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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jon Stewart examined the big change in rhetoric from Republican candidates on gay marriage: They used to talk about banning it — and now they just have trouble answering whether they would personally attend a same-sex wedding.

David Letterman looked at the wave of security lapses in Washington, with “Top Ten Things Overheard at the Latest Secret Service Meeting.”

Larry Wilmore spotlighted a recent body-camera video from a police officer who didn’t shoot a violent suspect — but as Larry discovered, it turns out this suspect was white.

And Jimmy Fallon looked at the “Pros and Cons” of using a marijuana delivery service.

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  • Allan Richardson

    Since he was inaugurated for his first term, the radical right wing has said, in every way imaginable, that he is not the “real” President, not “eligible” to be President, and has no legal “authority” to run the government. Is it any surprise at all that, among the people assigned to protect him BECAUSE he is the President, there is a lack of respect for his authority, his position, even to some extent his SAFETY? Are there one or more agents in his protective service who would not stop a bullet for him? For most Presidents, no. For one who has been criticized by more than half of the people in Congress as not possessing a legal authority, it may be possible. Let us pray that this question NEVER has to be answered, because I fear the answer may be “yes.”