in 2016, he — we can say he — will almost certainly have a Republican House and Senate.

If that happens, here’s what you should expect.

1. Lots of “free stuff” for rich people.
Jeb Bush recently revived Mitt Romney’s theme that Democrats buy black voters allegiance with “free stuff.” But if the modern Republican Party was built on anything it’s “free stuff” for people who don’t need it.

Bush’s tax plan is loaded with even more giveaways for the richest than his brother’s — even though income inequality has gotten far worse since 2000. And Jeb would be inheriting a shrunken (but not insignificant) deficit, instead of the surplus Bill Clinton left for W.

Bush’s tax plan is about the only thing he’s offered that’s pleased the donor class since he launched his dismal campaign. Because the only thing the kind of people willing to go in for a third Bush love more than tax breaks for the rich is the massive cuts to the middle class needed to pay for them. We should be talking about a new tax bracket that asks more from the richest .01 percent who are sucking in nearly all the gains of the economy. But a GOP government would be focused almost entirely on making the richest few benefit the most from their governance.

2. The end of Social Security and Medicare as we know them.
Don’t understand how every Republican candidate for president could be proposing trillions of dollars in tax breaks, while also saying we can’t afford the most important things the government does? Things like Social Security and Medicare. “Well, you’d get over it, and you’re going to have to get over it,” Ohio governor John Kasich told a voter at a town hall on Friday.

The Freedom Caucus is demanding cuts to Social Security and Medicare in exchange for raising the debt limit; the only difference between them and their slightly more moderate colleagues is that “mainstream” Republicans want to wait until 2017 to make those cuts. Bush and Kasich are promising such cuts for future seniors. Chris Christie has proposed a gutting of Social Security that would technically be the biggest middle class increase of all time. Even if a Republican like Mike Huckabee or Donald Trump — who are promising to preserve these earned benefits — wins, a GOP Congress will demand that the retirement age be raised for future retirees, knowing that life expectancy has grown for the people who could afford to retire without Social Security, not the laborers who desperately need it.

3. Millions will lose health insurance.
John Boehner spent much of his first two years allowing his caucus show votes on repealing Obamacare. Now that the law is in full effect, has cut the uninsured rate to record levels, and is no longer a political liability for Democrats, he’s backed off this charade, which he must have recognized was giving his base unreasonable expectations.

If Republicans win in 2016, after eight years of promising to repeal the law, a “repeal” of Obamacare is the least you can expect. In the best case scenario, only a few million Americans would lose their coverage and they’d likely be those who could least afford to do so.

Conservatives will also set about gutting Medicaid, which insures the most vulnerable Americans and provides essential help and housing to our sickest seniors. And thanks to a law signed by Ronald Reagan, taxpayers will have to absorb the cost of caring for the uninsured.

4. We’ll switch from fighting climate change to encouraging it.
The accumulated effects of President Obama’s agenda of encouraging green energy and regulating dirty energy are historic leaps in the affordability of renewable resources and the rapid demise of the worst sources of carbon pollution. Republicans would immediately reverse these course. Imagine where we’d be if Al Gore had taken the office he’d won in 2001 and we’d pushed forward on fighting climate change instead of inviting it. Now imagine if we make the same tragic error 16 years later, as the consequences of carbon pollution — the droughts, the floods, the superstorms — grow nearer and more menacing every day.

5. War.
Another demand the House Freedom Caucus makes is for the president to break the historic deal the U.S., its allies, Russia, and China forged with Iran to peacefully prevent them from getting nuclear weapons. This position — that deal should be immediately broken — has been offered by most of the leading Republican candidates for president, and comes along with a promise by many of them for a surge in American ground troops in Iraq. And the cost of these policies — in dollars and American lives — are never discussed.

Republicans have proven that they don’t care about the deficit, debt, or fiscal conservatism.

Their goal is dismantle America’s ability to foster stability for the working class while making life easier for the rich and polluters. The only internal disagreements in the party are over how shy and how disrespectful of democratic norms they should be about this.

