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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

WASHINGTON — While listening to an NPR report out of Moore, OK, this week, I was genuinely shocked. Not by the scale of the devastation or the tenacity of people who have grown stoically accustomed to the damage tornadoes can do, but by a political sentiment that, in almost any other era, would not have been surprising at all.

Rep. Tom Cole, a Republican who lives in the very neighborhood that was overwhelmed, was talking about a call he received from President Obama. Hearing Cole, I realized how strange it is these days for politicians to speak in human terms about someone in the other political party — especially if that someone is named Barack Obama. “He was very kind,” Cole said.

The president, Cole added, “ticked off very quickly that the assets were available … and said, ‘You know, you’re going to have everything you need and if something — you have a problem, just call me directly at the White House.’ It was an exceptionally kind, thoughtful and gracious call.”

Imagine: a solid conservative Republican declaring that Obama did something “kind, thoughtful and gracious.” This takes courage in the GOP these days. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie learned as much last fall. He was ostracized by large parts of the right (and pronounced unwelcome at March’s Conservative Political Action Conference) because he praised Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy.

I hope Cole escapes this fate. A 64-year-old with a Ph.D. in history from the University of Oklahoma, he spent years in loyal service to the Republican Party, including a stint as state party chair in the 1980s. Back then, he was a straight-talking source for many journalists around the country (including me). He was never anything but a conservative.

And except for one moment in our past, there has never been anything un-conservative or controversial about helping the victims of disasters. In fact, federal disaster relief is as old as our republic, as Brian Balogh, a University of Virginia historian, noted in his seminal book, A Government Out of Sight.

The practice goes back to the 1780s, he writes, and “by the mid-1820s, general relief bills were directed at entire classes of victims.” The sensible justification “was the victims’ inability to foresee or predict these sudden events, and the recipients’ innocence of any responsibility for them.”

102 Responses to Oklahoma Needs Help, Not Ideology

  1. The statement made by Rep. Cole highlights the futility of trying to negotiate a compromise on any issue with members of the Tea Party. Not surprisingly, people like him claim to be Christians, champions of fiscal prudence, and committed to country. Nothing could be further from the truth. People like him, Cruz, Paul and the rest of the gang are only interested in what is best for them and their party. They could care less how much the American people suffer as a result of their obtuse policies, including their own constituents, and they could careless about our standard of living, national security or how much damage they do to our confidence in government and our international credibility. These ideologues are members of the “me” generation, the generation that only thinks about the need to have a few extra bucks to replace their six month old cell phone, buy the latest video game, or go on an Alaskan cruise. It is all about themselves, to hell with everyone else.
    The saddest part is not so much what they say and do, but the fact that many fellow Americans share their ideological convictions and vote for people like them, even when doing so undermines their own interests and well being. The effects of ideological perceptions and convictions – political and religious – can be far reaching, and has been the most important element in some of the worst tragedies in the history of humanity. In this case, the focus is on us – the Middle Class and the future of the United States – and if we don’t wake up and do something about it, there is a good chance they may succeed.

      • You guys need to read the article again. I think you misunderstood what it said about Cole. He happens to be one of the few good guys in the GOP.

          • Read the first line of Dominick’s post. Unless Coburn is spelled Cole, your rude post is wrong. Duh!!! I believe I was polite and respectful. You, on the other hand, just couldn’t wait to show how fucking smart you think you are. And nowhere do you mention either one’s name. What makes you so rude? And what’s with capitalizing each word? Did you miss how to construct and write a sentence when you were in school?

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          • Must have at least learned to type in School. The other problem is related to not wishing to be civil to anyone at all.

          • Must have at least learned to type in School. The other problem is related to not wishing to be civil to anyone at all.

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          • Feel better? Good. Funny you would find mine a hateful rant when the other is loaded with profanity and idiocy. Whatever.

          • How nice of you to butt in without apparently understanding what the fluff-up was. I know what the article was about. I merely began pointing out Dominick seemed to be slamming Cole, who is a rare GOP good guy. He typed in “Cole” and I thought he surely meant “Coburn”. I was asking and suggesting they reread the article. The comment wasn’t about the article. It was about attributing Coburn’s position to Cole. Then I got an incredibly hostile and rude comment back. I’m done with this. And yelling is usually indicated by all caps. I don’t know what capping every word in a sentence means, aside from the obvious struggle with grammar and sentence structure..

