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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Five Republicans Who Just Aren’t That Into Mitt

via Gage Skidmore

Since the early stages of the 2012 campaign, it’s been clear that Republicans just aren’t that into Mitt Romney. Although the former Massachusetts governor managed to stave off his less-than-inspiring field of opponents in the primaries, most right wingers seem to be merely tolerating Romney’s candidacy on the grounds of “at least he’s not Obama.”

Occassionally, they go ahead and say so explicitly. Here are five prominent Republicans who aren’t even pretending that they — or the nation — are about to fall in love with Romney:

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58 Responses to Five Republicans Who Just Aren’t That Into Mitt

    • It isn’t all crap…..ROMNEY is Nixon without personality. If you remember Salt Lake City was in trouble for Corruption/Graft/Cronie contracting along comes Romney…popular in the suit crowd and knew how to get funding. He runs in …and “Mr. Less Gov’t , and NO Handouts” and secures Monies from the Gov’t …as he stated back then….”…Every agency he could get a hold of.” He get hundreds of MILLIONS, all the while saying he would correct the scandals by making his efforts TRANSPARENT. BAM!…Olympics are over there is a question of where some Tens of Millions went, but lo and behold ….Romney had all paperwork shredded. When he left Mass., as Governor, he had his people BUY their hard drives…WHO DOES THAT? Now he will not release Tax Returns.
      Reminds me of a guy that wouldn’t release tapes…wouldn’t honor a supboena, and when he was finally forced into it….you got 18 minutes of ……zzzzzzz……ROMNEY/ NIXON…same paranoid hiding info fool…..ROMNEY/CHENEY same draft-dodging chicken hawk fool. The name of the players have changed but they’re the same fool.

      • Another thing about Romney that evokes nixon in my mind: Apparently Mitt has a secret plan to propel America to prosperity, like Nixon had to end the war in Vietnam…Of course, Nixon didn’t really have a plan at all…he just said that to win, then stuck his finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing…

  1. I can’t say I blame them. It must be hard for a true conservative who has spent years clamoring for lower taxes and saying that 49% of our population do not pay taxes to support a man whose tax plan proposes a tax increase for the middle class, including the elimination of the mortgage deduction, college expenses, and other popular tax breaks that benefit mostly the average American family. Add to that the distinct likelihood that their candidate may have used so many loopholes that he paid no taxes while making millions of dollars and you have a major problem in your hands. Mitt Romney is the best thing that could have happened to the Democratic party.

        • Nobody But Your Dumb Ass Would Come Up With Something So Lame By The Way Asshole!! By The Way Did You Not Get My Memo I Don’t Talk To Koch Brothers Ass Kisser Don’t Talk To Me You Low Life American Taliban Member ASSHOLE!!!

          • Wow, such hatred from the tolerant left! By the way, Joe Biden has Millions of dollars as well and only paid about $150 to charity last year, WOW! Obama has Millions also, as does Harry Reid & Pelosi. Reid said, “I don’t make much money now being a Senator”. He is worth $10 MILLION. WHo is “out-of touch”?

          • Who’s Out Of Touch?? YOU I Don’t Talk To Trolls Don’t Talk To Me!! Go Back To Your Butt Sucking And Kissing Koch Brothers Asses And Leave Me The Hell Alone!! Let Romney Hood Show His Tax Returns Stop Hiding His Non Tax Paying!!

    • I don’t know who you are Dominick Vila. But you are on the money with what you said I do not think anyone could have said or put any better then you did . Thank you You are very wise and knows what time it really is for all of us. Keith Marshall

    • It is only the Obama campaign that is speculating that the mortgage deduction, college expenses, and other popular breaks will go away. My guess is that the loopholes will be on the top end of the scale (loopholes vs. deductions). The first tax cut that I remember involved lower rates and a much higher standard deduction. To compensate, the medical expense deduction started at amounts 7.5% of income, and the work expense deduction started at 2% of income. In this way, higher income people lost some of the deduction that lower income people didn’t. It is the same way now.

      If Romney used those loopholes, then at least he knows where they are to eliminate them. If he chose not to use legal loopholes, he probably would not be smart enough to be president.

      • Got some surprising news for you……..Romney’s not smart enough to even know he’s in a CULT. What does that say about him being smart enough to be President?

