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Monday, October 24, 2016
(Mitt Romney, dressed as someone who actually fits in at Liberty University)

Perhaps the oddest subplot in the 2012 presidential campaign so far is Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s passion for dressing up in elaborate costumes and pulling odd pranks.

Here at The National Memo, we don’t see why tMitt should have all the fun. So we imagined how the Massachusetts master of disguise would look in some of his favorite outfits:

Artwork by Lynn Zhong

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  • William Deutschlander

    It would seem that there is a little bit of a mental problem here, pretending you are what you are not!

    • Oh, like Obama pretending that he is even remotely qualified to be the President? Like that? Now I get it.

      • metrognome3830

        Good, Robert, It’s about time you got it. Just go lay down for a while and you’ll feel better.

        • LOL….oh good response!!! Thanks metrognome3830!

      • Tirolerpeter

        Just curious Robert, whence commeth the sublime political wisdom that leads to such a harsh judgement of Obama? I taught US History, Economics, and Government for over thirty years. I have paid attention to personalities and events over time. I have been around for the Administrations of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. So, I have a bit of a personal perspective not based on the rantings of some right wing pundit. So again, I ask: “What the heck are you taking about?

      • And you thinking that you’re remotely qualified to judge Obama.

      • adler56

        racist dumbass

        • CoastalMaineBird

          Uh oh, Robert – they’re on to us…
          I’ve had people accuse me of being against Obama because he’s a product of affirmative-action voting.
          I’ve had people accuse me of being against Obama because he’s Anti-American every chance he gets.
          I’ve had people accuse me of being against Obama because he’s hidden his birth certificate, school records, college records, etc.
          I’ve had people accuse me of being against Obama because he’s gutted GM and given it to his union buddies.
          I’ve had people accuse me of being against Obama because he’s lied about the health-care tax he’s about to impose on us all.
          I’ve had people accuse me of being against Obama because he’s given money to his “green” cronies and then watch them go bankrupt.

          But now, the truth is out – I’m really against him because he’s half-black.
          None of that other stuff matters, the only possible reason for opposing this clown is because he’s black. That’s how it is in your world, isn’t it?

          • adler56

            You’re from Maine what else could it be? How many blacks are in Maine 2?

          • CoastalMaineBird

            So everybody in Maine is a racist?

            Wow, it really is simple in your world, isn’t it?

  • riobob111

    He needs to dress in a bra and panties and support womens rights

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    What’s the problem with pretending? Obama has been “pretending” to be “president” for 3 1/2 years with absolutely NO results, except the destruction of the US economy & US jobs.

    • J. Viray

      Wake up boy. I don’t know if you are just sleeping or you really have a very tiny brain. You could not recognize reality from plain hearsays

      • J. Viray

        If in case romney will be accidentally elected president, your middle class status can easily become the lowest class.

      • Tirolerpeter

        Our entire political system (was founded on) and requires that all sides apply reason, negotiation, and COMPROMISE! Apparently the very whiners who say Obama has done nothing in 3 1/2 years are the same characters who vowed to throw him out of office and have said NO NO NO to every effort by President Obama to deal with the economy. Oh yes, the House has pushed through a number of alleged “job creating bills.” But every one of them has viscious social program cuts embedded to allegedly fund them. They are consumate FAKES!

        • my 12 year old daughter calls their tactics block and point. they already know they wanted to say he’s done nothing in 3.5 years, so they were forced to make that a reality by attempting to block everything he’s tried to do. we’ll block everything then point and say, he’s done nothing.. lol.. i’m pretty sure that if a 12 year old can recognize this, all smart americans will also

    • The state of the economy is not the current president’s fault. He inherited this mess from a republican.

    • Perhaps if you’d have remained in school like your mommy told you, you wouldn’t be struggling now to understand what’s at stake here. Frankly, if it weren’t for the fact that we’re all in the same boat, it would serve you and your ilk right to actually experience the result of electing a tea party president.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        You’re changing the subject>>>Obama has failed at all he’s attempted so far…Vast majority are against Obamacare, unemployment only falls slightly as more people DROP OUT OF WORKFORCE, Gitmo still open, amnesty for 800,00+, Keystone pipeline & hundreds of thousands of potential constructions jobs lost, not to mention the loss of at least a 5% increase in available non-middle-eastern oil supplies to US. Oh, and after the GM takeover, 7 out of 10 GM cars now MADE IN CHINA! Quite an “impressive” record???

        • bigspender7

          Multiple factual errors and misstatements define the political right. See the following —

          Most people (including many republicans) favor much of the AC Act.

          Obama repeatedly urges congress to support his jobs bill (GOP says no).

          Gitmo still open because Americans don’t want the prisoners transferred to US jails. Would you favor that? I doubt it.

          Keystone pipeline project would create few if any permanent jobs and create serious potential environmental problems. US already produces more gas than we use — surplus is sold to Mexico & China.