    • Under that reasoning, Ill be expecting my new roof in Dallas to be paid for
      as part of the Moore federal relief fund.

      • Is that the best you can come up with. Your reasoning highlights how obtuse and cynical Republicans are. What does your roof – or mine – have to do with helping people afflicted by a devastating tornado? There are times when retorts influenced by ideology are appropriate, regardless of how bizarre they may be, what happened in Moore is not one of them. If you have nothing positive to contribute, you may want to keep your opinion to yourself, or you risk confirming that mr. Cole is not the only agent of greed and evil in the GOP.

        • Talk about Evil-look at the Obama admin. that lies, attacks the First Amendment, goes after the opposition using the IRS.

          Whisleblowers who see evil and wrongdoing in the govt. are called criminals but leaks of classified national security info by someone in the WH to make Obama look good(need help, stuxnet, seal 6 raid, kill list, drone attacks) are not criminals. Hell, Diane Feinstein said in Senate hearings leaks are coming from the WH.

          • No proof!!! How long have you been brain dead?
            You are not even smart enough to understand that people may have different opinions that have nothing to do with race. Zombies all of you are on the left that follow the talking points.

            Let’s start with an easy one: who has been arrested in the leaks of stuxnet, seal 6 raid, kill list, drone attacks?? Only a hand full of people in the whole world knew about them and the FBI can’t find out who they are. Grow up!!!

            How about lying to a Federal Judge to get the records of James Rosen saying that he had committed a criminal act in trying to get information. When any journalist has the right to try to get informaton. Freedom of the Press!!
            How in the AP “phone tapping” getting the records from multiple offices and 20 phone lines and 100’s of journalist. DOJ broke long standing procedures and guidelines-NT Times.
            Why would the ACLU say it was unprecedented move to limit our freedoms of speech.

            Explain to Mr. Vandersloot, Mrs. Engelbrecht, who were politically attacked by the IRS and other departments of the Fed. Govt. Mr. Vandersloot was vilified by the Obama campaign site for giving 1 million dollars to Romney campaign. Within months the IRS and others were auditing and visiting he and his business(he had been audited once in thirty years), Mrs. Engelbrecht applied for a tax-exempt 501(c) 4 and immediately hit by ATF, FBI, OHSA, environmental quality, all together 17 visits, inquiries, audits. Don’t tell there is no proof of an administration out of control and wanting to stifle opposition.
            It’s fine you believe in Obama, but just remember next time it could be you under the microscope. Obama is breaking the law. What will stop another admin. from expanding illegal activities even more if not stopped now.

            To me it you are not skeptical of govt., you deserve what you get, less freedom, less liberty, and fewer choices.

          • Well, at least you cited the ACLU without adding all the right-wing adjectives. Maybe there’s hope for you after all.

          • Are you lamenting the fact that President Obama has done everything he could to bring justice to those that attacked us, to launch pre-emptive strikes against terrorists who advertised their determination to kill Americans and American interests? Yes, President Obama authorized drone strikes and has taken a limited, but very effective approach to curb the incidence of terrorism. The result is obvious: 12 embassies/consulates attacked in the Bush era, 1 attacked since President Obama took office. Hopefully he will ignore those who criticize his accomplishments, distort them, and manages to keep up the good work in spite of all the demonization!

            President Obama is, without a doubt, one of the best presidents we had. Most Americans know it, voted for him twice, and hope he remains as successful as he has been up to now.

          • No question he has used the drones well. Just remember Bush inherited all the terrorist problems from Clinton. It sure looks like Clinton had a handle on the situation. NOT!!!! Bush just ignored all the Clinton recommendations/policies for protecting the country. LOL

            What I am lamenting is the fact here at home he is attacking free speech, using Fed govt. to silence his critics, abusing his powers and most on the left thinks it is just fine. The left is thinking it’s OK it’s the other guy it could never happen to us. Don’t hold your breath.

            Hey Dom, do you want to retract your stupid statement about the MM maligning, insulting, threatening Obama since 2009?? It sure looks like you got egg on your face. Come on, oh great one, just produce what you stated as a fact.
            Look forward your next bomb or will it be another dud.