    • as compared to the dem party that manages to come to DC virtually broke and everyone leaves a multi millionaire??

  2. I have not seen anything but speculation on the removal of middle class deductions. There is a difference between deductions and “loopholes”. We know that just because someone like Harry Reid says it, it doesn’t mean it is true.

    Romney is not a good campaigner. Obama is a great campaigner who can say the most bizzare things with a straight face. In ads, he claims that he will pay down the debt by $4T, yet his administration are projecting the deficits of over a trillion dollars over the next 10 years, a total of $11 Trillion to be exact. Why doesn’t anyone ask Obama to explain this $15 Trillion difference?

    If I were to chose between Romney and Obama to have dinner and a beer with, it would definitely be Obama. However, that is not my criteria for choosing a Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Surgeon, or President.

    • The reason for the Federal government deficits, and subsequent acccumulation of debt, is quite simple: outlays exceed revenues. Neither President Obama nor anyone else can predict when the American people are going to come to grips with the reality that we either have to pay for the things we need and benefit from, or we have to do without. Our current tax rates are way too low, loopholes allow our corporations and the wealthiest Americans to pay little or no taxes, and the subsidies we give to profitable companies are destroying our Treasury, our economy, and creating havoc in our society. Using borrowed money to engage in unnecessary crusades or to help offset the effects of low taxes deprive us of the funds we need to invest in infrastructure, modernization, R&D and education, and exacerbates our fiscal malaise. If we want to be numero uno, if we want to maintain a robust military presence overseas to protect and advance our interests, if we want social programs such as Social Security, MEDICARE and MEDICAID, and if we want to avoid defaulting on the debt we better pay the piper. There are no free rides. With one brief exception, we have been running deficits and accumulating debt for decades, our fiscal imbalance did not start 3.5 years ago. What we are seeing today is the end result of years of fiscal irresponsibility, of using accounting tricks such as the “unfunded liabilities”, and accusing our respective political parties for a problem that only we can solve.

      • dominik this is a paid peen person from the romney team and it shows all the time what you have been doing, can i help and get paid like you are to answer on email and tweets

        • Meems, if your well being dependent on my alleged remuneration you would starve to death. I am an old man, retired, excited about the prospect of President Obama being in office another 4 years, and eager to do what little I can to help his re-election. For the record, I don’t even know how to “Tweet” and have one heck of a time with cell phones.

      • The government does need revenue, but how does it generate those? If we do that by increasing taxes, we will take money out of the private sector by the taxes themselves, and forcing international companies off shore where they can make a better return on investment. To continue with this policy, we will wind up with more people needing the safety net, and fewer entities from which to recover the costs. While Obama promotes the higher tax policy, he does not “pay down the debt” as he claims, and his projections that show an increasing debt without taking into account the downward spiral that this can create.

        I do agree that we need to spend money wisely. We need a standing military, but we need to have a military that is effective in fighting the new type of wars that we are seeing, not WWII. We need to reign in regulation so that we aren’t trying reduce low risks at any cost, while ignoring risks from new technology. We need to consolidate departments that are doing redundant work, rather than create new departments to coordinate them (ref. WaPo’s “Top Secret America”).

        Tax revenue as a percent of GDP has remained within a narrow range (16-20%) over a variety of tax policies. Policies that include higher taxes will drive investment to safer havens, while favorable tax policies will stimulate business activity and opportunity here. High tax policies and uncertainties have resulted in extremely slow GDP growth, and if that is the driver of tax revenue, higher taxes are counter productive. Obama seems to think he can raise taxes and all other things will remain equal. For that to be true, the tax increase would need to be insignificant, and that doesn’t solve anything.

        We can also increase revenues by developing our natural resources. The North Sea Oil income allows countries like Norway to fund their social programs. While the scale would not be the same in the US, it would be a step in the right direction.

        There are many ways for the piper to be paid, but just raising tax rates is not the best one.

