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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

WASHINGTON — Here’s the first lesson from the early skirmishing over ways to avoid the fiscal cliff: Democrats and liberals have to stop elevating Grover Norquist, the anti-government crusader who wields his no-tax pledge as a nuclear weapon, into the role of a political Superman.

Pretending that Norquist is more powerful than he is allows Republicans to win acclaim they haven’t earned yet. Without making a single substantive concession, they get loads of praise just for saying they are willing to ignore those old pledges to Grover. You can give him props as a PR genius. Like Ke$ha or Beyoncé, he is widely known here by only one name. But kudos for an openness to compromise should be reserved for Republicans who put forward concrete proposals to raise taxes.

The corollary is that progressives should be unafraid to draw their own red lines. If you doubt this is a good idea, just look at how effective Norquist has been. Outside pressure from both sides is essential for a balanced deal.

Start by insisting that Social Security and any increase in the retirement age be kept off the table. President Obama’s bargaining hand will be strengthened further if he can tell Republicans that there just aren’t Democratic votes for steep cuts in Medicaid and Medicare. The president’s room for maneuver expands still more if liberals refuse to look at cuts in programs unless Republicans are prepared to raise tax rates on the wealthy.

Already, there are signs that Republicans realize how much leverage the president has. If Congress doesn’t act, all the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year. At that point, the Senate’s Democratic majority has the power to block (or Obama can veto) any restoration of the upper-end Bush tax rates.

One indication that Republicans are aware they’re boxed in came from Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), one of his party’s shrewdest political minds. He suggested Republicans should take up the president’s invitation to extend the Bush tax cuts for the 98 percent of Americans who earn less than $250,000 a year. Yes, this would amount to throwing in the towel on those upper-bracket levies. But Cole knows that it won’t help the Republican brand if voters come to see the GOP’s one and only objective as protecting wealthier Americans from tax increases.

The next lesson is not about politics or PR. It’s about substance, and this is where the Washington establishment has to get serious. The simple fact is that it’s bunk to claim “tax reform” alone can produce the revenue we need.

One of the great disservices of the Bowles-Simpson commission was that it fed the impression that tax reform could generate so much cash that it would permit a cut in tax rates.

Grant Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson credit for good intentions — they were desperate to find a way to get Republicans on their commission to acknowledge the need for new revenues. Nonetheless, their effort was more a political deal than wise policy. They sent us down the wrong path.

The only way tax reform might raise enough money to prevent a rate increase, let alone create an opportunity for rate cuts, is to reduce popular deductions (like the one on mortgage interest) so deeply that middle-class Americans would get a tax increase, too. And eliminating or sharply undercutting the deduction for state and local taxes is a bad idea. This only penalizes higher-tax states that try to solve their own social problems — for example, by providing health insurance to their low-income residents.

And all the schemes to eliminate tax expenditures to avoid rate increases have the effect of protecting just one group: the very wealthiest Americans, people earning $1 million, $10 million or more. That’s how the math works.

The right thing is to bring back Bill Clinton’s tax rates on the well-off and then have a broad tax reform discussion next year. A similar logic applies to health care programs, as Jonathan Cohn suggested in The New Republic. Before making big cuts in Medicaid and Medicare, we need to see if the reforms in the Affordable Care Act can contain medical inflation.

The fiscal cliff creates an enormous opportunity to end an era in which it was never, ever permissible to raise taxes. In the pre-Grover days, conservatives believed passionately in pay-as-you-go government. A tough stand by progressives will make it easier for conservatives to return to the path of fiscal responsibility.

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72 responses to “Ignore Grover (And Learn From Him)”

  1. nobsartist says:

    How about if you do us a favor and ignore him. readers here really have no interest in this anti-American parasite.