          • Retract my statement about President Obama being maligned since he was inaugurated in January 2009? Are you kidding? He was demonized because of what Rev. Wright said, he was accused of being a Muslim, his birthday became Indonesia and then Kenya, he was accused of being an appeaser and of engaging in an apology tour, he was accused of being an enemy of Israel, he was accused of being a socialist and a communist, and the list goes on.
            The difference between the traditional bickering between parties is that in the case of President Obama that attacks were directed at him rather than his policies or actions, which have been remarkable in spite of the circumstances.

          • No I am not kidding. Produce the articles, you gave so many examples now just show the world you are not a blowhard. Remember after 2009 and from the Mainstream media.

            Waiting just for you!!!!!

          • Mike enough already, Google it yourself. Dominick is not your researcher. Answer the questions you raised yourself
            1. Was the President attacked for his relationship to Rev. Wright obvious answer is yes otherwise how would all of us know who Rev. Wright is?
            2. Has the President been accused of being a secret Muslim and being in league with The Muslim Brotherhood. Absolutely it is a favorite of both Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh.
            3. Has the President been accused on not being born in this country? Over and over and over. In fact, I think part of Sheriff Joe’s posse may still be in Maui – they say they are looking for more evidence in the beach bars they expect to be joined by Donald Trump.

          • Dom. posted over 20 days ago. He said Mainstream Media has maligned, insulted and threatened Obama since “2009”.
            So get over it. You show me where the MM maligned, insulted, threatened Obama since 2009. Again, since 2009. You are about the 5th person who has come after me on this and so far no one has produced one article by THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, your turn go ahead.

          • No mike. The GOP was planning to make Obama a one-term president on the day of the 2008 Inuaguration! They were down the street plotting on January 20, 2008 to obstruct anything and everything coming out of the White House and they are still at it! If the GOP hatred of this president isn’t about his race, then I don’t know what is. You guys are praying for impeachment, but it’s not going to happen – no matter what you come up with.

          • First, to the great majority of republicans it has nothing to do with race, it is his policies nothing more, nothing less.
            We have felt he was a lightweight from the beginning, he is making our case, he is an inept leader, and manager of the govt. It looks like he is proving the right correct.

            I never said impeachment and should it not be talked about at this time.

            He wants transform America into what???

          • If any American President of either party allowed a terrorist attack to take place, then explained that he had information to stop it, but the steps required were unconstitutional and thus beyond his legal authority, how many libertarians would accept that explanation? It is easier to get the public (at least the ones who like him already) to forgive him for unconstitutional actions, than to get them to forgive him for strictly constitutional INACTION. Except, of course, that if the attack did NOT take place, clearly BECAUSE of unconstitutional actions, the people who do NOT already like him accuse him of the very “crimes” they are secretly glad he “committed”.

            Imagine the scenario above and ask yourself what you would TRULY want the President to do, and why.

          • Cite a single Code, Statute, Regulation (criminal or civil) violated by the President (himself), or a close direct subordinate, or any evidence of any sort of direct line or even fuzzy line of authority and supervision, about which you have evidence showing an actual violation of any of the above. When you do, report it immediately to the FBI or your local Republican Party official to follow up on through official channels. I’m sure if they had one they would be all over it.

            (You might consider that there is only sound and fury signifying nothing because there is nothing.)

            Cite a violation of any law by any IRS official and the evidence of it. The FBI is on the job and I am sure they can use your help. (Since they are investigating and not declaiming any particular violations, it seems nothing has jumped out at them.) If it were liberal groups being political and being asked to explain why they should have a tax free status you wouldn’t have your panties in such a wad. You give yourself away when you refer to people who are left of you on the political spectrum as brain dead and zombies.

            Re-read the AP issue. There wasn’t any phone tapping. Phone taps require warrants and this invovled subpoenas for phone records.) But don’t let facts get in the way of your opinion. The AP business, while silly and not very effective, was done legally. It is done all the time at all levels of criminal prosecution thourghout our nation. I missed your complaints during the previous administration when the FBI was, without seeking legal process, asking for and getting the phone records of American citizens from a variety of phone companies. Journalists have no more right to be free of being investigated for possible criminal wrong-doing than anyone else.

            Poor Mr. Vandersloot (Idaho billionaire businessman) seems capable of taking care of himself. Apparently he sues everyone he disagrees with. He has injected himself into the political arena and post-committing his own fouls it is a bit disengenuous to cry foul.