If Republicans win in 2016, expect the worst. And if we let this happen after seeing what they did the last time we had a GOP president and Congress — 2001-2006 — know that we deserve it.

File photo: Republican primary debate, August 6, 2015. REUTERS/Brian Snyder 

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121 Responses to 5 Depressing Things To Expect If A GOP President And Congress Win in 2016

  1. After glancing at the picture included in this article, the most depressing part of a GOP controlled government may be the massive layoffs of clowns from every circus in America. The flip side of that would be the saving that parents and grandparents will realize as a result of free entertainment by our elected officials. Governance? Who cares when authentic idiocy, arrogance, narcissism, and greed are so palpable. Sadly, we will have to continue to spend our hard earned dollars when we take our kids to the circus.

    • I expect a full blown Great Depression II if the GOP regains the WH and holds both sides of Congress at the same time. We’ve not recovered enough from the Dubya disaster to be able to absorb a blow like that. It would collapse the economy completely this time. Between that, going into yet another war in the Middle East while pissing off our allies in the process, increased pollution to exacerbate the climate change problem, losing the SCOTUS for decades, for all intents and purposes tearing up the Constitution for a theocracy… I’m not using hyperbole when I say that there would be a very real possibility of the USA ceasing to exist as we know it. We could actually see a collapse of the union into separate nations.

      If it did happen on their watch, I can guarantee you they would still blame Obama for it happening.

      • Not to mention the social fabric upon which millions of Americans depend for their existence and ability to meet the challenges we face. Especially Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, the ACA, and public education.

        • They whine about moochers but ignore the fact that very few of the people getting government assistance are actually moochers. They’re mostly old, disabled, sick or working. The leeches that they talk about are a very small percentage but they act like it’s everyone. The problem is, they don’t want to raise wages and do the other things that would put people in a position to not need welfare. The only options are: spread the wealth, give them welfare or just let them starve, get sick and die.

          I’ll give you one guess what the party of Jesus wants to do.

          • My son has a friend who lives in Oklahoma. She has 3 families all living with her. There’s no work in that state, wages are barely above minimum and poverty in this supposed Big Oil State is the highest its ever been.

            One of her children worked in the oil industry. If you are not a top engineer, you work for plantation wages and when the Big Oil boys are done with your part of a project, out you go without healthcare or any severance pay. This is why these red states are living off ours.

          • Do you watch Last Week Tonight? Oliver did a very good ep last night about this very topic. It was about how Big Oil is basically screwing over everyone in North Dakota.

          • Really? I was led to believe that it was a barrel of oil costing less that it cost to frack it. My but you have been enlightening.

          • And it’s not just Oklahoma. CheatSheet did an analysis of states where most people are on the verge of bankruptcy and came out with a list in which more than 90% of the states where CheatSheet said people are the most broke are of course GOP-run states.

            In this list of the top 31 states where I gleaned those beyond the top ten that CheatSheet noted, only a small few have did not have GOP for 4-6 years preceding the time that CheatSheet compiled their list. And of course, Oklahoma is #12 on CheatSheet’s list.

            Here’s the list of states where the most people are virtually are already broke:

            2-West Virginia
            4-South Carolina
            5-New Mexico
            13-North Carolina
            21-South Dakota
            25-Rhode Island
            29-New Hampshire

            And the GOP just loves to preach how economically conservative they are and how great of opportunities they create for people via their governance. What an utter failure the GOP is in everything that worthless party attempts!!!!

          • And just watch the ignorant teabaggers and vulnerable redneck yahoos especially in Dupeldom South (states comprising the old confederacy) run off to vote for the very scoundrels who are turning them into victims of the plutocracy’s policies machine functioning as Operation Phornicate.

          • Actually, they are the party of Moses.

            They have religion but they don’t understand the gospel of the historic Jesus because if they did they would have more practical concern for women, children, the elderly and the poor.

