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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

6 Situations Where ‘More Guns!!’ Didn’t Help At All

Tyler Courthouse Shooting: Feb. 24, 2005

David Hernandez Arroyo Sr. waited at a Tyler, Texas courthouse, where his ex-wife and son were to attend a child-support hearing. Accompanying Arroyo, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was his little friend: a MAK-90 semi-automatic rifle (modeled after the AK-47). As his quarry appeared, he opened fire. Local resident Mark Wilson heard the commotion as Arroyo engaged in a shootout with law enforcement officers. The holder of a concealed-carry permit, Wilson grabbed his Colt .45 pistol, and ran outside to get involved. One shot found the gunman’s back, but the local hero’s pistol paled in comparison to the MAK-90, and he lost his life.

But wait, there’s more! A trained sniper from the Tyler police force joined the fray with a Colt AR-15 rifle, and 116 rounds of exchanged gunfire later, a car chase ensued. Police officers, sheriff’s deputies and a crazed gunman drove recklessly through the streets, still exchanging gunfire, until five sniper shots finally took Arroyo down. Lots of men, lots of guns, lots of bullets… yet it took all that to capture and kill the bad guy.

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