            Then we have True the Vote’s poor Ms. Engelbrecht, she seems to be a capable “street fighter.” She has filed a lawsuit in court and some day we will find out if it has any merit or it is just her doing a little of her own harassing. There are her claims, of course, and not much offered in the form of substantive proof.
            Next time try sympathetic “victims.” It always works better. As a general rule for some act to be illegal you have to show actual harm, an attempt to do harm or an intent to do harm. So far you have offered no evidence of any of that.
            Look, I disagreed with almost everything you said and didn’t call you a single name.

          • Cite a violation of IRS. Gee the Inspector General sure did. See this is where you are so wrong with “panties” I would be just as incensed. It is an abuse of power.

            On Zombies, most are when it comes to the left. When I hear that all republicans are racist because we oppose his policies, that is plain garbage, you hear it from the leaders and supporters of the Democratic party and accept it as true, it just isn’t, and that’s why I say you all Zombies

            The FBI lied to a Fed. Judge saying Rosen had committed a criminal act, then kept it sealed for 18 months. A criminal act of asking questions. Get it straight. It was a way to intimidate and send a message to journalist to toe the line of the admin., do not stray.

            I know you have an answer why Vandersloot was audited after Obama campaign listed his name. Oh, just a coincidence. It makes no difference if you are rich or poor it was illegal and an attempt to intimidate..

            So you deny the 17 visits, inquiries, audits after her application for tax-exempt status. Right!!! Again a coincidence?

            Obama is too smart to have his hand on anything. His answer is I just heard about as you did. What a croak of feces.

            Holder never told him, one of his best friends, he recused himself from AP seizures. Keep believing Zombie.

            From day one Obama has denigrated anyone and anything that did not agree with him, and that has to permeate down to all levels of govt.

            Time will tell if you first sentence is true. We will wait and see.

            Until then: DRIP DRIP DRIP

          • The central failing of conspiracy theories is that when they get to a place where they have no evidence they say things like, he is too smart to get caught, or how could they have not known, or what could it be but or some such nonsense. It is the same as saying we have no evidence to support our allegations.

            I have actually read the I.G.’s report. There is a reason why it is titled “Inappropriate Criteria Were Used to Identify Tax-exempt Applications for Review” and not “Illegal Criteria, etc..” Down here where words actually have a meaning, inappropriate does not mean the same thing as illegal. It may be inappropriate for me to call people morons, but not illegal.

            There may have been some illegality, maybe the FBI investigation will or will not be enlightening in that regard, but you don’t know that or have any evidence of it, what you have is an opinion.

            You statement regarding the President and denigrating others is clearly projection on your part.

            Re: my first sentence I understood your position was that laws had already been broken and it was obvious. Are you backtracking because it has occurred to you, that you don’t have any evidence of illegality?

            It seems clear to me you never worked for any organization consisting of more than 25 people or you wouldn’t make all these assumptions about everyone knowing every thing everyone else is doing.
            Looky there I was able to disagree with you again and still not call you a name. If you get some elation by name calling don’t stop. Besides it gives everyone a signal re: how much credence they should give you.

          • The central failing comes when all the evidence is on the table. Of course at this point we don’t have all the answers. It takes time and time is on the side of those who want to know the truth.

            Your question pertained to violations not to illegal-when did I say illegal? IRS violated standard practices as to question that can be asked. Pretty simple

            FBI: we know that the FBI lied to the judge that Rosen was a co-conspirator-a criminal act.

            Denigrating- go watch his remark when the supreme court Citizens United decision was announced. Wake up.

            Not back tracking on any thing. FBI used lies to get Rosen records that is illegal.

            If you only knew my history.

            Will my friend that uses specious arguments have a wonderful night. and remember DRIP DRIP DRIP


          • You fellows don’t even read what you write yourselves or you don’t remember.

            Your first response to Ms. Henne (it was this response of yours to which I was responding), you list three or four paragraphs of complaints about government actions. In the last of the these, with your concerns about the downtrodden Mr. Vandersloot and Ms. Engelbrecht and the IRS you segue to President Obama and you say, “Obama is breaking the law.” Then you offer the warning of future admin. expanding “illegal activites.”

            What is the poor reader and user of the American English language to do, when you now suggest you didn’t say or maybe didn’t mean what you said. Were you saying he was breaking the law or weren’t you?