            They only want to uphold the LAW and that makes them Old Testament zealots!

        • The only thing this society needs is regain it self sufficiency and to rely on themselves and not government handouts.

  2. First, the GOP cannot and will not win unless they plan a Banana Republic style coup d’etat. Second, the minute the Tea Party warriors touch Social Security, they’ll wish they were NEVER born. There isn’t a senior in the US who paid for 4 or more decades into SS who will not string these boys upside in a public square and have a butt paddling party.

    Blue states are fed up handing over our tax dollars to support lazy butt Republicans and their states.

    Americans will never allow another GOP president to pull off another phony, trumped up war, spend billions more on Big Oil and lobbyists to create only two classes in the US, rich or poor and then allow a handful of tyrants to make ALL the rules.

    The GOP is about to crash its own party.

    • I forget where I saw this comment but someone said that without federal funds to keep them propped up, the South would basically turn into Bangladesh. I remember it because I got a good chuckle out of the comment.

    • not to be a “Debbie Downer” but, BUT, the GOP is strong at the State level…I think this tide is turning, but slowly, like the melting glaciers…

      • These states are still part of the “United” States. They can elect whomever they want on a state level. But, the minute they enter federal buildings, their states are part of that “united” government.

        That and only that is what matters.

        The old guard GOP is not happy with the Tea Party who is taking over. Let’s remember that the Tea Party is not a formal party in government and was established by two ultra right wing Libertarians, Charles and David Koch. As such, this exterior influence by the Koch is an attempt to take over federal government and run it as a corporation. That’s a violation of the Constitution. And, every one of the states’ elected politicians swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the “United” States…not their state and only their state.

        This is where Nancy Pelosi got it right. If we look the other way and allow these states to impose their religious or ideological beliefs on others in this country, they are in violation of the Constitution under which they swore an oath.

    • While I agree with your sentiment. The Republicans hold the House and the Senate. The SC majority leans Conservative. 31 states have Republican Governors. To them…they’ve already won. And its tough to disagree with that.

      • The real problem is the complacency of Democrat voters in off season elections. Of course the GOP thinks they have won. They think they got elected because the country wants conservative policies. In reality, it was just a bunch of lazy arse Democrats who didn’t go vote last year. Obama was in charge. Things were getting better. They got lazy. And BAM! The GOP kills it in the elections. Zealots always go vote. Always. They can be defeated every single time if people would just go vote. Their wins in Congress is not representative of what the majority of our country wants. It’s just representative of who actually showed up to vote. 2016 will be very different because Dems always do better in presidential elections because of a higher voter turnout. Keeping the WH and retaking the Senate are very likely outcomes.

  3. The sad part of all these likely consequences is……only to non Republicans are they actually considered consequences. In GOP/Tea Party world, most of these are their stated goals. Bomb Iran, cut SS, repeal Obamacare, climate change is a farce, get rid of the tax code. (although it seems the only tax they would totally eliminate is the estate tax and Corp tax)

    All these things sound GOOD to their base. The $64,000 question for the Democratic Party is, how and why do so many voters embrace this crap? We can blame Fox news and talk radio for the lies and the Obama ODS. But, in fairness, the GOP is pretty up front on their positions on these issues. And their base eats it up. Somehow they’ve succeeded in dumbing down a significant portion of the population into believing that these negatives are actually positive. Unless the Democratic Party finds a way to counter that, we’ll be faced with this for a long, long time. Regardless of who wins the next Pres. election. Its not going away.

    • Part of it, as you pointed out, is a dumbed down electorate who are flat out ignorant on the issues. A large part of it though is social issues. They use topics like abortion rights and gay marriage to rile up the Christian base into voting against their own interests.

      • When they use religious issues, they are in violation of the US Constitution. It’s time to hold their feet to the fire they started.

        • Getting religious monuments off government property is one thing. Stopping politicians from running on abortion rights and gay marriage is entirely different. There is not a lot we can do about it.

