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Friday, October 21, 2016

Jon Stewart looked at the spectacle of Tuesday’s speech to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the warnings about the imminent danger of Iran getting a nuclear weapon — that is, how Netanyahu has been warning about this happening very soon for almost 20 years, and calling upon the United States to take action in the Middle East.

Larry Wilmore highlighted the issue of Republicans who want to promote guns on college campuses.

The Nightly Show
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Jimmy Kimmel interviewed a young store clerk from Kentucky, who made headlines when she successfully fought off a robber.

Seth Meyers hosted actor Tom Selleck, who reminisced about working with Leonard Nimoy on the movie Three Men and a Baby.

Jimmy Fallon read a set of letters written to the show by elementary school-age children — concluding with a request that he dance on his desk.

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  • Dominick Vila

    Honestly, it has been “Bibi” time for half a century. The claims of imminent annihilation we have heard since Israel became a nation, the demonization of Islam, and the dire warnings of Iranian nefarious plans to destroy Israel and dominate the world if the USA does not pulverize them, have a lot more to do with the need to preserve a perpetual crisis atmosphere, the need to ensure the Middle East and Persian Gulf are in constant state of turmoil, and the need to exploit fear to guarantee continuous American military and foreign aid to Israel, than reality. To truth is that Iran has not even attempted to expand its territory, that all the claims of terrorism attributed to them have never included verifiable evidence, and that Israel is the only country in the region with a nuclear arsenal powerful enough to turn the entire region into an expansion of the Sahara Desert.
    Hearing a foreign leader criticize and undermine the ability of a U.S. President during an address to Congress, with most of our elected officials cheering him on, was one of the most embarrassing moments I have ever seen. I hope the Israeli opposition boot him out two weeks from now, but I doubt the U.S. will let that happen.

    • mike

      Dom, you have always been the resident BS artist of NM, but this post takes you to the next level.
      The State Department has attributed terrorist activities to Iran. No one has stated that it has attempted to expand its territory but Iran has made sure that it can influence what happens in other countries. Four capitals are under Iranian influence, Beirut, Damascus, Sana’a and now Baghdad(revolutionary guard now fighting in Kirkuk with Iraq forces) falling more into the Iran’s sphere of influence..
      When Hezbollah moved to a political activity in Lebanon, Ali Khamenei, Supreme leader of Iran and the ultimate clerical authority endorsed their move. That has never changed, financial, weapons, training, explosives, political and diplomatic support all come from Iran from both UN and US govt..
      Hezbollah charter states “elimination of the State of Israel has been one its primary goals.”
      Hamas charter states “strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine” and that “Israel will exist and continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it just as it obliterated others before it.”
      Don’t forget the Houthis in Yemen and their close ties to Hezb
      The Israeli’s are attack almost everyday from Rockets, suicide bombers, and attacks from groups from underground tunnels .Only in your eyes this is all made up by the Israelis.
      As to Obama and his negotiation with Iran. Why would an level headed American believe Obama when he says “trust me”. Obama has been caught in so many lies no one trust his decision making.
      Last June he removed some of the sanctions before anything was accomplished, and yet we should trust him. Bull Roar.
      No, Bibi was stating the true REALITY.

      • Dominick Vila

        It takes nerve for a Republican to express concern over Iraq becoming Iran’s closest ally. Do you recall who removed Saddam Hussein and all members of the Baathist party from power, and replaced them with Shias aligned spiritually to Iran? In any case, the fact that most Shia countries share identical religious beliefs with those of the majority of Iranians does not make the latter a terrorist country.

        • mike

          As I said before you are the consummate BS artist on NM.
          Your whole premise was Bibi and State of Israel has been and still is crying “Wolf” about their security and Islam trying to destroy them. You are just one in a hand full people in this country that feels way. Have you noticed that you have had Zero comments supporting your position.
          So, I give you statement from Iran, Hezbollah and how their charters(etc) sole purpose is to destroy Israel and you go after one sentence about Iranians serving with Iraqi’s in taking back Kirkuk and the nerve of me. What hogwash, if Obama had kept the American troops present this might not have happened. Obama wanted out, at any cost, and he got his wish.
          Powers that be in Iran are fermenting terrorism, even if you try an deny it’s happening.

          The list goes on but I will spare you more angst on your ridiculous position on Iran.

  • Why didn’t someone ask Bibi about the Israel / Palestinean 2 state solution. There are good reasons why the Arabs dislike Israel.