            The President broke a precedent and disagreed openly with the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United in the State of the Union. I think ‘chided’ is the word you are looking for. Lots of folks disagreed with that decision. It was, as I recall, a 5 to 4 decisison. Apparently, anytime a conservative gets criticized it is denigrating. Somehow it is slanderous belittling if anyone objects to or disagrees with an opinion you have? Citizens United appears to be living up to all the criticisms made of it.
            Since you apparently have access to the “39 page affidavit” in support of the search warrant, maybe you could disclose the FBI’s lies rather than just alluding to them.
            A search warrant affidavit is a sworn-to document and it is of course against the law to lie in an affidavit. Federal Judges, and there are a lot of them and a great number are Republicans, take great umbrage in being lied to. So first thing today you need to report these lies to the Federal Judge who signed off on that warrant along with your evidence of the lies the FBI agent told and get that sucker arrested.
            While you are at it share with them your evidence of the second gunman on the grassy knoll.

          • To the 44 page affidavit(I have). Holder signed and discussed with staff that was Rosen was a co-conspirator using the Espionage Act. “This is unprecedented for the govt., in an official document, to accuse a reporter of breaking the law for conducting the routine business of reporting on govt. secrets”. Steven Aftergood, the director of the project on government secrecy the the Federation of American scientist, said “asking for information has never been a crime, Rosen’s case is a line that has not been crossed up until now”.

            Daily Kos member Jesselyn Radack, had another quote from Mr Aftergood: “but for today’s FBI,……everyday reporting techniques are taken as evidence of criminal activity and grounds for search and seizures of confidential email”.

            Rosen was never prosecuted, could it be they lied?

            As to the rest of your gobbley goop post never suggested nor denied. Time will tell what other laws have been broken.

          • You ducked the issue. You still haven’t stated what lies were set out in the affidavit.

          • No I haven’t. To get his records they said he was a flight risk (Lie), and a criminal co-conspirator(lie). He was never notified, which is a violation, plus they already knew where the leaks came from. There was no reason NOT to notify. DOJ never tried to work out some kind of agreement with Rosen, same Modus operandi they did with AP. Don’t forget, to get the records released they used a Magistrate Judge, a lower level than the District Court Judge. Another point, it will went will beyond the thirty day period, DOJ wanted unlimited time to know who else in the govt. Rosen was talking to.

            To say that there is probable cause to believe a person has committed a crime and charging a person with that crime are two different things.

            Looks like Holder has “got some splainin to do” since he went before Congress and said: “the notion of prosecuting journalist as, basically, nuts”. He went on to say, prosecuting journals has not fared will in America. The Washington Post said it turns out it(DOJ) has used the prospect of prosecution to persuaded the courts to get evidence in such investigations.

            As to Henne, if the govt. can get away with something once what stops it from doing it over and over again.

          • Under some circumstances a reporter asking the wrong questions COULD be a threat to national security, at least if someone ANSWERS those questions and reveals a secret.

            Example: July 17, 1945: the War Department regretfully announces that an ammunition depot somewhere near White Plains accidentally exploded several thousand tons of high explosives yesterday. A (hypothetical) reporter badgers the Army spokesman about whether it REALLY was an accidental explosion, or some new secret weapon. The same reporter publishes an editorial openly claiming a vast government cover-up. Was the reporter violating the law? What if the same reporter publishes an editorial three weeks later on August 7th, claiming that (as everyone would know by THAT date) it WAS a secret weapon, and the government was lying to us, unconstitutionally and for sinister reasons?

            Americans were not that cynical about government in those days, and that is a good thing. But technically, the Army WAS lying to the people! That is exactly what they said to cover up the Trinity test! When the President was ready, after Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima, the truth was revealed. But nobody tried to impeach him, or jail the Army or FBI agents who violated people’s civil rights to keep the secret. And in real history, a couple of science fiction writers were interrogated by the FBI earlier in the Manhattan Project, because they had written stories about atomic bombs being used in FUTURE wars on other planets, then released when the FBI was satisfied that they did not know, or intend to reveal, anything that was not already a subject of speculation based upon public knowledge BEFORE the war.

            So ask yourself, are you prepared to forgive some bending of Presidential authority to keep us safe, as long as we find out AFTER the danger is passed? If not, would you SUPPORT a Presidential failure to stop an attack because they would have to bend the rules to do so? And are you attacking THIS President for things the previous President did many more times, and not always for a clear security-based motive?