    • The reality is that billionaires are buying the politicians, they, not we, want. As long as Citizens United remains law, this country is up for sale.

        • If you really believe that, then hopelessness for no future for our kids is what you’ll get. Too many middle aged people today are ready to just sit back and “let it happen.” To what end?

          When you don’t “make things happen,” you let them happen and get what you allowed and enabled…other men to rule like tyrants. You live in a democracy. Not a dictatorship.

          The GOP is falling apart due to its own stupidity. Their billionaire campaign donors will end up wasting billions trying to buy their politicians. Because…it always comes down to the court of public opinion. And, right now, that court of public opinion is angry and ready to make war with the GOP.

          We are Americans. We don’t sit back and allow a handful of bullies EVER to take over.

          • It’s not about believing it. It’s a fact. But understanding that fact doesn’t mean I don’t have any hope for changing it or will sit back and continue to let it happen. Just because it’s already happened doesn’t mean it’s too late to fight back and change it.

            As for the rest, you’re preaching to the choir. It’s true that we have crossed the line into oligarchy but we are not so far gone that we can’t change the path we are on. As I said, not everyone has realized it yet but people are finally starting to open their eyes to the reality of the situation we face today. When the people stand together, change happens.

          • Just because you say it’s a fact, doesn’t make it so. Your enabling attitude would never work in my state. We are all up before dawn and at work by 6 AM. We are progressives and that means we take nothing others dish out sitting down.

            If you want to sit back and be told what to do by someone with less education, go to it.

          • No…What ARE YOU talking about? President Obama was elected twice without Koch funding. In fact, the Koch boys in 2013 published a blurb about how they were unhappy about all the money they spent to get a GOP elected in 2012 and failed. It was in several NY newspapers.

            There are two types of votes in every election: Popular and Electoral College. President Obama secured both in 2008 and again in 2012. Even with the money spent by Karl Rove, Sheldon Adelson and Charles and David Koch.

            What does that tell you? They spent money wastefully on political ads and town meetings. Yet, the GOP still lost in both of the last 2 elections.

            The only reason Bush won vs. Gore was because it came down to JEB’s state and had to be decided by the right wing on the SC. Bush and Cheney knew that before the first votes were even counted. But, the joke is the GOP doesn’t dare pull that stunt again.

          • First of all, do you have any idea how stupid this argument is? We are arguing over a word when we agree on every other issue.

            Secondly, I’ve heard Bernie Sanders say many times that Citizen’s United has turned us into an oligarchy. Jimmy Carter gave an interview recently and said unlimited money in politics has turned us into an oligarchy. There is a lot more to an oligarchy than just taking the WH. This is a problem that runs deep and won’t change until CU is overturned


            Lastly, it doesn’t really matter if you agree with them or not. Call it an oligarchy or don’t. It’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Our goals of fixing the country are firmly aligned together. Save your anger for the right wing lunatics that deserve it instead of attacking someone who is on your side.

          • And before that Bush served two terms right? And before that Clinton served two terms right? And before that Reagan and Bush served three terms between them right? Soooooooooooooo, how is it that one “party’ or another has “controlled” the White House as a dynasty? BS detector is on.

          • Bush got elected the first time because it came down to hanging chads and a SC decision. Gore actually won the popular vote. Bush just might go down in US history that had to be elected by right wingers on the SC and his own brother’s state.

            The fact is that the Bush elections were both bogus and totally manipulated. That will NEVER happen again. The GOP knows this and unless Citizens United is overturned, the GOP can only win an election by buying the presidency with Koch money.

          • Koch money never changed the outcome of the elections when Obama won two terms. Everyone likes to talk about whites being so racist but why is it that blacks only vote in numbers when a black is running. BS detector is on. NEXT CASE PEASE!

          • That’s an easy one to answer. The reason is the same as for white men have ONLY voted for white men for 235+ years for the Presidency. Everyone likes to talk about whites and blacks. No one talks about the huge disparity between genders in government or big business.