        • that is pure fear munging,America is the biggest consumer market in the world..if these corporations decides to move overseas let them,
          and triple tax them for products they bring back into the US.and use the proceeds to generate work in badly need sectors..roads, schools high speed rail etc..
          its just pure bolony that higher taxes results in negative growth..
          tell the to Switzerland with over 50% tax rates,with one of the best
          living standards in the world
          the irony is, that’s one of the places Romney has his starch

        • President Obama supports a low tax rate for the middle class and small businesses, his tax rate increase proposal was for those earning over $250K a year. There is no evidence to support the premise that lowering the the tax rate of our highest earners would increase domestic investment or job creation. In fact, that opposite is true. Our tax policy must be designed to support outlays, or the latter must be reduced. We can’t have it both ways. I think it is also important to remember that not all high earners are job creators. I have no problem with giving incentives to companies that invest and create jobs at home, in fact, I think that should not even be questioned; the problem is that many of the companies that are getting subsidies or enjoying loopholes that allow them to post record profits and pay little or no taxes are investing overseas rather than in the USA. That, by the way, is the reason President Obama proposed legislation to reward companies that invest and create jobs in the USA, and punish those that outsource jobs. The GOP blocked that legislative process a couple of weeks ago.
          I agree on the issue of merging Federal agencies. I spent 40 years at NASA, probably one of the most efficient agencies in the Federal government, and I can tell you that savings could be easily achieved even there. There is no reason for the civil service/contrator ratio in most agencies, and there is no justification for not merging agencies such as NASA and NOAA, all the intelligence agencies, the Coast Guard and the NAVY and the list goes on. There is also no justification for about one of our military bases, most have been rendered obsolete by technology, by a changing world, and military strategies.
          Care must be given not too overreact and make changes that would result in significant staffing reductions at a time when we are struggling to bring our unemployment rate below 8%. In fact, a contributing factor for our relatively high unemployment rate is the fact that state governments have laid off thousands of employees, eliminated vacancies, and Congress refused to invest in infrastructure. The consequences of the latter go well beyond the issue of unemployment, the long term effect of not investing in infrastructure, modernization, R&D and education is the decline of our ability to compete and maintain our privileged position in the world.
          Cutting unnecessary spending is a given, the question is when should we do that and how should we do it. Society must be willing to make sacrifices to guarantee its security and improve its standard of living, this is one of those times.

    • Independent , non partisan anyalist have said that in order for Romney’s plan to work that most of the middle class deductions will have to go . It is not Harry Reid saying that. If his tax plan is to work, a flat tax rate on all but investment income, and continue those middle class deductions he will have to tell us what he will reduce. As usual Romney is long on platitudes short on specifics. From the get go his plan has postulated as given the “magical creation of thosands of jobs which will happen out of small businesses joy at having Mitt in the White House.

      If you compare the Obama’s administrations budget with the GOP/Romney backed Ryan budget it becomes clear who is working to reduce the debt. I am not going by FOX or MSNBC – I do my own research. There are idependent studies that are available on each.

      Apparently your criteria for President does not include well formulated and articulated plans or vision for our future. It also does not include things like compassion, integrity or core values. All of these are essential to me.

    • Mitt is on record of being afraid to choose Christie for fear that he’ll just take over from the ineffectual Romney… just like Dick Cheney tried to do when GWB was in the oval office.

      • Christe has a mouth and calls state workers names when they don’t agree with him. He is known as the state bully

  3. Palin was, in large part, why Obama won. I am sure Mitt will select another milk toast guy like himself. Probably the uninspiring Tim Pawlenty. Tim will not hurt the ticket but he is as unbelievable as Mitt. But his track record for consistent beliefs is excellent, unlike Mitt’s.
    Not having Palin’s endorsement is a blessing.

  4. How about 200 MILLION Americans that just aren’t into the failure-in-chief Obozo????

    This is useful idiot du jour, Henry Decker, trying to keep the focus off of Obozo’s failed record. Let’s look at just a few of those failures…