            Where is the boundary line that YOU, as a voter, would draw? And does the line move depending on whether a President of your party, or one of the opposing party, is in power?

          • It’s amazing how many words you can barf out without having any brain cells to support them! Go back to watching Fox and then find some cell of OTHER willfully ignorant twits with which to bare your pimply ass!

          • My, My what Big words you use. More importantly how uninformed and ill-informed you are.

            FBI-affidavit called him a co-conspirator and flight risk to get access to his records. Unprecedented and a lie.

            IRS-they broke all rules and their impartiality governed by law. Go read the IG report.

            But, most importantly my little garbage mouth I guess the saying fits you best: IGNORANCE IS BLISS

          • Oh, how cute! Po’ widdo mikey don’t like no big words that confuse his widdo bwain!

            Me, I don’ know nuttin’! I almost stupid as mikey! Not so ugly tho’!

          • Try and distract, thinking you can change the subject, but alas, you can’t beat the truth.

            “I don’t know nuttin” sure fits you.

          • But I thought that’s how you WANTED people to talk to you! That’s the way you’re talking to them.

            I don’t discuss important subjects with people who act like you do. I just thrust the mirror in their faces. Most, like you, don’t even recognize themselves.

            You know NOTHING about ME….except that I’m a smartass! You spew and fart Fox talking points and STILL people are courteous enough to respond to you with honest debate. When they do you act like an adolescent, rolling your brain around like it was a freshly plucked booger!

            Yeah, I have wicked mouth! Too bad for you! You can call me all the names you want and you can wave your weenie in my face while popping your gum, but you’re not gonna phase my intra-personal awareness, little boy!

            Maybe you should learn some manners, yourself, before you thrust your limitations out into the public sphere. It’s a good thing you can be anonymous, isn’t it?

          • How is my favorite Sycophant?? Keep trying to protect the Obama admin. and the left with the “barf” coming out of your brain. You attacked me, not the reverse. I replied in a civil tone to sassysticks and the next post is you spewing your diarrhea of the brain.
            You can’t discuss important subjects because you have no answers to a administration in free fall.
            What is so sad is you think it is Fox where I am getting the facts, oh so wrong, mental midget. All the facts are coming from the Mainstream Media, the giant is waking up.
            Obama and Holder have opened a can of worms that will not go away soon.
            Hell, you still don’t know what is in the affidavit on Rosen.
            Well, at least you know you have a garbage mouth. LOL

          • The put down is your lack of tangible responses to the FBI and IRS facts. hahahaha! You are acting so stupidlly, poor baby.

          • You are quite right about attacks on the First Amendment and other executive power abuses, though I doubt we’d agree on the specific cases.
            The rest of your posts here are – if I can borrow your excretory obsession for a moment – pure shit!

          • Would you like to elaborate on the which post you are struggling with so I can bury your ass with facts.

          • I am not sure which post you are referring to. If it is Sand_Cat he too is worried about the 1st Amendment but

        • And I thought you progressives enjoyed irony! I was merely
          making a comparison with the Sandy bail out which included
          more pork than relief, which was Cole’s objection.

          • First of all, Coburn was the objector, not Cole. Secondly, PROVE it had MORE pork than relief!

      • In your case, we will make an exception. You get to pay for your roof.
        I do find myself a bit puzzled as to why you would think yours was an insightful or even witty comment.

        • As compared to yours, of course. Do some research on the
          disbursement of the 40B sent to the Northeast……most didn’t
          go towards replacing homes. By the way, be sure to let me know when Austin is “awake”.

          • I didn’t intend mine to be either insightful or witty. I intended it as a put down. I think I suceeded.

            Do you mean the $60 Billion aid package for the Northeast following Sandy? How would you have any idea where it went, it hasn’t been disbursed yet. Not all, of course, is designed to go to home repair and home related construction. Some of course will be used for infrastructure repair and construction.
            A very large percentage of it is designed for home construction activities. The money is to be distributed to the affected States primarily for them to allocate with HUD approving the planned allocations.
            You fellows should try coming up with some conspiracy theory or woeful tale of government waste which isn’t so full of holes big enough to drive a deuce and a half through. As far as I can tell the only time conservatives get all tied up in knots about government waste is when the money is going to the poor, the disadvantaged and the injured.
            We are doing fine down here in Austin, Mr. Rebob a whack job a whop bam boom.