            BS is on for you…Now Mr. Bigot…let me guess. You had a Mutton Chops or Corn Pone GrandPappy who suckles you into bigotry with your first breath?

            Next case? You HAD NO case. Your racism is showing big time. Do you really think your Aryan white skin is superior? It isn’t the color of one’s skin that matters. It’s whether or not they have a brain. You don’t.

          • No, I am not a racist, nor do I suffer from “guilty white guy syndrome”. I only reward success not failures! Don’t blame white republicans for the plight of blacks; blame the democrats for keeping you so “dependent” on “free stuff”.

          • The only way “We the People” can change citizens united is to stop voting for the a”hole with the most money and start voting for the one with the best record.

      • Must I remind you yet AGAIN of the billionaires that contribute even more to Liberal causes & politicians, the Demicrat-Socialist Party?

  4. And the 800 pound gorilla that LoL left out – we are looking at the possible retirement of three liberal justices on the Supreme Court.

  5. I seriously doubt the republicans can pull off a WH win, plus republicans have 24 seats up in the senate in 2016 vs democrats defending 10. And in the house they defending all of them. So no I don’t think ugly situation is gonna happen.

    • Gerrymandering will prevent retaking of the House. Keeping the WH and retaking the Senate are very realistic goals though.

  6. I hate to even think that this might happen. However, I happen to live in a state where the republicans have a choke hold on all things politic — due mostly to the rank stupidity of the voters in this state. When I grew up here, some 70 years ago, it seemed that all were reasonable in their politics, although almost exclusively democrat. It’s almost as if the entire state swings one way or the other, with no room for discussion about it.
    Not even the reasonably educated will voice any opinion against our idiot governor, those in the legislature, who are even more insensitive, nor the dumb dumbs we send to Congress. Yes, of course, you guessed it — Oklahoma.

    I suspect that congress will remain divided, to a degree they cannot work together. The presidency is a tossup – God help us from the yo yos who are running as republicans.

  7. Your article sounds like a political scare piece until you check the actions of our Republican led House over the past few years. The benefits and subsidies and tax breaks are all headed to the haves while employment, medical, and subsistence programs are being savaged. Let us hope that we can begin to stem this tide of obsessive greed and once again “serving the American people” more than conservative lip service.

  8. This article ignores the greatest danger of all. I will write it simply. The GOP is now a quasi-fascist party and seriously desires to end political democracy in this country and establish a de facto one-party system. To that end, a complete GOP victory next year will result in a Supreme Court of 5 or 6 Antonin Scalias. Kiss goodbye to the Bill of Rights.
    So…fellow Democrats…if you literally want to save America and democracy itself, wise up. We can NOT nominate someone who will lose the national election next year. The stakes are too high. And yes, fellow Democrats, I am referring to the “democratic socialist” from Vermont. When McGovern in 1972 lost 49 states what saved America from the worst of Nixon was his own Watergate blunders. We won’t be so lucky again.

      • Yeah…we are surely going to need those 2A rights if the GOP comes away with a win in 2016!

        I hope you’re ready and I pity anti-gunners

      • First, you show yourself to be a vulgar fool by using the insulting word “libtard.” Par for the course, ‘tho, for people of a fascist mentality-just as I wrote in my comment. Second, I’d be curious to know what you exactly mean by emasculating the second amendment. Have you ever read carefully books on the second amendment? Have you read the SC decisions in the Heller and Chicago cases? I do not want to emasculate the 2nd Amendment but I do want to do something, even if it is not going to be anywhere near perfect, to bring down the episodes of mass murder that are so frequently occurring. I guess you don’t.

        • Really? Well, you show yourself to be an uninformed idiot by using the insulting word, “quasi-fascist”. Get out your dictionary and look up the word “fascist”. Doesn’t apply to Republicans. I likely know far more about the Supreme Court and its decisions on the 2nd Amendment than you. What law school did you graduate from?
          Finally, what do you propose to “bring down the episodes of mass murder”? Criminals don’t obey laws. Background checks are already in place for sales by gun dealers. No mass murder has been committed by an individual who bought their weapon at a gun show.