    1) growing unemployment,
    2) loss of 1.3 million jobs in the economy as a whole in July,
    3) the growing number of deaths in Afghanistan,
    4) his imperial and unconstitutional orders to give DREAM Act’ers functional amnesty,
    5) his imperial and unconstitutional shirking of welfare work requirements signed by Clinton,
    6) Fast and Furious and dead bodies,
    7) $16 TRILLION in debt and NOTHING to show for it
    8) Outsourcing NASA to Russsia
    9) Laundering money to his campaig through buyoff of campaign bundlers by covering bad investments with taxpayer dollars at losers like Solyndra
    10) Closing off shore drilling for Americans, and giving $2BILLION to Soros backed PetroBras for offshore drilling for Brazil.
    11) Putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work closing thousands of GM dealerships (all owned by Republicans, by the way)
    12) Preventing at least 20,000 new jobs from being created with the Keystone Pipeline.
    13) Blocking the Keystone Pipeline and forcing Canada to instead do business with the Chinese with the oil they would have sent us, which would result in increasing our supply and reducing our costs at the pump.
    14) Still Keystone Pipeline: Instead, Obozo get’s support from the lead crony himself, Warren Buffett, who happens to own the trucking and rail companies currently delivering oil from North Dakota at artificially high prices. I don’t hear you leftist freaks screaming about this cronyism!!!
    15) and the whole litany of unconstitutional crap that the loser in chief has pulled on America, making us weaker in the world, and more divided than ever at home.

    I’ll continue to shed the light of truth on the failure that is Obozo. The bum has got to go before he completes his mission to reduce our standing and convert us into a Euro socialist state with insurmountable debt!

    Obozo is an evil joke being played on America.

    Have a nice day!

    All that seems indispensible in stating the account between the dead and the living, is to see that the debts against the latter do not exceed the advances made by the former. – James Madison

    • OMG……OH MY GOD….you are a walking poster boy for the Romney/Fox news campaign. His is their campaign, they are the only ones he will talk to. And they use ALL the talking points (LIES) you just listed. Like I said before If you aren’t rich give it up you are voting against your own interest; If you are rich….pay your fair share.

      • Gene, what that I wrote is a lie? Please advise.

        Have a nice day!

        “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

  5. If I change my name to, “Anybody But Obama”, I could win in a landslide. That’s the candidate America wants!

    • You are so right bill….but only by the uninformed…and hardcore racist and closet racists, why don’t you put that candidate down as your “write in” come November…GREAT IDEA.

  6. It’s all about being in power so they can give it away to the highest bidder. That’s the GOP. Hey are arrogant with their heads up their collective asses. They are condescending to the Americans that actually do labor and make up the work force. They made their billions of the people and now they want to take it ALL over. I have no problem with the richest of the rich but see no reason to suppress the voting public or to have a candidate that wants me to vote for him without telling me what his plans are. He will be more closed to this nation than Bush and Cheney ever were. They will give away the store and screw us. They have plenty of money to buy their own militias and a long long guarded driveway. Good luck America. I see no compassion or honesty in our future with Romney mainly because he’s a hollow suit. Watch…….

  7. The Tax Policy Center is a liberal think tank, so please don’t be too quick to assume that they are unbiased. It might as wall be Harry Reid. From the WSJ:

    The heart of Mr. Romney’s actual proposal is a 20% rate cut for anyone who pays income taxes. This means, for example, that the 10% rate would fall to 8%, the 35% rate would fall to 28% and all the brackets in between would fall as well. The corporate tax would fall to 25% from 35%.

    The plan says these cuts would be financed in a revenue-neutral way. First, by “broadening the tax base,” which means reducing or eliminating tax deductions and loopholes as in the tax reform of 1986. The Romney campaign doesn’t specify which deductions—no campaign ever does—but it has been explicit in saying that the burden would fall most on higher tax brackets. So in return for paying lower rates, the wealthy get fewer deductions.

    Second, the Romney campaign says it expects to increase revenues by increasing the rate of economic growth to 4%, up from less than 2% this year and in 2011. (Separately from tax reform, but clearly relevant to budget deficits, Mr. Romney says he’d gradually reduce spending to 20% of the economy from the Obama heights of 24%-25%.)

    The class warriors at the Tax Policy Center add all of this up and issue the headline-grabbing opinion that it is “mathematically impossible” to reduce tax rates and close loopholes in a way that raises the same amount of revenue. They do so in part by arbitrarily claiming that Mr. Romney would never eliminate certain loopholes (such as for municipal bond interest), though the candidate has said no such thing.

    Based on this invention, they then postulate that Mr. Romney would have to do something he also doesn’t propose—which is raise taxes on those earning less than $200,000. In the Obama campaign’s political alchemy, this becomes “Romney Hood” and a $2,000 tax increase.

