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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Keeping People In Poverty By Trying To Bring Them Out Of It


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  • ed Clemensen

    With the republican standard now, we even give the same tax breaks to the companies that ship jobs overseas that we give to companies that maintain work here. A new set of tax breaks, for business should be set up here, not only to create more taxes for shipping jobs overseas, but for not paying the same wages as true american companys do. This was a big deal here when Obama re-built the car companys. The republicans wanted to cut the American Worker to the non union rates of the import companies rates. To help the economy, the more money that is in the hands of the populas the better the economy. to encourage this, tax breaks should be given on a sliding scale to the companies that pay the better wage. Not only would this improve the economy in a start, but, companies that do this will have more people trying to apply, who will have to be better qualified, and who will try to become better qualified. However THIS is not what the owners of the Republican party want, they want stupid people to work like donkeys for little pay, and all the grief that the managers can put on them.

  • emarshall56

    If a lot of people repeat the same thing does that make it true? The title for this new story does not make sense. If there were enough jobs that paid more than mininum wage than the problem would be solved. What we need is a fair system that does not discriminate on certain people, an economic system that does not scam and people who really care. I am 56 years old and I have seen some economic downpours but this is the first time I have witnessed people so intent on causing failure for their own country and it is out of spite that it is happening. If the money for economic progress had been used correctly and there had not been so many opposers of the truth we would not be in the predicament we are in. Please wake up America, everyone is saying things that are not true.