        • The biggest mass murderer in the country is heart disease and most of that is self induced. Its not libtard its spelled libturd and when a liberal turd is liberated it usually ends up in the fan.

    • Problem is, that with a worst case scenario of GOP president and Congress, America and the world may well have collapsed into such economic chaos, that few will be worrying about who’s appointed to the SCOTUS; the majority will simply be worried about living from day to day.

    • Do you really think who wins the election can actually bail out our sinking nation????????? We are headed into the perfect financial storm.

    • You suddenly worry about the Bill of Rights? Didn’the seem to bother you when Obama bypasses Congress to make his own legislation, doesn’t execute LAWS that Congress Legislated to deport criminal Illegal Trespassers, or give unlawful Amnesty to Millions. The Democrat/Socialist candidates want to unlawfully give Illegals Obama are & other freebies, gotta get that Hispanic vote. Then of course there is the chipping away at the 2nd. Amendment, & the 10th. concerning States’ Rights. Another is falsely interpreting the 14th. Amend. to get more Hispanic votes through “birthright” Citizenship. There are even more examples.

    • And who pays for police, fire protection, sanitation, fixing roads, schools (to name just a few of the services we get for our taxes)?

        • On top of all your other stupidity, you’re not so stupid as to believe that our military, the local police forces, our roads and bridges and all that good stuff on and on and on, just gets supported by the ‘Tax Fairy’ do you??

          Has it occurred to you dumbcoff, that low taxation is one of the reasons that Red States by far lead America in the being the worst in the nation in virtually every measure you can dream up????

          Here’s just a short list of the 20 states in America where the GOP has allowed their citizens to fall into being the most broke citizens in the nation – and this is just a short list – in fact I listed 31 broke citizen states later in the blog, and more than 90% of the are clear Red States, or are states that have had GOP governance for the past 4-6 years which have driven people living in them to the verge of bankruptcy. And guess why Dumbcoff, because the idiot Republicans have cut taxes especially on the upper 5% and saddled the lower 95% with the burdens of funding their state governments.

          Here’s the top 20 BROKE CITIZEN STATES in America as complied by CheatSheet!!!!

          2-West Virginia
          4-South Carolina
          5-New Mexico
          13-North Carolina

          Your outright ignorance at times just baffles me along with I’m sure may other bloggers on the NM!!!

        • It’s one of the things we could have less of; who do you think pays for police salaries, police stations, and the gear they use?

          And I don’t mind paying my taxes for that and other services, either.

          If you have a problem with paying taxes, you could move to a part of the world where they don’t have taxes or the services that cost – Bangladesh, or Afghanistan are two possibilities

  9. And a 6th Depressing thing that would happen to America if the American public is stupid enough to vote the economy killing GOP back into governing our country, is almost either a guaranteed Great Recession or outright Great Depression. Virtually every GOP president that has governed since 1900 has managed to throw America into either a recession or depression.

    There have been 17 recessions and 3 depressions since 1900 and 14 of those recessions with all 3 depressions having come during a Republican’s presidency. And interestingly the president that many believe was a fairly good president, Eisenhower, actually leads the GOP pack by having governed with such economy killing policies that there were 3 recessions during his 8 years; forcing Americans to struggle through economic downturns for almost 1/2 of his 8 years in office.

    And beyond recessions and depressions, we could look also for a dumbing down of Americas economy. Since 1900, the GOP presidents in office since Teddy Roosevelt have managed only a very paltry 2.6% average annual GDP growth – which is fairly dumbed down when compared to the 4.3% average annual GDP growth under Democrats.

    And those looking for a job, better find one now, because along with creating recessions and dumbing down the economy, Republican presidents are also lousy at creating jobs. Since the Great Depression, job creation under Republican presidents has averaged about 50% of the number of jobs created under Democrats.