  2. The most effective way to deal with zealots is to ignore them. Doing so allows us to focus on the things that are important…and it drives them crazier than they already are. Norquist, Rove and the rest of the gang are opportunists that take advantage of the naivete of the party faithful to advance the agenda and interests of their donors. Quite frankly, their opinion is irrelevant, and so obnoxious, it belongs in the Jurassic Park archives.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Normally, it would be rational and reasonable to ignore an oligarch like Norquist. However, once you consider his control over the Republican Party, you see that he believes he is American royalty. To certain Republicans willing to risk their integrity, honor and patriotism, that may be true. In the eyes of the too far right and extremists of conservatism, Norquist is King. All they hear are the words “NO taxes.”

    Okay, fine. You want to pay zero taxes? Move to China. You can work those little butts off for far less than $100 million a year and you won’t even have to worry about healthcare insurance at unaffordable rates…there isn’t any.

    Men like Norquist are despicable slime who want to “get away with” what 90% of Americans know and understand is the only way for any country to advance and progress…pay for regular infrastructure maintenance, education, defense and disaster relief services. This is NOT what Norquist believes HE should have to contribute to. Although, he does believe that his moolah will save him from the ravages suffered 99% of the great unwashed masses he considers his inferiors to be. What Norquist wants is a class of too wealthy Americans whose money is the ONLY voice heard across the land. In other words, Plundering Plutocracy.

    • Eleanore, I will by you lunch. I Couldn’t have said it better. Never in my life have I seen a larger millstone thrown around the neck of congress than this “no tax pledge”, it boarders on criminal, as our infrastructure falls down around our ears is it just the middle class that uses the infrastructure?

    • nobsartist says:

      Sorry Elenore but you know nothing about China. If you did, you would realize that the U.S. is quickly becoming a 3rd world country. Healthcare in China makes ours look exactly like it is. A farce run for the benefit of the FOR PROFIT insurance cabal and thats all.

      Aside from that, I agree with you.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Republican men boxed themselves into a corner and how they EVER thought they wouldn’t be ropa-doped by this very intelligent, politically savvy president is beyond understanding.

    For 4 years, they barred the door to US progress. For 4 years, they sat back and watched while Middle Class Americans got no where and struggled harder and harder to stay off government dole. For 4 years, they cut, cut, cut and all for what? To run enough of a windfall from those cuts Americans paid for to hand over to the biggest Corporate Welfare recipients.

    Will someone please remind the Republicans that they DO NOT TELL US what we can and can’t do with the tax dollars we pay? How dare these GOP frat bois use our tax dollars to hand to corporations who can’t manage their businesses without tax funding?

    Where in the Consitution does it state that tax dollars must, must, must pay corporate bills all while the corporate pigs at the top hand themselves the world’s highest salaries?

    Anyone with any math skills knows you can’t use working capital to pay $100 million a year to a CEO and then hand him millions in annual bonuses without serious impact on the corporation’s ability to be financially independent of our tax dollars.

  5. WhutHeSaid says:

    Ignore Grover? Not so fast…

    There is an old saying that a weapon is also a danger to the hand that wields it. In this particular case, Grover can help provide the exact opposite of what he intended. The more insistent the Republicans are about honoring his so-called ‘pledge’, the more leverage is provided once the Bush Tax cuts expire — if an agreement cannot be reached by January 1.

    Smart Republicans see this coming, and know full well how badly things could go for them should the public see them actually opposing tax cuts. If a deal isn’t reached by January, a $250K-or-below tax cut cannot be construed as a tax increase since the rates for everyone will already be restored to the Clinton-era rates. Grover himself would have to reverse his own position in order to hold the middle class hostage to a tax cut for the wealthy — no more pretense will be possible.

    Let Grover do his thing. The more Republicans balk at a deal, the more they paint themselves into a political corner. All the Democrats need to do is smile and wait for the GOP to realize how badly the President has outmaneuvered them. Perhaps this will teach the GOP about the dangers of pledging allegiance to anyone other than those to whom their allegiance belongs — the American people.

  6. Jim Lou says:

    It is important to be bipartisan, otherwise you are just as bad as the other side.