    The Tax Policy Center also ignores the history of tax cutting. Every major marginal rate income tax cut of the last 50 years—1964, 1981, 1986 and 2003—was followed by an unexpectedly large increase in tax revenues, a surge in taxes paid by the rich, and a more progressive tax code—i.e., the share of taxes paid by the richest 1% rose.

    For example, from 1980 to 2007, three tax rate cuts brought the highest marginal tax rate to 35% from 70%. Congressional Budget Office data show that when the tax rate was 70%, the richest 1% paid 18% of all federal income taxes. With the rate down to 35% in 2008, the share of taxes paid by the rich doubled to 40%.

    The Tax Reform Act of 1986, which chopped the top income tax rate to 28% from 50%, was probably most similar to the Romney tax proposal because both were designed to lower rates and broaden the tax base. CBO and Martin Feldstein of the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the 1986 tax reform increased the share of taxes paid by the rich (to about 25% from 21% before the reform), in part because their reported taxable income rose as they lost tax shelters. Many businesses also changed their tax status from corporations to Subchapter S companies, thus paying taxes at the individual rate. This also increased the reported share of income declared, and tax paid, by the rich.

    So on four separate occasions what TPC says is “mathematically impossible”—cutting tax rates and making the tax system more progressive—actually happened. Hats off to the scholars at TPC: Their study manages to claim that what happens in real life can’t happen in theory.

  8. Fear Mongering? Eaton Corporation, as a result of a merger, will become an Irish corporation, and without any other changes (yet), will save $150 million in taxes. The US will lose $$150 million plus whatever they pay in Ireland (at 12.5%). If you triple the tax on their products, the tax will be in the price and paid by the consumer, unless they move their American manufacturing to China, and make up the cost difference that way. Which do you prefer?

    As far as Switzerland is confirmed, as of 2010 according to the web site taxrate, the top individual tax rate is 11.5%, the corporate tax rates run between 12-23%, and they have an 8% VAT. Local governments also tax, as they do here, but I believe we are disucssing Federal tax rates, and not including things like city, county or state taxes. Yes, Switzerland has a good standard of living and they do attract outside investment.

    If we want to follow the Swiss model, we shouldn’t look to punish people that make money. We should let more people make money so that we can actually collect more taxes to build roads and bridges. If people are back to work, maybe they will approve the tax levies to build more schools.

    These are facts, not fear mongering.

    • O.K. SO with the benefits of all the great tax breaks ….WHERE ARE ALL those trickle down jobs. The GOP has been sreaming….”YOU Can’t hurt the JOB CREATORS. ” BULL SH*T ! Where all those jobs? WHERE !!?? WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Job creators my arse.

      • Where are the jobs?

        1. The Obama jobs are in Finland, Denmark and Mexico.

        2. Nobody is committing to buy anything because they don’t know what the Obama taxes will be or the costs of the health care law. A lot of people are hiring temps to pick up the slack, but don’t trust the Administration.

        3. Harry Reid is sitting on the Jobs bills from Congress.

        • WHAT…..have you been playing the ostrich for the last two years? The jobs started going elswhere during the BUSH years in droves. Thank companies like BAIN Capital. Harry Reid sitting on the JOBs BILL ….KING OF THE BLOCKAGE is (Sen McConnell) Republican from Kentucky. He has finally been unseated from his power position….IT HAS BEEN A LONG 2 years of THAT douche not caring about America and only having 1 agenda….to undermine Obama. THAT is referring to McConnell for all you GOP who don’t understand the use of antecedents. BUT you DON’T have to take my word for it…you can find him saying that all over the web. What Obama taxes are you talking about? He just asked Congress to push through and continue the Bush Tax cuts for 98% of Americans, but to return Higher earning 2% to the Clinton Tax percentages. It was the GOP Congress that decided they would rather WE ALL Go off the cliff on taxes than “hurt the job creating 2%.”
          What a JOKE….GOP is a joke. A bad joke filled with criminals.

  9. Nobody in their right mind should be enthusiastic about Romney. This is a man who made his living and millions by firing Americans and sending their jobs overseas. It’s doubtful that he’s going to change his mind about that once he’s president. He will just make it easier for companies to get rid of jobs in America and move them overseas leaving many middle-class and poor Americans to fend for themselves and live on the streets. The term that a leopard doesn’t change it’s stripes definitely apply in this case. The man is bad news for hardworking and needy Americans.