          70% of GM cars are not made in China (a truly foolish statement). Many Japanese cars assembled in US factories.

          Romney has exported many more US jobs than anything done under the present administration.

          Bottom line — if republican supporters would only bother to educate themselves instead of listening to the BS heard nightly on FOX, we’d all be better off and not have to read crap such as you wrote above.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            OK, let’s just look at one of your errors in knowledge: In 2011, the CEO of GM, Dan Akerson, stated in an interview in China: “GM currently has 11 joint ventures in China, with 11 plants operating in 8 Chinese cities”…he also stated…”we (GM) now build 7 out of 10 of our automobiles in countries OTHER THAN the US”….mostly in China. FYI: I voted once for Obama, but NEVER AGAIN!

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Love your comments about GITMO…..when it was “George Bush’s Gitmo” it was inhumane, barbaric, cruel; but now that it’s OBAMA’S GITMO, it actually makes sense to keep it open. Gee, was the other side RIGHT ALL ALONG?????

  • J. Viray

    Even his being a public servant, it’s still a disguise. The real intention is still unknown.

  • labrown69

    Oh, and you guys never went to a Halloween party? These childish “neener neener” type criticisms rather than attacking his record and his policies are what lose elections. Nobody wants children running the country. This publication is full of such childish nonsense!

    • joyscarbo

      If you’re talking about Mitt’s “little prank” using an official policeman’s uniform to purposefully deceive others into thinking he is an officer is akin to “Halloween,” then you’re an idiot. And you probably think Mitt is just a little rascal for assaulting a classmate in high school too??
      I like Obama, but I certainly don’t condone his drug use in high school. Have some sort of perspective!

      • labrown69

        I did plenty of things in my foolish youth that while not felonies were not particularly bright and of which I am not proud. I don’t give a rat’s *** if Obama or Clinton smoked pot, in fact I hope they did and I hope they inhaled although Obama dropped the ball by not seizing the chance to legalize it and I don’t give a damn if Romney played “dress up”. Lots of kids get in fights in high school and you can spin it by characterizing it as “assaulting a classmate” but the reality is you don’t have the slightest idea what took place and that is just gossipy trash propaganda. I vote on the positions the candidates take on the issues. F**k bedside manner.

        • joyscarbo

          I did plenty of stupid things as well as a teen and young adult. I did some rotten things to a few people and I regret having done those things. If any of those people came back to me and called me on my bullshit, I would own up to it. I imagine you would too. Most people would. The difference here is that Mitt says he doesn’t remember, and that’s just utter crap. He’s lying. I wouldn’t feel this was a significant event had Mitt owned up to it like the God-fearing mormon he claims to be. But the fact that he assaulted a classmate for having long hair and now says he doesn’t remember it is the work of a person who lacks character and conscience. His buddies who participated CLEARLY remember this incident and have taken full responsibility and regret they participated. THAT is what a moral person does. Mitt isn’t a man of intregity or conscience. That’s not a person I would vote for president.

          • labrown69

            I do not intend to vote for Mitt Romney. I shall hold my nose and vote for President Obama but if we are going to speak of Romney I believe there are plenty of policy issues we can pick on him for. Maybe he does not remember what happened when he was a kid. Maybe it never happened and that’s why he doesn’t remember. It’s just an allegation as far as I’m concerned and there are plenty of folks who did much worse things that would make better presidents than either of these as*holes. I want to stick to the real issues. When we don’t stick to the issues we look petty.

      • labrown69

        I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I! ( I just figured I would respond at the maturity level of the comments on this page )

  • peteserb

    You liberals are sick,sick sick! You’ve got a communist for a leader,and a moron for an AG. Then you are concerned about somebody’s teen age pranks. But you don’t worry about your leaders marxist past that he has hidden!!!!

    • not just us. he’s the POTUS!! meaning he’s YOUR leader as well. respect that! what does it say about your country that a marxist, communist (can you be both) can get elected as president? are you sure you’re american peteserb?

    • metrognome3830

      peteserb, if they were teenage “pranks” it wouldn’t and shouldn’t be news. But impersonating a police officer and pulling people over is way beyond “prank” stage. It is a pretty serious crime. Either he didn’t get caught or Daddy George intervened for him. Otherwise he would have done some jail time. Just try it yourself some time and see what happens if a real policeman catches you at it.

  • He’d look good in the costume from”Priscilla Queen of the Desert”made entirely from flipflops. It would be in keeping with his political steadfastness.

  • If there was a POTUS uniform, he’d be wearing that suit every day.

    • It’s possible that he’ll wear that (potus uniform) whether he bingos or not, after all he is a great kidder (say’s his rich politically sanctimonious buddies).