  7. Sundancer says:

    Get rid of the existing Republicans in office Find an alternative name for Republicans and elect officials to run for office. We don’t need the super wealthy Republicans with one track minds. This is always a game with I am the richest Republican and that makes me qualified to run for President. We need Republicans who will negotiate. Not the kind its my way or hit the highway. Rename the (Republican party.)

  8. Ayaya Worenwu says:

    Just Ignore Grover. President Bush said “who the hell is Grover?”

  9. HERBERT A says:

    I think the first reform for Social Security and Medicare should be an extension of the payroll tax beyond its current $108,000 cap on income. Talk about a regressive tax, anyone making $108,000 or less pays 15% (employer and employ combined) while the % paid decreases as the income rises, example an employ making $216,000 the combined rate for employ and employer is 7.5% and get lower for even higher income. This is the first reform to entitlements that should occur!!!

  10. saltyshore says:

    The Republicans have to bow to this Grover guy he has their balls in a sling. I just did not realize how much power & control this Grover guy has over the Republican Party and he is so bold as to threaten the Republicans out loud to the Newspapers, TV and anyone else who will listen. One non elected official and 2% of the US has more control and power than 98% of the United States, Just Amazing…

    It was clear with the election that the Republican Party could careless about 98% of the USA!

    I hope this can be resolved however, I will stand with the President, whatever the out come.

  11. rivi8840 says:

    You have to cut spending first. Washington spends too much. Raising the age on SS and Medicare beneficiaries is the best way.

  12. fastfootedd says:

    Eliminate Grover’s job – now there’s a step in the right direction towards reducing the cost of government. While we’re at it – why not eliminate all those do nothing congressmen and house members who did nothing whatsoever to move our country forward and sign legislation that would have had us on the road to recover much faster over the past 4 years. They did it all for themselves not for the average american in an attempt to “Make Obama a one term President” They failed in that endeavor as well. They are a party of failures and wacko’s. Throw in the failed 8 years that Bush losers cheated to get and it just continues to snow ball. Their attempt to hide behind the mirage of a new Tea Party to throw us of the stench of the Bush backfired on them as well.

    They all should be gone. The whole Reupublican party has moved so far to the right I hope they fall off the earth – afterall they probably think that it is flat. First in line John McCain.

  13. When you owe your allegiance to one man, a man not elected to anything, you show your total ignorance. You were elected to serve the people, not a big bloated ego pretension of a man. You repugns never learn. You smirk and sneer at the rest of us. Yes, it’s been done to me to my face. That’s how stupd you are. We have a president now who CARES ABOUT ALL OF US, not just you sickies. I do so hope you are voted out because you sure don’t represent the American people.

  14. ivory69690 says:

    Who is Grover Norquist? He’s the one screaming about Obama being a Muslim…but guess who Grover is married to? A Muslim woman!/// he is the cancer that is eating the country from with in .

    • ExPAVIC says:


      Try the old, old, used up and nearly dead GOP Party. They have a new symbol being the Doo Doo Bird which is also extinct.

  15. 1AmericanHoney27 says:

    It amazes me how these fat cat bastards could blow all those $$$$$$$$$$’s on a pathetic election yet bitch about throwing in a few extra bucks for the good of all America… In 2014 all their sorry asses need to be voted out office n replaced with Intelligence & Compassion for all Americans n not just for the rich….. Boehner needs to go first n keep the line going… Let their asses see how it feels to be unemployed altho financially they won’t hurt near like the middle class has…. I don’t understand how they can bear to look at themselves in the mirror or to sleep at nite…. I thank God every morning and nite for President Obama’s re-election! Now to rid ourselves of the trash n finally we will be out of the cess pool that we were pushed in by the Republi-pricks in the first place…. Remember ” United We Stand …..Divided We’ll Fall “… God Bless Us All n God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ExPAVIC says:


    Who is this Grover dude who doesn’t make enough money to afford razor blades?

    I suppose he fits into the old, old, used up and nearly dead GOP Party. Does any0ne know where to send flowers for the GOP funeral?