    And anyone who has money in the stock market, better find a better place to put it if a Republican is elected. Since the stock market crash of 1929, the market has actually averaged a negative net gain over the 42 years that a Republican was president. So if another one is elected, you can either look for the stock market to virtually go nowhere and the gains to be non existent, or like what happens so many times when Republican policies cause the economy to dumb down, the market will plummet and virtually all gains seen over the past 7 years or so will vanish.

    The disasters that could befall America should a Republican president be elected even go beyond America . as Republican policies could well push the entire world into a depression, just like Hoover orchestrated back in the 1930s. Except today, there is a lot more wealth around the world to vanish. So if the super wealthy really had a brain, instead of working to install a Republican, they should be making sure that that should not happen, as with a global downturn all their wealth could also vanish as dollar bills and every other currency becomes worthless!!!!!


    • Since you love to use stats & constantly compare Blue States & Red States here are some more stats for you. Over 1,000 people per day move from Blue States to Red States. Many move to escape bad economies, high taxes caused by welfare, etc., & it isn’t from the weather either. They even move to N. Dakota. People are looking for better opportunuties, leaving the Socialist Liberal States.

      • We’re all aware that millions of Americans are ignorant enough to vote in politicians against their own best interest. So it’s not surprising that lots of Americans without doing any checking, will voluntarily move to red states that are hell-holes to live in.

        The fact that people are being lured to these hell-holes by low taxes, min wage jobs and jobs associated to the oil industry (North Dakoa) isn’t surprising and doesn’t in any way change the fact the Red states are consistently identified as the most dangerous places to live, the states with the worst quality of life, the states where the people are not only most miserable but are also the most broke – close to bankruptcy.

        • Thought you (absolutely would not respond to me anymore). But you just couldn’t resist facts messing up your theories, so again resorted to excuses & false statements. Still a gullible dummy you are!
          p.s. Even one completely Blue State & city, New York, had to resort to tax breaks for 10 years to lure in businesses to their Hell-Hole of unemployment, welfare, & debt, like Detroit. All Liberal Democrat FAILURES that ruin Millions of lives, “especially” minorities.

      • Actually the concept of Marshall law makes sense.WE could base it on the principle behind the original Marshall Plan and airlift jobs from overseas back to America to make our overall economy stronger.Helped our former enemies why not help ourselves.

          • You’re not supposed to.If you got a response We could be the next .marx brothers.Freedonia forevever!

          • Oh I see? You think you know everything about one person by what they say in comments do you? Speaking of silly posts skippy, yours are all over this too. I do believe you have no idea what I even meant when I said locked down. Good, I’ll leave you in the dark which is your normal position.

  10. Republicans want to build democracy weariness in the U.S., like what happened in late Weimar Germany, where the fractious Bundestag couldn’t get anything done. If it wasn’t Hitler, it would have been a non-Nazi fascist dictatorship like Mussolini. This is the Republican goal.

  11. I will respond to just the very last sentence of this article, about the last time we had a Republican President & a Republican Congress. Please, Please, give us that!

    From 2001 to 2006, U.S. employment growth ranked 1st. in number & 2nd. in percentage terms compared to our peer group of Canada, the European Union, & Japan. This was the result of pro-growth tax policy & deft monetary policy that helped the economic recovery from shocks of the bursting stock market bubble in early 2000, & the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11th.

    This sustained a vigorous expansion through 2006! From Jan. 2001 to Dec. 2006, U.S. industrial productivity grew by 8.9%, the largest increase of all mentioned Countries. Labor production in both the U.S. & Japan grew by 9.8%!

    Then of course, the Democrat/Socialist Party took over bringing us the Dodd-Frank sub-prime loan disaster, which wiped out all the fore-mentioned economic gains of a complete Republican Leadership, eventually ushering in Obama, who made it even worse.

    Please give our Country Complete Republican control for all to prosper.

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