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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Just wait until Ann Coulter finds out that Christians have all been worshiping a working-class Middle Easterner who didn’t even speak English.

It’s not just politicians pandering to “f—ing Jews” that’s getting Ann Coulter angry. She’s now turned her eye on Catholics and their pernicious influence on American culture — and she seems to be opening with a question of whether or not they should even be admitted as citizens.

Coulter started it up Wednesday morning, with this tweet in response to conservative pundit David Limbaugh (who is not Catholic, as he noted) picking and choosing the political topics in which Pope Francis has a relevant role to play.

This might have something to do with Coulter’s obsessive campaigning against immigrants from Latin America — as exemplified by her new book, ¡Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole. Those immigrants are of course largely Catholic — and the presence now of a pope from Argentina might just be throwing some more grease on the fire for her!

Regarding this notion that the Founding Fathers would not actually allow Catholics to be American citizens, it’s unclear where in the world Coulter even gets this idea. As a statistical matter, there simply were not many Catholics in the early United States — their first great immigration wave came in the mid-1800s. (It was this event that set off a wave of anti-immigrant/anti-Catholic sentiment in politics, commonly referred to as the Know-Nothing Party.)

But before that, Catholics in the New World had easily become Americans following the Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803, and the acquisition of Florida from Spain in 1819. And Catholics did indeed play a role in the early polity of the U.S. This included one signer of the Declaration of Independence, Charles Carroll of Maryland, and two delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Daniel Carroll of Maryland (and cousin of Charles), plus Thomas Fitzsimmons of Pennsylvania.

Now back to Coulter’s craziness. She went on about how Catholics in the U.S. must cease to be Roman Catholics — and become American Catholics instead.  

Coulter further laid out her philosophical objections to the current pope, and tied it in with the rich, proud Protestant tradition of attacking the pontiff.


All we can say is: Jesus Shrugged!

Photo: Ann Coulter speaking at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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51 Responses to Ann Coulter Goes Anti-Catholic For Pope Francis Visit

    • Many of them don’t realize that they are worshiping a Semite from the Middle East. The fact that so many Western artists depict Jesus as a blonde, blue eye, man is not an accident….

      • These people try to create God in their on image. It’s not a new thing, The last of the Great Puritan Ministers, Jonathon Edwards said of God that I am the God of hells fire.

  1. Only zealots like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh can find fault in the efforts of a man who delivered a message of family and hope in Cuba, a metaphor designed to remind people of the need to reunite, forgive, and work together towards a better future. Only they, can interpret a the arguments of a man who advocates lessening the effects of financial inequality, affordable healthcare for everyone, and taking steps to prepare for the effect of climate change, including reductions in carbon emissions, as something evil.

  2. Good Lord! Does anyone really care what this idiot says or thinks? She has always been a loud-mouthed bigot — now she thrusts her venom on one of the saintliest people on earth. Whether you are a Roman Catholic or anything else, this man should be an inspiration — never a target for the vilest tongue existing.

    • Bear in mind that for bigots like her, a man born in Argentina, who speaks Spanish, and acknowledges that he is a son of immigrants, is nothing short of blasphemy. The fact that he beatified Fray Junipero Serra, a missionary born in Spain (Mallorca, Balearic Islands)) was icing on her cake; not only because of its ethnic and cultural implications, but because it reminds the bigots that much of what we now know as the United States was originally part of the Spanish Empire, and that the descendants of many Hispanics-Latinos where in the USA long before the first British colonist set foot in Jamestown or Plymouth Rock.

  3. Her venom is as a direct result of her miserable life! If the media would stop providing a platform for her to vent her disgust with humanity, she would just be another delusional, angry, bigoted, creature slithering about!

    • She doesn’t have a full head of blonde hair. Her extensions don’t even match that whitish over processed dry stuff on top. And why is she always wearing a black cocktail dress?

  4. Here’s a blonde bimbo rich bitch whose ego is so bloated, her head is the biggest part of her GOP Come Get Me Girl Body.

    Her Daddy paid her way and so now she thinks that’s how the rest of peoples’ lives are.

    Who gives a fat rat’s patoot what some Menopausal GOP twit says?

  5. Coulter ia about the most abrasive person in America, I guess that is why she is a GOPig darling. They love her at FAUX news. Does she have a man in her life? I feel sorry for the guy if she does.I see Eleanore calling her a blonde bitch, that would make her a BBBB, Blonde Bimbo Bony Bitch!

  6. Who is still listening to the walking skeleton Ann Coulter? Isn’t she aware we Irish-Americans are Catholics and deserve to be respected like any other?