    Who have they chosen to lie in the open casket? Rove, Romney or Ryan could do the job.

  17. Del WS says:

    Grover Norquist is anti-government. Anyone who’d sign a pledge to him is obviously also anti-government or they wouldn’t sign on to his little pledge. So why are we electing people who are anti-government to help run our government?

  18. bck2yu says:

    I would give much to see Ted Kennedy in this debate, standing on the Senate floor, red-faced, hands awhirl, finger pointing as he mockingly parodies the tax pledges of Republicans who forgot that they had previously pledged themselves to a higher calling…the management of America’s affairs for the benefit of all the people.
    Kennedy would be in the thick of this political fight (that’s what it is, really) and woe to any Senator sitting to his right who would dare confront his arguments. What a powerful presence!
    Kennedy had faults, like every one of us, but his consistent, unequivocal stand in support of “average people” is the stuff of legend…and has yet to be creditably and thoroughly reported.

  19. stsintl says:

    Where does this guy come from and why does he have so much power in the Republican party? Why is this Anti_American dude on a pedestal?

    • johninPCFL says:

      Blame Bill Maher. He was the first one to give him a national microphone. Bill also launched Christine O’Donnell.

      From being the straight man on a commedian’s show to national politics? Who’da thunkit?

  20. The name “Grover” really means “Blackmail.” Representatives (including Senators) who sign pledges have abrogated their responsibilities as true representatives of the people!

  21. The name “Grover” has become a synonym for “Blackmail.” I believe that any U.S. Representative (this includes Senators) who sign any extraneous pledge, abrogates his or her responsibilities to constituents. It may be alright to hold certain beliefs, but not alright to be beholden to outside forces.

  22. dianrib says:

    Fact Grover is a Greedy lobbyist Nothing more Money and lobbyists rule DC
    That must stop People must fight back hard

  23. dianrib says:

    why / MONEY POWER

  24. Although I am not a Republican, I can see that our present trajectory of retirement age and entitlements is unsustainable. Eventually, erosion and collapse of trust and the processes it enables will create the bipartisan unity that all have trumpeteted in the past. Too bad it will be too late then.

    • pattijo2 says:

      Actually, the Social Security fund is solvent for at least he next 50 or so years, IF the US government would pay back all the IOUs to the fund that it has taken out to pay for general fund projects.

      Medicare and Medicaid need some work, but if they were part of a larger plan that included everyone in the country, similar to the insurance program in Canada, then those programs would be viable for many years.

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        You post that SS will be solvent for the next 5o years? Where did you pull that from? That is most certainly not true. I am having trouble believing that you actually believe that.
        The US government has no money to pay back the OIU’s.
        Hey – WAIT – I know – let’s PRINT IT!
        After all, that’s what both parties have been just so GREAT at doing the last decade. Let’s create something out of nothing and see how long it takes for people to realize they are being screwed over.
        Seems like people haven’t woken up yet……….

  25. ChristianMartin says:

    I’ve seen some good posts on this page/article concerning Norquist. But part of the problem has very little to do with just the Republiturds or just the Narcisstocrats. The simple fact is that 100% of the time F.I.A.T. currency fails and as it fails all parties involved in the Ponzi scheme attempt to give it one last giant milking…or two…or three. Most economists are predicting another bailout at some point within the next tw0 years. It is foolishly shortsighted to think that somehow the U.S.A. will be the only nation in history to make F.I.A.T. currency work long term. It did’nt even work for the Romans. Oh wait a minute…,I forgot, they dont teach real history in schools anymore. So why would many of us have any historical frame of reference for such topics. Ever wonder why we are refusing to do audits for several of the nations (Germany being the largest) that have asked for proof of their precious metals holdings? The next step is painfully obvious. Refusal to give them their holdings…and then the gig is up.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Very nice, Christian ,very nice. Now I will read on and see what people said in response.

