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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Jon Stewart looked at the spectacle of Tuesday’s speech to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the warnings about the imminent danger of Iran getting a nuclear weapon — that is, how Netanyahu has been warning about this happening very soon for almost 20 years, and calling upon the United States to take action in the Middle East.

The Daily Show
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Larry Wilmore highlighted the issue of Republicans who want to promote guns on college campuses.

The Nightly Show
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Jimmy Kimmel interviewed a young store clerk from Kentucky, who made headlines when she successfully fought off a robber.

Seth Meyers hosted actor Tom Selleck, who reminisced about working with Leonard Nimoy on the movie Three Men and a Baby.

Jimmy Fallon read a set of letters written to the show by elementary school-age children — concluding with a request that he dance on his desk.