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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ted Yoho -- Intro

Florida congressman Ted Yoho (R) was a relatively unheard-of veterinarian – that is, until he became one of the biggest upset winners of the 2012 election and landed a seat in Washington.

Recently Representative Yoho has garnered widespread attention for his support of Rep. Steve Stockman’s (R-TX) possible “birther” legislation.

The legislation would launch an investigation into President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, which Stockman claims will prove that Obama was not born in the United States, and thus force the president out of office. The birther legislation has now expanded to include an investigation into Obama’s “real” biological mother, who they claim is not actually Stanley Ann Dunham, but wanted terrorist Elizabeth Ann Duke.

Not that any of this matters, because as the son of any American citizen, Obama would still qualify to serve as president of the United States. But Yoho does not really care. He hopped on to the crazy train a long time ago, and time is proving that he has no intentions of hopping off.

Here are some of the controversial right-wing congressman’s greatest hits:

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49 Responses to Birther Congressman Ted Yoho’s Greatest Hits

  1. Why not go back to the founding fathers, who considered “arms” to be a musket. By that reasoning, all Americans have a right to own is a musket (or a whole bunch of them)–and they really need to be ready to be called together as a militia when required. Nowhere in the Constitution are nuclear weapons or even multi-shot weapons mentioned. Heck, if you watch The Patriot, you’ll see that Mel Gibson did wonders with a tomahawk. Musket, tomahawk, knife . . . that’s about it.

    • The other fallacy of his statement is that the militia is intended to protect people from the government. The Militia WAS our military when the constitution was written. It was intended to defend the nation, not overthrow the government.

  2. Here’s what the birther who turned Ted Yoho on to birtherism said about his communication with Yoho’s chief of staff last week: “She said everyone up in Washington pretty much knows that Obama’s [birth certificate] is BS but she said its very tense and tricky issue to deal with.” I wonder if Mr. Yoho agrees with her on this. Here’s a link to the source, but I warn you. It’s a birther site–lots of very offensive stuff. The statement is in the comments section.

  3. The future of Rep. Yoho, after he is defeated next time he runs, is not in the veterinarian field, but in Comedy Central or as the Grand Ayatollah of our most popular tabloids.
    This is what happens when a party has nothing positive to offer, no solutions, and lacks a record to run on. The only recourse for people like Yoho is to divert attention from the reality of their emptiness to esoteric issues such as the “birther” movement…while supporting their Canadian champion, Ted Cruz, to run for President.

    • The silver lining there is that if Canadian Cruz wins the TEA/GOP nomination, all of Yohos birther commentary can be bundled up in a commercial, “brought to you by the GOP”

  4. How did this yahoo ever get a license to practice veterinary medicine? I would not ever let him near an animal of mine. Another republican with the IQ of toilet paper.

  5. I could care less about Yoho’s ethnicity….what I do care about is that he is a moron who was voted in by other morons…the TEA party (Threatening Everything American).

  6. It is so nice to see the country is running along perfectly and we have nothing to worry about but this AGAIN?! Another example of the dumdASSS in DC

  7. Did the author of this article omit the last three letters in his description of Yoho as an “id?” As in idiot? What come out of the mouths of the GOP Bull Male Dominator Party of late is about as “ignernt” as it needs to get. This is what red states consider representative of their states? All of that slash and burn to their educational systems are beginning to show unfortunate results.

    • Turning them into the kind of Republicans Karl Rove can love and respect… Rather than get an education and vote Democratic…

      • In dictatorships, the power is always wielded over the impoverished, uneducated and most vulnerable in the society. Mentalities like Rove, Norquist, Cantor, Issa, Ryan, Boehner and McConnell have an agenda in all that slash and burn economics. Keeping money in the hands of the wealthiest in this country by increasing the number living poverty.

        Prosperity is a right and privilege stated clearly in the Preamble to the US Constitution. Prosperity is the basis of a free democracy. If only a handful of men in the US hold 47% of the wealth and use that wealth to increase their power, you clearly see their path to dictatorship.

        In their Utopia, there are no rules for them, no regulations, no compliance with law…merely a freely flowing ocean of wealth. This is why so many Americans are now fighting back. Our freedom and democracy is at stake.

    • Eleanore, the Id he refers to is one of the 3 aspects we are said by Freudian theory to possess, the others being the Ego and Superego. The Id is supposedly the barbaric and uncontrolled part. I’m not as smart about this as I wish I were, but you can do a search and get the real explanation.

      • I know what the definition of the word “id” is…But thanks for educating the already educated. The problem in the GOP stems from bull males whose egos and superegos are self-destructive more than destructive to the rest of us. These loonies simply have no sense of balance in any area of cognizance. So what we get are men who believe if they say, no one should ever question. If they do it, they are paragons of virtue who cannot be second guessed. As a woman, I have another word for this: Tyrant.

