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Friday, March 22, 2019

WASHINGTON — This is what progress looks like for a president named Barack Hussein Obama.

Not so long ago, many in conservative and Republican ranks were eager to paint him as an alien creature far removed from American life as most Americans understand it. A determined cadre insisted Obama was not even eligible to be president, claiming he was born outside the United States. Obama eventually put that to rest by making public his birth certificate, which proved he was born in Hawaii.

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6 responses to “Moving Obama To Europe”

  1. freethinker says:

    American by birth but not in upbringing, thought or action.

  2. kurt.lorentzen says:

    So this piece is Mr. Dionne’s statement of support for the “European-model” of government and economics? I think he should take a look at the hard news pages of the papers where he is syndicated. That European model ain’t workin’ !

  3. rudy katz says:

    American by birth but not otherwise? What is American? Conservatives want to push America back a century and a half to rampant capitalism, child labor abuses, paltry wages for workers. Obama, who is far too conservative to be called a liberal, has already given away too much in hopes of getting along with conservatives who care nothing for the people who actually work in this country.

  4. Common Sense Patriot says:

    Has the author of this piece been asleep or just have his head in he sand? Liberal and conservative news sources alike, no matter where you read or hear them, have clearly reported that the European brand of democratic socialism has nearly bankrupted their countries (and the European Union as well). Ireland and Greece have already been rescued for bankruptcy and yet Greece is still teetering on the edge, with massive social unrest, because people don’t like the autterity measures being forced on them. The citizens of Greece are actually saying, “Banks should keep lending us money we can’t pay back so we can keep enjoying the rich social benefits we have without an economy that produces enough to pay for it. So what if we’re broke? Give us more money!” Even France, which has partnered with Germany, to issue strict ultimatums to Greece, has now had their credit rating downgraded along with several other European countries. Some of them have had thriving economies, but they have all suffered downturns in the past few years, largely because the U. S. is their biggest customer and economy has been in the dumps. But the main reason they are in trouble is the massive amount of government spending on social welfare programs from national healthcare to plump retirement benefits. Unions, especially government unions, are strong in Europe and have wrung more money out of the governments than they can afford to pay. Unfortunately, Europe is also the biggest customer of the U. S. and bankruptcy, or even a steep downturn for them, will likely send our fragile recovery into a deep recession. Where Dionne gets the idea that Europe has a strong economic model is laughable. I don’t care where you live, you can’t spend money you don’t have and you can’t borrow your way to success. The United States and Europe are going to have to downsize government and make massive cuts to government spending or we’re all going to end up in the toilet. Yet, we need to make it in a reasonable manner. Massive cuts across the board will create more problems than they solve. And Republican calls for tying the hands of government as a regulator and reducing taxes on the rich and corporations is just plain wrongheaded. We need to end programs that don’t work, get out of wars we can’t win (because we fought them like amateur idiots), increase the funding of education (including post-high school vocation training and college), retrain our unemployed for existing jobs in a modern world economy, massively cut welfare payments (but only after giving training and education to the participants, including child care for a couple of years), reform the present national health care (Obamacare) where insurance is affordable and available to everyone. (This can be done with regional exchanges where no one can be denied and they use their massive buying power to force down the costs of medical care, just as the for-profit compnaies do), institute a sane national energy policy that will protect the environment and move us to alternative forms of energy on a step-by-step basis – which also means we have to utilize all our oil resources and for now maintqain nuclear energy plants), stop all foregin aid (which is mostly used by dictators to line their own pockets and rarely benefit the poor or needy in the countries that receive it), reform unemployment to include re-training and education while receiving it), and raise taxes on the uber-rich (which means no reduction or elimination of capital gains taxes, which is where the rich make most of their money). In other words, get rid of the extremists and special interests that now control politics and tax policy and make some well thought out, workable solutions. It’s obvious we haven’t been doing it right or we woudln’t owe over $1 trillion in debt. We can’t spend money we don’t have, either. And we can’t borrow ourselves to success, either. Government has to learn to live with its means, and they need to concentrate on closing tax loopholes, simplifying the tax code, and cutting waste and inefficient programs. We don’t need any more fuzzy-headed thinking by the likes of Dionne.

  5. jimmyags says:

    So far the right has tried to smear him as a non citizen,a muslim,a christian extremist(not sure how you can be both), a communist,a socialist,a liberal,and anti american. Maybe if they keep going long enough we’ll hear that he is satanic or a martian. I guess the old saying is true,”keep lying long enough and eventually someone might believe you”.

  6. rustacus21 says:

    … U call PROGRESS!!! Romney, giving President Obama the benefit of being on the home team!? This is an encouraging development. Now, if only we can get conservatives & Republicans alike, to show a measure of contrition in “owning” their party’s ideology in creation of the nations single largest economic, socio/political upheaval since Vietnam/American Human Rights or the Great Republican Depression. That in itself would go a long way in convincing not just Americans, but the Obama administration, to retire all of its policies (tax cuts, absent/toothless regulations, war, shrunken govt., ending electronic voting, etc.), once & forever more…

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