      • ChristianMartin says:

        Most people’s response shows a stunning lack of understanding of basic economics and an inability to explain how the FIAT currency scam is supposed to somehow work long term in this time. “Bill” ,who admittedly writes well and objectively sometimes replied in anger explaining that all the blame is completely on the Republiturds and refuses to recognize or admit any fault whatsoever on the Narcisstocrats. And then goes on to basicly tell me that there’s nothing wrong with Ponzi schemes as long as the right people benefit. So should we steal as long as we can get away with it? Bang the underaged baby-sitter if we can get away with it? Very surprising and disappointing the lack of honesty and integrity many people appear to be raised with these days. I guess that’ s why the nation appears to have taken a header in so many ways. It really does start with a person’s upbringing and which values their parents instill in them (or apparent lack thereof)

  26. bubbabecker says:

    I fully agree. It is high time to play hard ball and stand by the progressive stance advocated by Obama and the Senate majority. The super rich can well afford what amounts to a very modest increase in taxes for them. Sure, the social security and medicare programs deserve an in depth study to find the best ways to reduce costs with little impact on those who can least afford it. I think serious consideration should be given to means testing as a way of accomplishing this.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Yep the super rich can afford it. It just isn’t as much as you seem to believe. Not enough to do this country one bit of good. Haven’t you been reading the latest in the news about this? Oh, wait. This information has been around for years. But no one talked about it honestly at the debates. Play hard ball? Sure, let’s do it. So people like yourself can see once and for all that increasing taxes on those rich will help, but it is not near enough to stop our downward financial spiral in this country.
      We are so broke. Literally and figuratively. Broken in two like the titanic. And sinking.

  27. Right view says:

    American people are fed up with this controlling idiot, some body needs to impeech
    him and throw his unpatriotic azz out the window ! You are supposed to be loyal to
    America & thats it not any party if its agendas are not patriotic !

  28. The Republicans have made a mess of things and now they can see that the President has the upper hand. I believe they will do the right thing; so that we can return to the Clinton era; where people were able to take care of their families. Taking our tax dollars to support these large corporations was a huge mistake in itself. American’s will overcome the fiscal cliff and the economy will grow and people will get back to living, instead of starving.

    • ChristianMartin says:

      Now we need to figure out a way to further blame the Republiturds Lynda when the FIAT money finally fails and big bright spotlight finally illuminates the empty building known as Ft. Knox….right?? Narcisstocrats refuse to share an ounce of blame for anything. They are more like Republiturds than they will ever admit. Do we hang sole blame on the Republiturds for gross misappropriations (otherwise known as stealing) of the past several bailouts. Because I distinctly remember both parties greasing the palms of their favorite banks and rich fat-cats. Quite often you have written intelligently Lynda. I always take the time to read your posts (along with several others). This is the first one you have written that seems naive and poorly thought. Why stop thinking now? What would you suggest we do when Germany and other nations start to realize we don’t have their precious metals we were paid to house for them in our supposedly honest and secure nation? Do you really think think they will mindlessly blame just one party? Will it matter? Simply put; If just a few nations demand their gold/silver back we are screwed and the 100 yr Ponzi scheme comes to a heartbreaking,economy-crashing end with plenty of blame for illegal trading and banking to around for both parties.

      • Bill says:

        Such uneducated and unresearched BS., thats why the repubs are up to their asses in alligator dodo., folks like you dont help any. Fiat money is Fiat money and we have many tons of gold and silver if we have to return to this exhange. Remember, the Federal reserve prints all the Fiat money., they recently printed 16 trillion for world wide distribution to salvage a world wide economic crash due to the 2 wars, uncontroled national banks and wallstreet thefts, bailouts and the list goes on. So long as the world believes our fiat money is good money, (which is truly worthless) this nation can print until hell freezes over. No one controls the Fed Christian and the 2 Bush presidency has created a massive national debt. You are right about one thing, our fiat money is based on a type of ponzi scheme but it is working and will continue until the world says go back to the gold standard of which we are adequately endowed.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          Bill – I don’t think you understand economics. At all. You can’t print $ out of thin air and expect that everything will be OK. History will look back on Bernacke very unfavorably. ‘ fiat money is working quite well’
          Bill – on what planet do you live? Because it can’t possibly be the Earth.