  7. Now that I have heard the Pope’s address to Congress, Coulter must be hyperventilating. That speech was indeed awesome (my take), but Coulter certainly hates almost everything he said. Though pretty much everything he said was completely in line with the true Christian faith.

  8. Looks like cranky Annie found a way to become relavant again. Just when I thought all of the crazy air space had been sucked up by the current far far right candidates. I wasn’t sure their was enough far right room remaining for her shrill ill tempered voice to occupy.

  9. Funny with them how it’s ok for an Apostolic Pentecostal adultress to say and do anything she thinks, but it’s not OK for the Pope and Roman Catholics.

  10. “Regarding this notion that the Founding Fathers would not actually allow Catholics to be American citizens, it’s unclear where in the world Coulter even gets this idea.” Out of the same place as all her other ideas come from. Hint: The sun doesn’t shine there.

  11. Hey all of you on the forum. Let up on old Ann she’s got a lot of problems other than her brain.
    Go back to the main page and look at her. The long skinny neck poorly covered by some very thin long stringy hair. Narrow bony shoulders. Face showing the ravages of time and the mouth with no perceptible upper lip and not much in the way of cleavage . Now if you are a woman envision yourself after a morning shower looking at a nude Ann Coulter. If you are a man, think of waking up and finding a woman like this in your bed.
    Is there any wonder why this poor creature is so warped and bitter at the world?

    Pundits aside – this has to be the worst viper on the far right.

  12. Annie’s schtick has gotten old, so she has to be ever more stupid and outrageous than before to get the attention and and cash she craves.

    I would think by this time she should have grifted enough cash from the wingnuts to hang on the beach in St. Bart’s forever.

  13. She’s so hateful that I have nothing but disdain for this horrible excuse for a human being. It would be nice though to see comments just criticizing her behavior rather than her appearance. There’s enough there to condemn without resorting to the typical insults often directed at women. She’s a terrible, bigoted, angry, small person.

  14. “Just wait until Ann Coulter finds out that Christians have all
    been worshiping a working-class Middle Easterner who didn’t even speak

    Why should she even give it a second thought when she and brainless airheads just like her believe they’re gods in their own right. Her pie hole reveals that every time she thinks someone is listening.

  15. sooo…..she thinks she should be able to rewrite a Church’s doctrine even though she is not even a Catholic? Sorry skullface, you don’t get to rule my faith.

    • Well, this is why she doesn’t ever run for public office, because all she does is anger large numbers of people with vile comments, and all in the service of her true object of worship – her almighty Income. I don’t know if she attacked official Church doctrine, but there are almost 90 million Catholics in the U.S., and many of them adore the Pope on a personal level (quite apart from the issue of Papal infallibility), even if his personal views are a little bit different than the average American Catholic. Heck, there are plenty of atheists and Protestants who adore this particular Pope. It’s entirely appropriate that the Pope should be a better person than his flock. One thing for sure: he has already forgiven Ms. Coulter.

  16. When is this emaciated, loud mouthed skank, going to have the time run out on her 15 minutes of fame? She needs to get laid and then go to Denny’s afterwards. I’m sure she’ll feel better

    • It ran out during the Clinton administration, after she could no longer pose skankily for book covers. As you will note, all of her PR photos are from 20 years ago. I won’t comment on the rest of your post.

  17. So, Ann, just excommunicate the guy and set up your own Catholic Church. As long as you’re hell bent to go down in infamy in a ball of fire, you might as well tack up your own 95 Thesises to the Pope’s door.

  18. Anti-pope not= anti-Christian. Pope Bogus the 1st is toadying for the far left, painting everything in broad strokes without any minor details like who’s going to pay for all of these ‘pilgrims’. Be nice to hear Catholics try and dent birth control but they need more faithful to maintain the revenue stream.

    • What’s the matter lil Jackie? Got a serious guilty conscious for your years of corruption, extorting others and playing house flipper to earn those crooked dollars?

      Men like you make me laugh. There’s an old saying, the guiltier the conscience, the more repulsed men are with their own consciences. So crook boy…how about get thee to a confessional? Your sins are all before you…and the rest of us too.

  19. I guess when your entire life has been cushioned by Big Daddy’s money and you are a BJ Come Get Me Girl for the GOP in your little black dress, you do have to bash the Pope.

    Won’t do the bashers any good. The Pope represents no one but the God who inspires him.

    Watch the all the evil doers now go ballistic trying to impune the only man on earth who doesn’t scheme and play games.

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