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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WASHINGTON — It’s one of the strangest things in our politics: The only “big” ideas Republicans and conservatives seem to offer these days revolve around novel and sometimes bizarre ways of cutting taxes on rich people.

Given all the attention that Herman Cain’s nonsensical and regressive 9-9-9 tax plan has received, the Republican debates should have as their soundtrack that old Beatles song that droned on about the Number Nine.

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7 responses to “Perry, Cain, And Flat-Earth Government”

  1. stsintl says:

    When I went to register to vote four decades ago, I was asked whether I wanted to register as a Republican or a Democrat. Since I didn’t know either party’s core values I registered as an Independent. When I asked a colleague at work to explain the difference between these two parties, I was told;” Democrats are Robin Hoods, they steal from the middle class to care of the poor. On the other hand, Republicans are Hoods robbing the middle class to take care of the rich”. Since core values of little or no government, little or no taxes, right to carry the gun and settle score on the streets, and NO SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, are same as those of the crime syndicates, the GOP has been taken over by the Mafia gangsters. They not only have taken over the Wall Street, the Board Rooms of Corporate America but also the Halls of Congress. It is about time the Occupy Wall Street people establish the MILK [Middle Income Labor Ketch] Party to counter Rupert Murdoch’s TEA Party.

  2. TiredTaxpayer says:

    Some 30 years on we now know the Reagan Tax plan has been a disaster for the middle class, wages are lower, taxes are higher and the gross national product has dropped signifcantly. But the Repubs must remain true to their masters who pay big money to get their puppets to protect them. We are now seeing what my generation called “the establishment” taking steps to crush the “Occupy” movement. The tea party held rallies sponsored by the Kochbrothers, carried guns openly, slandered ther President of the United States and preached revolution and the republicans loved it. But they call the “occupy” movement a threat to democracy. What it is is a threat to their pocketbooks. 12 years ago Hillery Clinton (the first lady) was mocked for stating there was a “VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY”. With the election Barack Oboma this conspiracy came out in the open, with Fox, Limbaugh and McConnel dedicated to the failure of the Obamo presidency, the nation of the United States be damned. Corporations sit on piles of money rather than create jobs. With thousands out of work the republicans debate a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion, a favorite wedge issue since Roe v. Wade. And of course we have now reached the point where racism and contempt for the middle class no longer need to be diguised. What the republicans want is to turn this nation into “Corporates International” with citizens being treated as employees. Of course the well to do will be Managers and supervisors. Basicly they want to repeal the 20th century. The Flat-Earth Government is entirely appropriate.

  3. jstclair says:

    Conservatives are well organized and “true believers”. The ones I know are decent people who truly believe that their vision of our nation is much better than the liberal vision. It is a whole different reality from my reality. They seem to lack empathy for those who are different from themselves, even though they are loving and empathetic with people they know. The conservative Republican politicians also seem to believe that the end justifies the means and they don’t seem to care what damage they are doing to our country in the short term.

  4. eat the rich says:

    my post name says it, even if all thoese who are one months paycheck from the streets wake-up, it will still be, to little, to late.our choises are tweedle or tweedle. we don’t get dum anymore.can’t get any dumber.

  5. granny6 says:

    There are no “plans” it’s just the idea “screw as many as possible and as frequently as possible. I regularly spar with a couple of these individuals in our local paper. It turns out that I have a regular following around here.

  6. bonedry says:

    The rich in America are like a dictatorship, they control with money all the media,all the lobbyists, all the cronies, all the Republican tea partiers, all the legilation that causes bad government i.e. deregulation by Phil Gramm of the mortgage industry that caused the recession, and they controlled the war in Iran searching for WMDs to feed Halliburton and Cheney.

  7. guybo says:

    To look for meaning in the current actions of the GOP is akin to assigning a theme to chaos. Their current chaotic behavior is being conducted in hopes that in the confusion thus created President Obama will be defeated. To that end they will contradict themselves, stymie progress,lie, bluster and continue to portray themselves as rejected saviors who have no other choice.

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