  29. patuxant says:

    Once you let the horse out of the barn, it is difficult to get him back in! So EJ, kudos on your article. The Fat Cats have gotten sluggish over these last 9 or so years and now refuse to give up a square of their Blankie! “Let them eat cake” they think about most of the folks they make their fortunes from. How very stupid they are!

  30. nina says:


  31. james says:

    I could not disagree with this premise more. The downfall of the GOP has been based on the blind loyalty to him instead of the american people. We won by listening to the people not to some lobbyist who thinks he is god.

  32. Jack Wormer says:

    All along I’ve been wondering…..WHAT and WHERE does it say that we have to follow a PLEDGING HIERARCHY resulting in DEMOTION of our CONSTITUTION in favor of a pledge to an individual encumbered by radical visions of democratic government?

    • Bill says:

      Just remember folks, these guys are our employees. We got rid of several bad asses this election and will get rid of the others if they dont do the peoples business that we hired them to do. Besides, Obama and the Senate realize they have veto powers and can now legislate those changes needed to save our american economy. The repubs have alienated the majority of americans, if they keep making pledges in violation of our constitution, we will vote the radical repubs out of existance.

  33. ChristoD says:

    What I’d like to know is how much $$ this a—— is making and where the $$ come from. I GUARANTEE you this money whore is getting big bucks from those ‘secret donors’ that we keep hearing about. Somehow there HAS to be an expose’ story here. How in God’s name can a nobody lioke this extortionist become somebody by threatening their jobs if they don’t sign a piece of paper ? Isn’t that coersion or blackmail or extortion or something close to it ? If this is allowed in our Democracy we are screwed.

  34. KellyB says:

    Norquist should be in jail for extortion. His mafia style tactics should not be tolerated.

  35. I truly can not understand why people are allowing this anyway , no one should be telling our members of congress what to do .

  36. GREGO says:

    I hope Obama uses his Executive Power to put the republicans in their place the way GWB did to start 2 wars!!!

  37. Yes. we need to remind the Democrats how close many of us came to sitting out this election. If they mess with programs for the poor and middle class they will have burned their last bridge.

    • Bill says:

      If the republican party doesnt change from no and norquist, they will cease to exist for all practical purposes. The party has alienated 65% of americans with their attitudes, selfish, power hungry, opportunistic, and misguided rants against a black president who took the WH by storm. Get real folks, we elected you to do the peoples business not to sit there and do nothing.

  38. oldnick2 says:

    Who elected Norquist to run this country anyway? This man has done more damage to our nation than Benedict Arnold ever did. I view him as just another traitorous satchel carrier for the Plutocracy (our Shadow Government) which really governs us, pulling the strings behind the scenes. Every elected representative who lowered his or her self to a level as to commit their vote to this man should hang their head in shame. It should be obvious to anyone who thinks: Grover Norquist is not working in the best interest of this country.

    • lana ward says:

      Obama is a traitor and is purposely destroying America and you say Grover Norquist is not working in the best interest of this country. You need to point your finger at the WH. Red rag is doing all he can to ruin small businesses, and keep us in decline. Wake up!!!!

      • Jim Myers says:

        Replying to lana ward

        YOU ARE SO WRONG!!!!!

        The idiots in the last administration were the ones who outed Valerie Plame, jeopardizing the lives of covert operatives the world over.

        This was done in order to retaliate against Joe Wilson for telling the truth about the lack of Yellow Cake Uranium being purchased by Saddam Hussein.


        GROW up.


        GET OVER IT.

        • lana ward says:

          America lost, you brainwashed fool!!

          • ralphkr says:

            Really, lana. I guess that I have been mislead by the lying media stating that Obama won and that Romney/Ryan (who should be charged with treason along with all the other signers of Grover’s pledge) had lost but if you are correct that America lost then that means that Romney/Ryan won.