        • Sorry, Eleanore…it was your remark about id possibly being an incomplete word (idiot), which generated my reply. I certainly didn’t mean to seem patronizing. Keep your trenchant observations coming…I enjoy all your posts.
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          • No problem. No offense and none taken. I’m used to being attacked for my opinions more than I am credited. But…that’s just me. I suppose if I wanted to be a clone, I’d have been born in a dish…roflmao.

  8. I would like to advise this man called “Yoho”, (though I do not know what language is that and what it means!), that instead of wasting his time on demanding Pres. Obama Birth Certificate, he should focus on demanding to see that one of Ted Cruz, who is warming up to jump onto 2016 contest. Boy!, I wish he is aware now, that issue will shake up the nation if not the whole world.

    • I do not care at all that Ted Cruz was born in Canada (there were rumors to that effect about Chester Arthur, who succeeded the assassinated James Garfield, and he did moderately well). But the birthers should be made aware that, by the standards they apply to their fantasy picture of Obama, the actual documented Ted Cruz would be ineligible also. Or for that matter, John McCain, who was born in Panama. Of course, all three were born citizens, so there should be no objection to any of them on grounds of citizenship. Intelligence and fitness for the job, of course, is another matter.

      • If you do not care that Ted Cruz was born in Canada, then you do not care at all what the constitution says and whether anyone should abide to it and stand on it as far as need be.

      • You forgot to mention candidates Goldwater (born in a territory of the US) and George Romney (born in Mexico and descended from former US citizens who had, basically, renounced their citizenship when they moved from the US to escape religious persecution and continue their multiple spouse family)

  9. “He added: “It’s an institution that’s been around for thousands of years and I feel like it’s ordained by God; are we confused as a country that we have to start redefining these things?”
    So Yahoo is a religious man? Follows the teachings of God? I most have been absent the day when the priests and nuns taught us to make jokes about the poor and hungry. I must have been on vacation when Father had the sermon about laughing when people reference others who are different from them by demeaning, derogatory names.
    This Yahoo is the joke.

  10. Just when you heave a sigh of relief that we are getting rid of Michele Bachman, another male version of her pops up. This yahoo guy may even be wackier!

  11. Where do they dig these creatures up? I find it hard to believe that there could be enough people like this in the U.S. to elect even ONE of these clowns to Congress, but there are 230-odd guys like this there, so I guess there must be an awful lot of them after all…

    • George Smathers took advantage of the ignorance of the voters in that part of Florida back in 1950. Look up some of Smathers’ deliberately misused words such as “curriculum,” “thesis,” “matriculate,” and “thespian.” Google some of them together with “Smathers” to see how he used them in a speech. Ted Yoho is appealing to their grandchildren with the same idiocy.

    • As to Florida, the legislature is dominated by rightwing crazies by three to one and many of the statewide offices are filled with them, as well. Most of the State’s duped, clueless voters are concentrated in the part of the State lying north of Interstate 4, which is the equivalent of living in such places as Mississippi and Alabama both of which demonstrate a proud tradition of rampant ignorance.

  12. So he and his family used food stamps for about two months….yeah right!!! Well now he has a new way of collecting food stamps, pretending to be actually working while in Congress. It’s interesting that many folks using food stamp disparage others who do the same thing

  13. We all poke fun at a creature like Ted Yoho, and he more than deserves it. The reality of this type of behavior is becoming all to common on the far right and the questionable reasons of those that “elect” them! WHAT could possibly drive one to cast a vote for a man like Yoho who thinks the President’s mother is “not” his mother for God’s sake!!!! For the life of me I do not understand what possesses people to vote for any person who repeats this kind of insanity. Racism, hating their own government, hating life, self loathing, ignorance, low IQ, and unwillingness to educate oneself, a sickening combo of it all????……Surely this man and so, so, many others were not the BEST candidate in the race, certainly not the most intelligent, what gives????
    The damage these far right wing attention seekers….. each and every one showing a different level of “crazy” to “refined evil and/or a willingness to destroy the country for ideological purity….. are doing to this country will be felt for decades in just the sequester alone, let alone the complete lack of governance that is NOT being done while the country crumbles, literally, bridges, sewer systems, roads, etc., the vast Middle Class stagnates, and the poor fall farther and farther down, and the top 2% roll around in their “redistributed” millions……
    I sometimes think the media is just getting a real kick out of “promoting” these clowns, and relating the disturbing messages these fools put out there for public consumption and gaining attention, it fills up air time. The lack of serious people who genuinely care for this country and our GOVERNMENT and it’s future and solving the serious, serious problems we all live and deal with, is becoming all too serious and this country is paying a very high price with the constant obstruction and the vile rhetoric used ad nauseam to attack the President and government by constant threats from these Tea Party demagogues. This list of those demagogues is growing and it isn’t “funny” at all, anymore!!!

  14. Yoho donot have the interest have the American people in his heart. But the bible say we should for the one who hate us . God is in control.

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