    • Are you confusing Cole with Colburn? It’s Colburn who’s taken a rigid position vis a vis disaster aid. Cole’s response has been much more humane.

        • My dear comrades on the NM comment threads, the fabled ideologue and social ingrate we are talking about is Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (God help us) of Oklahoma, whose state, being in Tornado Alley has been the recipient over the years of enormous sums of government assistance. Worse yet, he and his ilk are refusing to fund FEMA adequately to cope with future Acts of God, such as the E5 tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma, as if these kinds of disasters will never occur again with such devastating results in a country the size of ours.

          On a related topic, I have been watching C-Span as a replacement for cable news which is only gradually catching up to the fact that the deficit–Senator Coburn’s raison d’etre for denying disaster relief–has, under President Obama, decreased more than it had under the previous two presidents. Furthermore, it will soon decrease enough to reach an optimal ratio between debt and GDP, allowing Congress to move ahead on other needed legislation.

          Do Republicans in the House and the Senate have any other arguments for obstructing this progress? Of course not. All you hear when Republicans like Coburn come to the floor is yet more bleating about “the nearly 17-trillion dollar debt being passed down to our children and great grandchildren,” if you could believe Mitch McConnell on the floor of the Senate just this morning. I long ago gave up on network television news but cable outlets now seem to going down the same path of characterizing McConnell’s canard as balanced opposition to Democratic proposals, when it is just a lie.

    • Well I see the diarrhea of the brain continues. The dems are not part of the “me” generation. Baloney.

      I am still waiting for all those articles that insulted, maligned, and threatened Obama by the MM press since 2009, your words not mine. Come on Dom, you like to think you are throwing bombs, but alas, they are just duds.

      The above post is just as ridiculous as your other asinine statements.

      • Should we assume the Rev. Wright, Muslim, Indonesian, Kenyan, apology tours, socialist, communist and all the other claims levied against President Obama were a figment of our imagination?

        • Dom, you made the statement after 2009, just show me what MM had articles about Wright, indo., Kenyan, apology tour( this could be the for you to show me since this happened in 2009-now is your chance to show me an article from nbc, cbs, abc, tyt, wp, etc.. Good Luck!!!

        • The funniest name that good patriotic Americans called this President is “anti-colonialist.” Given the way the United States was formed, wouldn’t that be a GOOD thing? Why would Americans, of all people, be PRO-colonialist? Oh, I forgot, OUR founders were WHITE colonists throwing off colonial rule. The 20th century anti-colonialists were NONWHITE colonists wanting to throw off WHITE colonial rule. That’s a horse of a different COLOR, right?

        • That is your warped opinion!! All emotion and very little common sense. Go back to catnip and litter box they suit you.
          I am not sure about Dom’s brain.

          I have both far more than you will ever know.

          • Look, the first post of yours I answered was an attempt to cite actual facts. I must have been having a bad day, or perhaps someone else set me off, but I answered your post in a way I usually try to reserve for the obviously deluded, ignorant, and stupid citing Fox talking points and obvious disinformation, and insulting us to boot, and I regretted it before I got you first reply.

            I don’t agree with your ideas and conclusions drawn, but this has just gotten nasty and stupid, and I see your recent posts to others here seem to have seriously declined as well. Why don’t we call a truce: you go back to citing what is at least an honest attempt at facts, and I’ll go back to attacking the Obozos and other morons.

            And I don’t always agree with Dom, but he seems to be making an honest attempt at rational argument, and he generally avoids the kind of nastiness you and I have been exchanging for the last few days. Why not give him some respect?

          • Dom is rational!!!LOL Here is your challenge that Dom has not yet proven. He Said since 2009 the Mainstream Media has maligned, insulted, threatened the President. Your turn to show me he is rational. Produce the articles.

            Delusion is only in the eyes of the beholder, look in the mirror.

          • PROVE that you have both! It’s yet to be seen here. All I’ve seen is Fox talking points and ignorance beyond the pale coming from what you consider your brain and heart! Stick with what you know. It’s in your pants!

