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Friday, October 21, 2016


Regardless of whether or not you agree with him politically, there is no denying that Ben Carson is truly a brilliant and skilled surgeon. But can he keep his cool under the pressure of treating one of America’s oldest and most beloved patients?

Watch as Carson makes his own contribution to a well-worn political tradition: presidential candidates participating in demeaning and immature activities, in order to appear more relatable to American voters.

Video via Independent Journal Review.

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  • As stated and/or alluded to in previous posts, Ben represents an unusual and bizaare case of a highly functional and valued member in academia becoming so twisted and demented as to hardly resemble the logical and thoughtful person he once was.

    Is the message of “Conservatism” and the ideology of the GOP that toxic and potent a
    potion as to affect such a radical departure from normality?

    One can only sit back in consternation and with sadness to see such a Jekyll/Hyde–a transformation that merits an entry in Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery” entitled
    “The Atrophication of a Gifted Mind”.

    • highpckts

      Oh so true!! What a waste!