  • I was once a member of the middle class, but since the crash of 2008 My family has sunk into poverty. My husband is a carpenter who used to make a good living. I lost a home to foreclosure and have been abused by banks. I know that none of the economic problems in this country are President Obama’s fault. Electing Mitt Romney will destroy the 99%, but who will work to make money for the 1%? Their greed is cutting the nose off their own faces.

    • Lets put this problem in terms that could apply to you, Trina. Assume that a drunk driver runs into my house and does serious damage to it. I want to get it fixed as soon as possible, so I go looking for a carpenter. I find your husband, who represents himself as a good carpenter, and assures me with his “Hope and Change” pitch that he is the right man to do the work.

      I hire him, but after three and a half years, all he has done is to max out all my credit cards at Lowes and Home Depot, but no work has actually gotten accomplished. Your husband’s alibi is that the problem is much worse than he thought initially. But why didn’t he say this 3 months into the project, instead of waiting for 3.5 years? Then your husband has the cajones to ask me to renew his contract for another 4 years! Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me.

      This is a hypothetical answer, as I’m sure your husband would not do such a thing.

      BTW – I voted for Obama, but never again.

      • sure you did robert. you didn’t vote for him and you know it. if you did, you would still be a supporter. since you’re telling who you’re NOT going to vote for, tell us if Mitt will get your vote and why?

      • Robert — its clear that you have not been paying attention and need some smarting up.

        Using your analogy, suppose the carpenter sets out to repair your damaged house (a better word would be devasted for the mess GWB left to Obama). But just as he assembles his tools and begins work, a group of neighborhood bullies (a/k/a congressional republicans) declare that they’ll do anything within their power to ensure he can’t make the repairs he intends and they hold him down on the ground so he can’t move. He manages to complete a few much needed items including one major goal (read: health care reform) but the bullies vow to pull it down and destroy it. Their only purpose seems to be obstruction without actually doing anything themselves to fix the house. Then they complain that the carpenter isn’t doing what he promised to do.

        Sound familar?

        • Good point Bigspender,keep it up. I am with you. Reality and the truth should come out.

        • OMG Bigspender…you should spread that message all over the place!!! You spelled it out in a way that even a moron like Robert should be able to understand what is really going on and what has gone on!!!! THANKYOU!!!!!

      • metrognome3830

        Well, as analogies go, Robert . . . that one is pretty lame.

      • joceandre

        Robert please tell us on what planet you have been living? When Bill Clinton left office , he left us with a surplus yes, it took GW Bush 3 months to put us back in debt. Obama inherited 2 wars and an empty cash register, as a matter fact I think that”s why he was elected president. Had it been Bush who accomplished what Obama did ,folks like you would be asking the Vatican to canonize the first living saint ever. Watching an ignorant fool like Romney not giving credit to the getting rid of Bin Laden , saying so what as if the 3000.00 people that got killed on 9/11 were so insignificant should make you question his motives. Obama so far has kept most of his promises . We elected a President not a magician . So I say he deserves a second term. And it’s about time we the people start telling congress and the senate to remove the handcuffs that they put on this man since he got elected. I will tell you what most of you are afraid to say it is all about RACISM.

  • labrown69

    And for anyone who doubts what a class publication the National Memo is, their advertisement is a virus selling a phony cancer cure! Total class! That should get a lefty elected for sure.

  • Use you brain and dont be brainwashed by Fox News .

  • Mitt Romney has to dress up as a Rambler American,surely one of the ugliest cars ever made.
    His father George was president of American Motors(AMC) and did build the AMX a pretty sharp
    looking set of wheels.
    George was running for the Republican nomination(I’m pretty sure it was 1968) He made a trip to South Vietnam and said he had ben brainwashed by the US Generals.
    That torpedoed his quest for the Republican nomination. Ray GRaglia

  • He was obviously a spoiled child and hasn’t grown up yet. He can’t seem to really grasp what it is he wants to stand for…that is really creepy when the guy wants to be President but can’t decide what he really wants to do…obviously he had the same problems growing up.

  • This is funny, but not. I cant vote for a guy that has so many hats. He doesn’t stand for anything other than telling america that we are in bad shape, “the economy’s bad”. Who is Mit Romney? I think he will use the same “BUSH” hand book that put america in the shit hole that Obama’s trying to dig us out of.

  • What a nut lol

  • joceandre

    I think he is the real Dracula!!! a blood sucker. So America get your garlic, meaning YOUR VOTES to send Romney where he belongs back to Transylvania.

  • He dont have to dress up he already looks like a CLOWN!

  • CoastalMaineBird

    It sure is odd how the “idiot” Bush managed to mess up things so much that the “genius” O’bama can’t figure it out.

    Did you even notice that the economic collapse started when the Dems took over the Senate?

    Did you even notice that despite EIGHTEEN warnings from Bush to Congress about the imminent failure of the housing market, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd called him a racist for suggesting that government should NOT require banks to give loans to people who couldn’t pay it back?