  10. None of the named individuals in this email are able and willing to carry Obama’s bag. Further more none of these people are trusted by even their own party..Romney is an opportunist completely.. I’m sure he never paid the taxes, otherwise why let the issue destroy your campaign…..

  11. Romney Fella has a lot to hide. He is conceited and believes that he is entitled to this shot at the presidency. He cannot demand that the people pay their fair share when he has used every conceivable loophole to escape the wrath of the people. In simple words he is a FRAUDULENT Guy who is trying to ride roughshod over the US People.It is a real pity that this CREEP is the best thing that the GOP can offer the people.It’s a shame, it’s a travesty.He should be shunned by anybody who has 1/5 of a brain.

  12. Gee what a made up story. I can name 2 million folks who aren’t in to Obama. Its the US troops fighting and that have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who have sustained record casualties while mooolims are left to continue t fight because of his rules of engagement

    • Obama was not the one who sent them there. When Dick Cheney needed a new heart he did not care how he got it. Maybe that’s why these bastards want to kill our young men and women. How many of your family members have been killed or hurt in these stupid wars?

  13. Romney is a thief and a liar if not he should release all his taxes at least ten years tax returns if he wants to be the president of the United States, because he is rich he thinks he could buy his presidency that will not happen and he will never be president

  14. It is really hearbreaking to me to know that the finest President who ever lived’s own party will be the ones that destroy America. Ironic, isn’t it?

  15. relax, gene.
    First of all, you claimed in your response to me that it was the Republicans that were willing to let us go over the fiscal cliff. The person who went on TV to state that her party was willing to do that if they didn’t get their way was Senator Patty Murray of Washington. She is a member of the Democrat leadership.

    I do enjoy that people demand that others pay their “fair share”, but never define it. Tell me, Gene, just exactly is a fair share?

    It has become popular to hate the rich because they might not feel your pain, but the person who can solve the problems doesn’t need to have been poor, just as doctor doesn’t need to have had cancer to be the best one to treat a cancer patient.

  16. First, the GOP is not the GOP of ‘ole – It has become a radical Plutocratic money making and laundering machine only interested in buying power and manipulation over the masses. Mittard has not really been “severely conservative” enough for this bunch, he was the co-author of Romneycare (affordable healthcare doesn’t sound like a Plutocratic moneymaker, No) and he can’t sell the crazy to the level of the Newts and Bachmans and Caribou Barbie. On the other side of the coin the thinking people and the coming out of the GOPTEA induced rhetoric coma are just not getting his arrogant filthy rich ” It’s my turn to be POTUS” sociopathic attitude. So… He ain’t working for the Grovers and Rovers and the overall tax plan and return deceptions, lack of patriotism and actual game plan is playing away from the swing voters that want substance not more “trickle down” nonsense and absurdity. More and more Americans are waking up to the fact that the POTUS is on their side, not on the side of the “already got mines” and “you can’t have any” The truth is the GOPTEA or whatever their new name is grasping at everything going down, playing every dirty trick with everything from voters rights to blatant “this is how we’re gonna run it, we might give you something and we’re better than the dark guy, LOWER taxes, cut everything, just vote for us – Do As Your TOLD” that’s what I get when I hear any of them speak, lies, defamation and consternation – I have never heard them say “We can get the mess WE made cleaned up if we could work together” – I have never heard it from them, But I have heard it from the man that just seems to get blamed for the mess BY them.

  17. The republicans are all living a lie. They all don’t trust or care for Mitt Romney.
    However, since he’s all they’ve got to run against President Obama, they are forced to tolerate him.
    It’s a bad year to be a republican.

  18. How about listing the many Democrats and ALL Republicans that just are not that into Obama? If BO has 4 more years, you will find out just how bad the economy will be & the tax increases that will show up in 2013. Somehow people think that because someone is wealthy, that that is why they are not? Everyone here would rather be well off than poor, and the wealth of someone else has “nothing” to do with what they are free to earn in our American Society. Or would you like a cap on what you can earn? Taxes should be lower on ALL Americans, and the Big, powerful Federal Government should get out of our lives except in a few necessary functions, the rest needs to left to the States where government is more in touch with the people.

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