    • You are saying this about Cole? He is one of the few decent Republicans around. He has defended Obama in the recent past to his own detriment. Did you not understand what the article was about? I just don’t see how you get what you said from his article. He’s for aid in disasters. he’s not for turning it down for anyone. he’s not for taking it for his state and his constituents and denying it to everyone else. With as much awful stuff as is coming out of the Republican party these days, to attack him incorrectly makes both sides craven.

  2. Yes, the deficit has to be addressed, and it is actually falling as we speak. If the congress would pass a jobs bill, it would fall even faster. But the point I want to make is the hypocrisy of starting two wars, and have them “off budget”, in other words, not paid for, then adding the huge tax cut for the wealthy primarily, and the Big Pharma bill that cost so dearly were done by the Republic party, (they like to say Democrat Party), yet now they want to slash at the expense of the domestic well being of all. Only the rich and the corporations and the politicians make out under their ridiculous scheme. We will be a third world country in another generation if sanity doesn’t prevail, and soon.

    • Don’t Expect This No Good Ass Congress To Do Nothing To Help This Country Get Back On It’s Feet Nor To Help The 98% Of The People Who Live Here!! They Are The Boogie Men!! Nothing But Terrorists And Traitors To Their Own Country And They Give Less Than A Damn About Their Own People!! It’s Way Pass Time For Them To Get Voted Out Of Offices!!! Vote Them Out Every Chance You Get!!!

    • As long as the republicans continue to be seen as the crazy party and for good reason we can hope sanity will stick around for a while.

  3. Cole and Coburn are obviously opposite sides of the coin. It was not only stupid for Coburn to say what he did but it was thoughtless careless and, believe it or not, unChristian.

    • Amen Brother. Reading the comments by these Koch Brother’s “so felt to be
      Patriots, Tis the same for all of them as well.

  4. It was a breath of fresh air to hear Rep. Cole give a civil and honest reply about the telephone call he received from President Obama. I would remind everyone he was onl wo out of seven Ok. representatives that voted for aid for Sandy relief and sadly fortold that maybe his area would need aid. There are not many of these level headed representatives left in Congress that is dominated by the radical tea party types.

  5. This statement made by Cole is ridiculous. This man is you pay attention is refusing help for his own people. To insist that before the President on behalf of the American people can give Oklahoma the help they need in this disaster Cole is demanding somebody else give something up for the allowance of help for his own constituents. What more is it going to take to make people realize this is no longer the Conservative Party and not the GOP is used to be this is the new GOP—Group of Morons.

    • Your heart is in the right place, but like many on this comment thread, you have mistaken Cole–a tremendous public servant who voted for Sandy relief–for Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, who says he would not even vote for federal disaster relief for tornado victims in Moore, Oklahoma, HIS OWN STATE!

  6. NO ONE IS DENYING ASSISTANCE TO THE VICTIMS, people. The only reason the assistance for Sandy was held up was because of the UNRELATED PORK added to the relief appropriation. Don’t you wish the media would stop promoting twisted reality to suit an ideology. It’s confusing the constituency, it seems.

    • Is preventing the NEXT disaster “pork?” What unrelated pork, specifically, would you cite? And even then, would it not be more consistent only to have THAT portion of the relief bill paid for by cutting other items, not the actual emergency aid itself?

      • “Is preventing the NEXT disaster “pork?” ”

        Not sure how disasters can be prevented by throwing money at them. In the case of the Sandy emregency relief funding bill this January, the inclusion of $2.9B to protect the coastal system from flood damage ‘within the boundaries of the North Atlantic’ seemed like pork and caused delay of the much-needed relief funds. Of course, there were several underlying political motivations to pad that bill, but that’s a different subject. Infrastructure and emergency relief funds should be considered and managed independent of each other, as they are now for the immediate victim relief in Oklahoma.

          • The DISASTER RELIEF bill was needed to help the victims of Sandy, not the entire coastline. It was wrong to have delayed relief Sandy funds for months for the unrelated spending. In most play books, this is called pork.

  7. We as a nation need to use our vast financial resources to help these poor people. We need to send them U-HAULS!
    You know what, come Fall the same thing will happen again & after that come Spring it will happen again!

    • That sounds like a good reply. Where should I go? Florida? California, where the fires are raging? Louisiana? New Jersey? Do you know a place where there are no disasters, natural or man-made? And are you willing to finance the moves that would be impossible for most of us?

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