          • lana ward says:

            The media should all be shot for not informing America about Obama. Nothing bad that is truth about this lying traitor, EVER. That’s all he’s been is babied by the media. Say nothing that makes him look bad. Sickning! No, Romney didn’t lose, America did!!

          • ralphkr says:

            My, my, lana, evidently have no conception of what is good and what is evil but perhaps you just too young to have developed that sensibility. Let me put it very simply, lana, this is the FIRST election in my over 5 decades of voting that I did not vote for even one Republican even though there were some local ones that I liked. Admittedly, I would not have voted for Romney (he is such a worthless empty gas bag with all the steadiness of a weather vane in a cyclone & wobbles all over the place because he has no principals other than the adoration of money) but would have probably voted for one of the “third” party candidates (why are they third party when there are 8 of them?) but with Ryan and all the other Republican morons such as West spouting their despicable nonsense I felt that the only way to save the US was to be sure that NO Republican was in office and the only way to do that was to vote for all Democrats. As said before, if Romney won then the US would have lost big time.

          • lana ward says:

            Time will tell

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          Way to be respectful Mr Myers. Great job.
          Mr Obama may be doing his best, but companies are not run by politicians. They are run by people who understand business. It’s time to look at the USA as a business. LONG passed time. Obama no longer has the luxury of blaming the previous presidency for all the problems in this country. Our country is beyond bankrupt. [Both parties contributed, stop acting like it was one man [Bush], get over it already. Both Dems and Repubs have been spending money that didn’t exist for years]. And people are worrying about taxing the rich? What, to make enough money to run our country for ONE WEEK. Seriously?
          Nope. Both parties have been at fault for so many years.
          The USA has the highest corporate tax rate around.
          Do you have a small business, sir? If you do, well then I feel badly for you because you are about to be screwed.
          If you don’t, then you don’t really have any concept of what is about to happen, do you? I think not. I am not a business owner. But many that I know are GETTING OUT OF DODGE and selling. Fast.
          No buyers remorse, now. You voted ‘him in’. No complaints. Just you watch what happens the next 4 years:
          Medicare Premiums – UP.
          Doctors – OUT of the profession.
          Health Care Reform – a driving force of increased health care costs the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime. And the end of health care as we know out. Think Canada. That will be us.

          And the list goes on and on. Go read what Obama’s own actuary staff is saying – we CAN’T PAY FOR OBAMACARE. Good luck seniors – you are going to be left hanging in the breeze.

          Yet, here we are. I can’t not wait to see how many of you supporting Obama right now do an about-face and get ready to tear out your pound of flesh when you realize what he’s about to do. Maybe he does have our best interests at heart. I am not sure. I know he believes in redistribution. WELL, he’s getting what he wants, that is for sure.

          Tough times ahead – are you prepared? Hope for your sake you are. I know I am not. Our family will be just another casualty of the middle class ‘rape’ that is occurring as we speak. We’re almost there now. Nothing left to give up. And I am tired of paying for the lazy that refuse to go support themselves and take responsibility for their actions. Maybe I’ll stop working and let the government support me – like SO MANY others around these parts.

          What will you all do then – when you [and the people that currently are working] get tired of taking care of the people that don’t work? And I am not referring to our seniors and disabled. I am talking about the young and able that work the system. I don’t know where you guys live, but where I am at, those kind of people are EVERYWHERE. Just, everywhere.

          Keep pointing fingers at the other half. Your hatred is misplaced. Republicans aren’t the ones you should hate. You should be spewing your hatred at ALL those politicians who have led us to this point.

          Here’s hoping for a miracle or some kind of natural windfall of oil in our borders that takes the USA out of poverty. We are in trouble. Does anybody care?

  39. 131045 says:

    It appears inevitable that retirement age needs to be raised and that ex-spouses do not have a right to their ex-husbands (or vice versa) retirement through Social Security if they have not themselves worked for Social Security benefits. It is entirely unfair towards us who have slaved for low salaries and unappreciative employees our entire lives.

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